Mommy’s Little Bigot

Emily Yoffe, Slate, February 7, 2013

Dear Prudence,

My 6-year-old daughter has beautiful blond hair and blue eyes. She gets compliments regularly from people on how pretty she is and basks in the attention. She attends a small private school and there is a little boy in her class who is black. He is sweet, well-mannered, and has a great sense of humor. His parents are lovely people. The problem is that over the last two years my daughter has been making comments about people’s skin, particularly addressed to this little boy. These comments are along the lines of, “I don’t want to sit by him because he has dark skin.” Her teacher and I have sat down to discuss this with her and explain that this behavior is unacceptable to no avail. The other day she watched the beginning of Love Actually with me and she commented that the interracial couple shouldn’t be getting married because they don’t look right together. Obviously my method of teaching her to treat everyone equally and be accepting of all different people is not working. Her school is getting more concerned, although they know I am trying my best to combat it. Do I just hope she grows out of this, or is there something else I can do?

—At a Loss

Dear Loss,

What a win-win this is for an attention-loving child. Usually she can just show up, and like a quokka, know that there will be oohs and ahs at the pleasure of gazing upon her. But since her classmates and teachers are accustomed to her looks, she may find school less gratifying. Then one day she stumbles upon the realization that if she says something awful about the color of a classmate’s skin, a stunning amount of attention comes her way. Sure it’s of the negative kind. But if you enjoy being the focus of things, you take what you can get. I spoke to Molly McDonald, a licensed marriage and family therapist in West Hartford, Conn. She says once the original explanation that everyone deserves to be respected didn’t extinguish the behavior, the continuing focus on your daughter’s transgressions became a kind of fuel. McDonald says both you and the teacher need to redirect your own behavior in order to change your daughter’s. McDonald says to think of her comments as being equivalent to a tantrum and thus best ignored. For example, when your daughter said the couple in the movie didn’t belong together, you should have either said nothing, or replied nonchalantly, “Oh, I think they look nice,” then refuse to discuss it further. You should talk to the teacher about her doing her best to not respond to your daughter’s rude remarks in the moment. But later in the school day she should discuss generally that everyone deserves to be treated with kindness.

McDonald also suggests engaging in role-play at home with your daughter. You say you’re going to play a game in which you pretend to be some of the other kids in the class, and she’s going to show you how she acts when she’s playing nicely. Then, playing the black classmate, ask her to sit next to you. If she does, you give her a hug and tell her she’s being a good friend. {snip}


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  • CharlesFinley

    After she watches enough television and movies, she will realize the error of her ways. She will see that White males are all fat, effeminate, incompetent, innappropriate slobs. She will realize that browns and blacks are more suitable mates because of their superior intellects. She will know the truth.
    I know a few people who deny that this is the way the picture is painted.
    “I don’t see color. And my CHILDREN don’t see color.”
    DWL’s sicken me.

  • Alice

    The great shame here is that we have permitted simple good manners – not making personal comments about others – to become tinged with race. None of us find all humans to be equally attractive, the urge to state our preferences must be constrained. Impulse control comes easier to some than to others.

  • Mark

    We Europeans have been told, that it’s improper and even immoral to think of ourselves as a group. Those days are over; we must stop apologizing and think collectively. No other race on earth would be forced apologize or explain themselves in such matters.

  • “Obviously my method of teaching her to treat everyone equally and be accepting of all different people is not working.”
    Obviously she shouldn’t be teaching her daughter such nonsense.
    The mother said the girl doesn’t want to sit with him because he has dark skin. Why doesn’t she probe further? Maybe there was an incident with this ‘sweet boy’ that needs to be investigated.

  • anmpr1

    “I don’t want to sit by him because he has dark skin.” Her teacher and I
    have sat down to discuss this with her and explain that this behavior
    is unacceptable to no avail.

    Dear Loss: What your daughter is showing is a natural distaste for the “alien” other. By encouraging unnatural behavior and thoughts in your daughter, and by denying her intuition, you are setting her up for psychological trauma in the short term, and possible physical trauma in the long, when she becomes conditioned to offer herself to black boys in order not to appear racist.

    You, mother, on the other hand, need a serious dose of reality counseling. But you yourself are simply a hypocrite, because if you were really “down with the brown,” and if you really believed your liberal nonsense, you would pull your daughter out of her exclusive private school, and place her in an inner city ghetto class where she could experience all the benefits of real diversity. But deep down in your own heart of hearts, you know that your daughter is correct, and that you are the naive child.

    On the other hand, you may want to get used to your future son-in-law.

    • K..

