Legalizing Illegal Immigrants a Bad Idea

Dave Seminara, Chicago Tribune, February 8, 2013

Almost everyone agrees that something has to be done to resolve America’s illegal immigration crisis. But will any of the reform plans that include a “pathway to citizenship” for illegal immigrants solve the problem? I voted for President Barack Obama twice and I support the DREAM Act. But as a former foreign service officer who has issued thousands of visas to immigrants who played by the rules, I believe there are several things Americans need to know before they decide where they stand on immigration reform.

It’s not just 11 million people. A substantial percentage of illegal immigrants are here alone, and once they get green cards, they will be able to petition for their wives and children to join them in the U.S. And if they become U.S. citizens, they will also be able to petition for their siblings and parents. Those migrants, in turn, can petition for their relatives and so on. {snip}

Shadowy people aren’t going to “come out of the shadows.” {snip}

Jobs Americans won’t do? Proponents of an amnesty for illegal immigrants often claim illegal immigrants do tough, low-paying jobs that Americans and legal immigrants won’t do. This notion is flawed now but will be demonstrably false after an amnesty. Illegal immigrants are currently limited to working for employers who pay in cash and don’t ask questions, but with an amnesty, they’ll be competing for jobs in the mainstream labor market with less educated Americans, who are already struggling with wage stagnation and a tight labor market.

Affirmative action. Once immigrants from Latin America and Africa have legal status, they’ll benefit from affirmative action programs. {snip}


Strain on social services. Legalizing millions of mostly poor people, many of whom have no job security or health insurance, will put a strain on already strapped social services agencies. A study by the Center for Immigration Studies estimated that 57 percent of immigrant households (legal and illegal) used at least one welfare program in 2009. Illegal immigrants aren’t eligible for most benefits, but once this group has legal status, they’ll be eligible for the full range of benefits.


Half the problem won’t be addressed. Up to half of all illegal immigrants in the U.S. are visa overstays. Most abuse tourist visas, but the Senate plan won’t fix the overstay problem. The framework calls for an entry-exit system, but it doesn’t specify how overstays will be located and removed. {snip}

Amnesty beneficiaries won’t be “joining the back of the line.” The plan refers to a “line” even though no such thing exists. In most cases, migrants qualify to live here based on a family relationship or a job. The Senate plan speciously claims that illegal immigrants won’t receive their green cards until “every individual who is already waiting in line for a green card . . . has received their green card.”

When an American citizen files a petition for a foreign sibling to join him in the U.S., for example, the average wait time for that migrant to get a green card is 12 to 14 years. No serious plan is going to ask amnesty beneficiaries to wait a decade or longer to get a green card.


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  • LHathaway

    Oh, immigrants will be granted permanent residence if they have a ‘job’ here. No chance for fraud there. . .

    ” Once immigrants from Latin America and Africa have legal status, they’ll benefit from affirmative action programs”.

    Affirmative Action blacks have such a stranglehold on employment Hispanic immigrant’s true roll here seems to be to serve as more or less slaves to African Americans. They don’t seem to be discriminated against, however, by public assistance programs they way whites routinely are.

    • TheTRUTH

      “Affirmative Action blacks have such a stranglehold on employment
      Hispanic immigrant’s true roll here seems to be to serve as more or
      less slaves to African Americans.”

      I don’t get that. How are Hispanic immigrants slaves to African Americans?? That makes absolutely no sense. By the way, it’s “role”, not “roll”.

      • The__Bobster

        True, we are the slaves. The squat monsters pay little in taxes and work to help only themselves.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    If I break the law by breaking some black or hispanic’s head, would I get amnesty?

    I broke the law. Can I get away with it. Just this once????

    NO. But if I were illegally in this country (breaking the law) I should be given amnesty.

    I hate this increasingly stupid place.

    • The__Bobster

      Well, at the very least, your kids should be rewarded for your actions. (snark!)

  • LHathaway

    “How are Hispanic immigrants slaves to African Americans”?

    As Africans move up the affirmative action food chain, hispanics move in under them doing the jobs ‘americans don’t want to do’. Admittedly, there’s a huge african underclass, but they don’t seem eager to do those menial jobs affirmative action blacks never do for themselves. I’m out of hateful comments. . . sue me.

  • John

    The entire American story of today has become appalling and ridiculous. There are essentially three classes of Whites now.

    First, we have the White men and women who generally read this forum and subscribe the general ideas herein. We are Whites who love freedom, understand freedom, and savor our White heritage, as well as our our traditional European values. We recognize that Blacks and Browns do not share our values, our ethics, or our common heritage, beliefs, or the genetic code that binds us together and makes us strong.

    Second, there is a large segment of Whites, perhaps 40 percent of the White population, who believe that America should be overrun by non-Whites. They deeply loathe themselves and their fellow Whites. They are determined to be governed by non-Whites, dispossessed by non-Whites, and replaced by non-Whites. I cannot begin to understand the psychology that motivates them and drives them toward a mindset of desiring White geneocide.

