L.A.’s Bloody Hit-and-Run Epidemic

Simone Wilson, Los Angeles Weekly, December 6, 2012

The last thing Marie Hardwick remembers from the morning of Sunday, March 25, as she legally crossed Wilshire Boulevard is glancing through the windshield of a shiny black sports car—into the expressionless eyes of a man who, milliseconds later, shot his sedan like a bullet into her delicate frame, leaving Hardwick crumpled and broken in the crosswalk at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

The pretty young Eastside jewelry artist had just emerged from a LACMA screening of Christian Marclay’s experimental and striking 24-hour film The Clock, described by The New Yorker as “a seamless transition between reality and fantasy.” Right around the 2 a.m. mark, when Hardwick stepped out, the film, made of hundreds and hundreds of snippets from other films, had begun to morph into a chaotic, sleep-deprived nightmare world.

Those horrors spilled out into the intersection of Spaulding Avenue and Wilshire, where, as a “walk” signal flashed overhead, a black BMW hit Hardwick so hard that her bottom row of teeth was knocked out, her jaw snapped apart like a puppet’s, both her kneecaps shattered and the bones in both legs broke into pieces. One femur was split in five places.

Then the driver zipped away—another in Los Angeles’ epidemic of bloody hit-and-run crimes—leaving behind a telltale piece of debris: his side-view mirror.

Today, after extensive treatment at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and home care at her grandmother’s house—where she was attached to a feeding tube—Hardwick has made significant progress. She’s able to walk, although with great difficulty, but she’ll probably never run again. Her jaw has been rebuilt, although she can’t bite into food with her reconstructed front teeth. And she cannot stand heavily air-conditioned rooms. The cold air turns her 12 internal metal knee-screws into painful icicles.

Because her legs were maimed, she could no longer climb the stairs to her Boyle Heights apartment on the city’s Eastside. So at age 25, she had to move back in with her parents. Careerwise, the accident has slowed her down “tremendously,” Hardwick explains. Her fragile legs can’t handle the urban terrain of the downtown L.A. jewelry district, where the talented jewelry maker buys her supplies.

Hardwick has shelled out some $10,000 for medical bills, and expects that to double. Add to that the future cost of a car she hopes to equip with special seats to accommodate her injuries.


Hardwick is the survivor of an almost never officially discussed, little-researched epidemic that has a terrible grip on Los Angeles—a hit-and-run crime wave that has marched on for years while mayors, chiefs of police and other city leaders ignore it or remain ignorant of it.

There is no LAPD task force or organized city effort to address the problem, yet the numbers are mind-boggling. About 20,000 hit-and-run crashes, from fender benders to multiple fatalities, are recorded by the Los Angeles Police Department each year.

That’s huge, even in a city of 3.8 million people. In the United States, 11 percent of vehicle collisions are hit-and-runs. But in Los Angeles, L.A. Weekly has learned, an incredible 48 percent of crashes were hit-and-runs in 2009, the most recent year for which complete statistics are available. According to data collected by the state, some 4,000 hit-and-run crashes a year inside L.A. city limits, including cases handled by LAPD, California Highway Patrol and the L.A. County Sheriff, resulted in injury and/or death. Of those, according to a federal study, about 100 pedestrians died; the number of motorists and bicyclists who die would push that toll even higher.


Hardwick, a soft-spoken U.K. native with a freckled nose and long, dark, hippie hair, can describe her attacker in surprising detail: She vividly recalls that he was very fit, that his coloring strongly suggested a mixed-race man, and that his bone structure and skin put him between 28 and 32 years old.


Yet the Los Angeles Police Department’s West Traffic division, which handled the case, never interviewed Hardwick, an eyewitness victim of a felony. That was not the only misstep in a botched investigation of a crime that drew media coverage but never drew any interest from LAPD brass.

Corey Marsh, a Disney executive driving his car on Wilshire Boulevard that March night, was right behind the hit-and-run driver. He tells the Weekly that the “police seemed discombobulated” during their on-site sweep. After Marsh pulled over to see if he could help, LAPD officers who responded failed to perform the most basic evidence-gathering, he says.

Among other things, he says they did not collect the side-view mirror that cracked off of the suspect’s car as the driver ran Hardwick down. (Would the mirror have given up the driver’s fingerprints or DNA? Nobody will ever know.) And, Marsh says, the LAPD officers brushed off witnesses who described the suspect’s car as a black BMW with no license plates, and who thought they knew the getaway route the BMW had taken.

West Traffic Detective Brent Johnson could not comment to the Weekly regarding these allegations. That’s because two regular patrol officers responded to the bloody scene outside LACMA—not trained investigators like Johnson, from the West Traffic division. Johnson didn’t receive those officers’ report until at least three days after the harrowing hit-and-run. After that, he recalls, another “day or two” passed before LAPD released a bulletin asking the public to keep an eye out—for a black BMW with front-end damage.

The man whom witnesses saw strike down Marie Hardwick was long gone and has not been found.


Since 2001, the city’s hit-and-run rate has hovered at or near 50 percent of all vehicle crashes. (LAPD could not provide the Weekly with any stats before 2001.)


Although [LAPD Chief Charlie] Beck does not discuss L.A.’s hit-and-run epidemic publicly, he alluded to it when he argued last February that hit-and-runs could be dramatically reduced by granting drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants, who the chief believes flee the scene out of fear they’ll be deported.


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  • scuzzme,yougotsparechange?

    a diverse black man in NJ just randomly stabbed a blond white woman 12 times at bed bath beyond. have you carried your handgun today? i hope so.

