Don’t Confuse My Heartfelt Convictions with Racism

Charlie Daniels, CNS News, January 17, 2013

Being born in the Deep South when the Jim Crow laws were in full force and seeing, firsthand, the cruelty and downright stubborn foolishness of segregation and all its attendant inequities, I have a very vivid and candid impression of what the word “racist” really means.

Having lived through those days and, on my own, shook off the yoke of racial prejudice that was once so firmly ingrained in me, I deeply resent the careless and reckless use of the word by people who are merely trying to be insulting, having absolutely no idea of the gravity of its meaning.

Disagreeing with somebody of a different race, color or religion does not constitute racism; racism is when you disagree with somebody because of what they are, not because of a difference of opinions.


If you disagree with President Obama, as I often do, you are sure to be accused of racism by some individual who doesn’t have enough imagination or is too prejudiced themselves to come up with a valid argument about why what you’ve said is wrong in their opinion so they hide behind insults, innuendo and hyperbole, unable to defend their position, many times because they don’t really know what their position is, being basically political parrots, only able to repeat what they’ve read or heard.


I believe that President Obama has mistakenly perceived the election he just won as a mandate to make this nation in the image of what he thinks it should be which will continue to tear it apart as the opinions of roughly half the population will be ignored.

I don’t think he takes the Constitution seriously and will attempt to subvert it by presidential fiat, executive privilege and backdoor, midnight deals with Congress, getting his way by any method at his disposal.

It is my belief that this nation is on its way to becoming an undereducated, under-motivated country with an inferior military, a devalued currency and a Congress that is nothing more than a figurehead.

I believe that, as the entitlement society grows under Obama’s watch, they will become a monolithic political force and will elect local and federal candidates who will give them more and more.


I believe that several states will go belly up and the government will bail them out and they will go right back to the same silly fiscal policies that got them in trouble to start with.


I believe that the U.S. dollar will stop being the accepted trade currency for the world

And hyperinflation will follow, shortly after.

I believe the federal government will one day suddenly run completely out of funds. It won’t be able to borrow any more and, when the entitlement checks and food stamps don’t go out, there will be mass and uncontrollable rioting in the cities.

I believe that martial law will be declared, posse comitatus will be ignored and federal troops will be used on American soil to quell the violence, which means a complete collapse in American society.

That is my problem with President Obama. Don’t confuse my heartfelt convictions with racism.


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  • libertarian 1234

    Integration has produced what we have existing today, and it gets worse with each passing month.

    Any whte person who doesn’r believe segregation was a good idea is an absolute fool.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Liberals honestly believe that we dislike browns/blacks because of their skin color. It never even occurs to them that it’s everything that’s NOT skin that we dislike.

      • Liberalsuck

        Liberals don’t even like browns or blacks either. If they did, why then do so many liberals live in predominately white environments?

        • AutomaticSlim

          “Liberals don’t even like browns or blacks either”

          Not only don’t they like them, they are scared s***less of them.

          • jay11

            But they like browns more than blacks! That’s why they want open borders and amnesty for latinos. They’re a lot less scary than blacks, and most liberals have given up on blacks anyway. Think about that for a minute. The little cute brown puppies don’t bite so much and bark much less too! The black puppies just never seem to socialize well.

          • pcmustgo

            In their little imaginations, blacks and browns love them.

        • Cali

          I agree. Several of my libtard friends try so hard to go out of their way for any black they run into. They are actually over nice, but they would not live in the same neighborhood if they had too. I seen this first hand when one moved right beside a good friend of mine. She moved because she was ready for a “more modern looking house”. She did finally admit later that her neighbors son oogled her constantly and she was afraid.

          • CharlesFinley



        • Sloppo

          I believe it is important to remember that there are only two kinds of liberals. There are the global elitist liberals who have an agenda which requires the destruction of western civilization … and there are those liberals who are useful idiots for the first group.

    • Joe Mama

      Who in the world could give 2 thumbs down to this comment ?? Sheesh !!

      • IBWHITE

        Probably the fools he speaks about.

    • race purity required

      Segregation? Wasnt the Creator the original segregationist creating 3 NWO races and separating them on 3 different remote continents separated by vast geography distance? Creator had it right. Slavery was the worst idea and con in the history of the universe a trillion times over and he had nothing to do with it.
      Invent a time machine and erase slavery in the west by outlawing it from the gitgo and the whole problem is solved.

  • David Ashton

    Mass rioting in the cities: the near-final OBJECTIVE of the “Cultural Marxists”.

    • falsedawn

      I’m always for mass rioting by minorities. It’s just going to bring on the final reckoning that much faster.

      • So CAL Snowman

        Absolutely, the more they riot the more obvious it becomes that the USA is fast becoming just another third world hell hole.

