Obama Will Seek Citizenship Path in One Fast Push

Julia Preston, New York Times, January 12, 2013

President Obama plans to push Congress to move quickly in the coming months on an ambitious overhaul of the immigration system that would include a path to citizenship for most of the 11 million illegal immigrants in the country, senior administration officials and lawmakers said last week.

Mr. Obama and Senate Democrats will propose the changes in one comprehensive bill, the officials said, resisting efforts by some Republicans to break the overhaul into smaller pieces—separately addressing young illegal immigrants, migrant farmworkers or highly skilled foreigners—which might be easier for reluctant members of their party to accept.

The president and Democrats will also oppose measures that do not allow immigrants who gain legal status to become American citizens one day, the officials said.

Even while Mr. Obama has been focused on fiscal negotiations and gun control, overhauling immigration remains a priority for him this year, White House officials said. Top officials there have been quietly working on a broad proposal. {snip}

Mr. Obama is expected to lay out his plan in the coming weeks, perhaps in his State of the Union address early next month, administration officials said. The White House will argue that its solution for illegal immigrants is not an amnesty, as many critics insist, because it would include fines, the payment of back taxes and other hurdles for illegal immigrants who would obtain legal status, the officials said.

The president’s plan would also impose nationwide verification of legal status for all newly hired workers; add visas to relieve backlogs and allow highly skilled immigrants to stay; and create some form of guest-worker program to bring in low-wage immigrants in the future.

A bipartisan group of senators has also been meeting to write a comprehensive bill, with the goal of introducing legislation as early as March and holding a vote in the Senate before August. {snip}

“This is so important now to both parties that neither the fiscal cliff nor guns will get in the way,” said Senator Charles E. Schumer of New York, a Democrat who is a leader of the bipartisan discussions.


Parallel to the White House effort, Mr. Schumer and Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, a Republican, have been meeting with a group of at least four other colleagues to write a bill. Republicans who have participated include John McCain of Arizona, who has supported comprehensive legislation in the past; Jeff Flake, also of Arizona, who is newly elected to the Senate; and Mike Lee of Utah. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida participated in one meeting last month.


Basic tenets for the bill, Mr. Schumer said, were that it would be comprehensive and would offer eventual citizenship for illegal immigrants who follow a prolonged process to correct their status.

“This is a bottom line,” Mr. Schumer said in an interview on Thursday. “The Democrats have made it clear we will not accept a bill without a direct path to earned citizenship.” He said senators from both parties had been “pleasantly surprised” at how rapidly the talks had proceeded.


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  • It’s “do or die” time for the GOP. If they assist Mr. Obama in passing this nation-destroying bill, their party is over.

    • Jefferson

      I don’t think most of the GOP elites care about ever winning another presidential election again. They just care about winning local and state elections.

      • newscomments70

        I believe they only care about short term profits. Screw everyone else and the future.

        • Which is why people are leaving them in droves. They have become the party of the rich, the priveleged and the militarists in fact.

          Middle class Americans need a party that still represents them. A 3rd party will be born. The country needs it.

          • Nathanwartooth

            Except that both parties and the media both conspire against 3rd parties. Not to mention the 3rd biggest party is libertarian who are for open borders.

    • Well, do you think the GOP is going to support you?

      Its over my friend and you are no longer welcomed because you are not needed anymore.

    • tickyul

      They are done for…….so many want what Mr Hussein and crew are providing.
      And just watch the huge cave the Republirats do on the debt limit……just like watery jello.

    • southernwhite

      i couldn’t agree with you more!! it could soon be judgement day for the GOP!!!!!

  • Because pushing one big bill at one time on immigration worked out so well politically for Bush.

    For when you want to boil a frog, the best thing to do is jack up the flame right away.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      The silly term “partisanship” is thrown about ad naseum by mid-IQ political consultants and strategists on Fox or CNN. Basically, Team Red believes all the world’s woes would be solved if Team Blue would play nice with them and vice versa.

