New York Woman Beaten, Strangled in 7th Ward

Helen Freund, Times-Picayune, January 15, 2013

Lauren Tanski, 26, a petite and spunky brunette, had just moved from Albany, N.Y., to New Orleans in October and was ready to embark on a new and exciting chapter of her life. On Sunday evening, she left her work at a French Quarter oyster house around 8 p.m. and told her friends she was going home for the night. She was never seen again.

Mere hours later, Tanski’s badly beaten and strangled body was found inside of her 7th Ward home, and while police haven’t named any suspects or motive in the death, investigators are seeking to question Henry “Hank” Dolliole.

Lauren Tanski

Lauren Tanski

According to shaken coworkers of Tanski’s, Dolliole is the ex-boyfriend of Tanski’s roommate, Samantha Placek, 32. Both women worked as waitresses at the Corner Oyster House and employees there say the 39-year-old Dolliole had made threats against Placek just hours before Tanski was killed.

“He was clearly crazy and always seemed like he was on something, but I just can’t believe something this horrible happened to her,” Tanski’s co-worker Andrew Santiago, 25, said.

“He came in earlier in the night and was threatening to kill Samantha,” said a coworker who didn’t want to be identified.

“He mocked having a gun and put it to his head and told her, ‘I’m gonna kill you! You’re not getting away,’“ he said, adding that Dolliole had been estranged from Placek for months but had continued frequenting the corner outside the bar and had often threatened her life.

Henry Dolliole

Henry Dolliole


Dolliole’s rap sheet includes several drug arrests, and in July 1992, he was booked with attempted first-degree murder and armed robbery, although those charges were later dropped.


Santiago said Tanski had moved into Placek’s apartment in the 2000 block of Urquhart Street a couple of months ago, and that while Dolliole had never made threats against Tanski, she was unhappy in her living situation and had been planning to move out of the house Monday.

She never got the chance.


According to Tanski’s father, Leonard Tanski, his daughter was a creative free spirit who loved photography and writing. She attended college at SUNY Cobleskill in Albany but later transferred and finished up a liberal arts degree at a university in Virginia.

“She had just come home for Christmas, we just dropped her off at the airport a couple weeks ago,” said a shaken Tanski when reached by phone at his Albany home.

“You always see it on the news, but it’s always someone else’s kid, never yours. Now it’s happened to ours and we just can’t understand how this could happen. It’s too awful,” he said.


[Editor’s Note: Henry Dolliole has since confessed to the murder and been arrested.]


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  • bubo

    Race mixing white women, which I assume Placek was, are dangerous to be around or live with because of scenarios such as this.

    • Angry White Woman

      READ the article, please, It says very clearly that this black thug was the murdered girl’s ROOMMATE’s boyfriend, not hers. As it was, the roommate had broken up with the thug, and Ms. Tanske was still unhappy with the situation–probably didn’t like sharing the house with a coalburner–and she was getting ready to move out on Monday.

      • bubo

        Uh, I did. And posted as such. I said Placek, who was the murdered woman’s roommate was a race mixer and thus dangerous for people to be around.

        • Angry White Woman

          Sorry, guess I need to learn to read a little better myself.

          • Pelayo

            Sometimes when you ( not specifically) read the initial horror story of an article you become so infuriated that it neutralizes your concentration. I still can’t get through a complete article about the Knoxville murders and others without “losing” it.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            None of us can. I think branding a mark onto the soul of each of us was the entire purpose of the Knoxville Horror. I don’t join discussions here about it because it makes me wish I had never been born, and it makes me want to exterminate Africans. The Knoxville Horror has hurt each of us in a place we will never be able to reach.

  • MekongDelta69

    How many clueless, leftist white women have to be beaten, robbed, assaulted, tortured, raped and killed before they wake up?

    50+ years – and they STILL don’t get it.

    [This is obviously a rhetorical question.]

    • So CAL Snowman

      But the TV shows blacks as intelligent, sexually dominant, funny, sincere, hip, cool, and attractive and the TV would never lie right?