  • The__Bobster

    The stumpies seldom have insurance so they hit and run. These incidents were rife in my cane-cutter-ridden old town, but all the crooked mayor noticed was how “vibrant and industrious” the newcomers were.

    • StillModerated

      “vibrant and industrious”is that code for tawny and criminally destructive?

      • Angry White Woman


      • gemjunior


        • IstvanIN

          If they were industrious Mexico wouldn’t be a dump.

    • “We don’ need no stinkin’ insurance, mon!”

  • So CAL Snowman

    Stuff like this is why I have not set foot in L.A. city limits in over three years. I will NEVER attend another game at Dodger stadium or visit L.A. Live downtown. There is simply no reason to ever visit L.A proper. It is a festering stink hole populated by third world aliens of mostly mexican descent. Over 80% of the population of LA proper was born OUTSIDE of the United States. I feel bad for the Whites that still live and have to work in the LA city limits. The movie “Escape From LA” is looking pretty spot on these days. WHEN a major earthquake like a 7.5 or above rips through the San Andreas fault, LA will become Tijuana in America.

    • Luca

      I worked downtown LA for a little over 25-years. The transformation at the hands of liberal, PC politicians has been breathtaking. There are areas near MacArthur Park that look like El Salvador or Tijuana and you’d be hard pressed to find an English speaker.

      After Boot-lickers like Beck give the illegals licenses they will then waive the necessity of insurance for them because it is disproportionately too expensive for hispanics so therefore requiring insurance for hispanics will be deemed racist.

      • pcmustgo

        Adam Corolla rants a lot about this.

        • gemjunior

          I’ve heard him on this too. He’s pretty funny, and very spot-on when he goes on about what has been done to Los Angeles.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      Blade Runner

      • pcmustgo


    • John

      We can only hope that it is the mother of all quakes and eliminates Mexifornia as a “state” when it eventually strikes. There is plenty of room at the bottom of the Pacific for LaRaza and friends when the big one strikes.

    • dukem1

      re: your remark about an earthquake: I’d say that when the big one hits some day in the future, there will be absolutely no resources available to rebuild- no manpower, no brain power and no money – …LA will turn directly into Haiti.

    • pcmustgo

      Santa Monica and Venice are still beautiful and full of mostly whites. LA is one big suburb. The bad parts are separated off by freeways/highways, and are pretty easy to avoid. Whites there, like everywhere, live in white bubble worlds.

      • shmo123

        Back in the late 80’s early 90’s I use to live in SF and had to go to LA frequently on business. I can only imagine what it’s like now. Santa Monica was very nice, but even then, housing was ridiculously expensive. Venice is funky, but attracts a real sleazy element and has a high crime rate. LA is nothing but a Mexican barrio. Take that away and the number of whites who are nothing but phoney, vain, shysters with no ethics or morals, and you’d end up with a small village. It could be a very nice small village though.

      • OlderWoman

        When I lived in Santa Monica three years ago, there were thousands of homeless wandering the streets, sleeping on the courthouse lawn, in doorways and crapping the streets, it was nearly impossible to get away from the stench of unbathed bodies, junk thrown on the sidewalks, people bumming money and cigarettes. Two reasons for this. Eastern states had given them tickets to California. Businessmen had bought the flop houses on the nickel to restore them to their former glory. Churches began trying to negotiate with them to give them airline tickets to return them to their homestates. It was depressing. I’m glad I escaped Santa Monica. I only miss the beach, the sunshine and the wonderful Farmers Markets. And they have the best Trader Joe’s.

  • So CAL Snowman

    “Although [LAPD Chief Charlie] Beck does not discuss L.A.’s hit-and-run
    epidemic publicly, he alluded to it when he argued last February that
    hit-and-runs could be dramatically reduced by granting drivers’ licenses
    to illegal immigrants, who the chief believes flee the scene out of
    fear they’ll be deported.”

    Ok give them licenses but in order to get a license from the CA DMV you have to show proof of insurance. How are illegal alien invaders going to AFFORD insurance, and how are insurance companies supposed to write policies for non-citizens that lack SSN’s and other background documents?

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      Many workers at the CA DMV are Mexicans themselves. I watched them help immigrants collude on exams and they also check off insurance requirements. The only reason many immigrants in California get auto insurance is so they can have an accident and get a settlement. I know, I saw it start in the rise of personal injury cases and claims by Mexicans and immigrants in general. It is a huge fraud industry in that state, or has been. I left because I discovered a huge amount of insurance fraud in this and work injuries going on at the clinic I worked at. Final straw, I left the state.

      • shattered

        Don’t you know it’s considered racism to suggest that Hispanic government workers should be impartial and hold other Hispanics accountable to the standards set for everyone?

      • Greg Thomas

        Yes they are. The majority if them are anchor babies or the byproduct of illegal immigration. Those who are not hispanic are asian. You would be hard pressed to find a White male working in any CA DMV or any other state agency. They are all affirmative action diversity hires. I would rather have a tooth pulled than to go to the DMV.

        • pcmustgo

          Usually DMV workers are fat Angry Black Women.

          • Greg Thomas

            That too.

          • …and ripe, ‘cuz dey sweats a ‘ho’ lot.

        • plaintruthforidiots

          “The majority IF them”. Huh?

