Memphis Renames 3 Parks That Honored Confederacy

Adrian Sainz, Yahoo! News, February 5, 2013

The City Council voted Monday to change the names of three parks that honor the Confederacy and two of its notable members.

The council passed a resolution to immediately rename Confederate Park and Jefferson Davis Park in downtown Memphis and Nathan Bedford Forrest Park, which lies just a few miles away. The vote was 9-0 with three members sitting out the vote.

The resolution changes the name of Confederate Park to Memphis Park; Jefferson Davis Park to Mississippi River Park; and Nathan Bedford Forrest Park to Health Sciences Park.

The name changes upset those who believe the council is trying to change history by downplaying the significance of the Confederacy’s struggle against Union forces. {snip}


The idea for the resolution to change the name of all three parks emerged Monday morning, after council members learned of a state House bill that would prevent parks named after historical military figures from being renamed.

The bill was seen by the council as unnecessary interference by state lawmakers. Because a House vote is likely several days away, the council voted on a resolution to remove the military names and go with more generic ones, giving them time to decide on new park names without worrying about state action.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans and others in Memphis oppose the name changes, saying that Forrest is a misunderstood figure who was not a racist but a businessman who treated his slaves humanely and resigned from the Klan.

“We should cherish the history that we have, we shouldn’t cover it up and try to bury it or hide it,” said Becky Muska, who spoke against the name change.


Forrest Park, which is the burial place of the former Memphis resident, has long been a source of argument in Memphis. The shady, city block-sized park features a large statue of the Confederate lieutenant general, who won several key Civil War battles.


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  • Marc B.

    It’s another political hot poker for the Memphis city council to stick whitey with while rewriting and vilifying history. I wonder what their plans are for Nathan Bedford Forrest Park beyond the name change since he is buried there.


      Where is Kunta Kinte park?

  • 48224

    Well….at least they didn’t name the park, “The Trayvon Martin Memorial Park” or “The Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Park”
    We should be thankful for that…I guess.

    • They are just getting started. After they took over South Africa, they went to work to remove the Afrikaner names of streets, parks, and town, replacing them with the names of ANC terrorist leaders.

      We are all Afrikaners now.

    • saxonsun

      For now.

  • jay11

    Renaming is just getting started. This is how history is erased and one civilization replaces another. You thought every city having a MLK BLVD or a Malcolm X Way was inocuous? The renaming is happening ALL OVER the nation now. In places Asians inhabit, we’re getting Confucious Park and other such names, and where latinos are occupying names are changing faster than you can say Cesar Chavez.
    Whole new mythologies are being created and new generations of blacks, latinos and asians are being weened on the idea that they were ALWAYS there and are part of the fabric of the nation from the start.

    Example: some chinese laborers came over 130 years ago to build railroads. They assimilated or went back. NOW every chinese person off the plane is told that HE or SHE is a DIRECT DESCENDANT (for all practical purposes) of those chinese railroad builders, and that he or she (who never set foot her, nor any of their relatives) have a claim on America.

    Same holds true for latinos. There were 20,000 mexican citizens in ALL the land from Texas to California when the U.S. took over by force (and then paid big money for in compensation) that territory. They all assimilated long ago, as most of them were the ‘white latinos.’ Now every mexican indio who sneaks over here from central mexico is being told that this land was ‘stolen’ from them and that their ancestors lived here – right here, even though none of those indios and mestizos have any connection to this territory at all. Mexico only owned it for about 35 years and even then only because they inherited it from Spain.

    With blacks, even though 95% of all African slaves were trafficked in the carribean, brazil and latin america, it is only american whites who are being vilified for the practice. The anti-white Django-style preparation for modern genocide against us is in full swing. All they teach in schools now is slavery and civil rights. NOTHING ELSE in English and Social Studies classes. I know because I see it every day.

