Senate’s H-1B Visa Proposal Goes Far Beyond Microsoft’s

Kyung Song, The Seattle Times, January 30, 2013

A bipartisan Senate plan to dramatically expand a visa program for highly skilled foreign workers resembles a proposal unveiled by Microsoft last fall, but well exceeds the company’s own goals.

Led by Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, five Republicans and five Democrats rolled out the Immigration Innovation Act on Tuesday to lift the annual quota of H-1B visas for those workers from 65,000 to 115,000. That new cap would grow each year if demand outstrips supply, potentially up to 300,000 visas annually.

In addition, the bill calls for doing away with a separate cap of 20,000 visas for foreigners with graduate degrees from U.S. universities. It also would allow spouses of H-1B visa holders to hold jobs for the first time, and reserve unused green cards for permanent residency for foreigners with technology- and science-related skills.

The bill would charge employers an extra $1,000 for each visa and use the money to bolster so-called STEM education—science, technology, engineering and math—for American students.

Taken together, the provisions largely mirror a blueprint laid out earlier by Microsoft. The Redmond company and others in the technology field seek to liberalize rules to import more workers to fill vacancies for which they say they lack qualified Americans.

Microsoft had previously sought to create 20,000 extra visas for STEM-related jobs. The cap has fluctuated since the visas were created in 1990, and has never topped 195,000.

Microsoft has ratcheted up lobbying on the visa issue in recent years. Immigration now ranks as one of the top issues for Microsoft and its lobbyists, accounting for more visits to members of Congress than all but tax matters, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks money in politics.

Microsoft is one of the nation’s heaviest users of H-1B visas, and foreign workers make up about 10 percent of the company’s U.S. workforce.


Kim Berry, president of the Programmers Guild, denounced the bill as a product of “backdoor negotiations with industry lobbyists.”

Berry said the new quotas are so generous that “effectively, there is no cap.”

“These U.S. senators are siding 100 percent with multinational corporations and 100 percent against American tech workers,” he said.

The group is demanding changes to the bill, including requiring employers to first advertise the job and attempt to fill it with a qualified American before resorting to a foreign hire. Many employers currently do not need to prove a shortage of domestic applicants.

Ron Hira, associate professor of public policy at Rochester Institute of Technology and an expert on H-1B visas, said he was taken aback by the bill’s scope.

Hira estimates eliminating the cap on foreigners with advanced degrees from American universities could eventually account for 100,000 additional visas a year. Add to that working spouses of visa holders and the Hatch bill could mean an annual influx of 500,000 foreigner workers.


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  • jambi19

    The goal is to increase the pool of laborers and drive down the costs of salaries. As you’ve heard a millions times these are the “jobs Americans won’t do.”

    • JohnEngelman

      “Our immigration system needs to be modernized to be more welcoming of highly skilled immigrants and the enormous contributions they can make to our economy and society,” said Rubio. “This reform is as much about modernizing our immigration system as it is about creating jobs. It’ll help us attract more highly skilled workers in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math, which will help our unemployed, underemployed or underpaid American workers find better jobs.”


      Every time I read that I feel like I am being told that 9 + 9 = 81 and that 9 x 9 = 18.

      What about “our unemployed, underemployed, or underpaid” American “highly skilled workers in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math?”

      How will importing the most skilled employees in the world create jobs for Americans who already live here?

      • SheikYerbouti

        Simple really. The American technology workers will be shoved out once again and replaced with a silent army from Hyderabad or what have you. It happened in the 90s and escalated into the new century but stagnated as the economy slid. Now there’s a plan to replace the few Americans that survived that first wave and the economy. Once the Americans are replaced the number of jobs will go up. They will be fast food and other service jobs supporting the PhD for $30K foreign technology job holders. Rubio is just confirming the plan for all to see. They want to take Americans out of the air conditioned cubicles and pout them in front of the fryer. So let’s say an American IT expert is making $60K a year. He can be replaced for half of that leaving $30K to “create” 7 part-time fast food jobs. Our country is being stolen from us by the US Government and sold to the highest bidder (or lowest in so many cases).

        • JohnEngelman

          Our country is being stolen from us by a plutocracy that grows richer as the rest of the country grows poorer.

        • NM156

          Silicon Valley is 50% Asian.

          • UK Expat

            Of course it is! The elite of those countries with populations far higher than our own are being welcomed to lap up the fruits of western labor (aka labour!).

          • TFill

            But some of those foreigners are entrepreneurs who invest in start-ups, trying their luck in America. Some are successful in creating jobs for native white Americans and some are not. I don’t know, the scale of investments in America by foreigners, but I’m sure it’s in the range of billions.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Damn, John, you have me up on the pew shouting “Amen, brother!” So does this mean that you are not all for more Asian immigration?

        • JohnEngelman

          I am ambivilent about Asian immigration, especially during a time of growing economic inequality and persistent unemployment. I like Orientals and people from India. (I use those terms, rather than “Asian” because Asian includes Moslim immigrants that I think harm Europe and the United States.)