      • George White

        Good point. Also, i think the DMV workers are into crime and ID theft. Here’s my story. I live in CA. I got a call from Chase in New Jersey, a young Latino had tried to clean out my bank account there. He had my DL, all of my account info, but the teller told him that he didn’t look like an old white man, at which point the bastard ran like hell for the door. I suspect that someone at the DMV made the copy of my DL. Anyway, yes, the fat, brown, hostile, low IQ, peasants run southern CA. Very sad, it used to be a nice place.

        • pcmustgo

          My Puerto Rican former roommate used to boast about stealing 100’s of social security #’s she accessed while working (goofing off) at her (affirmative action) job at a hospital where she took 3 hour lunches and got her nails done.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Graduates of these “get in and get out” schools, no doubt. Part of what people used to acquire through a longer list of required study was a sense of personal investment in their privileges as a licensed, certified health care provider, that caused ethics to come into play. The short time required to get a massage certification is one reason why such unethical and wild practices are so often found among that group. Ethics used to be taught, but the short programs don’t require it and test questions on the subject are just meaningless things you check off the list as you apply. But the latest reports are saying that there is now a glut of nurses and lower description health care service workers out there.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          I was in Northern California. What I witnessed was happening at the DMV in Santa Rosa, in Sonoma County. It’s everywhere. I think you’re onto something regarding ID theft, too. They must have a source of SS# and such. As long ago as 1995, if you called many county agencies in Sonoma County, you heard Spanish FIRST.

      • pcmustgo

        I’ve heard this is one reason Black Males stride in front of moving cars and traffic- besides macho bravado…

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          Some people would be surprised to know how much fraud is involved in both the patients and provider personal injury cases. It has caused higher insurance rates and legal costs all around. One reason I am for national insurance (if not exactly Obama Care) is that I would like to see the entire realm of health care services forced into oversight by both enhanced government inspections, but private ones as well. The money saved would go a long ways toward lowering the cost of health care and reduce the national deficit. Is this likely to happen? No. Like everything else, it is so out of control and the people who would get the jobs to do the oversight would be easily corruptible AA hires that like everything else I can think of, it would only get worse or at best, remain the same. The horse is long gone from the barn in regards to every issue I can think of.

      • OlderWoman

        There’s a game illegals play on the freeways – ‘Swoop and Squat”. They’re in collusion with quack doctors who sue for injuries.

        • HamletsGhost

          I’ve heard about how they will slam on the brakes after deliberately positioning themselves in front of your car. But lately it seems those stories have faded from the news. I wonder why.

          • Before Missouri passed tort reform circa 2005, a common Bellcurvius scam in St. Louis was to run out in the middle of the street and either loiter around or start dancing “for no reason at all.” Grown men, grown women, teenagers, and older pre-teens. Of course there was a reason — They wanted to get hit to sue the motorist’s insurance in a ghetto lottery play. Now that punitive damages are legally limited, that get rich quick route has been mostly cut off. The reason I think a lot of older pre-teens were used was because of the “for the children” sympathy play in court.

    • toldev

      Actually, granting drivers licenses to illegal immigrants might make the problem worse. People who are driving without papers generally try to obey the traffic laws a little better than those who are legally licensed. The root of the problem is that brown and black people have problems living within traffic laws as they have problems living within laws against rape and murder. Giving brown people a piece of plastic is not going to change this fundamental fact.

      • Greg Thomas

        Giving ANYTHING to illegal invaders ALWAYS makes the problem worse! You give these leeches in inch and they demand a mile! it’s in their culture.

        • Which is precisely why EVERYONE of our elected officials who enables these lawbreakers needs to be punished.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            By who? The people with that responsibility are now largely the same people, racial, ethnic, national groups.

          • Greg Thomas

            You’re preaching to the choir Felix. If I had my way, any and all politicians who are aiding and abetting this invasion, as well as providing comfort to the enemy, would be removed from office immediately and put on trial for treason.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          That’s right. They just look at their hosts as suckers and easily played, like too many white women.

        • OlderWoman

          Sounds a lot like Blacks.

      • Cherry Bomb

        People who are driving w/o papers try to obey traffic laws a little better?

        Huh? They have no knowledge of American traffic laws! Many start driving cars without any driver’s training or practice. According to the DMV, unlicensed drivers cause three times as many fatal accidents as licensed drivers. Mexicans also have no qualms about pounding down a case of cerveza and taking to the highway.


        • Greg Thomas

          Very true. They have nothing but disdain for our laws. This is what happens when our so called “leaders” pander to these squatters by modifying the law to suit the plight of illegal invaders. They know if they yell loud enough, they can get what they want. It is sickening.

          • IstvanIN

            The fact that they are here proves they have total disdain for our laws.

  • MekongDelta69

    Although [LAPD Chief Charlie] Beck does not discuss L.A.’s hit-and-run epidemic publicly…

    Well, of course he doesn’t. He’d be fired immediately. You think he cares about white people being the victims of crimes committed by minorities? Not a chance. He makes too much money.

    • StillModerated

      I really dig Beck’s gay Hitler mustache.

    • Tom in MI

      He obviously meant crimes against a nonwhite person.

  • ArmenianWN

    There should be a military camp to near every minority neighborhood to make sure that they don’t cause trouble for the whites who actually work and make money and contribute to the society. To bad that it isn’t politically correct.

  • Blaak Obongo

    “LA’s Bloody Hit-and-Run Epidemic,” eh? Well, then, it’s obvious that we need more Steering-Wheel Control laws immediately! And restrictions on steering-wheel diameter. And a complete ban on Assault Steering Wheels! You know — the kind that force drivers to run down innocent pedestrians!