      The preference for people who look like ourselves is almost certainly hardwired into our genetic makeup. Studies have shown that very small babies respond more positively to pictures of faces with their own racial features. The human race evolved in small tribes of 30 to 40 individuals who generally shared common characteristics like appearance, language,behavior, culture, and religion. The usual reaction to encountering people who were different from you was not to celebrate their diversity, but to either kill them or flee from them as quickly as possible, before they killed you. It is actually the current mania for “diversity” and “multiculturalism” that is unnatural and exceptional, while “racism” is simply the normal and usual behavior of human beings for the vast majority of our history on this planet.

      • bob

        That’s true, and I think I see what you’re getting at: Let’s all devolve!!

        • François

          Not devolve, no. Just, let’s stop allowing others tto ell us to suppress our natural feelings and instincts.

    • GM (Australia)

      Mother-in Law and So-in-Law, this is probably the most optimistic outcome. Tragically it it could very well end up being a plaintive/defendant relationship in a teenage sexual assault case. When are these people going to get real.

      I agree with other posters that the whole letter and reply definitely seems to be fake but it is in the same style as an article that I read yesterday in a New Yorker magazine while waiting in a Drs room. The thrust of the article was about how good society (in the USA) has become. No more segregation in schools, black white marriage is acceptable (?) and homosexual marriage will soon be normal. I gather that the New Yorker is a rather leftie liberal publication.

  • jay11

    I have black and latino students who DAILY express how much they love themselves and how they look. I have latino students who are ‘white’ latinos who are fawned over by mestizo and indio boys. I have black Dominican students who run around talking about how beautiful their ‘morena’ skin is. I have black students who run around saying ‘black is beautiful’ and ‘black is the best.’
    Why can other races love themselves – and talk about it – and no one says a darned thing? Maybe the little black boy does other things the mother of the girl doesn’t know about. Of course the mother will gush that the little black boy and his parents are ‘lovely’ but like any parent, she may be clueless about how the boy might be interacting with her daughter, and maybe the daughter cannot articulate why she doesn’t like the boy, so she mentions skin color. Maybe the girl just wants to be white and sit with people who ‘look like her!’ This is a common argument used by blacks and latinos as to why they want all black and latino clubs, student unions, teachers, etc.

    • Daisy

      Not only is it common for non-white ethnicities to overtly celebrate their blackness or brownness, it’s quite common for them to make disparaging remarks about whiteness. I witnessed two black teen males harassing their white friend in the subway in NYC about how awkward his white skin was and I hear that’s not unusual in the city generally.

      • AutomaticSlim

        Honestly, the White kid deserved it. A White teenager in NY or anywhere else should know better than to hang around with blacks.

      • OnGuard

        A local black politician, from a long-time political family, once said that “we need some more plump, juicy raisins in that boring old, dry white bread”, meaning that we need more black politicians in the mostly white city council. She got away with that, when around the same time, the president of our large, prestigious university had to step down after joking that someone was an Oreo.

      • AutomaticSlim

        I made what I thought was a very mild comment here yesterday, regarding the White kid’s judgement in having black friends, but it seems the moderator took it down.

        I am not questioning the moderator’s judgement, but I am very curious as to what was in that particular comment to get it removed from the board? Please let me know, if that is possible. Thanks.

        • Ron Cheaters

          I wouldn’ think much of it.. Discus has been acting up for a few people over the last month.. I just got it back.. and I wasn’t banned.. and if I was I wasn’t told why.

          I was told that many peolle were also claiming problems and to try another browser.. which I didn’t have to do..

          In my case, I thought my ISP shut it down.

    • They love themselves, but will kill the next one that walks near them.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Non-whites (especially blacks) are delusional. Of course, white fawning over them does nothing to dispel their misconceptions.

    • François

      “… but like any parent, she may be clueless about how the boy might be
      interacting with her daughter, and maybe the daughter cannot articulate
      why she doesn’t like the boy… ”

      Black boys often prefer White girls to their own kind, and they can be VERY blunt when they make advances!

  • Daisy

    Better bigoted than dead, or so I bet Autumn Pasquale’s mother is thinking. Autumn was the blonde blue eyed 12 yr old little girl murdered by two black teens in NJ.

    • Anders

      I’ve read the article and the comments below. I’ve come to the conclusion that this letter from a concerned parent (whose daughter just happens to have not only blond hair, but blue eyes as well) is a complete fabricated load of hooey, cobblers, and bunkum!
      However, such tactics seem to work like a charm; be vigilant people, your children belong to you, not the state.


        I thought the same thing: sounded to me like a completely made up scripted “storyline” made up by a twisted “journalist”.

      • The Ice Queen

        I thought it was fake as well. The scenario is just too contrived, and tailored perfectly for the desired answer to the ‘problem,’ which was most likely written at the same time by the same person. And who let’s a six year old watch Love Actually, an R rated film, even if it was just the beginning? There are a million and one children’s programs plump full of interracial relationships to choose from. This was written by someone from the Love Actually mind set, and probably does not even have kids.