      • jay11

        Isn’t that the truth! When was the last time you watched any kind of crime drama and saw a bad guy who was black, latino or asian? I recall maybe 2 in the last several YEARS. In the last 2 years or so it has gotten so bad as to be farcical. On almost every show now the supervisors are usually black, and they are presented as omnipotent, wise and tough as nails though ethical to a fault. The lead characters are usually white women, or if a white mail is present, he is relatively clueless and follows the lead of the female partner. Why has no one done a serious, major study on the replacement of whites with stand-ins who are people of color acting white?

        • Richard from Vancouver

          Your observations are painfully true, Jay11. For several years now I have made an informal study of the main character types on television:
          White male lead: This character can only exist if he is quirky and has to rely on a female character or non white character to resolve any issues or conflicts (think The Mentalist or The Glades — both played by Australian actors by the way).
          Uber dominant black female: She’s the boss, a thinly veiled dominatrix type. All will do her bidding.
          Dominant white female: Almost a characture now. Often portrayed as the dominatrix type or just plain bitchy.
          Black male lead: Wise, intelligent, resourceful, strong of characer and body. He’s in control, and the only character type the dominatrix cannot manipulate.
          Non white male supporting character. Often played by latino or East Indian actors. Highly intelligent, well educated, possessing razor sharp wit. Is there only to help the quirky, white male lead.
          Black supporting female: Wise and maternal. A true mother earth type. Supports the dominant black female.
          Physically ineffectual, Eastern Eurpean looking, white male supporting character. He’s extremely intelligent, creative and resourceful. Often played as weak and wimpy he exists to do all the other character’s bidding.
          Ditzy scatter-brained blonde female: the classic stereotype. Exists for sex and comic relief.
          I know there are more character types on television and in films these days, but the above represents the main ones or can be mixed to form a hybrid type.

          • shmo123

            I’m kinda curious as to what you mean by “Eastern European looking”. Care to elaborate?

          • Richard from Vancouver

            Not really, Shmo. Most people know what I meant by “Eastern European looking.” Many of these people control the media and consider themselves the chosen people.

          • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

            The first several seconds of this commercial speaks volumes to your point.

            “how do you take something GREAT…”


            Note also, as is usually the case…they criminal is displayed as not only a white guy, but a bumbling idiot of a white guy.

          • Luis

            Richard, whether you realize it or not, you described the cast from ‘Detroit 187″ that crime show of a year ago or so – I watched it on ‘Fancast” because I just wanted to see ex-“Soprano” Michael Imperioli, in a different role (I was a huge fan of “The Sopranos”).

            The head policewoman of the precinct, was a Bantu woman reminiscent of ex-Detroit police chief Ella Bully-Cummings.

            The Bantu lead was played by the same guy who played ‘Lt. Fancy” in “NYPD Blue”. His character was looking forward to retirement.

            Michael Imperioli’s character, “Louis Fitch” was indeed smart and knew his police work, but he was a butt-licker to his female Bantu boss.

            The non-white male supporting character was a partner to the Bantu lead guy, always lamenting his inability to pick up women. Shawn Majumbder, the actor, looks Indo-Pakistani to me.

            Natalie Martinez played a Hispanic police officer, who sided with the head policewoman. Her white, male partner wound up getting killed in a later episode.

            The ditzy blonde,was a young woman who was working in the precinct as a “police intern”. She didn’t know her cervix from a bump on a log.

        • SintiriNikos

          Even in movies like the supposedly race realist Death Wish, and Robocop which takes place in a future Detroit, the criminal bosses are Whites. I’d like them to do a movie about the Rodney King riots, and see how they portray the rioting mobs. be sure lots of whites will be thrown in, and some of them beating on blacks who are trying to stop the mayhem.

          • Sloppo

            The Rodney King riots? You mean that time all those Korean people took to the streets and looted and burned down one city block after another and only stopped when they came to some stores which were guarded by armed black men who owned the stores?

      • Gerónimo Anónimo

        So Cal Snowman,

        You’re suggesting that any White people with a scintilla of mental acuity would actually take seriously anything they see on the “idiot’s lamp” as an old Philosophy Prof. of mine would refer to TV. (God I wish he were alive today to see the depth to which TV has sunk.) I can’t buy that. The young ones perhaps but that’s the parents duty to give them a life saving education.
        However you ARE correct in regard to the way TV portrays them. It’s actually hilariously implausible.

      • OlderWoman

        …and Christian.

      • StillModerated

        They don’t call it programming for nothing.