    I’m certain the governmedia are eager to fall into lockstep and get on board — in the meantime, what Marxist politician will be the first to step up to the plate? How about Cuomo? And I’m sure His Highness Obongo can be counted upon to fire off a couple of Imperial Executive Orders. Quick, now, before any Evil Right-Wing Racists start uttering nasty truths against our Precious Vibrant Undocumented Immigrants!

  • John

    Crack Angeles, Mexifornia. Deadtroit, Michigan. Killadelphia, Pennsylvania. Homicide, D.C. Blacklanta, Georgia. St. Killers, Missouri. Mestizo, Florida. Cracktown, Illinois. When Blacks and Browns move in, the results are always the same. Whites build great cities. Blacks and Browns ruin them. The cycle is always the same and leftist Whites are there every step of the way to ensure that the cycle accelerates.

    Los Angeles, Detroit, Philadelphia, Washington, Atlanta, St. Louis, Miami, and Chicago used to be decent cities decades ago. Today? Well, just look around or look at the pictures and the crime statistics. The deleterious effects caused by the presence of Blacks and Browns are unmistakable. No lies, denials, or accusations of racism from leftists can change these well-established facts.

    • Dude

      Go to northwestfront.org for a real solution.

    • richmond

      dont forget the smaller ones like richmond, charlotte, savannah, charleston, cincinnati, and 500 others who match this type crime in the major cities percentage wise …

      • Milwaukee WI. is also infested with feral species.

      • John

        You’re absolutely right, my friend. My list wasn’t intended to be inclusive by any means.
        Likewise, the stark differences between Blacks and Whites (and Browns and Whites) are too numerous to mention.
        The affirmative action charade can be likened to replacing more than half of the adult male rowers on a professional rowing team with retarded little children. Gerrmandering, affirmative action, EEO, and hiring quotas all have the same undesirable outcomes as crippling a rowing team. Great nations are not built by advancing, selecting, or electing those without merit. The results are disasterous, as we clearly see.
        The very low-intelligence of Blacks and Browns also leads to widespread chaos and violent crime. If a Black feels wronged in the slightest, his immediate natural instinct is to kill! Blacks do not stop the weigh the consequences of his actions or even consider if he was in fact wronged.
        Whites are far more likely to objectively consider such situations and determine how to affect desirable remedies with minimal personal risk to self or liberty.

    • Stan_Mute

      You need to look into the money the leftists make on the process you describe. At every step, money changes hands. Whether its new housing for fleeing whites, government money to redevelop blighted areas, criminal defense lawyers, liability (ambulance chaser) lawyers, etc, the leftist liberals continue to make huge fortunes by moving their thuggish constituents in and out. I think this all has as much to do with money as it does with any other factor in the equation.

      • John

        Stan, I completely agree with you on all points, my friend. Everyone in the government, including their puppetmasters (the owners of the world’s central banks) make enormous sums of money from the processes of chaos and confusion; processes that they exacerbate.

        I ponder the problem daily and I can imagine no way to fix it. The vast majority of people are blind to what you described. While you, I, and a small handfull of others, relatively speaking, know it’s true, how do we stop it?

        Their propaganda machine is very finely tuned and they have over half the population working for them to enable their will. A pluralility of the remainder are simply apathetic and isolated for various reasons. Ergo, we stand alone, in very small numbers.

      • joesolargenius

        I agree 100% it is always about money , follow the money !

    • Anders

      Hmmmm over 200 years of slavery and continued racial microagressions does not account for any of the outcomes?

      • vladdy1

        Another one having problems with figuring out cause-and-effect.

  • nobody special

    Regardless of where you live, you want to make sure that you have UNINSURED / UNDER-INSURED MOTORIST COVERAGE that is equivalent to your personal liability coverage for your car. Don’t insure the rest of the world for more than you insure yourself.

    If Paco or Tyrone bothered to get insurance and did not let it lapse once he had tags on his car, it may be in the minimum amount ($25k in some states). If he gets drunk and creams you, your uninsured/under-insured coverage will kick in if the damages exceed what coverage he (hopefully) has. Talk to your auto insurance agent about this. This cost per year would probably be less than $100.00.

    • Persona Non Grovel

      Also, don’t ever be unfortunate to be in a fender bender with a low IQ high tanned individual. Even if they are at fault they will charge at you and nearly kill you. I’ve read about women being raped and killed because, allegedly, they hit the violent morons so they did what any logical person would do… Rape the woman and then shoot/strangle/stab her to death. It is a new tactic used instead of the boring old insurance information exchange. A more interesting way of interaction for auto wrecks, no?

      • Bill

        I’ve heard they intentionally have fender benders as a tactic because it requires the other person to stop, get out, and even exchange personal information. It’s the new “hey, you got a cigarette man?” ploy. They don’t have to slam in to them

        Just bump them enough to cause concern and getting out of the vehicle to check.

        Word to the wise, especially women. If you get bumper tapped at night and look in your review mirror and see moolies or mestizos in the car, do NOT get out. Leave and drive to a police station or a police car or just leave.

  • Unperson

    Although [LAPD Chief Charlie] Beck does not discuss L.A.’s hit-and-run epidemic publicly, he alluded to it when he argued last February that hit-and-runs could be dramatically reduced by granting drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants, who the chief believes flee the scene out of fear they’ll be deported.

    Ha ha ha! That’s a good one, Chief! Yeah, the 3/4 Indian-illegal Mexicans, with their low alcohol-tolerance, flee the scene out of fear they’ll be “deported” — like that ever happens — rather than out of fear they’ll be busted for DUI! Charlie-boy, you crack me up! You can legalize these invaders for driving, working, whatever — but it is NOT going to stop them from getting behind the wheel when they’re loaded. To Mexicans, drunk-driving isn’t anti-social or a “sin”, it’s a macho accomplishment to brag about to your amigos!

