Deck the Halls, And Your Fellow Shopper, Too

Colin Flaherty, WND, January 8, 2013

This Christmas season saw dozens of episodes of black mob violence in malls, clubs, streets and other places around the country. {snip}


In Baton Rouge over the weekend, a mob of 200 black people caused a panic at the Mall of Louisiana after they began fighting and running through the shopping center.

According to the Baton Rouge Advocate, some were “screaming in terror.” Others called it a “stampede.” WWLTV called it “chaotic and scary.”

Hundreds of shoppers fled in panic. Others took refuge in small shops, where the managers sheltered customers behind locked doors to protect them from the rampaging crowd while the mall was closed and evacuated.

After leaving the shopping center, the rioters descended on Perkins Rowe, a neighboring shopping and residential district, where the violence and lawlessness continued.


“A similar incident at the Mall of Louisiana about a year ago led to the shootings of two teenagers,” said the Advocate.

In February, police used pepper spray on a black mob of 600 waiting for the release of a new style of basketball shoe.

In September, WFAB reported Baton Rouge police had to break up a riot of more than 100 black people at a skating rink. One man brandished a gun, and families were “fearing for their lives.”

Several witnesses at the most recent Mall of Louisiana riot reported seeing and hearing weapons, but local police said there were no shots fired.

Video of the event shows the rioters were black. But the paper described the rioters as teenagers—a fact that several who posted comments on the paper’s web site wondered about:

Please explain to me your thought process in concluding that telling the truth is racist. The fact is that the 200 or so people involved were indeed black. There have been numerous instances of what black teens and young adults call “swarming”.

They decide to descend on a place like Perkins Rowe, or the MOL, and use their cell phones to broadcast their intentions. If you actually think that some of the posters here, that are doing nothing but telling the truth are hateful you need to take off your rose colored glasses and join the real world….where it ain’t all milk, honey, and warm and fuzzy.

In Wilmington, Del., police responding to a “large fight” two days after Christmas found as many as 100 black people rioting at a local bowling alley. Two people were shot, their injuries were not life threatening.


Witnesses estimated the number of people there at 50 to 100.

In Sacramento, “thousands of shoppers panicked” after a mob that police estimated at 20 to 50 black people started fighting at the Arden Fair Mall the day after Christmas.

One shopper told Fox 40 news he “heard gun shots and it was like a war zone.” He saw “tons of people running around in the mall. They were throwing clothes at me with the tags still on it.”

Another estimated the crowd of rioters at “hundreds.”

One shopper remembered thinking “I don’t want to die.” Still another described the scene as “mass panic” before shoppers took shelter behind locked doors in the mall while the mall was evacuated and locked down.

“Once security arrived the teens stopped fighting each other and turned on the security guard before fleeing,” said Fox40 news. The reporter fled the scene after saying it was “serious” and she felt threatened.

One of the men arrested for starting the riot said he was sorry: “I feel kind of bad, I didn’t know it was going to resort to all that. You feel me?”

At the Woodland Mall in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a black mob of hundreds stormed through shopping center on the day after Thanksgiving, fighting, attacking other shoppers, and creating disturbances.

Michael Peneycad, described the scene on Twitter: “Gang fight in woodland mall!! Cops tackled them and sprayed pepper spray, everyone in that wing started coughing and sneezing.”


Over at the Huffington Post, Alexis Smith said the rioting was much worse than reported:

I like how the only news reports that are being shown is where the people got arrested. I was at Woodland mall on black friday, and a little while after that happened, one teen got jumped by about 10 other guys in the food court. they were punching him and hitting him with chairs and throwing chairs about a foot in front of me.

The boy was hurt pretty bad he had a big knot on his head and there was blood on him and on the floor. But only one of the guys were caught (by a mall cop i might add) when there were four cop cars right outside the door! I have lost alot of respect in our law enforcement and gained new respect for mall cops.

I find it sickening how they cover that up so easily. A boy was hurt, and the police did nothing to stop it! Yet NOTHING was on the news about that fight probably just so the police could cover their a——.


In Newport News, Va., a black mob broke out in a “large fight” at the Patrick Henry Mall two days after Christmas. Police were called to the mall to quell mob violence involving more than 100 black people.

