The terrified victim of a child sex gang was driven to woods and told she would have her head cut off by her attackers after she refused them sex, a court has heard.

The girl had tried to lie her way out of the act, but one of the accused  – Akhtar Dogar – found out she was lying.

She was driven to a nearby woods, outside Oxford, where they told her: ‘You know what we do with pigs, slit their throats.’

The girl was then forced to perform a sex act on a gang of men before being abandoned in the woods.

The Accused

Noel Lucas QC prosecuting told the hushed courtroom: ‘They threatened her, saying ‘You know what we do with pigs, slit their throats’. She was, as you might anticipate, terrified.

‘Another car then turned up containing four other men.

‘They threatened to cut her head off. ‘

After the men drove off and left her, she could not find her way home and was eventually forced to call the men for help. They collected her and took her to a house where she was put in a room and they sat in the next room laughing.

The jury were told the victim was just 12 when she began playing truant making her  ‘an ideal target’ for some of the gang.

She eventually became so enslaved to her abusers that she forgot it was her 15th birthday when she was with the men.

The girl, who is now 21, had an unhappy home life with a mother who had an alcohol problem.

A gang of nine men face accusations of grooming and horrifically abusing vulnerable girls from the age of 11 – making their lives a ‘living hell.

The men, all from Oxford, allegedly plied six girls with alcohol, cocaine and heroin before repeatedly raping them.

Kamar Jamil, 27, Akthtar Dogar, 32, Anjum Dogar, 30, Assad Hussain, 32, Mohammed Karrar, 38, Bassam Karrar, 26, Mohammed Hussain, 24, Zeeshan Ahmed, 27, and Bilal Ahmed, 26, deny the charges against them.

The court heard the girl had made a complaint to the police in September 2006 and gave a recorded statement which will be played to the jury.

She lived in a number of care homes but would abscond and at one point was placed in secure accommodation.

The court heard that on one occasion she absconded from a care home on a Saturday with a friend and returned in a taxi on the Monday but staff at the home refused to pay the fair.

The cab driver took her back and later that night she was back in the company of the gang.

Three of the accused allegedly bought her gifts such as perfume and provided her with cannabis and cocaine in what was described as ‘an act of grooming’.

Prosecuting barrister Noel Lucas QC said: ‘At first they made her feel special by paying her the attention she did not receive at home.

‘Subsequent events prove that any affection shown to her was entirely phoney. It was an act of grooming.

‘The men, having realised she was a vulnerable girl, were targeting her for their own sexual purposes.’

The gang demanded sex and she was told they would set fire to her home and burn her brother alive unless she agreed.

She was gang raped at a Travelodge, a guest house and a house or flat that would always be empty.

Sometimes she was so ‘wasted’ she was barely aware of what was happening.

Mr Lucas said: ‘She saw other drugged and emaciated girls in houses, sometimes just lying on a bed with their legs drawn up and completely out of it, waiting for the next round of drink and drugs.’

Men were introduced to her as ‘friends, brothers or cousins’.

Mr Lucas said: ‘The vast majority being Asian, the rest black.’

He added: ‘If she resisted or tried to fight back they would slap her, grab her hair and force her to lie down, even if she was crying.

‘It got to the stage where she just got wasted and let them get on with it for fear of getting a kicking.’

Some of the men would take photographs of her on their mobile phones and call her names like ‘dirty girl’.

She told police of the ‘pack mentality’ with each man encouraging the others.

Earlier today the court heard how Mohammed Karrar together with other men not before the court, is accused of using an instrument on another victim when she was 11 or 12 to force a miscarriage after she became pregnant.

They are accused of subjecting them to ‘extreme physical and sexual violence’, often beating and burning them as they raped their victims.

The Old Bailey trial has heard how there were many more potential abusers in addition to those in the dock.

It took almost half an hour for all the charges to be read to the jury.

The jury was told it would hear evidence from friends of the victims, relatives, care workers and the police.