    Finally, we have the apathetic Whites. They cannot even be considered as “fence-sitters” in the traditional sense. Many of them simply do not care one way or the other. Many have completely withdrawn from the process and won’t lift a finger or voice an opinion in the argument. Indeed, this group seems to utterly lack an opinion about anything.

    This is the division among Whites of European ancestry today.

    In contrast, Blacks are unified almost entirely along racial lines. When a Black candidate runs for office, they vote as a bloc, often near 100 percent, for the Black candidate. Likewise, the Mestizos vote against Whites as well, as a bloc. We read that only about one-third of Hispanics vote for the White candidates, and I sumbit that those are probably blonde-haired, blue-eyed Hispanics of strong European ancestry and beliefs; the ones who have successfully intergrated into the United States culture. The Mestizo element, largely the mongrel admixture consisting of low quanities of European DNA and high quantities of Mexican indian DNA, vote against Whites as a bloc.

    Add the Black and Brown votes the votes of the White self-loathers, and it is impossible to see how America can survive without war and balkanization. As soon as something interrupts the food chain or some other major calmity happens that interrupts the entertainment mediums, the bread and circuses diversion will collapse, and mass chaos will ensue.

    God help any White person who is not armed for self-defense when that happens. This will all end very, very badly someday, but not as long as people are fed, fat, entertained, and happy. They will tolerate a lot while McDonalds is open and an NFL or NBA game is on.

    It’s all very disturbing.

    • falsedawn

      Sir, I agree pretty much with your classifications of White people. But where you go wrong is with your outlook. You’re still thinking along the lines of “votes.” That’s done with. We’ve long gone beyond the point of no return. There will be a violent end to all this and we are fast approaching that end. It will line up something like this. Those Whites who’re are against us will fight against us alongside the minorities, but we will whip all of them combined. Those apathetic Whites you described will be anihilated. After it’s all over, only our people will remain and possibly a few orientals in that they’re smart enough never to align themselves with the blacks or hispanics.

      • Tom_in_Miami

        “But where you go wrong is with your outlook. You’re still thinking along the lines of “votes.””

        You are absolutely right about votes, but I’m not sure that very many people understand that yet. Nor do most people have a lot of anxiety about the violence that is coming. What’s going to happen when we no longer have the money for welfare? On a more immediate level, what’s going to happen if George Zimmerman walks? What if somehow we are able to turn things around in this country so that people are judged (for jobs, raises, promotions, scholarships, entry into the universities, etc.)? Can you imagine any of these scenarios?

        Are white cops going to be allowed to shoot that crazed black murderer out in California? Or will it be considered “murder”?

        • falsedawn

          Sorry Sir, We’re too far gone. There can be no turning back now. It doesn’t matter if people are aware or not, once this all gets going, there’ll be only those who live and those who don’t There will be no sitting on fences. Anyone who tries will not make it out alive.

        • John

          Tom, you seem very enlightened, my friend. Consider, however, that the central bank owners will never allow the money supply to dry up. They live on the enormous interest generated by their fiat currency. That’s how they enslave the world. All major countries around the world, have central banks that are owned by essentially the same small group of men. They are all printing like there is no tomorrow. Likewise, the sheeple keep borrowing like there is no tomorrow. “Quadrillion dollars” will soon be a common term, as our standard of living slowly normalizes to the world average. The elite handful at the top will be rich beyond one’s wildest imagination (in fact, they already are today).

          In economic terms, there is often talk of fiscal bubbles, stock bubbles, bond bubbles, housing bubbles, etc. One bubble that is never discussed is the most artifical bubble of all — the Black bubble! Blacks thrive in America purely because Whites prop them up. The same for illegal Mestizos, Muslims, and other third-world invaders. Blacks and Browns are in America solely because they can walk upright and spend money. Money is taken from Whites by the gov, given to non-Whites, who in turn give it right back to the wealthiest. Whites are absolutelty stupid not to see this and to tolerate it. Without the disgusting masquerade of affirmative action, Blacks would not have a prayer of surviving in civilization. Likewise for Browns.
          Without Whites, America would be exactly like Africa and Mexico — third-world sewers.

          • I kid you not: I have already seen the word “quadrillion” used by a credible publication (albeit the actual number was a decimal of a quadrillion) to describe some measure of the world economy.

          • George White

            Truer words were never spoken.

          • Stan_Mute

            Brilliant post and while emotionally I’m in the “revenge fantasy” camp most others here are, logically I can’t find fault with your arguments. At least not so far as Western government and finance. The Banksters will NOT allow the EBT cards to run dry. EVER. The system will tolerate some decomposition at the edges such as in Greece, but their wealth as you note derives from the interest they charge us to print and count OUR money. A complete collapse of US monetary system would destroy their wealth and is therefore an impossibility. They WILL foist on us a perpetuation of the status quo and we WILL accept it as there will never be a significant enough number of disaffected and dispossessed whites to stage a rebellion (successful or not). As long as there is NBA, NFL, SitComs, beer, processed food, and a meaningless job required for the foregoing to continue, continue it will.