      But as George Will loves to tell his readers, the beauty of divided government with checks and balances is that sometimes this partisanship slows things down and serves to limit worst intentions of Washington. Marco Rubio and Barack Obama don’t agree on much, but they both seem to think that it is mean-spirited and unfair to enforce immigration laws or preserve a nation’s demographic outlook. Doesn’t look good initially for patriotic immigration advocates. However, recently Rubio accused Obama of “poisoning the well,” (another idiotic critique dreamed up by some GOP “strategist” with an IQ of 94) on immigration “reform.” Basically Rubio doesn’t want Obama to receive credit, even if Rubio agrees with the politics.

      So here is to partisan divide!

      • “Mid-IQ political consultants”

        About which I received a first hand object hard lesson last year.

        “Partisanship slows things down”

        I’ve said it here in the recent past: Pure partisanship and partisan jealousy serves to gum the works to keep some bad legislation or regulation from happening. NOT because anyone thinks doing the wrong thing is the wrong thing, but simply because they don’t want to let the guys wearing the other color shorts to get credit for it. This is why I hope the Tea Party becomes an actual party, in spite of the fact that we all know that TPM = race deniers. Three parties would serve the gumming up process better than two.

        Maybe there is some way we can play up partisan and ideological jealousy to make the whole thing fall apart on this immigration bill.

        • NM156

          The bill will designed to fall apart on its own. Amnesty is going nowhere.


        Then the families and villages begin coming. Is there anyone who really thinks this can be stopped.

        • tickyul


        • Eagle_Eyed

          If there were enough serious people who wanted to stop it, it could be done with ease.

          • Ron

            It has been stopped before, throughout the world.

      • Joseph

        ANYBODY who says “…reach across the aisle” should lose any public office immediately. This is code for “Let’s find a way for both parties to run the schtick for the rubes and enrich ourselves again.”

    • Xerxes22

      The Obama administration is pushing two big bills at one time, gun control and anmesty. They will work out a deal with the GOP leadership. The Democrats will drop the gun control bill and the Republicans will compromise on Anmesty whitch is what both parties wanted all along. Republicans will tell their lackeys that they forced the Democrats to back down on gun control while both parties compromised and came to a humanitarian solution on Anmesty. Everone wins except the American people who will be screwed once again.

      • NM156

        Bills will be deliberated at different times so the Democrats can have cover for the failure of immigration reform. Budget talks will be timed, hyped, and dragged out as well to provide further cover.

      • Tucker

        Possibly. However, its my sense that the left has allowed itself to succumb to an overwhelming emotional and psychological ‘adrenaline rush’, post November 6th – and they are making what I feel are some pretty major tactical blunders by deciding to pull out all stops and launch their full scale effort to finish Communizing the USA.

        All this really does is to expose just how totalitarian the left truly is whenever they are given absolute power, and its my sense that this behavior serves to create substantial levels of uneasiness and anxiety within the rank and file base of the Democrat-Communist party. Needless to say, it also serves to confirm and substantiate most of the harshest criticisms of the left and their ultimate agenda which are made by the right. On the topic of private gun ownership, for example.

        Youtube has countless videos which are made and uploaded by blacks who are strongly resistant to any attempt to disarm the American population, and especially since Django Unchained has put lots of very dangerous ideas into their heads.

        If Obama would suddenly announce that he wanted to disarm only White males and that the ‘bruthas’ would be exempt from any gun bans or gun confiscation plans, that would help shore up his primary support – but, at the present time, Obama is not able to be that honest about what he and Holder are really after – which is to disarm law abiding White males.

        Incidentally, we can see by Schumer’s quoted remarks – that his tribe places White genocide at the very top of the list of priorities. Once whites have been reduced to below 50% of the nation’s population, they will have so little political power or influence that disarming them will be much easier.

        • Nathanwartooth

          Wouldn’t be hard to do. “All mass murderers are White! We need to disarm only those evil White people!”. I doubt you would even need White to be a minority for it to happen. There would be many Whites in favor of it.

      • I would not doubt at all if some people were cooking up this sort of mass two-card monty logrolling compromise. But I can’t shake the feeling that it’s all a best laid scheme, that will gang aft a gley because of the whole red trunks blue trunks paradigm of pure partisan jealousy.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      The best thing to do is toss them in and slam down the lid.

