On Book-Tour Circuit, Sotomayor Sees a New Niche for a Justice

Jodi Kantor, New York Times, February 3, 2013

At her Wednesday night book talk here, Justice Sonia Sotomayor glided through her audience of 700, dispensing homespun wisdom through a cordless microphone, interrupted by impromptu applause.


Welcome to another night in the life of Sonia Sotomayor, Supreme Court justice, current queen of the best-seller list and suddenly the nation’s most high-profile Hispanic figure. She may be a relative newcomer to national life, plucked from circuit-court obscurity less than four years ago. But the release of her new memoir, “My Beloved World,” suggests that she has broader ambitions than her colleagues, to play a larger and more personal role on the public stage.

Prior generations of justices mostly hid behind their robes to preserve their authority, and some current members of the court seem more like legal technicians, dispassionately adjusting the law. {snip}


Other justices draw large crowds (particularly Antonin Scalia, known for his cheerfully pugnacious pronouncements) and have written No. 1 best sellers (as Clarence Thomas did in 2007). But Justice Sotomayor’s readings have the air of celebratory happenings, attended by entire families, people who left work early to line up for tickets and acolytes who quote her recent interviews from memory.


In a backstage interview at the library where she appeared here, Justice Sotomayor said that encouraging others through her personal story—the diabetic child of a poor, non-English-speaking alcoholic, the first Hispanic member of the Court—was an even more important contribution than her jurisprudence.

“It is my great hope that I’ll be a great justice, and that I’ll write opinions that will last the ages,” she said as she signed her way through giant stalagmites of books. “But that doesn’t always happen. More importantly, it’s only one measure of meaning in life. To me, the more important one is my values and my impact on people who feel inspired in any way by me.”

Serving as a role model “is the most valuable thing I can do,” she added.


“I would like there to be no child in America who grows up not knowing what the Supreme Court is,” she said. (She did not know it existed until she snatched minutes from her work-study job at the Princeton library to read reports of the 1978 Bakke case, in which the court struck down an affirmative action program at the University of California.)

She also seems aware that she is perhaps the foremost face of what might be called the current Latino moment, when the demographic group has received credit for helping re-elect Mr. Obama, who is now pushing for an overhaul of immigration laws.


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  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    Serving as a role model “is the most valuable thing I can do,” she added.


    Judge Sotomayor is a foretaste of the identity politics that is going to predominate in coming years. She is a member of the Hispanic National Bar Association, the Association of Judges of Hispanic Heritage, the National Council of La Raza [the race], the Puerto Rican Bar Association and the Latino Justice Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund.

    Sotomayor thinks in ethnic terms about the law:

    “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.” (2001)

    The Sotomayor nomination shines a spotlight on the ever-enlarging role affirmative action plays in America’s immigration-driven diversity. Affirmative action is a euphemism for double standards for admission to selective universities and graduate and professional schools and in hiring and promotions.

    • Does Sotomayor even know any law? Her LSAT scores were a joke. Her cut and paste circuit court rulings verge on plagerism, and she acts and talks like an idiot in public. Lefty legal clerks write her opinions for her. Basically, anyone could do her job. Why is she so proud of herself. I think she should walk around in public wearing a mortar board and black robes wearing a signboard that says, I’m a Latina college graduate. Ask me about Pell Grants.

    • Affirmative action is a euphemism for double standards for admission to selective universities and graduate and professional schools and in hiring and promotions.

      This may be the most truthful sentence ever typed.

    • Joseph

      “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her
      experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a
      white male who hasn’t lived that life.”

      Yes, there is no substitute for the “richness” of the dark peoples whom the pitiful white race who wrote the laws can never match.

      Gag me with a gavel will ya?

  • mobilebay

    Is anyone as tired as I am of hearing about the almighty “Latinos,” Hispanics” or whatever they are designated this week? We know they are the chosen people and can do nothing wrong. What happened to good, old home-grown Americans. We seem to have faded from the earth.

    • That’s just it. It’s all talk. If the almighty Latinos were a tenth as great as we’re always being told, then it would be Americans trying to sneak into Mexico and Central and South America.
      Sotomayor, Rubio and the rest should STFU. They can all go back home if their culture is so great.

      • Anon

        It’s actually quite a bit more serious than that. Did you know that Sotomayor was puerto rican? That isn’t a secret but it is something she hides. Whenever she talks and whenever she is covered in news, that fact is never mentioned, and it is heavily implied that she is of an immigrant background from south of the border.

