Teen Killed at End of Chicago High School Basketball Game

STL Today, January 17, 2013

A 17-year-old boy was shot and killed after a fight broke out at the end of a high school basketball game at Chicago State University.

Tyrone Lawson was shot around 9:20 p.m. outside the gymnasium near 95th Street and King Drive, according to Police News Affairs Officer Daniel O’Brien.

Shortly before the shooting, an argument had broken out in a handshake line after the game between Simeon Career Academy and Morgan Park High School, police said. The argument spilled into the parking lot and someone pulled out a gun and shot Lawson, officials said.

Each team was held in the locker rooms longer than normal after the game as tensions ran high in the gym, witnesses said.


It was unclear what the fight was about. Nothing outside ordinary bumps and physical contact appeared to have happened during the game between the two schools, which are located on Vincennes Avenue about 30 blocks apart.


The university released a statement Thursday morning saying it was “deeply saddened by the tragic shooting death.”

“(Chicago Public Schools) periodically uses the university’s athletic facility to provide a neutral setting for student sporting events. This is the first such incident to occur on the campus of Chicago State University where CPS students have played many times over the last three years,” the statement said.


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  • I went to see a Chicago gun fight, and a basketball game broke out.

    • Maybe that’s how to break up gang fights: Throw in a basketball.

    • brengunn

      Reminds me of Sean Connery in the Untouchables, where he says ‘trust a wop to bring a knife to a gun fight’ maybe it should be changed to ‘trust a nig to bring a gun to a ball game’.

  • The Verdict of History

    Obama’s children.

  • falsedawn

    nothing to see her. move along…

  • jay11

    I watched the whole video. There were hundreds of people there. I don’t think I saw even one white face. 100 years ago in that exact same neighborhood you would not have seen any black faces. Is this how civilizations fall, a slow, gradual death?

    • SLCain

      Fade to black.

  • Pelagian

    1) It’s always an “honor student”, it seems

    2) these two teams cant have home and away games, they have to meet on neutral turf. Is that a basketball team or a gang.

    3) “This is the first such incident to occur on the campus of Chicago State University”. OH YEAH, it’s “random”. Ill be sure to attend a game there tomorrow night since “lightning never strikes twice”.

    • Chicago State University is barely one iota above a typical black CPS high school, same demographics.

  • Strider73

    Hmmm . . . “Simeon Career Academy”. One can easily imagine what kinds of “careers” the “simeons” enrolled there learn. (Sorry, but that school’s name was just too good to pass up.)

    Regardless, shed no tears for Tyrone Lawson. Like 95%+ of that demographic, he was a crime wave in waiting. Be grateful instead for the home invasions and armed robberies he will never commit, the neighbors he will never assault, the women he will never rape, and the dozen or so bastard children he will never create. Be grateful also for the millions of tax dollars he will never devour as a welfare sponge and prison inmate.

    • Oil Can Harry

      So you’re calling the school “Simian Career Acadamy”? You should be ashamed! That’s disgraceful.

      The reason I’m so upset is because I was planning on using that pun. Oh well, ya snooze, ya lose…

    • Shouldn’t that have been Simian career academy?

      • a multiracial individual

        This is the type of garbage that does injury to Mr. Taylor’s reputation.

        • plaintruthforidiots

          Why? Did Jared Taylor say it? Is Jared Taylor responsible for everybody else’s speech? Are you?

          • Michael_C_Scott

            We are each responsible for our own speech on Mr. Taylor’s site. We should mind our manners as if we were speaking in his living room in front of his wife and children.

  • Robert Binion

    While capable of extreme destruction, guns and drugs are with us forever and can not be legislated out of existence. Nothing has or will stop this killing. Matthew says that it “rains on the just and unjust.” And soaks the stupid.

    • Just as both firearms and violent FPS war-style video games are both with us forever.