    The point is, we are all being erased, street by street, park by park, and one day even the liberals will realize they screwed up a great country, but by then it will be too late. For the life of me I cannot understand why next to no whites have made a big deal out of this stuff. Where are our clever patriots? Rush Limbaugh is too bombastic. Pat Buchanan seems too genteel, etc. We need to defend ourselves in the public square of ideas better than we are.

    • The__Bobster

      I can just imagine what they’ll do to our graveyards in the near future. They would be like “The Forbidden Land” in “The Planet of the Apes”.

    • So CAL Snowman

      One of the best posts I have ever read on Amren

    • We haven’t made a big deal because i would never go to memphis and the napas aren’t a threat to anyone accept themselves.

    • K..

      You will never hear Liberals saying that the Japanese should give Japan back to the Ainu, or that the Turks should give Constantinople back to the Greeks, or that the Arabs should give the Maghreb back to the Berbers, or Lebanon back to the Lebanese, or Egypt back to the Copts, or Israel back to the Jews. Only white people can be mean, unfair colonizers. You will also never hear them mention the growing evidence that Caucasians may have inhabited North America long before the “Native Americans” emigrated here from Asi.

    • Luca

      History is written by the victors.

    • Joseph

      “…liberals will realize they screwed up a great country…”

      This seems really unlikely. They will always claim that they could’ve saved it were it not for the greedy whites withholding funding from the program which could have saved (whatever).

      No liberal program -or any gummint program for that matter- ever failed because it was a bad idea; they only fail due to “opposition” or “lack of funding”.

  • The__Bobster

    The idea for the resolution to change the name of all three parks
    emerged Monday morning, after council members learned of a state House
    bill that would prevent parks named after historical military figures
    from being renamed.

    I can guess the hue of those “council members”.

  • falsedawn

    About this renaming baloney, the blacks even louse that up. Here in the peoples republic of new jersey in the town of Asbury Park, the blacks couldn’t wait to name a school Barack Obama school, even though they were told the school was going to be demolished. So they carried on and sure enough, the school board caved in and renamed the school after the black president. A year later, the school was demolished.

  • JackKrak

    Blacks cannot keep a park clean, attractive or free from crime, nor have they ever wasted a moment’s time pondering the importance or need of doing so.
    But give them a chance to stick it to YT, and suddenly parks become a major source of interest for them.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Where I live, we have Centennial Park, home of the only replica of the Parthenon. There is a Japanese garden, a lake, and a concrete replica of a ship. This is across from Vanderbilt Univ. This park used to be a hub of activity for white families and their children. The grounds were beautiful, the gardens lush and it was always clean and free from litter. THEN THE BLACKS MOVED IN. Suddenly they were bringing their barbeques to the park and emptying hot coals on the roots of the trees. Garbage cans overflowed. Whites could no longer enjoy their simple picnics for large crowds of loud and messy blacks taking up all of the space. Very few white go there now. The gardens aren’t anything to speak of. It has gone downhill. There are cigarette butts everywhere, 40 oz. beer bottles, soda cans. Rap music. I grew up in that park and have wonderful memories of it, but I don’t go there anymore as the apartment complex bordering it is full of blacks. I hear terrible things about how they destroy the apartments.

      Blacks destroy everything.

      • Ed_NY

        “Blacks destroy everything”. Those three words are so true!

      • Luca

        Same thing with Mexicans but you get a choice between rap or mariachi “music”. Littering seems to be a national pastime with these people.

      • saxonsun

        The same horror goes for the lovely Central Park in Schenectady, NY. It is a gorgeous park. Some time ago, the blacks and browns swamped it. They ruined parts of the park with their filthy barbecues. Why is it that these people insist upon destroying everything they touch?

  • Cultural shift

  • NeanderthalDNA

    White people are evil. Don’t y’all get it?

    Blacks in charge.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    Next the Forrest statue comes down. Bet on it.

    There needs to be a state House bill preventing any historical statues from being dismantled.

    • C_C_Conrad

      ANY bill made now will just be over turned later as the genocide continues.