        She is, in essence, a race traitor. The term “hispanic” or “latino” has no meaning outside the United States. The term is a carefully crafted manipulation to cover up an important fact about spanish speaking people. There is no nationalism among them. Instead, they (rightly) consider themselves based on race. There are white people, black people and those of amerind descent (so called mestizos or “beaners” if you will). These groups just don’t despise each other but will kill each other in open warfare any time they are in close proximity. Two things few whites know (because our media carefully censors the information) about the invasion from the south. The first is that, wherever anyone from south of the border settles, they kill off the black population. There is OPEN race war in the United States between mestizos and black people (whether they speak spanish, are african american or african or carribean immigrants). They are not tolerated and organized murder squads make sure they know it….and get out of any neighborhood where you hear spanish. Many areas of orange county, LA and much of urban california have been ethnically cleansed of blacks. Where blacks were 90% of the population a decade ago, they are now 2% (and under siege). There is a universally understood agreement among American military and law enforcement that they not interfere with this. Since the “hispanics” are heavily armed with military grade weaponary, that’s understandable……and something no white man can afford to ignore.

        The other thing is that whites and mestizos that speak spanish have a much lower level open race war going on in the US. The issue is handled by separation. For example, california is basically cut in half. Northern california is owned (and I mean that literally….as no American power legitimately control any area of california anymore and hasn’t for many years now) by “white” mexicans. Mestizos are not allowed. Southern cal belongs to the mestizos….who make no secret of their intention to turn it and much of northern mexico into a new narcostate (so called aztlan). In various countries south of the border, the two groups are separated by what amounts to a soviet style “iron curtain”. Whites own all the wealth…..mestizos fester in slums. When their numbers get too high, organized murder squads are sent to cull their numbers back to an acceptable number. Anyone stupid enough to say anything ends up in the pile of bodies. This is real white nationalism at work….and the weakness of American and European whites in refusing to recognize such things as necessary and legitimate…..well, you guys won’t be around in a hundred years unless you figure it out and soon. It’s not moral or immoral. But it is an issue of life and death. You are them. You have to choose. If you don’t choose, you have chosen them. The issue isn’t even discussable anymore. The european stock of white people is plummeting in the world and what was feared to happen in maybe 40 to a hundred years is now in danger of happening much sooner. Choose your future.

        Where do puerto ricans fit in this? Like any “hispanic” country, puerto rico is (or rather was) a mix of white, black and mestizo. Like any carribean island, it’s basically one big port city with foreigners coming and going but rarely staying. The US absorbed puerto rico as a tax dodge and an experiment in race relations. Puerto Rico was “safe” as most of the population was “white”…..or so it seemed. Over the decades, most of the white population of puerto rico simply left for the mainland. Originally, there were spanish speaking neighborhoods. Today, there are no “puerto rican neighborhoods”. The entire population has dispersed into the US culture and quite frankly intermarried with the european stock whites. To be blunt, YOU do not know who WE are. We are white…..so white you can’t tell us apart. Barely any of us of the younger generation can speak spanish. None of us cluster together in enclaves.

        So who are the “puerto ricans” in puerto rico and some of the problem people who people think are puerto rican causing problems in some inner cities? They are foreigners from all over south america, mostly of indian and black background. They are the rejects from those countries who sneak into puerto rico….quite frankly, have blighted it and driven out most of the original population and then pretend to be us. How bad is the situation? Recently, the island cancelled all birth certificate and identity documents in order to force the original population to verify who they were……it seems identity theft of puerto ricans was close to 100%. You understand? ALL people you THINK are puerto ricans are not puerto ricans but illegal immigrants that came to the island, drove out the inhabitants and literally stole their identities.

        And who allowed that to happen? A few race traitors. One of the biggest, most important and most vile is Sotomayor.

        A proud wise “latina” she is not. She is someone who turned her back on her people and caused many good people incalculable harm for her 30 pieces of silver.

        • falsedawn

          You have to choose. If you don’t choose, you have chosen them.
          BINGO – For the most part, our people are scared to death. They know what’s coming and they’re holding out hope they can sit it out and be “neutral.” Of course, that’s not going to happen. The hispanics/blacks won’t accept them and if they’re seen as race traitors, the Whites will take measures to eradicate them.

        • Katherine McChesney

          There was a time when being called a Puerto Rican was an insult. They were considered lower than the lowest.

          • pcmustgo

            Irish were too.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          I lived in Costa Rica some years back. There certainly are many in Latin America who are white. At least according to the look white, act white, live white criteria.

          The truth is that many in this country have a splish splash of a little something that the stormfronter hyper exclusive types will disapprove of. Heck, many of the stormfronters do too, for that matter.

          My point is that racial hyper exclusivity, considering where we are now and the current racial environment, is, in my opinion…less than wise.

          I’m not a proponent of race mixing but things happen, have happened for a while. All native European populations have a substrata of something non “Aryan” if you dig far enough. Before the Indo-european diaspora (caused, I believe by the flooding of their fertile homelands around the black sea by the breaking of the Dardanelles), it appears Europe was populated by a native people who were darker. Not black, but a tad to somewhat darker. The Greeks called them “Pelasgians” and you can see their faces and bodies on surviving Minoan art. The Minoans were a pretty impressive people in my estimation. In Scandinavia the Lapps, an Inuit-like people, even in Britannia mention is made of an aboriginal people (by no means related to the Australian abo).

