Black Family Claims Disneyland Character Refused to Touch Their Kids

CBS Los Angeles, February 6, 2013

An African American family sued Disneyland after the actor who portrayed the White Rabbit character from “Alice in Wonderland” allegedly refused to hug or touch their children because of their skin color.

Jason and Annelia Black of San Diego County said the person in the rabbit costume also acted impatiently as their young kids posed for a picture at the Anaheim theme park.

The Blacks, however, said it was a different scene when a Caucasian family arrived.


The family immediately filed a complaint with Disneyland officials.

The Blacks said they were offered VIP passes and $500, but they turned down both gifts.


The family said they want a public apology and the employee involved in the incident to be fired.



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  • Puggg

    I wonder if this is any relation to the White Rabbit that does White Rabbit Radio.

    • 5n4k33y35

      That occurred to me as well.

  • CharlesFinley

    “Oh, she’s one of those Black girls, for sure! She’s got those Black-family lips, that Black-nappy hair, and she cries “racism” like the rest of the Black family, over anything and everything. By golly, those Blacks are all the same!”

    • StillModerated

      They certainly smell the same! Jeri Curl and malt liquor.

  • The sun just doesn’t shine as brightly for black people if they aren’t blaming something white — A White Rabbit in this case.

    • And why wasn’t it a black rabbit? Lewis Carrol, he be racis’!

      • Garrett Brown

        It will be in about 50 years. Re-writing history. Small step by small step.

        • Strider73

          One pill makes you larger
          And one pill makes you small,
          And the ones that mother gives you
          Don’t do anything at all.
          Go ask LaKweesha, when she’s 10 feet tall.

          They’ll be rewriting music, as well as history.

  • Maybe little Tyreefus or little Shaqwana were just keeping it a little too real and acting a little too ghetto?

  • Ted

    Yet, they still fight like hell to live around us.

    • Exactly.
      I know how blacks behave so I do everything to avoid them.
      Blacks claim they are under a constant threat from the white man but do everything they can to be around us.
      That doesn’t seem very smart to me.

      • dukem1

        I think it would be great if Disney just said something like “well of course our rabbit didn’t want to get all snuggly with these creepy little future felons! Who would?”
        Then all the black folks would be like “we ain’t goin’ to Disneyland no mo’!!”
        And then Disneyland would be so great again.

        It’s a win-win!

        • Yorkshireman.

          It would be an absolute hoot to discover the person in the rabbit outfit was black!

          • The Worlds Scapegoat

            Or a homosexual Illegal Mexican

          • Gerónimo Anónimo

            Wouldn’t that be great! If only!
            If the person were Black, we’ll never know about it at least via official sources and if we did I can see the “wearer” claiming that the “whiteness” of the rabbit suit caused her/him to act as your typical White bigot.

          • SintiriNikos

            Excellent observation. That would be amazing. If this story goes away, you can be sure the employee is not White.

      • Gerónimo Anónimo

        So I guess that the deaths of Channon and Christopher were the result of an attempt at pre-empting and assault on Lemaricus and Letalvus. Same with that dangerous, evil looking Eve Carson.

  • Tim

    “With Apologies to the Old Man- “If it moves, mug it. If it doesn`t move, steal it. If you can`t steal it, sue it!”…

    • Bobbala


  • Sounds like a legal shakedown to me. Remember the lawsuits against Denny’s, Crackerbarrel, and other restaurants for discrimination? Mysteriously, the lawsuits stopped when those companies installed video cameras in their restaurants. The Video Replay trumped the bogus discrimination charges.

    • Daisy

      Yeah, it’s just a bit coincidental that the character is ‘white’! Makes for great MSM headlines.

      • JDInSanDiego

        Not to mention the blacks are named Black.

        • SintiriNikos

          If our country wasn’t in the state it’s in, this would all be very funny.

  • Tim

    The girls pose, with her arms crossed, reminded me of “Jimmy.” He was a bartender they fired because his posture, identical to that of the girls, gave off such strong non-verbal cues that he didn`t want to be bothered, no one would ask him for a drink. So the customers flooded the other bar which slowed them down as well. The manager even showed him how to stand, facing forward, arms out wide and touching the bar top. But he just couldn`t get the program, and continued sending out the message he didn`t want to be bothered by his arms folded around himself.

  • jay11

    Future Django!