      Jack’s War

    • Runciman

      My great great grandfather – white from East Tennessee . fought for the Union and was captured by Forrest and sent to a Confederate POW camp. Not all whites liked Forrest, my great great grandfather being one of them.

      • Triarius

        Your great great grandfather was a soldier invading a foreign country. He’s lucky he wasn’t killed. This is coming from a fellow Yank.

        I know when the shtf I will give no quarter.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          As a mostly-Yank, fighting for the mountain west on the side of the Confederacy I will give no quarter, and I certainly know better than to ask for it.

        • Runciman

          I think you have it backwards. My great great grandfather was from Tennessee. He never left the Union – and most of East Tennessee didn’t either. The way he saw it was that some usurpers were illegally taking his state out of his country. He never left the US. Now that was a long time ago. BTW, he was on a ship – the Sultana at the end of the war. Look that up.

    • falsedawn

      most likely, they don’t have the money to demolish it.

    • MartelC

      when the demographics change enough the statues will come down, law or not…

    • Garrett Brown
  • Lost

    I am actually surprised the zulus know who these great men are and their roles during the northern invasion. Most of the Confederate leadership seemed to me reminiscent of the
    knights of the round table…bound by honor with a love for adventure. These are men to be looked up to and to be inspired by ; they should never be forgotten. They show us what a man is supposed to be…what a man should aspire to be.

    • Ed_NY

      Blacks know nothing of honor.

    • saxonsun

      Robert E. Lee–the epitome of a gentleman.

    • MBlanc46

      Knights of the Round Table? Like the squabbling in Bragg’s command, e.g.?

  • IstvanIN

    The winners write the history, or rewrite if you prefer.

  • PesachPatriot

    This is ridiculous and uncalled for, history should be respected, even if it is difficult…yes mr. davis and mr. forrest will always be controversial figures in this country, but they are an important part of its history whatever someone’s opinion is on unionism vs. secession rights. They have both been deceased for quite some time according to the historical literature I have read and unlikely to enslave or oppress any minority who used the parks. I’m pretty sure they weren’t the only two parks in Memphis(I have never been there)…anyone who disliked the original name should just hang out and enjoy themselves in another park…here in Florida it seems that liberal northern snowbirds seem to get more upset about displays of the CFB on jackets, hats, and cars than the local blacks who live here year round. I wonder if one day they will change the names of Union memorials in the north because those blue guys used the n word fairly often as well from what I have read.

    • Marc B.

      Rank and file blacks in the South generally take the rebel flag in stride, but I do understand that changes the you head North. They may not like it, but it does not elicit much outrage. It’s the White leftists and light-skinned black academics like Eric Dyson who get upset when Whites publicly display pride in the forebears they gleefully refer to as dead white men.

      • PesachPatriot

        Thats a pretty good point…the afrocentrist academics and leftist loons get almost as upset over displays of the modern day 50 stars american flag as they get over the stars and bars, the bonnie blue or the first national flag(the one with the circular stars)…Who is eric dyson?, I have never heard of him…My own mother compared the rebel flag to the nazi flag…I told her no southern general ever advocated wiping out the african race to the last child….I think for the first few generations after the unpleasantness the national curriculum was pretty fair-minded and gave respect to both sides during their lifetimes, but over the last 30 years or so there has been a concerted effort to demonize the men who wore the gray as the most evil people who ever lived…while some of their deeds may make modern readers uncomfortable, their part in our nations history is important. It is easy to look down on and judge someone who lived 150 years ago…If it weren’t for those men who wore the gray there wouldn’t be multi-millionaire NBA and NFL players today….They were also military geniuses and their tactics and ideas are still studied and respected today.

        • Puggg

          My own mother compared the rebel flag to the nazi flag

          She didn’t just violate Godwin’s Law, she tripped right over it.