    • kjh64

      Well, this loser was her roommate’s boyfriend, not hers and she did not like living there and was going to move.

      • pcmustgo

        yup, that’s why he did it to her… because he felt she was the one who convinved the roommate to dump him.

        • Alex

          You don’t know anything about Lauren. That wasn’t the case at all. She was just staying there for a few days. Learn the facts before you speak of people you don’t know about.

          • Sloppo

            Did you know her?

          • Alex

            Yes. Lauren was my friend.

          • Sloppo

            I’m very sorry for your loss. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but do you think there was anything she should have done differently to keep herself out of harm’s way? Do you think she was reasonably careful or do you think she was naive to be where she was? I’m asking because I’m interested to know how YOU feel about it because you were close to her. I don’t mean to in any way to belittle her because I have made my share of careless decisions and I’m still here only because of luck or God’s protection.

          • Alex

            Lauren was only living with this woman for a week, the articles are wrong. She was a co worker and lauren felt crowded where she was with our friends. A co worker who was financially struggling offered Lauren a temporary room in return for some money. Lauren was helping her out. She had no knowledge of this man aside from him being a bit off and being an exboyfriend of this woman. Lauren was supposed to be moving out the following morning and had been contacting all of us right up until he broke in. She didn’t know of the threats. She wasn’t naive, she was nice. And she didn’t live in a dangerous area. I understand how it seems there but she had commented on how in her area it was mostly young people like her just trying to experience a place outside of where they come from. She was incredibly intelligent and her writing was ridiculously impressive. She was supposed to come home after making “loads of money” during some upcoming festival near her restaurant. I just wish people put themselves in her family and friends shoes and watch the ignorant and hurtful comments. This site comes up in google and anyone can find it. Anyone, including her own parents.

          • Sloppo

            Thank you very much for your reply. After reading the information you provided, I have to wonder why nobody warned Lauren. If I had been in the other girls situation, I think I would have let everyone around me know to look out for that guy … for my own safety and theirs. I also wonder why in the world Samantha Placek ever went out with that guy to begin with. Is Samantha black? By the way … if the situation were different and Lauren had been in that situation because she had been very careless and naive, it would NOT make me think she was not a nice person. Some of my favorite nieces are naive young ladies. They are very nice and I love them dearly, but I worry about them.

          • Alex

            Samantha is white. In fact, we had to search her on facebook (has since been removed) to find out more about her. She’s older than lauren was and has two kids. Lauren had no idea of any of it and like I said, she was only to be there that last night and thats it. Lauren was a very tiny girl. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to hurt her and I bet she couldn’t either. Lauren understood knowing her surroundings. She was just lied to or mislead on what she was getting herself into. I am doing more research on why this monster wasn’t in jail. He had violated probation. Also two days before the cops were called while Lauren was at work because Samantha and him had a domestic dispute. The police didn’t arrest him even after Samantha had shown bruises to them. His probation officer has failed to do his job. Also, someone who has such a violent past and arrests shouldn’t just be going to drug court. There is so many things about this that don’t make sense and I don’t want Lauren’s death to be just a tragedy that has nothing come from it. Things need to change and people need to be blamed for not doing their job correctly and keeping the public safe.

          • Pearl

            She wasn’t living in a dangerous area? She was living on Uruquart and Frenchmen. That’s amongst the most dangerous patches of the city. The 13-1600 blocks of Frenchmen have been a notorious containment zone for years-meaning it’s unofficial policy that police more or less leave it alone. That’s been a crime and violence open air drug market hot spot since practically before heat was invented, OK? It is in the news constantly.

            I also suspect that this character isn’t really this woman’s “ex-boyfriend”- that the relationship is more of a drug arrangement.

            You must be a newcomer or extremely naive yourself- nobody would ever mistake that block for a safe area. There are parts of the city that are pretty but unsafe and I can understand making the mistake- this is not one of those. If you are unable to clue in to that in less than two minutes you are not wise to live in this city.

            Despite outside appearances, New Orleans is a lovely city with many fun things to do and positive things to be involved in. However you have to be EXTREMELY savvy and streetwise.

            It really worries me, all these kids coming here and behaving like it’s the leafy suburb they came from- or even a normal city. It is not, and I absolutely guarantee that bad things will happen if you continue this laissez-faire approach. Please listen to the locals instead of laughing them off and calling them names when they tell you things, like “you can’t live there- that’s totally insane”. We are VERY serious!