            Yet I can envision some things on the world stage that could radically alter our reality and most originate in Asia. I believe Asia is the wild card in the equation both with the massive Muslim population and instability and with the massive Chinese population and long-term vision/plans they maintain. Stir in some nuclear rogues like Pakistan and North Korea, and I wouldn’t bet a nickel on the outcome of the next 50 years let alone the next 100 or 500.

          • BellaCosa

            “Banksters”? What has high finance to do with white identity? The fact that financiers CAN make money without any regard for maintaining a white cultural/racial identity doesn’t mean that Wall Street and high finance are NECESSARILY hostile to the goals of race realism or white racial consciousness.

          • There comes a point when the very pursuit of making money off money does necessarily become antithetical to national bounds and cohesion. Drinking water is good, drowning is bad.

            Even not counting race and ethnicity, the wrong kind of banking and monetary policy can be bad for the economy and bad for the people who must participate in it.

          • BellaCosa

            I agree with that. I disagree with the idea that we’ve clearly reached some kind of critical mass in financial innovation where national/cultural identity can no longer survive.

          • John

            The name of the game is interest on fiat currency, my friend. The world exclusively revolves around that concept, and it has for quite some time.

            A small group of men own the world’s central banks. They have managed to institute printed paper as the world’s foremost commodity in place of precious metals, real property and tangible commodities.

            How does the fiat currency system work? Interest rates. Think of how much of the nation’s taxes go to merely service the interest on the debt owned to the U.S. central bank; a firm that is owned by a small group of men. It is not owned by the U.S. government. The same is tru the world over. The same small group of men own central banks all over the world.

            These men are far wealthier than all U.S. elected officials combined. The U.S. elected officials in the White House, Congress, and the SCOTUS are told what to do by the owners of the world’s central banks. That’s why we routinely see legislation passed in the face of overwhelming public opposition. TARP was a prime example of that.

            So what does all of this have to do with White nationalism? In order for the evil fiat currency scheme to continue working, a couple of significant considerations must be met. First of all, major confusion and discord must exist to prevent any chance of a unified public stance against the fiat currency model. What better way to achieve this than through the chaos associated with multiculturalism?
            You see, Whites pose a significant threat to the status quo. When we are given more important matters to attend to, such as combating the daily horrors associated with the presence of Blacks, Browns, and other thrid-world miscreants, it leaves us bickering amongst ourselves about how best to solve those problems. Meanwhile, the owners of the central bank laugh all the way to the bank! I’m not trying to be funny in saying that, but it is literally true.
            Second, Whites are not particularly good for the growth of commerce needed to drive the fiat currency model. We are generally too thrifty, reserved, and cautious in our spending habits. We ask a lot of questions about quality and generally demand high quality. We seek out the best values and prices. We seek the best wages. To wit, we are a “troublesome” lot for our fellow Whites at the top of the food chain. They require a dumber caste of humans who spend every penny they possess, procreate like wild jackal, never question quality, and just takes whatever is given to them with few questions. Blacks and Browns fit that mold quite nicely.
            For roughly 40 percent of Whites to be quite willing and eager to vote for full dispossession and rule by non-Whites thrills the owners of the world’s central bank to no end.
            You see, when you and I have 100 dollars sitting idly in the bank, that does the owner’s of the world’s central banks absolutely no good. That is why politicians love to redistribute our wealth. Blacks and Browns take our money, via the politicians, and spend it immediately, thus generating revenue for the owner’s of the world’s central banks.
            That is also why Blacks and Browns are given very risky loans for homes, cars, etc. It doesn’t matter that they can’t or won’t ever pay the money back. All that matters is that it generates interest payments that go to the central banks. Congress will simply declare “racism” when Blacks and browns fail, and Whites will pay their bills without a fuss. In fact, about 40 percent of Whites will eagerly insist that we pay the bills of minorities, and they shout down any other Whites who complain about it as racists.
            Do you understand now how these events collectively undermine our quest for White identity and a separate homeland for Whites only?
            Of course, I only grazed the surface in the most general terms, but what the most elite in the world are doing is as plain as the nose on one’s face, quite literally. They are quite anti-White, I assure you. If you have evidence to the contrary, please feel free to enlighten us.

          • BellaCosa

            Lol it’s not exactly clear to me that you really understand how fiat currency works, or how the alternatives would be substantially better. The idea that some small cabal of banksters is operating behind the scenes and making a conscious effort to frustrate white nationalism strikes me as absurdly far-fetched. The “evil fiat currency scheme” is just a monetary model that is value-neutral as far as demographics are concerned. Some aspects of it are good, some are bad. Capital markets and businesses respond well to the kind of liquidity and ease of access to lending that is available under this “evil” scheme. It’s also, I would suggest, a marker of sophistication within a civilization. The developed world has virtually universally adopted this model; it is the less-sophisticated civilizations that haven’t taken advantage of it yet.