      • liberalsucl

        What? You mean a liberal lied and concocted a story of ‘white racism’ in another dishonest, manipulating attempt to guilt trip more whites into giving up more money, power and freedom? It can’t be! I’m so shocked…

      • Robb

        Story seemed familiar to me too. Must be one of those “standing headlines” that pop up every few months to every few years (eg. nobody wants to marry black women, it’s whitey’s fault). Plenty of liberal code words in it, but that’s not really a give-away because the mom would have to be a flaming libtard.

    • liberalsuck

      It’s true. Most whites are more afraid of being called racists than they are being called child molesters or murderers. It’s really pathetic that our people have overcome harsh conditions, kings, wars, empires, dictators, yet a simple word scares us? Seriously? is that what great white people survived and thrived (or died) for?

  • JackKrak

    I call major nonsense on the original ‘At a Loss’ letter. Lefty types are always finding wide-eyed innocent children to give them too-perfect quotes to give their articles that extra something.

    BTW – “Love Actually” is rated R for “sexuality, nudity and language”. So, Prudence, what’s your take on fictional parents sitting down with their make believe six year old to watch a film for adults?

    • Daisy

      I too am quite skeptical. Magazines and columns make up letters to themselves fairly often so you never know what’s authentic, nor do we know if the boy is harassing her, as some have suggested. There isn’t an epidemic of black-on-white female violence for no reason in this country (or wherever else). When I was in first grade some little weirdo used to corner the girls in the back of class and grab us and kiss our hands when we were supposed to be washing them and I detested him (he actually grew up to be pretty normal). Yet I doubt I would have been able to articulate why.

      • brengunn

        nor do we know if the boy is harassing her

        Muh dick at six years of age? Boy, they do start young!

      • Tim

        I wrote a letter to Dear Abby once to blow off steam. It was about my spouses employee damaging a picture of me at the store they worked at. It came out over a year later with no warning. I was eating at a restraunt reading the paper when I saw it. The down side was that it reopened the can of worms all over again…

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      With the deluded state this country is in, I don’t doubt for one minute the letter is real. Let’s not forget that the Obamanation was elected twice, something that couldn’t have happened without the help of a lot of whites. Sticking our heads in the sand about the extent of white delusion accomplishes nothing.

      • Andy

        I have no doubt that that parents like this exist. They make up nearly all white parents. The child’s behavior strikes me as unlikely. If she did indeed express negative feelings about blackness toward the boy in spite of what I am sure is a very “inclusive” environment, they almost certainly would have been squashed by the horrified reactions of her parents, teachers, and most likely peers.

    • Xanthippe2

      At both my daughter’s private almost all White preschool and her largely White and Asian public kindergarten, the kids were given a talk about skin color, how means their ancestors came from different places, and how it is okay to notice, but that “everyone is really the same.”

      Virtually all the kids buy it unless taught something different at home.
      Needless to say, the Asians are taught something different at home far more often than the Whites, but this is beside the point. How did THIS preschool miss that standard lesson??? I think it is a hoax too.

      Even young kids may not accept this standard brainwashing at schools with a lot of Blacks and Mexicans (if it is even attempted there), but this writer would never send her child to one of those.

      • bob

        How odd that the Asian families allow you into their homes to observe what they teach their children! I guess it’s just one of those cultural differences….

        • Xanthippe2

          Many non-Whites are perfectly willing to have discussions with “horrid White racists.” Maybe it helps that altho I am a radical, I am a pretty normal person? Fancy that, eh! Getting your info from the real world and not the media can work wonders. Try it sometime!

      • gobber

        Asians are more open to racial discussions, unless there are a huge number of them I’m guessing.

  • falsedawn

    Prudie should have a net thrown over her.

  • Ulick

    For years we’ve been told that racism is taught in the home and not natural. Yet this mom is trying to teach her daughter out of her natural instincts. So much for that all “racism” is taught theory.

    Plus, this mom is worried that her white daughter is weary of blacks. Yet, the “talk” that Derbyshire satired, was black parents teaching their kids to be worried about whites. One is acceptable, one is to be eradicated. The double standard in action.

    • bob

      You’re right! I think we as parents need to help facilitate the full realization of our children’s every intuition, after all, we’d be going against nature otherwise.

  • The__Bobster

    I believe the letters in Penthouse are more real than this one. It’s a fabrication that’s being used by leftist Slate for instructional purposes.

    • AutomaticSlim

      Yes I agree. This has letter “fake” written all over it.

      Most likely written by the type of people who live in gated communities and have no contact with blacks whatsoever, yet they want YOUR kids to date and marry them.