          At the same time I realize that all immigration has economic and environmental costs. I see little or no benefit in a large Hispanic population, and no benefit in a large black population.

          America’s large black population is our collective punishment for the collective sin of our fathers in allowing slavery and the slave trade. The United States would be a much better country if slavery and the slave trade had never existed.

          I view Oriental and East Indian immigration the same way I would view a high birth rate among whites. I prefer a stable or gradually declining human population for the United States and the world.

          • Nathanwartooth

            My ancestors came over to this country in the early 1900s. Please tell me how I should be punished for slavery?

            We were really being punished for people not dealing with the problem of Blacks head on. They knew they were incompatible with White society so instead of doing the right thing and shipping them back to Africa they just passed the buck onto their descendants.

          • JohnEngelman


            I am not saying you should be punished for slavery. I am saying that as a white person you are being punished. I am saying that a large black population is an intractable problem that cannot be solved. It can only be managed.

            Sending blacks to Africa was tried, with Liberia. It did not work. Most of them did not want to leave. No other country wanted them.

            Before the civil rights movement there was unskilled work for black to do. Most were willing to do it. During the civil rights movement the U.S. economy was growing rapidly. This put most whites in a generous mood.

            Moreover, whites were in an optimistic mood. The government, under the leadership of the Democratic Party, had ended the Great Depression and won the Second World War. We had found a cure for polio. We were going to the moon.

            By gum, we could do anything we wanted to do if we set our hearts to it. That was the way it seemed.

            The United States in very many areas faces difficult problems without easy or obvious solutions. Our best years are probably behind us.

            Most liberals are privately aware that what Jared Taylor, Charles Murray, J. Philippe Rushton, Arthur Jensen and others say about the existence and importance of individual and racial IQ differences is true. They don’t want to hear about it. Consequently they try to suppress the truth.

  • Let’s just face it, the Federal Government is no longer American! They’ve gone global. We should no longer consider them to be a legitimate governing body as they no longer represent us or our people. Our loyalties should lie with the Constitution and not the rabble of foreign employed aliens that pretend to be Americans. They’ve long since sold out to foreigners and should no longer be allowed to be called Americans. They are just as alien or more so than the millions of illegal invaders that have trampled our rights for far too long!

    • I would ask any patriotic young man or woman who is thinking of enlisting in the military to first look at the people who now lead the country and the direction in which they’ve set it and first ask themselves if they and the future they plan for us are worth dying for?

      I served in the Navy. My father fought in WWII and my grandfather in WWI. I come from a family with a history of military service going back for generations, but I don’t want any of my children or grandchildren serving in a military that’s now used to protect foreign interests and whose government doesn’t look after the interests of its own citizens.

      Looking at the clowns in congress and the magic negro, it’s clear that the country is not ours but the servant of special interests and internationalists.

      • mobilebay

        Good post, Felix. I too come from a family who’s served in the military from a 4th g-grandfather who fought in the American Revolutionary War to a grandson who recently come home safely from Iraq. I hear the talk now of cutting funding for the military and wonder what will happen. Now, more than ever, we need a strong military but it doesn’t seem to matter to Washington. I would also not advise any of my other grandsons to sign up, and that hurts to say.

    • Vonhauer

      We need a new political party that represents white interests. Every other race has their race-based political groups except whites. The sooner the Republican Party dies the better.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    Short brilliant blog post by physicist Paul Nachman at

    Hey, U.S. Universities, Enough With The Foreign Graduate Students!
    By Paul Nachman on December 3, 2012

    Take-away quote:

    “The American taxpayer (both state and federal) is supporting extremely expensive research universities whose main educational purpose is to train students from abroad. When these students finish their educations, they either stay here, taking relatively high-paying jobs that could have gone to Americans, or they go home, taking our knowledge and technology with them…Congress and the public [don’t] seem yet to have noticed that, while largely ignoring our own students, we are putting our money and our best talent into training our economic competitors.”

    • The__Bobster

      The pernicious effects of H-1B in the computer field, bad as they are, pale
      in comparison with the impacts on the life sciences. We are producing far more
      PhDs and post docs in those fields than we need, and much of that surplus is
      fueled by people from abroad.

      As a result, life as a post doc is Dickensian. They are at an age where they
      should have gotten a start on adult life, say with marriage or purchase of a
      house, and yet they are essentially still students–for years and years after
      their PhD, in a series of temporary jobs. Even worse, they are going through all
      this without any reasonable assurance that they’ll eventually be able to enjoy a
      career in their field.

      I’ve been making the point for years that H-1B is causing an Internal Brain
      Drain from STEM in the U.S., by suppressing wage growth and thus pushing our
      best and brightest young people into more lucrative careers in finance, law and
      so on. I’ve contended that the tech industry is thus shooting itself in the
      foot, a loss for the nation as well.