      • Maybe not. Blacks riot? It’ll get blamed on the Federal government not spending enough on welfare. Especially if the riot happens while a Republican, even a putrid RINO, is President. That’s exactly what happened in 1992, after the L.A. riots.

        • falsedawn

          Sir, You’re not looking at it the right way. The next time these minority bums pull their act and tear the place up, I belive the White people will’ve finally had enough and finally take things into their own hands and put them in their place once and for all. The one thing minorities have no idea of is just what thin ice they’re alwys on.

          • You’re right. This is a big reason why there’s still so much support for the NRA. Smart people know the police won’t be there to protect them when the shooting starts.

          • StillModerated

            Tawny police will make a point of offing YT.

          • The one thing minorities have no idea of is just what thin ice they’re alwys on.

            Such a racist statement. There’s almost no ice in Africa, and when’s the last time you saw a black ice skater?

            Ice skating: The last bastion of white privelege. Truly, a racist sport.
            *sarcasm off*

          • I think there was a black woman figure skater representing France for the French Winter Olympics team in either 1992 or 1994, maybe ’92 when France itself hosted those games. She so stuck out like a sore thumb that I could never forget it, even though I only passed by the TV while my mother was watching it.

          • redfeathers

            Yes, this black “frenchwoman” was inelegant, unattractive and a VERY sore loser. And unfortunately now a fellow american.

          • ye ol’ swampyankee

            I think your right. Just last week I paid my annual dues to the Black Sky Divers Association and my brother is currently a member of the Hispanic Bungee Jumpers Club. And even a neighbor of mine races snowmobiles competitively in which he’s now the token white guy in a formally white sport. Even my deer hunting stands aren’t safe a mile back from the road anymore. I especially hate it when they defile them with graffiti. I just can’t read Spanish worth a spit anyway!

            What’s this world coming to???

          • Luis

            I can name two Bantu ice skaters – the American Debi Thomas, and the French(!) skater Sura Bonaliy. The latter was disqualified in the Olympics after she performed a 360 degree somersault flip, a banned routine..

          • So you’re saying the next black riot will be severe enough and the old traditional tired excuses worn out enough that it’s finally the straw that breaks the camel’s back? I want you to be right, my fear, or rather, my intelligence guided by experience, tells me it’ll have to take several more beyond that.

          • C_C_Conrad

            Riots along will not do it. Whites must actually face some danger. See the book Wilderness Empire.

          • falsedawn

            The time for reading is pretty much over…

          • Mel

            Whites will not care if blacks burn down their own nests, however since the advent of Section 8 and with blacks now living in White areas, if they start their chimp outs they will be met with a force that they will regret. I don’t know when it will happen but I am ready with food, bullets and determination.

          • C_C_Conrad

            We’ll see. Maybe.

          • Live Free or Die

            I think our own military will be used against us. We will be demonized like Nazi Germany and will have to take on the whole world. God help us!

          • ye ol’ swampyankee

            You are probably right. I’m in 100% agreement with your prediction.

          • Joe Mama

            I wouldn’t be so sure about those whites you speak of standing up and actually doing something .. Enough has been done already, save a riot, yet they just go along to get along..

          • falsedawn

            You’re right up to a point. But when the Whites are backed into a corner and don’t have any choice, as in they minorities are coming down your street, then the Whites will stand up and be counted. Also, once that happens, no one will be able to put that genie back in a bottle.

      • David Ashton

        If we prepare and win.

        • falsedawn

          We’re prepared. 97% of all those weapons they’re screaming about are in the hands of White people. White peope who know very well how to use them. not like the minorities who spray bullets randomly and hit all sorts of things and people they’re not aiming for. White people operate on the idea of, one round, one hit.

    • 48224

      David, I doubt that. The last thing they want is an actual fight. They want things to slowly get more and more liberal, more and more “programs” for more and more idiots. Riots would ruin all of that…..I think. Imagine if every white business owner suddenly stopped paying taxes….and that is what happens with mass riots.

  • Ed_NY

    I am afraid he is right. The future does not look good.

  • Puggg

    Don’t Confuse My Heartfelt Convictions with Racism

    I do, only because the word doesn’t mean anything but the fact that a straight white gentile man has the audacity to consume oxygen.

  • storibund

    “I believe that, as the entitlement society grows under Obama’s watch, they will become a monolithic political force and will elect local and federal candidates who will give them more and more.”

    The one bright spot in this last election was that conservatives made many gains on the state and local levels throughout the country. For sure, America is lost on a national level; I’m hoping Mr. Daniels’ belief about the local level proves wrong.

    Red states need to be, right now, working on making themselves leaner and less dependent on fedgov (my state, Alabama, seems to be heading in this direction), strengthening themselves against the federal onslaught that is headed our way.

