Charlie Rangel Hits Obama on Diversity

Kevin Cirilli, Politico, January 10, 2013

“It’s embarrassing as hell. We’ve been through all of this with [2012 GOP presidential nominee] Mitt Romney. And we were very hard with Mitt Romney with the women binder and a variety of things,” Rangel said on MSNBC. “And I kind of think there’s no excuse with the second term.”

The Obama administration has been criticized recently for not having enough diversity with its Cabinet appointees after The New York Times ran a photo of Obama meeting with senior advisers in the Oval Office, the vast majority of them white men. The White House responded by releasing its own photo, which showed a much more diverse crowd of Obama’s top advisers.


Rangel said Obama could be suffering from the “Harvard problem.”

“If it’s the first term, you could see people got to know who is around that’s qualified in order to get this job, No. 1. I had thought, and maybe it’s so, that it could be the Harvard problem where people just know each other, trust each other and women and minorities don’t get a chance to rub elbows and their reputations and experience is not known,” Rangel said.

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  • that it could be the Harvard problem

    Gadzooks. The blind squirrel found an acorn.

  • jay11

    I think it’s embarrasing when I open a Target circular or watch commercials on TV these days and see white males only 10% or less of the time. Sometimes you can see 5-6 commercials at a time on ION TV and see no white males at all.

    • StillModerated

      Somebody recently did an informal study and found bantus in 78% of TV advertising.

      • jfly1222

        Yes and the other 22% were dullard, booger pickin white idiots. Its high time a message is sent to advertisers and makers of these products. Boycott them and let them know it. State Farm insurance and Gerber baby food life insurance come to mind.

      • The__Bobster

        I play a drinking game called “Where’s Sambo?” I go through a lot of Captain Morgan that way.

        • StillModerated

          This comment is neither racialist, nor unfunny!

    • MAJ

      That’s why I won’t shop at Target.
      “If the ad goes black I never go back.”

  • Anti-Communist

    “It’s embarrassing as hell.”
    The fact that Charlie Rangel was ever elected to congress is even more embarrassing.

    • falsedawn

      I think it’s about time we starting thinking in terms of back to africa for blacks…

  • So CAL Snowman

    My name is So CAL Snowman and I have binders full of women. And yes it is embarrassing as hell to see White men representing the democratic party.

  • StillModerated

    Do I smell anti-Harvard bigotry, Rangel? And by Harvard I mean Jewish.

    • Lewis33

      Something about a broke clock…

      • StillModerated

        As for me — I’m not just right twice a day, I’m an extreme righ-wing ultra-archconservative. It’s because I don’t watch TV. And I go to confession a few time a year.

  • ye ol’ swampyankee

    Of course there’s a lack of diversity in Obama’s cabinet. He’s a new world order point man despite his mixed race, selected by the “real” new world order power players made up of whites and Jews. Non-whites don’t make up the new worlds order’s power players.

    • StillModerated

      Unless Big Oil finds black gold under some tinpot dictator’s dirt.

      • ye ol’ swampyankee

        No, when that happens he’s just jumped- out before he can even join like Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein.

    • ye ol’ swampyankee

      And since non- whites aren’t included in the new world order maybe I should petition Skull & Bones, the Bilderbergs, Bohemian Grove, Trilateral Commission, and the heads of major corporations into becoming more racially diverse, rather than racially homogeneous and semi- blood lined as they are.

      All this would be in vain though

      Diversity is for proletariat’s only.

      it’s one of their unspoken golden rules.

  • dhs

    Notice that the non-Diversityites (i.e. white men) are being appointed to critical positions: foreign policy, military, economics. Your president knows that these positions are critical to the FedGov’s (and his) success. The decorative positions,like EPA, DHS, and edumacation, can be distributed as gifts to his supporters.

  • The__Bobster

    women and minorities don’t get a chance to rub elbows and their reputations and experience is not known

    No, it’s that their reputations and experience get to be known.

    • StillModerated

      or lack thereof

  • bigone4u

    In the real world, when a job needs doing well, it needs a white man doing it.

    • Guest

      Yeah! George Bush jr, and his crew really did us well, didn’t they?

  • How many rent-controlled apartments is Charlie Rangel nesting in?

  • odius liberal

    Nothing to see here, obama has spent his whole life dependent on liberal whites. Willie made the right call, without white liberals barackster would be fetching coffee.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    “It’s embarrassing as hell.”

    You bet it is that your race of low IQ mongrels can’t come up with even a handful of truly qualified brains for even a racially biased President to hire and be advised by. Embarrassing.

    • Canis Lupus


    • Non Humans

      One cannot produce what is incapable of existence.

  • I agree. We do have a Harvard problem.

    We have elitist people from an elitist school who know each other and accept their common views as gospel (‘How could ANYONE NOT share our world-view and political ideals?’); an incestuous cabal of old-boy liberals.