  • JackKrak

    Disney’s super-secret “Keep the Blacks Down By Having Our Costumed Characters Act ‘Impatiently’ Around Them” plan has been compromised! Back to the drawing board…..

    • StillModerated

      It makes me think of when Stewie Griffin visited Dizz. Kalimahh! KAHLIMAH! Quick! It’s Michael Eisner — cover your heart!

  • Their just looking for a pay out. I hope Disney fights the case and better still, sue them.

  • The__Bobster

    If you were wearing a white costume, would you want to hug an ashy ninny?

  • Katherine McChesney

    White Rabbit could NOT have kissed anyone. Disneyland has always had strict policies about their characters communicate with tourists. Perhaps the black kids were too ‘grabby’ and demanding.

    Disneyland used to be a favorite place for my friends and me to go about once a years. But with blacks around it would take the enjoyment out of the experience. Face it, they are everywhere now. No way to get away from them.

    • Garrett Brown

      This. Right when I read that sentence I knew it was hogwash. I went with my school three years(one in 8th grade, the other two in 11th and 12th) for band and the rules clearly state no over excessive touching or affection will be done to your child. And of course, to report if it does happen.

  • Robert Binion

    “Blacks Sue as Rabbit Stews”–Denver Post

  • The__Bobster

    The Blacks said they were offered VIP passes and $500, but they turned down both gifts.

    The fambly believes they can get more by playing the ghetto lottery. They might be shocked to find that Disney has cameras everywhere,


    The fambly said they want a public apology and the employee involved in the incident to be fired.

    The House of the Mouse needs to put up signs saying they have the right to deny service to anyone, especially rent-seeking pinkheels.

    I’m amazed at how much they court them in their commercials. They’re more trouble than they’re worth.

  • jay11

    Who was in the rabbit suit? This is essential info. I can’t see a white person, even a more conservative one, not wanting to touch someone of another race, especially given the nature of the job: it’s a character suit designed to attract kids. Also the worker had to have been young, perhaps around college age. Was the worker an asian or a latino or daresay a black? We will never know. But because no white person has been identified as the worker, there is a good chance the worker was not white. If he was white, it would be splashed all over the news.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      What ever happened to Br’er Rabbit? He seemed OK with Uncle Remus. Hey, what ever happened to Uncle Remus?

      I think black people killed him.

    • Greg Thomas

      This was in Anaheim. My guess is the worker was an anchor baby mestizo…

    • Anonymous

      Has anyone considered the possibility that the “Rabbit” was having gastrointestinal distress and had to go to the bathroom while the ” parents” were procrastinating while taking the pictures.? Perhaps the mother was screaming at the little girl because she wasn’t smiling.”C’ mon Diarrhea, You gots to smile! Nome Sain?”

  • Garrett Brown

    Ugly kids as well. I sure wouldn’t want to pose with them. Even in a costume!

  • So CAL Snowman

    Blacks vs. Michael Eisner. I wonder who wins?

    • StillModerated

      Can they both lose?

      • IstvanIN

        To dream!

  • Hugo

    The irony is that the actor inside the rabbit was probably hispanic, or even black himself.

  • Who was in the rabbit suit? This is essential info. I can’t see a white person, even a more conservative one, not wanting to touch someone of another race, especially given the nature of the job: it’s a character suit designed to attract kids. Also the worker had to have been young, perhaps around college age. Was the worker an asian or a latino or daresay a black? We will never know. But because no white person has been identified as the worker, there is a good chance the worker was not white. If he was white, it would be splashed all over the news.

    see more40
    Jay’s right a lot of workers at Disneyland are Hispanic and also its possible that an asian was the chraacter too since the Oc has a lot of asians as well.

  • tickyul

    Tough… is unfair and facts are facts.

    Little girls are cuter than little boys and little white kids are 100 times nicer/cuter than their Urban American counterparts:

    • IstvanIN

      My 3 year old grandson is sweet, cute and oh so charming. White boys and girls can both be adorable, or monsters. Black kids are just noisy, rude black kids.

      • tickyul

        What is that nursery rhyme……”girls are made of sugar and spice”…….”boys are made of slugs, snails and puppy dog tails”………….LOL, I kinda have to agree.

        Urban American boys and girls are made of muck, bleech and everything YUCK!

