Yes, You’re Racist: The Casual Comments Permeating Twitter

The Independent, January 4, 2013

When the United States finally elected its first African-American president in 2008, some pundits declared that America had become a post-racial society—that all our racial tensions somehow evaporated as soon as a black guy managed to become president.

Bolstered by polling data showing an increase in racial tolerance among younger generations, these primarily-caucasian opinionators told us Barack Obama’s victory meant race simply didn’t matter anymore.

Of course, anyone who followed the race-baiting campaigns of 2010 and 2012 knows that this rose-tinted look at American politics and culturecouldn’t be further from reality. That’s why, at the height of President Obama’s reelection campaign this fall, I created the Twitter account @YesYoureRacist to disabuse people of the myth of a post-racial society one tweet at a time.

For the past three months, I’ve been searching for tweets that begin “I’m not racist, but . . . ”, and the results aren’t pretty. More often than not, the person goes on to say (without any trace of irony) something apparently racist—or at least, that’s what it looks like to me—as if the “not racist” disclaimer somehow excuses whatever they’re about to say.

“Im not racist but a black man as the president is just not smart,” tweeted @JakeBlevins24 shortly after President Obama was reelected.

“Im not racist but asians are most definetly [sic] my least favorite of all the races,” tweeted @eassyyj, who apparently made a list ranking their favorite races.

After over 1,000 “not racist but” retweets since the beginning of October, some interesting trends have emerged. For example, people of every race seem to believe people of every other race smell terrible, and that nobodycan drive—especially blacks and Asians, according to some. Of course, this isn’t just an American phenomenon; there’s also a significant number of “not racist but” tweets from the United Kingdom and other English-speaking countries. Many of the British tweets simply refer to non-specific “foreigners,” though there’s also a great deal of racism directed at Pakistanis.

More depressing is the widely-held view that, to quote a phrase I’ve retweeted dozens of times since starting @YesYoureRacist, “there’s a difference between black people and ni**ers.” The sentiment was popularized by Chris Rock’s 1996 HBO special Bring the Pain, but is now used primarily by white people who want to justify their use of the N-word.”There’s a civil war going on with black people, and there’s two sides,” Rock said in his routine. “There’s black people, and there’s ni**as. And ni**as have got to go.” The point of Rock’s controversial routine was that people who fulfill negative stereotypes of African-Americans bring down the entire race. Unfortunately, it has somehow morphed into a popular opinion that the N-word only refers to people who fulfill those stereotypes.

Now I certainly don’t claim to be an expert on race relations, but it stands to reason that while such a nuanced use of that word may be appropriate for a race-focused African-American comedian like Chris Rock, the same cannot be said for a 16-year-old white kid living in the suburbs. In fact, Rock said he retired his “Ni**as vs. black people” routine specifically because it gave white people the impression that it was okay to use the N-word.

The most disturbing thing about @YesYoureRacist isn’t the racism itself. It’s that the people I retweet—the vast majority of which appear to be teenagers—genuinely don’t understand whether they’re being racist. It’s a generation that never had to grow up during the times of Jim Crow, civil rights marches or apartheid, and has never been confronted by the institutional racism that older generations saw on a daily basis. As a result, many teens seem to think racism simply means active hatred of another race, and not the apparent prejudices and stereotypes displayed by the people I retweet.

Occasionally, someone retweeted by @YesYoureRacist will protest that the backlash provoked by their tweet somehow infringes upon their freedom of speech. They’re only sharing an opinion, they say. But just as they don’t seem to see whether they’re being racist, they also don’t understand that freedom of speech doesn’t apply to the societal consequences that speech may provoke. Until those lessons are learned (and by the looks of things, that might take a while) @YesYoureRacist will continue to expose the comments permeating social media—one tweet at a time.

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  • falsedawn

    Many of the sweetest, loving, caring, most wonderful people I know are racists…

    • Ulick

      Exactly. I know many people (myself included) who hold “racist” thoughts, but who have never hurt a person of another race either physically or through words. Regardless, to the multi-cultists, simply holding “racist” thoughts is a crime on par with murder or rape.

      • vladdy1

        Realism is not racism. Pass it on.

    • Thank you very much. It’s almost like you know me.

    • Liberalsuck

      I’m not racist. I have two colored TVs at home.

      • StillModerated

        Everybody should own a couple of them!

      • Ron

        Hey at least your colored TVs work…

    • pcmustgo

      AND HONEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Svigor

      I think the best way to answer the “racism” charge is to hurl the accusation back at the instigator. “You’re a racist!” “You’re a racist.” Don’t even acknowledge the charge, just hurl it back. Eventually they’ll cave and allow the role-reversal, confident in their anti-racist bona fides. Now you’re the Inquisitor, and they’re defending themselves from the charge of heresy. And you can always make it stick, because everyone is a racist. The whole liberal Narrative is racist, “anti-racism” is racist, and everyone who hurls the “racism” charge believes in large portions of both.

    • Ron

      Racism only rears it’s ugly head when something even uglier shows up. What is uglier than racism?

  • So CAL Snowman

    Yep America is sooooooo racist and oppressive that the non-whites are fighting each other to escape back to their non-white majority countries . . . oh wait it’s the exact opposite

    • Svigor

      Yes, that’s a good entry into the point I made above about how everyone is a racist. E.g., almost all would-be “anti-racist” Inquisitors are in favor of open borders. But since America is a racist society, a majority-white society (and whites are hopelessly “phantom racist”), open-borders advocates are advocating exposing millions of innocent, be-haloed non-whites to vicious white racism. Das raciss.

      Same goes for multiculturalism. If MCism has taught us anything, it’s that whites are hopelessly raciss. What kind of racist psychopath advocates MCism, wherein millions of innocent, be-haloed non-whites are exposed to the depredations of incurable white racism?

      Same goes for Integration.

  • Francis Galton

    Ignoring the fact that “racism” is a cultural Marxist construct with no meaning prior to the mid-20th century, I take it this sanctimonious egalitarian didn’t see the “racist,” anti-White tweets people published about wanting to kill White people after seeing Django Unchained. Yet more evidence that in the current zeitgeist Whites are routinely harangued, dehumanized, and being “softened up” for a much grimmer future (whether that be genocide or financial slavery).

    • StillModerated

      If the borrower is a slave to the lender, then all mortgage-holders are slaves.

    • Mike Lane

      I’ve read books from the 1920s on race (Passing of the Great Race, Revolt Against Civilization, etc.) and I don’t remember the word “racist” being mentioned.

