Duke University Fraternity Under Fire for Asian-Themed Party

Kelly Poe, News Observer, February 6, 2013

A Duke University fraternity has been suspended from its national affiliation after complaints about a themed party last week that featured Asian stereotypes.

About 200 Duke students gathered Wednesday to protest the Kappa Sigma party, which was held Friday. The party originally was called “Asia Prime” in social media posts that featured references to drinking sake and an exaggerated, stereotypical language, such as saying “Herro” instead of “Hello.”

In response to student complaints, the fraternity changed the party theme to “International Relations” two days before the event. Still, photos from the party showed mostly white students wearing sumo wrestler costumes and chopsticks in their hair.

That was enough to inspire Duke senior Ting-Ting Zhou, president of the Asian Students Association, to help organize Wednesday’s protest.

“My parents gave up everything they had in China to come here to give me a better life: their language, their culture, their educational recognition, their careers,” Zhou said. Other students “can pretend to be Asian for this one night, for this one party, but I have to be Asian my whole life. It trivializes me! It makes me feel like less than a human being.”

The national Kappa Sigma Fraternity suspended the Duke fraternity’s charter Wednesday pending an investigation, which should be finished in about two weeks, said Mic Wilson, national executive director. {snip}

“We certainly do not condone” the party, Wilson said. “Kappa Sigma is a very diverse organization, and we celebrate that. We have members from every walk of life, every culture, and we have a lot of brothers in our fraternity who are Asian-American.”


At Wednesday’s protest on the lawn in front of Duke Chapel, students stood around a sign several feet high that bore the message “Race is not a party.”

“A common counterargument we get is, ‘OK, if it had been an ‘America’ party, which people do hold, then it would be OK,’ ” said Xiaohan Cai, a junior public policy major who participated in the protest. “But that’s not a marginalized group, so the context is very important.”

According to Duke’s website, 22 percent of the undergraduate population was Asian-American in 2008, the last year statistics were available.


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  • Well, then, I wish these Asians would stop walking around dressed like Western whites, by God. I’m deeply offended.

    • Ted

      Yes, and also taking names like Peter, John, and Richard.

      • NYB

        Dressing in white clothing, speaking a white language, living in white architecture, studying white culture, kept safe by white laws, enriched by white arts, and enjoying the comforts brought by white values.

        • –and then expecting us to change to suit their culture. Being an indignant non-native minority takes a lot of GD nerve. It really does.

      • Doppleganger

        That’s done more as a courtesy for white people, because there’s no way you would be able to pronounce their Asian name.

  • Daisy

    “A common counterargument we get is, ‘OK, if it had been an ‘America’ party, which people do hold, then it would be OK,’ ” said Xiaohan Cai, a junior public policy major who participated in the protest. “But that’s not a marginalized group, so the context is very important.”

    Had i not read this passage I might have thought they had at least half an argument (having read a related article detailing more of the ‘offensive’ humor). Are there asian groups holding ‘american parties’? Or is that just their every-day theme?

    I don’t like what I hear coming out of Duke too much in general.

    • Triarius

      Yeah, because white Americans aren’t marginalized in the US. Go home.

  • anmpr1

    My parents gave up everything they had in China to come here to give me a
    better life: their language, their culture, their educational
    recognition, their careers…

    Cry me a river, Ting-Ting. Your folks came here to escape the tyranny of their own people, and abandoned their kind for what the white man created. And now you are “feeling” trivialized? What does the white man owe you? Why should the white man care about your feelings? Why don’t you go back to China, where you will feel more welcome? Give me a break. These people are unbelievable.

    • The__Bobster

      I’m amazed that these people can come here uninvited and expect us to change our customs to accommodate them. I’d like to see some American try that in China.

      • mobilebay

        …or Mexico, or the Middle East, or Central or South America, or any other country whose citizens feel free to waltz in.

        • MarcusTrajanus

          “…or Mexico, […], or Central or South America”

          Plenty, I would think.

      • How many white students are there in China’s colleges?

        • brengunn

          How many white students are there in China’s colleges?

