Arab-American Groups Call Coke Super Bowl Ad “Racist”

Sue Zeidler, Reuters, January 31, 2013

Arab-American groups have sharply criticized a Coca-Cola Super Bowl ad depicting an Arab walking through the desert with a camel, and one group said it would ask the beverage giant to change it before CBS airs the game on Sunday before an expected audience of more than 100 million U.S. viewers.

“Why is it that Arabs are always shown as either oil-rich sheiks, terrorists, or belly dancers?” said Warren David, president of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, or ADC.

Coca-Cola released an online teaser of the commercial last week, showing the Arab walking through a desert. He soon sees cowboys, Las Vegas showgirls and a motley crew fashioned after the marauders of the apocalyptic “Mad Max” film race by him to reach a gigantic bottle of Coke.

In its ad, Coke asks viewers to vote online on which characters should win the race. The online site does not allow a vote for the Arab character.

“The Coke commercial for the Super Bowl is racist, portraying Arabs as backward and foolish Camel Jockeys, and they have no chance to win in the world,” Imam Ali Siddiqui, president of the Muslim Institute for Interfaith Studies, said in an email.

“What message is Coke sending with this?” asked Abed Ayoub, ADC’s director of legal and policy affairs. “By not including the Arab in the race, it is clear that the Arab is held to a different standard when compared to the other characters in the commercial,” he said.


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  • James of Arizona

    Please. Go back to Islamic countries…no allowed sharia law in USA. Don’t let USA become to be mahommadland…… Get out of USA….

  • Boereseun

    Official apology from Coca-Cola in 3,2,1…

    • vladdy1

      and payment of ???

      • Boereseun


  • NYB

    What I find absurd is Arabs wearing white clothes, speaking white languages, and using white technology.

    • liberalsuck

      I love how these Arab muslim men hate how Western/Latin women reveal their bodies wearing swimsuits or provocative clothing, yet they will rape them or tell them they want to f–k them hard like they did to a female friend of mine on Facebook with one of her pictures she posted of herself in a swimsuit. Amazing. These people are highly repressed to say the least.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        By an amazing coincidence, I would like to bayonet them hard.

      • Whirlwinder

        No my friend, they view all non-muslims as sub-human and to rape a non-muslim is the same to them as reading the newspaper. These people are pure evil.

        • george00

          I’ve heard that in the Muslim religion if a women goes out without her head being covered that means she is asking to be raped.
          Why are Liberals always trying to force incompatible groups together?

          • Beloved Comrade

            Their main goal is to eliminate the White race. Arabs are only tools in this process and there are billions of them due to overbreeding. They are also low IQd and backwards. What better use of them than to flood White countries — say England, France, Holland, Sweden and every other White and only White country? How much time left for England due to these overbreeding savages who will implement their own laws and rape and kill the Native Born British population?

            The non-Whites that have control of this country and its media are more afraid of Muslims and their backwards ways than they are of us.

          • Do you consider Ralph Nader an Arab?

          • Beloved Comrade

            You are using “Ralph Nadar” as justification the unfettered immigration of Arabs into White homelands which equals the displacement of White Americans and loss of White homelands.

            I see you favor a system of force to put an end to the White race.

            Do you favor the flooding of non-White countries with the destitute of the 3rd world or only White countries? Which non-White countries do you think should open their borders to the 3rd world until the native population wiped out? You can list as many countries as you’d like.

          • No I don’t. You are playing your little game where you accuse me of something I never said I supported just for an innocent question. You support forcibly deporting people who have families that have been here since the late 19th and early 20th century and have white appearance and culture (who may not be entirely from Europe) just because we are getting recent radical nonwhite immigrants. Am I correct or incorrect?

          • Beloved Comrade

            Why should I help you with anything anti-White? You want to end my RACE, the White RACE. You think I would cooperate with a monster like you? 

          • YOU want to people like me who are white but not 100 percent European to go into Brazilian style slums and marry people like mulattos. I say you are the monster not me. Why on earth should I cooperate with you knowing full well you want to do this?

    • NYB since you see Lebanese Christians like Marlo Thomas the same as people like dark Muslims such as Osama Bin Laden I bet you would force someone who is 3/4 European and 1/4 Levantine to marry a mulatto to “keep the race pure”. Am I right? I can bet you my life that my children will be way whiter than your grandchildren 😉 . Unlike your daughters, I know who to marry and I don’t have a fetish for Leroy 😉

    • Would someone who is 3/4 European 1/4 Levantine be considered a “mud” to you?

  • HadEnough

    “The Coke commercial for the Super Bowl is racist.” There must be some reason why we should be expected to give a damn… I’m all ears.

    • liberalsuck

      Why should we give a damn and be accommodating toward people who openly tell us they want to take us over and kill us? Considering we give them millions of foreign aide money every year and our own military weapons, we should be telling them what’s what.

