Two high school athletes took the term ‘fight to the finish’ literally when they sparked a mass brawl during a relay race in New York City.

The athletes from Thomas Jefferson High School in Brooklyn and Mount Vernon High School in suburban Westchester County were competing in the Hispanic Games last weekend.

As the two unnamed players came into the home straight to exchange their batons, they got tangled up together and ended up both running off the track.

Punches began to fly and in seconds, the rest of their respective teams joined in the fight.

The row took place during a heat for the relay race at the Hispanic Games, one of the largest track meets in the nation.

Some 6,000 high school athletes from 300 schools attended the meet at the Armory Track in Harlem.

Organizers of the meet did not return a message left by MailOnline on Wednesday.

The brawl between the runners was captured by camera that was broadcasting the event live.

The cameraman did not linger on the fight and instead zoomed in tightly on the new leader.

The announcer made no mention of the disorder on the track and simply announced a new race leader.

Despite the dust-up, at least one Thomas Jefferson High School relay team still managed to make it to the finals – taking 26th place out of 52.


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  • Tim

    A lifetime ago they used to call me “Mr. Mile Relay”…And growing up I always remembered,admired and emulated a Victorian era story. It was about two boys who get tangled on the final turn, one goes down and the other pulls up short in order to dust the first boy off and hand him back his baton. they then line up and continue the race to the cheers of both sides of the stadium…

    • Put aside your racism. Manners, ethics, grace and class are so-o-o white.

      (sarcasm off)

  • So CAL Snowman

    Of course they have to have the “Hispanic games” in the good ole’ US of A because all of the mexicans and that can run, jump, and swim are here instead of Mexico.

  • falsedawn

    I saw this video on Youtube – it didn’t come through here. Interesting thing is a White team kept running. Looked to me from what I saw, the White team would win the race. I don’t know though. But it’s my opinion that this is very telling. All we have to do is our best and not worry about anything or anybody else and in the end the White people will win everything.

  • More so than any other, track and field is a “hurry up and wait” affair for its participants. Even if fights don’t break out during the actual events, because everyone is sitting around waiting for their event to happen, if the assembled and athletes are from different hoods or gangs or sets, fighting can easily break out. Also, a whole lot of love affairs can break out — There are many examples of marriages of men and women who are both track stars, simply because there was a whole lot of “hurry up and wait time” and they used that to eye each other and fall in love with each other, and of course, they start out having a love of track and field in common.

    • So you are saying this phenomena doesn’t happen during high school swimming, golf, or tennis events?

      Like the real estate salesperson to my sister years ago, “The high school has a good tennis team ….”

    • 1gravity

      I joined the track and field team my last year in high school, In multiple meets, there were a lot us, from different teams, wandering around the infield. I don’t remember this circumstance leading to ongoing brawls. But this was late ’50’s Long Island, where we did not have the modern benefit of cultural enrichment.

  • The__Bobster

    Where are our posters who think that squat monsters are better than mudflaps?

    • This happened in New York, so the “Hispanics” are basically light skinned mulatto blacks who speak Spanish.

      • Flossie

        And did you also notice that it was Thomas Jefferson High School vs. Mount Vernon High School? Heaven help us.

    • Those dudes fighting are anything but “Hispanic”. My guess would be Dominican, Black Puerto Ricans, etc. Calling a Black Dominican a “Hispanic” would be like calling Michael Jackson a “Anglo-Saxon”. Just cause their Surname may be be Spanish, and their first language may be Spanish, does not mean that they are in fact “Hispanic”

      If that was the case, I guess Michael Jackson, James Brown, Rodney King, and Martin Luther King would all be Anglo-Americans. English was their first language, and their names were as Anglo as it gets.

      I am not trying to be argumentative, however I am just trying to to take a sarcastic approach to pointing out just how silly it is to label someone who looks as though they climbed out of a tree three weeks ago as being “Hispanic”.

  • aaaa

    These Hispanics were very likely Puerto Rican or Dominican. These two groups tend to be more violence-prone than Mexicans.

    • AutomaticSlim

      Umm…I have them all in the area where I live.
      The Mexicans (second generation) are just as bad and sometimes worse.
      And they are very prone to joining gangs, even more so than the other two groups.

      I have observed that many older people (60/70+ crowd) seem to have a more favorable

      view of Mexicans than others. I attribute this to them noticing the Mexicans that may

      work in landscaping or house cleaning, and thinking that they are “hard working”.
      What these older whites fail to realize is that the children of these workers are

      very often ultra violent gang members and troublemakers.

      • IstvanIN

        The children, or anchor-babies, become “Mexican-Americans”, which is even worse than a regular Mexican.

    • Alex

      The Puerto Ricans and Dominicans are just more or less mulattos and that black side makes them way more aggressive.

      • D. H. Andrews

        I was thinking the same thing. Mestizos are bad enough, but chunk in some African genes and we have a great increase in aggression, lower IQ’s and higher testosterone levels – which is a dangerous combination, and just ripe for violence and anti-social behaviour. Happpy New Year to a new generation of anchor babies and U.S. citizens. That’s why I look at clueless individuals who talk in glowing terms of how great the U.S. will be in 100 yrs. or so! We’ll be lucky if we remain a sovent nation another few generations. We will disintegrate faster than Brazil.

