Disturbing School Bus Stop Brawls Caught on Camera

Marty Griffin, CBS Local (Pittsburg), January 9, 2013

Swissvale police are increasing patrols near a school bus stop where two major brawls happened the past few days.

Cell phone videos captured by students show a crowd of as many as 60 students and parents fighting in the streets of Swissvale, on both Monday and Tuesday.

“They were riots”, says Swissvale Police Chief Greg Geppert. Even worse, the fights were made up of both kids, and adults.

Police say they have already arrested five adults and minors, and are looking for close to a dozen more. The students, and parents were reportedly from the Woodland Hills School district.


“I’m afraid for my life. I won’t go for a walk anymore”, says a woman who didn’t want to be identified.



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  • falsedawn

    Disturbing School Bus Stop Brawls Caught on Camera,
    I’m not disturbed in the least…

  • 48224

    These videos are very instructive. Watch closely so you know what to expect and how to defend yourself as the USA slides into the third world.

  • Robert Binion

    The only honest documentaries created today are made with cell phones.

    • Morris Thecat

      and the pavement apes are so stupid that they are the ones filming these events and posting them. They are so simple minded that all they can conceive of is the social points they get, amongst their brethren, for being a part of this and for filming this, they are not capable of self awareness so they can not see how this shows what they are really like. These videos will keep on coming my friends, all from the phones of the stupid animals that are so proud of themselves for behaving this way.

      • Garrett Brown

        What’s sad is they promote it and love when it happens. “Ima upload dis to hiphop.com!”

  • OlderWoman

    Their version of a PTA meeting.

    • Bill

      EXACTLY the same as a PTA meeting composed of the same people.

    • Without the T

  • IstvanIN

    Blacks are like yappy little dogs, let them off their leash and they start misbehaving.

    • StillModerated

      Bad dog! No KFC!

  • StillModerated

    The NY Times has a site which shows the racial make-up of every census district in the land. The blue dots are not good.


    Swissvale is apparently not quite as bad as Wilkinsburg.

    • Xerxes22

      Swissvale isn’t as bad as Wilkinsburg but it is definitely going in that direction. It went from 74% White and 22% Black in 2000. to 58% White and over 34% Black in 2010. In another decade or so, Swissvale should be a diversity paradise like Wilkinsburg.

    • Non Humans

      Nice link, had to bookmark that. You wouldn’t happen to have something similar that would overlay crime statistics as well would you?

  • tacheles

    Is it even theoretically possible to ever civilize these savages? Where would change come from and what form would it take?
    The issue cannot even be debated in many venues. Here in Chicago, the Tribune won’t allow comments when black crime is involved. Moreover, if comments are allowed for innocuous stories, it is restricted to members of odious Facebook. I wonder if at some point, libtards will have to pull their heads out of the sand.

    • The__Bobster

      No problem. I use a fake Faye’s Spook identity, just like the hundreds of other posters at that site making anti-groid (truthful) statements.

    • StillModerated

      They’d have to remove their heads from their recta first!


    • Non Humans

      I have always said that “They have been Domesticated, but Will Never be Civilized”.
      And no, the libtards will never pull their heads out of the sand, that is, not until the animals are behaving in their natural fashion in their neighborhoods and at their doorsteps. Then, even at that, some of them will still be too deluded to believe what is right before them.

  • Oil Can Harry

    The NAACP will hold a press conference tomorrow demanding that school bus stops be banned since they lead to violence.

    • Non Humans

      Bus stops beez raciss!!

  • Tom_in_Miami

    This was described as “disturbing.” Somehow that word just doesn’t express the feelings that a lot of us have as we begin to see these “return to nature” videos on almost a daily basis. I can definitely understand why the young, unidentified woman wants to move, but I hope she does her research well before she makes a move. This is not an uncommon form of behavior in certain, actually many, communities.

    • IstvanIN

      Dogs without humans return to the wild, why wouldn’t Africans? Both need constant attention, discipline and a watchful eye.

    • IstvanIN

      Dogs without humans return to the wild, why wouldn’t Africans? Both need constant attention, discipline and a watchful eye.

      • It’s true, domesticated blacks, well, there may have been some civilizational hope(?), but NOPE, not so. We see feral negroes running rampant across the land. At least this is what I see. Of course I have to qualify this by saying “not all are like this”, but that runs dry after awhile. I wonder what others see that I don’t see. I know many, many white people who “are NOT racist!”, at ALL! They must see a lot more civil bruth’as than myself.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    I was shocked. Until I looked at the video, I was sure I was going to find a lot of Whites battling each other instead of blacks. Who knew blacks could be so violent?