  • wattylersrevolt

    If the 1965 Immigration Reform Act had not been passed, and if there was a National Origins Immigration Policy in place that completely excluded muslims….9/11 would have had 0 probability of occuring. Not only that….the muslim population in our Native Born White American Christian Majority Nation would be very tiny and the millions of muslims now in our America would not be here agitiating and voting for the race-replacement of the Native Born White American Christian Majority.

    There are no economic,ecological, an demographic reasons for importing millions of high fertility muslims into our America…but if you listen to the White Liberal Greedy Cheating Coporatists…1)we are blessed by the diversity that muslims bring to America and 2)Native Born White Americans would be worse of if the muslims were not allowed to come to America legally…Native Born White America would have been better off if NASA was 99 percent muslim back in 1969..and Native Born White Americans would have better off if a muslim NASA had put 12 muslim men on the moon. That’s what they are claiming…and what they are claiming is a bold-face lie.

    Muslims are a most unnatural presence in our America. It is outrageous that the generation of Native Born White American Males born in the late 1980s are now being forced to compete for Living and Breeding Space with high fertility muslim males who do not belong here.

    Several of the 9/11 terrorists were legally living in Florida raising families..their “American” born children are probably studying right now in the overcrowded Florida State University System. Florida is an overpopulated drought stricken state with quite a few endangered species such as the Florida Cougar. Are we going to send the Florida Cougar Population into the Obivion of Extinction because some filthy white liberal insists that there is an urgent economic need to import high fertility muslim scab labor looking for living and breeding space into Florida?

    God how I hate Liberals.

    • NM156

      I hate to say it, but only another terrorist attack, greater than or equal to 9/11 in its death toll, will motivate the public to question mass immigration, enough so that Congress moves to call for a moratorium or drastic, permanent reductions to its quotas.

      • Liberalsuck

        The problem is it too late. We will have to fight back very VERY hard at every level to get our white nations back, or, at the very least, maybe white nations could carve out territories and claim them for the whites/non-muslims only. Most whites today don’t have the fighting racial drive that we used to. Not saying we can’t get it back or rekindle it, but historically whites have to be really pushed into a corner to take a stand. We are slow to anger, but strike back hard when we do.

      • saxonsun

        I don’t think that will work either.

      • pcmustgo

        Nope, not even then. Has to be a series of them.

        And somehow, I think the non-whites have too much power to ever make it stop.

    • The Verdict of History

      Don’t forget that we are actually the JUDEO-Christian White American Majority… JUDEO!

    • Wrong again, 9-11 would Not have happened if the airline security staff and the FAA had taken seriously a report by “Liberal” Hollywood actor James Woods who had seen some Arab men acting “suspicious” in first class while flying a month Before 9-11, he noticed that they didn’t drink the free liquor and would Not make eye contact and did Not recognize him spoke only in whispers etc. If they were Black men like Zacarias Moussaoui you know the FAA and the FBI would be on it like flies on you know what, but America’s obsession with “white is right” culture in Law enforcement is what allowed all this to happen the White Arabs exploited your own deep racial fears into a massive religious triumph that should have never had happen. (Google James Woods 9-11)

      • CourtneyfromAlabama

        They weren’t white.

    • Mark Green

      Most Arabs are Muslims. But many Arabs are Christians. Some Arabs have no religious affiliation whatsoever. Arabs are Caucasian. Muslims on the other hand come in all colors and races.

      In America, many Muslims hail from Africa since their ancestors were brought here as slaves. Many of these Muslims were raised as Christians but have converted to Islam. Please don’t conflate Arabs with Muslims. There’s a difference.

      As for the Third World peoples who have been inundating America since 1965, the vast majority are Christian but they come from Haiti, Mexico, Cuba, Peurto Rico, China, El Salvador and Guatemala. Arab Americans, be they Christian, Muslim or agnostic, tend to be law abiding. Few Arabs are in the US prison system. This is not true of Black Christians or Christians for Mexico.

      As a white American with a Christian background, I understand why many Muslims and Arabs dislike America: our government keeps invading their countries and killing their relatives. This pattern of US military aggression towards Arabs (and Persians) started long before 911. Pivotal events involve the Arab-Israeli wars of 1967 and 1973.

      For more background information on these subjects, please explore the unique relationship between Washington and Israel. It’s amazing and worrisome.

  • guest

    When a TV show, movie, or commercial has only white people in it, it’s not “diverse” enough. When it has non-whites in it, there’s always something racist about it. It’s a no-win situation.

    • NorthernWind

      If there are only White people (or mostly White people) then it’s RACIST.
      If there are minorities but depicted acting as if they were White, then it’s OK.
      If there are minorities but depicted acting like a historical stereotype or something else not wholly inaccurate, then it’s RACIST.

      The lesson? The left are idiots. Their idea of diversity is anti-human for it reduces the real diversity of mankind down to ornamentation. If the different people’s are depicted differently then race and culture is more than ornamentation. That would be unacceptable. Frankly, the left really doesn’t give a damn about appreciating real human diversity, they just are just anti-White AND anti-human. If they appreciated real human diversity then they would seek to protect it. The paleoconservative right does appreciate it; they want to preserve their own unique culture and race but also they don’t want to prevent others from doing the same.