  • MekongDelta69

    Will he include himself in that bill?

    • The__Bobster

      I’m sure his moocher ont and drunken uncle will be included.

      • Luca

        Is it “ont” or “ont-tee”? I lost my ebonics dictionary.

  • falsedawn

    Ridiculous. All rational people know these third worlders aren’t ever going to be Americans.

    • Jefferson

      The pro-multicultural crowd believe that Mestizos/Amerindians are just Irish people with darker skin, when it comes to eventually assimilating into U.S society.

      • As long as they can continue to get their free bennies these people will never become citizens because they would have to learn English and pay a large fee to get their citizen application process.

        • Dave Trader

          Plus start paying irs, social security, income taxes, etc.

    • R.O.D.

      More like: once the third world overruns America, it will never be a first world nation again.

    • Joseph

      No, but they’ll make ’em citizens.

    • Triarius

      Straetgcally it is almost common sense for dems and libs. It will guarantee almost all of them will vote blue, take Texas, and bam! No more Republican president ever again. Of course these Mexicans will destroy the US, but that’s a bonus since the left hates America anyways. Like the Labor party in the UK, they’d burn Rome simply out of spite.

    • John

      The epitath of White America will read: “So long. We were too stupid to hold our own country and survive as a race.” Very sad, but true. Nothing can save us now when millions of Whites believe the only way forward is miscegenation and almagamation, and they will vote for it every election cycle. Likewise, millions of them will engage in the process. They won’t be happy until there are not enough Whites left to save our race. No other race on Earth behaves like this, en mass. A plurality of Whites are determined to self destruct. Incredible and sad.

    • wattylersrevolt

      You are debating the issue in a very foolish and weak way. All you have done is opened the door to an endless debate about what it means to be an American when all that is required is to state emphatically your racial preference….and take it from there. Concede absolutely nothing to a race-replacement enthusiast in a debate.

      • falsedawn

        I don’t debate. There’s nothing for me to debate.

    • Luca

      They’re not here to be Americans, they’re here to be Mexicans in America with benefits.

      • falsedawn


  • The__Bobster

    The Usurper wants to do this in one swell foop to catch us sleeping. Once done, this nation is finished.

    • NM156

      His one-fell-swoop plans will die quickly in the House. Nothing will become of this, and even Democrats out of touch with the White House and Congressional leadership know it. Neverthless, the time us coming to make those calls.

  • Eagle_Eyed

    John Boehner said that he was ready for the president, “to lead” and may have gotten his wish. He is also amongst those seemingly ubiquitous politicians and political commentators who believe that because Obama was re-elected, the Democrats get to set the agenda.

    The House GOP needed to dump Boehner–the fact cowards like Michele Bachmann still voted for him show us that even many conservative Repubs really don’t need our support or money. But, since Boehner is still Speaker, someone needs to tell him that, while he is correct about Obama having executive powers, the GOP still won a majority of seats in the House only two months ago. And if they like having a seat at the table they’d do best to not piss off their base. “Immigration reform” is a good way to do that.

    • tickyul

      Sickening…..the GOP needs to play hardball. Not that they are anywhere near the “great opposition”…..but maybe they can fend-off a total downfall for a little while….turn things around…….no way.
      Even Limbaugh is talking with quite a bit of disgust about the jello-spined GOP.

    • NM156

      Republican House members need our support and money consistently. Each one is, at most, two years from getting the boot. Incentives to betray those who put them in office specifically to wall off those in power from giving away the United States would have to be enormous.

  • David Ashton

    When will they come up with a common citizenship plan for the southern neighbor?