      • Katherine McChesney

        We have black and white children who come to my complex to visit their grandparents. The whites are well-behaved, quiet and polite. You’d hardly know they’re here. As for the black children they run like maniacs around the property while their grandparents are not watching them. They ask for money and drop their trash on the ground. Some even uprooted a few of our plants. The manager is brainwashed and does nothing to rein them in.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          Yep. Every so often at the restaurant I used to manage, take-out/delivery, a family of blacks in a lexus would pull in, get their food, then proceed to suck it down in the parking lot in their car, flinging trash and detritus into the parking lot as they stuffed their faces.

          Bout a month ago I’m running in my nice, quiet, still mostly white subdivision when a middle aged black woman in a late model lincoln pulls over and…ASKS ME FOR MONEY!!!!!

          Lord I wish I’d gotten the license plate number, but I was so shocked/amazed/disgusted/enraged it was all I could do to not reach in there and… Regardless, have heard others who encountered the lincoln town car begging black woman…

          It’s in the genes.

          • Robb

            I have no problem picturing this in my mind. I’m sure it started with “SCUUUZ MEH!”

    • Garrett Brown

      Was that kid in the back a mulatto? Kind of ruined the video for me seeing such a white woman with such a dark baby.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        Yea, The white woman in the background with the black kid.

      • [Guest]

        I noticed the same thing immediately, and the video produced exactly the opposite of the intended effect for that reason. It’s to the point that we can’t even look at a video of a cute little blond girl without also seeing a black at the same time.

        Along the same lines, I just watched a video of a lecture by an historian (a blond woman), and through the entire two hours the back of the head of the only black in the auditorium was prominent in the video. He had come in after the camera had been set up, situated himself within the camera’s view, and for two hours attempted to take pictures of the lecturer’s PowerPoint presentation with his iPhone.

        Every few seconds for two hours the viewers’ attention was drawn away from the subject matter by this constantly moving dark figure in the front row.

      • tickyul

        LOL, that is the same thing I thought…..what a contrast.

    • SintiriNikos

      I don’t think little girls are cuter than little boys. You don’t need to invent a distinction to illustrate how not unusual it is for White kids to be cuter than black kids.

  • tickyul

    That Wabbit looked pretty brave to me……Urban American Yutes…….even the very young ones, can be pretty hard to put up with….and that is putting it mildly

  • Luca

    The most shocking part of this story is that those kids had a father.

    • Bill

      He only showed up because his brood and abandoned woman were going to Disney world. He didn’t pay for it. Just came on the ride probably. OR, like they do in restaurants, they payed the entrance, but figured to recover that and much more with their discrimination suit.

    • Triarius

      Lol, you win the internet for the day!

    • Robert

      Yeah, he finally left his white women to hang with his black family.

  • Astroworld. It was such a nice amusement park back in the day.
    It’s a parking lot for Reliant Stadium now.
    It all started when the customers became more diverse. As the whites fled the big city for the nearby small towns that used to be nothing, they took their money with them. the last time we were there, we decided it was too diverse, and never went back. At least they didn’t have to cater to us racist bigots, right?

    • StillModerated

      The owner of Glen Echo Park in Cabin John MD, shut his doors rather than have die-versity shoved down his throat. He knew what would happen. Residents of neighboring Prince Georges county still refuse to forgive and forget.

      As an aside, I watched a 1972 movie called Rollercoaster a couple of weeks ago. It was filmed at King’s Dominion. There were no black faces to be seen in the crowd, and everybody wore shirts and ties. And the culture slouches toward Gomorrah.

      • Katherine McChesney

        I watch British movies on Netflix that are white….Midsomer Murders and Monarch of the Glen. There was only one black in all of Monarch. Thank God for white movies.

        • StillModerated

          Katherine, my point is that 40 years ago negroes avoided King’s Dominion like the plague because they were terrified to be around large numbers of well-dressed, respectable, well-behaved White poeple. But back in the 1970s KD was run by Hanna Barbera, when they later sold out to Paramount things went downhill. I refuse to go there anymore because it’s like a vacation in Liberia.

          • Katherine McChesney

            Good for you. I’d stay away also.

        • Daisy

          I also try to find the movies with whites in them. Not only are the ones starring even one black usually full of anti-white stereotypes, but I feel like I’m getting double-dosed because most black stars have said incredibly vile things about whites and I’m reminded of that too.