      • Unperson

        Correct. Its earliest usage is apparently traceable to a certain Lev Bronstein — better known as Leon Trotsky — in the 1930s. Having been exiled from (but not yet icepicked by) Stalin’s USSR, Trotsky had the bright idea of expanding the Marxist notion of class-warfare to include race-warfare. He seems to have calculated that, since the white proletariat wasn’t slaughtering the hated bourgeoisie fast enough, the communizers could pick up millions upon millions of new recruits by pitting the poor and backwards races (“the wretched of the earth”) against the successful and advanced races.

        It’s even arguable that, had Trotsky never lived, the bizarre and regrettable phenomenon of America being ruled by an African, would never have happened.

        • Mike Lane

          Your mentioning of the icepick did in fact bring a tear to my eye.

          • Liberalsuck

            My uncle and I were talking about history last night and the subject of Stalin came up and he mentioned Stalin had Trotsky killed in the 1940s because he was paranoid Trotsky would get him.

          • MikeofAges

            Now that I think about it, Obama is kind of Trotskyite at that. This is somewhat of an anomaly. Hillary Clinton was much more a Leninist. That was anomalous too. “Men are from Lenin and women are from Mao.” But Hillary was in different position than most. She had real power and couldn’t just theorize and rant entirely without regard for external reality.

            Obama is from a Third World background. Perhaps that explains why he is different.

          • Mike Lane

            Or steal his kosher desserts.

          • Unperson

            Your mentioning of the icepick did in fact bring a tear to my eye

            In a good way, I hope.

            A couple of my like-minded friends and I have a “thing” where we take a left-wing movie but twist it into a right-wing interpretation. Here are a couple of examples:

            “Yeah, I saw Easy Rider. But I was rooting for the rednecks in the pickup truck.”

            “Yeah, I saw Soderbergh’s Che. But I was rooting for the Bolivian Army.”

            …And my personal favorite:

            “Yeah, I saw The Assassination of Trotsky. But I was rooting for the icepick.”

          • Guest

            Is there any other way? I agree. I did the same with Roots.

          • StillModerated

            I saw Tomango and rooted for the anchor!

      • ex-liberal

        That is because the word didn’t exist until 1935 in French and until 1936 in English. The word came about to explain the theories of racial hierarchy of the National Socialist government in Germany in the 1930s. It replaced other words like “racialism” (1871) and “racialist” (1917). The word “racism” and “racist” remained largely academic from 1935 to around the early 1960s, when the up-and-coming “Civil Rights” (CR) movement needed to brand the opposition with a nasty label. “Racism” and “racist” became political attack words from that point on. The opposition called the CR movement people communists and claimed it was financed and controlled in large part by a particularly wealthy, powerful, high-strung minority that gets hysterical when mentioned by name. Kind of like the financing of the Bolsheviks. See the pattern?

        For further information on the above topic, read chapter 6 of Cultural Insurrections by Kevin MacDonald. It’s online. You can Google it by the name of the chapter (when you find out what the name of the chapter is).

        • Liberalsuck

          They also know controlling whites with the word ‘racism’ would allow them to push other anti-white propaganda or socialistic programs or perverted agendas (like pedophile rights, for example) by saying, “Why, pedophiles are people, too. You know, this is the same attitude people had when Rosa Parks didn’t move from her seat.” or “You think we should kick out illegals and make them show papers? Why, did you know the Nazis made people show their papers, too?” I suspect within a decade or so all the accusations of racism and white guilt might just be pretty much driven out of white people. I’m seeing more and more whites say “Anti-racist is codeword for anti white” and seeing more and more regular conservatives speak out against black on white violence.

    • Svigor

      Yep. Exhibit 2 in the “hurl the accusations of racism back at the accuser” trial. “You live in a racist society where anti-white snuff flicks like Django win Academy Awards, but anti-black snuff flicks are forbidden from even being made, and you’re okay with that. You do nothing to protest this racism. Instead, you follow whites around and accuse them of racism. You’re a racist.”

      Everyone is guilty of this stuff. I doubt there’s a single person I couldn’t convict of racism, given sufficient time for cross-examination (and pleading the 5th is evidence of racism, too; who but someone with racism to hide would plead the 5th?).

  • Okay, so why bother trying not being one?

    • So CAL Snowman

      No wonder blacks and mexicans are so racist, being an Anti-racist is a lot of hard WORK!

    • Svigor

      That’s the point I’m trying to make: everybody is one.

  • Anon

    I’m not racist but….I think whites should band together and forcibly remove all blacks and mexicans from our lands and shoot any who give even the slightest hint of resistance.

    I’m not racist but I think our southern border should be heavily mined and patrolled with snipers with orders to shoot to kill anyone that comes within a dozen miles of the border.

    I’m not racist but I think that, not only should all aid to africa be made illegal but any contact with that contaminated region of sickness, despair and death should be punishable by death.

    Prior to zionist liberalism that originated with WWII, the vast majority of whites agreed with me and not a single one would have considered themselves “racist”.

    • White Ex-liberal

      I’m not a racist either, but I think we first need to arrest all federal politicians in D.C. and try them for treason. I’m also not an anti-semite, but I think arresting those in Hollywood and trying them for treason should run concurrent with step 1. We can call it the American Renaissance Festival.

      • I’m not racist but, but just for the act of living I have accused some feelings here.

      • I keep telling people that the two biggest enemies of America are democrats and republicans. Until these treasonous are banned from office, things will never change. As for Hollywood, I don’t get the self-loathing Jews who run Hollywood. Every show now gives us social lessons and the most baffling is the pro-islam. They claim they are against racism yet live in all white communities. They ally themselves with socialists yet live in 30 room mansions.

        • Svigor

          If you think they’re “self-loathing,” then I agree, you don’t “get it” yet.

    • BellaCosa

      Well that’s a bit extreme, no? Coming within a dozen miles of the US border, but not crossing the border should be a capital crime?

  • 48224

    Unless you are down on your knees kissing black arse AND writing out a large check to the NAACP….you’re in danger of being called a racist…..GET OVER IT WHITEY.

    • Mike Lane

      Nowadays they make you breed with them.

    • Liberalsuck

      You’ll be called a racist anyways. When you run out of money and when/if they get more power, they will just kill you and take your possessions anyways. The black celebrities who have had successful careers because of their white fans are openly making problack statements and rubbing their hatred in our faces. It’s like trying to appease a tiger or lion by throwing them meat. The lion hates you, wants you dead and is just waiting until you run out of food to throw to him; because you’re next right when it runs out.

  • StillModerated

    My name is StillModerated, and I am a race realist. If this offends you, then quite frankly I’m very glad you’re offended.

  • MekongDelta69

    Hey Logan, you idiot – I AM a race realist – and there are no ‘BUTS’ about it.
    What now pal?

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    In cultural Marxist Amerika casual observations of truth about specific groups is racist. The new paradigm needs to be any mere accusation of racism in a multicultural society is an act of racism.