  • Vonhauer

    Yet another alien people thrown into our midst. The last place these Arabs belong is in any Western country.

    • ZB

      Anyone Islamic should be tacitly required to leave our American shores; any American “converts” to Islam should have his head examined—and then tacitly required to leave our shores.

  • Eagle_Eyed

    “Why is it that Arabs are always shown as either oil-rich sheiks,
    terrorists, or belly dancers?” said Warren David, president of the
    American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, or ADC.

    Good question. Why are Arabs always oil-rich sheiks, terrorists, belly dancers, or some combination of this?

    • The__Bobster

      Funny, I remember their women this way:

    • rightrightright

      Now be fair. They are also goat herders and date gatherers. It isn’t just camels either. They love their donkeys.

  • JackKrak

    “Why is it that Arabs are always shown as either oil-rich sheiks, terrorists, or belly dancers?”
    Why is it that fish are always shown swimming in water?

    • Garrett Brown

      Is this Superbowl add “racist”? Yes. Is there anything wrong with that? No.

    • Arabs have some legitimate concern about such an ad. Such ads and media coverage tend to completely leave out some positive images of Arabs. For instance, I believe Helen Thomas as well as the creator of Zogby polls are Americans of Arab descent, as I believe Abboud also is. Also the people struggling for a better world in the Middle East, are, like all such people anywhere in the world, noble on that account alone.

      But the complaints against the ad should completely drop certain horrible words in the politically correct manipulative lexicon. Don’t use words such as “racist.”

      • CourtneyfromAlabama

        Why does this movement attract so many arab apoligists? Nothing you just said holds water. They don’t belong here.

        • Tell me in what way it does not hold water.
          FYI I am against the replacement of whites and their civilization, and we are under great attack today. But truth is truth and it should be looked at. It helps one make more rational decisions in accord with one’s interests.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Wow, really? People make their livings puking this idiocy forth?


  • The__Bobster

    “The Coke commercial for the Super Bowl is racist, portraying Arabs as
    backward and foolish Camel Jockeys, and they have no chance to win in
    the world,” Imam Ali Siddiqui, president of the Muslim Institute for
    Interfaith Studies, said in an email.

    Yeah, sounds about right. Without oil, they’d still be back in the 7th Century.

    • jane johnson

      Even WITH oil, they are still primitive, intolerant brutes who want to impose their laws and customs on any society foolish enough to admit them. Assimilation? Forget about it. Loyal American citizens? Scratch that one as well. It’s not merely the Coke commercial that “offends” this group; it’s American culture in general that they despise. The fabricated outrage is a ploy to keep them in the public eye, and is yet another example of the passive/aggressive strategy that groups such as the ADC and CAIR employ in an effort to use our civility and unwillingness to offend against us. I personally don’t care if they are offended or not, and hope that Coca-Cola runs the ad, as is.

    • rightrightright

      It is surprising that Arabs don’t realise that their capital, Riyadh, is in fact a celebration of Christian achievement.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      How many gold medals did Arabs win in the London Summer Olympic Games?

      Bahrain, Tunisia and Algeria, with one each. That’s right, three gold medals for the entire Arab world, with a population of 280 million. South Korea won 13, with a population of only 50 million.

      “They have no chance to win in the world”? Spot-on!

  • brengunn

    Anyone mentioning Leprechauns, shamrock, drunkeness, bar room brawls, the film ‘The Quiet Man’ or saying ‘Top o’ the mornin’ to ya’ in a dumb accent upon hearing I’m Irish better lawyer up. I’m gonna take you to the cleaners you racist bastards!

    How have people become so thin skinned and hypersensitive. Everything’s a deeply wounding slur nowadays.

    • Anders

      O’, it’s y’self then,
      Don’t forget ‘paddy wagon!

      • brengunn

        Name and address, please. Expect a summons!

    • StillModerated

      You didn’t mention anything about calling you a bog-trotter. Is that still OK?

      • brengunn


        You can’t say that word, that’s our word!

        • That better not be a bad word.

          • brengunn

            It’s not bad, we’ve took it back!

          • Nathanwartooth

            Speaking of bad words are you going to start deleting posts with racial slurs in them again? That would be nice.

          • We are always supposed to delete posts with racial slurs or if possible edit out the racial slurs.

    • PesachPatriot

      Best post of the thread…if they dislike the coke ad they can just drink pepsi, or the iranian made islamic cola( I forget what it is called)….go cry in your big piles of oil money. The brave jihad warriors who torture and murder women and children, cut off peoples heads and fly planes into buildings had their feelings hurt. Also, brengunn, for what it is worth I have long been a big fan of all things Celtic…the book of kells, the blarney stone, the druids, and one of my favorite kinds of cheese is kerrygold …Ireland and the irish americans are a lot more than bar fights and shamrocks. One of my favorite books is by an Irish author…Bram Stoker’s Dracula

    • Tim

      My Old Man had a name for his Leprechaun. It was “Mr. Marski”…

  • MekongDelta69

    I think Abdul al-Shazaam bin Camel Jockey has us mistaken for people who actually give a damn what bothers him and his cohorts.