    • DT

      “When these students finish their educations, they either stay here,
      taking relatively high-paying jobs that could have gone to Americans, or
      they go home, taking our knowledge and technology with them…”

      In either cases, aren’t they paying more than the natives to study in your universities? Non-white people have survived and progressed in the past without your knowledge or technology, all the way till the European imperialists interfered, and I’m sure it’s not going to make any difference if you take all that knowledge away from us now. Economic competitors? I guess, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Russia etc. are not your economic competitors because they’re all white countries. Oh I get the real reason behind your fear. You’re right on one thing though and I share the same view, that different races should work together to achieve total segregation. If we can’t work together to achieve atleast that, then there’s no point in our existence on this planet.

  • dhs

    Diversity will protect women and native minorities; businesses will make more profit; governments will get more taxes. The only group that will suffer is non-wealthy white men, and they deserve to suffer. There should be no effective opposition to this plan.

  • The__Bobster

    Led by Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, five Republicans and five Democrats
    rolled out the Immigration Innovation Act on Tuesday to lift the annual
    quota of H-1B visas for those workers from 65,000 to 115,000. That new
    cap would grow each year if demand outstrips supply, potentially up to
    300,000 visas annually.

    Why should there be a demand for foreign H-1b’s when there are one million American STEM graduates who are either unemployed or underemployed? Oh yeah, because the elites need to destroy the wage base of those uppity White engineers.

    • NM156

      Some Asian labor lobbyist was yammering on about how high salaries were for US STEM professionals. I wanted to stuff a boot in her mouth. Seventy thousand per annum isn’t much where I live, and it doesn’t even allow for a lifestyle that my union-card father provided for his family in the 1980s.

    • UK Expat

      Ok, I agree, but think H1-B’s generally target those with advanced degrees. I don’t think a BS fits the definitions required … unless the applicant is exceptional.

      I (we) have just advertised for a few postdoctoral researchers … do you want to guess how many applicants were American? About 20%. How many applicants in total? Less than 20 per position. How many suitable for each position? About 0% for one and 20% for the others.

      The problem is that wages do not match the effort required to obtain advanced STEM training, nor do they match those in medicine, finance, law, and so on. There is no real incentive for American students to enter into science and engineering beyond the BS level. Why are the wages so low? I don’t know, possibly a combination of immigration (illegal/legal), reduction in US manufacturing (overseas production), imports, and on. The truth is, only those fields that cannot be sent overseas or have to be filled by someone who has some kind of US license appear to have higher wages.

  • wattylersrevolt

    The H-B Visa program=monumental treason and allows the asians in our America to wage a vicous war of race-replacement against the Native Born White American Majority.
    Exhibit A:the former head of the Carniege Mellon Engneering Deparment…a hindu foreigner and now the 500 thousand dollar year Provost of UCSD…bragged on the Carniege Mellon Engineering website…”you may have noticed that White Males Students are now a minority in our student population”… how wonderfull it was that White Males are now a minority in the Carniege Mellon engineering department student population.
    Thanks to the H-1 B visa program, legal immigrant asians and their “American” born geneline are actively participating in the destruction of who knows how many centuries of Native Born White American Engineering,Medical, and Technical Experience and Know-How…future generations of Native Born White American Engineering and Medical Talent that will never be developed included…this is most definitely in the realm of genocide.
    When America was 90 percent Native Born White American and NASA was 99 percent Native Born White American Male…Native Born White America managed to put 12 Alpha Native Born White American Males…all with advanced engineeriing degrees and all experimental jet test pilots. This apparently bothered the asian invaders so much that they are actively using their influence to engineer an immigration policy that will make sure that this will never happen again.
    Not one asian should have ever been imported into our America. The passage of the Chinese Exclusion Act was a wonderfull event in American History…thanks to the efforts of an Irish Immigrant..forgot his name…and the Socialist and Jew Samuel Gompers…you should read Sam’s Congressional Testimony where he passionately urged the passage of the Chinese Exclusion Act.
    Shut down the H-1 B job theft program…bring back the wonderfull Chinese Exclusion Act!!!
    Asians in America are the mortal enemy of Native Born White Americans….

    • Xerxes22

      That was Denis Kearny, who formed “The Workingman’s Party of California”. This is what Wikipedia had to say about him.

      Excerpts from Kearney’s Speeches

      ”When the Chinese question is settled, we can discuss whether it would be better to hang, shoot, or cut the capitalists to pieces. In six months we will have 50,000 mean ready to go out. . . and if ‘John’ [the Chinese] don’t leave here, we will drive him and his aborts [sic] into the sea… We are ready to do it… If the ballot fails, we are ready to use the bullet.”[26]

      ”When I have thoroughly organized my party, we will march through the city and compel the thieves to give up their plunder. I will lead you to the City Hall, clean out the police force, hang the Prosecuting Attorney, burn every book that has a particle of law in it, andt hen enact new laws for the workingmen.”[27]

      ”For reporters of the press I have great respect. The reporters of the newspapers are workingmen, like ourselves ‒ working for bread and butter. But for the villainous, serpent-like, slimy imps of hell that run the newspapers, I have the utmost contempt.”[28]

      “If the legislature oversteps decency, then hemp is the battle-cry.” [referring to hemp ropes that could be used in lynchings.

      • NM156

        I am stealing “slimy imps”.