  • guest

    Why even bother saying “I’m not racist, but…” anymore? The leftists have completely redefined the word “racist”. It used to mean anyone who hates and discriminates against people of a different race. Now it means any white person who rejects the anti-white multicultural diversity policies enforced on them by the Left.

    • Ulick

      In college, I was a resident assistant and the university had the resident assistants attend various workshops to prepare for issues that might arise. As you may expect, it being an American university, one of the workshops was on “Diversity”. Despite the name of the workshop, it was led by three black women.

      At one point one of the black women defined racism as a system where those in power of one race subjugate another race that is without power. Based on her definition she pointed out that only whites could be racist. Mind you, I wasn’t a race-realist yet, but I could identify illogical drivel when it slapped me in the face. I thought that others must have also recognized the nonsense that we were being fed, but I didn’t notice anyone that found the definition of racism as absurd as I did.

      So, not willing to accept the fact that only whites could be racist, my hand shot up to challenge the assertion. The black women in charge of the workshop were shocked, It was as though nobody had ever challenged their definition before and how dear I, a white man, be the first. They restated their definition as though I must have misheard it the first time. Once again I called them on the lack of logic behind their definition. I still remember how my interruption in the diversity workshop ended. I was told that the definition that they are using was the definition that they were taught… so let’s move on.

      My experience, though seemingly benign at the time, I would later see as a microcosm for the liberal and minorities views on race…

      Liberals and minorities say they want a discussion on race, but when you raise a point that challenges their preconceived views they marginalize you and don’t address your point.

      Liberals and minorities preach diversity, and then have no issue when three black women (complete lack of diversity) are chosen as the sole representatives to speak on diversity.

      Liberals and minorities will always define issues in ways that make whites out to be the bad guys, and then summarily dismiss a white person who challenges that position.

      • guest

        That’s exactly how all of these diversity zealots are. Whenever they’re confronted with the truth that they don’t like to hear, they completely try to change what they said earlier.

        The only thing these “diversity workshops” ever teach is that only whites are hate-filled racists and the sole purpose of these workshops is to brainwash whites into feelings of guilt and self-hatred.

        • Libearlsuck

          More and more I like to challenge liberals by saying, ‘Well, if you are against segregation and aren’t afraid of blacks, why don’t you live in a black neighborhood and take care of blacks with your own money?” or when they bring up the fact we ‘took the land from the natives’ I say, “Then why are you living on ‘stolen land’ still if you are offended by it? Why not give your house away to an American Indian?’ or if it’s about illegals I say, “then give your job to them and build some type of apartment complex for them with your own money and feed them with your own money if you like them so much?” They get pissed when I say that! they call me names: racist, ignorant, uneducated (even though I have more formal education than they do), and all that. It’s like they are all programmed to react the same way when someone disagrees with them.

          • guest

            Liberals just love to run their mouths, don’t they? And name-calling is the only response one will ever get if they ask those types of questions to them, all because liberals are incapable of thinking logically and realistically. They expect everyone else but themselves to make those kinds of sacrifices all to “atone for racism” that today’s whites had nothing to do with. If they care so much for those causes like they say they do, they should be willing to make those sacrifices. Otherwise they should keep their mouths shut and leave everyone else, especially white people, alone.

          • Liberalsuck

            Lots of times white liberals not only love running their mouths, but they often bring up politics or racial or social issues when it has nothing to do with the situation or topic at hand and when they don’t know the person that well. Here’s a personal example:

            A few years ago, I belonged to a running group on We went out jogging and then gathered to eat somewhere. I sat across from this pretty blonde girl and was making conversation with her. (Yes, I was hitting on her, sorry ladies.) I asked where she was from and she said Arizona. I pointed out to her I had family out there and that it was too hot for me. All of a sudden she just flips out almost and says, “OH MY GOD! We have this racist Sheriff there (she was referring to Arapaio, of course) and he makes criminals wear pink and they got rid of the Mexican studies courses.” I kept interjecting I was a Republican, conservative and supported Joe Arapio and ‘liked’ him on Facebook. You would have thought that was a hint for her to stop talking.

            What is it with liberals? And don’t say it’s just because she was young and a female. Lots of liberals–men, women, young, middle aged, old–are like her. They always bring up these anti-conservative/anti-gun/white guilt views when it has NOTHING at all to do with what you’re talking about. It’s like they’re so insecure with what they believe that they need to bring it up all the time. These people just annoy the hell out of me.

            (BTW, I declined asking her out on a date knowing she was a flaming liberal with no consideration or respect for the fact I didn’t share her views)

          • Jefferson

            The irony is that most White liberals live in neighborhoods where the percentage of White people is higher than the national average.

            America is over 35 percent Nonwhite, but most White liberals do not live in neighborhoods that are at least 35 percent Nonwhite.

          • concernedcollegekid

            There are two (white) girls on my Facebook friends who are particularly vocally PC, feminist, and “anti-racist”. Both have never dated outside their race that I have observed on Facebook and both have fewer non-white friends interacting with them on their profiles than I do on mine.

            Obviously not “bragging” or calling myself “actually less racist” than they are, but it reinforces the point that those who most advocate diversity least practice it.

          • Svigor

            They’re racists.

          • Libearlsuck

            the most ‘anti racist’ white people are those who grew up in and have never been in majority nonwhite environments. It’s like that fat slob Michael Moore in his movie Bowling for Columbine who mocked a heavily armed community as, ‘Well, there’s no crime, what are they afraid of?” Well,duh! Maybe the fact they are armed and the fact most criminals suspect they are is why their neighborhoods are safe. It’s like white liberals love drama and need it in their lives. The problem is that everyone else has to suffer for it.

          • Svigor

            Because they’re racists.

          • Non Humans

            I simply tell them “That if they truly believe what they say, then why not take a stroll through their local ghetto after dark?’ If diversity is such a boon and crime isn’t a primarily racial feature, then they should feel just as safe there as anywhere.
            I give them a moment then perform the football referee gesture for Fumble!!

          • Svigor

            Precisely; liberals who claim America was built on stolen land, or with labor stolen from blacks, should immediately receive the response “by your own admission you’re guilty of receiving stolen goods. Until you surrender those stolen goods (i.e., everything you own), you have nothing legitimate to contribute to this conversation, and should have no say in the affairs of those of us who reject that characterization, nor in how we dispose of our property.”

          • Liberalsuck

            You said it better than I did, my friend! LOL

        • Mike R

          They also teach whites to be quiet and not question the insanity or they might jeopardize their careers.

          • Non Humans

            This is the part that holds the majority of people down. The libtards have ingrained this crap into nearly every facet of every industry. It’s the “Choke-Collar” because it threatens their source of income.
            Once enough progress has been made against them, this will cease to be as big of a threat. It will be like Christmas for realists!!