    (Perhaps these leaner policies will also have the effect of driving some leeches to more fertile blue-state pastures – we can only hope. The inevitable physical balkanization of our nation will be greatly eased by those who choose to migrate early to their preferred red/blue state-paradigm. Texas is openly welcoming New York gunowners, for instance.)

  • Non Humans

    Mr. Daniels said it very well, and in a manner that his remarks won’t suffer complete censorship. I believe, as well, that it will take a complete collapse of America before the libtards will realise (have their noses rubbed in it) all of the damage that they are doing, as sad as that is.

    • Stentorian_Commentator

      The problem is that the leftists are preparing for such an eventuality in the only way they know how, which is to identify one or more people besides themselves as the ones to blame for the destruction.

    • Tim

      Thy DO know! Like the homosexuals who find sex with HIV positive partners “exciting”…

  • falsedawn

    watta dope…

  • The western world is currently the freed slaves who partied while Moses was up at the mountain. The bill is going to be due soon, and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

    • ed91

      I accept little blame…….. I’ve watched this since the 60’s and even then I could smell something wrong with civil rights, women’s rights etc…….. it wasn’t used as a chance to better themselves but as a wedge to use for more and more and more until they own it all, including us………… and I give white women a lot of the blame to as they are in the affirmative action scam and many love to put down the white man…….

      • kjh64

        “and I give white women a lot of the blame to as they are in the affirmative action scam and many love to put down the white man…….”
        Come on, most White women aren’t putting down White men, the reverse is true more than that.

        • pcmustgo

          Black women and men are in a civil war with each other- but they back up accused blacks every time.

        • OlderWoman

          I am a white woman and I support our White men. I believe white men often have grudges against us thinking that we’re all feminists.

          • ed91

            more often than not white women seem to have sold us out, or looking to.

          • OlderWoman

            Sorry for your experience.

          • redfeathers

            Too many of us are feminists. Even many married white women who vote republican who aren’t necessarily feminists believe the federal government should be involved in things like education, “child care”, gun control.

          • OlderWoman

            I am NOT a feminist. Where are your facts. Republican women I know do not believe what you assert. I believe you are sadly mistaken.

  • The__Bobster

    I believe that President Obama has mistakenly perceived the election he
    just won as a mandate to make this nation in the image of what he thinks
    it should be which will continue to tear it apart as the opinions of
    roughly half the population will be ignored.


    And the usual suspects are cheering the destruction of Traditional America.

    Penn history professor Thomas Sugrue says Obama’s first term was historic in
    part because of his race, but his second term is historic because he will become
    part of the minority of presidents to serve a second term despite his race.

    “Barack Obama is only the second Democrat to be elected to a second term in
    office since Franklin Delano Roosevelt,” says Sugrue. “That is a testimony to
    his presidency and the growing shift of the democratic party nationwide.”

    Sugrue says it’s also a sign of shift of power from the majority to a more
    diverse electorate.

  • guest

    That’s today’s liberal multicultural America for you, Charlie Daniels. If you disagree with somebody because of what they are, that’s racism. If you disagree with the opinions of someone who is of a different race or religion, that’s also racism. But all of this only applies to you if you’re white. And if you’re white and you disagree with Obama, that makes you a racist and soulless hatemonger.

    Again, that’s today’s liberal multicultural America for you.

    • Hal K

      Don’t just blame liberals, though. Mainstream conservatives are part of the problem because they don’t advocate for the racial group interests of whites. John Derbyshire and Sam Francis were fired by the conservative establishment.

      In fact, mainstream conservatism is the crux of the problem. It keeps ordinary white conservatives fixated on blaming liberals while suppressing healthy expressions of white solidarity. This includes almost all of the well-known columnists, like Ann Coulter, as well as conservative talk show hosts. Pat Buchanan is the only exception I can think of, and he was recently fired too, albeit by a liberal cable channel.

      • redfeathers

        Coulter has been improving. Last week on hannity she said that gun crime in America is a demographic problem. Although later in the week on Lou Dobbs she did less well, mostly because of his ambush.

  • Of course. Let me engage in some racist non-racism.

    If the Federal government had a fiscal year that was coterminous with the real calendar year, and it had to comply with GAAP just as it forces private industry into doing, the 2012 budget deficit would be $6.9 trillion. The main reason why the deficit (the yearly run-up in red ink, not the total national debt) is so far higher than the real deficit as officially reported is because the SEC allows governments and non-profits basically ignore most accrued liabilities at least on its official financial statements. Basically what that means is that a corporation that has lush pension plans has to prorate those promises yearly and those promises drag up their yearly expenses, which drags down their yearly income. The SEC (the Feds) exempt the Feds from having to do this, so the pensions of Laquita’shonda the Federal EEOC bureaucrat basically don’t exist until she actually retires at the ripe old age of 48.