      • Katherine McChesney

        But, Glen Echo park seems to be open. I googled for the story but got their website.

      • saxonsun

        That was a good one.

  • Tim

    They thought the rabbit was their friend….They were too jacked up watching “Harvey” on TCM the other night.

  • MobyWhite

    Anything White that favors White is a racist construct and is a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

  • Wouldn’t it be funny if the person in the rabbit costume was black?

  • Stan Hess

    Appears as if, this is another case of Europhobia. African Americans need to be more sensitive to ” The White Rabbit”.

    • Daisy

      There’s something not right about picking on a bunny… If he weren’t white I bet PETA would get involved.

  • Guest

    People are afraid to make contact with blacks because of their hostile behavior. You could be sued, attacked, or arrested, for any perceived offense. Blacks are most likely to pursue frivolous charges. You cannot escape accusations and lawsuits by being extra-careful. Being extra careful and walking on eggshells invites accusations of discrimination. The key phrase regarding blacks is that “there is no escape”. Black parents are suing someone for not touching their children. That is disgusting and insane. I live to see the day when whites rise up and drive these parasites from our lands.

    • GM (Australia)

      I suppose they could have sued Disney if the “rabbit” had touched the child too affectionately also.

      • Not “could”, but “would”.

  • bigone4u

    Every encounter with blacks is an encounter that I find leads to unpleasantness. Sitting in a waiting room with them is more than any civilized human being should have to endure. Having them sitting at the next table in a restaurant is torture. I really believe that takeout windows were invented because otherwise whites would have started eating at home.
    In this case, the white rabbit posed with the family. Maybe the stench was so strong that rabbit did not it rubbing off on rabbit’s costume. Who knows? Disney has every incentive to fight this or they will be deluged with more legal actions. Good luck, Mickey.

    • StillModerated

      Try having one as a judge presiding over a POS misdemeanor case against you, when they drag out some dope-addled witness who perjures saying you called the plaintiff the NNNNNNNNNNN word.

    • Tim

      Dude!! I post on here ALL THE TIME about being 25 years and more in the bar and fine dining business. But your revelation about drive thru windows was profound to say the least. You think you know a trade and then BAM X 10. I tip my hat sir…

    • Please don’t make me image in my mind blacks eating. It is disgusting.

      • Katherine McChesney

        I’ve read they often send their food back with a complaint AFTER eating most of it. They get a free plate of food. Then stiff the waitress or walk out without paying the bill.

        • saxonsun

          That’s the truth. And some of the worst black behavior is at Red Lobster. Do white people even go there anymore?–it has been bantued up the wazoo. Oh, and IHOP–nothing but blacks and browns.

          • jay11

            OMG! Someone said it! I thought I was the only one who noticed! There are two Red Lobsters near me, and in the last ten years it’s like both have been taken over by black people! All the workers are now black and there is ALWAYS a huge crowd of blacks there now, any time of day or night.
            The last three times I went there I thought it was just a fluke, but the experience was really unpleasant. Loud talking, cat calling, snarly black waitresses, shifty looking busboys, and very suspicious looking cooks coming and going. I vowed never to go back to either of them. Now when I want Red Lobster I have to drive over 45 minutes to get to one that is still in a mostly white area. Imagine my surprise when I found mostly white workers there too! Pleasant experience, professional behavior, and good quality made food.

        • Pelayo

          At the opening of our local Golden Corral outside AC, a horde of Hutus came in with their kids carrying styro coolers. At the signal from their “parents” they (the toddlers) descended on the food tables and stuffed their coolers with whatever they could grab and boogied out the door before the employees could react A new twist on “dine and dash”

    • saxonsun

      There are some interesting sites dedicated to how loud, rude and cheap blacks are in restaurants. Just hilarious. Even black waitresses hate serving them. They are called “Canadians” in the food service industry so people can speak freely about them. Sorry to the real Canadians.

      • Daisy

        Working as a waitress, now called server, I got major hostility from black customers. Black women tipped about 5% of the time max.

    • Gerónimo Anónimo

      It could also end in death for the White until they get their balls back and start changing the outcome.

  • StillModerated

    The guy in the rabbit suit is probably a molester. And to think Disney is racist? Hell, just watch the original version of Song of The South. I’d replace White Rabbit with Brer Rabbit any day of the week! Imagine a tar baby hugging kids at the Magic Kingdom.