  • wattylersrevolt

    Once a full-blown Administrative Amnesty is enacted…well let me put it this way:the vast majority of Native Born White Americans will wake up the next day…as Dorothy said to her pet dog:”Toto, I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore.” A majority of Native Born White Americans will not be able to escape the very nasty consequences of the Divine Edict from the Kenyan Foreigner…and that includes the men who consume Sports Entertainment pornagraphy for hours every day…there will be no place to hide.
    The Ecological consequences of a full-blown administrative amnesty are too horrific to contemplate…unending nonwhite population growth until all the environmental and ecological amenities are turned into giant stagnant cesspools..but it will be a paradise for e.coli. It will be an unstoppable demographic Tsunami at a certain point..and we are very close to that certain point in time..like around one second before the Kenyan Foreigner pushes Native Born White Americans into demographic Twilight.

    • White America will wake up when Obama wants to take their guns away. This will wake up the sleeping white giant that will scare the crap out of Obama and company.

      • Joseph

        I actually saw this actually happen just a few days ago. My wife’s cousin is a long-time Dem. because of the union brainwash and even voted for Obama twice- frequently putting pro-Obama stuff Facebook (ugh) . After this last gun-grab proposal noise he *at last* had some epiphany and declared that the Democrats have been a fraud and he is dropping them because Obama lies about gun-control and can’t be trusted. This was the defining issue for him.

        Well, it’s a start.

        • Ron

          Too bad he voted for him twice first. Might be too late the next time around.

          • Joseph

            It is too late now. We just have to ride the elevator to the bottom of the shaft and hope we can survive the impact.

          • Ron

            Good to see white folks waking up at any rate. Better late than never I suppose.

      • Liberalsuck

        “Wants to take their guns away.” He already does! Where the hell have you been???!!

      • Luca

        There is no White America and Whites will never unite around a racial cause. Whites are intelligent, opinionated and diverse and don’t need a racial cause, never did and never will. Unfortunately due to brainwashing by liberal media, academia, and government, Whites have been snookered into fighting each other over racial issues, labor issues, politics, history, religion etc.

        If you find a way to defeat the Liberal nonsense, then the other problems will get worked out. Your Constitutional rights are dying a death of a thousand cuts so most people won’t even take notice. They will do just enough to not rile the people who are glued to their TV sets watching Oprah, Desperate Housewives and Dancing With The Stars.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    It’s unlikely anything remotely resembling what the Democrats want — a path to citizenship for 12-20 million illegal aliens — will get through the Senate, much less the Republican house.

    It is also likely that not even John McCain and Lindsey Graham will be stupid enough to team up with Democrats as they did in ’06 and ’08. One question with which to confront any GOP congressperson who one might think is wavering:

    “Do you realize, Mr./Ms. so-and-so that any newly legalized illegal alien will be eligible for preferences in college admissions, hiring and promotion over native-born white Americans based on race/ethnicity?”

    Watch the fellow/lady squirm? Quoting Princeton’s Russell Nieli, author of Wounds That Will Not Heal: Affirmative Action and Our Continuing Racial Divide (2012):

    “Having attended four high-end universities (Duke, Columbia, Princeton, Yale), . . . In my judgement, the greatest scandal of these institutions lies in their eagerness to compromise academic standards for two large groups of yearly admits: recruited athletes and ‘under-represented minority students’ (mainly blacks and Latinos). One’s ability to slap around a hockey puck or contribute to racial ‘diversity’ on campus are hardly valid reasons for SEVERELY COMPROMISING ACADEMIC STANDARDS [my all-caps].”

    Or for keeping better-qualified white citizens out of selective colleges and jobs.

  • jackryanvb

    Can some of Amren’s patriotic gay readers/supporters please do something about arch immigration traitor South Carolina Sen. Lindsay Graham?
    Can some of Amren’s patriotic Jewish readers/supporters please do somethinga bout arch immigration traitor NY Sen. Charles Schumer?
    It’s best to do immigration control activism within your own community. The homosexuals will circle the wagons to defend RINO Graham and the Jewish community with circle the wagons to defend Schumer if one of their guys is attacked by straight White Anglos/Gentiles.

    • IstvanIN

      75% of Jews support Upchuck Schumer, so the patriotic Jews are very outnumbered. Lindsey Graham isn’t “officially” gay, so the patriotic gays have no pull with him.

  • So CAL Snowman

    Hopefully we will be bum rushed by tens of millions of Canadians.