    • Triarius

      Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

  • Lewis33

    Member of the tribe of “chosen ones” (their words, not mine.) “On June 21, 2012, Yoffe published a piece titled “My Molesters” on Slate. In the piece, Yoffe described three different sexual assaults she suffered as a child and young adult. Yoffe wrote that the final incident occurred when she was “18 or 19” and that former Congressman and priest Robert Drinan was the perpetrator.[20]”

    • Daisy

      Written by a member, why am I not surprised.

  • When my daughter first started school, I had not yet talked to her about race. Right or wrong, I was sort of waiting for it to come up, or waiting until she was old enough to at least know how to stay out of trouble at school by exercising caution when expressing her views.
    She was about the same age as the little girl in this story when she came home and asked me why brown skinned people (meaning blacks) were mean. What was I to do — tell her that her observations are wrong? Ask her to pretend that we live in Opposite Land and must treat them as if they are better than us? No, I can’t remember what all I said, but I can assure you that my conversation with her was nothing like the one between mom and child in this story.
    She and her brother are teenaged racial realists now, and they are safer for it.

    • gemjunior

      Good job Viv. Similarly, my own daughter at age three was attending a school which was nearly all white, but a few Asians and one black boy. She was in class with the black boy for a long time before she casually stated that she didn’t like his hair or his lips. I didn’t lose my mind overit, just let her have her opinion. She still doesn’t like blacks much, but for other reasons, mostly because of her basketball playing.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        No, why lose your mind? You should have bought her a new iPod or something!

        • gemjunior

          I used to be afraid that if my kids expressed their views in the classroom, they might be asked where they heard such “racism”. The answer would undoubtedly be in our home, where we speak freely as it is our sanctuary. I used to be afraid that the school district and authorities could make trouble (after reading of a couple of cases of it) and either take the kids, send busybodies to the house, or something like that. But over time I understood it’s these particular attitudes that whites have which cause us to remain silent. So now I let the chips fall where they will and I’m prepared for anything. I used to say to my kids all the time “don’t say that in school” because I was afraid. Now I have several WN books in the house, and my 16 year old picked up The Brigade, by H. Covington. I lined up the books in proper order for him and although he loves the books because they are action-packed, he’s also influenced to be faithful to genetic kin vs. aliens. I’m so happy about this because the last book they read was To Kill A Mockingbird, The Color of Water, and other books that focus their minds towards pity for the minority and subliminal guilt as a member of the aggressor or oppressor. They read Anne Frank, The Pearl, etc. and this is in a nearly 100% white school – filled to the brim with scholarly libs. So I think growing up in a home with race realists is good for children – they grow up with a sense of pride in who they are.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Thanks much for the reading list. I am collecting the Covington works for my 5-year-olds.

          • François

            Speaking of which, The Diary of Anne Frank was actually written after the end of WW2. At least parts of it. And even Otto Frank (Anne’s father) admitted it.

          • StillModerated

            It was proclaimed a hoax during the 1980s. The story made the front page of the Wall Street Journal.

          • François

            In spite of this, it is still read by many, many people, as though it was gospel!
            Same thing for Roots, by Alex Haley: it is a novel, nothing more, but it is still required reading in may schools, as part of history courses, if I am not mistaken.

  • Garrett Brown

    That beautiful little girl will be a future Amrener! Hooray!

    • Anonymous By Necessity

      We can hope that, but because she’s overtly stated her opinion she’ll likely be targeted for more concentrated reeducation. It would be interesting to see what her preferences are in 10 years.

      • Garrett Brown

        I doubt it’s even real haha.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Winston loved Big Brother.

  • jay11

    I was in a room with five latinas and they were talking among themselves in mixed spanish and english. One of the young ladies blurted out, “I don’t like white people.” There I am, standing three feet away and preparing some papers for them. I know they didn’t mean it about me because I worked with them, but such a blanket denunciation. If I would have said the same thing about ‘latinos’ I would HAVE BEEN FIRED. No joke about that.

    • I’m not surprised. Years ago a co-worker of mine declared that white people are stupid. I retaliated by continuing to outperform her.

      • brengunn

        She obviously wasn’t using her vast reserves of critical thinking when she came out with that.

        • Obviously not. Minorities don’t have to think or do anything to demonstrate their intelligence and competence; we’re just supposed to believe in it.

          • brengunn

            That kind of thinking really puts me out. How could a person look at the history of the world and come to the conclusion that whites are stupid? Same with the whites are cruel argument, yes we have done some wrongs but in the scheme of things, I think we are most benevolent.

          • Viv Jasper

            I doubt many truly believe that whites are stupid, at least I don’t see how they could. And those who say whites are cruel have their heads full of lies and probably believe everything they learned in college anthropology.

          • François

            … as if the Mongol warriors of Gengis Khan and Kubilai Khan; the Japanese war criminals of World War II, and the Chinese emperors, had never done anything wrong!!!