  • Luca

    I’m so out of touch. When did “Arab” become a race? Oh, and there were cowboys in the ad too? Why is it cowboys are always shown on horses? Maybe the ACLU can declare “cowboys” a race in time to bring a lawsuit after the Super Bowl.

    • Katherine McChesney

      They are Semites.

      • Luca

        Semite is a culture and an ethnicity. Not a race.

        • The Verdict of History

          More accurately, it is a linguistic category, first and foremost.

          It is also an ethnological category.

          There exist several Semitic cultures.

          • Luca

            I think it would be easy to say linguistics is a component or category within any culture.

          • The Verdict of History


            I didn’t mean to clash too strongly with you…

        • Katherine McChesney

          Semite IS a race. Semites are Arabs and Jews.

          • Major

            Wrong…there are only three races. Black, White and Asian.

            Or for you, Negroid, Caucasian and Mongoloid. Arabs and Jews…are not a race. Nor are Mexicans, Venezuelans, French or Italians.

          • Luca

            Research the Genographic project. NatGeo has discovered that nine ancestral regions make up each of our genomes. They are Northeast Asian, Mediterranean, Southern African, Southwest Asian, Oceanian, Southeast Asian, Northern European and Sub-Saharan African.

            Regardless, we are not anthropologists and the point being made is not that important. Professors can argue for days whether race is biological or a social construct.

            My opinions were formed by the above project. I believe there are nine true biological races based on DNA research by those much smarter than I am.

          • Nate Miller

            If Semites = Arabs and Jews. Why do Jews look white (many have blonde/ red hair, blue/ green eyes & white skin) where as Arabs look distinctly middle eastern. For example, If semites = Arabs/ Jews. How come the typical camel jockey Arab Muslim woman does NOT resemble a blonde blue eyed Jewess like Scarlett Johansson, Goldie Hawn, Gwyneth Paltrow, etc?

          • Mizrahi Jews from countries like Iraq and Syria do not exist?

        • anonymous_amren

          No, it’s a race.

  • StillModerated

    Coca Cola had originally planned to show an Arab riding a camel, but PETA got all peeved. Then they tried an Arab smoking a Camel. Oh never mind.

    I’m curious as to why this whiner has a Jewish surname, but I’m especially glad he’s offended.

    • Katherine McChesney

      He could be a Jew who supports the two-party state.

      • There have been Jews who spoke Arabic as their main language.

    • Doud, in various forms, is a commom Arab name and is often changed to David, which is the English equivalent.

    • Nate Miller

      Doud is NOT Jewish. Doud is actually a common Arab Moslem name. I’ve even heard of Doud ( Dawood) used amongst many Pakistani & Indian moslems too. Doud is a moslem name.

  • IstvanIN

    They should have shown him as a convenience store clerk.

    • bigone4u

      At my local Muslim owned convenience store there is a prominent display filled with many, many titles of pornographic magazines, which their religion does not allow. Hyprocrisy?

      • StillModerated

        I’ll bet they sell lottery tickets, beer and wine, too. Most likely they tell their friendly local neighborhood ayatollah, “this stuff is for selling — not consuming.” Perfect third world logic.

    • Nate Miller

      Not really! Most convenience store owners are Asian Indians NOT Arabs. The smoking camel and terrorist suits Arabs fine! As for Asian Indians, a ridiculous accent and a small built dark skinned curry smelling round faced Hindoo doctor, engineer or 7/11 clerk would be a great stereotype.

  • The Muslims would be offended if the showgirl was Arab because she would show too much skin.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Muslims have harems. Don’t they dress seductively and perform for the men and their guests? Or is that a myth?

      • PesachPatriot

        Only the wealthiest muslims still have harems…like the saudis, kuwaitis, qataris and a few other small gulf countries…the average poor goat herder or bazaar merchant in egypt, syria, yemen, the west bank or algeria cannot afford the expense of more than one wife usually.

  • Unperson

    Good thing these camel-jockeys don’t know about Ray Stevens’ “Ahab the Arab” or they’d go after him too.

  • fakeemail

    Is it too much to hope that Arab (Americans) and Madison Avenue both lose? All advertising and “PR” is pure mind control and propaganda aimed (successfully) at the idiot masses.

    Way back before the modern art of advertising, a TV commercial would simply show a car and spokesman would give it’s mileage, speed, reliability, etc. No playing to people’s weak-hearted delusions and need for childish entertainment. Screw the steroid-bowl and screw the commercials.