            The sort of conspiracy theory yarn that you’re spinning reminds me of the buffoonery that one hears from people like Silvio Berlusconi, who claimed that sovereign bond yield spreads are essentially just a scam resulting from malicious financial alchemy – it’s a convenient tactic for dismissing a system which one does not actually understand.

            As far as consumer loans to carefree spenders go, we’re seeing the exact opposite of what one would expect if your theory were correct. Obama and the CFPB recently passed guidance to lenders saying that they had to offer prime rates on loans to sub-prime borrowers (many of whom are minorities) – which means that banks are taking on more risk without the higher interest rates that the market would otherwise demand. In other words, minorities and poor white consumers are high risk, low reward for banks now. If, as you say, the politicians are universally “told what to do by the owners of the world’s central banks”, then why would this happen?

            Also, the bailouts and TARP money you referred to were paid back by the banks at an average of about a 20% interest rate within a few short years – which is an absolutely horrendously high borrowing cost for the banks. If that represents some kind of exemplar for how the “central banks” wield power behind the scenes, they really are doing a piss-poor job of it…

            The idea that the small group of individuals who allegedly run all the world’s central banks are conspiring against white racial political aims and consciously thinking “we need to bring more black and brown people into the US and Europe so that we can fleece them” or “we need to nip this whole white nationalist movement in the bud quick!” is pretty comical. (I’ll gladly retract that statement though if you can give me some evidence that that is what’s going on.) We have an increasingly global economy; the big banks have operations ongoing in hundreds of foreign countries – why would they need to orchestrate some mass human migration to reach poor borrowers? Until you can provide some non-circumstantial evidence that a banking cabal is actually trying to undermine white identity, I can’t really take your idea that seriously.

            If anything, I would suggest that the manufacturing, construction, menial labor, agricultural, transportation markets, etc. (i.e. those industries that would presumably take center-stage in a non-fiat currency regime) are the ones who have a much, much larger stake in maintaining open borders and undermining white identity. These sectors want access to cheap labor. A burgeoning white identity poses more of a threat to these sectors than it does to the financial sector. If white people came to their senses and decided that they didn’t want their grandchildren to grow up in a Central American satellite state, then that would hurt the labor markets’ access to cheap workers much more than it would hurt the financial markets, as far as I can tell. And none of this has much of anything to do with whether we have a fiat currency or some other standard.

            I think there are hundreds of plausible reasons/explanations that adequately account for our current immigration and demographic problems without having to concoct some far-fetched conspiracy theory about the central banks or a grandiose scheme being perpetrated by a mysterious consortium of the phantom rich…

          • As far as consumer loans to carefree spenders go, we’re seeing the exact
            opposite of what one would expect if your theory were correct. Obama
            and the CFPB recently passed guidance to lenders saying that they had to
            offer prime rates on loans to sub-prime borrowers (many of whom are
            minorities) – which means that banks are taking on more risk without the
            higher interest rates that the market would otherwise demand. In other
            words, minorities and poor white consumers are high risk, low reward for
            banks now. If, as you say, the politicians are universally “told what
            to do by the owners of the world’s central banks”, then why would this



            Norm (Puggg) pretty much nails the reasoning (see the first comment)

            Also, the bailouts and TARP money you referred to were paid back by the banks at an average of about a 20% interest rate within a few short

            Not really. The only way to arrive at that figure is to engage in a lot of legerdemain. The Obama-deported-illegals nonsense stats that Engleman keeps trotting out are more credible.

          • BellaCosa

            I’m not trying to be a smartass, but how does the Puggg comment have anything to do with anything I said above? Moreover, what does it have to do with white identity? Yes, money moves around when people spend it – this is also true of the wealthy (who also spend money, believe it or not). Real estate can be a high-risk, high-reward market – many people make money in real estate and end up losing it. Some never make money. Some make money and don’t end up losing it. I don’t understand your point. The fact that lenders may offer attractive rates to affluent clients is not some indicium of an evil central bank scheme. If you have an affluent client, that’s an indicator of his creditworthiness, and thus his ability to repay his debts. Whereas, if you have a poor client with no history of being able to generate enough income to repay his debts, he represents a much riskier borrower. Thus, a lender will demand a higher interest rate from the poor client to compensate for the risk of non-repayment. This is pretty basic stuff. So are we just talking past each other, or what?

            If there is an “evil scheme” here to uncover, look at The requirement that banks offer the same low-interest rates to risky borrowers that they offer to affluent borrowers is an affront to a quasi-rational market. This is a pretty self-destructive move on the part of those central banks who carry all the public officials around in their pockets…

            As to the TARP repayments, Goldman Sachs repaid its asset relief share with 23% interest (, and the average interest rate on TARP funds as of 2010 was 8.2% ( Some banks had to pay a 60% rate on their TARP money ( But I beg your pardon on the 20% figure.