            I really hope you take care, and that you wise up. We really appreciate the new blood and energy, but all these awful things happening to these naive kids- it just isn’t worth it.

    • shattered

      One of the problems is these “hip” modern liberal white women go out of their way to get close to the highest risk for violence demographics to promote “diversity.” The results are well… predictable.

  • Richard from Vancouver

    When you play with fire, you’ll get burned. Sadly, Lauren Tanski paid for her roommate’s stupid choices with her life. What young women lets a felon and all round nogoodnik into her life?

    • Xerxes22

      Samantha Placek should be charged as an accessory to murder since she is at least partially responsible for her roommate’s murder. He should have killed the mudshark instead.

    • Gerónimo Anónimo

      That “new and exciting chapter of her life” was shortened by a Simian. The aftermath of Katrina was not a rebirth of NOLA but rather just a return to business as usual.

  • The__Bobster

    NAPA’s are poor breaker uppers. Coalburners should be prepared to move before they try it.

  • Tom_in_Miami

    I can’t imagine a young woman moving to New Orleans to “embark on a new and exciting chapter of her life” working in an oyster house. Don’t people know what that city is like?

    • ed91

      they don’t teach that part in the public schools…

    • Oil Can Harry

      Hey, she wanted “excitement” and moving to a black neighborhood is one way to get that.

      Another way would be to enlist for service in Afghanistan.

    • pcmustgo

      The parts of New Orleans I stayed in as a tourist were gorgeous and WHITE…

      • pcmustgo

        In a cheap motel, btw.

      • Pelayo

        But the Tamboolas are mobile. No neighborhood is safe and never will be unless we make THEM afraid of US.

    • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

      All they know is, it’s a “model of diversity.”

  • One need not only avoid stupid people, but also those that associate with stupid people.

    • Joseph

      This is its own kind of 3rd-order stupid but the penalty can be the same.

  • Don

    If my roommate ever brought home an escaped zoo animal, I would move out faster than you can say Kunta Kinte.

    • Joseph

      Some animals are too dangerous even for a zoo.

  • A multiracial individual

    It would be nearly impossible to tally the collective costs (social, emotional, economic) of our misunderstandings about the human brain. Many people (quite erroneously) think that poor socialization is what causes this type of behavior. This delusion is one of the few tenets that most liberals and conservatives seem to be in complete agreement about. Monozygotic (identical) twins reared apart have closer rates of incarceration than fraternal twins reared in the same household. How much more evidence do people need to understand this? Decisions come from brains. Brain quality is largely dictated by genes. The genetic hand people are dealt is something they have no control over. At what point in this process does it make sense for people to say, “This criminal should have made better decisions?” He made the decisions that his (unfortunate) hand allowed him to make. We have to jail these people forever because they have insuppressible impulses to cause others harm. It’s that simple. Imagine if our criminal justice system understood this, “rehabilitation” would finally be seen as the fantasy that it is.

    • Joseph

      They believe that the mind is infinitely plastic. This is the same flaw that leads them to believe that ANY child can become anything if they just have the right teacher. Only visible physical attributes can be related to genetics. This way, their endeavors are always open-ended. There is never a need to terminate a failed social program because we just need to try a new program because we KNOW that the person’s mental capacity is unbounded.

  • A multiracial individual

    This is somewhat off topic, however I feel this needs to be addressed. In recent weeks I have noticed many comments seem to argue that certain races are not “people” or “human.” These flagrantly inaccurate characterizations about the biology of race should disturb anyone who claims to remotely care about the reputation of Mr. Taylor. The people who make these statements don’t seem to understand that by doing this they are also opening continuum that they might find less than savory.

    [Moderator: I seem to be having problems loading the comments (Disqus) on my android mobile. Would it be possible to lend some assistance? Thank you very much]

    • Aeronerauk

      Agreed. I think Mr. Taylor and the folks at Amren do fine work, but some of the commenters just do not “get it.” I understand frustration, but there’s something to be said for tact.