    • IstvanIN

      Ever see ads from the 30s? They show handsome, elegantly dressed men and women standing next to the product, such as a car. Or a smart looking women with an apron next to the latest appliance? Or neatly attired children playing with a doll or toy train? Or the nice looking family around the radio? Really classy ads.

      • bigone4u

        There were also ads featuring Rastus for Cream of Wheat and Aunt Jemina. Those were the days when blacks could be accurately portrayed. Jack Benny had a black valet named Rochester, too. Then there was mos and Andy.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          Here’s some fun information I read recently about Coke and blacks. We all know Coke used to contain “The Real Thing” — cocaine — AND alcohol. Blacks didn’t have access to coke at the time because it was only sold at soda fountains — which were off-limits to blacks. Coke was marketed to Whites as an “intellectual beverage.” Cocaine wasn’t illegal in the US until 1914,11 years after the Coke company removed it 1903.

          What set off the removal? When coke started bottling its product in 1899 and….

          Anyone with a nickel, black or white, could now drink the cocaine-infused beverage. Middle-class whites worried that soft drinks were contributing to what they saw as exploding cocaine use among African-Americans. Southern newspapers reported that “negro cocaine fiends” were raping white women, the police powerless to stop them. By 1903, [then-manager of Coca-Cola Asa Griggs] Candler had bowed to white fears (and a wave of anti-narcotics legislation), removing the cocaine and adding more sugar and caffeine.


          • vladdy1

            The Atlantic is your source? Try again. And if you think blacks didn’t have access to coke (the drug) long after 1903, study up on jazz or the Harlem Renaissance. You guys really need to stop believing revisionist history. Look, if a source uses scare phrases like “bowed to white fears,” doesn’t that set oiff a little alarm about how accurate and unbiased it is? Don’t believe everything you read.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Try again when you completely misread my post?

            Can you read?

            Where did I say in my comment that blacks didn’t have access to coke after 1903?

            My comment is about the REASON coke took cocaine out of its product.

            Reread my comment and then maybe you’ll get it.


          • The Atlantic still does a good article every now and then.

          • Cherry Bomb


            It is irritating that we have posters coming on here running their keyboards and blathering about their personal beliefs which they try to pass off as “facts.” This arrogance comes from years of miseducation and brainwashing by the liberal media and colleges.

            I see this all over the web. They never list any sources, because “their beliefs” are the source, nor do they rebut or debate, showing they’ve got nothing to back up what they claim to be true. Anything they don’t like they dismiss as “wrong” and that’s that. Dogma has replaced debate or inquiry. Feelings trump experts’ life work. It’s sick and a symptom of a very sick society. But, I have the feeling you already know that.

          • Kristin Burley

            What if a black could afford to purchase a coke with his hard earned money from his job – was coke off-limits even to that particular black? If that was the case, than I guess change was needed. I’m sorry, but such a cruel practice of forcibly segregating people and banning them from using services even when they could afford them just because of the color of their skin makes one ashamed to be an American or even a human in that pathetic era. Thank goodness the world has changed and a black man now runs America. Like it or hate it, but no one can win against the forces of change.

            True, no one condones black crime and stupidity, but two wrongs don’t make a right. To even contemplate that there were so many old idiots who thought forcibly denying services to fellow Americans ( of a different race) even when they could afford it was a great idea is disgusting, cruel, unchristian and inhuman in so many ways.

          • Cherry Bomb

            Only a brainwashed fool believes that America is better off under obama.

            Or maybe you think these are good things that have happened since Ovomit became POTUS: adding 17 million people to the food stamp rolls, a decline in median household income of $4000, decline in workforce participation from 60.6% to 58.6%, 58% of the jobs that have been created under 0bama are lowpaying jobs, the price of a gallon of gas has soared from $1.84 to $3.26 or that 0bamacare will cost the average family $20,000/year?



            There was a good reason for segregation and there is nothing wrong with gong back to it considering blacks target whites for assault, robbery and murder.

            That “black man” that you think runs America is running her straight into the ground.

          • Beloved Comrade

            You want to know what’s disgusting, cruel, unchristian and inhumane?

            Flooding White countries and only White countries with the dregs of the 3rd World to make Whites a minority in the countries they created and built. When this is done to non-White countries it is called “genocide” by the UN, re: Tibet.

            Which non-White countries do you think should be flooded with destitute Africans and Asians until the native population is eliminated?

            You can list as many countries as you like.

            PS: “Because of history” does not justify flooding White countries with non-Whites until Whites are genocided out of existence.

        • vladdy1

          Yeah, that’s really horrible. Much better to live today, when blacks have folks like Jay-Z, 50 cent, and Nikki Minaj representing them.

        • Anonymous #3

          You’re a dumb paleface, “bigone4u”

          • Cherry Bomb

            As dumb as someone using a White-created device to call Whites dumb?

            lol, Try again.

            When did you first start hating Whites?

          • Beloved Comrade

            You are being purposefully stupid.