Telephone evidence between the accused and the victims will be presented along with DNA evidence.

Mr Lucas said: ‘The evidence will show that these girls were targeted precisely because they were young.’

The men took the girls to towns and cities across the country where they suffered further sexual abuse by other men.

The abuse is alleged to have taken place over a period of eight years.

Prosecutor Noel Lucas QC said: ‘The depravity of what the girls were forced to endure was extreme.’

Mr Lucas told the jury of seven men and five women at the Old Bailey to ‘steel yourself’ for the evidence they were to hear.

They were told the girls became addicted to some of the drugs and felt unable to live without them making them more reliant on the men.

It was claimed the girls were often given so many drugs that they were ‘barely aware’ of what was going on.

Mr Lucas said: ‘Indeed they say that is the only way they could cope with what was going on.’

The court was told the men had ‘actively targeted vulnerable young girls from the age of about 11 or 12.’

Mr Lucas pointed out to the jury that the girls who were targeted by the men were children.

He said the men would came across the girls with ‘troubled upbringings’ and ‘unsettled homes’ when they were out drinking or playing truant.

The girls were in care homes and some of them had been sexually exploited by other men before.

Their ‘intentional and persistent’ abuse is alleged to have happened between May 2004 and early 2012.

The men deny a total of 79 charges including child rape, trafficking for sexual exploitation and arranging or facilitating child prostitution.

Mr Lucas said: ‘There is evidence that the men deliberately targeted children that were out of control.’

The men would ‘exploit their vulnerability’ knowing it was less likely that anyone would be ‘exercising any normal parental control over them or looking out for them.’

They groomed the girls by giving gifts ‘or simply showing the care and attention that they craved.’

The jury was told the girls were taken to hotels, guest houses or people’s homes for other men to have sex with them.

The men would guard the girls so they could not escape and would then be paid for providing the girls.

Men would travel to Oxford ‘often by appointment’ from as far afield as Bradford, Leeds, London and Slough ‘specifically to abuse young girls’.

Sometimes the girls were taken to towns and cities such as London and Bournemouth.

Mr Lucas said the men would inflict ‘extreme physical and sexual violence on the girls’ using knives, meat cleavers and baseball bats.

They were ‘humiliated and degraded’ bitten, scratched suffocated, tied up beaten and burnt.

Sometimes the abuse would go on for ‘days on end’.

It is claimed the men also threatened the girls and their families if they should try to ‘free themselves from the grasp of the group’.

One of the victims described her ordeal at the hands of the men as a ‘living hell’.

In his opening address to the court Mr Lucas said the men had abused the six girls ‘persistently’ over long periods of time and sometimes in groups.’

They did this: ‘For their own sexual gratification and for the sexual gratification of other men.

‘The depravity of what was done to the complainants was extreme.’

The trial continues.

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  • JackKrak

    I definitely give the DM credit for running a lot of stories that their American cousins don’t have the, um, courage to cover but I do have to wonder exactly what the “legal reasons” are that never allow them to accept comments on stories that about the wonderful diversity that importing half of Pakistan has brought to the UK.

    • Triarius

      The comments might awaken voters that will change the laws that let these sub-humans into Britain. There’s your legal reason.

      String up the politicians with these muslims, and the left will have their day in the US.

      • StillModerated

        It’s OK we can turn their puny brains into pink mist through the judicious use of .357 magnums.

      • KenelmDigby

        Mark my words – the politicians would defend the Pakistanis to the hilt and use utmost savagery and brutality against any White backlash.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      One one side they are fighting terrorists in Pakistan, and on the other side they import them into the country, and I am sure it is the better [sic] ones that get imported.

      • dave

        AMERICA DOES THE EXACT SAME THING,in Brooklyn NY all the schools are filled with hijab wearing girls from Pakistan and Bangladesh, BUSH started this and Obama continues it, any white man in the US army who pledges allegiance to Obama is a traitor to the white race.

        • bigone4u

          And a traitor to the ideals that America was founded on.

