This is the shocking moment a furious mixed-race teenager tried to hit a woman on the Tube after she made a racist remark.

The mobile phone footage posted on YouTube yesterday is entitled ‘Racist Woman On London Train Gets What She Deserves!’

It begins a short way into their argument – after the 19-year-old aspiring recording artist had apparently stepped on the woman’s shoe.

The pair trade insults, with the boy shouting that the woman has been racist, and her then calling him a ‘smelly Nigerian’, before he compares her to an ‘escort’.
Their expletive-littered argument then descends into violence, with the teenager lunging at the woman after accusing her of having hit him with a bottle.

Eventually, the Tube driver asks what is happening over the intercom, and the three-minute video comes to an end as the fight is broken up.

A Twitter user known as Cidz Carnage or @carnageofficial, thought to be the youth involved, tweeted on Tuesday: ‘Oi some racist women was giving it to me today, then she hit me with a bottle then i f***ed her over dumb b****.’

He later added: ‘Calling me a smelly african… Then having the audacity is hit me with a bottle.’

And yesterday he posted: ‘Remember Racism is Disgusting and Totally Unacceptable’.

He later deleted the tweets.

British Transport Police believe the video was filmed on Tuesday and posted online the next day.

A BTP spokesman said: ‘There is an allegation of abusive behaviour by the woman towards the man, but that doesn’t justify a violent response.

‘The man and woman pictured in the images are seen arguing with each other on the video and we’re keen to speak to both of them to get their version of events.

‘We urge them or anyone who knows them, as well as passengers who were on the train at the time, to come forward so we can begin to build a full picture of what exactly took place.’

They are appealing for information about the incident, believed to have taken place on a southbound Northern line service between Old Street and Moorgate.

The footage begins with the woman, who appears to be in her 20s, saying: ‘I wouldn’t f***ing touch you. You are f***ing s*** on my shoe’ and adding that her boyfriend is black, suggesting that this shows she was not being racist.

‘He respects me,’ she continues, after the boy had apparently insulted her appearance.

The teenager replies: ‘OK white princess, queen, Kate Middleton!’

He criticises her ‘lunatic antics’ and calls her a ‘smelly p**** b****’, adding: ‘How old are you, 28? I’m only 19.’

She expresses concern that ‘b******s like you will steal from me’ and calls him a ‘smelly f***ing Nigerian.’

He becomes increasingly angry at her lack of remorse, asking: ‘So first I pushed you, now I’ve tried to rob from you?’ He compares her behaviour to something that would happen in America.

A moment later, she says: ‘I don’t care what I look like’, apparently in response to another insult.

As the train pulls in to Moorgate, a fight breaks out, with the boy seen lunging at the woman, shouting, ‘You hit me on the head with a bottle… you racist b****… looking at you, you f***ing escort. There are witnesses. Everyone seen, everyone heard!’

He is pulled away from her as voices are heard saying ‘relax’ and ‘let her go’.

He appears to leave, adding: ‘don’t you ever touch me, don’t you dare touch me.’

The incident follows a recent spate of passengers filming racist rants on public transport.

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  • So CAL Snowman

    With a black boyfriend, I’m sure this pathetic excuse for a white woman is used to being smacked around.

  • I’m trying to get a read. Who do the media want us to blame more? The woman who said “smelly Nigerian,” or the smelly Nigerian himself for punching her?

    • Ulick

      The media conveniently left out that he starts the racial aspect of the argument by calling her “white princess” long before she calls him “dirty Nigerian”. Yet the media makes her out to be the racist. Predictable yet pathetic.

      • pcmustgo

        She was a mulatto “Actin’ White” in her eyes and he’s a mulatto “Actin’ Black” in his eyes.

  • The Great Unwashed

    As I read this I realized I was smiling quietly to myself. Like so many other young, white, race-mixing women she tries to play both ends against the middle. Only this one gets what she deserves. Ahh me. Hmm..Hmm..Hmm.

  • MekongDelta69

    Hey – you let in millions of Muslims and Africans and destroyed your once great country.

    You import 3rd worlders – you get 3rd world behavior. You wanted ‘DIE-versity’. Now you’re stuck with it.

    The only ‘racist’ is the black guy and you know it.

    • ArmenianWN

      Nothing good ever comes out of diversh!ty

    • But hey, at least they are not speaking German!.. Maybe this is their punishment?. The gods of Valhalla have slated them for destruction by destroying their racial kin. They are getting exactly what they deserve.

    • David Ashton

      “We” (the English) didn’t “want” it – see my posts in other threads on how it was forced on us by the political class and a subverted media.
      Same process in the USA re Mexicans and Asians, may I ask?

  • So CAL Snowman

    Bollocks, the only reason the smelly African was mad was because the White slag called him Nigerian when he was clearly of Somalian descent.

  • Boereseun

    Racist Mudsharking Coalburner gets her arse handed to her by her next boyfriend I suppose.

    Whoop de doo, if only all race mixers got the same treatment.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    “Aspiring recording artist!”


    *my sides*

    • IstvanIN

      They are all aspiring recording artists, yet what is interesting is that their people could have never invented the wax cylinder, let alone wax alone.