            In any case, this discussion has piss-all to do with connecting the dots between white identity and monetary policy. Let’s have some direct evidence of what you’re saying is really going on here, because clearly the circumstantial evidence doesn’t bear out the kind of involved conspiracy you’re suggesting exists…

          • I’ve said here in these comments multiple times that my powers of persuasion are poor, and that I couldn’t sell an Eskimo in the Yukon down to his skivvies on an overcoat. If you will ever believe that banksterism, capitalism, socialism, communism, or any economic -ism, must necessarily lead to the dissolution of racial and ethnic bounds, and that it is already happening in the American experience, and if you will ever believe that this PR from bailed out firms about how “we paid it all back with effectively usurious interest rates” is nonsense, I won’t be the one to convince you.

          • John

            Your comments so far have indicated that you engage primarily in a process of two-dimensional thinking.

            First of all, you are mischaracterizing my comments completely. You are strongly suggesting that I have asserted that the owners of the world’s central banks (OWCBs) are engaged in a conspiracy to destroy the White nationlist movement. I never indicated that. What I suggested is that the pursuits of the OWCBs have an ancillary effect on us. They are not sitting around in a control room plotting to bring down Whites. Rather, they engage in a pattern of behavior that maximizes their control of the world, as well as their wealth.

            Perhaps you are able to explain why millions of Black Somalies and other Africans are brough to the United States and dropped off in little towns like Bangor, ME; Shelbyville, TN, North Platte, NE, and dozens of others.
            Is it because the good folks in Congress feel a sense of human duty to these poor Africans and are simply tying to help them, or is it to provide yet another conduit for redistributing the wealth of Whites backs to our fellow Whites (Jews, Anglos, or otherwise) at the top of the food chain, whom happen to be the OWCBs?
            If you would thinking a little deeper and examine a few more facts, you may reach a different conclusion other than the silly notion that the U.S government and their OWCB puppetmasters are simply trying to help those who are disadvantaged, as any good human being would do.

          • BellaCosa

            “In order for the evil fiat currency scheme to continue working, a couple
            of significant considerations must be met. First of all, major
            confusion and discord must exist to prevent any chance of a unified
            public stance against the fiat currency model. What better way to
            achieve this than through the chaos associated with multiculturalism?
            see, Whites pose a significant threat to the status quo. When we are
            given more important matters to attend to, such as combating the daily
            horrors associated with the presence of Blacks, Browns, and other
            thrid-world miscreants, it leaves us bickering amongst ourselves about
            how best to solve those problems. Meanwhile, the owners of the central
            bank laugh all the way to the bank! I’m not trying to be funny in saying
            that, but it is literally true.”

            -To me, that smacks strongly of a conspiracy theory. If you’re saying that you don’t think the “OWCBs” are consciously engaged in a conspiracy against whites, then okay, I’ll take your word for it.

            I haven’t got a great answer to your question as to why western nations should want to import third worlders by the millions. But I can be almost certain that it is not one single factor at work (e.g. the “OWCBs” are pulling all the puppet strings), for the simple reason that I know of no evidence to suggest that that is what’s going on, especially at the exclusion of all other plausible explanations. If you could identify for me at least some of these OWCBs and point me to specific records/accounts/events where they can be shown to be acting in furtherance of multiculturalism for the purpose of frustrating a rebellion against fiat currency, then I’m all ears.

            As I suggested before, I think that the labor sectors (agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, etc.) would likely have much more to gain from an immigrant labor source than Wall Street would, especially in light of the stricter controls on the banking system that have come down in the form of Dodd-Frank, the CFPB, etc

            More than that, though, I believe we have academia to blame for the absurdly self-destructive cultural attitudes that have taken hold among our policy-makers and enthusiastic young voters. Compared to the shadowy world of the “central banks” and “bankster” puppet-masters and obscure, malicious schemes, I can point you to volume after volume of academic dreck that DOES clearly attest to a campaign in favor of multiculturalism and against any type of politically relevant white identity. Compared to academia, the central banks and fiat currency seem to me to be a marginal factor in the fate of white people, unless and until I see some real evidence to the contrary.

          • Stan D Mute

            Really? What do banksters have to do with the problem? Are you trolling?

            How about masterminding every bit of the consumerist debt disposable “culture”? How about the idea that we pay them interest for printing and loaning us our money? That money is taken from our families.

            In 1912, we had REAL money. MEN worked while women did the equally important job of keeping a home and raising children. In 2012, men and women BOTH had to work in order to have an income the same as or lower than 1912 (in real dollars). This leaves the STATE, using above mentioned printed money borrowed from banksters, to raise our children.

            The banksters have enslaved us. Their eager partners in the state (and what difference is there between the two today) have created an artificial world with artificial money destroying our families which are the basis for our race. And you ask what “high finance” has to do with it? Seriously?