            Why can’t you reply properly? Think about the thousands of people reading this and seeing your childish answer, without actually debating or having any point but mockery. I can ask you back; Were you bullied as a child? Because most bullies were.

      • StillModerated

        Even in the 1960s films and TV shows portrayed humans as civilized. Now fashion has become barbaric slob-like shabbiness, thanks to pander to the tawny crowd. However, I’m mystified by the track-suit phenomenon, because these gits only do a runner when they’re chased by the popo.

      • Thor Bonham

        Yes, those were the days .. I swear I was born at the wrong time in life ..
        I wish I was born circa 20’s or 30’s .. Imagine growing up WITH the country,
        A country that was 90% white ? Everyone knew their place, men were men and women were women ..Men in suits just to go and see a movie or a ball game, women dressed up perfect with out any reason other than to be a woman.. All I can do is dream about it .. Too bad, eh ?

        • mobilebay

          I don’t have to dream. I witnessed it. It was another world then. Those men in suits also wore hats which they tipped to the ladies, who wore gloves with those dresses. We children stood when our teacher entered the room and the worst infractions were chewing gum in class, or for boys having their shirttails out. By the way, everyone spoke English and no one demanded anything. Yes, even with a depression and a World War, in which my father served – although he had three children – this was the real America. Wish you could have been there. My greatest regret is that my four great-granddaughers will never witness it.

        • Leslie

          Everyone knew their place? It was blatantly biogted, homophobic, sexist time. Being female and bisexual it would have been hell. You should read a book by Wini Brienes entitled “Young and Miserable:Growing Up White and Female In The 1950?

          • Katherine McChesney

            I grew up in the 50’s. It was a perfect time for me. Everyone knew their place. People had manners. My father wore a hat and a three piece suit. My mother wore a dress, stockings, gloves and hat for shopping downtown. Our neighborhood was white. We children could ride our bikes around town, walk to school, have lemonade stands, spend the night parties.We had ice cream parties, pot luck dinners, tea parties and Sunday dinners with home made yeast bread. People dressed modestly. I never heard cursing, never saw filthy magazines. We could walk downtown at night without fear of being mugged or murdered. It was a perfect time of my life. I miss it.

          • PesachPatriot

            It sounds like a very nice time…This is why I envy my grandmother…I was lucky enough to grow up in a small rural(at the time) northern town and we never locked our doors, even if we went on vacation. My mom could let me and my sister run around all day without cell phones to call us on and knew we would be fine.

            The worst crime that ever happened in our town was either beer theft or drive offs from the gas station once or twice a year and eggs and toilet paper on halloween. I’m sorry you had to see this country come to its present state. Its quite a hard thing to accept that I live in a town now where the bank has been robbed in broad daylight with Ak-47’s and two men were killed for less than a $100 at a convenience store. This is why I always try to be extra nice to the seniors I run into down here…i’m pretty sure this isn’t the america they imagined retiring in.

          • vladdy1

            Oh, please. I’m so tired of college kids knocking the 40;s. Yeah, that Gidget was really oppressed (early 60’s). Talk to some people who were there, instead of believing Marxist profs.
            It wasn’t bigoted, and “homophobia” hadn’t been made up yet. Sexist? Don’t make me laugh. We didn’t have to dresss like sluts and give BJ’s just to seem friendly.
            Do yourself a favor and watch some classic TV. Those people were unhappy and opressed? We did not and still do not feel guilty for being white, straight, or male (which I am not).
            If anyone out there DOES, I hereby issue them this Card for Absolution of White Guilt, good for a lifetime membership. Now you won’t have to vote for BO’s politicies anymore.

          • IstvanIN

            Bigoted or just honest concerning race? I see no harm in separate black and white facilities and a lot of advantages. Blacks were better behaved back then. Homophobic? True, it was unfair of the authorities for arresting gays just for congregating or beating them up, but no society is perfect. Sexist? Men and women are different, and there is nothing wrong with that. Equal pay for equal work, absolutely. Should women be allowed to reach their potential, I am for that, but are we really better off when women have to work in order for a family to own a home and raise a child? I think not.

            The 50s may not have been perfect but we were progressing towards a more liberal society, the problem is when we included blacks in that society and then every other non-white race. You can only have a progressive, liberal society if it is a white society. If you think the 50s were bad wait and see what lies ahead for us in a brown future. It won’t be pretty.

            As for Wini Breines, one unhappy broad does not define an era.

          • Gay Black Man

            I agreewith you wholeheartedly. As an openly Gay Black Man, it would have been pure hell for me as well.

          • Leslie

            Indeed. I can emphatize with you.

          • Plenty of copies available for $0.99:


            Because liberal spew isn’t worth a dollar.

          • dhs

            Yes, today’s America is a much better environment for white women. For example, they have preferential treatment in employment over white men, as well as in social and legal matters. Today, with cosmetics and cosmetic surgeries, women can maintain their attractiveness much longer, and there are no longer any social constraints on women’s sexual activities.