      • Joseph

        Point taken but you must know that hyperbole is OFTEN employed against people of ANY race when they commit heinous crimes. The white “fellow” who shot all of the kids in Conn. has been called a “monster”, “animal”, “inhuman”, “dirtbag” those are just the descriptors I’ve heard on local radio. We don’t like these kinds of humans no matter what color but it is especially stinging when minorities are responsible for MOST of the mayhem yet so delicately referenced and protected, to the degree possible, by the complicit press.

        • Aeronerauk

          I don’t disagree, the gentleman in the story could be aptly described as an animal. I’m irked by the commenters who say crap like “monkey” and try to castigate every black who lived for crimes like this. Blaming an entire group of people for crimes is the left’s bag, not ours. And we should be above ugly racial imagery like the black as a monkey.

    • We’re supposed to delete all that rhetoric about “subhumans,” “non-humans” and the like. As far as the Disqus problems, I have an Android device, and I have no problems from my vantage point. But…it’s Disqus. Which means you’ll have to wait on its next series of downgrades for the problem to be fixed…which in turn will introduce five new bugs.

      • Don

        Oh ok, i was wondering why my message was deleted. I honestly had no idea that blacks were human. I apologize. I’m going to google this whole: black people are humans thing…

        • Cid Campeador

          We have to refer to that subject in a subtle manner. The suffix “oid” might be permissible unless of course it’s one of “the like” mentioned above. Perhaps “untermenschen”, “Schweinhunde”.

          I respect AMREN’S policy of holding us to higher standards, I really do. But things are getting worse by the day regarding Black violence and folks need a pressure valve to release this pent up frustration with a so called government, law enforcement and an info media that turns it’s back on us.

          • There are lots of high brow ways to do that. My favorite is to use the faux Latin term Bellcurvius,, or the full name, Africanus Bellcurvius.

          • HamletsGhost

            Nigrus Americanus seems more appropriate to me.

          • Michael Valentine

            How about “Homo Africanus”?

          • Michael_C_Scott

            The species name should be lower-case.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          I however am free to resign from whatever species African hominids want to be.

    • George

      To your point:

      There’s no denying that it can be viscerally satisfying to hurl epithets up on to the computer screen. However, to do so costs one credibility. Honestly, it’s more of a tactic of the liberal left to engage in ad hominem name-calling. We should be better than that.

      Seriously, there are all sorts of websites where one can use whatever slurs one wishes, and be applauded for it. AmRen, on the other hand, seeks to engage those in the mainstream in thoughtful debate.

      Now, imagine you’re someone who is looking at matters of racial differences. You *know* that there’s something that just doesn’t tally with what one is told in school and by the mainstream liberal media. You see certain websites full of nasty symbols and naughty words. You feel slightly sickened. Then you stumble on to AmRen and see more of the same? How can we convince others of the reality if they’re turned away with their first exposure to racial realism?

      We should always remember that people will read an article, and the comments, too. They want to get a sense of who inhabits a website. If we want our message to be absorbed, viz. that there ARE innate racial differences, and that they DO affect white civilisation, then we need to show that we are reasonable. We have the research. We have the factual data that shows those differences, and opinions on what should be done to address them.

      We can’t do that with a bunch of name-calling.

    • SintiriNikos

      That’s PC BS. These people don’t rate Mr. Taylor anyway. do you think being more polite with how we refer to the savages who commit such heinous crimes (and I throw the nerdy Lanza in that group), will make the liberals suddenly play fair?

      I don’t think anybody here has said that every member of any race group is subhuman and dangerous.

      • a multiracial individual

        The people that have used these terms have not used them in the sense you described (directed only at the violent ones). If that were the case in these comments I would not have made mine. An examination of the threads will reveal that these comments are much more insidious than that.

  • AutomaticSlim

    Does anyone know if Willie Horton had a son?

    • Joseph

      If Willie Horton had a son, he would act like Barack Obama

      • R.W Connor

        If most of you posters on this board had sons, they would behave like Adolf Hitler.

        • PesachPatriot

          Even me, who likes bagels and pastrami sandwiches? Righteous anger and fury at monsters who murder young girls is not quite the same thing as conquering and destroying an entire continent because of an inability to paint human faces well. It seems like you have more of a problem with harsh words than vile actions. What was this perps excuse? slavery, jim crow, white privilege, institutional racism i’m sure. He lives in some awful racist country which elected a mulatto president twice and makes multimillionaires of rappers, and athletes. This certainly wasn’t a “robbery gone wrong”, it was pre-meditated, cold blooded murder of a defenseless 26 year old female. Civilized societies do not tolerate this sort of thing.