          I read today that 85% of China’s dollar millionaires send their children to be educated in the West. That’s likely to be a staggering number.

          • StillModerated

            Not with their one child per family policy. The would be a lot fewer millionaires if they’d bred 4 or 5 kids a family.

          • OnGuard

            The rich Chinese and Communist party members get to have more than one kid; that one-child policy is for the masses! BTW, the Chinese have bought a California gene research company, with the intent of locating the IQ genes. It is thought possible to select human embryos with those higher IQ genes, and maybe get another 5-15 points higher per generation! We (the West) don’t condone that, but looks like the Chinese will use our technology to best us! This story may have been an earlier AmRen article?

    • ed91

      exactly, fraternities acting silly is part of the ‘better life’

    • Veritas_lux_mea

      Exactly. Her parents were afforded an INCREDIBLE PRIVILEGE to be allowed to come here. They didn’t sacrifice anything. That has to be some of the most backward reasoning I’ve ever heard. I’m sure it is only reinforced at colleges and universities though. Whites are the ones who have sacrificed, by bending over backwards to accommodate millions of aliens, catering to their every sensitivity, and forking over trillions of our tax dollars to pay for them.

      • anmpr1

        They didn’t sacrifice anything.

        Exactly. I’ll tell you where Ting Ting likely got this. His Tiger Mom kept hounding him as a child saying, “You better study study study because WE sacrificed everything for you to go to Duke…etc. etc.” And Ting Ting just internalized it because he was afraid of challenging his mother on a point of emigration fact, and didn’t have enough insight to understand the truth of the matter.

        Also, when he arrived at Duke, a liberal white hating faculty reinforced his resentment toward his parent’s adopted culture–that of the white man. Finally, Ting is probably angry that his sisters, the majority of the Chinese girls, are mostly dating white boys. So I’m guessing that Ting is one mixed up fellow, with plenty of psychic turmoil to spread around.

        You are also correct in stating that Ting should be eternally grateful for the privilege of living here, and that he should thank the gods every morning that he’s not back in the Celestial Kingdom, attempting to eek out a living as some Foxconn slave, assembling i-Phones for the rest of the world.

        • anmpr1

          PS: I’m assuming that Ting Ting is a male name, but I could be wrong. In any event, the point is still valid.

          • Mr Plankton

            I have a difficult time deciding on the gender of any name that sounds like an alarm clock going off. : )

        • bob

          It seems you all need to make up your minds between Duke and Ting Ting:

          If the university’s curricula are made up of liberal indoctrination and “white hating,” in other words, if they are the antithesis of what makes this country great (this seems to be your implicit argument – that white culture is both superior and what this nation was founded on), then Ting Ting is ultimately not benefiting, or at least, the university in question is not an effective institution. Sending all the inferiors to such an ineffectual institution would theoretically free up spots for whites at the superior and unbiased, uncompromising, un-liberalized universities.

          • anmpr1

            Where are all the superior, unbiased, uncompromising, nonliberal universities? Not sure what point you are making. In any event, it is a complex process with multiple blame.

            Ms. Ting Ting (she is a girl, I found out) benefits, at least temporarily, because: a) she is not in China; and b) she is in the US. So she doesn’t have to compete with a billion of her racial compadres.

            She will not benefit in the long run because eventually the US will become simply another Third World hell-hole (it is that now in some places), and it will be the fault of: a) liberal thinking whites like her Duke profs who welcome their own dispossession; b) smart non-whites like herself who could make a positive contribution, but are caught up in the racial spoils game and the psychology of victim-hood; c) stupid “immigrants” such as Mexicans and Somalis who will import their lack of civilization and violence to America; and d) Semites of both extraction (Arabs and Jews) who seek to turn this country into another version of the Middle East, and who work toward the doom and gloom of Western civilization..

  • Ulick

    Some white Duke students have a racially off-color party that offends Asians, and there is a campus wide uproar and the students get suspended.  88 Duke professors (disproportionately minority) act on their white oppressor-black victim worldview without evidence (which I’m sure offended the innocent white fraternity), and those professors don’t get suspended and there is no campus-wide uproar. Same university, grossly different results based on the color of the victim.  