      • Non Humans

        “Aspiring Recording Artists”, or “Future Scientists”, or “Scholars”, or “Honor Students”, “Model Citizens”, or “Turning They Lives Around”. (Shall I continue?)

    • Skincognito

      I’m sure this lad is a fine cellist.

  • sad star

    Go to London and be prepared to see more than half of all black men you see in public to be holding hands with white females and males of all colours….

    Possibly the most pro-interracial homosexual relationships country in the world.

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      How far the White race has fallen…

    • pcmustgo


    • pcmustgo

      Go to NYC and be prepared to see at least 10% of all white males with an asian female in arm… the most common interracial couple here by far!

      • mark hodgson

        An Asian woman is generally more feminine, intelligent and agreeable whereas American women, thanx to “feminism” are in reality nothing more than men with tits.

    • Nate

      Everytime we have this debate about interracial relations, people like you always jump the assumption that black guys and white females make up the majority of interracial relations, you never say anything about white men who go after asian women. BM/WF is a rarity.

      • Garrett Brown

        No, it really isn’t.

      • Observer

        The fact is that 86% of Black men marry Black women. 89% of Black women marry Black men. Blacks are far more likely to marry one another than other races. There are FAR more White/Asian (especially White male/Asian female) marrigaes and White /Hispanic marriages.
        That being said, the 2008 statistics for Black women was 95%. This indicates that Black women are beginning to ever slowly marry outside their race.

        • TheTRUTH

          Yes, Whites marry Asians & Hispanics at a much higher rate for sure. Black males & females are considered the least desirable by all other groups, and for good reason. Ape-like features can only be desirable to apes.

          I’m surprised more black women do not attempt to marry more non black. Goes to show just how dumb they really are. well, that and the fact that they are very much undesirable by non-blacks.

          • bursinfur

            They would if they could, like you said ” Black males & females are considered the least desirable by all other groups”.

            A statistical fact, it’s almost unheard of for a black female to be raped by a white male.


          • Non Humans

            Well there really is not much to be desired when it comes to non-humans of either sex. With ape-like features and behaviors, plus tendencies towards entitlement culture, criminality, and little to no desire to suceed in life… Not to mention deficient IQ’s, which I, personally, find an obnoxious characteristic.
            I, myself, prefer brunettes with brown eyes, so I can see why most guys are attracted to asians/latinas/etc. I recognize that even the lowest among other races are still far superior genetically and culturally to even the highest among the non-humans.

          • David Ashton

            In Britain you sometimes see quite pretty young Chinese girls, but many of the Asiatics that our middle-aged men get off the internet really are quite ugly. Give me a Russian blonde any day (if I wasn’t already married).

        • 5Sardonicus

          Most of the relations between black men and white women are outside of marriage. 70% of black births are out of wedlock. Yes, blacks, when they marry, still marry blacks, but generally shack-up with whites.

      • MCPH1

        The situation in europe different to the situation in the usa. In germany at least BM/WF is the by far most common combination

  • IstvanIN

    The racist rant is more of a crime in the UK than the physical attack.

    • Ulick

      In multi-cultists minds, any level of attack on a white is justified if that attack was in response to racism.

      • Garrett Brown

        Even if an empty bottle that did absolutely no harm(nor would it ever) provoked a “man” to hit a woman. If it was a white man hitting a black? OOOHHH BOY!

  • Angry White Woman

    Well, you act like a black ho you get treated like a black ho.

  • StillModerated

    … and adding that her boyfriend is black, suggesting that this shows she was not being racist.

    Stupid coal-burning mudshark! Next time it will be her “boy-friend” re-arranging her face. Then she will never have any more boyfriends.

    And what is up with all these lame “aspiring rap-artists?”

  • mutt3003

    For someone who has spent more than enough time in Nigeria, believe me……. Nigerians do smell bad. In fact the whole country has a foul smell to it. Live in the dirt – smell like the dirt, even in Lagos.

    • pcmustgo

      It’s from what they eat, I’ve heard. Actually the first person who told me this about Nigerians was half Ethiopian and Caribbean mix herself… sort kinda’ black, more like mixed race looking… She looked more like an arab than a black. She had lived all over the world- UN brat.

    • Nate

      For someone who has spent more than enough time in the Appalachians, US, believe me……. the white Appalachians do smell bad. In fact the whole country has a foul smell to it. Live in the dirt – smell like the dirt, even in Appalachians

      • zufall

        Yet smelly blacks are always trying to live near smelly Whites, never the reverse. Funny how that works. Guess one stink is worse than the other, huh?

        • Nate

          Why make the mistake the people (black people) you criticize, why this generalization and negative stereotyping? You have probably never been in the vicinity of another black person to make such a generalization.

          • Sean

            Awesome assumption/deflection, Nate.

            You sure didn’t say anything at all!
            In fact, you didn’t even add anything to the thread, you even wasted my time with typing this response!

