High School Food Fight Turns into Violent ‘Race Riot’ Leaving Three Students and a Member of Staff Hospitalized

Snejana Farberov, Daily Mail (London), February 15, 2013

What started out as a lunchtime food fight in a Minneapolis high school ended in a massive brawl involving hundreds of students and police officers wielding canisters of Mace.

Minneapolis South High School was placed on lockdown shortly before 1pm Thursday after violence broke out during third-period lunch inside the cafeteria between Muslim and black students.

The fight involved 200-300 students and lasted about 15 minutes, leaving four people injured. Teaching continued as usual during the lockdown, but students had to remain in their classrooms.

Students were let out at 3pm as usual, and parents were not asked to pick up their children. After-school activities proceeded as scheduled, CBS Minnesota reported.

According to a message posted Thursday afternoon on the school’s website, the incident began unfolding at around 12.45pm and quickly escalated into a large-scale physical confrontation.

More than 20 staff members and two school resource officers responded immediately and attempted to break up the fight, but were unable to handle the situation and called the Minneapolis Police Department for help.

Dozens of police officers who arrived on the scene tried to disperse the crowd of brawling teenagers, but to no avail.

They then formed a human chain often used during crowd control situation and called on the brawlers to stand down, but when that failed, police sprayed Mace into the air above the crowd.

Four people, including three students and one staff member who was hit in the head with a bottle, were sent to a hospital. Police said no weapons were used in the altercation, and the teens’ unspecified injuries were not related to the fight.

A dozen people also complained of suffering from side effects related to the chemical agent sprayed by police. They were treated on the scene for Mace inhalation.

Student Abdi Sheik told CBS that the fight escalated into a ‘big riot’ over racial hostilities that have long been bubbling under the surface.

According to witnesses, an initial fight happened during the first lunch period when one student threw a milk carton at another. By the time the third period came around, the situation spiraled out of control, with boys hitting girls and some students lying on the floor and covering their faces in surrender.

Some members of the South High School community said that the violent incident was the culmination of ongoing tensions between the eight per cent of Muslim students of Somali decent and the 20 per cent who are African Americans.

‘I don’t feel safe here,’ senior Guled Omar told the Minneapolis Star Tribune. ‘This is something that has been going on [for at least two years].’

In a statement posted on the school’s website, district spokesperson Stan Alleyne wrote: ‘South is a very diverse high school.

‘It is a microcosm of the city. Students function together at a high level every day. That is the strength of this school. Our students live diversity every day.’

So far, no charges have been filed but police said students involved in the melee could potentially face assault, riot, and other counts.

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  • Shattered

    I got as far as “Student Abdi Sheik” and that told me all I needed to know.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Remember Mogadishu and Black Hawk Down.

  • guest

    Note the LA Times reporting on this calls it a “food fight” and does not mention race at all, even though the racial aspect is the only part of the story that’s relevant to the typical American reader:


    How many “food fights” end up in hospitalizations? I love the quote at the end: “This is a high school in America, there are fights,” Minneapolis PD Sgt Palmer said. “This was just a much larger fight.” Wow, so this is caused by being a teenager, and could just as easily happen in an all-white school? Resettlement had nothing to do with this?

    We only get the truth from a UK publication.

    We can’t get blacks here to integrate into American society after 50 years and trillions of dollars, so what do we do? We start importing thousands of Somalis who are even more violent and messed up than American blacks and drop them into all-white areas like Maine.

    How is all of this going to end?

    • The__Bobster

      CBS tried to make it look like Whites were involved. LOL!


      One student, Abdi Sheikh, said he saw hundreds of students fighting in what
      appeared to be a racial incident.

      “A big riot,” he said. “It was all types of races.”


      They even thought this statement would mislead us, but We all know the truth:

      The fight, students say, was the result of long-simmering tensions between
      the 8 percent of students who are Somali Americans and the 20 percent who are
      African Americans.

    • HamletsGhost

      It can only end with the bankruptcy of the schools and the state that feeds them. When they hit the wall, they’ll hit it hard. Prepare thyself for empty EBT day!

      • Nathanwartooth

        Ah yes, Paul Kersey’s mythical “When the EBT card runs out” theory. Except that we’ll see hyper inflation way before that. Since the Fed would rather print ourselves the money instead of letting that happen.

        • Except when we hit hyperinflation, whatever gets loaded onto EBT cards won’t be able to buy much of anything.

          • guest

            Right, hyperinflation is equivalent to the EBT running out, and that is probably how it will happen. It won’t be something that happens in a single day (24 hour period). It will be slower. Over a period of a few months, perhaps, EBTs will stop being able to buy any usable quantity of anything. I wish that would happen all on one cataclysmic day but it will be a slower process. But the result is all the same. Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            I’m going to love it when the welfare congoloids start going on TV, complaining in their typically barely coherent vocalizations about how “da gunmint don’ be givin’ enuff money to buy evin a loafs o’ bray-id. Who gonna feeds mah babies?”

            I’m almost sorry I left the US, but I have to care about my own children’s future over my desire for gratification.

    • sbuffalonative

      It’s only racial when it’s whites attacking blacks.

    • MikeS

      “How is all of this going to end?”
      The only way it can.

  • MekongDelta69

    African-Africans vs. Muslim-Africans vs. American-Africans = the usual riot.

    And the common denominator is?…

    And of course, the usual, self-loathing, guilt-ridden, weenie, leftist white guy has to chime in with the usual blather:
    “South is a very diverse high school. It is a microcosm of the city. Students function together at a high level every day. That is the strength of this school. Our students live diversity every day.”

    Yep – they sure do.

    Ain’t multiculturalism great?