          This isn’t your normal crime like crack sales, dog fighting, loud rap music at 2am, burglary, car theft, vandalism or the knockout game where financial restitution can be made and problems corrected. As a father I cannot imagine the agony her father feels at this moment. His most important person in the world was taken from him. The girl in the picture will now be in a casket, under a tombstone, forever. She will be soon forgotten by you, a mere number and crime statistic. Her name is burned in my mind now forever. If I was in his shoes I would be happy to ride the lightning or spend the rest of my life in jail to exact savage, cruel and unusual biblical justice on the murderer. I could never a enjoy another single day on this planet again if my daughter was taken from me in this manner.

  • jay11

    I personally know lots of dingbat young white liberal feminists who actually believe with every fiber of their being that they are like wonder woman and can go anywhere and do anything and they will not be bothered because they are so self-righteous and ’empowered.’
    Cue the lights with a liberal young woman saying, “How can you say it’s the fault of the woman that she got attacked just because she was wearing a mini-skirt and walking in the middle of the night in the bad part of town? You’re sexist!”

    • pcmustgo

      It’s the magical thinking of “I’m nice to others, they will be nice back to me”.

      • SintiriNikos

        Or ‘I’m nice to the Other, so if the Other gets violent, he will go after those racist rednecks, not me.’

    • kjh64

      Well, it would be fault of the attacker, not the woman, but I get what you mean. Some of these young people, both men and women, and sadly a few older ones, just don’t get and are so naive.

  • pcmustgo

    “creative free spirit”.

    Me too… It’s always the free spirits that have to learn the hard way.

    • HamletsGhost

      “Free spirit” all too often translates as free of consequences for some liberal arts school type’s hippy-trippy flights of fancy.

  • Joseph

    Why in flaming hell would a white woman move to New Orleans? “Liberal Arts degree” mentioned in the article is a possible clue to her naivete.

  • bigone4u

    In a long career on campus I’ve met hundreds like the murder victim–artsy, creative, nice person, but naive and idealistic. I always tried to temper idealism with realism, but it’s not an easy sell. It sounds like realism had set in with her and she was trying to escape a bad situation.
    Having lived in New Orleans from ages 4 through 30, Urquhart Street used to be a typical “salt and pepper” New Orleans area, with a black block here and a mostly white block there. The only way out of that pattern is to move to the segregated suburbs, which she did not have the money or the inclination to do. Move to NO and be surrounded by a sea of black.
    My sympathies to her family. They undoubtedly raised her to support civil rights for blacks, but failed to instill a sense of caution.

    • Anonymous

      Same as the parents of Eve Carson and Amy Biehl.

  • Alex

    None of you knew Lauren. She moved with friends and was transitioning to a new house. Your opinions mean nothing. She didn’t think she was invincible. She was a writer. She wanted experience. Get lives.

    • Tim

      So you knew her personally? Where did you meet? How long did you know her?…

    • OlderWoman

      Obviously, she was oblivious to the danger in her surroundings. She just didn’t use her best thinking. And perhaps a bit careless when it came to her safety.

      • Alex

        Lauren had no knowledge of her coworkers ex boyfriend. I hope you all experience a great loss and have to read ignorant comments about it after.

        • OlderWoman

          How do you know anything about this situation?

        • TheAntidote

          No Alex, I did not know Lauren Tanski. All my knowledge of her has come from the lurid reports and the obituary in The Times Union. Indeed I never met her, but sadly, I have met hundreds in Upstate New York just like her.
          You curse the people of this board to pain, sorrow and the infliction of “ignorant comments” (My, what a Christian gentleman Lauren Tanski knew) but really, have you found sympathy, rage and remembrance anywhere else? Can’t you take it as a tribute and the recognition of a great loss that Lauren has been recorded, lamented, and remembered here? That she is not a statistic here nor fodder for a crime show—but in a sense lives on here? We did not know her, but we very much did not want her to be slaughtered. We wanted her to live.
          To the family of Lauren Tanski, and her friends, and artistic collaborators I offer my condolences for your terrible loss.