          And you’re right: First they came for the Confederate flags, next they’ll come after American flags for the same reason. The Canadian flag was changed in 1965 to the Maple Leaf to yield to multiracialist “sensibilities.” (Who wants to pledge allegiance to a leaf? And it’s an orange leaf, so you’re pledging allegiance to a dying leaf at that! An original design had a branch with three orange leaves, so Canadians would have been pledging allegiance to a branch full of dying leaves.) But still, I have read news stories about the Maple Leaf flag being offensive, or deemed offensive, to racial minorities, so it had to be taken down.

          • PesachPatriot

            I kind of always liked the canadian flag…the maple leaf always looked fun and friendly to me, and makes me think of canadian bacon, mike myers, alex trebek, labatts blue and hockey…anyone who gets upset over flags is kind of an idiot in my book…they are inanimate pieces of cloth…how come leftist academic types never rant about the saudi flag which features swords?

  • Garrett Brown

    It’s already bad enough that we have such a liberal and anti south bias in the schools about our devastating war. Now we wont have anything at all to remember the great men and leaders who fought for what they truly believed in. Maybe soon there will be another secession, who knows.

  • If you are unwilling to fight for your heritage, then you deserve to lose it. If you lay down and fade away, then I can’t feel sorry for you.

    • Katherine McChesney

      I had a boyfriend who was in the Sons of Confederate Veterans. We used to go to reenactments around our city and at Shiloh National Park near Memphis. This was serious stuff to him and his friends. I do know that a few blacks would show up because some of their relatives fought on the Confederate side. Now it would be considered racism to hold those reenactments today. But, here is their website for your perusal.

  • MobyWhite

    Just like Jonathan Bowden said, Obama represents the collapse of White America. As Whites continue to lose power and get pushed down into third world status, everything that was ours will be theirs.

    Do you have any beautiful churches in you town? They will be NOI mosques soon.

    Nothing left for Whitey, but misery. You’ll see…

  • alas

    As a British person knowing next to nothing about the Civil War, but being aware that there are those who argue that the Civil War was about more than slavery, could anyone who knows these answers tell me? I would google but it would probably be full of liberal nonsense. I would like to know some facts before I start criticizing Lincoln to my friends.

    • Read anything by Thomas DiLorenzo about Lincoln.

      • MBlanc46

        Read David Donald’s biography.

    • C_C_Conrad

      I can recommend 3 books for you.

      That Devil Forrest – John Allan Wyeth.

      The Rise & Fall of the Confederate Government, Jefferson Davis – peter Smith.

      The South Was Right – James R. Kennedy & Walter D. Kennedy.


      Jack’s War

    • anonymous

      Technically speaking, it wasn’t a civil war at all because a civil war generally means that two or more factions are fighting for control of a central government. This wasn’t the case with the War Between The States, which could more accurately be called The War Against Southern Independence. Despite all the propaganda about how the war was fought to end slavery, it didn’t have anything to do with slavery. Slavery was one of several instigating factors in the SECESSION, but Lincoln invaded the south in order to FORCE THEM BACK INTO THE UNION. This is why so many southerners who had never owned slaves (most of them didn’t) were willing to fight extremely bloody and vicious battles against the “invaders” and “Yankee aggressors.” They were fighting to defend their homes and their independence, not slavery. The war was fought because the south had broken away from the rest of the country and that couldn’t be tolerated by the big industrialists in the north who wanted to impose mercantilism–the so-called “American System”–on the rest of the country. Mercantilism was the forerunner of today’s predatory capitalism and called for a strong central government, a central bank, tariffs and the imposition of government regulation. The south seceded in large part because they didn’t want to fall under the control of a big central government run by their political enemies.The whole issue of slavery could have been peacefully resolved the same way it was resolved in most of the rest of the world–through a process of compensated emancipation.

      • MBlanc46

        That is a pretty tortured argument.

        Session as caused by slavery.
        The war was to prevent secession.
        But the war had nothing to do with slavery.


    • MBlanc46

      James McPherson’s history.

    • MBlanc46

      If you really want to get deeply into it, read the two volumes of John Ashworth’s “Slavery, Capitalism, and Politics in the Antebellum Republic”.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    This nine member council, can anyone procure an ethnic rundown on these people?