            What puzzles me is why women have so little commitment in preserving this great environment. Few women try to prevent the massive influx of sexist immigrants; fewer have any interest in the fiscal insanity of the federal government. Most women embrace Diversity, which has reduced the benefits to women of Affirmative Action. I have met only one woman who is aware and concerned about America’s declining manufacturing capacity.

            It brings to mind the old saying: You don’t know what you got, ’til it’s gone.

          • pcmustgo

            Plenty of teens still are Young and Miserable…

        • anonymous_amren

          Sorry, but I LOVE all the technology and culture that white people have invented since then. White people have done absolutely amazing things since the 30s. I don’t want to throw that baby out with the bath water.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    How come whites, especially white males, never complain or protest when they are depicted as bumbling buffoons or losers in TV ads (especially as compared to nonwhites) which is increasingly common? Oh, that’s right, complaining about their dwindling status and prestige in society just isn’t a “white thing.” My bad.

    • fenway23

      Some of those ads are blatantly racist against whites, designed intentionally to make blacks look not only equal to whites, but in fact superior. All those State Farm ads with magic Negroes reminding clueless whites to buy their auto insurance or the Gerber one where that wise and enlightened African-American couple reminds the dim-whitted cracker couple to save for their kids’ college. I could go on…

      • I am currently unemployed and the commercials I see through out the day are nothing but make-me-want-to-vomit-pro-negro.

      • Anonymous #3

        Yeah but those palefaces are generally accurate depictions of dumb whites in America. I’d say it’s suitable to describe whites in America.

        • Cherry Bomb

          You are anti-White so stop using White-created technology, first-world medicine and clean water. It would be hypocritical of you to use things created by “dumb” Whites or live in a country created by Whites, for Whites.

          It was dumb Whites that created the device you’re using right now to call us “dumb.” Also, the electrical grid that powers things like your plasma screen TV, computer, cell phone and other high-tech, White-created devices. Give up your car because it was — yep — Whites that created the internal combustion engine — the jet engine too. Or maybe you thought those things were created in Africa, lol.

          Next time you need an antibiotic, or any other 1st world medicine or medical technology — refrain! Dumb Whites created those things.

          I suggest you depart for somewhere like Detroit, a nearly White-free paradise where you can live apart from us “dumb” Whites.

          When and where did you first start hating Whites?

        • Beloved Comrade

          Are you a White anti-White or a non-White anti-White?

        • fenway23

          Hey buddy, proportionately there are far more blacks and browns who qualify as dumb in this country than whites.
          Are you one of the white-hating leftists from Madison Ave. who creates these sick ads or something? Did I hit a nerve…

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Coke should have shown Arabs burning cars in Paris.

    On second thought, Coke better pull that ad before another one of our ambassadors gets murdered.


  • bigone4u

    Seriously, I wonder how many people have expressed support for Coke’s artistic freedom. Commericials are low art, but they are art. The bottom line for Coke is the bottom line–selling more soft drinks. The ad would work I think.
    However, if I were Coke, I would be worried about a Muslim poisoning of my product. You know, you have insulted us, so now we defend our honor in our own way. Die infidels.
    It will be easier and safer for the public for Coke to cave. Sad though.

  • pablo

    Nice how a minority is free to object and voice dissatisfaction.
    I see so many anti white male commercials and not a peep from the cowering white guys.
    Or is it because if a white protests a disparaging depiction of white males, well, thats just proof of what a racist he is.
    Another example of the double standard of the msm.

  • odious liberal

    Never support or use a middle-eastern run or staffed business.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    Maybe because so many muslims really are terrorists? Maybe because they support jihad and sharia law? People need to stop enforcing their own stereotypes then crying foul when people point out reality.

  • You don’t like it? Move elsewhere.

  • liberalsuck

    “Why is it that Arabs are always shown as either oil-rich sheiks,
    terrorists, or belly dancers?” said Warren David, president of the
    American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, or ADC.

    That’s a good question, Mr. David. I have some questions of my own for you as well. Why is it that Arab Muslims oppress and kill people in their native countries, yet move to other nations and not only whine about their host’s culture and way of life, but kill people for making fun of Mohammed, rape women or call my female friends on Facebook “whores” just because they don’t want to wear veils and be backwards religious fanatics that are still stuck in the 7th century?

  • arabia

    “Why is it that Arabs are always shown as either oil-rich sheiks,
    terrorists, or belly dancers?” said Warren David, president of the
    American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, or ADC.

    David is definitely not an arab surname but his ilk do play both sides of the fence …

  • Thor Bonham

    “What message is Coke sending with this?”

    Who gives a crap in a white country ?? Well, if it were just a white country as were supposed to be ..

  • mobilebay

    Maybe they’ll perform a jihad at half time.

  • T’oma

    Why does Arab and American seem to not sound right?

    • IstvanIN

      For the same reason 1 + 1 = 3 doesn’t, because it isn’t.