    • africans are rioting and sleeping with white women. just imagine the year 2100. you better not have babies cause your great grand children in 2110 will be the slaves

    • Integration Anxiety

      I’m a little confused by the race-riot part. Somalia is a nation in Africa, right? These Somalis have decided to take their talents to America, right? So are they not African Americans too? This wasn’t a race riot. This was an everyday occurrence among rivaling African tribes.nothing to see here, White libs.

    • StillModerated

      Students function together at a high level every day.

      For sure buddy! But this is the bitter fruit of lowered standards.

      I read an article about a college grad who applied for a position as an English teacher in Minneapolis Schools, but she was rejected because she had not studies enough Spenser. Maybe she was unwittingly being protected from these disgusting, barbaric savages.

    • Felix_M

      So what’s going to happen when we throw all those amnestied Latinos into the mix?
      Celebrate diversity. *gag*
      BTW, Forbes had an article about the friendliest towns in America. I’ll wager that among the things that makes them liveable is that they’re still mostly white. Let the libs keep their cultural vibrancy. Gimme a society (white) that works.

    • Vanessa

      Mmm…Mmm I could sure go for a big hearty helping of diversity right about now, couldn’t you? Hey Minneapolis, stop hogging all the diversity and save me some.

    • Luis

      Paisan, please see my post where I mention the SAME thing – about how the haole says “diversity uber alles”..

      That’s more dangerous than this so-called “racial brawl”.

      • Room101

        “Diversity ueber alles” is right on the money, wish I’d thought of it.

        “Diversity” and the promotion of it to normal taxpaying White citizens is the primary mission of Government, from the school district on up to every federal bureaucracy. Every institution of society such as media, so-called “non-profits”, etc is also heavily invested in propagandizing the nebulous virtues of “diversity”, that which is not-White and anti-White, to normal White people.

        Because the mission of diversity-worship can’t yet openly and overtly state its true objectives, its promotional mission by the Government will remain mired in failure which in turn guarantees the Government will allocate trillions more towards it.

        Stan Alleyne is but a small cog in the behemoth “diversity” racket, but he’s been handed the keys to the kingdom depending on his statements to the media.
        He knows all attention is focused on him at the moment, and for him to fail to take advantage of all this free publicity to advance “diversity”, and thereby his career, would go counter to everything Rahm Emmanuel said about ‘never letting a “crisis” go to waste’.

  • Some Guy

    The blacks are completely out of control in America. 50 years of pandering, blaming Whitey for their problems and excuse making is coming back to haunt us.


    “A mother is accused of bursting into a high school classroom and helping her teen daughter beat up another student, even holding the other teen and instructing her child strike the girl in the face with a combination lock, police said.The mother, Precious Allen…”
    New code word for a unprovoked attack = brawl.

    • Unperson

      “A mother is accused of bursting into a high school classroom and helping her teen daughter beat up another student, even holding the other teen and instructing her child strike the girl in the face with a combination lock, police said.The mother, Precious Allen…”
      New code word for a unprovoked attack = brawl.

      Yep. And the new code word for worthless = Precious.

      • Room101

        “diversity” is the most precious mission of Government throughout the West.
        Spending trillions on less-than-worthlessness to try to bankrupt Civilization.

  • Ronald

    Perhaps if the Government would charge the parents of “Black” and “Muslim” “youth” for the food they consume, instead of providing them “free food” with hard earned taxpayer money, the “youth” would be less likely to throw it around when they engage in racially motivated fights.


    • concernedcollegekid

      Approximately all of the black girls at my high school who got free breakfast and lunch everyday were obese…

      • Hold that thought.

        Remember when Michelle Obama was running around telling teenagers to exercise because of obesity?

        Well, it seems to me the problem with teenagers isn’t that they’re too heavy, it’s that they’re too thin. Most of them need to get into a weight room and lift something before they spontaneously disappear.

        However, there is one big exception to what I see: Black girls and young black women, who seem to have a lot of obesity among them.

        Is Michelle Obama worried about obesity in general, or is she engaging in racial and gender projection?

        From an HBD prospective, young black women and their pandemic obesity in a first world society, while it’s certainly not healthy, is more of a feature than a bug considering where they came from a very long time ago.

        • Felix_M

          Kyreesha’s idea of exercise is to hike her large butt off of the couch and hike herself over to the refrigerator for that bucket o’ leftover Colonel bought with her mama’s EBT card.

        • Room101

          The so-called “obesity epidemic” is just another media-on-behalf-of-Government propaganda campaign, much akin to the whole “global warming”, “bullying”, “gun-violence” frauds and scams.

          Since nothing can be done about either of these fake “crises”, Government has the necessary justification to allocate trillions in tax money to “solve” these non-existent problems.

      • newscomments70

        In my all-white school, there was only one child who received a government lunch. Her mother had died and her father was a drunk. She was very embarrassed to live off of the government handout and she volunteered for kitchen duty. She washed dishes and mopped floors. She was quite efficient and militant about it. Some of the other children joined in because she made it look “fun”. This was elementary school, by the way. Could you imagine minorities acting this way? I imagine it’s possible, but most seem so shameless about demanding handouts…then they throw it on the floor and at each other. LET’S TAKE THEIR HANDOUTS AWAY.

        • Felix_M

          I came from a large family where money was tight, and I volunteered to work in the cafeteria to pay for my own lunch, relieving my parents of the cost.
          Handouts like free food do no good. Bring back the work ethic.
          Bring back wasp culture. It might not have been as exciting or colorful as the bongo-Congo yout’ culture that replaced it, but it worked. When we mainstreamed acting like street-trash from da ‘hood, we didn’t lift them up, we brought ourselves down.

        • Luis

          I remember some 30 years ago, the Chicago Urban League would run television commercials, that ended with this jingle, sung by a group that sounded like the Fifth Dimension:

          ‘We’re not asking for a hand-out, just a hand….”

          The heck they weren’t asking for handouts!