    And who was asking why anyone would need a 30 round mag?


    • longing4abetterworld

      I can remember when AIDS first surfaced in the early 80’s. Another black problem, one could argue, but that’s another post. They said there’d be a time in the future when everybody would know somebody who died of AIDS. I INSIST that will happen with black random/flash mob violence. There will be a time when everybody knows somebody who’s been a victim of brutal black violence.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Yes. As we become more like South Africa:

        Everyone knows a relative or friend who has been killed or at least subjected to some form of violent crime

        –Dan Roodt, Adapt and Die — South Africa’s New Motto


        What’s in store for us? Here is the outcome, from the widow of Alan Paton who wrote Cry, the Beloved Country and who worked tirelessly to turn South Africa over to murderous black savages.

        Here is the legacy he left for his own loved ones:

        Among my friends and the friends of my friends, I know of nine people who have been murdered in the past four years. An old friend, an elderly lady, was raped and murdered by someone who broke into her home for no reason at all; another was shot at a garage. I have been hijacked, mugged and terrorised. A few years ago my car was taken from me at gunpoint.

        Last week, about 10km from my home, an old couple were taken out and murdered in the garden. The wife had only one leg and was in a wheelchair. Yet they were stabbed and strangled – for very little money. They were the second old couple to be killed last week.


        This is what the US will turn into, killing fields, like in SA, when we Whites are a soon-to-be a hated minority. Of this I have no doubt.


        • Jaego

          And Mrs Paton still doesn’t get it. Like so many who flee from South Africa, she refused to see the Black Man for what he is.

          • Non Humans

            “Black Man?” “Man?” A tad generous on the dignity? “Man” is an earned title. These are “Children” in every sense.

    • Miko

      I felt the very same way. I expected to see young Amish Boys NOT the fine upstanding (whatever they are calling themselves today) ?

      • Jefferson

        So most Black yoofs are not like the fictional Steve Urkel, Carleton Banks, and Theo Huxtable ? You know, high I.Q law abiding upstanding citizens.

  • zone

    Parents and children involved should be removed from that community and transported to
    labor camps where they will be housed, fed, and led to a more productive and happy existence.

    • Non Humans

      Those are called “Ghettos”, but without the labor and productive parts. Labor and Productivity beez raciss!!

  • Morris Thecat

    genetics. This shows that race is not a “social construct”

  • Morris Thecat

    what do you expect from these animals., They can’t even leave a fireworks display in Africa and go back to their homes peacefully without 60 people being killed in a melee. White people manage to drop kids off and pick them up from bus stops and go to and from fireworks displays all of the time without incident. Why the difference? Race. White people manage all sorts of activities and exchanges all the time that blacks can not manage without violence breaking out. They are retarded, violent, primitive brained creatures that don’t belong amongst us.

    • Non Humans

      That’s why I refer to them as “Non-Humans”. They don’t fit or deserve the title, let alone as much dignity.

  • MAJ

    It’s hopeless.

    How many more stories do we need of blacks behaving like sub-primates?

    Night after night, night after night…all of us here get it.

    At this rate, NOTHING will change until the next meteor wipes out life on earth.

    We had better start posting topics on what we need to do rather than rehashing an endless loop of horrors.

    • Andy

      I think it best that they are reported *somewhere*. This site had been in existence many years before I came here; but the honest reporting it offered has been invaluable to me, and, I’m sure, to other newcomers.

    • longing4abetterworld

      I like to watch “11at11” which is the 11pm news of the local Pittsburgh NBC affiliate. The first 5 minutes are usually chock full of what I call “black stories.”

    • Non Humans

      There are no certainties, but at least this stuff is being thoroughly documented. At a certain point enough of it being archived will make it absolutely impossible for the libtards to refute what all of us have been saying for so long. It will probably take alot more of stories like these to turn any kind of tide against them, but the day will inevitably come.
      For now, though, document and educate yourself and loved ones. Slowly but surely the greater masses are and will come around to our cause. We will have to win on innumerable intellectual fronts, and inevitably violent ones too, once it all breaks off. Preparation, Documentation, and Education are the essentials to winning.

  • tacheles

    This report was aired on CBS 23 years ago. Nothing has changed. The subject is even more taboo now.


    • Kevin Vail

      Those blacks at the high end of the bell curve, like Dr. Bell see the problem but you can’t fix stupid with meds.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    It’s heartwarming to know that black parents appreciate living in a prosperous, developed nation and are anxious to set a good example for their children, so they can grow up to be productive, well-adjusted individuals.