          • falsedawn

            In many years of Construction work, one of the things you get to know is that a person is talking to you even when they’re not speaking verbally. People speak when they walk, talk, sit and any with any other motions they make. You get to know this and sense it. This little girl is just picking up on what she senses in the little black boy. She obviously sees a bit more in depth than her teacher and mother on this. There are such people, just so far advanced than the average person their age. She’s one of them.

          • I Love MadMen

            I can see that you post is psychobabble nonsense.

      • kjh64

        Yes, if White people are so stupid and hated by Latinos, then why are they pouring into our countries? I mean nobody wants to go to a country where the people are stupid and whom you hate?

        • bob

          I agree, poor people are dumb!

        • goober

          Because said ‘White people’ are letting them in illegaly. Pretty damn stupid! Don’t you think?

        • Sherman_McCoy

          They like our welfare benefits and unmerited preferences in hiring and education. They don’t particularly care for us.

          • Ron Cheaters

            Don’t forget that hefty sum of taxation that wouldn’t be needed if they’d stay where they belong

      • whiteuncleruckus

        I’m White and I think White people are stupid, White liberals anyway. And not for the same reasons the non-whites think that. The whole “race doesn’t matter” and “colorblind, tolerance, equality, multicultural, diversity” philosophy is a suicidal form of stupidity. Our race is light years ahead of any other race when it comes to intelligence, but tradgically they, the non-whites, will out live us due to this fatal flaw that we can not seem to overcome.

        • François

          We are not stupid. But the others are following their instincts, and fighting for their own interests, while we absorb propaganda aimed at us by a certain minority, who believe it is in their interest to see White countries becoming less and less White, demographically.

      • François

        Does that co-worker know that the IQ averages for Blacks and Mestizos are quite significantly lower than the average for Whites?

    • brengunn

      You should have said ‘I hate spics’. It would have been nice to see an employment tribunal where they tried to juggle both statements, treating one as benign and the other as malicious. You could have exposed a lot of hypocrisy.

      TBH, I would have done the same as you and said nothing. We live for the brown envelope, I’m afraid.

  • So CAL Snowman

    This article is a hoax or a deliberate fake.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Teach your evil little white daughter to ignore her best common sense and hate herself and breed with 85 average IQ aliens.

    Genicide. Betrayal.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    when your daughter said the couple in the movie didn’t belong together, you should have either said nothing, or replied nonchalantly, “Oh, I think they look nice,”

    And yet if the child’s mother had followed her own supposed philosophy and married a black man, there would have been no beautiful blonde-haired, blue-eyed daughter.

    Of course, the irony–and the hypocrisy–is lost on mommy…

    • Daisy

      My blond father says white fair women get picked on because they’re more attractive then calls me a bigot for complaining when black men bully me. This is classic white liberal doublespeak, although I still suspect the article is TCP disinformation.

  • Voice of reason

    She sounds like avery smart litttle girl.

  • Luca

    I think Freud would say young children have a natural aversion to anything the color of excrement. Other than that, the symbolism of anything else black is naturally viewed as negative. Wonder why that is?

    • Tim

      Wow! Tell me more about Freud.

      • a multiracial individual

        Freud is only read as literature now.

      • Steve

        He was a homosexual and a pervert.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Hence, the appellation “s***skins.”

  • MobyWhite

    The Ruling Advice for White Parents of White children:

    You are a racist hate monger unless you teach your White children to affirmatively chose Diversity mates so you can have mongrel grandchildren and thereby do your duty to Eracism by erasing your evil White genes.

    Don’t give Nkosi reason to kill again. Do you part first. NO MORE WHITE BABIES.

    “Making White babies is a hate crime against global dignity.”

    -Bishop Tyronne Cedric Solomon Ceasar Washington Jefferson Roosyvelt Jones, “Whites must do more,” 2009

    • StillModerated

      You’re not trying hard enough Moby! That’s Apostle Antwan D’Liryus Quondavio Shooboo Newport Rufus Luther King of the First Holiness Fire Baptized Ebenezer Temple Church of God in The AmeriKwas.

    • Andy

      Is that article online?

  • bigone4u

    A lamebrain mother writes a lamebrain website to get advice from a lamebrain therapist. The only one not a lamebrain is the little girl. But don’t worry, the libs will beat her up mentally till she starts toeing the PC line.

    • Daisy

      I’m surprised the ‘therapist’ didn’t suggest medicating her, after diagnosing her with ‘childhood onset bipolar II with psychotic features’ or something for rejecting a black kid. In her mania she sees black boys as threatening and this is an expression of some persecution complex of course – even though she clearly rejects him because she just doesn’t like him! Notice how they never call her ‘racist’ even though that’s clearly the implication. To do that would be to admit that there may be something going on outside of her internal process, and that would mean asking whether there’s any validity to her perspective or reaction. Since the facts of society support this little tyke’s posture diversity rehabilitators know they’re on safer ground trying to keep the focus on her internal ‘mental’ health. They also know that trying to assert their agenda in a direct manner will only engender direct confrontation with those facts, so they resort as always to indirect, subtle techniques to massage the dynamics of the debate.