          • newscomments70

            That is pretty good liberal propaganda. Even I liked the Fifth Dimension. After this brutal race war that was forced on us, most whites would not fall for that.

          • Room101

            Just because there’s a Government-sponsored whipping-up of racial antagonisms, animosities, and artificial grievances for their own greedy taxpayer-funded institutional self-benefit doesn’t mean that you or anybody can’t listen to whatever music they want.
            Just because you like the music of the Fifth Dimension or any other black entertainers doesn’t make you a traitor to your race.
            The Government has the greatest self-interest in hyper-sensitizing racial animosities to the boiling point, as found in any correctional facility.
            The Federal government means to administrate over a vast population of prisoners, formerly referred to in the Constitution as American citizens.

          • C_C_Conrad

            I remember that. They said that they only wanted a level playing field so that they could show what they could do. Well, here we are.
            Jack’s War

  • JackKrak

    So, Mr. Liberal, how is it that Somalis and American blacks can’t get along but you assure us that blacks, whites, hispanics and a long list of others are going to share the joys of a wonderful multicultural tapestry if we can just overcome that pesky ‘white privliege’ thing?

    • Room101

      I don’t see how “diversity” includes normal White people. Normal White people, especially taxpayers working in the private-sector, are Enemy #1 to Diversityists. Under “diversity”, White people are to be continued to be cast out of being considered human beings.

      My prediction is that over the next 20 years at most, or however long it lasts, all the government forms demanding self-identifying racial classifications in the check boxes will no longer include such archaic descriptors such as “white/caucasian” but the required ticking of the box that reads “Racist-American”.

  • Tim

    I saw the video and was profoundly disturbed and saddened by the Somali women who appeared to be in their 20`s or 30`s wearing Muslim dress and roaming the cafeteria. A lifetime ago, High School was about neighborhood cheerleaders with butterscotch legs wearing school colors. Now it`s become nothing more than another place to park 3rd World refugees…

  • Conan

    The comments in the original article are fantastic.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      Yeah, but in an online U.K. paper. In an online U.S. paper, they would’ve been disallowed or erased.

      • newscomments70

        That is not always true. More than half of the comments on the LA times were race realist. Furthermore, UK newspapers used to censor non-PC comments in a strict manner. Most newspapers censor comments to some degree, but it seems that they are failing these days. I don’t think they can keep up with race-realist comments anymore. It must be overwhelming.

  • Tom_in_Miami

    I like that part…”after violence broke out.” It wouldn’t be nice to say “after negroes started rioting.”

    • HamletsGhost

      When people use the passive tense, you can bet your bottom dollar that blame is being dodged. People just can’t seem to say “I screwed up”. They prefer to say “Mistakes were made” as if the mistakes just make themselves.

      • concernedcollegekid

        Another example is when articles talk about a “tide of violence” “sweeping” certain communities. Like, it was just this TIDE that came in OF ITS OWN ACCORD. Like a wave. No human agency whatsoever was involved. Also, when they say a place was “hit hard by crime”. An entity called “crime” just sprang up out of nowhere and started HITTING the poor unfortunate people of the neighborhood. Perhaps over their heads with a stick.

      • guest

        This is the weasely liberal passive voice: “The community is plagued by gun violence”, or “the community is ravaged by HIV and drug use”. My favorite is “people experiencing homelessness”, found on the PATH website. I’ve also heard about students who fail or join a gang not by their choice, but because they are denied educational opportunities.

        I love it. Gun violence and so on are not personal choices, they are a force of nature, or perhaps they are imposed by evil white pilgrims and the NRA.

        Way back when I took English classes in high school, they taught us not to use the passive voice. Wikipedia discusses the passive voice in its article on “weasel words”, and says, “the passive voice is used to avoid blame”.

        Surely there are journalism style guides that say, “don’t use the passive voice”? There must be an exception to the rule when the subject of a sentence is black, and the sentence is something negative. In that case the subject of the sentence should be removed and it should be switched to the passive voice.

        I get it! I’m ready for a job at the LA Times.

        • StillModerated

          … journalism style guides that say, “don’t use the passive voice”

          Hah! don’t kid yourself, Guest. Every day I hear so-called journalists use the subjunctive mood in practically every headline. e.g. could invade the US .., could cause cancer …, should ban guns …, may save lives, might save billions, etc.

          This is a high level discussion; which means somebody has studied their Latin homework.

          • guest

            Uh, Sanskrit in my case. But yeah, the grammar is similar to Latin and you sure learn a lot about cases, because every noun is tagged with one of seven cases. This has helped me read liberal essays and spot the missing part of speech. Hmm, nothing in this sentence has an instrumental case (तृतीया) but nothing in the nomitive (प्रथमा) case! What could be missing?

          • guest

            Realize some more: Liberal weaseliness makes use of instrumental case (तृतीया) and dative case (चतुर्थी) but avoids nomitive and accusative (द्वितीया).

            What does this mean? In weasely passive voice, you leave out the subject entirely. However that’s obviously bad journalism, so there’s a more subtle weasely way.

            Look at this sentence:

            The suspect shot the victim with an AR-15 assault weapon.


            Dontavius Jones, a known member of the 15th Street Set, shot the victim on the 2200 block of MLK Jr Boulevard.

            Both cases are telling the same story. The essential parts of stories are the subject and object, or the nomitive and accusative phrases. In sentence 1, we get a long instrumental case phrase, and the most generic possible nom and acc phrases. In sentence 2, we can do without the instrumental phrase because the verb “shot” tells us it was using a gun, and we learn what we really want to know, which is something about the agent and object of the story. Both sentences are about the same length, and the second one should meet all the same journalism standards as the first.

          • Felix_M

            I doubt the journalists of whom you write even know what the subjunctive mood is.