    They believe they’re ‘drum majors for peace, justice, and righteousness’ (misquote noted); that only they have the correct opinion. That only they should control the public debate and set public policy.

    Of course, one can only imagine the people Rangel would consider. If the people from Harvard don’t meet his standards for promoting social justice, I shutter to think of the extremists he would approve of.

  • shattered

    There certainly are no conservative white people in the Marxist African’s cabinet.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Rangel might be on to something here. Representative Hank Johnson is black, and so dim-witted he thinks the island of Guam is in danger of capsizing. Why isn’t President Oogabooga picking him for a Cabinet slot? Johnson could be Secretary of Malt Liquor. Susan Rice is also black, and could be appointed as Secretary of Lying to Congressional Investigation Committees.

  • Some Guy

    Following MLK’s advice, shouldn’t we judge people by the content of their character
    and not their skin color? What happened to the best man/woman for the job? This
    makes a nation weak when you reward mediocrity and we are getting weaker and weaker every day. Charlie you and the sheeple who keep reelecting you are the embarrassment.

    • What happened to the best man/woman for the job?

      If Obama wanted the best person for the job at Treasury, he would have called Paul Craig Roberts or someone like that.

      What Obama wants is Harvard Princeton Yale. PCR only has Georgia Tech and University of Virginia in his CV, therefore, he must be dumber than a box of rocks.

      Face it, we’re living in a conveyor belt between the Ivy League, high finance and banking, and big government — It’s so hard to tell where one ends and the other begins that you might as well just call it the megaslopolois.

      • anonymous

        The day Paul Craig Roberts is appointed to Treasury will be the day that we know a real revolution has occurred.

        • Jared Taylor as Secretary of State, Ken Cuccinelli as Attorney General, Joe Arpaio at HLS, Ann Barnhardt somewhere, William “Doc” Carter running the RNC, RJP (comments here at AR) on the Council of Economic Advisers, Steve Sailer, Unamusement Park, Paul Kersey (SBPDL), Hunter Wallace and Jack Ryan (Occidental Dissent) in important roles, for starters…

          Yes, I have my Presidential cabinet dance card mostly filled out. Now all I need are some 70 million people to vote for it.

          • StillModerated

            McCrystal @ DOD

          • Tucker

            McCrystal? Are you insane? This treasonous worm was on MSNBC the other day, spouting a carefully rehearsed set of talking points that Holder and Obama wrote for him whereby he was screaming for American citizens to surrender their AR-15s and AK-47s and every other semi-auto firearm that might give them a sporting chance at defending themselves when our Communist-in-Chief decides to unleash his NKVD storm troopers upon the white residents in the conservative ‘red’ states.

            Look, folks. I am 100 percent certain that this McChrystal character had to be a graduate of one of the top level military academies, or else he would have never made it to the rank of General. Secondly, I am also 99 percent certain that he was required to take one or more courses which discussed American history and the period of our history that encompassed the writing and eventual ratification of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. This means that McChrystal is fully aware of the original intent of the Second Amendment – which was NOT to protect the rights of citizens to go duck or deer hunting. The original intent behind the Second Amendment was to give the citizens of this nation the right to own firearms which were of a comparable nature to those firearms that a tyrant might decide to unleash upon them in order to slaughter anyone who was considered a dissident.

            So, what McChrystal – a new Benedict Arnold if there ever was one, is advocating and trying to help Commie Obama and Commie Holder and Commie Feinstein and Commie Schumer and Commie Lautenberg do is to ban the most effective self-defense weapons from being owned by American citizens, so as to secure a tactical weapons advantage for the NKVD storm troopers who will someday soon be sent to slaughter those millions of people who Bill Ayers predicted would need to be slaughtered before their Communist Utopia could be completed here in America.

            Unless of course, you believe that the NKVD storm troopers will be equipped with single shot 22 rifles when they are ordered to come after the dissidents, because McChrystal and Obama and Holder will want to make sure it’s a fair fight? Yea, sure thing. Since when has the left ever demonstrated that they are good sportsman and believe in fighting fair?

            McChrystal has earned himself a place in the Collin Powell Hall of Shame for betraying the Constitution he had sworn an oath to protect and defend and he has disgraced the uniform he wore for his entire miserable career.

            McChrystal is a guy who probably carries a picture of Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman around in his pocket because he considers that mass murdering, sadistic, psychopathic butcher a hero and role model.

          • Non Humans

            They would have mine. I’d pull that voting lever with the ferocity that my grandmother used to pull the slot machine’s.

  • CharlesFinley

    All those jews, and not a single gas-huffing, polysexual-quadraplegic Cambodian in the bunch!

  • Frank

    I wonder if Charlie would be so concerned if most of the Obama crowd were black?