          I am a proponent of freedom of association and dissociation. That said, I believe also that if we awakened and aware whites were allowed to present our side of the story, supported by science and logic, many more whites would awaken faster than they are already (fast enough?). The problem is the totalitarian democracy we suffer under and the thought militia that such churns out from the institutions it has most thoroughly co-opted – EDUCATION – does not tolerate our opinion and censors it at every opportunity. Although western Europe and such are worse (legislated proper thought and incarceration for voicing unacceptable opinions), our form of de-facto public/private partnership style enforcement of proper thought is bad enough. Perhaps worse as a result of its heightened hypocrisy.

          Honestly, although I cringe at the free-for-all insanity of modern, totalitarian democracy mandated miscegenation, am I to shun some blond, blue eyed fellow whose last name is Mozingo (see link below) as non-white? Whose family has looked, lived, self identified, and was seen by others for generations as white, if I find out about a tiny fraction of subSaharan African buried many generations deep in the wood pile? Really? Hey stormfronter, don’t look too closely into your wood pile if you value your self image…har har…

          Although I don’t expect to change anybody’s mind, let me offer this as a small comfort. The hope is that in the big picture evolution is still at work, has been for some time. Those folks who have “passed” for white, who have chosen white, lived white, who have “cut the mustard” by making their way largely on their own merit…am I to shun them when I find out about some non-white ancestor?

          According to this definition we whites may already be functionally extinct.

          As much as I detest the silly “magical negro” trope, looks to me like from time to time the subcontinent of misery and torpor occasionally spits out an a-typical specimen capable of living civilized and far exceeding the norm in terms of IQ, breeding propensity, etc. Kept to a reasonable level that preserves basic white genetic identity, such may, not unlike a splish splash of neanderthal DNA, be a good thing. Hate to say it on a certain level, but those fragments of neanderthal DNA in my code (genetic resistances to certain diseases) are likely responsible for me and millions of modern human beings existing.

          So in conclusion let me point out two things…

          1. Part of the genetic tragedy of modern state impelled miscegenation is the level of such, unnaturally foisted upon unsuspecting whites who are indoctrinated in schools, universities, and in front of the television. A genetically similar population can take in a certain amount of outside genetics and still survive as a population. May even be a good thing in the big pic. That’s a question for science to answer, though woe be to the scientist who “goes there”.

          2. Related to 1, above. Unfortunately the Truth has been heartily stomped upon by the brave new worlders of the left and the spineless faux conservatives. Information is power and when the entire story of race is based upon a tyrannous IDEOLOGY disguised as science, a brutal soft core of self perceived do-gooders bent on genocide, the average white is incapable of weighing the facts and deciding for him/herself the nature of the Truth and living thereby. Or until brutally reminded of the Truth by being victimized by their darling pet non-white minorities.

          But worse than any are the whites who have figgered it out at some level and continue to toil for the genocide of our people. I suspect that even the worst reality denier knows deep down at a gut level – the Truth. Does this factor, I wonder, into the venom and zeal in which a fairly intelligent to pretty darn intelligent white race traitor rips his heritage and people to shreds? Many of the more prosperous race traitors are indeed possessed of good IQ’s, but in my experience a high IQ is also capable of brilliant self deception, erecting highly complex intellectual scaffolding in order to cover up the ugly facade of Truth still lurking deep in the bowls of their labyrinthine minds.

          Like someone who suffers from profound internal originating depression reacting with anger and externalizing the cause. Getting angry and scripting a tale of external causation and vile injustice to excuse evil.

          Regardless, too bad science can’t just do it’s thing and seek out/report the Truth. Another victim of this abomination to the human spirit we suffer under, totalitarian democracy.


          • The truth is that many in this country have a splish splash of a little
            something that the stormfronter hyper exclusive types will disapprove
            of. Heck, many of the stormfronters do too, for that matter

            When I was able to do genealogy on myself as a whole, i.e my only first cousin on my father’s side got me all the information, I found out that I am 1/32nd Jewish, i.e. one Jewish great-great-great grandmother on my father’s side. In contrast, Elizabeth Warren, aka the Dime Store Indian, aka Fauxcahontas, claims to be, but is not really, 1/32nd Indian. In reality, it’s so insignificant, that amount, that it’s usually zero. Except that a person that is 31/32nd white and 1/32nd black will usually show black-ish features. My point is, even here on AR, there are people who are wondering if my one Jewish great-great-great-grandparent coming from the parental side of my being that denied me from the day I was born somehow infects my entire mentality.