    • IstvanIN

      Why would they leave Canada, which is going down the same road we are, to come here?

      • liberalsuck

        Most of the white Canadians today are liberal, self-hating types. They’d let in a million third worlders into their country before any ‘racist white people’

  • Susan

    Keep thinking maybe things will be ok,now I finally realise this will be a third world nation in my lifetime.Very sad,have been observing this since I was very young in the 60’s .and noticed each year things were getting worse

    • Nathanwartooth

      “Third World” is politically incorrect.

      We’ll go from a “Developed Nation” to a “Developing Nation”.

  • tickyul

    I have informally renounced my citizenship. I no long respect or understand this once fine country.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      My formal renunciation will come next year, though I am not completely convinced that becoming a German is going to make my situation better.

      • Ron

        Germans are even more brainwashed by the diversity crowd than we are in some ways. I am not sure you will find quite what you are looking for there. Downtown Berlin looks a lot like downtown Islamabad.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          Yes and no. When I am alone with certain Germans, we speak freely (probably because I am not a German). You are right about Berlin. It is the largest “Turkish” city after Istanbul. I’ve lived here (off and on) for about 20 years. It has not improved with age and increased “diversity,” but I am still safer here than I was in Dallas.

          • Ron

            I love Germany. I didn’t articulate my point well, but lets just say it saddens me quite a bit to see the ancestral homeland of my people overrun with third world scum who are only there to exploit it and take over.

      • tickyul

        Good luck…….too bad most of Europe is drinking the same Kool-Aid as the USAtard.

      • newscomments70

        Most Germans i know are brain-dead liberals. They love Obama and they believe that U.S. blacks are held down by “racism”. I’ve even heard some say, “Turks are bad, but I have no problem with blacks”. Germans are basketball and “hip hop” fans. They love the Hollywood black sitcoms. They believe that U.S. whites are the villians. They don’t get it.

    • newscomments70

      I believe most of us have. I tell everyone I encounter that I do not recognize Obama as the President. I do not respect him and I do not accept him as an equal. He is the enemy, along with every liberal democrat we have in our government. I believe i dislike the white liberals even more than I dislike Obama. Obama is just doing what comes natural for an African marxist. He hates white people and he wants to destroy the country. He is predictable about his intentions and only following his true nature. I would like to see Obama sent back to Kenya. He would make a suitable dictator for his own people…probably better than any current African leader. The white liberals are far worse. They are race traitors and vile, revolting human beings. I would like to see Biden, Pelosi, Frank, etc sent to rot and die in some horrible prison. I have no earthly desire for money, fame, nor sex. None of that interests me. The only pleasure I desire is to see white liberals suffer hell on earth.

      • tickyul

        Sad to say….but this country has been going downhill for a very long time…..Mr Hussein is just the stinky cherry on the cake. The only way this country could possibly be turned around is through massive structural changes to the way this country functions…..this will not happen. White liberals are steeped in a very sick and unworkable ideology that they will not abandon…no matter what. The Libscum have the upper hand and are going to RUN with it.

        I do not endorse violence or treason….but if Big Brother pushes too hard…I could see this country producing thousands of Timothy Mcveighs. Non-linear/Guerilla Warfare inside the USA would permanently change this country in ways most could not even imagine.

  • Vonhauer

    Lindsey Graham is a traitor of the highest order. Most Repubs have caved in on the issue. The plan for a permanent leftist government is well underway. Legalizing the undocumented democrats will achieve that goal. Only a matter of a decade or so when whites will lose control of the federal govt by being numerically out-voted. When their young outnumber ours, thats it.

  • The reason for this fast push is that Obama wants to get this done before 2014. Because he knows that if he tries to ban guns, the whites of America will wake up and boot the Democrats out. We need another Contract with America. Will it be 1994 all over again?

    • waynewayne

      Oh, God! Not another Contract with America! What did that get us last time? And 2014 will see yet more republitards lose.

  • storibund

    Neutering Texas. That’s all that matters.

    • Jeff

      Yes. Add a million Hispanic voters to Texas and a million to Florida and there will never be another Republican president.