  • Luca

    After all, Arabs have the moral high ground in this argument. They stone adulterers persecute rape victims, cut off shoplifters’ hands, have sex with goats, ban bibles, kill Christians, kill non-believers or apostates and wear suicide vests blowing up random innocents.

    How dare we show them dressed in white next a camel. It’s an outrage I tell you!

    • Nate Miller

      Coke did a big mistake showing the Arab with a camel. In todays middle east the oil rich sheikhs use expensive German, Italian and American luxury cars. However, many modern Arab muslims youth aspire to be American/ European/ Israel/ India hating suicide bombers. A more apt representation in the coke ad would have been to show the muslim Arab with a suicide vest barking out “allah hu akbar” just before the Ka-Boom next to a coke machine. Or as RamZPaul so accurately portrayed in his “diversity dinner” video:

      watch out for Muslim Alisha!

  • Cow Betsy

    I’m a cow. Why are cows always portrayed as making moo and giving milk? This is so anti-cowish. Such intolerant anti-cowish, xenophobic, anti-animalistic stereotypes only lead to a Holocaust in an abattoir.

    • IstvanIN

      Bovinephobia isn’t nice but it isn’t really the topic being discussed here.

  • Major

    Here’s the ad Coke should run in retaliation:

    A typical day of “governing” in the african nation of Detroit.

    • Katherine McChesney

      One of the many, many reasons I do not like blacks.

    • IstvanIN

      I see how Monikka Conman respects Robert’s Rules of Order.

  • William Allingham

    this is getting so absurd, everybody is trying to get their share of the booty, every ethnic group in America has learnt the magic spell (“racism’) that invokes whites money and attention even if they are not congruent with what they are saying.

    its not whites fault that some Arabs feel ashamed of who they are so they become so sensitive about their cultural traits being portrayed in an advertising. Manipulative people want to have total control of the opinions others have about them (with idealistic images of specialness) this “specialness” would be healthy if you are in your culture with your people but when you are an uninvited guest its more than vicious.

    we live in very deceitful times when mexican “government” denounces racism in America toward blacks while concealing that blacks in mexico have such a low status that their existence is not even recognized (yes, there are blacks in mexico as product of slavery there) we know that blacks have never been better treated than in white societies and as soon as these stop being white; blacks (and everybody else) can expect something alike to what they get in mexico or Africa.

  • the racist truth

    Is it not likewise racist and bigoted to keep portraying whites or European Americans as the richest elitist wealthy superior most highly intelligent supreme race on earth who created the advanced western civilization of America and everything in it even though its true?

  • Honor killings, child marriage, 20,338 jihad terror attacks since 09/11/2001; but the real issue concerning the Muslim Institute for Interfaith Studies is a Coca-Cola commercial. Glad to see they have their priorities in order.


    To Arabs, blacks, Hispanics, and all other minorities the word “racist” is the “Abracadabra word of this century, just utter it and watch everybody drop to their knees. It’s magical for sure! However that magical “racist” word is starting to fall on deaf ears as the “brainwashing” starts to fade.

  • enough already

    Could never understand what these arabs were here for(before 911), and more so after. Can not stand when I hear “they love the USA”,what a lie that is.Think I remember only seeing churches and temples when I was young.This is a result of that treasonous 1965 Act Americans never voted on.That law would surely have been voted down back then and that is why it was rammed down our throats.Ovomit would certainly not be POTUS if not for that disgusting law.

    • There were a lot of people here from the Middle East that were Christians or Jews before 1965. Why is this fact ignored?

  • WhiteFalcon1

    LOL…the Arab has the key that opens the machine, he’s the owner of the 7/11’s in that area!!!

  • race card still works

    And you thought pulling the race card was so cliche and a broken record after so many decades? Now the whole world has caught on. Christiaity aka White Man Religion will be outlawed next as racist and anti-muslim.

    • If Christ were to come back you would probably call him a “mud” for not being from Europe. Am I right?

      • Beloved Comrade

        I see by your comments that you support the end of the White Race.

        You are despicable person for supporting the global genocide of White children, but maybe if you beg the Lord for forgiveness he will guide you to righteousness.
        But you have to confess first to him and then to us.

  • AlexanderGalt

    Maybe they should have shown him in a suicide vest or wiring money for the jihad on his infidel invented mobile phone.

    This racism crap is now a mania. It started off as a joke but now people are being jailed for thought crimes.

    There’s a good example in:”Unacceptable Radical” at:

  • Buck Farack

    |Arab-American groups have sharply criticized a Coca-Cola Super Bowl ad . . .
    |The Coke commercial for the Super Bowl is racist . . .

    Who will be whining next? Cowboy-Americans, Las Vegas Showgirl Americans, Mad Maxicans . . .

    SHUT UP!

    • Jane Lek

      Great name, Buck! Signed, Sarack Bucks.

  • Jane Lek

    These Arab Muslims should shut up, until they get rid of the disgusting anti-Jewish propaganda that runs constantly on television in Muslim countries.