    And since the LA Weakly (sic) seems determined to shoehorn a cinephile angle into its story of the crippled Brit immigrant who was so naive as to think she was allowed to cross on a green after dark without getting mowed down by a non-White, I will add one too — by resurrecting the story of movie director Bob Clark (A Christmas Story, Porky’s) who, along with his 22-year-old son, was pulverized into a pulse-less pulp by an undocumented muchacho drunkenly plowing his SUV into oncoming traffic on the Pacific Coast Highway, in 2007. Clark and his son, in their Lexus, both died on the spot; the brown-skinned boracho in his eight-cylinder battering-ram designed and built by the hated gringo, walked away with minor injuries.

    Not exactly “a Hollywood ending”, but hey, Hollywood ain’t what it used to be.

    • dukem1

      The “Christmas Story” guy?!?!?
      J.H.C. …Kill ’em all.

    • maxonepercent

      From the Wikipedia article:

      “On October 12, 2007, Velasquez-Nava was sentenced to six years in prison under the terms of a plea agreement. In addition, he may face deportation to his native Mexico, as he entered and was living in the United States illegally”

      Seems an extremely light punishment for such an egregious crime. California is disgusting.

      • “Diversity” is disgusting.

        Celebrate “diversity”: One of the most Orwellian phrases now in the English language.

        • The Verdict of History

          I choose to celebrate the wonderfully enriching diversity which exists among European peoples, thank you very much…

          Celtic, Germanic, Slavic and Romance-Mediterraneans are sufficiently diverse for my taste, frankly…

      • kjh64

        He “may” face deportation?

        • IstvanIN

          Why did he get 6 years for killing to whites? Seems like a tough enough sentence.

        • But he won’t. Mexico will never want him back.

          • vladdy1

            Besides, obama’s secessor (sp?) needs his vote.

          • You mean the man who engages in Caucasian c***pouts, Andrew Cuomo.

      • purestocles

        My sentiments exactly. “FEAR THEY’LL BE DEPORTED!!!!!!!!!!!”

        After the son of a b***h runs another human being down, permanently crippling them, their emotional response is limited to “the fear they’ll be deported”?????

        We’re screwed

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        I think it was back in the 1920s or 1930s, a (soviet?) communist woman was behind bombings in the US. The government spent many years of time and money only to deport her. The US justice department was ecstatic. I saw on an old news real clip that she tried to hold in her laughter while being escorted onto a plane out of the country, but couldn’t. I laughed also at the American justice department stupidity.

        • Willowville

          Some terrorists get waterboarded, while the ones with “pull” in Washington get treated with kid gloves.

    • C_C_Conrad

      How do we know that all of these hit & runs are accidental?
      Jack’s War

      • refocus

        Let me tell you… only a fool would attempt to ride a bicycle in or around Houston.

        I finally gave up after it became obvious that they really were trying to kill/scare me into believing that they would kill me by swerving in my direction one too many times.

        The news does not report hit and runs in Houston.

  • shattered

    I’ve never even seen an illegal alien stop after running someone over. They just roll over the person in the crosswalk and then gun the engine away from the scene.

    • vladdy1

      Well, they WOULD stop, if they only had ID’s!

  • Barrack Osama

    People still live in L.A.?

  • Chris

    “hit-and-runs could be dramatically reduced by granting drivers’
    licenses to illegal immigrants, who the chief believes flee the scene
    out of fear they’ll be deported.”
    If he actually believes that, the ineptitude is astounding.

  • A multiracial individual

    The only way to solve illegal immigration is to put rich white guys (unscrupulous employers) in jail , not (millions) of poor Mexicans.

    • Ted

      Very original, blame whitey. Good one. We can’t have non-whites taking responsibility for their actions, now can we?

      • George White

        Actually, he made a valid point. If they couldn’t get jobs they’d self deport.

        • Cherry Bomb

          Disagree. Illegals work under the table for cash while collecting welfare benefits, free education for their multiple spawn, Section 8 housing and a whole host of government benefits.

          They’re not going anywhere, life is better and easier for them here.

          • Greg Thomas

            Unfortunately, this is true. No matter how bad it is here, it’s still better than mexico. Remember, we are getting mexico’s underclass, the bottom of the barrel if you will. These are the most ignorant, demanding and militant class of people imaginable. The only way to get these squatters to go home

            1. Deny US citizenship to their anchor spawn. Without US citizenship, they cannot collect welfare, section 8, food stamps, cash assistance, etc., on behalf of their anchor spawn. This cash assistance, along with their under the table salary amounts to a decent chunk of change each month. They’ve never had it so good.

            2. Only US citizens or legal residents can register for school. Identification will be checked when you register for school.

            3. Any illegal invader who encounters local police will be turned over to the feds and deported immediately. It does not matter
            what the initial contact is for. Being here illegally is a deportable offense
            in-of-itself, or at least it used to be. This is how it used to work when the
            law was followed and before it became “racist” to enforce the law.

            You can see whereI’m going here. We need to make their lives so miserable that they go home ontheir own. As it stands, there are simply too many goodies for them here.

          • George White

            Mexico is number 11 in world GDP. Lots of work in mexico. That’s why mexicans should STAY in mexico.

          • Greg Thomas

            Their illegal invading raza also send home billions of dollars in remittances each year. Why do you think Calderon and his ilk are so interested in our immigration laws and or efforts to halt his invasion?