After police left, thinking it was settled, they were soon called back for another violent disturbance. “As officers began to take people into custody, the crowd turned on police,” said the Daily Press, and the mall was closed.


In Dallas at the East Texas Mall, police and shopping center officials said a “Black Friday” disturbance was just a scuffle. The video tells a different story: It shows a black mob of more than 100 people fighting, throwing furniture, tossing trash cans, and hurling wreaths—all while police with dogs and tasers try to subdue the crowd.

The local Fox News affiliate described the disturbance as a “prank.”

In Camden, N.J., racial violence at the Cherry Hill mall is not news. It is entertainment. Two videos within a few hours should do the trick.


In Chicago, the popular police blog, posted a short video showing a big black mob fight during the Christmas season on Michigan Avenue, the so-called Magnificent Mile and center of the city’s upscale tourist trade. Several police officers commented this kind of disturbance was increasingly common.

Other holiday mob violence was reported in St. Louis over sneakers; Dacula, Ga., at a nightclub; Somerville, Massachusetts; Berlin, Maryland; Worcester, Massachusetts.

Many in these towns said the violence was more intense and widespread than reported. {snip}



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  • JackKrak

    How many points in John Derbyshire’s “The Talk” piece are validated by this article?
    Pretty much all of them, I think.

    • Calling Rich Lowry.

    • Morris Thecat

      This article shows why white people need guns. Black violence erupts spontaneously all the time. When they destroy their enclaves, their mischief starts spreading outwards. White people need to start buying metal lathes and other machine tools and start manufacturing their own weapons.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Harbor Freight has a metal-cutting bandsaw made by Central Machinery for $249.99. I think I paid about $30 less for the exactly same tool, but that was four years ago. It’s a good piece for serious hobby work. They have a 90-amp flux-cored wire-feed arc welder for $99.99, which is about $40 less than I paid back in 2008, but mine is Chicago Electric, and the current offering is a different brand I know nothing about. Settings for FCAW work can be found in Jeffus, which is pretty much the stardard textbook on welding. An Asian benchtop mill/drill/lathe would complete the setup. I have a two-axis mill vise for my Delta drill press, but no ability to lathe-turn parts.

        When it comes to power tools, I would stay away from pawn shops. When construction workers get hooked on methamphetamines or crack, they end up pawning their tools, but right before then, they don’t typically take good care of them.

  • Nathanwartooth

    Gives a new meaning to the term “Black Friday”.

    • Non Humans

      It’s also why humans invented “Cyber Monday”. To not have to shop in the dangerous jungles.

  • Tom_in_Miami

    I don’t see the point in describing them as “teenagers” when the plain truth to a normal set of eyes is that the people doing the rioting were black. They were out of control and I can only imagine how bad the situation can get before something is done about it. But, on the other hand, what can authorities do? Institute a quota system on how many blacks can enter a mall? I suspect that as assaults become more severe and frequent someone is going to snap and get radical on the mobs. What has become of this country in which one used to be able to go out in public without the constant fear of mobs?

    • The__Bobster

      Sometimes they are “urban yoofs”.

      • OlderWoman

        Or ‘teens’.

        • StillModerated


          • Robert Binion

            Nightingales . . .

          • Robert Binion

            Would you prefer “mockingbirds”?

        • Non Humans

          Ever notice how non-humans are described as “Youfs”, “Troubled Teens”, etc well into their 40’s?
          The MSM needs to get a grip and grow a pair. Call them what they are!!

          • OlderWoman

            Non Humans…you’re right…they are best called what they are…’savages’.

          • Johnny Clay

            Many blacks still act at 25, 30, or 40 the way they acted when they were 12, 13, or 16.

  • MekongDelta69

    1950s – I remember when my grandmother would NOT even get on the bus to go downtown (Manhattan) to go shopping without wearing her white gloves.

    Post-1964 – “Kill whitey.” Nahmeen? Nahmsayin’? U feel me?

    • 48224

      I feel you….lol

  • Kronolog

    Didn’t these types of events use to warrant the deployment of the army or the militia? 200 people rioting, injuring bystanders and wreacking havoc, ought to be met with rifles and not with pepper spray.

  • Some Guy

    add the Mall of LA. to the Dead Malls list in 2013. I like to shop on-line, it’s safe and easy.