        • saxonsun

          Speaking about this infestation, here in NYC almost all the construction workers are mexican. I never see white men. Just today, there was a new construction site being erected by mexicans. I’m sick of their filthy chatter and the theft of white jobs. I am even sicker of the way white men have rolled over and presented their bellies.

  • RHG

    Can’t even run a race without it turning into a near riot.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Race? Riot? Race Riot?

      Ha ha ha. That’s a JOKE, son! You made a FUNNY!

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Another proud moment for the Hispanic Games…

  • David Axelrod

    Low IQ is a bitch ….

  • Joe Biden now call Hispanics central to the future of the USA, as if they will make or break us. That’s annoying. Where I work in healthcare, I see more and more of these hispanics turning up. Sure they smile and are more pleasant than blacks (which says nothing at all), but it’s true, they are, but I have to ask, was it such a good idea to turn the USA (once just an extension of western Christian civilization, i.e. a land well over 90% white) into the mire of latin america? When I see a lot of these of people coming up from Mexico I wonder what the second and third generations will be like here. Now you know, there are people getting beat up in LA if they cheer the soccer team of the USA. That makes my blood boil. I wonder how the viewers, the liberal viewers of MSNBC, think when they watch those after hour programs of violent prisoner stories set inside prisons and the like. They may show white supremacists of course, but more often it shows violent life with blacks and hispanics. I saw a show once on that network about rather large phenomena taking place in Oakland, California alone. I don’t know spanish and will never, ever speak it, but it was about dangerous rival gangs divided to the north and the south of that fair city shining on the east side of San Francisco Bay. They don’t use english words however, only spanish to designate themselves. There have been illegals arrested of course this documentary showed, but also many ‘Americans’ too of latin descent. They fight and kill each other over issues that seem, well, stupid. Some of these people and their value of life is different I guess. We must be too nice I am guessing. I always picture nice Berkeley graduates driving their cars on the freeways and going up hill sides to homes they have paid for and perhaps a white child or two. What will this country be like when they get older. Will they have any clue as to what it once was?

    • Sherman_McCoy

      ” . . . as if they will make or break us.”

      Well, they most certainly can break us.

    • When Biden calls Latinos the future of America, I hope he’s being ironic. Even he can’t be so stupid not to recognize that letting these cholos into the country is going to turn it into a dystopia, can he?

      • Biden is an awful kind of being. His mind is so deluded that he’d be the first person driving through the ghetto smiling and shaking hands and continue to spew out about how much better WE can do for you, speaking to ghetto youth. He would never tell them in any clear way that their problems are their own fault, because he does not believe they are to blame. Governments job is to take care of people is the way he sees things.

  • Ulick

    Don’t mock the Hispanic Games. Many world records have been set during the Hispanic Games. Still standing records include…

    — Fastest illegal entry into the U.S.;
    — Most illegal immigrants packed into one border crossing vehicle; and
    — Most chin-strap beards per square mile

    And so on.

  • Diamond_Lil

    I work in a majority Hispanic school district in Los Angeles. Looking into the eyes of most of these kids is like looking into the eyes of a shark. They have no religion, no morals, no manners, no ambition, no interest in building a community, no interest in looking toward a better future. I’ve watched them pass around a video on their cell of beheadings by Mexican cartels and cheering about it. When I inquired about how they discovered such a gruesome link, well, it was their parent who showed them – the nice, lawncare Mexican man or Mexican maid who works so cheaply. Make no mistake, these older Hispanic people may smile and seem nice, but they raise vipers who revel in the cartel culture.

    • Remington

      Excellent anecdote and observation on the subject at hand. I wish more posters would use their personal experience in this fashion instead of yapping about irrelevant facts from their private lives here.

      Thanks for sharing.

    • newscomments70

      I believe you are being unfair to sharks. Sharks never intentionally harm human beings.

    • And these are the people that the a**holes in Washington want to amnesty by the tens of millions.

      As an aside, I have come to the conclusion that we can’t deal with the country’s problems until we deal with the people standing in the way of finding a solution: Our nation’s “leaders.”

    • shattered

      Crazy innit?

  • odius liberal

    Tribalism at its best.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    Hispanic? I’m so tired of this term as a racial designation. I just call them Browns. White, Black… Brown… or beaner when they say gringo.

    “Violence at an diversity-urban sporting event? Is there a moustache in Mexico?”

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Isn’t it nice the way athletics instill in young people the values of sportsmanship, healthy competition and fair play, ameliorating thuggish ghetto behavior for a while?

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Sort of like “Midnight Basketball.”

      • Midnight basketball is still trying to work! Give it a chance. Thirty years or more is not enough time. We can make winners out of that game.

        • Sherman_McCoy


        • Michael_C_Scott

          Midnight basketball needs a bigger budget before it can work, and mean-spirited Republicans are preventing the funds from being allocated.

  • You can’t polish a turd…

  • scutum

    You must realize that “our leaders” or what the MSM euphemistically call “the elites” understand completely what they are doing. This has all been planned to destroy this country so ” the elites” can then move in and pick up the pieces, and impose their vision of a Marxist utopia on us. Think Cambodia and the killing fields, and who better to carry out their genocidal plans than the miscreants from south of what used to be our border.

  • mobilebay

    Did a fight break out at the Italian relay races? The French? The Dutch? The Swiss? The English? The German? Thought not, because they have become Americans. Hispanics never will, no matter what Obama does to make them feel welcome.