A former Miss America winner claims she was moved from her seat during one of the organisation’s beauty pageants because she is black.

Ericka Dunlap, 32, who won the competition in 2004, claims that an aggressive producer approached her during a commercial break, saying ‘I don’t give a f’*** who you are’, and demanding that she moved.

Ericka Dunlap

Ericka Dunlap

Miss Dunlap, who became the first black woman to win Miss Florida in 2003, also claims that after she refused to move the producer returned with an assistant who ‘physically removed’ her from the seat.

The beauty queen said: ‘A producer came up to me and said: ‘Get out of that seat. I need the seat. I don’t give a f**k who you are. Get out of the f**king seat.”

She told TMZ that she refused to move, adding that she was spoken to ‘as if I didn’t matter’.

She said: ‘If I were any other Miss America, I would have never been spoken to like that.

‘But I’m the only black one who comes back.’

When she eventually removed from the seat, Miss Dunlap described feeling ‘mortified’.

She says that she is not planning to sue but is waiting for the Miss America organisation to issue an apology.

But the organisation rubbished the claims, saying that it was ‘strictly a television production issue’.

A spokesman said: ‘During the night of the telecast, Ericka was unhappy with her seat, and she chose to move to a camera blocked seat that was reserved for the parents of our contestants.

‘At the top of the show, the stage manager asked her to move to seat the contestant’s parents, and she refused to move.

‘She subsequently was offered a better seat, however she refused it. It was strictly a television production issue.’


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  • ArmenianWN

    Why was a black girl crowned Miss America in the first place? Though the left doesn’t acknowledge it, America is a white country, and people are typically attracted to members of their own race, so it would have made more sense to have a white Miss America. The Left truly does destroy everything it touches.

    • Some Guy

      They have Miss Black America and Miss Black USA but a Miss White USA or America be rayciss! The only good thing from their constant crying of racism is White people are finally seeing it for the fraud it is.

    • The__Bobster

      The current one is black by injection.

    • AutomaticSlim

      And she is ugly as sin to boot.

    • There has also been an Asian American Miss America and there have been at least 8 black women who have been crowned Miss America.

    • Rachel

      The fact is that the Miss America Organization is very conservative.

    • Nate Miller

      Correction: America WAS a white country. Ever since 1965, it has officially become a multiracial/ multicultural nation and within the next 3 decades will turn into an unofficial non white country. I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but the truth does set me free!

      • falsedawn

        Sir, you’re correct up to a point. All symbolic posts of honor are filled by minorities, such as this woman. But everyone knows, even those who hate White people, including White people who hate themselves that real power always lies in the hands of Whites.

        • StillModerated

          Black is beautiful,
          And tan is gran’
          But White is the color
          Of the big boss man!

          I learned that in the US Navy Race Relations class way back in 1973.

          • saxonsun

            Thanks for the laugh.

    • Joe Mama

      Funny thing is she could, after winning miss America, go right into miss “black” America and compete .. No white woman can do that .. But this isn’t racism,is it ?

  • MekongDelta69

    It took her low IQ brain to realize she could try to shakedown somebody. Anybody. I’ll do anything. I’ll say anything. I’ll make up anything.

    Jes’ gimmee dat kash…

    • The__Bobster

      I suspect it took that long for her to find a Johnnie Cockroach type of lawyer.

  • falsedawn

    She looks like a chimpanzee in a dress…

    • Tim

      In a nice dress mind you….

      • falsedawn

        alright, alright – she looks like an orangatang in a nice dress. is that acceptable Moderator?

      • falsedawn

        I wish to apologize for my original comment. It was not my intent to insult the most beautiful black miss America. I also do agree 100% with Tim’s comment that her dress was nice as well. When I first saw the picture of the woman, I was taken aback by her extroadinary beauty and I don’t know what made me think of an ape of any kind. All anyone has to do is look at her and they can see wonderful traits, such as arm length and I’m sure her vertical leap is outstanding plus her time in the 40yrd dash must be awe inspiring. not to mention her bench press. Having said that, I think she’ll be picked at least by the 3rd round.

  • OlderWoman

    I think she lied. She caused a problem due to her selfishness and was corrected for it. She deserves nothing.