          • Liberalsuck

            Liberals say it’s wrong to judge people by their race. I think it’s wrong for white liberals to assume because I am white that I share their deluded, self hating, socialistic views. Don’t you?

      • Joseph

        I too have been to these types of presentations. If led by a white at all, it will be some feminist harpie but it is usually a black. They *normally* reserve the feminist hags for “sexual harassment” workshops. As if…

        A “discussion on race” means: “If we want your opinion, we’ll give it to you.”
        As far as actually defending the substance of the unfounded assertion that “only whites can be racist”, these three stoogettes “facilitating” (as they like to call it) the workshop are assuredly A.A. hires and not likely mentally capable of synthesizing their own rational rebuttal to your objection. They simply parrot the one-dimensional propaganda they were taught by a similarly incompetent “professor”. If they deviate from the script they will be hopelessly lost.

        “This may not be true but let’s use it as a fact and move on.”

        • Svigor

          “Only whites can be racist” should be followed with a quick encapsulation of the facts on the ground in Zimbabwe, punctuated with the bald fact that Zimbabwe is a black racist country run by black racists and populated with black racists.

          After that, one can proceed to the fact that a white man in an alley surrounded by five racist blacks is in fact in the grip of racism, regardless of the broader facts prevailing in the country in question.

      • concernedcollegekid

        I know what you mean about that phase where you’re definitely not a race realist yet but you keep seeing the illogic of PC thought in small situations and find that you’re not allowed to get an answer to whatever your question is and then when it happens one too many times you’re like, ok, I’m going to Google this, and then you realize that you’ve been lied to.

        You realize it’s significant that the administrators at your high school let the black kids get away with MURDER compared to what white kids could get away with. You realize you should have thought about it harder when you were there… you realize that the system we have now is in no way sustainable but that no one is brave enough to suggest anything new and no one even knows what else might work… because if racial differences are real than nothing will. When it hits you it’s scary.

        I know exactly what you mean.

        • Non Humans

          In RE to your second paragraph: It’s like that because the standards are different. Subconsciously everyone realizes that non-humans are animals, and thus cannot be expected to act within certain standards. That is the reason that alot of realists (closet or not) feel that the chirrens of non-humans have no place in our educational institutions past 5th or 6th grade.
          The sad part is that in most cases the standards are adjusted instead of the “Problems” being dealt with, properly. In this reality, mediocrity is promoted, and human children are exposed to very real physical dangers.

    • Agreed.

    • Liberalsuck

      I love how there are still liberals today who say “Blacks can’t be racist because that requires power…” I say, “Even after a liberal black president has been elected twice? Even after he had appointed a black attorney general who botched up a gun running program that killed lots of people and who still has his job and is not in jail? Even though whites are getting killed in South Africa by blacks and through consent of a black government all because of their race.”

      • vladdy1

        Right. And they always say that in schools where the principal and 90″ of the students are black. Whites are NOT in power in government schools. If you want to keep your job, you just doodle or whatever to get through their trainings teaching you how powerful you are. At the end of the meting, the principal reminds you that obama has now signed into writing the fact that schools cannot have discipline that shows “disparate impact.:”

  • tony soprano

    A racist is a person who knows who he is and where he comes from. The Romans displayed death mask of their ancestors going back centuries. The word racist merely means ethnocentrist. Blacks and latinos are allowed to be ethnocentrist but not whites.

    • Sloppo

      I’m convinced that the only way a white man can normally be considered not to be “racist”, is if he promotes white genocide. In my opinion, all “non-racist” whites are irrational.

  • steve5579

    There is no way for any white to person to ever escape an accusation of “racism”. If you go out of your way to deny it then you’ve already let them win. The best thing to do is just stop caring.

    • mike

      A couple years ago I got so fed up arguing the issue I just starting telling people I was a racist. I was surprised, very few seemed to care.

      • Liberalsuck

        I wish most whites were like you! The reason race hustlers and liberals call us ‘racists’ is because they know it is a very powerful tool to shut people up with. They know we will waste our time getting defensive instead of making them spend their time explaining why their liberalism is preferable to conservatism.

      • concernedcollegekid

        I have a good black friend, and obviously sometimes my friendship with him and the fact that I frequent this site are hard to reconcile. I’ve been thinking about telling him that based on past experiences with other black people I consider myself “racist”, but that he is still one of my favorite people I know and I wouldn’t stop being friends with him for anything.

        In all honesty, I think he won’t care. He’s a great guy, very successful, pretty conservative, and has gone on rants to me about the “entitled” attitudes of other blacks; he’s even said something along the lines of “if I were hiring people for a job, I wouldn’t hire most black people”. I don’t think he hates his race but I’ve always been almost positive he knew the reality on some level.

        I know I can’t keep my “I’m a racist” confession from him forever. It will come out, and now that I think about it I can’t imagine him responding negatively. I know I’ll feel better after I say it…
        White liberals are actually a lot scarier for me to imagine saying it to. I wish I could, but I don’t know if I’d be brave enough. I see people’s point, though, about how if you just say “yeah I’m racist” they won’t really have a comeback.

        • Svigor

          Don’t bank on him being high-minded about it.

        • anonymous

          Oh, I don’t have a problem having friends who aren’t white or who are Jewish. As long as they aren’t anti-white or liberal, I get along with them fine. In fact, my conservative minority friends are more pleasurable to be around than the white arrogant elitist liberal types. I have an Asian friend who is conservative, doesn’t consider China a friend of the US, hates communism, thinks liberals are rude, progun, hates Obama, and one time when I was hanging around him he got a telemarketing call on his cell phone, he hangs up and says to me about the caller, “Can’t black people speak well? He can’t even pronounce the name of street well.” LOL

    • White Ex-liberal

      A few years back I was at a bank and a 30ish black woman was arguing with a 60ish white man about something. Of course she was getting animated and loud and she dropped the, “you’re a racist” charge on him. He calmly and politely responded, “thanks for noticing” and went about his business. It was the best answer I’d ever heard. It ended the situation immediately.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        It’s the perfect response and one I’ve been using for a while.

      • What can they say. They, like ourselves are not so deluded (all except the DWL’s that is) by all this. Sure, they still demand respect and we white people still give into them, so that must be enough for them, for in their minds they are still getting over on us. Remember, many are aware that if it weren’t for all of our tax money being handed over to them, what would they do. However, I doubt this will continue on for much longer, because more and more people are finding, after the umpteenth crime report every night on the news and from what we see everyday in the cities and suburbs, it will all come crashing down.

        • [Guest]

          I first began to think it couldn’t last much longer and would soon come crashing down in ’round about 1983. But it’s become much worse since then.