            As much as I detest the silly “magical negro” trope, looks to me like
            from time to time the subcontinent of misery and torpor occasionally
            spits out an a-typical specimen capable of living civilized and far
            exceeding the norm in terms of IQ, breeding propensity, etc.

            Ibo Nigerians are perhaps capable of being halfway functional. If you are in the first world and have a black math teacher or professor in advanced math, it is almost always the case that he (and it’s almost always a man) is Ibo Nigerian. But their independence/secession effort from 1967-70 was unsuccessful (“Biafran Civil War”).

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Yeah, me a mix of old Southern white and Midwestern whites from Quaker Penn. Found my “obligatory Indian” on my dad’s side from there. You know, the obligatory “Native American” in the family tree the go-along white must puke up in order to show how non-white he really is. Truth is most whites descended from whites who have been here a while have some Indian blood in them just like whites all over the world, including once white homelands in Europe and Oceania. If this makes someone non-white in and of itself…whites went extinct long time ago! In terms of the American Indian, estimates of purity of genetics are a joke in many instances in that early census figures relied upon a combination of self reporting and the judgement of the census worker which resulted in many people being classified as “Indian” who were half, quarter, or less, American Indian by blood. Therefore when someone claims to be “1/4” or “1/8” or whatever percentage “Indian”…who knows what they are? Just look at the “Pequots” in Mass. What a racket!!!! I dated a very attractive, fair skinned, blonde haired, green eyed young woman I wish I’d kept in college who was granddaughter of Jim Torpe, so like 1/4 “Indian”. Looked white, acted white, lived white. Nice, high cheekbones too. Probably aged well, that one.

            Oh, and yes, perhaps my inclusion of Jews in my concept of whiteness is indeed corrupted by the presence on my red haired, green eyed, freckled, mother’s side…of an abominable SEPHARDIC Jewess somewhere back in the late precolonial period when such settled along the coast of the Southern colonies and contributed their mercantile and professional skills to the economic development of our once great nation, the descendants of whom include folks like Judah Benjamin and others. Not that I take great pride in this. The amount of Sephardic blood flowing in my veins is INFINITESIMAL, far too low to consider myself Jewish or to take such as an identity.

            But…again the trap of hyper-white exclusivity is, in my mind poison. Much is based on very questionable sources, and in resembles the kind of superstitious credulity and external blame mongering I so heartily detest in the typical subSaharan.

          • I’m mostly German-Czech-Italian-English with bits of Irish-Polish-Russian-Jewish. If the Diocletian-style split happens, and Missouri sides with the side it should, I’d definitely be an ethnic and religious (nominally High Protestant but also sympathizing with Catholics) minority in a largely English-Scots-Irish low church Protestant country. But I’ll risk that to being a racial minority in formerly American America.

          • Joseph

            Good points.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Lord, I’m blabby and pontificant today! Just looked over my mega-post above, noticed a couple of points I need to address…talking to myself, you know, hee hee?

            1. “The hope is that in the big picture evolution is still at work, has been for some time. Those folks who have blah blah blah…”

            Of course, evolution is not exactly “survival of the fittest” as many think it. The highly evolved, highly developed, more complex is also often dependent upon a fragile “ecosystem”, highly specialized. Disruption of that ecosystem, such as a massive influx of hostile species or subspecies, can lead to massive disruption and extinction of the more complexly adapted native species no matter how impressive. The subSaharan r-style existence is far more powerful a survival tool that their cognitive abilities, perhaps in the big picture superior to ours in a very natural way. This is why people like Hitler, with whom I disagree stridently and upon whom I place the greatest blame for subsequent white suicide, were indeed onto something!

            White survival is dependent upon something I see as a tad less…natural…than black survival. It is truly contingent upon transcending the established, “natural” mode. This involves the utilization of faculties and qualities never quite seen in prior species. It REQUIRES, therefore, a TRIUMPH OF THE WILL. It requires a purposeful, planned, self-awareness and methodology. It requires discernment and judgement and the ability to delay gratification in the pursuit of LOFTY goals and projects. It requires TRUE individuals capable of functioning almost “naturally” as parts of a whole they ascribe to (and sometimes struggle against – true liberty) out of a certain level of knowledge and understanding.

            When the comet comes hurtling our way or Yellowstone blows or any number of doomsday scenarios prove themselves all too real, however, the subSaharan r-style strategy of survival and adaption to environment will result in the extinction of the entire species perhaps. Perhaps all life. Only those traits that we have inherited from our evil white ancestors which make us what we are, which DIFFERENTIATE us from other subspecies (no insult to the East Asian who may have hit upon something neither superior nor inferior but simply DIFFERENT) can, I posit, save us from extinction. This is why our enemies must control our educational system, our media.

