Posted on January 18, 2013

Don’t Confuse My Heartfelt Convictions with Racism

Charlie Daniels, CNS News, January 17, 2013

Being born in the Deep South when the Jim Crow laws were in full force and seeing, firsthand, the cruelty and downright stubborn foolishness of segregation and all its attendant inequities, I have a very vivid and candid impression of what the word “racist” really means.

Having lived through those days and, on my own, shook off the yoke of racial prejudice that was once so firmly ingrained in me, I deeply resent the careless and reckless use of the word by people who are merely trying to be insulting, having absolutely no idea of the gravity of its meaning.

Disagreeing with somebody of a different race, color or religion does not constitute racism; racism is when you disagree with somebody because of what they are, not because of a difference of opinions.


If you disagree with President Obama, as I often do, you are sure to be accused of racism by some individual who doesn’t have enough imagination or is too prejudiced themselves to come up with a valid argument about why what you’ve said is wrong in their opinion so they hide behind insults, innuendo and hyperbole, unable to defend their position, many times because they don’t really know what their position is, being basically political parrots, only able to repeat what they’ve read or heard.


I believe that President Obama has mistakenly perceived the election he just won as a mandate to make this nation in the image of what he thinks it should be which will continue to tear it apart as the opinions of roughly half the population will be ignored.

I don’t think he takes the Constitution seriously and will attempt to subvert it by presidential fiat, executive privilege and backdoor, midnight deals with Congress, getting his way by any method at his disposal.

It is my belief that this nation is on its way to becoming an undereducated, under-motivated country with an inferior military, a devalued currency and a Congress that is nothing more than a figurehead.

I believe that, as the entitlement society grows under Obama’s watch, they will become a monolithic political force and will elect local and federal candidates who will give them more and more.


I believe that several states will go belly up and the government will bail them out and they will go right back to the same silly fiscal policies that got them in trouble to start with.


I believe that the U.S. dollar will stop being the accepted trade currency for the world

And hyperinflation will follow, shortly after.

I believe the federal government will one day suddenly run completely out of funds. It won’t be able to borrow any more and, when the entitlement checks and food stamps don’t go out, there will be mass and uncontrollable rioting in the cities.

I believe that martial law will be declared, posse comitatus will be ignored and federal troops will be used on American soil to quell the violence, which means a complete collapse in American society.

That is my problem with President Obama. Don’t confuse my heartfelt convictions with racism.