      • wattylersrevolt

        Thanks Xerxes

        A while back one of our comrades in a thread on AR about the asians in our America posted a comment about research of an academic historian showing just how harmfull late 1890’s asian legal immigration was to Native Born White American Workers. Perhaps he or she can repost this research.

        I think Kearney had a correspondence with Karl Marx’s daughter. May have met her when she toured America. She just couldn’t accept the idea of keeping out anyone looking for a better life. This really gets to the heart of what is wrong with Socialists who are politcal liberals:the nonwhites who they want to flood America with will have no concience about imposing a permanent National Orgins Immigration Policy that will 1)completely exclude Europeans and 2)maintain a permanent nonwhite majority for 10 thousand years. Modern day leftists such as Noam Chomsky and the late English Transvestite Aleander Cockburn are well aware of this. Of course, both of them would have a hell of time convincing millions of Native Born White Americans as to why they should accept this double standard. This is so something that I have pointed out many times here. Jared Taylor should shoud harp on this double standard…or as the late Alexander Cockburn use to write:doubling your standards…every time Jared appears on the MSM…use it as a battering ram from the openning rounds of a debate.

        I was watching the Military Channel a few days ago.. a show about the SR-71 Blackbird Supersonic Jet. You know that Kelley Johnson and all of his Skunkwork Aerospace Engineers were all Sihks from India right? America could never have built all these amazing jet aircaft without the Sihks from India. And did you know that NASA put 12 Korean Males on the Moon..that’s because NASA was 100 percent Korean back in 1969…you all know this fact about American History…right?

        And did you know that Orville and Neville Wright were Hindus from India..its true.

        • purestocles

          When you read the history of science, you find that progress proceeds in steps. A line of theoretical inquiry proceeds just so far before it runs into a wall. Then a tool is invented which some bright guy realizes is just the ticket for investigating the phenomenon that will enable the discovery of further data that resolves former difficulties and points the way to a new theoretical hypothesis. And so it goes, back and forth, from theory to invention. Investigation into magnetism, light, sub-atomic particles, composition of stars, and genetics all followed this pattern.

          High powered theorists, no matter how brilliant and how high their IQ, rely on inventions by more practical geniuses. Western Europeans have demonstrated that they excel in invention. Purging the European mind from scientific inquiry will result in the end of scientific progress. You can’t walk on one leg.

          • wattylersrevolt

            I agree with you completely. A few weeks ago I had a conversation with an experimental physicist about this very topic. We would not be able to probe the universe very deeply without constant technological innovation. The incremental improvements in technology may come across as prosaic..but it requires very deep physics intuition that guides the required technology hacking to make the technology work that enables humans to probe the world around them.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      This is why I have to disagree with Engelman about Asians. Maybe some are orderly, intelligent people. But the US doesn’t need them.

  • The__Bobster

    The bill would charge employers an extra $1,000 for each visa and use
    the money to bolster so-called STEM education—science, technology,
    engineering and math—for American students.

    What a joke! Each of these foreigners will save a company hundreds of thousands of dollars. I’m sure the traitors supporting this bill received a huge payoff.

    American students don’t need to be bribed to enter the STEM fields. They just need some assurance that they won’t be displaced by cheap foreigners.

  • dmxinc

    Call your Senators.

    • NM156

      No s**t! And keep calling!

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Been doing that since 2000, and they’re still ignoring me.

        • NM156

          Then call other Senators. Ultimately, the House is the deciding body on immigration since, unlike the Senate, it represents the interests of the American public. The Senate is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Global Financial Inc.

  • RHG

    That’s the thing about this whole amnesty, not only will it legalize millions of illegals, but there’s going to be “guest worker” program too and they want to expand legal immigration as well when they should be talking about a moratorium on all immigration for at least 5 to 10 yrs so they can get a handle on who exactly is in this country.

  • kjh64

    “Microsoft has ratcheted up lobbying on the visa issue in recent years. ”
    This is where the problem lies. Congress is corrupt .. Lobbying should not be allowed as it is just another word for bribery.

  • dukem1

    I can’t really blame MS for wanting to pay their workers as little as possible. That’s capitalism and industry.
    Before sponsoring one of these bills, however, our elected officials should do some homework and find out why companies must import people to do such work.

    This seems like a win-win for the pols..They can support immigration under the guise of helping our economy.
    Problem is, it’s a lose-lose for the American student, who is told that being successful at a difficult endeavor – getting educated as a scientist , engineer, etc.,at great expense, will provide a pleasant life, while contributing to the growth of our nation, and winds up getting thrown under the (electric-powered) bus.
    I’m beginning to think there’s something wrong with our country.

  • SintiriNikos

    So let’s see. We bring them in to do the so-called jobs that gringos won’t do. But we bring them in to do the high level jobs too. Hmmmm.

    There are plenty of unemployed STEM grads, home-grown, we don’t need the outsiders to take their jobs. The proof that there is no shortage in these jobs is that wages have fallen over the years. Simple case of supply and demand.

    Btw, excellent article on vDare on Conservatism, Inc.’s love-in at the Neocon Review Institute’s Summit.