      Since the article’s likely contrived, it makes sense that the author paints the blonde girl as pro-actively evil while the ‘therapist’ is portrayed as even-keeled, patient and even passive with no drive to control or assert anything. Basically it’s the standard blue-eyed blonde DNA=inherently morally flawed and evil propaganda. I think it may be a reflection on how extremely dangerous the conditions of this country have become for white (and especially fair-haired) females (and white people generally) and how many whites are becoming aware of them. So it’s not, according to the liberal racists, that white girls (or boys) are in danger; it’s that they are born evil, morally compromised by both their DNA and society’s supposed indulgence of them. All those stats white ‘hategroups’ tout which cannot be ignored are simply a distortion of the actuality that white girls are priveleged aggressors so either they deserve whatever black males throw back at them, or one of their less-guilty peers just caught more than their fair share of the rightful backlash.

      Take heed, Amreners and white race realists: we are making progress.

  • StillModerated

    This reads like Dear Scabby lecturing and scolding. The letter is a complete fake. Besides, it’s Slate dot com. Consider the source!

    I thought Dear Prudence was a song from The Beatles’ White Album.

    • shmo123

      It is a song on the White Album. John Lennon wrote it about Prudence Farrow (Mia Farrow’s sister) when they were in India staying at the ashram run by the Mahareshi Mahesh Yogi. For the record, the good vibes apparently wore off pretty quick because Lennon also wrote the song “Sexy Sadie” mocking the Maharishi. FYI.

      • goober

        Right, the Beatles found out all that Maharishi crap was a ‘scam’ if you had ‘White’ values. Eric Clapton, Rodger Daltrey and other Brit Invasioners have come out publicly against the massive third world immigration to England.. The Beatles song “Get Back” is on youtube as an unused studio version, and it is clearly ‘racist’ and anti-Paki, back in what, 1969? Get Back Tojo. Go Home.

        • StillModerated

          The Kinks are anti-liberal too. But the Sex Pistols with their one LP brought angry young Whites out of the woodwork. Watch the documentary “The Filth and The Fury.”

  • Lewis33

    Dear Prudence, My 22 year old step sister has blond hair and blue eyes. She was always complimented as she grew up in a mostly white school and mostly white neighborhood about how pretty she was. Her friends seemed ok and were a pretty white bunch themselves, however, she did grow up watching alot of MTV and E network television which seemed to have given her an unrealistic view of blacks and hispanics. See Prudence, they lead her to believe that they were just like her friends from high school and made the coolest, best boyfriends ever. She poo-pooed her relatives who warned her of the low IQ and common criminality of blacks. Well Prudence to get to the point, she is now pregnant by a black guy (whom she met while out of town) and since they’ve moved back to her hometown she has had a lot of trouble getting her new “boyfriend” to be excepted into society. Sure everything seemed ok at first but then she found out how blacks really behave when he (let me copy this straight from the police report so I get it right) “the suspect beat her, took her clothes off, and held her against her will for over an hour.” She was trying to walk to her mothers house after she escaped and was found by the police (and all this while pregnant with his baby.) Well Prudence, I regret to say, she still hasn’t changed her ways and we were hoping you could fill her in on some of the common, well known statistical dangers that go along with dating minorities. We really need your help Prudence as we’d prefer not to have to bury her before she’s thirty. Yours, Gave up long ago but thought maybe you could help.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      I certainly hope that you have disavowed any relationship with your step-sister. Your best bet in this situation is to refuse to enable her self-destructive behavior. Of course, if she chooses to raise a mulatto in your midst, then she is already completely lost to you and her family and race. Best to just cut the cord.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        If someone did that to my sister, I suspect it would completely unhinge me. Fortunately, she likes cowboys and her husband doesn’t hit her. I tried to hook her up 15 years ago with Ed Myers, my best friend from childhood, but that didn’t work out. They’d have had good-looking, smart kids.

        He shoots skeet with a flintlock musket and rebuilds old Fords. His main complaint against me is that I’m a racist. Guilty as charged.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          Guilty as charged? Not bad, but I prefer to say, “Thanks for noticing!”

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Well, he did say she was pretty, and she said he looked good. I tried.

  • razorrare
  • Patricia

    According to the letter, the little boy seems to be a pleasant, splendid person and the parents are good people. I commend the mother for trying to combat her daughter’s behavior.


      Pat – grow some sense here – this story is almost certainly apocryphal (made up).