            2. Look White, Act White, Live White
            Science of genetics is great stuff and we are finding out all sorts of stuff at an amazing pace. Still, however, lots to learn. Lots. Crack a code, great, but understand how it all works, how it fits together, tough. Probably do-able.

            That aside, let’s not throw out the notion that sometimes it is what it appears to be. Physical appearance is an easy and pretty accurate clue as to what likely lies beneath. Not perfect, but it’s an imperfect world. One’s outward behavior must be taken into account. There is a certain intangible that, along with a set of describable observed behavior that clue me in on whether this person is “one of mine” as well. For me it pretty well trumps white skin in regard to the devoted “w****r”, for instance. In that as a result of the propaganda of white perfidy, however, a young white adopts the mannerisms and outward style of the “w****r” but practices K-style living (perhaps naturally reverting to natural behaviors among his own or with the wisdom of maturity), perhaps he is simply adept at surviving.

          • pcmustgo

            I’m fine with racial exclusivity in Europe. I myself am half jewish (and therefore part middle eastern). In America, I agree, we can have a mix here to an extent.

            Costa Rica, btw, is one the whitest places in all of Latin America. Hence one of the safest, most peaceful and higher IQ.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            (and to QD)

            Throwing out the Amerind and Sephardic fragments (not out of shame but based on numbers), I’m roughly a quarter Swedish, English, French, Scottish, to my knowledge. Gotta kind of pretend on ol’ St Patty’s day in that any Irish in me is either unknown or the result of some of my evil English ancestors who uh…administered an estate…in old Ireland, yuk yuk… No matter, all in the past and I can certainly pass for Irish if I say so…

            Diversity. I love it, in truth. Whites represent am amazingly diverse group of genetics, cultures, achievements. The North American White is a wonderful and dynamic mongrel, a new people indeed. Who were the Romans or any other great people at some point but a mixture of one form or another of somewhat different genotypes?

            The North American Caucasian, a rough mixture of folks from every corner of Europe to some degree or another, a sprinkling of Semitic, Amerind, Asiatic and maybe a few who successfully “jumped the fence” (ugh…), this was a very successful, naturally evolving and vibrant genetic experiment resulting in a new version, a new tribe, of whites.

            Then came Hitler and the histrionic reactionary triumph of white auto-genocidalists and their pet masses.

          • pcmustgo


            I too, have met many “whites” who are entirely culturally white, who have tiny bits of American Indian in them.

        • pcmustgo

          SWEETS, I DON’T KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN HERE WITH HOW WRONG YOU ARE. I am a white half jew who has TONS of experience (being from NYC) with Puerto Ricans. I’ve visited the island twice and have a Puerto Rican (mixed race) friend down there.

          There is no nationalism among Latinos? Ha! I think it’s there extreme nationalism (flag-waving included) that covers up their racial problems. Brazilians too are extremely nationalistic.

          Puerto Ricans who immigrated here were mostly white? WRONG! The mulattos and more black looking ones came, as they were the poor ones who needed work.

          There are no “Puerto Rican neighborhoods”? HA! NYC is full of them- Spanish Harlem, Williamsburg Brooklyn, Bushwick Brooklyn, also Union City NJ, etc… wtf? Granted, all but the last are being gentrified to smithereens by gringo midwestern transplant hipsters, but yeah…

          True, there are some “white” looking Puerto Ricans, both here and on the island… Maybe 2-5% of them depending.

          I disagree that Puerto Ricans are racist towards whites, especially their own “whites”, puerto rican whites. On the island and here I would walk around and see “typical” looking puerto rican men in the city squares hanging out and laughing with other puerto rican men, white as snow, blue eyes, completely white looking (whether they truly are 100% white is not so clear). Puerto Ricans often have rainbow colored, tri-racial families…

          I am NOT defending Latinos or the immigration invasion, just being honest here….I don’t want another group here who needs affirmative action. I am aware of their cultural/IQ problems. Many ricans here in the USA are ghetto and “thugged out” and have chosen to emulate american blacks way too much.

          But your analysis of them is way off.

          I do think your mentioning Rich Port, aka, Puerto Rico is a port place where people come and go (and leave behind mixed race babies and lineages) is interesting… I never thought of it that way.

          • pcmustgo

            I lived in a Puerto Rican neighborhood for 2 years and experienced zero racial hostility…

            Now the Blacks? That’s another story!

          • Daisy

            Has it ever occurred to you that as a half jewish person you may not present to them as the classic gringa? I’ve found there to be nuances between how various ‘spanish/hispanics’ treat me both as individuals, nationalities, classes, ethnicities, etc., and overall they’re not as hostile as many blacks but there are plenty of them that harbor totally unjustifiable resentment, entitlement and aggression towards my ethnicity. There is the occasional sociopath who terrorizes a gringa when hispanics are in the majority. More often though it’s just an opportunist here or there who will exploit anti-gringa/gringo attitudes in hispanics; they sometimes view white women as sheltered, priveleged and weak. And gringa to them traditionally means white, northwestern european, blue eyed, blonde, etc.