      • MikeofAges

        Think this out, please.

    • Do both. Make Si Goldberg and Manny Posner share jails cell with Jose, Carlos, Ramón and Nacho.

      • OlderWoman

        I’d rather Shitavious, LeMaricus, Tyrone and Treyvon share cells with Si, Abe, Shlomo and Manny. Then Si and his friends could get an idea of what they support.

    • Tom in MI

      That would take care of the Republican part of the problem, they are the ones who want the cheap labor illegals provide. The diversity Dems, on the other hand, want tens of millions of immigrants (legal and illegal) who are dependent on govt. handouts and will vote for Democratic candidates.

      • a multiracial individual

        Illegals can’t vote, but their kids can.

        • Greg Thomas

          Correct, although I’m certain plenty of illegal invaders do in fact vote. What’s to stop them? Our laws? It is not as if someone is checking identification at the voting booth. That would be “racist.” Besides, this government would not dare
          arrest an illegal invader for voting.

          Nevertheless,which way do you think the kids are going to vote? They will vote for any politician who is promising to make life better for their illegal invading parents.

          This is why more and more scumbag politicians are jumping onboard the amnesty bandwagon. They know there are enough La
          Raza anchor babies and racist hispanics that support amnesty for their illegal
          alien brethren. Traitors in the highest degree.

          • It’s obvious that illegal aliens are actually voting. Who’s going to stop them? Who actively checks the immigration status of people who register to vote? Nobody. Who has the audacity to purge illegal aliens from the voter rolls? Try, and the full force of the Federal government will come down on you if you try — If you’re able to purge illegals from the rolls after the fact of them registering and having actually voted once or more (or someone “voted” for them), then that’s a big victory for our side, and believe me, it doesn’t happen often.

            One scholarly study proved that at least 3 million illegal aliens voted in the November 2000 general election.

  • tickyul

    Same thing goes on in Tucson, Az….most hit and runs are ILLEGALS.

    • George White

      And ALWAYS drunk.

      • ZB

        Baracho is a more accurate word in this case….

  • Ted

    What happened to this girl was horrible, but what are the chances that she was a multicult? I would be willing to bet that the chances are very high.

  • Runciman

    I was hit in LA by an illegal Persian in an SUV – no insurance of course and no remorse. His car was much nicer than mine, it would not surprise me if the US government paid for it in some kind of welfare program. It is not America there, it is Rome before the fall at worst or some kind of law free limbo at best. The police were useless. I will never return.

    • skara_brae

      At La Guardia, LAX, O’Hare etc. Iranians immediately, magically turn into “Persians”.

      • gemjunior

        I always thought that when Iranians say they’re “Persians” it means they’re Iranian Jews who use the term rather than be associated with Islam and Arabs (even though Iranians aren’t Arabs; most people assume they are because of their religion and proximity to the other Arabic countries). They seem Arab to me, but that’s only my opinion……

    • shattered

      I had an asian woman run into the back of my truck once in LA. She was uninsured. I put the emergency blinkers on and got out and watched her literally jump like a banshee up and down on her car hood trying to get her car free from my rear bumper. As she did her trampoline act she screamed at me to help her. I just watched, of course, as I didn’t want to help her FLEE THE SCENE BEFORE THE POLICE ARRIVED. At least she was ticketed.

      But I saw two illegal aliens, back in the 80’s, run over people in crosswalks and just keep going. Never even hit the brakes.

  • Comrade Bob

    The presence of 3rd world populations in our country makes life for Americans more expensive, more dangerous, and less fun.

    Thoughts with the crippled lady.

  • bigone4u

    Note this story appeared in the obscure Weekly, not the big paper, the Times. Can’t let the secret get out, can we? Well, in San Antonio Texas the same problem is present, although I am not sure that it’s as bad as LA. Lots of folks rabbit after minor fender benders due to no insurance.
    However, with the white-hating mayor Julian Castro at the helm, I’m sure that running down whites with an uninsured vehicle will be declared a sport, with drivers awarded badges for their destructive hit and runs. Extra points for killing a white.

    • OlderWoman

      Julian Castro’s mother co-founded LaRaza didn’t she?

  • LHathaway

    what isn’t discussed about hit and run driving, in this ‘one incident’, is the number of motorists killed or nearly killed, by those involved or bystandards, after the accident is over, in lynching incidents around the country. Has this has raised the number of hit and run driving accidents?

    • jane johnson


      • purestocles

        He’s got a point. It’s common knowledge that the number one cause of death for black males (age 18 to 34) is lynching by mobs of suburban white grey panthers.

      • IstvanIN

        The black and Hispanic bystanders will often rob and beat the victim.

        • Luis

          I’ve heard Bantus will rip the rings off the fingers of dying auto accident victims in the middle of the street.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          After the ’89 earthquake in San Francisco — the one where parts of the double-decker Bay Bridge collapsed with people trapped underneath — the victims’ relatives reported that rings and other jewelry, cash, wallets, watches and other valuables were missing from their loved ones’ bodies and car interiors.

          That meant these sick, amoral monsters crawled into the wreckage of the collapsed bridge to rob people who were dead or near-dying in their cars.


          • HamletsGhost

            When Haiti had its earthquake three years ago, men would pull women out of the wreckage in order to rape them.

          • Some Guy

            Bon, that was the Cypress structure on I-80 in Oakland.

            It has renamed the Mandela Parkway when rebuilt, ironic don’t ya think?

