Man Deported Three Times Faces New Charges in Raleigh Crash

Thomas McDonald, News Observer, January 31, 2013

Alejandro Ramirez-Castaneda has been deported from the United States three times since 2008. But he managed to make it back to Raleigh, where police say he was driving drunk when he got into an accident this month that severely injured the other driver.

It’s the fifth time Ramirez-Castaneda, 25, has been charged with a crime in Wake County, dating back to 2007. Once the case has worked its way through the legal system and he serves his sentence, if any, Ramirez-Castaneda will be sent back to Mexico again, immigration officials say.


The accident took place on Jan. 20, as Ramirez-Castaneda’s SUV crossed the center line on Garner Road and hit another vehicle head-on, according to Raleigh police. He ran before officers arrived, police say, and was arrested later and charged with driving while impaired, resisting a public officer, felony serious injury by vehicle and felony hit and run.

Despite his previous arrests, Ramirez-Castaneda has not been prosecuted for the local charges that led to his deportations, dating back to 2008. Wake County District Attorney Colin Willoughby said he did not recall his office’s involvement with Ramirez-Castaneda. But he said because he had been charged with minor or misdemeanor offenses, including DWI and assault, prosecutors probably determined it was better to “get him out of the country so he can’t do any more harm.

“If he had been charged with a sexual assault, armed robbery or even breaking into a house, then we may have tried to convict him before he got deported,” Willoughby said. “But for minor offenses and misdemeanors, we probably agreed to let immigration take precedence rather than let him stay in jail a month or two or be out walking the street.”

Now Willoughby’s office has reinstated some of those charges, including the original assault charge that led to his first deportation.


It’s not clear when Ramirez-Castaneda arrived in Wake County, but his troubles with the law here began on Aug. 19, 2007, when a Raleigh patrol officer found him asleep behind the wheel of a car at 6:12 a.m. The officer charged Ramirez-Castaneda with DWI and carrying a concealed weapon. More than four months later, he was charged with failure to appear in court and driving without a license.

But none of those charges brought him to the attention of immigration officials, not even after he was convicted of DWI in February 2008.

It wasn’t until Sept. 20, 2008, when Raleigh police charged him with assault on a female that someone in the Wake County jail notified U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement that Ramirez-Castaneda might be in the country illegally. A little more than a month later, federal officials drove him to the border crossing at Hidalgo, Texas, and walked him across the Rio Grande River to Reynosa, Mexico, said Vincent Picard, an immigration spokesman in Atlanta.

Less than a year later, in August 2009, federal agents patrolling the Arizona-Mexico border nabbed Ramirez-Castaneda in the desert as he was trying to return to the United States. From Nogales, Ariz., he was walked back into Nogales, Mexico, on Sept. 8, 2009, Picard said.

But Ramirez-Castaneda managed to end up back in Raleigh. On Oct. 24, 2011, Raleigh police charged him with driving while impaired, resisting a public officer, and hit and run. {snip}

A little less than a month later, Ramirez-Castaneda was again deported at Hidalgo, Texas, Picard said.

Police did not encounter Ramirez-Castaneda again until the accident on Garner Road this month. {snip}


Picard, the immigration agency spokesman, said immigration authorities could charge Ramirez-Castaneda with felony re-entry into the United States. He said federal authorities don’t do that for every case because the probable large number of arrests would overwhelm the court system.

“We tend to focus our resources on people who commit violent crimes and then re-enter the country,” he said. “Felony hit and run with injury is definitely someone we are going to be taking a look at. The charges in this case are similar to the cases we would consider for prosecution.”


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  • Illegals stink!

    How bout this time we drop him off at…say…Tristan da Cunha.(1750 miles from anywhere!)

    • How about half-way between here and Tristan da Cunha, say, somewhere in the mid-Atlantic?

    • mobilebay

      I’ve been thinking Tierra del Fuego (1861.4), but let’s not quibble. Either one is fine with me. Let’s include the other 20 million with him. Maybe we’ll get group rates. By the way, that mileage is from Brownsville, TX.

      • MarcusTrajanus

        What have the people of Tierra del Fuego ever done to deserve that?

  • NYB

    “the probable large number of arrests would overwhelm the court system”
    Washington did a cost-benefit analysis and decided that not enforcing the law was cheaper.
    I could show them how a border fence could save a lot of court time.

    • The__Bobster

      Questions That Can Be Answered (NumbersUSA)

      1. Will Amnesty STOP illegal immigration?

      Of course not! ALL of our decades of experience with Amnesties and its results shows that Amnesties encourage much more illegal immigration. Why? Once we as a nation confirm that criminal behavior is forgotten and rewarded with citizenship, voting, social welfare benefits like free health care, it’s easy to see why hundreds of millions more foreigners will
      be tempted into this crime. That is what happened after the giant Amnesties in 1986 and the six subsequent smaller amnesties in the 1990s, and it will happen this time.