          • BellaCosa

            Right, and where exactly do chem-trails and flouridated water figure into this? Come off it, man. You know what else contributes to the erosion of white identity? Automobiles. After all, they allow third world immigrants to wash across our borders en masse and wage their demographic war against us. They also allow family members to travel away from the household and thus facilitate infidelity and divided loyalties. As far as I can tell, that’s a much, much more significant contributor to the faltering quest for a real white identity politics than “banksters” and fiat currency are. I mean, where do you draw the line as to which innovations are helpful to white people and which ones are not? If you think that our monetary system ONLY helps out these shadowy “banksters” and doesn’t offer anything for ordinary white Americans, I really don’t know what to tell you.

          • Stan D Mute

            Brilliant! I never would have made the connection without you. Only truly exceptional powers of observation could have drawn the link between cars and dispossession of the American majority. But right you are – every politician drives or rides in a car and therefore the cars alone could have the ability to control them.

            I’m still not with you however on the chem trails. Do you mean that when you go off your chems you get off the trail and that’s how you make the unique discoveries like the one about cars causing dispossession of the white majority? If so, right on man.

            Cause there’s just no way the banksters encouraging Africans and Indians to buy homes in white neighborhoods (so they can sell loans to the Africans and again to the whites when they flee to a new neighborhood) could possibly have anything at all to do with the dispossession. Silly me…

            Anyway, we are blessed to have your chem free guidance.

          • BellaCosa

            Hah, more bluster. “Cause there’s just no way the banksters encouraging Africans and Indians
            to buy homes in white neighborhoods (so they can sell loans to the
            Africans and again to the whites when they flee to a new neighborhood)
            could possibly have anything at all to do with the dispossession. Silly

            Please send me the sources for your claim that banksters are “encouraging Africans and Indians” to buy property in white areas for the purposes that you have described, and for how this all relates to fiat currency and the alleged bankster stranglehold on US immigration/minority policies. And while you’re at it, let’s hear some of the alternatives to the fiat currency model and some examples of how the alternatives have successfully contributed to the upkeep of white racial identity. (I don’t want to get greedy here, but I’d also love to hear your definition of “banksterism” and – if you’re feeling charitable enough to help out a dimwitted troll like me – a list of some of the individuals who fall into this group.)

            So let’s just get all this out into the open. Until I start seeing some examples from you gentlemen, I see no reason to think that fiat currency and so-called banksterism are any more closely connected to the erosion of white identity than (my ludicrous example of) the automobile is.

          • Stan D Mute
          • BellaCosa

            Thanks, mate. Did you happen to read the part in the NYSE link that says “Still, minority mortgages represent a small slice of Countrywide’s total loans, according to Mozilo. The company…reports that the $363 billion in total loans it originated last year makes Countrywide the largest mortgage lender in the U.S.”? And that particular brochure was from 2005, at the height of the housing boom (and three years after the other link – which touted the fact that “minority ownership has increased”). Countrywide consistently made PR comments about how minority/multicultural-friendly their lending business was, but even at the height of the boom, Mozilo himself admitted that it was only a small part of the nation’s largest lender’s business. And despite being only a “small slice” of its business, Countrywide was considered the “best” lender to minorities (

            If you remember, Countrywide’s business was at its best in 2005. The large-scale lending to minorities, migrant workers, and so forth really only picked up pace towards the end of 2005 and into 2006 and 2007. Mortgage products from those years were the ones that proved fatal to Mozilo’s company and countless other lenders. In other words, the banks built up their fortunes primarily from lending to whites, and destroyed themselves when they blundered into the market for lending to minorities. So if your argument is that lenders and “banksters” (such as the now-defunct Countrywide) love minority and immigrant borrowers (or even that they merely prefer those borrowers to white borrowers), then you certainly wouldn’t get that impression from Countrywide’s own statistics when it was at its apex, or from what happened to Countrywide and countless others as a result of its increased lending to minorities.

            In any case, could you name me an industry or market where you will NOT find some ridiculous pro-minority initiatives or dressed-up PR nonsense about programs that benefit minorities? Or how about the CFPB rules recently that hamstring lenders by requiring them to offer attractive terms to minorities? It is by no means exclusive to so-called “banksters” and high finance to cater to leftist dreams about equal opportunity and achievement.

            Why don’t you check out some of the tripe that is currently coming out of the labor sector about these issues (see;; or, for example)? Labor has virtually nothing to do with fiat currency and high finance, but unions have taken much, much more pro-active steps to accommodate and advance minority issues than the banks have. Sport…

          • Stan D Mute

            1. Mozillo/Countrywide is a tool of the Fed and their Wall Street/London cronies
            2. You asked for an example and the first one I found (effortlessly via Steve Sailer’s blog) was provided

            Now you construct straw men.

            A WILD guess here – you work in banking and feel affronted that your work place is called out?

            How many Africans have you moved into white neighborhoods with undeserved loans there chief? How many whites have lost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars as their property values plummeted? How many white women have been raped? How many killed as a result of your employer’s actions?

            You do know, if the revenge fantasies of the extremist end of white nationalists come true, that the banksters will be lined up alongside the ACLU and other diversity racketeers. Maybe you should retire with whatever you’ve managed to tuck away (blood money) or find an honest line of work?