    • ArmenianWN

      I have made this point before, but ironically, if half of the UK immigrated to Pakistan, the Pakistanis wouldn’t be running around and celebrating diversity….

    • Pat

      ‘legal reasons’ are because the case is on-going. They would not want any information publicised which would give their defence lawyers an advantage. Comments will be printed after the verdict. This is what happens in all trials.

    • rightrightright

      When the reportage has to do with an ongoing court case, comments aren’t permitted. That’s the “legal reasons” bit.

  • These men certainly would not do this to their own women because they do not have access to them. They are veiled up to their eyes and kept locked up in the house and are followed whenever they leave the house.

    • Angry White Woman

      Their women are covered with tents and kept locked up in the house because these men know what their countrymen are like! (And white countries are importing these same men as fast as possible…)

  • Pelagian

    The defense attorney’s defense is that since they are Muslims and do not eat pork, they were not really threatening to kill her.

  • PaRed

    I would suggest returning the favor, but Muslim women are hideous

    • The__Bobster

      In Philly a disguised Muzzie woman was allowed to kidnap a child and no one dared to challenge her.

      In this case, district spokemsan Fernando Gallard says, the woman in Muslim garb was able to sign in at a desk in the hallway and walk directly to the child’s classroom, where a substitute teacher allowed the woman to take the child.

      • PaRed

        That story is ridiculous. I hope that school gets sued.

      • Reg

        This sort of thing was presumably ended after the similar Bobby Greenlease case in Kansas City over 60 years ago. But we’re afraid to offend women in sacks, so we go backward and erase some of our most effective reforms.

    • Reg

      That’s why they’re covered up!

      Well, not only that. They treat their menfolk like oversexed beasts who go wild at the sight of a square inch of female skin because their menfolk actually ARE oversexed beasts who go wild at the sight of a square inch of female skin.

      And not just the purer, more attractive races, like Malays and Somalis, but hideous, mixed-up Arabs and Afghans and Pakistanis as well, for Allah’s sake. Gaaah! How desperate these men are.

      • rightrightright

        Muslims have the highest hit rate on internet porn sites, including bestiality. It seems four wives and their donkey just aren’t enough.

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    To think of the treasure and lives the Brits spent not to be subject to the Germans, and now they let themselves be subject to the muslims. We have to understand the origins of the insanity that led Europeans to fight when there was no good reason to fight, and now to surrender themselves to barbarians. I wish I could understand it all.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    They should take those men and punish them in public with extreme prejudice. Then they should round up all the people who let this scum into their country and punish them in public with extreme prejudice.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair….

  • LaSantaHermandad


    Get to it and start a terror war against these bastards. Don’t target women and kids. Just the men ( I use the term loosely). They are cockroaches that must be destroyed. Scare the s–t out of them. They own you at this time. Turn it around. Winston is rolling in his grave!!!!!!.

    • HadEnough

      I don’t really blame the sandmoolies. They just a lowish subspecies acting as comes naturally. What I really want to know is when and how we are going to hold accountable the white liberal vermin that have inflicted these creatures on the UK. Why on earth have Blair and Brown — not to mention the several prime ministers before them — not been rowed through Traitors’ Gate? Why has not the board of the CBI, with its perpetual bleating for more immigrants, not been imprisoned for life? It is pretty simple: If you are prepared to sell your (real) countrymen’s future for the sake of a few extra sheckels’ profit; if you are prepared to subject your young women to rainbow-coalition gang rape for the sake of a few votes; and if you think the above “enriches the nation,” then you have committed treason. Simple as that.