          • Non Humans

            Giddyup downward spiral!! I’ll play ball in hell, if that’s what it takes!!

        • vladdy1

          “they still demand respect”
          Just as with the muslims, lack of admiration is considered disrespectful. Just as we’re guilty just by being born, they are praiseworth, just for being.

      • Liberalsuck

        I’m noticing that on Facebook. While I don’t post quite the comments on Facebook that I do here (since I’m using my real name there), I almost am starting not to care more and more if people are annoyed with my progun stories I share or when I comment on racial issues simply pointing out double standards that even my neocon friends are doing now or criticizing liberals publicly for their hypocrisy and shrewd tactics. I say, ‘Defriend me if you don’t me if you don’t like what I post.”

        I think even bashing Tim Wise, for example, is occurring among mainstream conservatives, thanks to the late great Andrew Breitbart. Now the liberals can’t dismiss criticism of Tim Wise or the recent ‘Unfair Campaign’ anymore as “Oh, those are just crazy white supremacists.” Remember when ole’ Timmy boy publicly said he wanted Andrew Brietbart to be poor and living on the street? Oh, and then Timmy backpedaled when he was nailed for it; just like he did with the “Open Letter to the White Right.” It’s funny watch these leftist anti-white peddlers like Tim Wise or Michael Moore or these academics who say “white privilege” even getting shot down by normal, mainstream conservatives. The anti-white people and cultural marxists know they’re losing and that’s why they are getting more and more desperate.

        • Mike R

          ” The anti-white people and cultural marxists know they’re losing and that’s why they are getting more and more desperate.”

          The next thing you know they will be trying to take our guns!

        • Michael Ryan

          they are not losing they have won the cold war and are just mopping up in every nation but our own you can be jailed simply by being denounced as a hater by a minority now even in the its a free country they are beating the drum for hate speak laws which they all but have anyway. once they take speech we are left with only guns then we will see how many of you internet superheros cowboy up

      • Joseph

        I’ve had people say “That’s racist.” but I don’t actually ever remember being *called* racist. I’ve found that “Thanks for noticing” covers a multitude of sins such as “homophobe” as well.

        • Svigor

          “You say that like it’s a bad thing” is a good way to leave them blinking, too.

    • robinbishop34

      “The best thing to do is just stop caring.”


    • This is what I am in the process of doing now with my life. I could not care less what people think of me in regards to race. When people use the word racism, it goes in one ear and out the other. I simply no longer care about respecting the feelings of others concerned over racism. I no longer care.

    • Liberalsuck

      Yep. I keep trying to explain that to my conservative friends all the time. I say, “We are white and conservative; we will be called racists no matter what. The liberals will never cut us any slack on anything, be it racial issues, the issue over gun ownership, high taxes, healthcare, abortion and all that. Just laugh at the liberals when they call you names and tell them they are calling you names because they can’t disprove anything you say.” Then again, on second thought, don’t waste your time with liberals. You are very likely never to change their mind and they will just annoy you more.

    • vladdy1

      Yep. Don’t ‘cha know, we’re racist just ‘cos we live and breath? Our very existence is racist. How dare we!

    • Non Humans

      Exactly!! Once you concede as much, it removes all of the momentum from their argument and name-calling (being that is usually the strongest punch that they can throw). Then it leaves the door open for stating the facts (Which is raciss nowadays anyways).

  • mutt3003

    Why do people have such a difficult time with considering themselves racist? Nothing wrong with segregation. All of these two-faced democrats make me laugh. Where did the term white flight originate? Not a knew phenomenon. Plenty of blacks in congress, right? Watch C-SPAN while voting is going on, ever see blacks in those clusters of crusty, impotent whites. Now take those same white liberals – their next door neighbors back home are not black. The closest black is most likely several miles away. Call me a racist. I am.

    • whiteunclerukus

      To answer your question, I think people have a difficult time considering themselves racist because it means they are evil. In our multicultural/diverse society, the word “racist” is equal to the term “child molester.” It’s not something you want to be called.

      • SmithandSmith

        You can’t allow others to dictate what’s evil and what’s not. Murder, rape, child molestation, theft and fraud are evil things and words are not.

      • I understand your reference to child molesters but I think the more common analogy is Nazi. People have been taught that if they hold or utter any racial view, they’re little more than a Nazi. You often hear someone called a “racist Nazi” but not a “racist child molester’ (though I do agree with your point about liking ‘racism’ to something vile and evil).

        Unlink charges of ‘racism’ to being a ‘neo-Nazi’ and we will be able to discuss the realities of race openly and honestly.

  • C_C_Conrad

    “You’re a racist.”
    You are only saying that because I’m white. Anti-racist, is just a code word for – ANTI-WHITE!
    more –
    Jack’s War

  • George White

    I’m halfway through “Paved With Good Intentions,” and it’s very clear that the word “racist” has been so overused that it’s meaningless at this point. It no longer strikes the slightest bit of fear in my heart. JT ‘s book is absolutely terrific by the way, and a real eye opener.

    • Nathanwartooth

      That book is really good and free to read on the internet.

      I just bought Jared’s book White Consciousness for my Dad on Kindle for his birthday. I can’t wait to steal his Kindle and read it!

  • RHG

    As usual we’re treated to the tired assumption that it is only whites that can be “racist”.

  • romney won

    G-d was a racist wasnt he and the original one? He invented racism and saw that it was good and separated the 3 races by remote geographical distance on 3 continents of Europe Asia and Africa after wiping away the original single failed wicked race. Apparently he assumed his blessed chosen white race was mature and knowledeable and knew better than to go to Africa and buy slaves to bring west when they werent needed and not meant to be put there. G-d was dead wrong on that big one.

  • Yes, I’m racist. So?

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      So…you’re fired.

      • Fortunately, I work for a Chinese company, and they’re even more racist than I am.

        • falsedawn

          Yep, most people don’t understand the racism of the Orient.

        • StillModerated

          I understand the Chinese hate Koreans and Japanese more than they hate roundeyes. Sort of the way the English detest the Scots (socialist drunks) and the Irish (violent drunks).

          • Yeah, I wouldn’t describe the Chinese attitude toward blacks as hatred; it’s more of a desultory contempt.

          • Svigor

            I don’t describe my attitude toward blacks as hatred, either. Put it this way: I don’t hate bears or wildcats. But if you force me into school, work, business, neighborhoods, etc., with them, if you use them as pawns in your soft-totalitarian power struggles, if you beat me over the head with my supposed “guilt” in not considering them my equals or peers, well, my reaction might start to look a lot like hatred for bears or wildcats. And eventually, you will indeed succeed in making me hate them.

        • Jefferson

          I am sure most Asian business owners in Los Angeles became racists after the 1992 riots.

  • David M.