  • GM (Australia)

    How many Americans are presently out of work? The figure is often mentioned during the financial segment of our TV news, it seems to be quite substantial, something like 10%. Just what is the real logic of importing any more workers? Do American Labor unions ever speak out against this insanity?

    • NM156

      No, they are all aboard the open-borders, free-trade steam train plowing through an industry in your town, in the hopes that the future beholds an American union-members’ paradise at some point. The unions are cooperating with tech lobbyists through intermediaries in Congress and on K Street, in the hopes that trading support for tech visas wins support for an amnesty, which will provide the unions with millions of potential union members. Unions are going against the lessons of history, which demonstrate that union membership falls when immigration is increased, because all else has failed them.

    • More like 27%

  • purestocles

    So, first we exclude qualified White Students from admission to elite universities because they must give up their places to unqualified affirmative-action minorities. And then, because our universities are not producing enough qualified graduates, employees must fish outside the nation’s borders for workers to fill the jobs for which the minority affirmative-action graduates were uneducable.

    Does anyone fail to see the self-defeating feedback in this cycle?

    It further marginalizes WASPS, so it must be a victory for someone.

    • purestocles

      “employers must fish” not “employees”. Silly me.

  • Jake

    As a American STEM PhD student I find it hard to believe they can not find talent among our native populations. Finding a job is hard and I am even considering post-doc positions.

    • Nathanwartooth

      These people will take jobs for half of what you would be willing to take.

      It’s not that these are jobs there are no Americans for, they just can’t find any willing to take slave wages so they have to import them.

      • Guest

        How is it a slave wage? When I worked in America for four years, I received equal pay, just like all my other native white and non-white American co-workers did. And this company wasn’t even huge like Microsoft or Apple. I don’t know if there are companies hiring people for low wages in America and if there are, could you post some articles based on this? By the way, are you comparing these jobs to the likes of convenience store or gas station ones? Now those can be considered cheap labor ones.

        • UK Expat

          You missed the point, wages are about supply and demand, if there are less candidates available wages increase, if there are more, wages decrease across the board. This has been a systematic problem for the west over a few decades. If there are a certain number of western STEM advanced level grads competing in a closed system and suddenly another source of employees is allowed to compete (i.e. the elite of other countries; lets be honest here, only the elite of those countries can afford to, or have the connections to do so), it is bad for that certain number of STEM folk. Now that wages are down compared to other fields, few westerners want to put in the effort.

          The same is true for construction workers, competition from workers with lower expectations forced wages down.

  • bigone4u

    The univerities engage in a lot of bullpuckying and play H-1B to be able to hire foreign professors, who the students can’t even understand. It undermines education since students learn less, but the foreigners are easy to control and work for less. Academic freedom is dead (the good kind that would let a professor say “screw multiculturalism and diversity”) partly because these foreigners don’t get it. They think the bosses have unlimited rights and they have none. They bring their culture with them.
    Many white American PHDs can’t find work in academia because of the foreign influx. H-1B is a fraud pure and simple. It’s anti-white and anti-American. Anyone supporting it is on my *hit list in future elections.

    • purestocles

      My graduate assistants in Engineering (foreigners all) were unintelligible. Not only could they speak little English but they so lacked pizazz that they couldn’t project their voice out into the room. We were constantly asking them to speak up and enunciate. Accepted to grad school solely on the basis of their mastery of equations, they made miserable teachers. Sessions with them were literally a waste of time.

  • NM156

    Please Microsoft, just move to Asia. The combined effects of this program and a proposal for an open-ended immigration system to award all foreign STEM students graduating from a US college with a US visa will destroy the incentive for any smart American (read: white native) to pursue an expensive education in engineering or the sciences. Any of these Senators question themselves about what this will do to the last sector of the American economy that guarantees a place in the middle class? Difficult to believe is that Senators are so brain-dead that they swallow everything that every lobbyist tells them. That is an impossibility. Therefore, they are anti-American multiculturalists and globalists with no compunction against selling out the entire country and passing on the inevitable costs of this destruction to the debt, which they think is imaginary anyway.

    • Tucker

      Unless my memory is failing a bit, I believe I remember reading that a significant portion of the Microsoft Headquarters infrastructure was moved to Israel a few years ago.

      Having had a long career in the IT industry myself, and as a consequence – having attended a fairly extensive number of specialized, advanced training courses and seminars around the country, I can attest to the fact that IT used to be a ‘white guy’ dominated field of technology. I used to joke with a few guys in my work place, whenever I would receive some junk mail that was announcing a new seminar or trade show or IT conference in Las Vegas or some other location – and the brochures would have little thumbnail sized pictures of the line up of speakers or instructors or people scheduled to do the presentations – all White guys! Once in a while, I’d see an Asian face or sometimes a White female, but for the most part – IT was a White male domain, and White males excelled at it. I’d joke about the pictures in those brochures and pretend to be upset over the lack of ‘diversity’ – all the while, having my tongue planted firmly in my cheek, of course.