      That said, in a world where both exist, it is insanity to expose young men to the games first and then to the real thing later on. If you let them play these games at first, games that are largely based on military-written algorithms specifically written to desensitize men to the concept of wanton killing, then their brains are only going to be conditioned to wanton killing. Then it’s an easy step from there to mass murder a la Sandy Hook. The nutbar need not even have easy access to firearms — The young man will have such a built in desire to kill, and his inhibitions against it drilled out of him from video games, that he’ll go so far as to raid his mother’s gun cabinet then head toward a school. And he will go there with full knowledge that by the end of the day, he will forever become an international celebrity for all time.

      The better idea is to do it the other way around — You introduce young men (and I have to stipulate — by “young men,” I mean ones with frontal lobes) to the real thing first. Then they’ll get a first hand education on what these things can really do, their power, the fact they’re not toys, they give you the ability to end a lot of life really quickly, and that around these things and bearing these things, you better learn how to be a good coward. After that, visit the local veterans cemetery, to see some real consequences of the large scale misuse of these things. Then and only then, once the young man fully groks all that, if they want to play FPS, then fine. But I tend to think that at that point, they’ll be so turned off by real violence that gory FPS games will repulse them, and that they’ll only ever use video games for sports and Mario. If they do play the gory games, they will be doing so with the full understanding of the real world consequences of translating this fiction into reality.

      • Nathanwartooth

        Well that explains it.

        I was playing Dead Space 2 tonight getting ready for the Dead Space 3 launch next month.

        I had this sudden urge to get all genocidal on necromorphs.

        But I should have probably trained with my plasma cutter in real life first before playing. Just so I would know the full impact it had on reanimated dead people.

        • As someone working toward a Ph.D. in sarcasm, I got your message. It’s hardly a perfect theory on my part, and it won’t lead to panacea.

          The difference is that fake warfare fake weapon games against fake beings on fake planets are hardly the same things as games that simulate real weaponry against real people in the real world. And I doubt you’re 15 years old.

          • Nathanwartooth

            You should watch the Penn and Teller Bullshit episode about video game violence.

            They made a little boy cry by making him fire a gun in real life after he played military shooters.


            Military shooters don’t have anything to do with people killing people. That would be like trying to explain Black crime rates because of games like Grand Theft Auto.

            Video Games is one of the only forms of entertainment that haven’t been totally ruined by the PC police. I especially love dark fantasy games from Japan (Dark Souls/Demon’s Souls) and don’t want my favorite medium ruined just because people are claiming a link that doesn’t exist.

  • Some Guy

    I don’t think there is enough room “in da locka room” for all of their egos. Very few of them can evolve to the level of respectable adult and stay with their school yard mentality.

    • ed91

      not to mention ‘all of their disappointment’

  • ZB

    Let’s get some things straight:
    #1. These men aren’t black or African American; they are “youths” or “young men”.
    #2. Mentioning their race and thereby implying that blacks have a propensity to crime and violence is the “real problem”. After all, race is merely a ‘social construct’—but not forever, because in 10 years the term will be outdated….we’ll come up with something else that doesn’t exist just yet. We’re currently petitioning for a 20 million dollar grant, courtesy of your precious tax dollars, for Research & Development. We need you to keep working hard! This money has to come from somewhere…
    #3. ‘This could have happened “anywhere”—it is just as likely to happen in an ‘all-white enclave’ as in a black area.
    #4. This happens “all the time” in white areas, the ‘media’ just won’t cover it. Even though there is absolutely no empirical evidence to back this up, that only goes to show that it’s a conspiracy, much like the AIDS epidemic among minorities.
    #5. #4 above would normally be the fallacy of ‘circular reasoning’. But because this has to do with race (which, I know, contradicts #1 above), circular reasoning and every logical fallacy is permissible, and in fact, justified and encouraged.
    #6. Contravention of these truths is proof of your own racism. Using logic or evidence to the contrary is proof of a congenital propensity to evil.
    #7. If #6 describes you, you are therefore white and irredeemably the ‘real’ cause of all of the problems in the present day in any case.

    • The__Bobster

      But, but, but…. 20 kids were shot by a YT in Ct.

      • Xerxes22

        And Jack the Ripper killed all those women in London and Cain killed Abel and they waz White.

    • bubo

      You’ve hit all the liberal talking points. I’ve heard a variation of every one of those from them in regards to black violence.