    And not to excuse the students because the party was unnecessary, but you’d think the “intellectual elite” of the university, the professors, would be held to a higher standard than college students  And you’d think that the level of accusations or offense tossed at the aggrieved would be considered (the professors convicting the lacrosse players in the court f public opinion being far worse). None of that matters, though, because America’s zeitgeist, especially on campus, has become the one-sided view of race that the professors are teaching.

    • brengunn

      Oh, it’s the same Uni, is it? That whole thing was a sordid affair. I ended up reading some articles by the half black feminist ring leaders, talk about the worst kind of impenetrable mumbo jumbo. Rambling sentences scattered strange words. It’s all a con.

  • The__Bobster

    I saw the short line of protestors. All paddy waders, with the exception of one old White guy. Engelman, was that you?

  • ed91

    who would care what a fraternity or sorority does?
    as long as they’re not killing or raping or stealing……… a frickin’ party??
    get a life, complainers

  • The__Bobster

    Other students “can pretend to be Asian for this one night, for this
    one party, but I have to be Asian my whole life. It trivializes me! It
    makes me feel like less than a human being.”

    Well, wouldn’t it be easier for you to be Asian back in Asia, Hop Sing? Oh, you want all the free stuff you can get here, right?

    • Triarius

      I almost laughed when he (or she?) Said that. I HAVE to be Asian my whole life. Like it is a chore. At least I GET to be white.

      Interesting way that it was phrased to someone that follows speech.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        I get to be white when I say so. I have to be a convicted federal felon on the Terrorist Watch List for my whole life.

  • Tim

    The stated purpose is to fight intolerance. The hidden agenda is to quash White solidarity and camaraderie when it rears its head…

  • SoCal LoCal

    HEY! Ting-Ting Zhou. A UCLA coed was driven off campus by threats for using a phrase like ting-tong ching-chong in a Youtube vlog.. You should thank her for her accuracy, at least she was not stereotyping y’all.

  • Triarius

    I see the president of the Asian Student Association spoke. May we hear the rebuttal from the president of the European Student Association?

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    “According to Duke’s website, 22 percent of the undergraduate population was Asian-American in 2008, the last year statistics were available.”


    The collaboration of nominally American universities and nominally American universities has produced rapid displacement of white Americans in science and technology. A telling example: Asians now dominate Silicon Valley:

    Asian workers now dominate Silicon Valley tech jobs
    By Dan Nakaso
    [email protected]
    Posted: 11/30/2012

    Duke, leftist bastion that it is — recall the Duke lacrosse fiasco — is in direct competition with other universities to see how much damage each can inflict on the nation.

  • So CAL Snowman

    ” Other students “can pretend to be Asian for this one night, for this one party, but I have to be Asian my whole life.”

    Sounds like he/she is pretty upset that he/she is Asian and not White.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Hey, when the whites are all gone you poor downtrodden Asians will be paying all the bills!

    Whites the new Jews. Tomorrow? Asians the new whites?

    Because as liblefty duckspeak quacks, anytime any group does better than any other group it must be because the doing better group must have done wrong to the doing worse group. THERE IS NO OTHER EXPLANATION! So…enjoy the feast Asians. Still lots of good shank meat left on whitey’s juicy corpse. Get you bites in while you can. When they finish with us, next course – Pan-Asian buffet!

    After that I guess we’re Africa. End of civilization.

  • a multiracial individual

    Have minorities held a “redneck BBQ”? Would whites protest such an event?

    • Luca

      Why are there Redneck TV shows etc, lampooning rural whites? Why aren’t whites screaming? Whites are not thin-skinned, panty-waisted, whinning, limp wristed, ninnies. They can take a joke. I’m speaking of the non-liberals of course.

      • bob

        Whites aren’t screaming because they literally celebrate and revel in their ignorance! Think about all of the country songs to such an end.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Nope. We’d let it roll off our backs. Besides, the press would condemn us for being too sensitive.