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Yes! You are correct. The Cypress structure was built on former marsh land and it collapsed. The Bay Bridge suffered relatively minor damage and “only” one person was killed. The new Mandela parkway is at ground level.

            I still get nervous going over the Bay Bridge to this day. As for Oakland….I step on the gas — hard — when I pass the “Fruitvale” exit. Ditto when I pass through Richmond.


  • plaintruthforidiots

    I couldn’t read more than three paragraphs of that ridiculous ‘prose’. Was that supposed to be a news article, or a work of fiction? Who writes like that?

    ” shot his sedan like a bullet into her delicate frame”

    “crumpled and broken in the crosswalk”

    “Those horrors spilled out into the intersection”

    “her jaw snapped apart like a puppet’s”

    Who writes like that? Absolute dross.

    • “It was a dark and stormy night…”

    • schmenz

      Yes, I caught that purple prose, too. These writers live too close to Hollywood.

  • Get over it. Following traffic safety rules is so white.

  • kjh64

    “a hit-and-run crime wave that has marched on for years while mayors, chiefs of police and other city leaders ignore it or remain ignorant of it.”

    Well of course it is ignored, Los Angles is a 3rd world city due to massive immigration and it is run by incompetant and/or uncaring 3rd world people.

    “he alluded to it when he argued last February that hit-and-runs could be dramatically reduced by granting drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants, who the chief believes flee the scene out of fear they’ll be deported.”
    Hit-and-runs could be dramatically reduced if immigration and employment laws were enforced causing these illegals to go back to their own countries. Is he dumb enough to think that giving them “driver’s licenses” will make them stick around after hitting someone?

    • Greg Thomas

      This is what our “leaders” do. Instead of enforcing the law, the modify the law because we have an epidemic of illegal invading mexicans breaking the law. Enforcing the law
      against an illegal invading mexican would be “mean-spirited, xenophobic, and
      racist.” Therefore, they simply change the law. All of these people are
      traitors, aiding and abetting a massive mexican invasion.

      If there happened to be an epidemic of drunken driving on the Westside, what do you think Charlie Beck would do. He would crack down. That’s what he would do.

      I can only hope that one day the traitors will be held accountable for their actions.

    • mistermark123

      lol…. “Los Angeles is a 3rd world city”. Yeah, it’s just like Somalia. No running water, no electricity, people dying of starvation, etc.

      • Not yet. And also…Somalia has some improvement to do before it can rise to the level of third world.

      • kjh64

        Yeah, well Mr.Mark123, it sure as hell isn’t a first world city anymore. Obviously you haven’t been there recently. The majority of 3rd world countries are not like Somalia and most 3rd world countries do have running water, electricity and the people are not starving.

  • Gotsumpnferya

    This is a daily occurrence in South Florida, if you have a valid driver’s license, registration, and auto insurance , you are a rarity. I myself have had a car hit by a Haitian that stopped but had fake info , and had another car sideswiped by a hit and run driver, I stopped , but they ran.

    It;s an epidemic that needs to be addressed.

    • Greg Thomas

      The epidemic that needs to be addressed is our non-existent borders, refusal to enforce immigration law and anti-White immigration policies. If that were being done,
      we would not be blessed with Haitians with fraudulent documentation driving vehicles.

  • Looks like Los Angeles has entered the 3rd world. Kinda like entering the Twilight Zone.

    • zWsA

      It’s only a matter of time before Los Angeles proudly declares itself the “capital of the third world.”

  • C_C_Conrad

    “… granting drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants…”
    Funny how liberals continue exacerbating the very things that caused their troubles in the first place. I wonder if they’ll ever learn?
    Jack’s War

  • jay11

    I read some time back that the Detroit police dept. issued a statement saying they had no obligation to protect the public, just take reports of things after they happened. That cemented in mind the hopelessness of our cities. I live in a city that is now 80% non-white (some 50% of those are immigrants). I experience no joy from all this diversity, nor do I feel my life is enriched in any way.

    The asians ignore me. The latinas like me due to my nice anglo looks and all, but the latinos (males) just try to hustle me. I steer clear of the blacks as all costs. The arabs and immigrant jews are clannish and mysterious. The indo-paks can be nice but no conversation goes beyond pleasantries – they keep their world closed. The haitians and jamaicans are just plain scary and unpredicatable. There’s some rich whites in some enclaves here and there that live a life if caviar, art shows and expensive wine, but as a middle class american I don’t know or even like that vapid world. There’s a few white ‘ethnic’ enclaves here and there, but they are clannish and mostly unamerican in their attitudes and mannerisms. The hipsters make little drug infested ‘hip oases’ filled with tatooed women and judd apatow-like useless males. Not much for me there.

    I still remember an america filled with nice midle class people with wholesome values and a common patriotic culture. I don’t see it anymore most places I go. Even the little town I grew up is getting more ‘diverse’ and is not as nice anymore.
    The only answer I see is an immediate moratorium on all new immigration, immediate deportation of illegals, jailing americans who rent to or employ illegals, canceling most green cards and work visas and deporting and ending welfare except for the most dire of needy cases. Stop feeding the beast and it grows weaker and moves somewhere else.

    • mistermark123

      Two other options for you: Move to a place better-suited to your tastes, or work on seeing the bright side of things. Such hopelessness is not good for you.

    • Pearl

      New York City?

  • Sloppo

    “Although [LAPD Chief Charlie] Beck does not discuss L.A.’s hit-and-run
    epidemic publicly, he alluded to it when he argued last February that
    hit-and-runs could be dramatically reduced by granting drivers’ licenses
    to illegal immigrants, who the chief believes flee the scene out of
    fear they’ll be deported.”