    • The__Bobster
      • Some Guy

        That news story has all of the catch phrases!!
        Brawl…isolated and rare..incident…kids

    • Alexandra

      There is (or was) this mall in Akron, Rolling Acres Mall. I’ve heard it referred to as “Rolling Afros Mall.”

      It’s a dead mall. Wonder if there’s a connection…?

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I do most of my shopping online: books, PC games, computer parts and movie DVDs from Amazon, tools from Harbor Freight, metal parts for projects from McMaster & Carr,

      The death knell of indoor shopping malls has been the realization on the part of African’t “yoofs” that they can go to these places and cause trouble without being expected to buy anything. After all, indoor malls are air-conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter. They can be inside the climate-controlled mall proper, harassing genuine shoppers in complete comfort without actually entering any of the businesses there and attracting the scrutiny of retail managers and staff who might be inclined to call genuine police instead of mall security (read “overweight Wackenhut or Pinkerton rent-a-cops”).

    • Morris Thecat

      yeah, but now blacks are trailing the UPS trucks and stealing the packages when he leaves them without a signature.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        One of the standard tricks the types who do home burglaries during work days is to look at trash. Boxes at the curb in which expensive consumer electronics were packaged are a giveaway that a family has recently bought something worth stealing. Breaking down the cardboard for recycling makes this stuff less conspicuous.

        • If you live in St. Louis City, for the most part, you don’t have street side trash pick-up, with your own individual trash cans, you have back alleys and communal dumpsters color coded to purpose (brown for trash, blue for single stream recycling, green for yard waste), and the trash trucks do alley rounds. I tell my mother (who does live in the city) to make sure that if she doesn’t wait around for me to do it when I stop by, is to break down all big packaging boxes from stuff she gets delivered or buys, marks out the street address (if it was shipped to her), then dump the broken down boxes into the blue dumpsters.

          The slight down side to that model of trash collection is that sometimes, the local Bellcurviuses unbolt and steal the steel hooks that are bolted to the side of the trash cans so that the trash trucks retracting arms can lock the dumpsters into place, then lift up and replace back onto the alley, then hawk the metal for drug money:

        • dhs

          Employing such cunning indicates that their leadership has a 3 digit IQ.

  • dukem1

    The tone of this article seems to me unreasonably sensational. These actions are, I’m sure, just the results of misunderstanding and poor communication, coupled with a fear of the unknown on the part of the majority citizenry .
    One day soon, the United States will elect a black man, or woman, President. That person will, am sure, bring us all together as one people, following our shared hopes and dreams into a bright and shining future.
    Or maybe not, in which case the nation is just doomed.

  • Robert Binion

    Jungle brawls, jungle brawls, jungle all the way.

    • Alexandra

      Reminds me of a song we sang in elementary school, “Deck the halls with gasoline.”

      Somehow that wouldn’t go over too well nowadays. This isn’t 1983 anymore and I’m no longer in 4th-5th grade.

    • Norman

      Nothing to see here folks, move along!

  • keepobamaINpresident

    funny azz title tho…….gimme mines obammaphone. who got obamma phone? obamma give me phone. keep obamma IN president.

  • TheCogitator

    We need to change it so that when the police or anyone comes upon creatures acting in such a manner that they be shot. Then the bodies, alive or dead, would be taken to a landfill and buried. No need to bother to try to identify them. Just rid us of them. As long as there are no consequences, there will be no change, except that it will get worse.

  • StillModerated

    It’s only a matter of time until Mall of Louisiana becomes featured on , the management needs to start playing muzak to keep these savage beasts soothed.

    • rightrightright

      No. Play classical music to keep the savage beasts out.

      • Non Humans

        Or even, better Country Music. It’s like cryptonite to non-humans, especially the pre-90’s stuff.

        • vladdy1

          Said it before, will say it again — nothing works like original Hank Williams. Pre-tested on years worth of black teen-agers at an Ohio high school.

      • Joseph

        Won’t work; they have ghetto-blasters which will drown out any mall PA music system.

  • Jefferson

    I once entered a predominantly Black shopping mall in Atlanta, NEVER AGAIN. Worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life.

    • Non Humans

      Been there, done that, threw the T-shirt away. Though, most of the white clerks will give you preference.

  • J.P.