            Your whinging defensiveness on a race realist website is not winning you anything there slick.

          • BellaCosa

            Haha, I do agree that you put no effort into finding those sources (which you clearly didn’t even read). However, it is absolutely laughable that you accuse me of constructing straw men when you haven’t responded to a single substantive counterpoint I’ve made this entire discussion; you cannot even tell me what is wrong with my explanation of the two meager sources you carelessly offered up to me; and, finally, you seek asylum in the disgraceful province of ad hominem attacks and revenge fantasies. This is, quite plainly, checkmate in my favor.

            Now run along and enjoy your day, Stan.

          • Stan D Mute

            Absolutely hilarious! Here in a long abandoned thread, where it’s you, me, and the crickets, you are clicking the “like” button on your own comments.

            Awesome. You sport are the king of all trolls.

          • John

            Well said, and good questions, Stan. I do not believe it is possible to reason with “BellaCosa”, but I am giving him/her the benefit of the doubt for now, pending additional responses. So far, I am forming the impression that he/she is a dim-witted Mestizo who thinks purely in two-dimensional terms and is here to cause problems in the forum. I don’t believe he/she is capable of deeper thoughts or critical analyses.

          • BellaCosa

            Can you please describe for me, in detail, an example of an economic and monetary arrangement with a historical track record of success that would be substantially more amenable to white people?

      • John

        I was only using voting to characteristize the symptoms, my friend. I do not believe in voting in a multicultural cesspool. The Republican Party is no more the friend of Whites than the Democratic Party is a friend of Blacks, Browns, and other miscreants.

      • curri

        Hardly anyone is ready for armed revolution against the USG, legal means have to be exhausted beforehand.

    • Viking_61

      We need a trigger. Something that disrupts food supply and/or energy production for several months or years. That is the only way White America will wake up from its entertainment and consumerist-induced comatose.

      • liberalsuck

        I don’t think most whites will wake up until it is a South African situation or where we are all marched off to death camps or gulags.

  • guest

    This reminds me of something I read some time ago. It was an “Only in America” observation thing that I think was written by a Canadian. I remember one of the observations said something like how America makes those who want to legally migrate here wait for years in their home countries and pay lots of money to move here, while anyone who sneaks into this country illegally automatically becomes an American citizen.

    Our country has become the laughingstock of the world with the way our government allows anyone who comes here illegally to live here and caters to them as well, while hard-working native-born Americans are forced to pay and suffer for it. This whole “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, etc.” is really getting out of hand.

    • George White

      Uh…the Founding Fathers did NOT subscribe to that idiocy….the person who pushed that nonsense on us was a member of the tribe that cares only for its’ own…

  • The__Bobster

    “More sensible reasons to oppose amnesty.”

    I can’t think of a single reason to support it.

  • WmarkW

    Congratulations to the Chicago Tribune.
    Hopefully, more big city pundits and politicians will start telling the parties in Washington, that the last thing they need is more unemployed blacks.

  • Lakeview Senior

    I’m surprised that the Chicago Tribune even printed this in a newspaper that used to be more conservative unlike what it is today. (Thet backed President Obama in the last election) Anyway, you left some of the points Mr. Seminara made, especially about the guest worker programs that don’t work. He stated that the Senate plan calls for more guest workers with the hollow promise that employers will be able to petition for them only if they can demonstrate that Americans are “unavailable or unwilling” to fill the positions. We already have the H-2A visa, a numerically unlimited guest worker program for farm workers, the H-2B visa for unskilled workers, the H1B visa for high skilled workers and a host of other visa opportunities for investors, entrepreneurs and even religious workers. Employers know how to game the system to create a phony case that American workers are unavailable. The new system will only intensify the “in-sourcing” trend where U.S. employers import cheaper guest workers for jobs they can’t outsource.
    On the same subject regarding affirmative action, it is not only the immigrants from Africa and Latin America who will benefit from these racial set-asides but every other group that is here illegally. Billionaires such as Bill Gates and others are for all of these programs that benefit non-citizens. It is heartening though to have a former diplomat like Dave Seminara write a piece like this to wake up the average American to how this amnesty push is bad for our country.

  • mobilebay

    I would very much like someone to show me any illegal “living in the shadows.” This is another one of those phrases repeated ad nauseum until no one realized how very wrong it is. They do not hide. What they do is march, demand their “rights,” fill up schools, prisons and emergency rooms, line up at the welfare department, take jobs from low-skilled Americans, commit crimes, refuse to follow any laws, etc. So, let’s let put that phrase out of circulation, please.

  • kjh64

    I have to say I disagree with his notion that the families will join the 11 million immigrants. Why? Because there are really about 35 million illegals, not 11. They’ve been saying 11 million since the mid-70’s. So 35 million illegals will have chain migration. This is colonization.

  • DelmarJackson

    it is very rare to have any commentary as sensible and well written as this on immigration, and by a democrat and Obama voter, published in any newspaper in America.

  • Amnesty’s purpose is to increase the number of Democratic voters.