    • Let’s see:

      Job rquirements:

      Like children.

      Pose with children.

      Touch the children in an appropriate manner while posing

  • MekongDelta69

    Dontavious and Shaniqua Black say their kids felt terrible, yadda, yadda, yadda.

    Look at the pictures of those black kids. Do they look ‘traumatized’ by the evil, horrible, ‘racist’, Jefferson Airplane White Rabbit?!
    Not to me.

    Wait… What’s that I hear?… Yep… It’s the sound of Jesse and Al flying in on their private jets to join the ‘grievance’ chorus.

    Can you say shake down boys and girls?

    • Luca

      There is a distinct possibility that these kids didn’t want to have their picture taken and were creating a ruckus and the parents insisted. So the kids just stood there and the Rabbit felt awkward and didn’t want to embrace them. The kids were probably afraid their pictures would draw ridicule from their fellow hood rats for “acting White”.

      What’s also disturbing is what these black kids are learning from their parents and their liberal enablers. That “Racist” is an all purpose magic word to be used in almost any situation. And Whites are fair game.

      “Remember kids, if Whites don’t treat you with kid gloves or like royalty, If whites look at you the wrong way or refuse to look at you at all, if you don’t get the promotion or if you get the promotion but don’t get double the pay, if a cop stops you for ANY damn reason, if you get a failing grade, if a White girl refuses your advances, if you don’t get served before others, if someone asks you to lower your music or stop talking during a movie, if someone says something about you cutting in line, if there is too much ice or not enough in your drink …just remember the magic word.” “Racist”.

      • Katherine McChesney

        The father coached his son on what to say. Their comments were almost verbatim.

  • Snowhitey

    I was at Disney World in Orlando some years ago and was dining at one of the Italian restaurants in the Magic Kingdom section. My husband found a piece of cardboard in his salad and when he complained, you should have seen how they reacted. It was just short of accusing him of planting it. They eventually found out where the piece of cardboard originated (a produce box) and then apologized. They offered us cappuccinos! I have not returned to Disney since and I won’t. It is run by a bunch of globalists who do not have our (white people) best interests at heart. Let the blacks support them. It’s high time whites started boycotting all these corporations and let them wallow in their diversity (and ultimate destruction).

    • IstvanIN

      Disney is run by the chosen elite these days.

      • xearther

        My first visit to Disneyland was in ’59. I lived in Anaheim for many of my “Wonderbread years”. I knew Disneyland extremely well during the days when Uncle Walt was alive and running the show. There is no way in hell I will ever go back, unless it’s via my time machine. Ditto for Knott’s Berry Farm where my mom worked in the Candy Parlor. I know I would find it extremely sad to try to visit that which really no longer exists.

        I would like to point out what on the surface is, I suppose, meaningless. I have never heard nor read of anyone mentioning it. So perhaps it will be something for you to look at in a new way. It’s just a simple observation of the current SHAPE of Disneyland as seen on a map. When I frequented the “happiest place on Earth” Disneyland had FOUR sides. With the addition of “Mickey’s Toontown” there are now five sides forming a pentagram.

        It somehow seems appropriate.

    • StillModerated

      When I go to Florida, I visit Saint Augustine. Then I head for an air boat ride — usually Lindsay’s Fish Camp. $25 buys you a seat for 45 non-stop minutes of complete and utter thrills. It’s so loud you can’t hear yourself think. And they sell beer, and they have free parking, and there’s no wait. Shag Disney! I won’t give money to billionaires any more.

      • Gerónimo Anónimo

        Also try the Everglades Holiday Park in Weston (Broward County) . Airboat rides, Alligator show (using rescued gators). Far from St. Augustine but lots of fun.
        I also really love St.A.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      Let the Blacks support them? You mean the way they support Golden Corral?

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    the actor who portrayed the White Rabbit allegedly refused to hug or touch their children.

    If you want you kids touched, Mr. Black, you can drop them off on Hollywood Blvd.

    An African American family sued Disneyland

    Your feeling were hurt so why stop at Disneyland? You could bring an action before the World Court and the Intergalactic Federal Council of Justice too.

    And if you go chasing rabbits, and you know you’re going to fall
    Tell ’em a hookah-smoking caterpillar has given you the call

    And call Alice, when she was just small

    Here’s to hoping blacks boycott Disneyland.