      The other white guys in the office, most of whom were pitifully clueless on the realities of race and who had no idea that the Cultural Marxists had painted a bulls-eye on their backs – never seemed to ‘get’ my sarcastic joke and had no idea as to what sort of hate-driven war was being waged against White males by the Cultural Marxist enemies inside America. We all know the routine, right? Attempting to explain such matters to these guys would result in them calling you a wild-eyed ‘conspiracy nut’, because that’s how the enemy and their media propaganda mouthpieces have conditioned the naive and gullible to react to any suggestion that there might be a conspiracy behind any unusual set or sequence of events.

      Bottom line: IT careers were providing excellent middle and upper middle class salaries and fantastic careers for millions of White men. White men who had solid, stable and lucrative careers were able to catch the attention of White females, who were attracted to successful White men who had the means and the ability to be good providers and this was seen (in the minds of White females) as being good marriage material. I am convinced that, as part of the war against White men – the Cultural Marxists decided that they had to find some way to deprive White men of their ability to pursue careers in areas such as IT – which gave them the ability to be seen as good providers by White females. Enter outsourcing. Enter off-shoring. Enter H-1B Visa programs. Every bit of this fits in perfectly with the Cultural Marxist war being waged against White men and with their stated objective of disenfranchising the White male from every area of American society where he was able to exercise his natural talents and to carve out a niche where he would dominate and be able to excel.

      The end result? White males fall out of the ‘good marriage’ material pool, wind up never getting married to White females and they are unable to father white children.

      Trust me, people. It’s all connected to the White Genocide project of the Frankfurt School gang.

    • Microsoft has already essentially moved to Asia by importing Asia to Seattle on H-1B visas. Through accounting and legal loopholes/scams, it has “on paper” based most of its business at least in tax terms in Puerto Rico, such that its effective corporate income tax rate is only 7%, because Puerto Rico, while “part of America” such that the islanders can get food stamps and move to what used to be known as traditional America, isn’t part of America’s standard corporate income tax rates; PR has its own corporate income tax structure. The curious hook that MSFT can use to get away with this is that its production plant for physical CDs and DVDs for MSFT software products is in Puerto Rico — Except when was the last time you ever dealt with an official MSFT CD or DVD to do anything? I don’t think I have since circa 2000.

      Much of Silicon Valley (and I’m sure by now, Hollywood), while still theoretically planted in California, finds ways to get out of California on paper, to avoid its tax rates. I already told you about this:

      It’s not the politicians aren’t “brain dead” about what the lobbyists tell them, it’s that they want to be lobbyists eventually. The pay is much better. Jim DeMint didn’t leave the Senate to run the Heritage Foundation (which hearts H-xB visas big time) for his health, do you? Unless you think you’re a lot more healthy making $1 million or so a year than some $200,000 a year in the Senate.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    The Unemployment rate has been misreported since (I believe) the days of Clinton, perhaps Reagan/Bush. Same for the phony inflation numbers. If the truth were known, this would all be academic. We are, in fact in a depression, masked by food stamps and reality TV.

    We need a moratorium on all immigration. And we actually NEED to deport anyone on public assistance. I’d like to start with a new back to Africa movement, but I’d settle for “back to Bangalore” for a start.

  • KenelmDigby

    Sub-continental Indians (Indians, Pakistanis, Bangaldeshis, Sri Lankans), will take over America and become the new Mexicans in terms of numbers and population growth.
    Count on it.

  • Jake

    Dear Mods,
    Was it only Microsoft pushing this or were there other companies? If so, please list them. I also would not be surprised if universities are pushing this in the name of “diversity”

    • Just about any big time tech firm, CSIT firm, STEM firm, professional services firm, etc. are H-xB gluttonous. And yes, universities, too. It’s all for cheap labor. In fact, the lobbyists who helped design the H-xB parts of the immigration loosening legislation passed under Bush 41 (circa 1990) openly admitted that the purpose was to “keep Ph.D. salaries down.”

  • Conan

    You can’t import a 3rd world workforce and get a 1st world economy.
    Indian tech workers have been an absolute disaster for any company who has hired them in significant numbers. There actually has been an upswing in companies hiring more American techies to clean up the messes that the geniuses from the sub continent make. The more that flock here, the more chance of this entire rotten house of cards collapsing quicker.

    • The execs who play these games with H1B and offshore jobs have no idea that the role American culture plays into the creativity that made their own companies great. They just look at being able to hire some people with similar looking resumes for less money. Then they wonder why their company IT departments flounder for years afterward.

  • LHathaway

    HB1’s. . Happily Married to Habib. Affirmative Action females need someone to marry.

  • anarchyst

    Bill Gates did not have the “smarts” to develop an “operating system” for computers. He was simply “at the right place at the right time” and bought the “rights” to the MS-DOS operating system (that was developed by someone else) for $20,000.00.
    Bill Gates has a “scholarship” program that specifically EXCLUDES whites.
    It might be interesting to note that the Bill Gates “story” is NOT a “rags to riches” tale. Gate’s daddy is part of a prestigious multi-million dollar law firm.