    I don’t understand how deportation can be considered much of a threat when it only takes a deportee a week or so to return. If I were a criminal, I think I’d be pretty happy about it if the worst thing I had to worry about from the law was the possibility of a trip to see my family for a few days.

  • LHathaway

    “They know if they yell loud enough, they can get what they want. It is sickening”.

    If that doesn’t work, they know if they run fast enough, they can be back in mexico.

  • Luis

    It’s not surprising that the Los Angeles Police Department has morphed into the Keystone Kops. The Kops were a creation of Hollywood, after all.

  • Angry White Woman

    “Give us your tired, your poor, your ignorant, insane, criminal underclass illegals. For them the lamp is lit.” And we’ll not only light their way in, we’ll pay their rent, feed them, give them free medical care and money for designer clothes, attempt to educate their low-IQ spawn, buy them a cell phone and a vehicle and give them a license to drive it, which also provides them with voter registration and a chance for them to vote themselves any goodies we forgot to put in the welcome wagon. Not to mention, when they run us down on the highways and kill us, they will still get off scott-free, because otherwise we’d hurt the poor dear’s feelings.

  • Well, John you left out Mestizo Texas, which is worst than Florida, go to Brownsville or El Paso.

  • William Allingham

    Hispanics are always putting all their ingeniousness (that is not much) into new forms of murdering, cheating and hurting other people (its part of their character). As i like to say, Hispanics are really good in doing bad things, they are lucky when it comes to get away with it in useless things like telling lies or robbing but when it comes to do important, long term, useful things (like inventing something or follow rules that benefit EVERYONE) their luck fails completely and their incompetence seems insurmountable, thats why they dont even bother to invest in the latter.

  • Ulick

    Adam Carolla airs his podcast out of L.A. On a past podcast he was talking about L.A. hit-and-run culture and mockingly thanking L.A.’s Hispanics for introducing it. I’m not sure if anyone here listens, but the Carolla podcats is the number one ranked podcast on i-Tunes and Adam is pretty race-realist. His rants would fit right in here at Amren.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    What is happening in California is beyond outrageous; it is sick, twisted and aberrant.

    Idiot LAPD Chief Charlie Beck thinks issuing driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants will help reduce the number of accidents, especially hit-and-run accidents. To him, illegal immigrants have more rights than American citizens and he does everything in his power to protect them.

    And, the low IQd mexican mayor, Villar, wants to stop 30-day impounds of cars belonging to unlicensed drivers who are stopped by the police.

    Gov. Jerry Brown signed a law that stops 30-day car impounds at DUI checkpoints.

    The L.A. police union is vehemently opposed to the LAPD’s direction on this:

    Of the roughly 40,000 fatal car crashes each year, 20 percent involve a driver without a valid driver’s license, according to a study conducted for the American Automobile Association (AAA)… car impoundment is a strong deterrent.


    25-year old Drew Rosenberg was killed on his motorcycle by an unlicensed Honduran in the US on “temporary protected status” — for 10 years. The Honduran backed over Drew, the back tire resting on Drew’s abdomen — as he tried to flee the scene.

    The inspector told Drew’s father Dan it was a slam dunk felony vehicular homicide. Galo, the TPS Honduran, also had prior driving offenses and drives unlicensed because he failed the test three times.

    Fast Forward:

    Galo has been released from jail after serving a sentence of 43 days. ICE chose not to issue a detainer enabling them to take custody, despite Galo’s record of repeated disregard for traffic laws and the safety of others, and the strong case for withdrawal of his TPS.

    This is the insane situation in California where “temporary” means 10 years, if not forever, and it’s possible to kill someone, serve 43 days and NOT be deported.

    Don’t think this isn’t coming your way, it is.


    • William Allingham

      car driving being an skill means that not everyone is suited for doing it and it doesn’t seems irrational to me that if mexicans on average have lower IQ, they tend to be less capable of using properly many technologies that were invented by Western genius including such marbles as cars

      in mexico fatal car accidents are like an unavoidable evil because they are so usual and at the same time the incompetent authorities cannot think about a measure that doesn’t implies the admission of mexicans having lower IQ than their more civilized neibourghs (US), so they resource to so far, their best technique; overlooking and denial (passing law contrary to what one would expect if you wanted to SOLVE the problem, instead they are symbolic laws that try to reinforce or inforce a believe that everythings OK).

  • Thank the liberal democratic bedwetters. When SHTF, I’ll be safe here in the N/W laughing my a– off as the animals descend upon their enablers.

  • Chas No

    There are so many video camera recorders in use that it would be impossible for someone to get away with this if the police wanted to do their job.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    Diversity is out stench.

    I thought drivers licenses for illegals was suppose to stop these types of things. Well, maybe Obama and the Republican’s amnesty will do something.

  • Jenna Kerr

    I lived in Los Angeles for 10 years and the mestizos were maniacs behind the wheel. They were extremely aggressive and immature drivers.

  • BAW

    When “The Big One” hits, LA will make Haiti and New Orleans during Katrina look like a walk in the park. Not to mention that Uncle Sam and Uncle Jerry Moonbat are flat broke, so a lot of LA may never be rebuilt.

  • vladdy1

    Yeah, if we give them licenses, they’ll stop having hit-and-runs. And if we give them college degrees, they’ll stop being stupid. (That chief has a little problem figuring out cause-and-effect, doesn’t he? They teach that in special ed, y’know).