  • Around metro Detroit, that is what we call “Sudden Onset TNB”.

  • • Those of us who grew up in communities blighted by the undertow are aware that such violence has been the norm for decades.

    The advent of ready-to-go video makes it seem more frequent to the few who bother to take note. Most, sad to say, believe the sound-stage illusions they see on TV and in the movies.

    • gemjunior

      I grew up in a community where the black undertow was in pretty close proximity but was shielded from it in every way and always believed through nearly my whole life till very recently, that blacks were all like Bill Cosby and Morgan Freeman. All female blacks were cheerful mammies who were kind and willing, poor through no fault of their own. When I was in my mid-teens I had to meet a friend at the Kings County Mall in Brooklyn, which was a pretty safe place for teens to meet. Still, there were people there from ALL areas of Brooklyn including really black ghetto areas. So I was going into the mall when a black teenage boy came up to the door as I was pushing it in and put both hands up to right where my face was. With all his might, he smashed his fists on the door so I could not push it and also the gesture was very aggressive because if the door wasn’t there, he was implying that he would be hitting me in the face. I stepped back in total surprise and moved out of his way as he ran through another door and then out. Nobody batted an eye and I just went on my way. I figured it was a total aberration and he was the exception and not the norm, then put it out of my mind. And there it stayed until I was reminded of it by this sentence. Over the past couple of years my mind ha been opened. It happened by accident. I didn’t go looking to become a race realist, it just happened when I could no longer pretend. The first impulse is savage and anything else is the result of good, strong, discipline. Something that is absolutely imperative, as some people will eventually find out to their dismay and against their will. I thank God my eyes have been opened.

      • I call it it ‘culture shock’. It occurs that moment when whites step out of their make-believe world and enter the realm of the undertow. Sad to say Cosby and Freeman are complicit in that the imbibe in denial and perpetrate the myth that there is no undertow. There are a few blacks (Larry Elder comes to mind) who are more honest in their appraisal of American black culture. Gloria Swain, Thomas Sowell, etc., are bit more honest, but even they fall short of facing realism.

  • longing4abetterworld

    I’m from Pittsburgh, and Swissvale is another area that’s drastically changed over the years. As a kid, I always enjoyed the drive to local historic amusement park gem, Kennywood Park. It went thru Swissvale. They had lighted Stop signs in Swissvale! Nowadays, of course, every stop sign lamp is out, and you pray you don’t stop at a traffic light for too long. Back then, I can still remember a drunk black woman walking across the street directly in front of my dad’s car. He had to stop as she put her hand on the hood. This past summer, while heading home from the park, my brother narrowly missed a car (driven by a drunk black) that failed to merge

  • Buck

    You can imagine my “SHOCK” when I saw the perps. were african-American.
    What is going on with these Masters Of Invention and Wisdom?

    • SPYDERx13

      You took the words right out of my mouth. I never saw this in my 12 years at a White bus stop.

  • shattered

    This is what’s increasingly passing for “community” in diversity obsessed America.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      The word used to describe this behavior is “vibrant”. These are “vibrant communities”.

      • Non Humans

        Correction: “Vibrant and Diverse Communities”.
        I think I’ll pass…

  • Jefferson

    The bleeding heart liberal Bob Beckel from the tv show “The Five”, thought it was racist to show a video of Swissvale Black students Chimping out, because he thinks it “negatively stereotypes” Black yoofs.

    Bob Beckel is oozing with White guilt coming out of his ass. Bob Beckel suffers from the same disease as Chris Matthews.

    • SPYDERx13

      I saw this too, and wanted to shout at him. Maybe there is a bit of truth in stereotypes, and that is how they get to be stereotypes.

      • Non Humans

        If it were’nt true they would have no problem showing it. Since it is the truth and the norm, though, it is buried.

  • Josey Wales

    I issue a proclimation: Today shall be henceforth and forevermore known as the “Great Pittsburg Chimpout”. Bantus make me sick.

  • Tom_in_Miami

    Re the lady who didn’t want to be identified, I wonder which one was her nephew. She may very well be in a situation she can’t get out of.

    • Non Humans

      In Re to your last sentence: That would eliminate the need for our cause. The animals would be dealt with promptly because there would be no denying or covering up of exactly whom (read “what”) is the problem.

  • baltasar almudárriz

    Can’t get past the stream of ads- most of which show nothing but non-Whites.