    Non-Southerners are finally realizing that segregation wasn’t hatred of blacks but protection for whites. This is a big factor with most of the new malls being setup for outside shopping and for the popularity of online shopping.

  • Morris Thecat

    This is exactly the reason why there was such a thing as segregation and apartheid. Blacks are not capable of civilization. Where they exist, civilization breaks down. They can not create it,nor maintain it. In fact , they do not even LIKE it. White people used to be able to protect their stores, their communities, their properties, their recreation facilities, and their very lives, by keeping these animals out. Now we see why they had to do that. The days of brainwashing sitcoms with cheerful, harmless, magic black people are over and they will never be back. The truth of the nature , the character, of black people is all too apparent. No one is creating a false narrative anymore and no one can filter the reality that people see. What we see is that the content of their character is genetic and it is very different than white peoples, that they have ALWAYS been judged by the content of their character and that their race has a animalistic, violent, criminal character.

  • bigone4u

    I’m starting to get over my distaste for the KKK and the Neo-Nazi skinheads. Seriously.
    Let the skinheads hang out in mass at the MOL and then hope the mobbers start something. It’ll be their last hurrah.
    A white nationalist paramilitary youth group dedicated to keeping whites safe, not to starting stuff themselves, would be acceptable to me.

    • Blaak Obongo

      I’m inclined to agree. It would of course be necessary to carefully screen out the riffraff who are only looking for violence for its own sake, but that said, I’d support such groups.

      The real obstacle would be finding enough reliable young men courageous enough to withstand being called “r-a-y-y-y-si-s-s-s-ts” by the media, their families and their peers.

      • Morris Thecat

        the country is dviding. Soon being called a “rayciss” will be seen as a positive thing by the majority of whites…well, it already is actually, it is just that most white people do not realize most other white people feel the same way. We need to come out of the closet.

    • saxonsun

      I can’t stand them…and if we have to look to them for help then we are in very bad trouble indeed.

    • Pelayo

      I think that most of us are headed there. I email the “original articles” to my contacts and I’m sure it bothers some of them. I couldn’t care less! If they don’t want to be my friends anymore to Hell with them! Most don’t respond but at least I feel that I’ve educated them to some degree.

  • LaShaniqua

    Regarding the articles on Cherry Hill, NJ –
    I lived near there and used to go to the Cherry Hill Mall some years ago. Cherry Hill is a nice, predominantly white (and quite a bit Jewish) neighborhood in South Jersey. Camden, close by and just across the river from Filthydelphia, itself an urban no-go zone, is one of the worst U.S. urban black and hispanic hellholes – truly amoung the most horrific of the 3rd world chaos now infesting many urban areas all across America. They’re two VERY different places with dramatically different demographics – very few blacks and poor hispanics can afford to live in Cherry Hill. They can, of course, still go there to riot, steal, rape, and murder – it’s a free country, after all. Blacks all across New Jersey cried the familiar refrain of, “Raaaaccccccccciiiissssssssmmmmmmmm!” when Cherry Hill citizens didn’t want an inexpensive bus line running between Camden and Cherry Hill. They knew what was coming, and what the result would be. The whites caved, and what they got is EXACTLY this – black flash mobs, highly organized shoplifting, hundreds of black ‘yoots’ making the food courts a beat-down, Knockout King, killing zone; drug deals; harassment of white and asian customer, and attacks on stores by mobs of black teenagers timed so that they can just make it back to the bus going back to Camden, as Cherry Hill cops don’t have jurisdiction there, and the few Camden street cops left just don’t care (actually, the County assumed policing duties after the Camden City Police Department collapsed due to lack of funding – how’s that working out for everyone?) A pack of African hyenas has more decorum and restraint. The yoots are always imaged rapping, stealing, laughing and celebrating, capturing the mayhem on their cellphones. Drive north about twenty miles and see the remains of the formerly prosperous Willingboro Mall, totally destroyed by the ‘diversity’ – as people simply wouldn’t shop there any more due to the crime, harassment, filth and threat that grew worse every month. I hope the Cherry Hill Mall can hang on, but it is definitely under siege from our ‘brothers and sisters’ (cue sarcasm) from out of the sewers of Camden. As a society we simple cannot continue on like this much longer. There are many decent, law-abiding, hard-working blacks in South Jersey and even Philadelphia, so this is not a blanket condemnation of the race, or races. However, both Camden and Philadelphia, through decades of societal mismanagement designed to appease the Left, have distilled black pathology, violence, dysfunction and lack of education into a societal necrotic toxin – it inevitably destroys everything it touches. The results have been borne out time after time after time. Everything has been tried to fix it; absolutely nothing has worked. I don’t the answer, or any answers. I wish I did. LaShaniqua

    • OlderWoman

      Blacks would cry ‘racism’ over a hang nail. It’s so easy to ignore them in my neighborhood. I have no desire to be friends with them. I get out of their way when I see them.