      • LaSantaHermandad

        Actually the Muslims in Britain are not exactly “sand moolies” being from Pakistan for the most part. However your point is well taken. Sadly we’re not faring much better with our home grown moolies. They and there African co-pongids seem to have a penchant for raping and mutilating. The pot here is at the point of boiling over any day now. An executive order for the confiscation of firearms will be the match to the fuse.
        RIP Channon & Christopher and may your murderers die and even more horrible and lingering death than you did. AMEN

    • Skincognito

      Winston sent a lot of German women, children and elderly to their graves with his viciously Germanophobic blockade. Sir Mosley, Mr. Powell, Mr. Jordan and other true, racially conscious patriots actually earned their eternal peace, which is tragically broken by the scuslim invasion of their once mighty homeland.
      Sadly the English appear to lack the will needed to repel these savage hordes. Perhaps the silver lining of this halal cloud will be further cooperation among Northern European nationalists. Of course, at some point they must articulate the real problem (race) without anachronistic recourse to the superficial cause of failed assimilation among racial aliens (religion).
      Aside from your lionized impression of Mr. Churchill, you are correct. British men, from all corners of the UK, must renounce legality. I won’t dwell at length on methods, that’s not very RR, but their system, like ours, is broken.

      “The old Bill they know- and teachers won’t say
      The press go quiet- our kids have been betrayed
      And you turn a blind eye- coz it’s someone else’s girl
      If we don’t protect our children- we deserve to go to hell.”

      -“Little English Flower” by London band Straw Dogs

      • LaSantaHermandad

        Skincognito (re. Sir WC)

        I’m not blind to some of his excesses ( I’m not talking about booze), You’re right. HE wasn’t an angel . But he DID have some great sayings and retorts; for that matter, so did Al Capone. Nothing much from Hitler. He was the classic Tight A$$.

    • IstvanIN

      What would you do with the left over woman and children? It is better to remove all of them.

      • Gerónimo Anónimo

        Deport them all back to the Hellholes from whence they came. Muslim “males” are the real source of the disease.

    • StillModerated

      So is G.K.Chesterton, the author of The Flying Inn. The book ends with peasants tearing down the iron railings surrounding the houses of the insulated rich, and stabbing the invading mohammedans to death in a pitched battle. Published in 1914!

  • The__Bobster

    Noel Lucas QC prosecuting told the hushed courtroom: ‘They threatened
    her, saying ‘You know what we do with pigs, slit their throats’. She
    was, as you might anticipate, terrified..

    The camel jockeys need to be executed with bullets dipped in pork fat.

    • bigone4u

      And served a bacon sandwich as their last meal.

  • NYB

    Australia has also had some high profile cases of gangs of Muslims preying on vulnerable white female victims. There was one case not long ago of Iraqi interpreters in the U.S. accused of spiking a woman’s drink to take sexual advantage of her. Canada has the same problem.

    Wherever a community of Arabic, Middle Eastern or Pakistani men reside in a white country, there will be this type of behavior. They’re often a network of taxi drivers or in the ethnic food business, which provides them opportunities and cover for criminality.
    They have no feelings or pity for infidel whites. Sexual conquest of our females is their conquest of our race.

  • tarczan

    Most of the problem lies with the Muslim religion, and it cannot be attributed to any racial differences the perps might have. Non-Muslims are treated as second class citizens, and women in general are mere chattel in the muslim world.
    The west better wakeup to the Muslim religion. The perfect muslim was Mohammed, and he was a terroist, a rapist, a murderer, and all around misfit. Oh wait, didn’t BHO say the future doesn’t belong to those who slander the prophet?

    • NYB

      The only problem with that theory is that ‘Christian’ Lebanese or other non-Muslim Middle Easterners are no better when it comes to interaction with whites . Religion is just a figment of our imaginations, race is who we are.

      • Nate Miller

        There actually IS a world of a difference between high IQ, civilized and well assimilated Catholic Lebanese Maronites & other Christian Arabs or Indians versus the low IQ savage muslim scum.

        The world’s richest man is an Arab Lebanese Catholic Maronite settled in Mexico – Carlos Slim Helu. Don’t forget other famous Arab Christians including Jay Leno, Sir Dr. Magdi ( the London based medical genius widely considered as the #1 heart surgeon of the world), Tony Shaloub (the lead actor from “Monk”) AND our very own Amren contributor” Bardon Kaldian!

