Posted on January 8, 2013

Deck the Halls, And Your Fellow Shopper, Too

Colin Flaherty, WND, January 8, 2013

This Christmas season saw dozens of episodes of black mob violence in malls, clubs, streets and other places around the country. {snip}


In Baton Rouge over the weekend, a mob of 200 black people caused a panic at the Mall of Louisiana after they began fighting and running through the shopping center.

According to the Baton Rouge Advocate, some were “screaming in terror.” Others called it a “stampede.” WWLTV called it “chaotic and scary.”

Hundreds of shoppers fled in panic. Others took refuge in small shops, where the managers sheltered customers behind locked doors to protect them from the rampaging crowd while the mall was closed and evacuated.

After leaving the shopping center, the rioters descended on Perkins Rowe, a neighboring shopping and residential district, where the violence and lawlessness continued.


“A similar incident at the Mall of Louisiana about a year ago led to the shootings of two teenagers,” said the Advocate.

In February, police used pepper spray on a black mob of 600 waiting for the release of a new style of basketball shoe.

In September, WFAB reported Baton Rouge police had to break up a riot of more than 100 black people at a skating rink. One man brandished a gun, and families were “fearing for their lives.”

Several witnesses at the most recent Mall of Louisiana riot reported seeing and hearing weapons, but local police said there were no shots fired.

Video of the event shows the rioters were black. But the paper described the rioters as teenagers — a fact that several who posted comments on the paper’s web site wondered about:

Please explain to me your thought process in concluding that telling the truth is racist. The fact is that the 200 or so people involved were indeed black. There have been numerous instances of what black teens and young adults call “swarming”.

They decide to descend on a place like Perkins Rowe, or the MOL, and use their cell phones to broadcast their intentions. If you actually think that some of the posters here, that are doing nothing but telling the truth are hateful you need to take off your rose colored glasses and join the real world….where it ain’t all milk, honey, and warm and fuzzy.

In Wilmington, Del., police responding to a “large fight” two days after Christmas found as many as 100 black people rioting at a local bowling alley. Two people were shot, their injuries were not life threatening.


Witnesses estimated the number of people there at 50 to 100.

In Sacramento, “thousands of shoppers panicked” after a mob that police estimated at 20 to 50 black people started fighting at the Arden Fair Mall the day after Christmas.

One shopper told Fox 40 news he “heard gun shots and it was like a war zone.” He saw “tons of people running around in the mall. They were throwing clothes at me with the tags still on it.”

Another estimated the crowd of rioters at “hundreds.”

One shopper remembered thinking “I don’t want to die.” Still another described the scene as “mass panic” before shoppers took shelter behind locked doors in the mall while the mall was evacuated and locked down.

“Once security arrived the teens stopped fighting each other and turned on the security guard before fleeing,” said Fox40 news. The reporter fled the scene after saying it was “serious” and she felt threatened.

One of the men arrested for starting the riot said he was sorry: “I feel kind of bad, I didn’t know it was going to resort to all that. You feel me?”

At the Woodland Mall in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a black mob of hundreds stormed through shopping center on the day after Thanksgiving, fighting, attacking other shoppers, and creating disturbances.

Michael Peneycad, described the scene on Twitter: “Gang fight in woodland mall!! Cops tackled them and sprayed pepper spray, everyone in that wing started coughing and sneezing.”


Over at the Huffington Post, Alexis Smith said the rioting was much worse than reported:

I like how the only news reports that are being shown is where the people got arrested. I was at Woodland mall on black friday, and a little while after that happened, one teen got jumped by about 10 other guys in the food court. they were punching him and hitting him with chairs and throwing chairs about a foot in front of me.

The boy was hurt pretty bad he had a big knot on his head and there was blood on him and on the floor. But only one of the guys were caught (by a mall cop i might add) when there were four cop cars right outside the door! I have lost alot of respect in our law enforcement and gained new respect for mall cops.

I find it sickening how they cover that up so easily. A boy was hurt, and the police did nothing to stop it! Yet NOTHING was on the news about that fight probably just so the police could cover their a — — .


In Newport News, Va., a black mob broke out in a “large fight” at the Patrick Henry Mall two days after Christmas. Police were called to the mall to quell mob violence involving more than 100 black people.

After police left, thinking it was settled, they were soon called back for another violent disturbance. “As officers began to take people into custody, the crowd turned on police,” said the Daily Press, and the mall was closed.


In Dallas at the East Texas Mall, police and shopping center officials said a “Black Friday” disturbance was just a scuffle. The video tells a different story: It shows a black mob of more than 100 people fighting, throwing furniture, tossing trash cans, and hurling wreaths — all while police with dogs and tasers try to subdue the crowd.

The local Fox News affiliate described the disturbance as a “prank.”

In Camden, N.J., racial violence at the Cherry Hill mall is not news. It is entertainment. Two videos within a few hours should do the trick.


In Chicago, the popular police blog, posted a short video showing a big black mob fight during the Christmas season on Michigan Avenue, the so-called Magnificent Mile and center of the city’s upscale tourist trade. Several police officers commented this kind of disturbance was increasingly common.

Other holiday mob violence was reported in St. Louis over sneakers; Dacula, Ga., at a nightclub; Somerville, Massachusetts; Berlin, Maryland; Worcester, Massachusetts.

Many in these towns said the violence was more intense and widespread than reported. {snip}