  • C_C_Conrad

    As the genocide of your race continues – your heroes will be remove as well.

    Jack’s War

  • I just through got taking a bunch of tests for employment. I didn’t get the position (but I did figure out where I failed in the process (which was not test related)).

    Rules of the game here-forth:

    1) If blacks are in control of a federal government, there is no such thing as state law.

    2) If blacks are in control of a municipality and the municipality doesn’t have to abide by state law.


    Article VI, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution: This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the constitution or laws of any state to the contrary notwithstanding.

    How does one play this logic game?

  • Snowhitey

    Our fellow whites are just as bad as the blacks. Remember, our greatest enemy looks just like us.

  • bigone4u

    San Antonio’s big military hospital is named after a southern white boy named Audie Murphy. One of the city’s high schools is Robert E. Lee High. There are several of those around the country. The city’s loop is named after white guy Governor John Connally. However, the city does have a Cleto Rodriguez Freeway. As politicians of color take over across the USA their names will be attached to many public works. Minorities (Mr. Rodriguez a war hero exception) usually have no one of accomplishment to provide names on public works..

  • JDInSanDiego

    “the council voted on a resolution to remove the military names and go with more generic ones.”

    They should’ve voted to remove the multi-culture and go with a more generic one.

  • IKantunderstand

    Well, gosh. I do believe it is time to rename the Washington Monument. And the Jefferson monument, and the Lincoln monument. In fact, why don’t we rename Washington D.C. Martin Luther King D.C. Or, if you prefer, perhaps we could actually find, an African American more worthy. I say, the only way for we Whites to make up for our “White Privilege’ is that we tear down all our monuments. It doesn’t matter what they are designated for, DESTROY THEM! THEY ARE ALL RACIST!!! And of course, while we are at it, destroy all European architecture, museums, libraries. As a matter of fact, I believe the only solution to the world’s problems, is for we, the White people of the world to withdraw. We will no longer work, we will no longer invent, we will no longer come to the aid of a person who is inferior to us. . We are done. We will no longer contribute our hard earned money to a worthless cause. We are no longer willing to pay our hard earned dollars to keep alive Africans, who don’t know their ass from first base. Let’s face it, we are outnumbered. You want to talk minority? Well, it would be White people. If we don’t do something soon, say “good-bye”.

    • bigone4u

      It’s easy to picture DC being renamed MLK City or Barack Obama City in the near future. I can visualize how the TV networks would play it. There would be big parades, big fireworks, etc., possibly going on for a day or more. Marching bands from all over. Commentator: “Shaniqua (his cohost), we are witnessing America’s rejection of its racisr past and a president who owned slaves. But of course, there is still much work to do.”


    The whole Memphis metro area is one of the places likely to be cleansed of whites in the not too distant future. In effect, the coal black Mississippi Delta region will expand to include Memphis.

    • MBlanc46

      Memphis has long been known as the capital of the Delta.

  • Robert

    I support this.

  • MartelC

    Health Sciences Park.
    A rootless, meaningless abstraction – how perfect for our new marxist state.

    I agree, it’s just getting started – how long can our PC overlords bear to have our capital and one dollar bill bear the name and face of a “slave owner” oops, I meant white slave owner, because they’d have no problem putting an african chiefan in his place.

  • america sucks

    Where would blacks today in America or the west have been had the elite Euro whites not been conned by tribal chiefs into buying into this atrocious erroneous economic failure called slavery anyway, but back in that wretched 3rd world hellhole called Africa? Are there not 1.5 billion blacks still in Africa today who never experienced westernization enlightenment other than the European colonializationof Africa over the past 200 years?

    Blacks should be on their ungrateful knees thanking these naive white elites that their ancestors were bought and sent west much to the chagrin of the nation who has suffered insurmountably ever since taken on the cursed Ham race as slaves to ignorantly who were needed like a hole in the head.

  • steve7789

    One day Mexicans will start renaming landmarks named after Frederick Douglass or Malcolm X. Then we’ll see how the Bantus like it.