      • Reg

        Not true. To paraphrase Churchill on architecture, we shape our religions, after which our religions shape us. Islam winks at consanguinuity, Christianity abhors it. So even though “Christian Arabs” (an oxymoron?) have the same language and DNA as their Mohammedan brothers, that DNA is distributed very differently after 13 centuries of non-incest vs. cousin- and niece-marriage.

        Levantine Christians are indeed trouble at times. But they’re little different in this sense than other Mediterranean folk. Eugene Girin wrote a piece for showing how almost all “Christian” Arab terrorists are actually nominal, even apostate. Genuine Christian belief does put a damper on terrorism.

    • Vonhauer

      I agree that the Muslim religion is some kind of throw-back sand cult but I believe these girls were primarily targeted because they were white. White females have been made into sexual toys by the porn industry like no other women on the planet. These savages have ready access to that filth and I believe it gets their animal appetites going. White men need to show these Turd World bastards what it means to rape a white female!

      • saxonsun

        And English and Irish women were sold into slavery by the Vikings supplying the Moors with harem fodder.

  • JohnEngelman

    Kamar Jamil, 27, Akthtar Dogar, 32, Anjum Dogar, 30, Assad Hussain, 32, Mohammed Karrar, 38, Bassam Karrar, 26, Mohammed Hussain, 24, Zeeshan Ahmed, 27, and Bilal Ahmed, 26, deny the charges against them.

    – Arthur Martin et al., Daily Mail (London), January 15, 2013

    Arabs have low crime rates in Arab countries. This is because the criminal justice systems in those countries are sufficiently harsh to keep them under control.

    Europeans make the mistake of trying to control third world peoples with first world systems of justice. The Europeans – and white liberals in the United States – became civilized too soon. They have difficulty understanding the mentality of those who are less evolved than they are.

  • bigone4u

    Will Britain ever wake up? Will America? Before it’s too late.

    • rightrightright

      The same open door immigration policy is pursued throughout Western Europe and Australia/New Zealand. It is no accident. It is not the lack of will to resist. We are being “saved from our civilisation” (Gramsci) in accordance with Frankfurter School teaching which now undermines the entire West.

  • It’s a shame what the British are doing to themselves.
    Will they ever free themselves from their self-imposed penance for colonialism?
    It’s one thing to apologies. It’s another to slit your own throat.

  • guest

    Growing up, I’ve always been told to say no to drugs. Now we all have another thing we should say no to and that’s integration with these muslims. There will never be peaceful integration among them. Their culture will always be at war with ours and the crooked leaders who let them in our countries in the first place only care about money and power which is why they enforce the illusion that this integration is the best thing for our countries. The safety and well-being of the people mean nothing to the crooked powers-that-be.

  • [Guest]

    For a couple of years I have posted about this trend on forums devoted to the discussion of political and social issues and have been met almost entirely with silence. That silence was broken only rarely, and only by those who accused me of being an Islamophobe.

    As if I didn’t know it already, the experience proved to me that the Western nations no longer have the will to survive.

  • IKantunderstand

    Another point for Diversity! Isn’t it great that we have a whole new diversified class of rapists! Obviously, England needs to pay more attention to their female children. What the hell is the matter with them?On the other hand, perhaps they are disengaged because they no longer have a culture. What the hell has happened to the English? Are they going to allow the Saudis to buy Buckingham Palace? Are they going to allow the rape of their English children to continue? Has the entire White world lost their collective mind? FIGHT BACK!!!! We have gone from one third of the worlds population to 9 percent. It looks like Darwin was correct. Well, I guess we can gain solace from the fact that a White guy predicted our demise.

  • odious liberal

    Why is money being wasted on giving these sub-humans a day in court?

  • KenelmDigby

    And this outrage happened in Oxford – of all places – a town that is synonynmous with the essence of Englishness and leading the World with academicism (as you all know Harvard, Yale, the Ivy league etc, virtually every US university were very conspicuously based on the model of Oxford and Cambridge.