      2. Is Amnesty GOOD for the economy?

      NO! These people are already employed. That’s why they are here. If illegal immigration actually creates any jobs, they are long ago created. If the illegal aliens are working illegally at payroll jobs, they are already paying all the taxes they are ever going to pay (it’s taken right out of their checks). If they are paid under the table, I suppose some more honest souls amongst them might start filing tax returns.

      3. How about government spending?

      Terrible! When you’re earning low wages like many of these workers do, and you file a tax return, the government PAYS YOU THE TAXES! It’s called an Earned Income Tax Credit, and it goes to millions of low-wage Americans. It’s not supposed to go to illegal aliens, but it
      will be paid to them as soon as they become legalized. This will cost billions. Also, once they are legalized, the 11+ million will qualify for Medicaid (free medical care!). This one benefit could cost the government $50 BILLION every single year! Sen. Jeff Sessions says the total cost of an Amnesty will reach $1 TRILLION!

      4. Who BENEFITS from Amnesty?

      Let’s be frank — amnesty will not only reward 11 million illegal aliens with a path to citizenship, but it will instantly create 11 million new legal workers who will be jumping to the head of the employment line in front of 20 million unemployed Americans.

      Who benefits from Amnesty? Well, the illegal aliens benefit. Big Business that loves cheap labor benefits. People who make their living handing out government benefits benefit.

      5. Who LOSES from Amnesty?

      Legal Immigrants Lose.Those who have worked hard and immigrated to the U.S. through legal means, and those waiting in their home countries for green cards lose. Why should they experience depressed wages and job competition from illegal aliens who are suddenly rewarded with legal status.

      Taxpayers lose! Tens of Billions more of government spending for social welfare
      each year. To gain what for taxpayers? NOTHING!

      Unemployed Americans lose! Please remember that 20 million Americans cannot find full time work. NOBODY is talking about them. NOBODY seems to care about what they want. Only half of recent college graduates can fine work in their fields. How does legalizing 11+ million more workers help them?

      • bigone4u

        Mexican-Americans win big time from illegal immigration and amnesty. It increases their political power. They already run South Texas from the border to San Antonio. All the government jobs go to Hispanics, with a handful of white supervisors to make sure the work gets done. Like you say, the rest of us are the losers.

        • George White

          Exactly. My close friend was run out of his job by mexicans. The mexicans would run to the mexican supervisor every time my friend made the slightest mistake, until finally they got him fired. He was the last white in the company. They hired a mexican to replace him later that same week. This is what whites all across the country have to look forward to if they don’t stand up and FIGHT.

        • Most Texans are in complete denial. Mestizos are rapidly on the way to controlling the whole state. Texas will be a blue state in short order. I left for the Pacific Northwest, but I’m under no illusion that they won’t spread like a cancer and kill the host here, as well.

          • JoeG

            Western Washington is overrun with Mexicans. Entire Mexican villages are being deserted after all the residents pick up and move to Seattle.

        • Liberalsuck

          It will be interesting to watch how this plays out between blacks and Hispanics. I know neither are friends of ours, but they are fighting with each other wherever they live side by side. Even where I lived last was racially mixed, and I can tell you that as the Hispanics moved in, the blacks moved out.

      • Our inept leaders are a bigger danger to the country than any Islamo-fascists. Islamo-fascists threaten us from without and force us to fight back. Our treasonous leaders stab us in the back, betray us in a thousand different ways while insisting that they’re “doing the people’s business.” They ultimately undermine the morale of the country and jeopardize its future in ways OBL and a hundred thousand terrorists never could.

    • Thor Bonham

      Yes, a high power electric fence would do the trick, no ?

      • George White

        That and E-Verify natiionwide and real enforcement/fines for companies that hire illegals.

        • True Blue

          E-verify… yeah, That is likely to happen… well, maybe it will when we have a President who can pass it…

      • A repeat of the Berlin wall would be better.

        • MarcusTrajanus

          I picture something like a high-tech Hadrian’s Wall, or the Great Wall of China.

      • Non Humans

        That and if they are deported more than once, upon their second return trip, make them choose between a knee or an ankle. Then place that joint against a solid surface and crush it with a hammer.
        That would ensure that would be the last time that they cross illegally, and would also send a stern message to others contemplating the risk vs. benefit of illegal entry. This model would strain relations between our two governments’, but ultimately would have the Mexican government discouraging border crossings with stiffer laws, as they would be the ones picking up the tabs on the repair of that joint, as well as the disability and welfare payouts incurred as a result the multiple offenders.