  • cecilhenry

    There is more to this story than what we are being told.

    Follow the white rabbit…………..


  • LastBastionOfHope

    And you wonder why things are the way they are. Those kids there…just another new generation of “blame whitey” growing up learning from their parents to hate white people. They probably said “AY! Why you ain’t take dat picture wit mah kidz doe? I finna sue yo ass!.

  • Greg Thomas

    I wonder if Disney has had enough diversity yet. Every time I turn around, some aggrieved minority is trying to get in their pocket book over a perceived act of discrimination. If it is not a
    hijab wearing muslim, it’s a black who didn’t get a hug from a white bunny. I bet Disney didn’t have these sorts of problems when our country was 90% White.

    In order to prove they support diversity, I suspect Disney will agree to have more black bunnies greeting their patrons.

  • IKantunderstand

    My heart can do nothing but go out to a family that was (supposedly) snubbed by someone wearing a stupid rabbit suit. The horror! Wow. A Black family, (the surprise is that there is a Mom and Dad) are shocked, shocked, I tell you by a snub. By a very tall rabbit. Ignored. Oh the inhumanity. The egregious slight. The scarring of the psyches of the children, forever!(Affirmative Action can’t even help). Disneyland should be forced to shut down. Racists. As a matter of fact, this entire society should be shut down. As White people, we are all racist. We should bow out of American society. Allow the Blacks, who are as smart as we, to run this country, and the world.

  • Steveo

    Sue sue sue

  • Spin the ghetto wheel of misfortune and hope for a “gibs me dat”.

  • they never learn do they

    It never ends does it? When will a time machine be invented to reverse slavery for the western hemisphere. Didnt the ancient hebrews write in Genesis that the Ham race was eternally cursed? Why were they ever taken from the jungle as rejects anyway bought off their tribal chiefs by the white dummies who then conned them off on the white elite dummies and even the white Founder dummies didn’t fix the slave problem and exacerbated it.

    If you were the Creator and observed how dumb your chosen blessed white race on this Ham slave issue what would you do after writing a giant Book of dos and dont’s in stone such as “be wise as serpents” “I am not mocked” “vengeance is mine” … Dont say you weren’t warned 2000 years ago or 1500 years before the massive Hamitic slavery mistake occurred in the west. Whites are just dumb as hell. That’s the bottom line. Worshiping a dumbass like Thomas Jefferson or his partner in crime James Madison is as bad as worshiping Abe Lincunt.

  • Cherry Bomb

    Let me add a couple of profound statements here that no one’s ever heard before:

    “If Obama had a son, he’d look just like this kid.”
    “Looks like some of Obama’s/Holder’s people.”

    These statements are to remind people of the George Zimmerman travesty in case they’ve forgotten. Don’t forget to repeat them until everyone gets it. Must. Remember. Zimmerman.

  • AmericanPatriot

    My thought is that the rabbit actor sensed these people were trolling for a pay day and that perhaps the cha…ching goal was a charge of improper touching soooooooo he/she exercised extra caution in the interest of Disney Corp. and frankly himself/herself. Can you imagine being put thru the ‘molestor’ witch hunt by these people in a 2013 Obamaland kangaroo court?

  • So basically, these parents WANT a stranger to touch their children.

    • Katherine McChesney

      ..and kiss them. Remember, the father and the kid lied about the rabbit ‘kissing’ the white child?

  • SintiriNikos

    Of course they declined the $500 and tickets. There is much more moolah to be made here.

    What is the point of the cameraman zooming in on the woman’s ring? Is this his way of saying hey, this is a married black couple, what an anomaly? He might be fired soon too.

    And could it be the rabbit hugged the White kids because they were nice and avoided the black ones because they were assholes? Does anybody bother to ask that question?

  • mrcan

    oh that silly little wabbit….wait that warner brothers…. maybe they can sue them too!

  • Wake-up Call

    They haven’t established a pattern of discrimination here. If the White Rabbit snubbed ALL black children and was friendly to ALL white children, at least a case could be made. Having only one situation to go by is insufficient evidence of the rabbit’s motivation.

  • poo

    I’m new here, is this a joke? A black family called Black are angry because a big white rabbit didn’t touch their kids? Have I stumbled into a gem of a site or is this meant to be serious? Please no irony if you answer, like I say, I’m new here.