    Oxford is hardly the typical habitation associated with Pakistanis in England, we think of the decaying, teeming milieus of run-down former working-class White Victorian terraces of Tower Hamlets or Newham and not the ‘dreaming spires’ of Evelyn Waugh.

    What they are doing in Oxford, I have no idea.

    Well, anyway the UK is a nation in imminent peril, and unfortunately, the prognosis is absolutely dire beyond belief.

    The latest census revealed a non-White population in excess of 9 millions.Historically, this population doubles in every 12 to 15 year period. That doubling period is apparently immune to any machinations of government policy, one way or another.

    It is pretty certain that a majority non-White Britain will occur in the space of 30 years.

    • MartelC

      It is pretty certain that a majority non-White Britain will occur in the space of 30 years.
      As planned. And of course, if you say “as planned” you’re a nutty conspiracy theorist.

  • alas

    They slit pigs throats? I thought they thought pigs were too dirty to eat?

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      Oh, they just kill pigs for fun. They kill for fun, period.

      I can put up with fun-killing from my cat, who can’t be taught any better (and she’s confined indoors now, so can’t harm anything.) But humans are supposed to know better, and I despise humans who kill for fun.

  • MartelC

    and if white English males united and struck back? The BBC would lift their semi-blackout of this crime and plaster it on the front pages, declaring ‘neo-nazism on the rise.

    and muslims are getting bold enough to do this:
    From women walking the street dressed like complete naked animals with no self respect, to drunk people carrying alcohol, to drunks being killed in the middle of the road, we try our best to capture and forbid it all.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      Censorship strikes again. That video has been removed because of PC reasons. I just tried to watch it.

  • Barrack Osama

    A soceity that does not protect its daughters is doomed.

    • MartelC

      … or the girls end of converting to Islam for protection – in some european cities secular white women already don the hajib to keep from getting harassed.

  • rebelcelt

    Where were these girls parents a long time ago? Why are they hanging with older men? It is a shame they have not been taught proper behavior for a young lady. My 14 year old does not hang with older men. All of that aside, if those f*****s did that to my daughter i would kill everyone of them.The police is where they would run to for protection from me.

    • MartelC

      funny you should mention that. There was one instance of muslims or yobs harassing a man’s wife, he repeatedly called the police, they said there was nothing they could do – he finally said, if you don’t do something, i will – the response “oh you do that sir and we’ll arrest you”

      Along time ago, the british ‘elite’ decided ordinary, decent Englishmen were their enemy. They couldn’t be more right.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        I’d say, “well, you do that, after I do what I’m gonna do to that two-legged swine. I don’t care any more, and I’ll just broadcast to the media what sub-humans they are. The media might castrate me, but there will be those who listen and agree, and won’t put up with third world swinery any more. There’ll just be more and more like me to deal with, if those two-legged rodents aren’t dealt with first.”

    • Angry White Woman

      From what I understand many if not most of these girls are in the British version of foster homes, not too much parental protection going on in their lives.

  • jackryanvb

    Please don’t give Octegenarian, Libertarian Old Believer Ron Paul a microphone to try to explain how these unfortunate rape incidents are not the Muslim immigrants’ fault, but are somehow the fault of American foreign policy that insults Islamic nations like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. RP did this on the 10th anniersary of the 9/11/01 Muslim terrorists’ mass murder of our people in New York City.

    Race denying Libertarian idiots are simply as bad as race denying Liberals/cultural marxists.

  • me

    Well, I guess we didn’t have enough problems with the wonderful ‘diversity’ we already have in White-founded, White built, and traditionally and culturally White countries….now we have to import mysogynistic, racist, crackpot cultist pedophiles into the simmering stew of White hatred. Where were the fathers of these children? Where were the mothers? More importantly, when are White people going to say, ENOUGH!

  • All of them Muslim & of the Venerated Religion of Peace: Islam