    • Major

      Nah…plant some drugs and a gun on him while he’s drunk and let the cops protect themselves.

  • Raleigh-Durham Triangle must really be getting overrun with comprehensive reformers:

    This asks: “How can kids that young get their hands on a gun?”

    I ask: “Why are people so tan being allowed to break into my country and stay here?”

    • He’s just drinking the liquor and driving cars drunk that Americans are too lazy to drink or to drive when drunk.

  • The__Bobster

    And yet this Hispanic might still qualify as an Obongo Dreamer and get to stay here.

  • IstvanIN

    Capital punishment for the crime of entering the country illegally or over staying a visa would put an end to a lot of this.

  • Anonymoose

    Welcome to Carolina del Norte. There is a major illegal problem here in NC largely due to the agricultural industries “down east,” the hog farms and such. They’re all over the Triangle.

  • How about a stint in Federal Prison?.From what I understand that he could get a 20 year sentence for reentering the country after several deportations. In the Federal system, there is no parole and he would serve every day of that sentence.

    • For about $50,000 per year. Ugh! Obviously the deportations aren’t working, but without corporal punishments, which we will never see again in this country, what else is there to do?

    • bigone4u

      I hope I’m not replying twice. My cursor is jumping like crazy and I lost it a second ago in the middle of replying. Anyway, back in the day RFK deported Mafia kingpin Carlos Marcello. Old Carlos sneaked back into the US and as I recall got a judge to rule his deportation illegal. Some say Marcello had JFK assassinated in retribution. Hopefully, you are correct that the illegal in this case could do a long stretch in prison, and then be deported again.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    OK, mixed feelings here.

    Deported him on previous arrest. Got him out, no need to pay to incarcerate him. But he comes back.

    Jeez. What a mess.

    Border fence sounds good.

  • SintiriNikos

    Liberal and Missy Graham-McCain and other pro-immigration pushers’ takeaway from this: deportation doesn’t work.

    • Police patrols also don’t prevent every rape from happening, but I don’t hear anyone talking about cutting the police budget. Our shiny, bright military in foreign lands doesn’t stop every bomber but I don’t hear any senators demanding that we should, therefore, bring them home.

      Deportation would work better if they didn’t cling to the hope that we’d finally give up and grant them amnesty.

      When they write the history of the fall of the GOP, Miss Graham’s and Grandpa McCain’s pictures should be on the cover.

      • George White

        Two of the most despicable “leaders” whites have ever had.

  • [Guest]

    Already the “United States” belongs at least as much to the likes of Alejandro Ramirez-Castaneda as it does to me and my family.

    As to the future: It’s all his.

    • It is indeed. My BIL married a mestizo (who is a nasty little piece of work, but that’s a story for another day). They have two kids who physically do not display much in the way of their white heritage. She has giant chip on her shoulder, and I can’t imagine that she won’t pass that unfortunate attitude on to her kids.

      • liberalsuck

        I’ve never met a white person who was part nonwhite and/or who dated/married nonwhites that didn’t rip on their white side. They will always say, ‘Being married to a (fill in the blank), I take offense to…” or “Being part Black/Native American, I take issue with…” I once sarcastically asked, “So if I’m dating a German girl and she tells me ‘As a German woman, I take offense at you insulting Hitler/criticizing Nazis’ what should I say to her?” Typical anti-white logic. you’re not even allowed to criticize nonwhites who are truly bad/sick people all because “I’m part black/part Hispanic/dating a black/dating a Hispanic…”

  • [Guest]

    From 2006: “Highway Patrol’s New Hispanic Liaison Officer Hopes to Reduce Fatalities.”
    (article here:

    Guess this program is underfunded, huh? Those good-for-nothing racist white taxpayers must be made to fork over more cash at once!

    After all, the United States was founded on the principle that illegal aliens have the right to liaison officers, you know.

  • IstvanIN

    We could easily stop illegal immigration by making the punishment for such “very severe”. At least on the second time one enters the country illegally. We can make sure no one is unjustly severely punished by collecting photos, fingerprints and DNA to make sure we have the right guy, especially since illegals change IDs so often. Can’t use the actual legal term or my post will be deleted.

    • George White

      The southern border of Mexico is militarized and they shoot Central Americans who jump the border. We should do the same. I mean this sincerely.

      • Non Humans

        We could use the Pred Drones and operate them like a BBQ: Have them fly “Low and Slow”.

      • IstvanIN

        I agree and got deleted for saying it.

        • falsedawn

          It seems our moderator has an anti-White agenda.