    • Nathanwartooth

      This is all true of course. If you look at the Federal Budget (I have and it’s depressing) you’ll see that over the next 10 years they expect spending to rapidly increase while at the same time rapidly increasing taxes.

      Well, it doesn’t say they’ll raise taxes. Basically the Federal Budget is based off a lie. It’s based off of having more and more people work, pay taxes, consume things, etc. This is part of the reason for having unchecked immigration. They think that all of these people will act just like Whites do and keep the whole thing floating along.

      But what is really coming is high inflation and high taxes. The government will raise our taxes to the limit we can bare and then some. Then the federal reserve will kick in the rest killing our currency.

      Watch what elite rich people do. If they start selling all of their stocks and assets and moving out of the country it’s probably time to do the same. They’ll get word months before the rest of us do.

    • And they put the Enron guys in jail for manipulating off balance sheet liabilities, but you do that in government and you keep getting re-elected.

      • Franklin Raines did something somewhat similar as head of Fannie Mae, but the dollar amount of the total perfidy was much higher. Interestingly, the public job that Raines had before Fannie Mae CEO was Clinton’s director of OMB. When Raines left that to do Fannie Mae, Clinton replaced him with…Jack Lew, ole slinky signature.

        • redfeathers

          Raines made off with almost 100 million!

  • Rob

    Charlie is a nice enough fellow but a real “Fox Connedservative” he has drunk the Kool-Aid and it shows with his absolute disassociation from race realism. The problem, Charlie, is not politics, it is RACE, and unless and until you understand that you will be part of the problem, not the solution. It is a shame because I think if you UNDERSTOOD the racial issue you would be on OUR side, all the way.

    • Frankfurt School

      It’s very important we finally, en masse, figure out which race is doing this to us. It’s not the blacks, it’s not the Mexicans, it’s not the muslims, no, it’s the race of communism.

    • ed91

      if you consider that many of the other fools in washington are white…… and go along with obama and axlerod and that type of leadership, then I thought Charlie laid it out clearly………. screaming n…..s at all of them won’t accomplish much…….

    • OlderWoman

      I get the impression that Charlie knows about race. He appeals to Southern Whites who are race conscious. He has always had predominately White fans. Hopefully his ‘letter’ will attract more White-bread race conscious followers.

    • Tucker

      I agree. He is most definitely a Faux News Network Kool aid drinker. So is Ted Nugent, and so are the vast majority of modern day Country & Western entertainers.

      Isn’t it amazing, how something which is so obviously a lie and patently untrue – i.e., the idea of racial equality – can be swallowed by so many otherwise reasonably intelligent White people?

      • Joe Mama

        I’m not so sure about Ted Nugent though .. I do think he thinks for himself..

    • Joe Mama

      I agree ..After reading the article, I thought the same way… I was beginning to think I was the only one who thought the way we do, according to the other comments here..

  • white dude

    this do gooder neocon would rather fall on his sword than being called a 6 letter word, grow a pair!

    • ed91

      I thought he spelled it out pretty clearly.

      the result of obama’s type of governance

      • white dude

        he spelled it out alright, but he would rather deny the reality of race and culture.

        • ed91

          the media and the rest of our world, has us coming and going…………. if you go out and say obama is a racist and expound on that, you are dismissed completely as whatever label they will give you that day………. teapartier, nra freak, racist etc…………
          so I think Charlie and many people just don’t even go there……………. whether it is right or wrong, like you declare, doesn’t change the spot we’re in……….. there are several blacks, who feel similar to the way we do on here……… do we dismiss them because they’re black? it’s a tricky spot we find ourselves in……… and like I mentioned in another post, this has been coming a long time —- now we’re in the position that we can’t win for losing.
          so you can call names and make grand declarations but we’re still in a pickle.

    • Xerxes22

      The man is 76 years old and a multimillionaire. He doesn’t want to be blacklisted, called names and treated like a an outcast. Charlie is too old and too comfortable to grow a pair and rock the boat.

  • Barrack Osama

    This is the only way anything is going to get done – when the laws of nature collide with the fantasy world we’ve constructed. When millions are starving and there is mass rioting, no one is going to give a damn about what some professor has to say about “white privilege”.

    • gemjunior

      I wonder what he will think about “white privilege” when gangs of vicious and feral savage non-whites roam the streets looking for people to eat, and he ends up on the menu. I wonder what will he think about that.

  • shattered

    Exactly. Well stated.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    Daniels’ economic comments seem quite sophisticated. He’s been influenced by Austrian economics/economists. We are in a temporary, uneasy lull before the inflationary storm Daniels foresees. The storm will hit when the world no longer looks on the dollar as it’s reserve currency and those dollars abroad coming pouring back into the U. S. go cause price hyperinflation.