          • Daisy

            I will say I’ve noticed hostility at a reduced level in Puerto Ricans overall, but that’s likely due to the fact that they’re born citizens. Puerto Ricans can still be quite condescending to snow flake white girls.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            I have dark eyes and dark hair, a bit ruddish in the sun, and I speak fluent Spanish. In most of Latin America I am considered “blond”, though there is a fuzziness to that translation. “Macho” in Costa Rica, where “Gringo” is no more a term of offence than “Paddy” or “Swede” would have been once those nationalities were accepted by native whites in this country. Saner times, you know?

            Because of my fluency in the language (a beautiful and robust descendant of the old Roman tongue when spoken by non mushmouths) and relative darkness, I’ve been asked if I were a Miami Cuban from time to time in my travels. Perhaps this and my imposing physicality (neandethal DNA)…have made for smooth relations with all but the most Africanized or sullenly native of Hispanics I’ve dealt with.

            My ex, a Costa Rican white, by the way, detested the “boriquas” in general, with a few exceptions in the case of those like our anonymous friend, above, a sentiment shared by many other Hispanics I’ve known.

          • pcmustgo

            As far as the situation in Puerto Rico, YES, PUERTO RICANS BLUNTLY TELL YOU THEY RESENT *DOMINICAN IMMIGRANTS COMING TO THEIR ISLAND… Just as Mexicans come here to do the S==t jobs the American Welfare Crowd is too lazy/spoiled to do, Dominicans do the same

            As much as 1/6th of the Puerto Rican population is now Dominican. Puerto Ricans there hate it. They would approach me, a gringo, to talk about it, as if to say “we’re racist too” and “we have an immigration problem too”.

            Dominicans hate Haitians sneaking unto their island to do the same.

            Dominicans are about 1 or 2 shades darker than your average Puerto Rican.

            Puerto Ricans are lighter than Dominicans, but still almost entirely Tri-Racials… Still mostly not pure “white”. You’re both Mulatto islands, it’s just those Dominicans are that much more Black.

            Puerto Ricans are Quadroons and Dominicans are Mulattos… of course both with Taino Amer-ind thrown in.

          • pcmustgo

            Sorry, my white Puerto Rican friend, a lot of wishful thinking on your part. You guys inter-married with Blacks here more than whites. You weren’t driven out by the non-whites there- you married them… and each generation became progressively less white looking. My Puerto Rican friend’s father is rather white looking- and sucessful… the mother of course isn’t. And their children aren’t either.

            Puerto Rico may be the biggest experiment in miscegenation ever!

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Yeah…pretty much, though I suspect some substantive kernels of truth. Look at the Sheens. I mean, LOOK at them, not the (really funny) antics of ol’ Charlie, heehee. I suspect there WERE many more legitimately white PR’s in the past, but that they had an easy out from their fellow less white PR’s, took the ticket north and never looked back. White elites in other Latin American countries simply maintained control while their less white masses have migrated northward.

            Does make a certain sense. Does it stand up to critical research and analysis? I dunno. Got stuff to do, you know?

          • pcmustgo

            “ALL people you think are Puerto Ricans are not Puerto Ricans”. Bit of an exaggeration there on your part.

        • pcmustgo

          Sotomayor is a “race traitor” to Puerto Rican “whites”? She is not white by our standards at all… She is obviously non-white… wavy black hair, yeah, almost oddly asiatic looking eyes… I think you are not fully “white” either and are confusing Puerto Rican standard with our own.

    • Dr. X

      Serving as a “role model” is the “most important” thing Sotomayor does? How about UPHOLDING THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES????? Good grief. The woman isn’t an AMERICAN, she is, for practical purposes, a subversive and an enemy. The day is coming soon when the (few) prople who actually still believe in the Constitution are going to have to fight for it. Literally.

  • The__Bobster

    In a backstage interview at the library where she appeared here, Justice
    Sotomayor said that encouraging others through her personal story—the
    diabetic child of a poor, non-English-speaking alcoholic, the first
    Hispanic member of the Court—was an even more important contribution
    than her jurisprudence.

    Because that’s all she has. She used AA to get through college and is only on the SCOTUS to be a rubber stamp for Obongo. I wonder if her book is written at the fourth grade level.

    • Johnny Clay

      Her book is most likely ghost-written.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    “Serving as a role model “is the most valuable thing I can do,” she added.”

    Not…upholding and interpreting the constitution of the United States? Nope, serving as a role model for her people is more important. Loyalty to one’s ethnicity over our increasingly farcical “nation” is only wrong for whites, I guess.