            (One of the pleasures of studying other languages is that you learn, in turn, to better understand your own.)

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Not only that, but you also help to stave off dementia in your later years. Unless, of course, you are studying Mestizo. That’ll shave a few IQ points off. Better stick to the languages of literates.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Well, at least they’re consistent. It’s “gun violence” instead of “violence committed by retards with guns.”

  • Jss

    Food fights that end with people in the hospital..an expression of Egyptian,Nubian,Bantu,congoid, cultural vibrancy that us Whites should be grateful for, or a rebellion born of poverty and racism like jango and Donner?

    That’s one for Plato and Socrates I guess.

  • alas

    Us white nationalists should form alliances with African-American leaders, give us the power necessary in congress to prevent any more illegal immigration. No one of us believes it is in white peoples’ interests, but clearly it is in African-Americans even less. They are more likely to compete in the job market, they too have racial fights like this, ethnic cleansing (in California), and also will now just be one more minority, whereas before they were the only minority, with attendant benefits.

    We are allies of convenience, and the time has run out for us to be choosy with our partners.

    • Dave4088

      Bad idea. I won’t ally or negotiate with a race of people who harbor a satanic hatred of white people. You don’t hear black leaders proposing an alliance with white nationalists, nor will you ever.

    • Xerxes22

      Most Blacks are just too sociopathic to form an alliance with anyone. In order for such an alliance to work, Blacks would have to end their attacks on us (both verbal and physical) and at least attempt to behave in a normal civilized manor. Something which is beyond the abilities of most of their race.

      • alas

        We don’t have to hold hands on the streets, but in Congress surely the black caucus and southern Republicans can get together and agree to further their mutual interests? It’s our only hope.

    • Room101

      The only way white folks can help “African-American community leaders” along their political/media/government careers is for battalions of armed taxpayers from the suburbs to sweep through the ghetto and allow the police to lock up the survivors, if any.
      African-American community leaders could never survive without a vast criminal network juiced-into the Democrat party that will reward failure with trillions in tax money from all the guilty White taxpayers.

  • concernedcollegekid

    “Students function together at a high level every day. That is the strength of this school. Our students live diversity every day.”

    My reaction to this story was about to be negative, but THAT sentence sure set me straight. Yeah, there was one fight, but otherwise, the students at this school function at a high level in diversity, which is the strength of the school. What a relief! You can go home amrenners, no negative aspects of diversity to see here.

    • Young Man

      “Students function together at a high level every day. That is the
      strength of this school. Our students live diversity every day.”

      The thing people most want you to know is always the least true. Even he doesn’t believe what he is saying.

      • newscomments70

        It is the epitome of leftist propaganda: 2+2=5. Force yourself to you believe that, or we will destroy your life.

      • Room101

        If he can fake his insincerities to his superiors in the media and Government, he’s got it made. I doesn’t matter in any case. He got on the always-available media prayer rug and bowed to Big Diversity.

        • Room101

          ^It doesn’t matter in any case^

  • tightwad

    The South High School students are wrong. This isn’t the culmination, this is only the

  • Barrack Osama

    Another miniature penitentiary goes boom.

    By the way, the “insensitive” & “racist” comment I just made was the cause of the riot, and not the fault of any of the participants.

    • Speaking of, let this moderator take the opportunity to apologize for that “outbreak” of almost 150 comments made in quick succession that I just deleted. Best I can tell, a WiFi signal was accidentally aimed at the psych ward on Rikers Island just long enough for one of the victims of our racist society / NYPD who reside there to cause us a little bit of trouble.

  • [Guest]

    >>>”It is a microcosm of the city. Students function together at a high level every day. That is the strength of this school. Our students live diversity every day.”

    —district spokesperson Stan Alleyne

    I wonder how much Mr. Alleyne (photo attached) is paid to make such stupid statements and whether he honestly believes them.

  • Those of us who attended black high schools are aware that such violent sprees are endemic to the culture.

    • StillModerated

      I look forward to the day when TV news announces: a Category 5 CO escalated into a full-fledged bongo party in a high school cafeteria today. The “students” were unhappy with their taxpayer-furnished grub. The popo nabbed Guled Omar and Abdi Sheik.

      By the way, Abdi means “slave.”

  • Here’s another video link if the above doesn’t work:


  • Viv Jasper

    When I taught at a diverse public school, we had to police the cafeteria every day to prevent this kind of thing from happening. Our black students just loved hurling food at other kids. The whole scene was one of barely contained chaos. These kids couldn’t even line up in an orderly fashion without us directing them, and stealing food was a problem.
    Sometimes when I drop by my daughter’s mostly white school, I am amazed at the difference. They’re not perfect, but they act like human beings.

    • Felix_M

      Diversity, vibrant and multi-cultural are now become codewords for situations and places to avoid.

      (Oh, the irony.)

  • PesachPatriot

    I remember being involved in a few food fights in the middle and high school cafeteria when I was a kid….it was a small rural northern district with mostly white and a few jewish and asian kids…the cafeteria was messier than at the beginning of lunch but no one ever went to the hospital or got arrested….we were given 2 weeks after school detention and groundings by our parents….I am confused as to why blacks are misbehaving in Minnesota of all places considering there was never slavery there and if I recall history correctly a bunch of white Minnesotans put on itchy blue wool uniforms so that these fine upstanding young scholars could waste the food taxpayers so generously provided.

    • Katherine McChesney

      You don’t get it. This is black behavior. Slavery is not the cause of black rioting. It’s just an excuse in order to not take responsibility for being naturally violent.

      • PesachPatriot

        Yeah…I know….i’m being facetious and sarcastic…I worked in the hood and observed them in an environment where they were the majority and didn’t need to put on an act to keep a job. In the Florida hoods there is incredible tension between the blacks born in america and the ones from jamaica and haiti.

