Obama’s Cabinet Diversity in Danger with New Picks

Emily Hell, Washington Post, January 7, 2013

The White House is poised this week to announce a handful of Cabinet nominees, most of whom have a few things in common: they all seem like perfectly qualified, distinguished folks. . . and they’re all white men.

President Obama’s picks, including Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) for secretary of state, former senator Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) for secretary of defense and John Brennan for CIA director, mean that the number of positions that could be filled by women or minorities is dwindling. That’s causing some concern among those who’d hoped to see diversity in the cabinet remain at its historic levels or even increase.

“It’s evident that he’s going to have a less diverse cabinet this term, possibly even less diverse than the George W. Bush cabinet,” says NYU professor Paul Light, who studies political appointments .

The replacement of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton—not with U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice (a black woman and Obama’s first choice for the job), but with Kerry, and the possible replacement of Secretary of Energy Steven Chu with a white man, Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, would mean a net loss of minorities and women.

And don’t look for a gain in diversity at Treasury. As Secretary Tim Geithner plans his departure, the name most often heard as his replacement is Jack Lew, currently the White House chief of staff (and . . .  ding, ding, another white man!).

Still, other top jobs could be filled by minorities or women. The replacement for Lisa Jackson, the first black woman to serve as Environmental Protection Agency administrator, may very well be a woman. And among the names floated for the now-vacant Commerce secretary slot is Xerox chief Ursula Burns, a black woman.


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  • Honey Badger Don’t Care. Obama thinks that he’s all the diversity the Presidency needs.

    He says that he hires based on qualifications, not race or gender. Let’s see if his DOJ lets the FDNY get away with that reasoning.

    • I Am Legend

      Ha Ha!!! Honey Badger doesn’t care!

  • jay11

    So now the gov’t jobs are divied up by race and gender? Thes jobs are for this type of person, those jobs for those, if you have too many of this, then compensate with more of that over there… This is how countries die. Race or gender is more important than experience and competance.

    By the way, there is a great article over at the following website where dog owners are being counseled how to get their animals to accept people of color. It contains nuggets like this:

    “Also, each of the races of humans literally smell, act and look differently from one another and the energy we give off is almost always different from one another,” explained Suzi Schaefers of the Canine Psychology Center.”


    • The__Bobster

      Suzi hasn’t been fired yet for her insensitivity?

  • razorrare

    Its my understanding his pick for Sec of Defense,Republican Hagel is coming under fire from Jewish leaders/Abe Foxman and Jewish organizations like AIPAC as well as by other republicans like John McCain for being……anti-semetic!!! Apparently he has made comments before about the power & influence that the jewish pacts like AIPAC have on governmental policy…especially those policies concerning Israel…

    • The__Bobster

      And the neocohen enforcers are all over him like white on rice. At least this gives us the opportunity to see who our true enemies are and how much power they possess.

      • Triarius

        What he said is true. I have family in the intelligence community, dept. of state, ONI, etc. I was told that Israel has more spies than all countries combined in DC, over 3000. I believe it when I saw certain things down there.

        I heard this from family, friends, sercret service agents, etc. Most are not “Amreners” and an even mix of left and right, so I feel it is unbiased.

        I heard enough cool and scary stories to fill a book.

        • razorrare

          I read a cool and scary book several years ago called “By Way of Deception”by Victor Ostrovsky(X-mossad agent ) and his writer Claire Hoy…One chapter is devoted to telling how much dirt they have on every politician in D.C…he claimed all the motels & hotels in D.C. are bugged…his story on how they brought down Andrew Young is fascinating.

        • So I guess the vast majority of you are more ascared of jews than you are of muslims? Not a statement, a question.

          • The Muslims haven’t infiltrated our society the way the others have. I’m not fond of the muzzies, but that doesn’t mean we need to keep carrying Israel’s water. That should have stopped decades ago. I don’t want the US going under because it blindly pursues a foreign policy for a pimple of a country.

          • razorrare

            Maybe you should ask yourself…Are jews more scared of Whites than muslims? What i have observed is that jewish organizations,once they have successfully passed policies that are genocidal to a White host country and a threat to even themselves they then conveniently take the option of fleeing to Israel…They were the promoters and pushers to end Apartheid in South Africa…the backers and promoters to flood White European countries such as France with muslims…not only Whites are paying the price for such treachery but so are the jewish populations in those White European countries…When anti-semitism rises to a deadly level in those countries that they helped to muslimize they can quickly take the option to live in Israel…
            Was it muslims that brought us Brown vs Board of Education? Was it muslims that spearheaded the Civil Rights Movement? Was it Muslims that promoted and passed the 1965 immigration act? Was it muslims who promoted and got passed Hate Crime Laws & Hate Speech that only applys to Whites? Wasit Muslim who took away Whites freedom of Association? Was it muslims who promoted and got laws passed(affirmative action?) to discriminate against Whites in Employment & Education?Is it Muslim bias that is responsible for the way the media reports black on White crime compared to White on black crime? would advo My lord,i could go on and on…the grievences Whites have against our main oppressors who want to blot us out of existence through various nefarious means is legend .Meanwhile,questions like the one you have proffered will be asked again and agaiin and again ad nauseum….
            If those jews who would want to destroy us would advocate for our interest i would be their biggest fan…We simply want to be left alone and run our own affairs.

          • So Muslims will leave us alone to run our own affairs? Liberals brought about Brown vs. Board of Education. I would venture that there are far more “white” liberals in this country than “jewish” liberals. I have no hatred for jews. Most “mainstream” “jewish” organizations are anti-Israel anyhow, so what is your point in hating Israel? You would rather muslims occupied the holy land?