  • “… when your daughter said the couple in the movie didn’t belong together, you should have either said nothing, or replied nonchalantly, “Oh, I think they look nice,” then refuse to discuss it further. “
    This is the advice of a trained professional? IGNORE your daughters opinions and concerns?
    When she grows up, this girl will be in therapy and it won’t because she’s has functioning eyes in her head.

  • guest

    If this woman is so worried about her daughter being a bigot, why doesn’t she send her to public school? One would assume that she sends her daughter to private school to get away from the diversity that’s found in public schools.

    • Viv Jasper

      I guess a diverse school would expose the little girl to too much reality. I went to private school up until high school, and I was wary of blacks but thought they were mostly okay. Then I went to a public high school where whites were a minority. That’s where I learned that I really hated diversity.

  • odious liberal

    Come back and tell us about it after she has been raped and turned into a negro drug whore.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    My daughter doesn’t trust them either, but we don’t dissuade her from this natural instinct.

  • IKantunderstand

    Dear Slate, I don’t believe this bull sh– letter for a minute. What’s the matter? Your miscegenation plots aren’t working as well as you thought? And seriously, what is your hang up about blue eyed blonde children? As I thought, alot of the West’s problems are nothing more than jealousy. You know, the Jews are so smart. So, Thomas Edison was a Jew. The Wright Brothers were Jews. Henry Ford was a a Jew. Mozart was a Jew. Newton was a Jew. Actually, the smart Jews were the downfall of Western civilization and the start of “Critical Theory”. Like I said, jealousy is a bigger contributor to Western Civilization than anything else. It actually comes down to this: Our women are way better looking than theirs.

    • Runciman

      I agree the letter is an absolute fake, or has been changed radically. The blonde blue eyed beauty racist, the black perfectly behaved chid. The bizarre lesson of interacial marriage as a remedy. all fake. It has nothing to do with Jews however.

      • Daisy

        Are you sure? The author ‘submitting’ this is jewish. It’s way too coincidental that a jewish female claims a native european blonde girl just happens to be ‘snotty’ and inherently aggressive towards some ‘inoffensive’ black boy, it’s not some semitic-looking, mediterranean or even just brown or black-haired caucasian kid; she’s the blonde, blue-eyed white girl. I’ve actually heard jews in NYC clarify on this point when accusing ‘whites’ of bigotry: “Tall, blond, you know, *white* people…” as opposed to other caucasians. Blond parents don’t generally hate their blond or fair kids to make this stuff up about them. Even my self-loathing blond white parents wouldn’t just fabricate that their fair haired daughters started with a black kid; they both vacillate between facing concrete reality about hatred in blacks and criticizing me for pointing it out.

  • Diversity/multiculturalism doesn’t coincide with freedom…..the two just don’t mix, like fire and water. When a white girl, like this young child, makes her own judgement, that she doesn’t find the young black kid appealing, she’s told that something is wrong with her mentally or that she is immoral. The problem though, is not just her situation, yet how this happens on a wider societal level. Think about how hesitant most whites are to say a joke about other races, or when asked why they date their own race, they’re propelled to follow up with “….but I’m not racist.” This complex is giving power to other people, regardless of race, over us. That goes against all democratic principles, dating back even to ancient Athens. It just begs the question: how did we get here? Why do we have to change/mutate ourselves? Chinese, Japanese, Nigerians (fill in the blank) can be as ethnocentric as they want, joke however they want, make others feel as uninvited as they want, yet they are not made out to feel morally corrupt. Any smart European/white nation would do what’s healthiest (yes, I believe our current behavior is even scientifically unhealthy) for it’s people, and relieve them of any moral/existential duty to shepherd, nanny, and court the other races of the world. Shaming us for indulging our own free-will, for our will to take care of ourselves, and for our thriving, is the most pathetic manifestation of slave morality in today’s age.

    • On second thought, this “letter” sounds fake as hell lol.

  • OnGuard

    So, hopefully, she won’t be one of the too many white girls that get impregnated by a black, have black babies (there goes the blonde hair and blue eyes genes!) and get left alone with the the kids, poor and on the taxpayer’s dole! Just like my niece! Or like my daughter’s friend, who wishes her white mother had not had her with a black man, who (surprise!) abandoned them. She, who looks black, of course, wishes she had long beautiful auburn hair and green eyes that my daughter has.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      My daughter Ariadne has my grey eyes and brown hair, though she’s less than half white – she’s 13 32nds white. She has the usual epicanthic eyefolds, My mother thinks Sayaka is “movie star pretty”. Miscegnation with African’ts is a crime against humanity, but when a fellow who’s already partly Amerind fathers a child with a northeast Asian, it’s a little different.