  • Robert Marchenoir

    “Students function together at a high level every day.”

    Politically-correct managerial gibberish. What on earth is that supposed to mean ? Students routinely trying to kill each other ?

  • Correction: _________ and blacks don’t get along. Anything in the blank will do.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Somalis are black.

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        They are a different black than the bantu African-Americans. However, given how prevalent violence is among the bantus, the phrase “blacks and blacks don’t get along” is also true.

        • NYB

          Watching a Somali around a Bantu is like seeing a jackal around a hyena. It’s a fight waiting to break out.

          • Luis

            Except for one thing – jackals and hyenas would NEVER let food go to waste, like Bantus do.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          I used to make distinctions like that and understand how they work, but…

          I just look at the cesspools where they hail from and see little difference in the big picture. You know…you look at the continent and try to find some “blacks” who aren’t really “black” so you look at things other than the skin color, like facial features, etc, because it can’t all be that bad, right?

          Ethiopians seem to have some different genetics than most. Crossings with lighter colored folk seem to produce much lighter, non-subSaharan looking types, for instance, than Bantu/lighter skin mixes.

          Regardless, neither Ethiopians nor Somalis seem more capable of maintaining coherent civilizations than Bantus, sooo…. BLACK, lol.

          For that matter the same holds for the blacks of Australia and Austronesia. Look at the amazing achievements of the Andaman islanders.

          The only dark skinned group that seems to have some promise are the south Indians, Dravidians. Not that they are East Asians or N/W Europeans or Ashkenazi, but seem to produce more k-style breeders with some brighter specimens capable of functioning in civilization. Just a passive observation.

          • concernedcollegekid

            India did produce Ramanujan, if people know who that is. There are certainly some very bright people there.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Yeah, India consists of basically two racial groups which have mixed to a greater or lesser extent over time, varied by region. The dark Dravidians were the original inhabitants while the Aryans were a branch of the Indo-Europeans that dispersed from the Black Sea region (possibly the result of the breaking of the Dardanelles which flooded a rich freshwater lake the surface of which was considerably below sea level) and spread throughout Eurasia.

            Racial classification of the Dravidians is controversial with many classifying them as a race of their own. I believe that much of modern Vedantic faiths are old Aryan ideas heavily influenced by Dravidians.

            Ramayana = Ramanujen? Would look it up but been studying for a test all night myself, college kid, lol, and bout to get me an hour or two power nap here. I actually have great respect for Indian religious thought, have considered myself a Buddhist. Now more of a Christian Gnostic in the vein of the Cathars, which is in fact a western version of Vedantic Buddhism in my opinion. Which makes me a heretic in either tradition I guess.

            Nite nite. Keep thinking CCK, it’s subversive…

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Outliers. When you have billions to choose from, it’s inevitable.

          • concernedcollegekid

            I doubt Africa will ever produce a first-rate mathematician no matter how much their population increases. India has had a few already. Even Asia never had any with Ramanujan’s talent (I’m not a math person; I’m just repeating what I’ve been told by someone who is). I think this could have something to do with Indians having a caucasoid appearance. I would guess that India has a very wide range of IQ and multiple ethnic groups varying from elite to less elite, although I’m not sure. I’ve been told that Microsoft is full of Indians. I’m sure there’s a reason they’re not Africans.

          • I’ve been told that Microsoft is full of Indians.

            Because of H-1B visas and they work cheaper.

          • concernedcollegekid

            Well, there’s probably a reason that Microsoft has a bunch of Indians working for cheap rather than a bunch of Pygmies working for cheap. But, I take your point.

          • Michael_C_Scott


          • convairXF92

            Plus both Boses: the acoustics/stereo-speaker engineer and the particle-theory physicist. I should mention though that Bose(1), whom I’ve met, is very light-skinned and clearly looks part English.

          • Tom Iron

            Don’t worry about how smart or dumb people are. Focus on what we’re going to have to do in the not too distant future, which is to rid this nation of all these swarthy/black bums, no matter how smart or dumb they may be.

          • Nathanwartooth

            Just a generalization from what I’ve seen so far.

            70-89 IQ = super third world hellhole. 90-95 IQ = second world and 96+ = first world.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Pretty sound classification I think. Then I look at places like “Equatorial Guinea” and see like…59 average IQ? Not that I give them much credit but that’s gotta be wrong. How could a civilized society…oh…


          • HamletsGhost

            I’ve read that Ethiopeans don’t really think of themselves as black. They look down on true blacks to the south. Ethiopean speak Amharic, a Semitic language and probably look to the north for their cultural peers.

            Ethiopea was one of the very last holdouts for the African slave trade. It wasn’t until Mussolini conquered the country in 1936 that slavery and the slave trade was abolished.

            If all those Jamaican Rastas ever met their imagined god Haile Selassie while he was alive, he’d probably order them all thrown in chains and sold in the market the following morning.

          • convairXF92

            I thought the Somali refugees in the US were Bantu or Nilotic, not related to majority Somalians or Ethiopians. They were a minority in their own country.

      • Felix_M

        How about a new book?

        “50 Shades of Black” ?

        • NeanderthalDNA

          All hues of epic failure…

        • Robert Binion

          “Where the Wild Things Are.”

    • JDInSanDiego

      This also works: Muslims don’t get along with anyone and blacks don’t get along with anyone.

    • StillModerated

      How about black and blacks don’t get along? Crips murder Bloods, shootouts occur in “da hood” over the most trivial incidents, mothers smother their kids, stepdaddies and “boofrens” snuff out the lives of competitors’ offspring, etc. I could go on, but it’s easier to pretend to believe the MSM’s lies about how we’re equal to savages.

  • George

    I saw a number of Whites students in this melee as well.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Could there have been light skinned blacks? The video doesn’t work for me.