      • Liberalsuck

        then it is up for the Midwest, Dakotas and parts of the Northwest to secede. I can’t see most white people for too much longer putting up with all the BS going on. Their anger is growing and it’s showing more and more. Things will not be very pretty soon.

      • Thank Jorge Arbusto for that. Thank God that man has hied his half-witted a$$ off the political stage.

  • This isn’t entirely off topic, but……

    Organizing at this point in time is paramount. Most of us know what we want, but there are many among us who don’t quite know how to turn those views and wants into persuasive selling points or actions, and some literally can’t afford the possible repercussions even if they did know how to say it and put it into action.

    That Time, boys and girls, has come to an end. The Leftists and their agendas have been methodically separated from some of the liberal elements that comprised their intellectual base. A liberal idea is NOT a Leftist absolute nearly as much as it used to be. If you look at the Right, you’ll see the same fracturing and peeling away that exposes a sharp contrast between the reasonable and the zealot. One[the reasonable] might make bad decisions based solely on faulty facts and statistics, while the other one[the zealot] is the very one bringing the faulty facts and statistics, slander, lies and deceit to the table.

    You have more “friends” among you than you realize. Those zealots see that as well, and that’s why there seems to be a frantic push from them.

  • The time has come

    Will David Duke make a run for president?

    • Nathanwartooth

      No but Jared Taylor should…

    • newscomments70

      He would not be taken seriously. He could have won the gubernatorial election in Lousiana, but he chose to focus on Jews. He rants and raves about the Jewish-Isreali lobby and sometimes ignores the black problem. I respect his opinion, but he spread himself too thinly. His advisors warned him, “No one cares about the Jews, focus on the black problem.” If he listened, he could have been elected governor and then maybe Senator. I don’t think he would have enough votes to ever win the Presidency. There are way too many rhinos with “white guilt” in the northern states.

      • Foster Canes

        David focuses on causes not symptoms. Blacks did not empower themselves. Why did David lose in Louisiana? Because of the mythical Jewish lobby pouring in money to his opponent’s coffer. .

        • newscomments70

          I’m sure that liberal Jews in Hollywood are every bit as evil and guilty as Duke claims; but white liberals are just as vile. Duke does not seem to notice that there is a significant number or race-realist Jews. Demonizing all Jews alienates the mainstream. There are even Jewish contributors on Amren. Isreal is now supporting “far right” political parties in Europe to stop Islamification. I’m not disagreeing with Duke, but if he focused mostly on black on white crime, he would have had a much better chance at winning.

  • Job

    Why is Barry doing this? Do blacks really want to flood the country with a bunch of uneducated Mexicans? It’ll just lead to competition for Section8!

    • MikeofAges

      Barry doesn’t care about blacks. He knows that when immigration is restricted, people settle down, and eventually become socially conservative voters. It just doesn’t advance the dialetic.

    • Libearlsuck

      Even black leaders don’t care about blacks; they never have. All they were about was making money and getting power. If Jesse Jackson couldn’t make money screaming racism and shaking down large corporations, then he would have found other business avenues.

  • MikeofAges

    Someone better make the distinction between legalization and citizenship. Giving people who are never going to be sent back anyway is just being pragmatic. Giving people who came here illegally in the first place quick citizenship means giving them the right to control the political system ahead of people whose forebearers have been here as long as 400 years.

    If you need a “path”, start with a path to legalization. Citizenship can wait. For sh^^s sake, the children illegals produce get birthright citizenship. Isn’t that, and the potential right to live here and work here legally, enough for them? Apparently not. They want the balance of power in the political system too. Or at least someone out there wants them to have it.

    • NM156

      Giving illegal immigrants legal status is, for the Federal courts or the US Supreme Court, giving those entities one more reason for ruling the illegals have a Constitutional right to become permanent residents, with citizenship but a few more hoops to jump through. No legal status for illegals whatsoever!

      • MikeofAges

        Illegals don’t have a constitutional right to legalization. It is within our discretion to give that to them if we wish. My point was, you can give people legalization without giving them instant citizenship. People can be allowed to stay here and work here without citizenship.