    And the Supreme Court?

    “(She did not know it existed until she snatched minutes from her work-study job at the Princeton library to read reports of the 1978 Bakke case, in which the court struck down an affirmative action program at the University of California.)”

    OK…she made it into PRINCETON without knowing the United States has a “Supreme Court”? How many whites make it into Princeton without knowing that? Yeah, she’s a real strong, capable, competent, Latino woman who earned every give-away she got handed to her.


    • bluffcreek1967

      Yeah, I thought the same thing. How in the world could any supposedly intelligent person make it into Princeton without knowing of the U.S. Supreme Court??! If she had any sense, she wouldn’t even admit it. But our ‘wise Latina’ probably thinks we’re all too stupid to have noticed it or that we wouldn’t dare question her about it.

      Have you noticed that, little by little, these so-called educated AA appointees to high offices in the land prove to be even dumber than we ever imagined?

      Truth in indeed stranger than fiction!

      • pcmustgo

        omg, the other day Halle Berry, “America’s Best Looking Black Woman” who’s half white and raised by the white mother, I read a quote of hers…. she said being raised around tons of white people made her feel “very dumb” in comparison… google it.

    • Oil Can Harry

      It’s frightening to think of a Supreme Court justice who never knew the court existed until she was in college.

      Even worse, she only found out because she was following the 1978 Bakke case, cheering on anti-white discrimination.

    • After twelve years of private (Catholic) education, she still needed affirmative action to get into college. That says a lot more than any of her pretensions to wisdom.

  • Some Guy

    She must of had a large impact on this “Wise Latina’s” life.


    • Biff_Maliboo

      That one’s definitely a budding Sackamanure.

  • Whirlwinder

    So Sotomayor, go out and be a great example for your people, and excuse yourself from our Supreme Court.

  • bigone4u

    “It is my great hope that I’ll be a great justice, and that I’ll write opinions that will last the ages,” …“But that doesn’t always happen…
    Her opinions should be written on toilet paper. At least I can wipe ____ with toilet paper.

  • AutomaticSlim

    Putting this completely unqualified embarrassment of a judge on the SCOTUS is perhaps the single most offensive action of the Hussein presidency, and that is saying a lot.

    She has the posture and presence of the typical incompetent, unqualified, middle aged, minority supervisor you would find at your local DMV office. The type who is rude and nasty to polite and quiet White customers, while bending over backwards for loud and classless black and hispanic low lives and thugs.

    What’s more, Pat Buchanan has already documented that she was reading at a remedial level between her freshman and sophomore years at Princeton. So let’s see, from remedial reading to Editor of the Princeton Law Review…nope, couldn’t possibly be liberal White guilt, now could it…

    Byte the way, I once read where she stated that eating Pork and Beans was one of her greatest pleasures in life. Now that is something I can believe! I can absolutely picture her shotgunning a can of pork and beans the way college kids shotgun a beer.

    • Joseph

      “…remedial level between her freshman and sophomore years at Princeton” HOW can people like this get into one of these schools UNLESS the school’s reputation is inflated by powers of ten?! It really is clear, politics aside, listening to her that she is really not very bright. Do these schools have lower standards than the state schools? Did she really even graduate or did she take an “Obama” on that too?

  • Lakeview Senior

    I had the pleasure of working with some of those AA Puerto Ricans in our local government. I’d say a good many of them dislike the USA and it might border on hate. This one guy I worked with an American born Puerto Rican used to disparage this country every chance he got although he and his wife both had good paying government jobs in Chicago. I got tired of it pretty fast and asked him one day, “Why don’t you go and live in Puerto Rico if you love it so much? His answer was, “There are no jobs there.” Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.” There is a stretch of blocks in Chicago that runs from west on Division street from Western Avenue to California Avenue. At each end there is a sculpure of the Puerto Rican flag. There was a near riot there when it was built because the American construction workers topped off their work with the American flag as they usually do. They say that about 90% of the Puerto Ricans in their country are on welfare paid by the American taxpayers. I’m more than a little fed up with the lavish praise our elected politicians continue to pour on this particular ethnic group and all the others that make up this ‘Hispanic’ invasion of our country.

    • Joseph

      Yeah, just wait until it becomes state #51 and we get 6 million more Democrats on welfare to vote.

    • pcmustgo


    • Alex

      Thank God, those flags will probably be getting torn down when the hipsters and the yuppies finally push out the rest of the PRs there and hopefully sooner than later. It’ll be nice like farther east on Division street 🙂

  • Chris

    “Prior generations of justices mostly hid behind their robes to preserve their authority…”
    And, I might add, impartiality. Prancing around as the Almighty Queen Wise Latina gives the appearance of favoritism and ethnic chauvinist. She clearly has no understanding of the role of a judge of the highest court.