      • kjh64

        There have been “hillbilly parties” hosted by fraternities and sororities.

    • Ever seen Rocket City Rednecks ?

      Squidbillies ? (“Free Hat, Limit 1”)

    • A Pure White Individual

      Hahaha, nice try again “multiracial”.

      Hey, most of us pure Whites are proud to be called “redneck”. This only confirms our legitimate roots to the land, honey, and your latest attempt to call us a name here is actually our badge of honor.

      When it will hit the fan, you can bet your sweet bippy that self-reliant rednecks like us will know how to survive unlike you “multiracial” keyboard warriors who will starve to death while we’ll enjoy our “redneck BBQs” indeed.

      • a multiracial individual

        I was not using that term myself, merely reminding people that they should be evenhanded in their outrage. I do not hold any animus toward Whites. My grandfather was a hardworking German-American. It is my desire for exchanges I have on this website to be as convivial as possible. I don’t synthesize as much scorn as John Englemen (yet), but I am gaining ground on him. Be well.

    • StillModerated

      Kappa Sigma’s next event should be a formal Whit dinner. Brothers and dates well-dressed in suits and ties, sitting down to enjoy French cuisine while listening to a string quartet play some Haydn sonatas, and afterwards sip scotch on the rocks, and Hungarian slivovits all the while discussing how lame on-Whites are. Especially about how Asians are so easily offended about having their names written in red pen, and how lame mohammedans are as a retarded culture. And then the African jokes.

  • brengunn

    I have to be Asian my whole life

    Hey, it ain’t no cake walk being white, Ting-Ting. It can be quite wearisome.

    • Daisy

      That’s an understatement.

    • bigone4u

      Wearisome having to put up with the likes of Ting Ting, Leroy, and a host of other angry overly sensitive types.

  • MobyWhite

    Why don’t White fraternities and sororities stampede the Diversity Office whenever they see a black girl with straightend wool on her haid, or her hair dyed blonde?

    Isn’t that just reverse racist black face?

  • bigone4u

    “… exaggerated stereotypical language …”
    None of the Asian professors I’ve ever had dealings with is even remotely able to speak English without the stereotypical accent. Some of them are completely unintelligible. Stereotypes are popular because they’re usually TRUE. But on no campus in America that I am aware of can the truth be told.

    Ting Ting is full of hyperbole by the way. The claim that he/she feels like less of a human being because other students have a costume party sounds like something a Cultural Marxist would make up.
    Next the “witches community” on campus will be protesting Halloween parties. The muticultural madness never stops.

    • Kblankenship7

      “witches community”…precious.

  • concernedcollegekid

    I don’t know how you can argue that Asians are “marginalized” when they make more money than white people, on average. But the fact that Asians are genuinely bothered by this party suggests (perhaps? I don’t know; I’m not Asian) that they are insecure in some way. If I found out that some Chinese or Chinese-Americans had a white-people-themed party where they imitated us I would think that was hilarious. I don’t know but I think that feeling offended when your race is imitated stems from insecurity, somehow… I bet any individual Asians that aren’t offended by this are ones that are comfortable with who they are.

  • George

    Other students “can pretend to be Asian for this one night, for this one party, but I have to be Asian my whole life. It trivializes me! It makes me feel like less than a human being.”

    Has Ting-Ting seen what happens on university campuses on March 17th?


    I think a lot of older whites do not understand how aggressive and hostile towards whites many Asians are now.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    Oh, please. I’m Italian and I’ve been to fake “Jersey Shore” parties with people dressing up as guidos and St. Patty’s day parties where the Irish poke fun at themselves and others join in. People have to grow up and get some thick skin. There is no amendment that says you have the right to not be offended.

    • Doppleganger

      Jersey Shore might feature Italian-Americans, but what they do isn’t exclusive to Italians at all.