    • Luis

      @ Alex:

      But, oh God, what an experience she wound up having!

    • falsedawn

      Well, that’s what she got, experience…

  • Ian

    The fact is that the number of men who murder thier girlfriends are of the same race. Most muders (and crime in general ) is intra-racial. Although this story is indeed tragic, it is an abberation.

    • kjh64

      While it’s true most crime is intra-racial, when crime is interracial, it is almost always Black on White and Black on White crime isn’t an abberation, it’s all too common.

    • So now we’re back to square one. Which is more frequent? Black-on-white or white-on-white crime? Be warned when trying to peruse official stats to answer this: Hispanic perps are counted as white when they’re perps but counted as Hispanic when they are victims.

      • SintiriNikos

        True, intra-racial may be the most dominant type, but mostly because black-on-black crime is so huge. This doesn’t mean that other whites are a bigger threat to whites than blacks are. Spot on, QD.

  • LHathaway

    Women are attracted to this violence itself. They just don’t think it will happen to them. They’re more hoping those they don’t like will be the victims. Like owning an imposing dog, it’s good to have a strong boyfriend as long as he doesn’t turn on you.

    • OlderWoman

      Some women are attracted to ‘bad boys’, and ‘danger’. I’ve heard complaints from white men who’ve observed this behavior in certain White women. Remember some women remain with men who beat and humiliate them because they perceive their controlling behavior it as ‘love’. That has never made sense to me.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        And I was supposed to want this Mau Mau’s sloppy seconds? Every one of these cases I read about makes me happy I married a Japanese.

      • Brian

        My sister married a thief and credit fraudster who was had debt repayment agencies breathing down his neck. He and his brothers when they were young used to enjoy bullying other boys and literally mutilating them if they resisted. They used to celebrate and laugh when their victims ended up in hospital. I almost had to flee the home because of them.
        It was only a surprise to us when he helped his brothers to loot her bank account. That was the final straw even for her. Only then did she notice that he and his whole family were the same, even the little ones.

        Don’t anyone tell me that crime isn’t inherited.

  • KenelmDigby

    I know this will earn absolutely no plaudits at all from female readers of Amren, but I’m fairly convinced that White women will kill the race.

    • kjh64

      No, you get no pladits and I’m afraid White men are ruining it just as much as any woman, ie. most of the politicians who’ve allowed mass immigration are males.

      • KenelmDigby

        My comment might have been deleted – but think to yourself how did Barack Obama come into this world?

  • KenelmDigby

    The alleged murderer is facially hideously ugly – by the standards of any reasonable person.
    He had an extremely bad character as indicated by his prolonged charge sheet.
    No doubt he also ‘ponced’ money off these women.
    – What the Hell did they see in him?

    • Luis

      Kenelm, I’d say the same thing as to why ANY white woman would consort with a Bantu male:

      Size does matter.

  • archer

    The parents are the ones that should be instilling some sense of reality in their children.
    NO has had a very high murder rate for years, if I was her father I would have done everything to disuade my daughter from moving there in the first place. Many parents aren’t with it either.

    • Sloppo

      I believe the problem is often that many parents wait until they think the child is “ready” for that kind of knowledge. Far too often, what they’re actually doing is waiting until the child is too thoroughly indoctrinated to handle the terrible truth.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    As a 23 year old, I can instantly identify this woman as a “hipster”. Essentially, hipsters are the Tea Party of the diversity, anti-white, ultra-liberal movements. They honestly think that we can all live in peace and harmony and that blacks love them. They are the ones you saw at Trayvon rallies alongside Al Sharpton. They want to seem so accepting and open and unfortunately go to great lengths to prove how anti-racist they are such as self-hatred. It’s literally like approaching a black person, repeatedly punching yourself in the face and saying, “I am a stupid cracker! See? I love black people! So we are cool right?”. Even the black person in that scenario would think you were mad.

    In America, the mainstream is like a fight to see who’s more non-racist. On talkshows if there is a white host and a black host, the black host can literally call the white host a “honkey” and the white host will laugh. Try it the other way around using the N word, and there would be security involved. Blacks know that they are feared by most liberal whites and they revel in it. I wish whites had balls like back in the 40’s and 50’s when they didn’t take this crap. I am very disappointed my race has been reduced to a bunch of submissive pansies with a reverse slavery mindset where blacks are the masters. The blacks today would be in for a SHOCK if they went in a time machine to the 50’s and tried pulling the same BS.