  • jay11

    If a white producer talked to a white girl contestant, the white girl could not claim racism. In my life I have been talked down to by other white people on occassion. You take it in stride and move on. But in the black/leftist worldview, ANYTIME a white person is rude with a ‘person of color’ it is ALWAYS racism, and not just one human being a jerk to another. This is why we cannot win and why their objectives will ultimately fail in a disaster. They are illogical and whiny babies.

    • Joe Mama

      My guess is, if the producer asked a white girl to move because he needed the seat, she would gladly get up and move, then probably apologize in the process…

  • Angry White Woman

    Anything that white people have, black people demand to have, too. That is why there is an all-black Miss Black America. Since they have their own version, they need to leave the regular, once all-white Miss America pageant alone, but Noooo…they’ve got to have theirs and ours too. This woman was sitting in the wrong place, and she was asked to move. Maybe not as nicely as she would have liked, but I can’t believe she is all that thin-skinned. Anybody that gets that far in a beauty pageant has usually developed the emotional hide of a rhino.

    • OlderWoman

      This will never change. The white race has capitulated. It’s our races fault for not speaking up in the beginning. We’re guilty for letting it go this far. I am elderly now and appreciate my father every day. He never changed his minds about how inferior the black culture is. There was a hard and fast rule…he never let a black set foot on his property. One black man and young black girl climbed his fence with the excuse that they’d left their bicycle on his property. He did the right thing and asked them if they wanted to see his gun. They left the same way they came.

  • IstvanIN

    She’s complaining about it now because she just sobered up.

  • Don

    It doesn’t matter how polite or rude you’re, you can’t say nuffin to a African. They will either attack you or verbally assault you. It’s kinda like going into the wilderness and taking a fish out of a bears mouth.

    • dukem1

      The producer dissed her. He’s lucky he didn’t get stabbed.

      • He was smart enough NOT to conduct himself in that nasty fashion in front of some black males, I personally know of two “Italian” males in Canada almost had to kiss a machete after attacking a black female in front of 1 single Jamaican male they both FLED after seeing the sharp end of it, some white males are ONLY “tough” with a Badge & a Gun! If that was MY daughter I would’ve beaten the crap outta his ass while he left his work place.

    • Leibowitz

      “you can’t say nuffin to a African.”

      Allow me to correct your grammar : it should be “an African” not “a African”. Thank you!

      • whiteunclerukus

        I think the period should be on the inside of the quotation marks, not the outside. I’ve noticed that alot here lately. But then again I could be wrong.

        • mobilebay

          No, you aren’t wrong. A period does belong inside quotation marks if it is the end of a sentence. However, I do see another common mistake, and one that is used increasingly as one word when it is actually two words: a lot – meaning a large amount – not alot, which isn’t a word at all.

          • William_JD

            It’s not a mistake. Unless the quotation is a full sentence in itself, the period goes outside the quotes.

          • OlderWoman

            There are differing opinions. I use the period outside the quotation mark if it’s only a fraction of a quote used in my sentence. If the whole sentence is a quote, then I put the quotation mark after the period. I read this is the correct way to do it in a book written by a Brit. It was a book about punctuation. I’ll continue to use this rule of thumb.

      • StillModerated

        “A Ape-freakan” is indeed correct. I looked it up in my Jackson-King Ebonics dictionary.

  • Some Guy

    Poor poor dear Queenie. Asking a black person to move and follow directions be rayciss. This happend over 10 years ago, the tears and whining are way too late.

    • OlderWoman

      Blacks are the most insensitive people I know. They don’t care about anyone except themselves. All they think of is the self and what they can get out of everyone else. It’s just blame, blame, blame, me, me, me. Weakest people ever. Wonder if they’ll ever wake up and think about others for a change.

  • starlight

    I actually would rather see a minority woman sometimes being chosen as the winner of beauty pageants only under the condition that she truly is a very beautiful woman, than extremely politically correct white girls with black boyfriends who says endless anti-white things during her interview sessions

    If minority women do win beauty pageants once in a while that will also be a reminder to white girls that black women are indeed as beautiful as they are and consequently they would be discouraged from trying to go for black men

    • Xerxes22

      I doubt that it would discourage White girls from going after Black males. Those few who hook up with Blacks do so because they have been brainwashed by those who control all branches of the media. In Miss America’s case, she wants to get into show business and she thinks that this this will open a lot of doors for her. She is probably right but she will pay a high price for that admission.