    I’m not racist, but… I am tired of all the bigotry directed towards racists. Isn’t hating racists are form of “racism”?

  • RisingReich

    If you’re not racist by now – you are dumber than a bag of hammers.

    • Liberalsuck

      Any white person now that is getting defensive when they are called racists really doesn’t get it. The fact our mainstream establishment conservatives still don’t get the realities of race and how nonwhites will never be like most conservative whites shows they are stupid and don’t deserve any votes.

  • Remember, only Whites can be racists….minorities can attack Whites in the most vile, racist terms–and be given a pass.

    Unless Whites ‘wake up’ and literally challenge this behavior, minorities, aided by the MSM, will be even more embolden–and, make no mistake, White people will die.

  • Marine

    No ” BUTS ” here !

  • Unperson

    I’m not racist but… er… I don’t know how else to end that sentence.

    • StillModerated

      .. and I’m not in denial?

  • The shortest distance between two points = I am a Racist. That’s called efficiency, and it will soon become known as ingenuity. I come from very good German stock, and we know efficiency and ingenuity.

  • “…the vast majority of which appear to be teenagers—genuinely don’t understand whether they’re being racist.”

    I wrote about his before.

    I used to work with some college aged kids who should have known better than to make ‘racist’ observations and dare to speak them aloud. I mean, this generation was indoctrinated by PC culture on every front. I asked them why they would say such things and they all agreed that ‘it’s not racist if it’s true’. Others would tell me they have black friends and go on to say of their black friends something along the lines of the old ‘racist’ line that ‘he’s one of the good ones’. They never saw themselves as ‘racists’.

    I always say stereotypes persist because they’re largely true. Each generation sees the same things the previous generation saw. Political Correctness is only meant to silence such universal observations before they’re spoken in public.

    Many young kids are racially aware but they’re not ‘racists’ like their parents.

  • Diamond_Lil

    I seek to ensure a bright and noble future for my beautiful white children. Therefore, I am a racist.

    • Yes, that does indeed make you a racist. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    • Skincognito

      I have had to burn bridges with my extended family in order to maintain a healthy racial atmosphere in my own home, for the benefit of my growing nuclear family. The day draws nearer when we may lose our racist children to the multicultural Behemoth. Our racial fitness makes us unfit to contribute to the gray utopia currently under construction by the “Left.”
      14 racist words sister!

      • whiteunclerukus

        Sometimes I talk to White people whose family have been penetrated by diversity. They might have a biracial son/daught, neice/nephew etc. and obviously I can’t determine that by looking at them. These are the White people who are most resistant to our cause. They take anti-diversity views very personally, as if I hate their family member. The point is, once a White family has diversity in it, the ENTIRE family is lost.

        • falsedawn

          Here’s the way I’ve seen this play out. The person in the family, usually a woman has a child with a black man who gets lost very quickly. The brothers and sisters are very supportive while the parents are horrified. After awhile though, when the little bi-racial kid gets older and starts manifesting black behavior, the siblings stop inviting their sister to family gatherings.

        • anonymous

          I see the same problem, too. While I am seeing more whites wake up to anti-white hatred, I am also, unfortunately, seeing more and more whites walking around with a nonwhite kid or mixed race kid. I’m seeing the media start more and more to subtlety creep in black male-white female relationships. If you catch some ads really quickly (like a JC Penney’s ad I saw), you will see a black guy with a white female. I just hope all this backfires and most whites will not adopt nonwhite kids or accept their daughters or sons for having any relationships with a nonwhite. Call me cruel if you want, but diversity is not good for us and it has made us weaker as a nation and as a people.

        • Giuseppe Verdi

          “The point is, once a White family has diversity in it, the ENTIRE family is lost.”

          This may be generally true, but its certainly not always so. In fact, sometimes that sort of thing pushes some of the family members more in the race realist direction. Take my family, for example. I have FOUR relatives, including one male, who have had half-black children. And yet most of my family members on that side are not pro-black and many are actually overt anti-black racists. Somehow having blacks, both young and older, in the family didn’t make them, or me for that matter, anti-race realists. My great-grandmother thought that the Civil Rights movement should be put down by violence and blacks put in their rightful place. The fact that she had a few mulatto grandchildren didn’t change her opinions on that front at all. Overall, my family is easily more “racist” than average white Americans are, black relatives notwithstanding. I’m a Southerner by the way…

          • George

            I agree whole-heartedly, Mr. Verdi.

            My dearest friend and significant other is mulatto. If anything, he is more of a racial realist than I am.

            His mother learnt the hard way. Being a coal-burner has consequences. Her parents tried to warn her, but, well, youth has its way.

            Oddly enough, as a couple, the only problems we’ve ever experienced have been by blacks…in a town of 20,000 where, quite literally, fewer than a dozen residents are coloured.

        • Skincognito

          No mud babies in my extended family. Just “progressive Catholics.” The sort that consider mestizos the new Irish.
          No Dora in my house!
          I’m also related to a few childless ex-hippy types that would have my kids read the children’s version of Zinn’s “People’s History” before “Peter and the Wolf” or Kipling’s “Just So Stories.”
          And none of my kin understand my TV ban or my refusal to have non-White dolls in the house. We have a play table with a picture of the Disney black princess among the traditional Nordics, but I covered the negress’ face with a photo of my dog.
          See, racism can be funny without worn-out epithets or tropes!

        • skara_brae

          “…penetrated by diversity.” Brilliant.

      • Garrett Brown

        It’s becoming that way for me too sadly. But deep down, I don’t care. I will not allow my wife or children to be poisoned by a brainwashed sister, cousin, or “family friend”… And there are many when you live in New York/Virginia…

  • bigone4u

    I’ve been called racist. I no longer care. So, instead of “I am not a racist, but …” how about “Call me a racist if you like, but …” The three dots following the word “but” are some statement of truth that offends liberals.

  • Skincognito

    I actually agree with Chris Rock’s point that the alleged distinction between N-words and black people is pernicious among Whites, but for different reasons. Whites who indiscriminately drop N-bombs often conclude their tirades with an intellectually bankrupt theory of what separates N-words from blacks, while also providing a list of their black friends. I call this the Darius Rucker syndrome among working class, instinctively racially loyal Whites.
    May I be so bold as to suggest that there is no difference. Obama is Trayvon. He basically said so right?
    I’m not offended by coarse language regarding the dreadfully serious topic of race, but it should not provide false cover for a mythic “good N-word.”

  • @YesYoureRacist
    Yes, I am.

    • SmithandSmith

      No you’re not. You believe asians are smarter than White People remember? Only people who believe their own ethnic stock is superior are racists.

      • Nathanwartooth

        That didn’t save J.P. Rushton. Saying that IQ goes Jews > Asians > Whites > Blacks will just get you called a White supremacist for saying that Whites are on average smarter than Blacks.