    Just as the Federal Reserve created a bubble in the 2000s with very cheap money, and just as that bubble occurred in the housing (because of Fannie Mae’s guarantee of and promotion of bad loans), the cheap money continues to flow. This time in government operations and failed and/or bailed-out parts of the economy and society.

    We are on an unsustainable path. Charlie Daniels provides a pretty accurate account of where we will end up. But the U. S. government still has huge gold reserves. Probably, when the dollar crashes, an attempt will be made to revive the dollar as a trading currency by letting it trade against gold, giving it some, if much diminished, purchasing power.

    • bigone4u

      The Germans are demanding their gold back. They know what’s coming and if it’s not shipped now, then maybe never.

    • Tucker

      What huge gold reserves? Germany demanded that every ounce of their gold, held in the USA inside Federal Reserve controlled Banks be returned to them and our government told them that it will take at least 7 years for them to get all of their gold back. That tells me that the gold that our government was supposed to be storing and holding for Germany has somehow disappeared ( or been stolen by Bernie Madoffs yet to be named ) and that our government has been caught with their pants down.

      Do you not remember the big scandal about the gold that Clinton and Rubin sold to China being found to have been gold plated tungsten?

  • Charlie Daniels did some very good work breaking the MSM media blackout on the Knoxville horror . Otherwise he strikes me as another Neo Con like Ted Nugent, sure they let you play with guns and support foreign wars for Israel. That s about it.

    • blight14

      Well stated Jack, yes, Mr Daniels ‘stands with I$rael’, that is a given…..I don’t know about Ted but he’s probably on board with them too…..

  • Greg Thomas

    Under the circumstances, racism is the best option! Stop apologizing for it!

    • The people I pity are the white kids. The bull spit they’re exposed to every MLK day foisted on them by “educators.” And if you tell them not to feel guilty about something they and you can’t change, you’re “insensitive.”

      • NYB

        MLK worship is starting to appear in Canada. It appears leftists are attempting to make him into a saint, known to every school child in the Western world.

      • redfeathers

        Every year my niece and nephew are taught about slavery, native americans, holocaust/WWII, MLK/civil rights. Same lessons year after year.

    • Johnny Clay

      I told a friend of mine once that my “prejudices” have kept me alive.

      • Quint

        Thanks to judging sharks as a group and not giving individual sharks the benefit of the doubt, I too have survived.

        • Luis

          Really now. Do not judge basking sharks, whale sharks and thresher sharks, by the actions of great white sharks, mako sharks, tiger sharks and lemon sharks.

  • kjh64

    “It is my belief that this nation is on its way to becoming an undereducated, under-motivated country with an inferior military, a devalued currency and a Congress that is nothing more than a figurehead”
    Same here, unless things change, America will continue its’ downward slide into a Latin American/polyglot 3rd world nation with a Mexican/Latino majority with Haiti, Africa, Pakistan, India, Vietnam and some European thrown into the mix. It will be a nation divided among various squabbling races and ethnic groups, each vying for its’ share of the poltical power, cultural power and tax money for its’ own group. The educational system will continue to go into the toilet. Our cities will continue to detiorate into crowded, crime ridden 3rd world places. I see America either being a huge, dysfunction 3rd world country that resembles the inner city of Los Angeles or splitting up along racial/ethnic lines into more than one country before this century is over.

    • redfeathers

      Let’s add China and Korea to the mix. I’m a minority in the area I’ve lived in my whole life. My new representative in the House is chinese.

  • hammer

    living jim crow ? another words on guard and not letting the animals bash your head in by putting them on the back of the bus or keeping them away as best you could.or defending yourself against them without being dragged thru the justice system,ect,ect.

  • byron

    And in other news water is, and will most likely continue to be, wet.

  • pcmustgo

    MY PROBLEM WITH OBAMA IS THAT HE IS A MULATTO INGRATE RAISED ENTIRELY BY HIS WHITE MOTHER AND HER FAMILY AND HE IS MORE DESCENDED FROM SLAVE-OWNERS THAT 90%+ OF THE “WHITE” POPULATION AND WE ARE BLAMED FOR IT….. Didn’t like his snake-like lashing out at the white cop either (fill in any white person here he was just craving to randomly accuse of being a racist).

    • Tucker

      I’m not completely convinced that his mother was ‘White’, not in the European sense of the concept. Dunham has a Semitic sound to it. But, setting that point aside for the sake of this argument – despite the fact that the only parent he had who stuck by him was certainly not black, here again, we see an example of a black guy who was totally dependent upon a non-black mother, who apparently did take an interest in trying to raise and provide for him during his childhood years – but, when he becomes an adult – he feels zero gratitude for the ‘white’ sacrifices made by his mother and instead harbors intense hatred for Whites in general, and prefers to side with the black side of his racial make up.