    • SintiriNikos

      Wouldn’t be surprised if they try co-naming some places. Like the Cesar Chavez/MLK Park. Then sit back and enjoy the fireworks.

      • Joseph

        The plaques and statues will first be painted up with beaner boxcar-art, then stolen.

    • MBlanc46

      That will be interesting. A more peaceful transition than that of certain neighborhoods in LA that the Mexicans are taking from the blacks.

  • GeorgeRA

    This kind of thing has been going on where I live at for a long time. The names of streets, highways, schools, parks, buildings, etc have been changed from people’s names that had a history of building the city or contributing to a better life and place and to the future of the area to names like Willie Joe Green who was the first black to whatever.

  • Ed_NY

    This is nothing new, New Orleans was doing this a number of years ago. I imagine it is probably going on in more places then we will ever know. I drove past Grant’s Tomb some 10 or 15 years ago and it was covered with graffiti and the grounds were strewn with trash. Since it is in close proximity to Harlem, I suspect it too will be renamed at some time in the future.

    • PesachPatriot

      US Grant was always one of my favorite northern commanders when I was a kid. There was always something captivating in the image of the man on the 50 dollar bill. I am sorry to hear that his tomb is in such shabby condition….It seems that disrespect for historic tombs goes hand in hand with the incredible dumbing down of all the history lessons in our school system…I went there on a school field trip when i was young and was pretty impressed by it.

      • MBlanc46

        It is a shame. Grant is a neglected figure. His presidential and personal financial troubles damaged his reputation. His memoirs are wonderful.

    • SintiriNikos

      They can rename things named for Grant all they want. As long as they don’t touch places and monuments named after Lee.

      • Joseph

        Lee was a fine man and soldier. Being from Mississippi, all of the males in my family line have “Lee” as the middle name for 5 generations in tribute.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          After Jackson, Guderian and Manstein, Lee was the fourth best in modern history, though Zhukov was pretty close to Lee.

          • PesachPatriot

            who are Guderian and Manstein? I have never heard of either.

          • MBlanc46

            Sorry, the about was meant for you.

          • MBlanc46

            “Best” at what, exactly? Winning battles? Winning wars? Not foolishly getting ones self shot?

          • MBlanc46

            WW II German generals. Guderian was the armored genius.

          • MBlanc46

            And von Manstein developed the plan for the German invasion of France in 1940.

  • Tim

    I walked all thru downtown Birmingham and never felt unsafe or alienated. It took all of ten minutes to give me the creeps in Memphis. I`m guessing the ethnic population numbers were the same. I wondered why one creeped me out but not the other…

  • Dagworthy

    To have a sense of the cultural displacement taking place, visit AmRen’s archive on The War on White Heritage.

  • Don J

    This may be useful fodder for the really able comedians. Good comedy is but one manifestation as to how great art–cinema, painting, poetry etc.–is now our chief hope
    of the breakthrough in consciousnes that used to seem promising mainly by way of
    informative journalism and courageous scientific advancements. Changing reality by
    way of the verbal ceremonies of Madison Avenue is just a primate spectacle. If , say,
    a really serious movie about American racial realism and the American social delu-world
    were to be made, it would be in Russia or China or Eastern Europe. We?–at least our
    children?–could recall when it impacted here and Americans saw a movie revealing deeply
    what we’d been so long hiding from ourselves and saw it in, say, Russian with English

  • SintiriNikos

    This is just temporary. MLK and Obama Parks coming soon. They didn’t want to do it too abruptly, step by step.

  • Joseph

    These people are so petty in their resentment of whites it would be laughable were it not so expensive to entertain their animus nationwide.

  • I’m a Midwesterner who visited the South over the Christmas holidays. I was blown away by the difference in degree, if not substance, of political correctness in all official documentation regarding historically significant places. This does not surprise me.

  • Frank

    Of the 10 council members, seven are black. Such ignorance! What will it be like when whites are a minority?