      • She was on the show the Amazing Race with her white husband. She was really a b*tch.

  • IKantunderstand

    I got 1 queen of spades! I don’t care what you got. I win. Spades be trumpin everythin’. America’s new favorite card game! Spades! You White? Shiiiiiit, you already lost, man. You not allowed to play any spades.

  • bigone4u

    The use of the “f” word was not justified, however, it is obvious that her ME FIRST mentality led to the altercation. I guess if blacks can’t get over slavery it would be too much to expect one to get over the incident of being asked to move. The black mind says to hold on to every injustice, real and imagined.

  • kjh64

    My guess is that likely she was politely asked to move at first, being told the seats were reserved and she went all “ghetto balistic” on them and they finally told her they didn’t care who the f*** she was.

  • The__Bobster

    Isn’t there a statute of limitations for Rosa Parks wannabes?

    • AutomaticSlim

      Rosa Parks…
      Only in America can a surly, law breaking cleaning lady become a “cultural icon”…

      • Nate Miller

        Well good for Rosa Parks, those idiotic southern laws of forcing people to sit at the back of the bus simply because of the color of their skin was dehumanizing! In her case she deserved to be culture icon. Now, I don’t agree with the black lady and her idiotic tantrums. She should have followed the rules. But in general, you must realize that if people are unjustly enslaved, tortured, murdered, oppressed and humiliated/ discriminated, they have every right to be offended and act upon their grievance. It is called being human. Rosa Parks did the right thing! Get over it!

        • whiteunclerukus

          If White people are so bad why do black people want to live with us?

        • HamletsGhost

          Segregation was not stupid. It was a rational attempt to quarantine black behavior to keep it from infecting white society.

        • Charles_Peterson

          What do you have to say about all the whites being tortured and murdered daily by negroids?

  • potato78

    In this country, blacks have been spoiled by native white americans.
    Miss Black or Miss White, not Miss America, which is too vague.

  • Vonhauer

    Yes, uh huh, oh hell yes, of course, every problem you have or ever have had or ever will have is because you’re black. Got it. That crutch will still be used 300 years into the future. Blacks need their own schools, government, and country to end their racism problem. But of course they don’t want that. No.

  • Slayer88

    Being in the entertainment industry, I can tell her that it had nothing to do with her being black. Things need to get done a certain way and if you are in the way or not where you belong, whether music or tv or whatever, they will tell you in no uncertain terms about it. What a schmuck this broad is, how many years ago was this? Not planning to sue? For what, hurt feelings? Good god man!!!!

  • mattj458

    She WON right? Typical. Never enough. I also fail to see where she says the guy said anything about being black but that HAD to be what he was thinking. After all he IS white. What else could he be thinking?

  • Kaffirsmasher

    Whenever a black wins one of these things, the initlal thought 99% of people have is “wow, I wonder how many more-qualified white women were unfairly passed over for her?” Sure, liberals might immediately quell that idea, but you just KNOW they think it, at least for the moment.

  • StillModerated

    A negress dissed by a Jewish (and possibly homosexual) TV producer, eh? Oh, the horror! Seriously folks, I need to know less than nothing about such vermin. Miss Dunlap will eventually be impregnated by some animal and end up in Section 8 housing in a dying suburb. It’s their way.

  • On the show “Real Housewives of Atlanta” there is a former Miss USA or Miss America winner. After watching her in a few episodes, I can say she is a complete embarrassment to the pageant, displaying none of the qualities you thought a contestant had to possess in order to even enter, let alone win.
    And if you ever question your racial beliefs, watch this program, it will convince you that your first instincts were absolutely dead-on.

    • Do you seriously think that “Reality” shows are REAL?

      • Wow, for once, we agree.

        “Reality show” is a contradiction in terms.

      • So are you saying the show’s producers are having the participants act as ghetto as possible?as dumb as possible? as petty as possible? The women on this show would fit right in at a chuck e cheese brawl

  • Charles_Peterson

    Classic white guilty reinforcement article for the stupid people that still by into it.

  • black privilege


  • HamletsGhost

    Part of being a beauty pageant contestant is posessing grace. That this woman won after acting so ghetto shows how pointless the Miss America pageant has become.

    Besides, black women look repulsive in bikinis.