      Is this not a sober lesson for Whites who think they are earning points by being race traitors and who betray their own race in order to help blacks or other minorities?

      • PesachPatriot

        You really think Dunham is a jewish last name? I’ve never seen it on a jewish tombstone…most american jews with anglo last names were given them by overworked ellis island immigration officials over a century ago…moshe vashkeboynik,…you are now michael smith, welcome to america…moshe didn’t want to start any trouble or get sent back to some frozen one horse town in russia, said thank you and went off to learn english and pursue the american dream.

        its hard for me to get a real read on the empty suit in chief…sometimes I think he’s stupid, other times evil, other times simply a chicago street hustler who got in way over his head via affirmative action trying to lead the greatest nation on earth out of a heap of troubles that would confound even great men like Washington and Jefferson.

        The article is a very good one. I have always like mr. daniel’s music, especially the devil went down to georgia, and this ain’t no rag, its a flag. I don’t know if I would even call myself a full fledged r word like many here do…I think that all humans have the potential for great acts of kindness and terrible inhuman deeds of cruelty. I have simple been judging blacks by the content of their character and it has been found wanting.

        Sure, my demographic does bad stuff too occasionally and I would probably throw the switch myself if Bernie Madoff or Lloyd Blankfein was ever sentenced to old sparky, but no one is worried about 50 year old white duck hunters in Minnesota robbing liquor stores or jewish women in brooklyn rioting over sneakers. A black man today is more likely to be killed by his homey down the block for his sneakers or chain than by some evil hooded klansman from the backwoods for his skin color. The 15-25 year old black males who have been on a crime rampage in this country over the last 4 years or so have disturbed and alarmed many, both white and non-white….I’d rather acknowledge the real world and not be a victim of crime than hide my head in the sand and pretend its not happening. These perpetual perps did not experience slavery, they did not have to live with jim crow laws like their grandparents, some of their older brothers even became multi-millionaire athletes, movie stars and singers/rappers….Most of us can accept our lot in life even if we do not become rich or famous, it seems they cannot. A boring life of responsibility, holding a job, paying bills and taking care of their own kids seems to be intolerable disrespect to them.

      • pcmustgo

        Yes, have always noticed this creepiness among 75% of Mulattos. btw, is a great website that deals with these issues.Quite a bit of race realism there too.

        There is nothing that woke me up to race realism more than these mulattoes who hate their white half or white people. Creepy.

        I would say 75% of Mulattoes go this way. They are under pressure by PC society to do so too.

        Mulattoes with white fathers are generally more psychologically healthy… maybe cause their father actually stuck around.

  • Just hide and watch how long the “riots” last outside of major metro areas. Let them burn, a country boy can survive, Charlie. Ain’t nothin’ gon’ collapse round here brother except people’s illusions.

  • Mortie

    Being born in the Deep South when the Jim Crow laws were in full force
    and seeing, firsthand, the cruelty and downright stubborn foolishness of
    segregation and all its attendant inequities, I have a very vivid and
    candid impression of what the word “racist” really means.

    I think the test of time has proven the methods used to deal with blacks being amongst us were necessary and proper. We didn’t cause the differences among the races, but we are forced to deal with them. It’s our responsibility to set this right for future generations and the survival of the white race. In my opinion Charlie is wasting his time trying to reason with those who are incapable of reason. We are being squeezed from above and below. Those above hate us and are unwilling to reason. Feinstein, Boxer, Schumer, and Israel are coming for our guns.

  • bigone4u

    Southern whites were never going to win the battle to maintain their segregated society, but a couple of events sped along the demise. One was the murder of Emmitt Till in Mississippi. The murder and mutilation of his body did not sit well with decent people everywhere. Then there was the church bombing in Birmingham that targeted children. Again, not the best PR. The whole country pretty much felt the South needed to be taught a lesson in civility by ending segregation. Obviously, the country will turn against white nationalists and patriots again should violence of a certain type ensue. Imagine if Adam Lanza were a white nationalist or young Tea Party guy.

    • Except they left out the fact that the reaction against Emmett Till “supposedly just wolf whistling” at Miss Bryant was so severe that you have to wonder if it was just a wolf whistle, that it didn’t cross the line to and out and outright rape threat. Before he left Chicago for Mississippi, his own mother warned him over and over to lose the arrogance and cockiness. And, because his own father (Louis Till) was court martialed (executed, eventually) for having raped and murdered an Italian woman during WWII, you gotta figure that the apple didn’t roll far from the tree.

      As far as the 16th Street church bombing, I still think that the odds that there was FBI provocation behind it is a good enough “value bet,” so to speak. JFK wanted civil rights legislation…jus’ sayin.