  • roadgeek

    Wait a minute. She was at Princeton before she even knew what the Supreme Court was? Princeton? Where I came from this was 4th-grade civics.

    • generalquagmyer

      That’s what leaped out and astonished me, though her general aire of detached ignorance is always there to leave you wondering. If they can put Clarence Thomas in such a position or make Henry Louis Gates an esteemed professor of Victimizationology or whatever, I suppose it isn’t really that surprising.

    • Joseph

      Yes, but you undoubtedly are the product of white privilege. She had to work for 16 hard, minority-discriminating years to get to 4th-grade civics.

  • TFD123

    Why aren’t they calling her a White Hispanic?

    • Joseph

      “Why aren’t they calling her a White Hispanic?”

      If she kills somebody, they will.

      • Daisy

        No that’s only if she offs a black person. Killing whites gets you called a wise latina.

    • pcmustgo

      She doesn’t look “white” to me at all… not by American standards.

  • falsedawn

    Whenever I see this poor woman, all I can think of is what Winston Churchill Said to Lady Astor when she accused him of being drunk, “Yes madam I am drunk, but tomorrow I’ll be sober and you will still be ugly.”

    • bluffcreek1967

      That’s a good point! The woman is obviously physically unattractive. But more than that, she just looks plain unhealthy.

  • LHathaway

    Us bigots should all over-look race but people of color should all be obsessed by it. In fact we should ignore her race at all time, unless we’re saying how great (how much better) Latino’s are. We should look past race, except when we shouldn’t.

  • odious liberal

    Another social justice media whore.

  • Wise Anglo

    The Wise Latina has something in common with Obama. Like him, she seems more concerned with getting admired by crowds and showing off on talk TV than actually doing the job.

  • Sloppo

    I wonder if I would be popular in Mexico if the Mexican president selected me to judge their highest court and I explained my qualifications as follows: “I would hope that a wise gringo with the richness of his experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a latino who hasn’t lived that life”.

  • Tom_in_Miami

    Humility certainly doesn’t seem to be one of her virtues.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    From Sodamayor’s autobiography, now on the clearance rack at the .99 cent store!!

    Sonia Sotomayor reveals that her husband brought a bag of Quaaludes to their wedding night


    (from the British press, of course, anyone see this in the American media??)

    Not hard to imagine after he realized what he’d married. She’s lucky he didn’t shoot himself in the head.


    • He invite Roman Polanski too?

  • time machine needed

    Obviously timed to help her mutt massa get 30 million spics legalized to keep power and rule a white nation that Bush flooded in to build all those foreclosed homes and allow the mutt’s paw in the door. Big mistake as bad as slavery that was never needed and should have never happened in a million years. The hands of time need turning back from 500 yrs ago to outlaw slaves bought off tribal chiefs and shipped west.

  • pcmustgo

    “(She did not know it existed until she snatched minutes from her work-study job at the Princeton library to read reports of the 1978 Bakke case, in which the court struck down an affirmative action program at the University of California.)”

    WOW, GOT INTO PRINCETON AND DIDN’T KNOW WHAT THE SUPREME COURT WAS???????????????????????? omfg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, talk about a racially charged way of discussing how she found out.

  • Bleak White Future

    The point missed is just as African blacks in white mans America have experienced the blissful paradise of their ancestors being sold off by tribal chiefs to be slaves and a beast of burden on western civilization creating rot where ever they go but living a million times better than their unlucky counterparts still in Africa, the same is true of these of millions of red peasant race mongoloids who likewise bask in whiteman luxury but leave a 3rd world cesspool where ever they go.

    What both these inferior species are incapable of understanding is when they reduce whites to a minority it all reverts back to the same wretched hellhole type nation they were lucky to escape to find so called new opportunity in when whites ruled and controlled all economics and westernism.
    What low IQ blacks and reds want is to bask in white mans world and steal his wealth but they are too ignorant to understand that by destroying it or spending it into oblivion as the low IQ inferior Obama is doing without no care in the world, they all go back down the tubes to square one poverty 3rd world shithole.

    Haiti is the original western example of what happens when white worlds are overthrown and an inferior race takes over something that was never theirs but stolen.

    Look at all American cities for the next Haiti’s and even America itself under this devil in the WH with his white liberals who will be the first to be sacrificed as America sinks to 3rd world hell. Look at Rhodesia or South Africa for clear proof of the white mans future world.

    The time to avoid this is at a critical point and a split must occur before the final nail is driven into the white race coffin no different than the slave revolt in Haiti in 1801 that massacured 60,000 white elite French men women and children.

    The ancient Ham curse has been in effect ever since.

  • Unperson

    I’d like to propose a new amendment to the Constitution that says that if you get all the way to college age without ever having heard of the Supreme Court, you should be disqualified from consideration for the Supreme Court.