  • Since when is “Muslim” a race? It’s NOT.

    • NYB

      In the context of race, it means ‘non-white’.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Yes. Caucasian-appearing Muslims have resigned from being “white” in a way that even I did not when I married a Japanese, or I never really was when I was born partly Cherokee and Tuscarora. Perhaps I have a spirit instead of a soul, and this bronze-age “stuff” doesn’t apply to me. Maybe I’m nothing more than a bipedal animal who is good at mathematics and doesn’t make messes in the house.

        I utterly believe that Islam is evil, and their “submission” really means circumcision of one’s soul. Islam means “submit”, which would take away the freedom of choice our genuine heritage allows us.

        Practicing Muslims, in my view as explained above are not even people, let alone “non-white”.

        Probably the moderator won’t like what I’ve said, but I would rather have my old life back as a research chemist going shooting every weekend. I’m not afraid of going back to prison, but Islam represents a spiritual prison for the rest of you that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

        • Jss

          Totally agree with you. A “white” Muslim is no different to me then a white who willingly sleeps around with blacks and Hispanics. I saw plenty of Afhgans during my year there that could easily pass as white but they were none the less disturbingly barbaric people. You just know that in 1000 years they will be just as Stone Age as they are today. Something about that cult just rots out people’s souls. I don’t know how else one can explain how the Middle East went from being one of the cradles of civilization to the hell hole it is today. Once the oil money runs out I have no doubt that whole region will resemble Afghanistan.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            They’ll go back to fighting over waterholes, camels and women, I suspect.

            Glad you’re back, I hope in one piece, and I know what Room 101 is, from Orwell’s “1984”.

  • That domestic blacks and immigrant blacks can’t get along…well…our diversity is our strength.

    • Felix_M

      Were he still alive, George Orwell would be having a field day.

      • Orwell? Yesterday was the 8th fateful anniversary of Sam Francis being taken from us way too soon. Sam would have had a field day these last 8 years. It goes back to the whole “what would Voltaire have been without his Paris” axiom.

        • StillModerated

          Sam was a friend (and drinking buddy) of mine. He smoked and drank to excess, and did little or no exercise. He lived in Prince George’s County, MD so people would stop accusing him of being a racist. He became an Orthodox Christian on his death bed. May his memory be eternal.

  • Diversity is our strength. Yes, it certainly is.

  • ye ol’ swampyankee

    Now this contrasts to Minneapolis South High School. A mind blowing difference since both are public schools. The garbage is always channeled into the cites up north. It’s no accident.


  • Eventually the US Dept of Education will take over all indoctrination centers eventually.

    I said this when they destroyed Shelby County, Tennessee schools for their tax base in favor Memphis.

    This was intrastate destruction.

    Eventually there will be a failing school system with a poor tax base and the “rich” school district with the “good schools” will be across a state line.

    The US Dept of Education will destroy this country.

  • StillModerated

    … ongoing tensions between the eight per cent of Muslim students of Somali decent [sic] and the 20 per cent who are African Americans …

    Is there some way to spin this as good news?

  • Dave4088

    Diversity is just a gift that keeps on giving. I’m waiting for the libtard media to spin this incident and claim the students were just subconsciously rebelling against white skin privilege. And to conceal the racial aspect and violent nature of this fight I suppose newspapers will write about “youths” having a shoving match with “immigrants”.

    • StillModerated

      I saw the video, too. It seemed to me that White Scandinavian-looking students simply wanted to sit at a table and eat their lunch in peace. But there will be no peace. Die-versity is chaos! Die-versity is the concrete galoshes of civilization.

  • ConcernedYoungAmerican

    Hello all! I’m new here, having just undergone my racial awakening after growing up in a predominantly white community, being told all my life by public educators, such as these clowns in Minnesota, that diversity is a strength, and then attending college in the multicultural hellhole that is San Francisco, where I realized that there exists a simmering anti-white racism ingrained into the psyche of all racial minorities in this country. I fear that the United States is ruined and has been since 1965, when the Third World began to pour in en masse. My question is: What do we do since our leaders, Republican and Democrat alike, have betrayed us to pursue this insane experiment? Do we secede and form our own nation in a corner of American territory? Do we flee to Europe and warn them of what unchecked immigration will do to the original white homelands? I’m frankly terrified, as I’ve only just graduated into adulthood and will live to see the cultural (and possibly physical) genocide of whites and the expropriation of our history in this once-great Republic. There are other young whites like me…we just have no idea who to turn to as the nation has been destroyed by both immigration and corporatism.

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty


      Stock up on food, guns, ammo. Ride the civil war roller coaster and hope it ends with a White ethnostate.

      • Barrack Osama

        Inform people that there is an alternative to the madness. HBD, race realism, whatever you want to call it – deep down, many people want it. Getting the word out is one of the most important things just about anyone can do.

    • concernedcollegekid

      Hi, ConcernedYoungAmerican! The story of how I got here has similarities to yours. Always good to see more people my age on this site. Welcome!

      • ConcernedYoungAmerican

        I think there are many of us out there, and more awakening by the day as the country progressively deteriorates in large part due to our government feeling the need to import Somalians (of all people!!!) and other Third World degenerates into this nation. We absolutely need some kind of contingency though, as I fear that what Frosty posted will come to fruition in due time, the spark being a financial collapse under our sagging debt and the wealth gap that has accumulated over the years with deindustrialization and globalization. Do all of us whites flee into the interior (my native California will get very, very ugly) and make a stand? Anyway, great to meet another young person! We are the future…

        • Nathanwartooth

          It’s actually a very legitimate problem.

          At some point the United States will be lost. Once you make a bunch of third world people citizens they are almost impossible to get rid of because of all of the rights they have. This is why they are trying to get amnesty rammed down our throats as soon as they can.