  • OnGuard

    This funny video SO applies to the above story:

  • Ye ol” swampyankee

    why does it seem disproportioanatley women who want to stamp this out? Because they are the ones who become pregnant, you’d think they’d be the ones with a heightened sense of racial preservation. Apparently theory and reality are two different matters.

  • taylors daddy

    So when will these liberal racist idiots discuss how racist birds animals insects and fish are since after all they only flock with their own kind since its the way nature operates. But then again the sick bastards of the pc age want homos and heteros to be equal and flock together dont they?

    Whether or not atheists believe it or not they need to symbolically examine the original single same human race on earth in the beginning that all became wicked and failed so the Creator had to wipe them off the slate and start over with 3 brothers who became the white race, red yellow race and black race all with different features and traits as the ancient hebrew Book says. They also later mixed up the tongues and languages at the Tower of Babel.

    What was the purpose of this and to write it down symbolically?

    Clearly the purpose was for future generations 1000s of years later to see that the 3 races were NOT to be mixed up otherwise they would become worthless mutts unclean impure and filthy in flesh. Mutts end up at the dog pound with cats whereas pedigree is supreme in value and importance.

    This is exactly why the symbolism was meant for idiot slave traders who went to Africa and bought millions of rejects off the chiefs for slaves and stupidly took them out of their assigned remote geographic locale and into a world they were never supposed too be in.
    Those who deny the existence of the Creator deny the existence of their supremacy of the 3 races and the separation of these 3 race that was never supposed to be changed.

    Creator was the original so called racist and saw that it was good once he was forced to go to Plan B since one bad apple spoiled the whole bunch and same for humans. By seaprating them and giving equal 50/50 gender male and female to procreate within their ownself contained assigned continents of Europe Asia and Africa, this solved the problem for 4000 years or until 500 yrs ago when the west was opened and the entrance of evil deception African slavery allegedly because of Rothchilde translated as red child or the red race mongoloid khazars ex-muslims who converted to hebrew and this was of course trickery and a fake being red children of hell. And now you know the rest of the story.

  • Sam

    She should move to the UK. In the UK the schools punish children for racism:

    Or I would say, they punish white children for not hating themselves enough. I can’t imagine that Pakistani children in Britain are ever punished for their views.

  • mrcan

    if this is a true story….’if ‘ ….then the child is exhibiting a natural ‘tribal’ self defense mechanism. the child has more common sense than the parent or teacher. maybe the mom should introduce her to lesbian movies…so at least she won’t procreate more race realists.

  • Not Politically Correct

    Sorry AMREN you have been hoodwinked.This is a fiction letter. Salon was hoodwinked too.

  • Cannot Tell

    As a black race-realist, I feel great pleasure when I hear or read about whites training their children to surround themselves by fellow whites and express pride in their heritage. I’m curious about whether most white nationalists raise their children to avoid blacks, but treat them with respect when they encounter them. I remember a German nationalist posted a comment on AmRen about how his young son called a black woman a “baboon”. When I asked him whether it is okay to make unprovoked, rude comments to blacks, he seemed to be okay with that. What about the rest of you? I ask out of curiosity, not a sense of demanding entitlement.

    • a multiracial individual

      Here is what people fail to understand. Social pathology is not causally tied to race. It is tied to a plurality of characteristics (IQ, hormone levels, some environmental factors, etc.) The problem is these characteristics vary in their incidence within the races. This creates the illusory correlation between race and social pathology. Violence is much more likely to erupt in a bar filled with White bikers, than it is in a conference hall filled with Black professors. Contrary to what many people say around here, diversity appears to work given that all the participants have a high IQ.

    • I’m curious about whether most white nationalists raise their children
      to avoid blacks, but treat them with respect when they encounter them.

      That’s really the only thing we can do. What we have to be careful in doing, though, is recognizing the line between respect and groveling. Because most blacks will interpret “weak” respect as groveling, ergo they think they’ll be able to get one over on us. Respect is almost always earned through a combination of strength and character.

    • Alan

      Good sarcasm!

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I never call blacks out, and I would scold Ariadne if she did it in my presence, but you would never hear me raise my voice to her. Ariadne has never done anything to be scolded over.

      I think black Africans are the lowest species of hominids on the planet, but I wish them no individual harm.

  • SintiriNikos

    Dear Loss,
    Leave your daughter alone. She’s doing fine.

  • SintiriNikos

    Btw, what a piece of dreck that Love Actually is. Can they force-feed miscengenation any more in one movie? these people are so transparently ridiculous!

  • thoughtcrime1933

    It may be best that you quickly drop her off, nude, in the ghetto with RACIST PIG smeared on her body with her own feces. After getting gang raped to death…she will no longer being a “little bigot”. Isn’t that the best prescription for resolution?

  • mrx

    well, wait about another Fifteen years and this little girl will not hesitate one second to have sex with black guys!!!