        • SmithandSmith

          If people would stop reacting to it, it’d have no power but because people cower, it has power. It’s just a word for Christ’s Sake! Sir, I’m just not the kind of person who allows non-whites and/or whites to shut me down just because they can sling words around. And, because of my own personal experience with people and their use of that word, I know that when you give it no power, they stop using it. They only say it because it stops the conversation with the mass majority of people.

          Sir, I don’t understand why people don’t put those people in their place when they use that word as if it’s something equivalent to murder. It’s a feeling, not an action and why people don’t make that clear, I’ll never understand. Last time I checked, people are allowed to feel however they want but as long as people continue allowing others to make it out be an action rather than what is really is, I feel they deserve what they get. People need to get a back bone and defend the Dictionary, Free Speech and their Right to feel however they want to feel or they need to stay on the sidelines.

          Please pardon me for my harshness but I’ve had it. I cannot, for the life of me, I cannot understand why people are afraid of being called a name. Name-calling is nothing but an admission of their own greed, double standard, corruption and hate. They can’t answer why they deserve extra privileges and they can’t answer why it’s okay to discriminate against White Men (diversity) so they call you a racist instead and the answer to that is to allow them to get away with it?

          While I’ve never gotten any liberal/democrat to change their minds about double standard, I have gotten all of them (the ones I’ve debated) to stop their name-calling. I wish I could get White People to understand that the more you allow them to stop the conversation over a word, the more powerful that word becomes.

          I don’t know rushton and I don’t know what he does for a living but if he has a problem being called names, he probably shouldn’t be talking about the differences between the races. I myself don’t have the kind of career that says I will be fired for my personal feelings should they go against the boss’s personal feelings and quite frankly, I’m not one who loves money like that so I’d much rather be poor and Free than rich and heavily restricted. And for me, money doesn’t buy happiness, Truth and my Right to Speak it does.

  • puffdaddy

    Well at least this ridiculous project gives this unnamed person something to do with their valuable time! Otherwise, he or she might have to get a real job.

    • indoctrination_FAIL

      Actually, this Twitter twit, to use a time-honored English word as it really should be, does have a name: Logan Smith.

      –And a picture! see original article. He has in fact the face of goofy fratboy stereotype, exactly as libs liked to characterize G.W. Bush. It fits–although as a columnist for the Independent [a British rag; not sure if they’re dead tree or just on-line, and don’t care], it’s easy to imagine him having attended university to study the “profession” of “journalism”, so he could “make a difference”. And here he is, bravely calling people silly names via Twitter. And bragging about it, in between preaching at us.

      Surely an advanced case of DDD [Diversity Deficiency Disorder]. I earnestly pray for some “enrichment” for him, real soon.

      In particular, I was struck by this gem:

      “…they [evil “racists”, of course] also don’t understand that freedom of speech doesn’t apply to the societal consequences that speech may provoke.”

      –which is the usual lefty disregard for the First Amendment. They really, really hate it in fact, except maybe for their precious “diversity”.

      He’s despicable, of course.

      • puffdaddy

        In that case, Logan (isn’t that a girl’s name??) must have a trust fund! Does Logan consider all the black people tweeting about “feeling like shooting whites” after seeing Django Unchained “racis” or is that just considered understandable rage expressed with literary flair?

        • Giuseppe Verdi

          Logan has traditionally been a boy’s name. However, as in the case with the name Morgan, parents have started frequently naming their girls Logan, so its connotations are changing. It’s still much more common among boys than girls for the time being, though, as you can see on this wikipedia page:

          It doesn’t matter though. I doubt this particular lefty Logan is any sort of real man anyway.

          • George

            And Leslie, and Sam.

            FWIW, the Independent is, indeed, a dead-tree paper. It has been for some time.

            I like to point out that liberals, in the days of Geo. Bush, called dissent ‘patriotic’. In the days of Obama, the Annointed One (blessed be his name and Peace Be Upon Him), dissent is called ‘racist’. (Thanks, Ann Coulter)!

  • Nathanwartooth

    If Whites really were huge racists and had all the power we would all be talking about the C-word and the H-word, but you are allowed to call people cracker and honky all day.

    Newspapers edit out the N-word like you are dropping multiple F bombs.

  • NYB

    It has been said that the word ‘racist’ is so loaded with negative meaning that it is impossible to use it in a positive sense.
    What if enough people bucked the status quo and proudly declared “I’m a racist”?
    A culture war would break out, and only one side would be left standing. With all the good arguments I see here, I believe the anti-racists would decisively lose, because of their intellectual hollowness.

    • robinbishop34


  • SmithandSmith

    Stop reacting to that word and you will find how quickly they stop saying it.

  • I am NOT an anti-racist!

  • KenelmDigby

    Virtually every day either broadcast on the BBC or published in one of the British newspapers you will see pompous condemnation of the Chinese government for the crime of ‘censoring’ the internet.
    – Yet few democracies seem more intent than Britain in censoring free speech on the internet.

    • robinbishop34

      The Who, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd.. they don’t exist anymore. England had pioneered this type of art and it’s all gone.

  • valeofignorance

    Clearly written by an Anti-White.

  • LHathaway

    Ah. . I remember in our own country, years ago on TV comedians were pointing out when you say you have lots of black friends, that’s sure sigh you were a racist. . . .

    In a perfect world, blacks browns and yellows would all fumble over themselves bragging of their white friends. . .

    In a perfect world, us true believer AmRen posters would all have an important role to play. We’d be heads of university departments, or commissions on race and politics, all with the ear of government industry and the media.

    We’d all get together and make up a nasty word to use on our opponents. We’d say, anyone who doesn’t believe the way we do is a ‘hatemonger’. We’d make ‘hatemongering’ the worst crime in America. Then we’d say, only whites can’t be hatemongers. Hardened criminals would be drug off to jail, pleading, “I’m not a hatemonger please believe me”.

    There’d be links to Aryan Nation, right on the main page of ‘, the nations number 1 web site. Every once in awhile, someone might ponder, whether or not whites could be hatemongers too, just to make it all seem fair.
    And when some poor hispanic lady sobs, “I’m not a hatemonger, I have lots of white friends”. We would all pronounce, ah ha This is the proof! Whites are all victims of hatemongers.

    In a perfect world.

  • Liberalsuck

    Here’s the thing, though. What if some white person just said, “I know I’m probably a racist for saying this, but…” or just said, “Ok, I’m a racist. Don’t care if I’m one. Now what?” Really, what are the PC crowd going to do? Or don’t even use the word ‘racist’ to begin with. Don’t even get defensive or deny it when you’re called one. I’d say, “So you’re calling me names because you can’t directly debate any of the points I brought up with a well thought out rebuttal, can you?” Always put the detractors on the spot. Turn the tables on them.