      • LaShaniqua

        Sorry, OlderWoman, but the correct answer in this situation is that we should get to a point where they get out of your way, as a gesture of respect to a senior citizen of any race, or, preferably, approach you courteously, say “good afternoon”, and ask how you’re doing, maybe chat about the weather, as polite neighbors are wont to do. Think we’ll ever get back to there again? No, sadly, neither do I. Not with the current yoots.

        • OlderWoman

          I’m curious about you. With your name I gather you’re black. Am I right?

          • Morris Thecat

            no, not at all, it is a phenomenon from other websites such as, where posters choose names and avatars for the purpose of mockery.

    • Bill

      But those “decent, law-abiding, hard-working blacks” absolutely WILL NOT snitch on a brother, will they? They will merely bitch about it and when the police or citizens actually try to DO something about the problem, they will join every other black screaming racism. The race never should have been brought here, it should have been mandated that those who brought them here be required to return them to Africa at their own expense, and very definitely ANY black and EVERY black today who commits a crime should be forcibly deported and dropped on any remote shoreline back in Africa with a warning – return and you will be shot on sight. We could have monthly manifests and revive the old “Liberty ships” out of dry dock. Perhaps fanciful solutions but if we could go to the moon, we could surely get THIS done if everybody was fed up and on board. Blacks terrorize because they know our hands are tied. They know whites are scared powerless when confronted by this kind of savage African behavior unexpectedly. But with whites fed up, united, and determined, this could be done. Back when whites knew full well the character of blacks and had many more of them per white in the fields, they rarely caused trouble. Did they? It’s time blacks again become terrorized by US, and either behave or find themselves back on some remote shore in Africa along with all their family. One ‘groid commits a crime, the whole family, mud shark hangers on included, deported. Lets’ smuggle these heathens back to where they came from, and where they fit in, and no asking please may we of the African nations. What do we care what they think? They don’t have a navy. WE DO.

  • ImTellinYa

    I’ve seen riots like this a couple of times, thankfully from a more or less safe distance and it’s really fascinating. Being part of the mob is almost like a supercharger for Blacks. They move faster and are infinitely more impulsive even than usual. The most sinister thing about it all is that they think the destruction and injury they cause are funny. The ones I saw were stealing, vandalizing, punching; but they weren’t angry. They were like little kids playing in one of those inflatable houses.

    • longing4abetterworld

      Exactly. And that’s just the behavior you see on the YouTube vids that happen to get posted by a black person documenting this mayhem. You know dat dem black folk need dem free obama fones! Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

      • ImTellinYa

        What’s disgusting too is the behavior of Blacks and Hispanics in the office where I work. These are supposedly assimilated, middle-class, educated people, but they are constantly emulating the behavior of the underclass. It’s as if the savage behavior of street thugs gives the Black and Hispanic office worker some kind of credibility. And ALL they think and talk about is their status as “minorities” and they feel perfectly free to denigrate Whites. Since that’s all they think about, that’s all one hears from them. They really aren’t very bright either. They have an extremely difficult time with abstract thinking and seeing the value of proper procedure. Very sloppy.

        Wah da tah, my Bruvver. Got ya dillies on duh peppuh tang.

      • Non Humans

        I’ve seen it too. The real funny part is, if you use your best non-human voice/impersonation to yell “Po-Pos” or “Five-Ohs!!” they will trip and trample over themselves to scatter like cockroaches.

    • OlderWoman

      Watching them is like seeing a horde of monkeys turned loose.

  • marco

    Add the Eaton Center in Toronto to the list.

    • longing4abetterworld

      Really? That stinks.