  • odious liberal

    And I should care about this why? If you don’t like the party ting-ting, stay home and study.,

  • IKantunderstand

    I feel like my entire culture is under attack.As a White person, I am deeply offended that Asians bleach their hair blonde, or wear wigs that are White people color. I am also deeply offended that my culture is made fun of by Beonce and Oprah, and so many other Blacks, who mimic my hair texture.I am also terribly offended that Asians get eye surgery to look like Whites, thus, once again, these Asians are going out of their way to mock White people. These people are racist.

  • StillModerated

    Asian Students Association, eh? Do they put aside their national and linguistic differences to unite against Whitey? Do they have caucuses for the Vietnamese, the Koreans and the Indians, or is this club financed by Saudi oil money? Ahh, the details the MSM won’t tell us!

    • Michael_C_Scott

      When I was an undergrad at UC Santa Cruz in the mid-to-late 1980s, the Chinese Student’s Association was quite moderate, but APISA, the Asian/Pacific Islander Student Association was completely political. Some of my Chinese friends invited me to CSA potluck dinners, but the only specialty dishes I could make at the time were Mexican, even though I’m not Mexican; I’m just from Colorado by way of Ohio and New Jersey. They liked my chile rellenos deep-fried in egg roll wraps.

      I think APISA did put aside their ethnic loathing of each other just to gripe about YT.

  • StillModerated

    There is a chapter of Kappa Sigma at George Mason U — my alma mater. I believe it’s a predominantly Catholic Frat. Anyway, I hope all the White fraternities are driven underground and into secret societies.

  • mrcan

    This is news, that is not news. A bunch of guys throw a party and it becomes a federal issue. The right not to be offended is in itself offensive. What is happening to our universities? The frat should have a book club instead…they should read the adventures of ‘Ting Ting’….oh sorry….. I meant ‘Tin Tin’.

  • George

    Why has nobody…NOBODY in the original article been quoted as saying: ‘Ting-Ting and others have the right to feel differently and voice their objections. The First Amendment, however, clearly gives us and our fraternity the same right to (a) hold this party and (b) tell Ting-Ting to go to hell’?

    These arguments that ‘I am offended. You are racist’ need to be met with this response. Consistently. Rather than backing down or renaming an event, claim your rights, the same rights that the Asian Students Association claims by its very existence.

    Other students “can pretend to be Asian for this one night, for this one party, but I have to be Asian my whole life. It trivializes me! It makes me feel like less than a human being.” Has Ting Ting been on ANY campus on March 17th? You don’t need ancestry from the Emerald Isle to wear a ‘Kiss me, I’m Irish’ t-shirt, sing ‘Danny Boy’ or drink green beer.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Is noticing that we are different a serious matter?

  • LHathaway

    “I have to be Asian my whole life. It trivializes me”!

    Out of the mouths of babes. . . Maybe being Asian does trivialize him. That would make him sub-zero, I guess.

    Perhaps if he tries to distance himself from other Asians, enough, and if he tries to remove all the negative stigma of being Asian, apologizing, what have you, perhaps eventually he can work himself up to an even zero.

  • SintiriNikos

    If Asians really feel like being offended, maybe they should ask a few blacks and hispanics what they think of them. Whitey won’t look so bad after that.

  • Actually, asians don’t always make more money than whites there is also a low class Flinpinos, Pacific Islanders, Vietnamise, and so forth. On average they make more than whites in states where there are not as many of them but they are behind whites in California and New York since those states get the high and low income and they have higher poverty rates than whites explaining some of Asian vote for Obama.

  • josh

    I despise these stupid Asian “civil rights” assholes. “My family gave up everything” what the hell si that supposed to mena?!?!!?!Goddamn it is his family some kind of tragic civil rights hero that we should lower our eyes and kiss his boney yellow butt? “Oh how you’ve suffered,oh what a beautiful inspiring stoty! Boo hoo and me with my white orivilege,living here already! Oh Ting Ting you are such a noble victim!!!”

  • Ting Ting is definitely a girl’s name, and somehow I just wanted to say: really? all of a sudden you are against white men but when you go home and you still lay on your knees for your white boyfriend. I am sorry I did not mean to offend anyone, but I just couldn’t resist the irony. I am really sorry for my rude comment