  • bigone4u

    “He said federal authorities don’t do that for every case because the probable large number of arrests would overwhelm the court system.”
    Either prosecute them all or install a revolving door on the border. The government needs to stop the lying, prosecute, and really seal the border. Anything else is just more O-BS.

  • mex scum

    Why not make him repay the millions spent to deport him 3 times and put him on the chain gang?

    • Bill

      I have thought that very thing many times. Why do we keep putting them in jail, paying so much to do so, every time one of these illegals is caught. What we SHOULD be doing is putting them on chain gangs, MAKING them pick our crops, pave our roads, break rocks for the roads, feed them the minimum slop needed to keep them healthy enough to work, and make them work 18 hour days. Even the treasonous Chamber of Commerce would like that. When their sentence is done, fingerprint, take DNA and a facial recognition imprint and send them across the border with the warning that the next violation will result in working on the chain gang for LIFE. I’m betting many would not come, and most would not return. IF we had the guts and the will to do this with each and every illegal alien caught.

      • shmo123

        Great idea. Make it so miserable that it would make even thick headed mestizos think twice about coming back. But it will never happen. We’re a sick country, led by spineless, ignorant fools with no respect for history, or love of country or culture.

  • Fed Up

    Around two and a half years back, an Mexican illegal immigrant was driving down I-45 around at around 1:00 a.m. Of course the Mexican was drunk to the point he couldn’t function. He struck and killed (MURDERED) a Houston police officer assisting a disabled vehicle’s driver.

    The drunken Mexican was found to have been DEPORTED THREE TIIMES PREVIOUSLY for DWI offenses and criminal acts! So would anyone care to tell us what a great job our federal government is doing — to protect and seal our border. To protect American citizens.

    • IstvanIN

      He finally killed, many of them have. They are not good people, they are invaders who cause more harm than good, and cost us more than they provide to the economy. They should be subject to “severe punishment” to discourage any more of them coming here and encourage the one’s all ready here to leave.

  • mobilebay

    If an American citizen breaks into someone’s home, he goes to jail.
    If an illegal alien breaks into our home (the USA), he gets to BE a citizen.

  • George White

    Drunk Mexicans doing hit and runs are a daily occurrence in Los Angeles. Welcome to Mexico.

  • Fed Up

    The problem is our government has a vested interest in not enforcing our border. But in simply pretending to control our border and enforcing immigration laws. But with all of Congress firmly owned by business interests and lobbying groups — what else could we reasonably expect?

  • falsedawn

    There’s a few things that should be done to a guy like this. If he’s deported and comes back, he should have his right ear cropt, a second time, his other ear, a third time he should be deported to a part of the world that won’t he won’t come back from. For example, a guy like this should be sent to a place like Zimbabwe. An african sent to to paraguay, etc. Once word like that spreads, I assure everyone, all the entering and returning will stop real quick. All it takes is the resolve to do it. I would step forward to volunteer for the cropting of the ears. All I need is a pair of hedge shears. I think I should at least be supplied with the shears. That’s the least our govt. could do for a civic minded citizen.

  • falsedawn

    If a mexican returns after being deported, why can’t we just deport him/her again, but to such places as Greenland, the Yukon, Alaska, Siberia, etc, whatever time of year, dressed as they are. Wouldn’t that more or less take care of the problem?

    • George

      Not the Yukon, please. We don’t have a large hispanic problem in Canada, and we’d rather keep it that way.

      • falsedawn

        I assure you Sir if they were deported as I say, just as they are, in the same clothing they’rer wearing when apprehended, you will continue to not have a hispanic problem in Canada.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    If Ramirez-Castaneda returns to the US after serving his felony time, and is caught here again, it’ll be an instant two years of fed time for “illegal reentry by a previously deported felon”.

  • How long before people get it into their thick skulls that the only deterrent against illegal immigration, and re-entry, is corporal punishment. If they know they will suffer actual, physical, pain if they’re caught again, they’ll remain in Mexico.

    • George

      I personally like the idea of branding the message ‘Unwelcome in the United States of America’ on deportees’ foreheads.

      It makes them easier to spot if they return…and sends a message to their neighbours if they stay where they came from.

  • True Blue

    Simple answer, let’s start deporting them 25 miles offshore. Just take a boatload into international waters, force them into the drink and leave. They chose to break the law, they can face the concequences -returning them to their ‘home’ is not our problem, nor is their comfort or safety- the safety of Legal Citizens is. No Amnesty, no second chance; if your very First act in this country is to break its laws; what reasonable expectation can we have that Any other law will be respected?

  • Ella

    We just keep running from Mexican populations. They will come until we stop them. relocating is not the answer as we continue to bear the economic/social costs in the US and live under the Federal govt and Lobbyists who perpetuate these problems.