  • Morris Thecat

    I recently downloaded a book detailing the history of Baltimore’s department stores. The stores always closed within a year or so of becoming a place patronized by large numbers of black people. I am familiar with the same story in Boston. It is never said why the stores in the inner city shut down, well, it is claimed that the stores lose customers to the suburban malls. This is not the real truth. The real truth is WHY they lost those customers and that truth is that when large numbers of blacks started shopping in the downtown stores the losses due to shoplifting became enormous.The reason many whites also started staying away was the street crime and pickpocket activity of the blacks in the inner city stores, as well as the general atmosphere of anxiety and fear, as is clearly demonstrated here, that blacks create. So the stores closed because the blacks start coming, they drive the customers who pay away, and they shoplift like crazy, and I mean like crazy. During the eighties they also started intimidating the stores against using the security, claiming it was profiling blacks and racist, so the stores that were still around could not even defend themselves, and they all closed. Many malls have closed all over the country for the same reason, as soon as the customer demographic has a sizable percentage of blacks, things go downhill quickly.This is another reason why stores like Target and Walmart dot the land. Merchants found it a safer bet to start selling very cheap merchandise made in China. This is because it made the losses due to shoplifting easier to bear. Even so, Walmart, like Chuck-E-Chees’s, has a reputation for being a place filled with violent, criminal black people.

    • OlderWoman

      There once was so much theft and destruction by blacks at Rivergate Mall in Gallatin, Tn. that they banned blacks from shopping there. They literally would not allow them into any part of the mall. Not far from their Kroger shut down their store on Dickerson Rd., Nashville because of the more than $1m in theft by employees not ringing up the blacks ‘purchases’. More recently Kroger has closed two more stores in black neighborhoods because of theft.

  • IKantunderstand

    OMG! Seriously, I can’t believe they have SO ignored the obvious solution! Ban Black people! Presto, Changeo! No more mall violence. And, oh yeah, the school shootings by White males in the last 30 years? Restore their manhood, allow them to compete on a LEVEL playing field. Since I know none of this will happen, then I say: BAN MALLS! BAN SCHOOLS! BAN ALL WORKPLACES! ban everything and everybody.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Ban idiots. We’ll wait, or do you need a good plastic bag and a set of instructions?

    • BernieGoetzFan

      Blacks are much more likely to shoot up schools. Instead of “banning malls and schools” ban the specimens who are creating all the crime violence and misery at these places.

    • dhs

      Realistically, ban public transportation that connects innercities with other areas.

  • Howard W. Campbell

    Grand Opening, Grand Closing ! – Chris Rock.

    Amazing how you never hear of these thing at malls in South Dakota, Idaho, etc. I guess those malls are suffering from the “disparate impact” of not having a diverse enough crowd. Even the white wannabee rappers and gang-bangers generally do not stoop to these levels. I personally have never gotten into a fight with anyone over a pair of Carhartt or Red Wing work boots.

    I’m just wondering how long it will be before groups of “yoofs” start holding massive armed robberies at old folks homes on visitation day. It might be a great way to car-jack some decent automobiles and grab some jewelry in the process. This might be a little more dramatic than the death panels, but just as effective.

  • What will the simian animals do when all the White people finally leave the cities, and take their tax money with them?

    • Non Humans

      Follow us like they always do, duh. The real question is “What happens when we run out of places to get away from the non-humans?” I have my hand on my hip….IF you know what I mean.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        I have long said that if every white person moved to the moon, blacks would demand to follow us, and Mexicans would claim the moon had been “theirs” all along.

  • sarah stein

    Avoid the racists, shop online

  • Joseph

    According to the Baton Rouge Advocate, some were “screaming in terror.” Others called it a “stampede.” WWLTV called it “chaotic and scary.”

    Observant people called it a chimp-out.

  • JohnEngelman

    When blacks are left entirely to their own devices, Western Civilization disappears.

    – Jared Taylor, from “Africa in our Midst”

  • Hill Bill

    Add Greenspoint mall, Houston TX to your list of no-go’s. Now referred to as “guns-point mall” where during the holiday’s they advertize that armed guards will escort you to your vehicle. HA HA It was once the newest and best mall in the area until metro ( the buss line ) found it’s way out there. Now those apartments are section eight housing and the surrounding area has gone to the batus……..nuff said