    • George

      Oddly enough, on left-leaning liberal websites such as Slate, when you don’t shy from the label of ‘racist’, they don’t really know what to do.

      They’re used to using the term as a means of closing debate. When you accept it, and don’t conceed, they have nothing to come back with.

      Example: ‘Yes, I am fully aware of and accept the difference between racial group norms. Now, to my point about (xyz), how can you defend the black/hispanic difference’?

      They lose their focus in a hurry. They’re accustomed to having a white person back down immediately. When we don’t, and can present FBI or other unbiased data to support our claims…well…fish out of water sums it up.

  • Mike R

    “You’re a racist!” So?

  • Mike R

    If we had our own Hollywood. If we had a mainstream channel, for even a day, we could start a revolution.

  • American Patriot

    hmmmmm, if being racist means holding negative opinions of blacks based on 50 years of real life experience……well than yep I am racist and proud of it.

    • You don’t even have to hold negative opinion(s). You just have to speak one singular sentence about being more attuned to White people. That’s it.

  • Robert Bailey

    I say that whenever a liberal accuses you of being a “racist”, respond by asking them this simple question: “What is a ‘racist’?” Is it simply someone who genuinely acknowledges that there exists real, innate differences among the races of mankind? Is it the natural preference one has for his or her own racial, historical and cultural kinfolk? Is it the feeling of pride one has for his/her own tribe in terms of accomplishments and, at the same time, recognizing his groups’ failures and mistakes?

    If they give you some warped answer, then ask that liberal who he or she is in a relationship with or married to. If they respond by saying that she or he is with someone of the same race, then you’ve just trapped that liberal in his/her own hypocrisy. Also, when confronted with a liberal’s accusations of “racism”, you can turn the tables by asking them, “Are you a ‘racist’?” Ask them which racial group do they generally socialize with. If they answer that they socialize with their own race, then say, “Ah Ha!!! “Gotcha!!! You’re a racist!”

    Liberals are ultimately hypocrites when comes to the issue of race. Hence, the best way to defeat liberals with accusations of “racism” is to expose their double standard and, thus, beat them at their own game. And if liberals still allege that you’re a “racist”, then just say, “Yeah, I’m a racist and I’ll wear that label like it was a badge of honor.”

    • George

      And then point out that the better term is ‘racial realist’.

      A racial realist accepts that there are gaps in the academic performance between races. Therefore, there must be differences in how individuals of different races are educated.

      A racial realist accepts that there are differences in crime rates, only accountable by race. Therefore, there must be differences in how individuals of different races are incarcerated.

      A racial realist accepts that he is unwilling to live in a neighbourhood composed primarily of individuals of races.

      All of a sudden, the ‘liberal’ is a racial realist. Affirmative action. D.A.R.E.. And his own lily-white neighbourhood.

  • Negro’s have been very open about their anti-white human racism since the 60’s but now they are blatantly open about it. The media refuses to run stories about Mexican vs. negro race riots esp in public schools. This society has never been as anti-white as it is now. I put all the blame on the Marxist white leadership in entertainment, academia, government and media.

    • mike

      Yeah, and we are still afraid to talk much about who the leader of that band is.

  • shattered

    I refused to be defined by ignorant people’s opinions of me.

  • pcmustgo

    I say, if thinking x, y, z makes me a racist, then yes, I am indeed a racist. People should be nice to everyone they meet, but not necessarily trusting. Fine to be wary and leery after certain experiences. I can like certain non-whites as individuals but less so as groups/

  • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

    I’m racist…I was taught to be so by hateful, racist negroes.

  • Jefferson

    If Whites are so racist, why are White on Black violent crimes so extremely rare. For example, when was the last time you saw on the news a group of White thugs beating up a Black person on a subway train or a public bus ?

    Why is it that crazy White mass shooters never should up a public place that is either entirely Black or predominantly Black ?

    White mass shooters only choose to shoot up public places that are predominantly White. Name one White mass shooter that has ever shot up Harlem, South Central Los Angeles, or the Southside of Chicago for example.

  • Rich

    Oh look! Another guilt ridden white guy claiming that 1000 twitters out of the millions posted weekly shows we have a racism problem. Of course I would wager that half of the comments he calls racist are open to debate.

    Every time there is a newsworthy case of alleged racism I offer my standard $100 bet that within 10 days the investigators will determine that the act of racism was done by the poor victim. No ones tried to collect yet. Racist acts today are mostly false flag operations.

    • George

      By some accounts, there are fewer than 2,000 members of the KKK in the nation today. Of that number, about 10% are supposed to be FBI informants.

      ‘Racist’ acts are now typically of the sort that killed Joshua Proutey. He had the terrible misfortune to be a victim of one of the more than 500,000 black-on-white crimes in the United States last year. His parents buried him on Saturday, 22 December.

  • vladdy1

    Aren’t ya glad we have “our betters” to guide us like this?

    Howevah…people should never try to pre-empt race-bullying by using that phrase.

    One more point….The Tweeter never found any Tweeters with skin other than white? ‘Cos I didn’t see him mention countries other than US and Great Britain. Try China, dude..

  • Michael Ryan

    racism; acknowledging that the scientific validity of evolution applies to human animals as well, that humans evolving in isolation on opposite corners of the planet under different environments developed differently,that some of these differences might now be more or less advantageous.
    This need not, indeed rationally ought not entail hatred. in fact the mixed bag of emotions we feel contemplating the implications are as involuntary as the colour our skin just another biological strategy to of those traits perhaps the one that sets us most apart from other species is the ability to censor our emotions. Even if a wild animal bites me I do not hate him. the question is assuming one is not a not sacrificing one self on the alter of some religious or socialist self hatred trip, is how to reproduce the most dna most closely related to me that is the purpose for which my dna has created my body and mind.
    Are these other species and races a threat or asset what strategies shall i mitigate them with. my dna may have fucked up it may be hoisted by its own petard i might have developed an agenda outside and counter to my prime directive. more likely liberal and religious self sacrifice is just another strategy in beta.YOU’RE GODDAMNED RIGHT I ORDERED THE CODE RED

  • anarchyst

    I, for one, am PROUD to be (called) “racist”. . . I guess that I am also “anti-semitic” as I don’t toe the “party line” when it comes to certain issues such as the jewish “holocaust ™” . My quest for TRUTH makes me unpopular in some circles, but I DON’T CARE! We would be better off if more people questioned EVERYTHING. Of course, the quest for TRUTH wmfortable facts as well as destroy many currently held beliefs and assumptions, but one is a better person for it. The TRUTH does indeed “set you free”. I encourage everyone on Amren to try it. You’ll like it.