      • OlderWoman

        FBI provocation. That would be a possibility, an effort to demonise the South by targeting little children in a church. It would stir up shame among whites, and hatred against Southern Whites. It does sound like something the government would do. The FBI was also rumored to be in collusion with Jesse Jackson in the death of MLK.

        • As far as Jesse Jackson and the MLK assassination, the theory I buy right now is that was entirely an internal palace coup, that the FBI wasn’t involved at all. By “palace coup,” I mean MLK’s brothers-in-arms having him knocked off in order to have a martyr on their hands instead of a disgraced discredited “has been.”

          Sure, the “official” story is believable, right up to the point where we’re made to think that a hoosier who busted out of Jeff City and eked out an existence on the lam suddenly had the money to fly out of Pearson to Heathrow and then in turn hop a boat to Rhodesia, on short order plane and boat tickets, back in the days when they were expensive.

          • OlderWoman

            Very interesting. Thanks for your view on this. I was actually remembering Steve Cokley’s videos on JJ’s complicity in the assassination of MLK. View them to see what you think about the information.

          • redfeathers

            Hope I’m around in 2027 when the MLK FBI files will supposedly be released. We can thank Reagan for MLK day.

          • If they haven’t already been burned. And even if they haven’t, what will it matter by 2027 anyway when I’ll turn 50 years old and America is a third world dump thanks in a tiny part to Martin Luther King’s civil rights agitation?

          • OlderWoman

            Ha. It was once said that files on JFK assassination would be released in fifty years. We have one year to go. I doubt they’ll ever be released. At least not the factual ones.

  • LHathaway

    “One was the murder of Emmitt Till in Mississippi. The murder and mutilation of his body did not sit well with decent people everywhere. Then there was the church bombing in Birmingham that targeted children”.

    I imagine if we go back and examine these very cities and very counties, the day, week, month, or for the entire year these murders took place, if we examined all the crimes and murders, even the interracial ones, whites would most likely come out comparatively smelling like roses. That’s not to say that segregation as it was practiced wasn’t wrong and needed to be ended or changed.

    As long as there is one white person, somewhere, who can be found to say a single bad word in a racial manner the media will be there to expose it, it seems. So it doens’t matter what we do. It’s been said before on here many times – bad words spoken by whites are given more press and taken more seriously than acts of violence by people of color.

    I have to agree with sentarian again. Cities have been ‘ruined’ as liberals have been in charge or gotten their way. Certainly by almost every measurable indicator this nation is way worse off than it was 50 years ago, yet only conservatives who ‘stand in the way’ ever receive any blame.

  • cali

    He just gave us all a look into the future. I agree completely.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    The funny part is that here only about 50 miles outside of NYC in the metropolitan area, you will find suburbs that are 96% white and some that are 70% black. It’s basically separate but equal in many parts of the nation anyway, so why not just go ahead and make it legal again? Black people hate us so adamantly, yet they can’t live without us and I think that’s why they don’t want separate but equal. They need their “gibmedats” and their “i gotz inta Johnz Hopkenz!” affirmative action. By the way that last part isn’t even a joke. I remember a black girl I went to high school with got into Johns Hopkins. She was never a top tier student, she was not some young Einstein…she was merely an average IQ white student with black skin. Meanwhile, an average IQ white person would never get in that school. They would end up at some SUNY state college. Being black gets you from SUNY Cortland to Johns Hopkins. I think it’s time we said “enough” with this rigged game.

    • redfeathers

      My niece will probably go to SUNY Albany or Stonybrook and low IQ basketball players of both sexes will go to Adelphi ($30,000) for free and to Hofstra ($35,000) for free.

  • “Racist” and “anti-semite” are both terms now usually used falsely to stifle honest debate.

  • SintiriNikos

    What rock has this guy been under all these years. Obama is a lousy president abusive of all his powers sure, but let’s get a grip people, the currency has been eroded, Constitution trampled, and all the other crimes the author rails against by many, many presidents before, not the least of which that semi-retard W. Unless this stupid author thinks those abuses were OK because they were done by presidents who looked after his interests. 1. they were not OK and 2. they most certainly didn’t have whitey’s interests in mind.

    And I love how these wimps always have to preface an article on race with with sob story of how sympathetic they are to the blacks’ past suffering. Like this is his license to write that which follows. What a wimp.

  • mike5586

    But what do you do when your heartfelt convictions are, in fact, racist?

    I honestly don’t think blacks should rule over whites, and by that metric alone Obama has got to go.