    • Basically stole someone else’s creation which he re-plastered as MS-DOS.

      The family business is the Seattle-D.C. firm of Superlawyers called Preston-Gates, later a cousin of the Bush family surname named Ellis was added to the mast head, and it’s now known as Preston Gates Ellis.

  • shmo123

    “import more workers to fill vacancies for which they say they lack qualified Americans…”

    I wonder what percentage of American applicants are they hiring? 2%, or 3? This smells like the same old scam of getting much cheaper H1B applicants in. It just stinks.

  • I’ve worked with a lot of H1B people, and while some of them are skilled, many of them are just average people whose only “skill” is working for far less than a US citizen expects to get paid and being held captive by the company that hires them, which, in turn leads to extraordinary overtime abuse, with many of these people working six to seven days every week in salaried positions.

    • UK Expat

      I have noticed that too.

  • Vonhauer

    One of the biggest race traitors in the country is Bill Gates and no, he ain’t Jewish. This expansion of the H1-B program is a total farce aided and abetted by Republicans in the pocket of big biz and guarantees unemployment for skilled, highly educated, American workers. The vast majority of these Americans are white males who are being completely rejected for high-tech employment with firms like Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Hewlet Packard, and many many more who are breaking their necks to hire foreign workers at half the cost. I know. I was affected by this myself in 2000 – 2003.

    • KP

      Can you elaborate a bit on ‘half the cost’ please ? I hear many such claims and ZERO, again ZERO evidence. Off-shoring, out-sourcing reduces costs, wages wise. True. How does hiring a foreign worker save wage cost ? I am not implying foreign workers are needed or anything. All I am saying is MS or Intel pay the same wages to foreign/native workers doing similar work. While anecdotes are irrelevant, your or mine, I am in the same field and I have never been hired at half the cost nor have others that I know. Again, I am talking about foreign workers in the US, not workers abroad.

    • IstvanIN

      Bill Gates is a evil man, truly evil. He fights tooth and nail to undermine white American males and the nation that made him rich.

    • I still live the nightmare. Graduated in the top quartile of my EE/CS class in 2002, submitted my resume over 1000 times to tech firms, only to reecive fewer than a dozen responses. Meanwhile I find out that these exact firms have been importing H-1B workers by the hundreds of thousands. H-1B is a deliberate plan to de-skill American workers in favour of foreigners, to enrich some financial MBA elites, and their buddies, government workers. It has to stop.

  • zlypolski

    The most important lesson to learn from the comments in that Seattle Times article- which BTW are overwhelmingly against the proposal to increase the H-1B levels, I’d encourage everyone to look them over- is that we have to ACT, as American citizens, to register our rage with Congress and make sure this bill is defeated. It’s not enough to comment on the AR or newspaper boards- we have to call and write to members of Congress, register our voice in newspapers and TV interviews, put videos up on Youtube, call up the radio shows, go out and protest, get right in their faces in Capitol Hill, in general just get mad, ruthless and militant. As they say, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and when it becomes clear that we’ll be making things miserable and extremely painful for any idiot who supports the H1-B program in Congress, they’ll back down. I agree with what the commentaries on the article about the Immigration Innovation Act- an Orwellian name like so many of these bills that screw over the country- are saying, this is our very economic survival here, so all’s fair, and we have a right to get nasty to not only stop this H1B travesty, but also to push for the abolition of this corrupt program.

    Focus first on the members of the Senate committee giving it first consideration, and
    especially on the five Traitor Republicans, esp Rubio and Hatch, and five Traitor Democrats, like Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire, who are sponsoring it. We need to make it clear that there will be harsh and unbearable political consequences for any Congress member who even considers supporting it, that we’ll make their lives miserable, hound them into defeat and then, if they’re hoping for a plum lobbyist job after getting humiliated and kicked out of Congress, that we’ll ruin their reputations and frustrate their plans there, too. Again- all’s fair, hit hard and hit often.

    This issue is instructive also by the way it shows who Congress really serves- they prostitute themselves out to the same globalist coalition of corporate and big business donors, Gramsci cultural Marxists and the Chamber of Commerce that were responsible for the disastrous 1986 amnesty. These idiots whine that Americans are currently un-interested in comp sci, electrical engineering or other STEM careers, and so they want to make it worse by ensuring that STEM grads can’t get jobs after graduation and are stuck with crushing tuition loan costs?

    We’ve long known that the Democrats hold the American people in frank contempt, but it’s notable how much the idiot Republicans have joined them. Notice that the GOP in the Senate is fighting desperately against the nomination of Chuck Hagel as Defense Secretary- a patriot who anticipated the stupidity of the Iraq War and the thousands of American families it’s ruined, who served his country and stands up for the interests of Americans and, most important, is opposed to sending American kids out to die in a war against Iran on behalf of Israeli extremists. Republicans can’t have that, since of course, Israeli neocons like Elliott Abrams, Paul Wolfowitz, Charles Krauthammer, Jen Rubin, Douglas Feith and Richard Perle are more important to the Republican Party than old-fashioned, gun-owning, religious White Americans. But the GOP in comparison loves the whole idea of increasing the H1-B visa scam, doubling the already unmanageable legal immigrant numbers and providing yet another amnesty at the expense of American families. Translation: The policy of the GOP, aka the Stupid Party as Steve Sailer and others have aptly pointed out, is to shove down wages and throw as many Americans out of work as possible thru assinine immigration policy, then use the starving, out-of-work Americans as cheap, disposable cannon-fodder for wars against Iran on behalf of Israel extremists.