          We are at a tipping point but it seems like the only political party that could get enough votes and stop this, the Stupid Party is turning into Democrats as fast as they can.

          If there was a single White country fighting against immigration I would say that would be the country to move to in the future. But if current trends continue there will be nowhere to hide from the massive amount of non whites.

    • Welcome to AR.

      What do we do about our predicament?

      There will be as many answers to that question as there are regular AR posters.

      The article that Bad Mr. Frosty posted below is a great read, but where it kinda loses me is that it way over-estimates the ability of urban blacks to sustain riots and melee and mass violence in lieu of food and electricity.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Welcome! Learn and spread the word. Thinking is subversive!!!!

  • Michael_C_Scott

    A “food fight”, huh? That was funny only once: in the movie “Animal House”.

    Warehouse work again this evening (Feb. 15) for seven hours, though 30 minutes was dinner I brought from home: baked, breaded fish with chipotle (roasted jalapenos) and adobo sauce, sweet potato with lots of pepper, a hard-boiled egg and two mandarin oranges, with unsweetened iced Japanese green tea. Good food is good for one’s morale, and keeps the cold out.

    After eating early during a lull in the work, I felt quite good and the wind died down at about 17:00.

    I believe “people” who would waste food by throwing it at each other have never been short a few meals in a row, off and on for weeks at a time and thus they have never really been “poor”. I do not recognize food-throwing morons as my countrymen. None of these idiots would be likely to survive a winter on their own. How could “hungry” folks deliberately waste any of it? Especially with meat: a chicken, a turkey, a pig or steer got killed to help provide you; how DARE you waste it?

    When the “Entitlement Groups” in the Great Lakes rust belt say “gimme, gimme, gimme,” I think “Leningrad Famine” and smile.

    • IstvanIN

      They waste it because they don’t grow it, they don’t prepare it, and they do not pay for it. I went through 13 years of school bring my lunch 99% of the time. In grammar school sometimes my mother had money for me to buy hoagie on hoagie day. I did get money for milk and sometimes an ice cream. I never bought lunch in high school. Mom always made that. Evil YT feeds these kids and they expect it. A huge mistake.

      • Tim

        In my day a tray lunch was 40 cents and an ice cream sandwich cost a nickel. Many a day was the time I had eight for lunch.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          I think it was 35 cents here. I didn’t like the canned vegetables that had been steamed until they were tasteless,

          In high school, the choice was the usual tray or a soup and salad. I got the soup and salad until I met my first girlfriend, and then I stopped thinking about food, and I let her have it. Neither of us had classes on Mittwoch afternoons, so we walked to my mother’s place and ate there.

    • Robert Binion

      I once placed a pan of hot sweet potatoes up in a high window to cool and my daughter’s two hounds left their full bowls of food to sit below the spuds in anticipation.

    • PesachPatriot

      When I was younger my father showed me a picture of people in expensive fur coats carving up a dead horse in one of warsaw’s affluent suburbs in 1939 after the initial invasion. He told me, this is not in the dark ages…there is a car in the picture driving down the street, people had radios and record players, but they went from plenty to poverty overnight. I still have the same book and plan on showing it to my kid one day(probably the day before she gets her license). The Leningrad famine was especially horrific even by the standards of the second unpleasant global debate.

      His biggest pet peeve was the wasting of food…He would always rant at me and my sister for being fat spoiled americans who had never gone hungry a day in our lives if we didn’t eat the crust on PB and J sandwiches. The rest of the world could probably live on what we carelessly throw away because we assume the grocery store will always be there and the paper and plastic will always be accepted for the food we need to stay alive.

    • convairXF92

      *The 900 Days: The Siege of Leningrad* by Harrison E. Salisbury.

      Also read Robert Conquest’s *Harvest of Sorrow* on the Ukrainian famine under Stalin.

      I suggest, though, not reading either just before going to bed.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Well, who won?

    This is a matter of pride and honor as to which group makes the best victims in the blue city.

    Actually, I don’t care if these two groups obliterate each other. It would be good if both disappear.


    • Michael_C_Scott

      Everyone’s missing it; wasting perfectly good food is criminal.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        I assure you, whatever was being served up and thrown around in that school cafeteria WAS NOT FOOD!!

        I once put some leftover “government school food” in my worm farm and damn if the entire ecosystem didn’t die within days.


        And, for your viewing pleasure, BEHOLD! (from my collection to yours)

        • Michael_C_Scott

          I’ve eaten food marked at the prison loading dock where I was working “For Zoo Animals Only: Not For Human Consumption”. It didn’t hurt me, though my mother said I had grown a bit taller between age 34 and 37. The extra strength has also helped. I guess the animals had been fed growth steroids that work on people; probably not a good thing to feed to violent criminals. I still have the slender bicyclist’s build, but I’m really good at moving furniture now as well.

          I like the Lord’s Prayer for the Glock. Do you have one for a G-43?

  • rightrightright

    I did laugh when I watched this. The White students, uninvolved, staying out of it, eating their lunch as normal, strolling about, smiling at the fracas, laid back and relaxed.

    The Blacks were Somalis (Muslims) versus African American Blacks. The press will take care to downplay this Canteen Jihad aspect.

  • jay11

    “Student Abdi Sheik told CBS that the fight escalated into a ‘big riot’ over racial hostilities that have long been bubbling under the surface.”

    ——- But they are all the same color! Both groups’ ancestors hail from the same continent! Both are the SAME race! I thought race was a social construct? Huh? Black people fighting black people – and this is a ‘racial’ issue? Liberals! ‘splain me this puleez!
    In your worldview, these things are NOT supposed to happen. One kid even says it’s been going on for two years under the surface. That probably coincides with the rapid rise (importation) of Somalis to the area, a place where blacks were only recently (last 10-20 years) imported for the delight of local white liberals who found it too expensive and time consuming to volunteer with the peace corp in africa.
    Liberals, how are normal white people faring with the importation of somalis in small towns all across amerika? Ask the people of Maine (or anywhere else). Whoa, what about the experiences of white americans in general when ANY people ‘of color’ are forcibly thrust in their midst?
    Liberalism is a disease! The school official at the end of this article praised ‘diversity’ rather than acknowledge that it might also cause some problems.