    As America turns browner, it turns bluer.

    • Felix_M

      …and it’s mean IQ sharply plummets sharply.

  • Anyone besides me notice that the compassion liberal Democrats possess for Hispanic immigration hasn’t applied to Cuban refugees? Why? Because Cuban immigrants have historically supported Republicans.

    • IstvanIN

      They get Green cards as soon as they float up on the beach.

    • jane johnson

      They have also mostly supported themselves and not counted on government handouts, which makes it harder for Democrats to suck them up into the entitlement vacuum cleaner bag that they call a voting bloc.

  • ograf

    open the doors, do not try to keep order, let the rats and roaches fight over what is here. It will never be the same anyway and I am sick of it all. I have found a nice house in Iceland where I can fish and be of my people. Adios brothers, it is a lost cause. Afrimerica is what you get. They won’t survive, but societies and civilizations come an. d go. Damm greedy ass 1% of wealthy southerners started this crap. should dig them up and hang them. It is not my fight

    • William Allingham

      well said, i have this phrase which goes like this; if the game is biased against you, its very likely that you will lose but you can always choose NOT TO PLAY AT ALL.

      i think this applies to all liberal crap, they are only willing to discuss immigration, western culture, race etc. in their own terms, staged on their behalf, so, under those circumstances why should we follow?

      we want a prosperous peaceful society with people like ourselves and less than that we wont accept.

      we should do what its necesary and leave aside liberals mental specuation and word-games which are no more that useless distractions from real action.

      these liberal psychopaths dont stop before whites suffering and deaths, they get inspiration from that. only such people would turn their backs to their own and use wretched criminals (blacks or hispanics) that will never fit in, as an excuse and emblem of their self-hate crusade.

  • Being an illegal immigrant is a felony yet our govt. kicks 6 year old children out of shool for just pointing their finger and saying ‘pow’.
    It’s all getting crazy & I MISS MY FREEDOMS. Need to read this book about Americans taking a stand against federal tyranny ( A TIME TO STAND by Oliver ) where sane citizens take a stand. I recommend it.
    Our govt. does not protect us from invasion & that is a crime against society ( and the U.S. Constitution ). Seems every 20 years we have another amensty for illegals.

  • maxonepercent

    An excellent article that points to something that I have said many times before: democrat support for amnesty is much weaker than the MSM tries to make it out to be. The ultimate proof of this occurred between 2009 and 2011, when the Dems had total control of the government and the DREAM act was completely ignored. In fact, I think Obama and Reid are totally aware of this reality so I fully predict that they will find someway to completely derail any attempt at immigration reform in order to prevent having to show their parties true colors in an open vote in congress or the senate.

  • IKantunderstand

    I think we should move The Statue of Liberty to Montana. Then, remove that crappy Lazarus poem.I understand anger, and frustration. The Whites of this country are in no way,shape or form in a position to do anything in this country, except at the ballot box. How would you arrange an armed insurrection? We have no Washingtons, Jeffersons, Madisons,Adams. You know the government is keeping an eye on this website. No. We must fight by establishing a new party. We arrange boycotts, refusal to submit income tax forms, work stoppages, community organizing. Let’s adopt the ways of the left (Alinsky anyone?) and beat them at their own game. Many of my friends, who once upon a time supported Affirmative Action, and felt sympathy for Blacks, no longer feel that way. They have lost jobs/promos because of it. These people will join us, if they sense it is socially o.k. to do so. Meanwhile, it is crucial, absolutely crucial that each of us here does everything possible to stop immigration; and the assault on our 2nd amendment. Because, it could come down to don’t fire until you see the yellow of their eyes.

  • scutum

    I agree with “falsedawn” that it’s all over for the United States. Our fate was sealed when we
    took the path towards empire by entering the First World War. Most
    Americans do not realize that the sentiment in the US at thetime of the first world war
    was against any involvement on the side of either antagonist. In fact Woodrow
    Wilson campaigned on an anti-war platform, much like Lyndon Jonson many years later.
    And like Johnson, he promptly declared war once he was elected. We are now
    headed for the fate of all empires, we will break apart into a number of
    smaller states, like the Soviet Union, the British Empire, the Ottoman Empire,
    the Austrian Empire and of course the Roman Empire. At least one, if not more,
    of the smaller states that evolve from the carcass of what was once the US,
    will be based on the unworkable social and economic theories of Karl Marx. These
    entities will most likely be on the East and West Coasts of the old continental
    US. Those of us that want to have a nation based on free markets, private
    property rights, individual liberty and responsibility, sound money and small
    government, will have to fight these collectivist states to keep our liberty.

    • Alex

      I recently came across the Nine Nations of North America and what an eye-opener! It really does point towards the future states and their political ideologies. Your analysis of the future of North America seems right on the money.

  • Bring on the Mexicans I surrender,Moving to Mexico!!

  • What’s the real figure 40to50 million or more,Telling people 12to 14 million,hell there’s that many in Indiana!!