    • The mainstream Jewish organizations (ADL, AIPAC) are neutral to supportive on Hagel. He’s really getting heat from “conservative” neo-cons, not because he isn’t pro-Israel, which he mostly is, but because he’s not pro-Israel enough.

      To me, he’s just another Stupid Party RINO, always has been, except on a few issues. I don’t want him to be Secretary of anything, except he’d be no better or worse than anyone else Obama could dredge up.

      • So CAL Snowman

        100% agreement QD, spot on analysis as usual. If I had to guess, all the neo-con hand wringing about Hagel is purely for show. The so called “right” has to act outraged to play the part of the valiant opposition.

      • razorrare

        Thankyou for your comment…Personally i could care less whether Hagel is confirmed or not…like you i believe he will be confirmed because he is infact pro-Israel enough,not only for the Likkudniks in the RINO party but also for the Likkudniks in the DINO party…In the presidential debates both Obama & Romney were trying to out do each other who was more pro-Israel…as far as my personal view of the mainstream Jewish organiations they are as much Likud hardliners as Israels current ruling coalition and past ruling coalitions…anything that they say that leads one to believe otherwise is merely smoke & mirrors…

        I have read many articles of late but perhaps this one so far puts things in better perspective and ask the better questions…so what if Hagel isnt pro-jewish enough…


        • I don’t throw around the phrase (more accurately, accusation) “Lkkudnik” around like candy. It refers to one specific rightist political party in Israel, or its mentality, or its American sycophants (both Jewish and Gentile). By contrast, I think you mean it as a broad brush just to refer to anyone either in our out of Israel who thinks that Israel should exist.

          What all this nonsense nontroversy about Chuck Bagel being “anti-Semitic” (not) and “anti-Israel” (not) is transverting the Israeli political spectrum onto one American political question over one Presidential cabinet appointment. What Bagel’s detractors mean by saying he’s anti-S and anti-I is that he’s not precisely on the point on the Israeli body politic that they want to be and the point they are themselves.

          As for me, I’m from the “I Don’t Care Because I’m Not Israel” school. I have this weird notion that white Americans should care about white America, strange as it may seem, and my opinion about what Chuck Bagel should be doing in public life is based on what he has done for (or more accurately, “to”) white America, and the answer to that is little good, as evidenced by his poor immigration record, and other things.

          • razorrare

            A Likkudnik deleted my relevant & thoughtful reply to you.

          • razorrare

            A Likkudnik deleted my relevant & thoughtful reply to you.

          • razorrare

            A Likkudnik deleted my relevant & thoughtful reply to you.

        • Extropico

          I read mondoweiss and recommend it. If you have only been exposed to Fox News neocon indoctrination, this venue will be a real eyeopener for a more balanced and informed position on Middle East issues.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Hagel isn’t pro-military, either.

  • veritas_lux_mea

    Obama is actually smarter than he lets on. What he’s going to do is find a disabled, gay, black muslim woman for his last cabinet pick, and use up all of his mandated diversity on one person. That way the diversity-mongers will be satisfied, and the effects of diversity’s incompetence on his administration will be minimized. A win-win.

    • Daisy

      I think what he’s doing is trying to mollify white people while scheming his most liberal fascist agenda yet…and furthermore, I as a white woman refuse to be put into the ‘diversity’ category. If white people cannot celebrate white women, where on earth do they think they’re going with the struggle for white rights? I guess white men could always clone themselves…

      • veritas_lux_mea

        I love white women. They are the most beautiful and graceful things on earth. I’m all for celebrating them. But you can’t deny, whether you like it or not, that women of all races have somewhat been included in “diversity” by the powers that be, although white women still much less than women of color. Women now hold more college degrees than men. A woman appointment to any position is seen as “progressive” by all the same people who push the anti-white agenda. I’m all for equal opportunity for men and women, but the whole “empowering women” movement is just a ploy to get white women to abandon their traditional gender role of staying home and having children, but whether this is the intent or not is actually irrelevant. That’s what is happening. Also, our men are also not doing as good a job of supporting them as they should be. Please don’t conflate my scorn for “diversity” appointments as an attack on white women, which I have never and would never do.

        • Diamond_Lil

          What a great comment. You’re both right. I would add that as a woman with a B.A., M.A. and J.D., I am a better mom for it, but I put off career advancement until my troop is on their own. My rewards are my children.

  • Germanacus

    So all that matters is that these cabinet selections are white? Jew bashing just for the sake of Jew bashing, Christian bashing, conspiracy nut jobs, and etc.. AmRen has taken a turn for the worse. It no longer is what it was. It is becoming a version of StormFront. Good luck with your new format Mr Taylor. Farewell.

  • bigone4u

    I hated it when Clinton appointed an ignorant, degenerate black women named Joycelyn Elders as Surgeon General. It showed how low he was willing to sink to pander to blacks and women. You just knew that her office was going into chaos and that sooner or later she would have to be replaced. She resigned after advocating masturbation in place of real sex. Not sure that it was a good reason for her to be gone, but was happy to see her leave.

  • Puggg

    Obama a hypocrite on diversity? I would have never guessed. I mean, he’s so pure and consistent on the issue. You know, moving mountains to get the D.C. voucher program canceled so that the private school he and Michelle are paying big money for Sasha and Malia to attend aren’t so vibrant. Only our schools should be vibrant.

    Diversity is for the little people.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    Whites are not necessarily the enemy of Obama. White conservatives are. There are more idiot white liberals now than conservatives, and he loves their usefulness and/or stupidity or both – that’s how the twit got in office. Along with a dash of voter fraud, high-handed threats and lotsa lotsa money.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Perhaps President Oogabooga should appoint Hank Johnson to his cabinet; he’s black and imbecilic enough that he thinks the island of Guam is in danger of capsizing. He could be Secretary of Malt Liquor.