    So this is a warning to the GOP: They’d better hope that Hagel is confirmed, and that not a single immigration bill of any sort- not a bill to increase the H1-B’s, not a bill to increase legal immigration numbers, not a bill to provide amnesty- winds up going to Obama. If Hagel isn’t confirmed due to these neocon idiots wanting to use American kids as Israeli cannon-fodder, or if any immigration bill goes to Obama, then the GOP is finished, gone the way of the Whigs. And conservative Americans especially will be working towards the active destruction of the Republican Party, and the political ruin and public humiliation of any politician who engages in such treason and betrayal. The way the GOP has been cozying up to amnesty-loving neocon smooth-talkers like Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio, Lindsay Graham, Orrin Hatch, Kelly Ayotte and of course John McCain, this distrust is only growing stronger. We can no longer afford a globalist, backstabbing neocon political party in place of a real conservative party.

    OTOH if the Republican Party finally wises up, confirms Hagel and blocks any immigration bill from getting through Congress- blocks this repulsive H1-B visa bill, even abolishes the H-1B visa altogether, blocks any increase in these already ridiculous legal immigration numbers, blocks any amnesty bill both through a Senate filibuster and determined opposition in the House- then the GOP will see an even bigger surge of support for itself than in the 2010 mid-term elections. The GOP will then fire up its base like never before, a base that up to now has been feeling justifiably betrayed and suspicious, and score a historic victory in 2014 and after that.

    The major demographic in US elections now is the baby-boomers after all, as well
    as the White working class in the Midwestern states, and they’ve been either staying home or even drifting Democratic since the Republicans have nothing to offer them, too wedded as the GOP has become to idiot neoconservative ideology and the anti-American, treasonous profiteering of big business. Heck, even Black and Latino voters hate the idea of the H1-B much more than the GOP seems able to figure out. But if the GOP finally shows it’s shedding its neocon shackles and opposing increased immigration- the single most important issue in the country- it will win back all the support it’s lost and more. The GOP’s very survival depends on making the right choice.

    And if they do make the right one, the result is probably the best option we have with this miserable two-party system we’re stuck with. Even if both parties are happy to back-stab the American people in favor of their corporate and cultural Marxist lobbyists, we can set them against each other. So long as we have one party in the executive branch (probably a Democrat from here on out, since even hardcore conservatives won’t vote in a Republican who’s main priority seems to be kissing-up to Netanyahu and warmongering neocons who want to send our kids to fight Iran), and the other party controlling at least one house of Congress (probably the Republicans, since practically no one can trust the Democrats and their plans to legislate mass wealth distribution), we can at least buy a few more years to organize and prepare for the day when this whole corrupt system comes apart at the seams.

    • Chuck Bagel: Don’t believe the nonsense that he’s anti-Israel or anti-Semitic. He advocates the existence of Israel, and most Jewish organizations have endorsed him becoming DefSec. The only reason this Israel NON-troversy is an issue at all is that American neo-conservatives are upset that he (and by deduction, the man who appointed him DefSec) just happen to be on the wrong part of the Israeli political spectrum for their tastes.

      That’s all many of us (not you and I) do — We transvert the Israeli political spectrum onto our own, pick a spot, then argue in earnest. I used to think that there was a lot more anti-Israel and anti-Zionist people than there actually are, when in reality, what is termed “anti-Israel” or “anti-Semitic” is merely pro-Israel rightists accusing pro-Israel leftists of not being pro-Israel rightists. There is a growing trend of actual true anti-Israel and anti-Zionism, mainly consisting of Muslims, gentile peace-knicks and some anti-Zionist Jews, mainly centered on American college campuses. But they’re not that powerful…yet.

      OTOH, I have this quaint old fashioned notion that American public officials should operate by American standards to do the right thing by Americans. As such, I oppose Chuck Bagel being DefSec or having any real political power. Why? Because of immigration — Lifetime Numbers USA grade for Chuck Bagel is D-Minus overall and F-Minus on H-1B style issues.

  • Fran

    Organized labor in America is actually supporting the displacement/degredation of the American worker. It is schizophrenic.

  • Fran

    American labor organizations are actually promoting the displacement/degradation of the American worker. It is schizophrenic.

  • The resume queues of firms such as Microsoft are chock-full of top-notch US citizen techies, who aren’t even granted the basics of professional consideration by Microsoft before Microsoft goes on a worldwide (well primarily in India) shopping spree for H-1B workers. It is a most disgusting situation, especially with so much top-notch US citizen tech talent locked out of the market through the intransigence of Microsoft and similar H-1B using organizations.