    • shattered

      The path is the 5 southbound freeway to the border, then cross over and apply to enter legally. That’s the ONLY path that should be discussed.

  • Can you imagine some top-notch senators and congressmen starting to repeatedly boo this terrible president when, during the State of the Union address, he starts to unveil this extensive legalization of illegal immigrating people to replace the white race in the US.

  • George White

    If they do this, I will NEVER vote GOP again as long as I live.

    • NM156

      Relax George! The enemy is within our own camp, but the camp still belongs to us. Paranoia will only cause friction with our allies.

  • Skipper

    To say the least, the 2013 immigration legislation has the potential to be one of the most pivotal political conflicts in American history. Well, perhaps I am being optimistic, as there is a requirement for two opposing sides to have a conflict. Right now, it appears too many Republicans want to match the Democrats in their amnesty legislation. The only significant opposition will be a majority of white Americans, but I suppose they do not count anymore.

    It may be time to for whites start planning to emigrate from the United States to more favorable locations. When the immigration floodgates open here the “ship” will eventually flip over and it will not be a pretty sight.

    • storibund

      NO. NO more ethnic self-cleansing by whites.




      Sorry for the all caps, but.. f*ck it.

      No freekin more. Our country. Here.

      • Ron

        Caps make what you are saying way more intense. CAPS FOR LIFE!!1!

  • George White

    Everyone here should be calling and writing letters and screaming HELL NO TO AMNESTY!!! DON’T LET THEM DO IT!!!

    • NM156

      Of course, and those tens of millions of calls and letters/emails will be exactly what the Democrats will use to get out of their commitment to their Hispanic clients in the electorate for an amnesty. We will be more than happy to help them.

  • NM156

    Liberals and Democrats know this is doomed to fail. Even Democrats are worried about alienating and infuriating labor concerns and risking their tenuous hold on white working class independent voters, a crucial demographic in contested districts. This is all a big show for those all-important Hispanics, who won for Obama the presidency. What comes from any attempt at any immigration bill remains to be seen. I predict the whole thing will collapse.

    • newscomments70

      I hope you’re right. Let’s pray that the evil side loses for a change. Say yes to Christianity and civilization. Say no to drug cartels and child rape.

  • shmo123

    This is going to cost more than they’ll ever admit. If they’re given amnesty, they can avail themselves to the whole cornucopia of government goodies previously denied them, AFDC, SSI, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare, Food Stamps, Section 8 housing and on and on. The bill will be in the billions–all on a credit card.

    I’m just waiting for the bottom to fall out.

  • fraudster at work

    Even the ancient Hebrew Torah and their elite King Solomon implicitly write in his Proverbs ” fraud and deceit are ever in a hurry” …

  • shattered

    And he will be thwarted by everyday Americans who don’t want to pay for another 11 million welfare cases who take all the low hanging jobs away from their family members that need them.

  • Dave Trader

    How is this going to lower the unemployment rate. When is obungler going to do something about that. Kicking people off unemployment benefits doesn’t mean they are employed.

  • idleing

    Posted on January 14, 2013
    Obama Will Seek Citizenship Path for HIMSELF is the way the article should read!!

  • kjh64

    I love the way they say 11 million illegals. They have been touting the 11 million number since the mid-70’s. How about 30-40 million, give or take? There are likely 11 million in California alone.LOL

  • kjh64

    Why don’t the American people start a petition to vote on this issue???? Also, when they vote, they MUST show proof of citizenship!!!!!

  • jay11

    I work around a LOT of blacks and latinos. Among the latinos, the dominicans are the absolute worst. 9 out of ten are just useless on every level that counts. A few are good, but most are so god awful low-I.Q., shifty, interested only in music, dancing and fiesta – like ALL THE TIME.

    I keep thinking every day we need to be deporting most immigrants, and not rewarding law breaking, but what do I know. I no longer recognize the land of my forefathers. Yeah, yeah, I know – the native americans of 200-400 years ago were saying that, but they were like 2 million scattered between ny and ca, with mostly open spaces and no one living there. We are like 150 million whites living in every corner, being displaced rapidly every year.