      • ZB

        Why, thank you for that observation. I would like to pretend that it somehow points to intelligence on my part, but I must confess that truthfully, you hear this same mantra in so many different ways, 24/7, that even for the dullest of intelligence,it’s bound to leave its impression on you at some point.

    • theendisnear

      Um…Huh? All the time in white areas? Media won’t cover it? If these were whites you would have to move to a cave to not hear about it daily for months. Fights happen in all high schools regardless of race. It seems, unfortunately, that black youths think that fighting with fists is a game (google “knockout game”). In order to be “thug” enough they must put holes in and eventually kill each other.

      • ZB

        Respectfully to you, you may have misunderstood my post (which happens). I do hope you understand that my points are completely satirical. I am using hyperbole to demonstrate the exact opposite.

  • IKantunderstand

    Um, so, what else is new?

  • bigone4u

    It appears that everywhere black America congregates that a massive police presence will be necessary.

    • ZB

      bigone4u, A very good point….but here’s the paradox: While what you say is true, a massive police presence will be “interpreted” as “police brutality” or as condoning a “police state”; if the police show up not at all, then it’s “indifference” or “disregard” for the black community. Either way…you can’t win for losing!

      They want the police around until they don’t them around until they want them around again.

    • Flossie

      Or a sturdy, impregnable wall of some sort.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    This reminds me of a fight that broke out at one of my high school football games. A black guy on the opposing team got mad at one of the white guys on our team who kept intercepting the ball that was thrown at the black player. The black guy said the white guy disrespected him by intercepting the ball that was meant for him. He was supposedly going to be recruited to play college football, and he claimed the white guy made him look bad. Blacks never follow the rules to any game, but somehow think whites should follow made-up rules that benefit blacks. Yes they are clueless.

    • whiteunclerukus

      I was playing basketball at the YMCA with some blacks one day (bad idea) and I scored on the same black twice in a row. He was upset after the first time but after the second time he had had enough. I could sense that he was insulted and disgusted that I, a White guy, had bested him in the blacks man’s game. After the second time he started throwing elbows at my head. Fortunately for me I anticipated his violent reaction and dodged them, but I could not continue playing. It became too dangerous to be around that many wild and savage african beasts.

  • shattered

    Obama can issue all the executive orders he likes. Only the criminals have guns in public. They always will and we always won’t. The results are predictable.

    • Bill

      Faulty assumption. You’re assuming the liberals and Obama actually care about reducing gun crime. They don’t. All they care about is somehow or other disarming the LAWFUL citizens so they can completely establish an UNLAWFUL dictatorship without fear of an armed citizen uprising.

      • Or, in this case, let me present a slightly less pernicious theory:

        Obama wants white people to be the victims of black street crime. Social justice, reparations for slavery and all that.

  • mrcan

    how many college athletic scouts attend games where students get shot? I would demand danger pay.

    • Flossie

      Seriously, the competition for the top black high-school athletes is fierce. And it begins long before college. I read recently of a junior-high kid who’s being courted by several college programs. And here in Chicago the powerhouse football and basketball high schools routinely woo athletes from one another. One local high school imported three or four Somali kids to play basketball. They weren’t very good basketball players, but they were all nearly seven feet tall. There was jubilation when Immigration okayed them to stay.

      • Sure, because when you look up “school” in the dictionary, you find out that it means football and men’s basketball accentuated by occasional and theoretical bits of education.

  • odious liberal


  • Kaffirsmasher

    lol – isn’t providing more opportunities to play basketball one of the “magic bullets” liberals proscribe for inner-city violence? How is it that in non-fantasy real life, every time a “coonmumity” center is build that provides for playing basketball, it just results in more blacks moving into the area and the violence to escalate?

  • LastBastionOfHope

    Who dun disrespekt me? Ima shoot yo asss!

  • blight14

    The SIMEON ‘Career Academy’???? Its almost spelled correctly……………

    • Flossie


  • SLCain

    I no longer care about black “youths” killing one another. It is no more unusual or remarkable an occurrence than when beasts in the wild prey upon each other.