  • Fed Up

    What would you really expect from Blacks or Muslims?

    • StillModerated


  • HamletsGhost

    How ironic that Somalis came from a place where people fight OVER food to a place where people fight WITH food.

  • Fr. John+

    What they didn’t report is that it was SOMALI Muslims, who are just as Black as the Negroes in the school room. This is generational tribal warfare. neither group belongs in the USA- from Lincoln’s time and before, White Society clearly noted the unassimilatable nature of the Negro. This is just a microcosm of the perennial tribal warfare of a less civilized race.

  • Token Finn

    Someone should tell them that there beez brothers in Africa who would gladly eat the wasted food off the floor.

  • Luis

    What a crock of mugabedung this article is. It implies that this was a “racial brawl” between Bantu students and white Moslems from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen or Qatar. Come to find out, it’s a brawl between American Bantus and Somali Bantus – whose hides are as dark as a Rottweiler’s. How is it “racial”, if the combatants are THE SAME RACE?! That’s akin to saying the Crips and Bloods are in a race conflict.

    And yet, I think the most dangerous aspect of all this is the Minnesota haole Stan Alleyne, who trumpets “diversity” as if it were the most important thing in life. I think that if one of these students stabbed his mother and raped his child he would do no less.

    I note with delicious irony, that Minnesota went for Obama in 2008 and 2012 in the presidential elections. I’ll make book that they thought they were buying “racial peace” by voting for him. This episode explodes THAT notion. And to think that people thought by electing Obama, this was supposed to be corrected, and we wouldn’t see fights like this again, ever.

    I was glad to see that the haole students stayed out of this fight. Perhaps there is a glimmer of hope.

    • AB7

      They sort of put quotes around race riot suggesting to the reader that it wasn’t necessarily a race riot. But if it truly was not racial in any way, all races would have been involved. Since it was just Somali Muslims, and blacks, it suggests race was involved in some way. Of course, Islam is not a race, but it is treated as such by delusional modern liberals. And as a simple matter of fact, Muslims will be fighting with any and all non-Muslims of all races until the day Jesus returns and personally destroys Mecca and sends all of the Muslims straight to Hell. But that it is Somalis also matters in that blacks from various African countries do not see themselves as monolithic, they are quite different and are not afraid to tell anyone. Blacks in America can’t fight for “their” African country since they are so many generations removed, so they end up fighting for the sort of vague notion of African-American, and the overall fact that they will fight with anyone given the huge chip they carry on their shoulder from cradle to the grave. So this is exactly the sort of event and story that ALL Americans better start getting used to because as long as we continue to allow the spread of Islam within our borders there will truly, literally, never be any peace.

  • pcmustgo

    Black Muslim Somalis or Arab Muslims.

    • AB7

      If they were Arabs they would have just blown up the cafeteria.

  • johnbarleycorn

    watch out in NYC black groups are flashmob robbing businesses. video too.


  • LHathaway

    I was motivated to say, this once, what so many posters often say. What is the common denominator here? Fight in Minnisota. Fight in California. Fight in London. . . Fight between women. . . What is the common denominator? Even ‘Muslims’ presumably, are now fighting. . .

  • Afronian Dementia

    American Africans seem to be the most virulent strain of African for some reason.

  • DeadinDenver

    I wonder if any member of the press thought to ask for comment from the leaders of Lutheran groups that sponsor the continued Somali immigration into the U.S. and Minnesota? Are does the do-gooding stop once there here?

    • Room101

      Both the Catholic church and Lutheran churches receive significant kickbacks from Government through their so-called ‘non-profit’ “charity” arms by importing as many Somalis into Minnesota and signing them up for the vast cornucopia of Federal and State welfare programs where they’re also encouraged to fill out their voter-registration cards that by law must include the languages spoken by savage Muslim leeches.

      The churches couldn’t care less.

      They get $3 grand kickback per leech from the Feds, and the taxpayers pick up the rest of the tab.

      The churches are most definitely a wholly-owned subsidiary of Big Diversity.

  • HadEnough

    “South is a very diverse high school…. That is the strength of this school.”

    Seriously, I wonder if there is even one single, solitary person on the planet that actually believes this. This sort of statement is by now such manifest garbage that one wonders how the libs don’t blush. I’m trying to thing of a lie of comparable magnitude and absurdity. The best I can do is to insist that the world is flat and that the sun revolves around it.

  • mattj458

    Hmmm. More schools like this one, a few guns and knives and HEY!! We may be on to something!

  • Speaking of food fights, there was also another report on the evening news here in Minnesota. Minnesota today is 17% people of color. 31% of babies are born out of wedlock. This will lead to disaster. They also went on to say that we are rapidly aging. Thank all of you feminists. They went on to say that back in the 1960’s Minnsesota was 98% white. It really was a great state then, lots of social capitol. And it was very, very safe, no more. We are a welfare state and the DFL is a perversion. Minnesotans, just like the idiots who were reporting this exciting piece of news (that is how it sounded), will have a rude awakening one day. I do prefer the Somalians (for now) over the African-americans, as they are so probably the ones (along with white girls they hook up with) who sport all of these fatherless children now at 31%, but there will be a day when Islam really could have it’s way in Minnesota. They are many other groups other than Somali’s who are muslim here. It will be poetic justice to see all the little DFL DWL’s having to reason with the call to Sharia. Minnesota is sad!