  • whatever

    What about racism in other places than the south and what about the much worse racism of blacks hating whites committing millions of violent crimes against them annually including an average of 50k rapes of white females and using some lame lie about slave owners raping their black female slaves. What a crock and there is absolutely no proof of such asinine lies.
    Daniels and of course liberals like Taylor who put this crap on are only telling one side of the story.
    Hell there is no love between whites and never has been plus black on black crime is epidemic in all urban areas.
    This article reeks although it is true the end will either be a race war or a split into 2 separated nations that should have been allowed 150 years ago if not for the Marxist Lincoln tyrant pos who does not look white judging his facial features.

  • cecilhenry

    The issues are racial. Whites have racial issues and interests that must be recognized, respected and rectified.

    DON’t confuse that with racism.

    We’re not apologizing either way.

  • StillModerated

    Charlie Daniels is a real trouper. He played Celebrate Virginia in Fredericksburg a couple of years ago. The audience was 99% white with a smattering of bantus prowling around for fat drunk white women.

  • whatever

    The title sucks. Daniels article is useless plus he wrote a lot stupid songs except for Souths Gonna Do It Again.

  • ThatOneEdgyGuy

    I’ve been saying this for years.
    People think America is a permanent feature in the world.
    So was Rome, for a while.

    I don’t think we’ll need to worry about a “United States” for much longer…

  • Black people manage to destroy White societies, and they continue to obliterate the safety and economic viability of just about every neighborhood they take over. Unlike Mr. Daniels, it is my Racism that should never be confused with my convictions and opinions. Those two realms can operate independently. I can choose to live around White people and leave behind the destruction of black people; but I most certainly can’t choose for black people to stop killing and destroying. The solution becomes obvious — be a proud Racist.

  • A.J. Walker

    “It is my belief that this nation is on its way to becoming an undereducated, under-motivated country with an inferior military”

    Undereducated – check. Under-motivated – check. Inferior military – Hmmmm. Thr u.s. spends more on its military than most of the world combined. It certaily is inferior though, rationally and morally speaking, in how the military is used. It doesn’t defend our country or our freedoms. The only threat to our freedoms comes from our own gubmint. When the military shuts down the federal and state governments, then they may actually play a part in “defending our freedom”. It seems the military is used to defend arab monarchies rather than “uneducated” and “under-motvated” amurikans.

  • scutum1

    Charlie Daniels is absolutely right. The only thing he neglected was to take the whole process to it’s logical conclusion, the break-up of the United States into several smaller nations. There are many states that would not accept a federal takeover or the bail out of California, Illinois and New York. As a veteran I would also hope that most of the members of the US military would refuse to fire on their fellow countrymen. Maybe this is just wishful thinking, but I would bet that some military units would mutiny if came to firing on their own people. And please remember that since the institution of the volunteer force the combat units in our armed forces are now predominantly white.

    • Bob

      I think they’ll just offer the military a bonus of fiat currency to fire on their fellow whites and they’ll do it. It’s just a small step from whites piling on other whites when the msm declares someone a racist.

  • longing4abetterworld

    Well written, Charlie! I don’t think I’ve heard anything THAT GOOD come from his pen since “The Devil Went Down To Georgia.” Seriously though, everything he wrote in that article makes sense. The “Snips” left out some crucial points in that article; I recommend going to the original web site and reading the entire article. We’re not that far away from the “uncontrollable rioting in the cities,” folks. When only the outlaws have the guns, we white folk are in deep doodoo.

  • Stephen E. W. Savage

    did you take this position under George W. Bush, also, Charlie? just wonderin’. i dropped out of the system under Reagan. over 30 years ago. The FedMob is the FedMob, doesn’t matter who’s runnin’ it. It is a shill of the Plutarchs who rule the Greed and sell the rest of us on the supremacy of a civilization based on Greed. it’s not about “minorities” or melanin. It’s about the Earth and the Generations. this pro-white-supremacist crap, that thrives on mistating the real problem, is –to me– just more irresponsibility from the braindead reactionary rightwing and it’s programmed supremacist worldview. yeah, the lefties are bad too. GREED is the basis of what happened here and is happening. since the invasion. 1492. understand. i’m not a reactionary leftist. but i like and recognize Compassion when i see it. and I love the EArth and the Generations and it’s GREED that is wrecking both for human habitation. LOVE to all, but get a clue and enough of this white supremacist crap. thank you. –Stephen E. W. Savage/Stephen Pipkin *both legal names. i’m white and i am currently living in Clearwater,FL. but have gone deep in places all over North America. longtime ally of the Ancient Indigenous Movement and one of its modern expressions. But only after i repented ofthe white supremacist/GreedisGood inherent in the judaeo-christian contradiction. from which i came away, intelligently. the agenda of white supremacists is a detriment to Grandmother Earth and the Generations who will have to live with the consequences of GREED.* as for “multiculturalism”, natural growth of forests shows that multicultural growth makes for the strongest forests. We will all either get down or go extinct as a species, except where natural ways are learned and observed. has nothin’ to do with melanin. either way.