    • SintiriNikos

      It’s an exercise is one-upmanship. I’m not racist, because I don’t hate the Other. I’m less racist than you because I like the Other. I’m less racist than you because I like the Other more than I like my own. I’m the least racist person on earth, because I love the Other and hate my own.

      • LastBastionOfHope

        Exactly. And it makes me sick to my stomach. The “in” trend right now is to one-up everyone. Having a black friend is 1 point, dating a black is 2 points, marrying a black is 3 points, adopting a black is 5 points because clearly you are the do-good white person that saved them from the ghetto!

    • John

      I always heard that Hipsters were racist.

      • PesachPatriot

        The hipsters are often accused of racism when they move into urban slums and gentrify them with coffee shops and record stores. This drives up rents which forces the poor urban blacks out…most of the smarter hipsters live in very white areas like Portland. I find them annoying, but funny sometimes…here’s a good joke…why did the hipster burn the roof of his mouth? He ate the pizza before it was cool.

    • Alex

      It wasn’t about race. At all.

  • Bill

    Another coal burner gets her just deserts.

  • StillModerated

    Around blacks never relax. And the boyfriends of coal burning roommates should be avoided, too. When it comes to celebrating diversity, I’m over it!

  • SintiriNikos

    Another Obama voter bites the dust. It happened to your daughter, Mr. Tanski, because you are a liberal and you raised your daughter to consort with people like this, or at least be roommates with people who would actually date somebody like this.

    The dreamy-eyed girl was excited about this new vibrant chapter in her life. Usually, these chapters are short. The next chapter is sometimes a return to ‘boring, calm, repetitive, whitey, suburbia’, but too often, there is no next chapter.

  • Jamal Jenkum

    This problem will continue to get worse until we begin to apply collective punishment for these types of crimes. Each time a crime like this occurs, the nearest 100 black males need to be rounded up and sentenced to 50 years hard labor without trial. Resisting or evading arrest would justify the use of lethal force in these cases.

    After the rounded up suspects are imprisoned, collective punishment must also be applied to their families. All members of the detainees’ extended families shall be permanently banned from all public benefits, including but not limited to welfare, section 8 housing, food stamps, WIC, medicaid, disability, education assistance and even discount bus fare.

    The public benefit ban would apply to all members of the criminals family – parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins. In the event that the criminal is unmarried, but has a child, the ban would also apply to the extended family of the mother.

    Should any family member attempt to circumvent the ban, then all of the assets of the entire extended family will be immediately seized and distributed to the non-black victims of their crimes. The offender will also be sentenced to 50 years hard labor without trial.

    These sub-human animals learned their values from their families. If the family has failed in teaching proper values then the whole family needs to be punished. Since their tiny brains are unable to grap the fact that there are consequences to their criminal activity, collective punishment will be more effective at reaching the simian brain.

    Since we all have to collectively pay for them to live, why should they not have to pay collectively when they need to be punished.

    • Ordinarily, this kind of comment is not long for AR. But I’m leaving it up because of your last sentence. It leads to the obvious segue about reparations for slavery, or the obvious segue about how we’re never allowed to judge blacks as anything but individuals but blacks are allowed to take pride in blacks as a group. Proceed.

      • How about blacks telling us that we can’t judge the whole black race responsible for individual instances of black crime, yet when blacks get on juries they nullify on behalf of obviously guilty blacks out of racial solidarity?

  • He couldn’t understand how this could we know where she got her liberal views,,,She was a mudshark in new orleans as–ole !!

  • guardian

    We should have picked our own cotton.

  • PesachPatriot

    I have a feeling that situations like this happen all over the southeastern US. Naive, attractive girls from cold, northern, rural areas move to the cheaper, sunny south and are far too open and trusting and friendly with those they should not be. I learned very quickly about the true nature of the simmering racial tensions in this state. They might behave themselves at the malls or movie theatres to an extent, but deep in their own neighborhoods or after midnight in a wal mart all bets are off. WIth a last name like tanski I have a feeling she might not be white enough for some here. I am truly sorry for the loss of her life and the tragedy her parents will feel forever.