      • gemjunior

        Appalachians may be poor but they are not dirty. I knew a family that had a creek flowing past their house with a deep pool in it and a bar of soap on a rock. In the deep winter they had no problem diving into it and bathing. Not only are they clean, they are honest and principled. No matter how poor they are shamed by the notion of food stamps and welfare. So much so that the commie welfare state that used to be the USA has to send people around Appalachia trying to get them on welfare – or as they put it “combat Mountain Pride”.

    • josh

      They have smaller less efficient kidneys than us,so they excrete more waste from their sweat glands. They STINK> Damn this “woman” for her “BOYfriend.”

    • David Ashton

      A Jamaican girl who went there from Britain was soundly rebuked for commenting noisily on TV about the stink in Nigeria, while Nigerians in Britain look down on Jamaicans as ex-slave riff-raff!
      Even diversity is diverse!

  • The turd world has invaded the western world. I actually remember the days (I’m 49) when Minnesota’s people really were a majority of blonde hair blue eyed people. Granted, if you were not from here, it could have been seen as a little dull, but it was much nicer then. I hate looking at all the variety we have now. Some people of the variety are good and productive, but it sicken’s me to see so much unEuropean peoples here all around. I have no joy for it. I particularly do not like seeing so many useless, worthless, shiftless blacks coming here from Chicongo. I really kind of hate it here now and feel nostalgic for a past America. As far as that coal burner on the London tube, what does she expect. I don’t feel sorry for her. All these white chicks that hook up with black guys put themselves not only in danger, but they create a hopeless situation for the future of other white people. It’s fact.

    • IstvanIN

      I find no pleasure in seeing non-white people, and never found our people dull. As a kid I could ride my bicycle all over creation and come home perfectly safe at the end of the day. Now everything is ruined.

      • I agree. What I meant is that MInnesotans have/had a reputation not unlike the Swedes in the way of being off standish in the way the Irish or Italians are not.

        • bursinfur

          That’s just good old fashioned Germanic reserve.

  • bigone4u

    Blacks love to stir up stuff with each other and with any other. There will never be peace with blacks around. Never. There seems to be no place on earth that is free of these people.

    • Non Humans

      Asia and Japan, though not 100% non-human free, are about as close as it comes. Remembering the kids in Singapore that were caned in the 90’s for graffitizing some cars and a wall (iirc), is a shining example of why very few non-humans live there. Singapore would put an end to their TNB quick-fast-and-in-a-hurry!!
      Caning beez rayciss!

  • potato78

    The woman has African blood.

    • rightrightright

      By the look of her she is mixed race African or an Arab.

  • fakeemail

    If she has a black boyfriend (certified “non-racist”) than the punishment fits the crime.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    I don’t much care about coal burners.

  • Greg Thomas

    “The mobile phone footage posted on YouTube yesterday is entitled ‘Racist Woman On London Train Gets What She Deserves!’
    Make no mistake about it, they think all Whites deserve this.

  • Garrett Brown

    A mulatto calling a negro “smelly”… Funny.

  • Is anyone else having problems accessing the video ?

  • This chick looks like a run of the mill Mulatto to me. Definitely not “European” as I would define it.

    Lat me say that I agree 100% that the black African will forever be a liability onto any and all advanced societies he clings to. On average the black African simply does not have the reasoning power, intelligence, temperament, or work ethic that is needed to sustain a 1st world society. We see the exact same outcome whenever and wherever the black African becomes the dominant majority. From Detroit to Haiti, from Camden to Soweto. The results are astonishingly similar. I think even the most looney of the liberals understand this fact deep down.

    All that being said, I think females in general have become far too comfortable in conducting themselves in a uncivil manner when dealing with men. Just the other day I was having a coffee while waiting for a few business associates of mine. A women was walking about 10 meters from me while carrying several folders. She dropped the folders and papers flew everywhere. I witnessed a few guys and a few women scampering about to assist her. I just continued to sit by myself and drink my coffee.

    After they retrieved the papers for their distraught cohort, one of the short haired princesses looked me dead in the eye and said “what a f*cking a*shole he is”. Now don’t get me wrong, upon further reflection. I suppose I could have lent a helping hand in regards to collecting the paper work. However by no means am I obligated to run down the street trying to pick up paperwork that others have dropped.

    Anyway, my verbal reply to her was vicious and nasty in the extreme. Both her, and her male companions had become completely shocked by my response to her blatant disrespect. In a nutshell, I think many women in western (white Euro) countries have a mind set that tells them they can speak to anyone anyway they want to without consequence. Unfortunately for these women, occasionally they come across the wrong guy that is not going to play by their rules (and the rules of this feminist based society) and their code of ethics.

    • kjh64

      “All that being said, I think females in general have become far too comfortable in conducting themselves in a uncivil manner when dealing with men.”

      So have men in dealing with women. As a matter of fact, there are some men who will disrespect a woman or be uncivil to her these days because she is a woman and they think they can get away with it, but would keep their mouths shut dealing with a man, especially a large one. I’ve seen that too.

      “Anyway, my verbal reply to her was vicious and nasty in the extreme.”

      I don’t blame you for letting her have it verbally. She was very rude and a total jerk.

      “In a nutshell, I think many women in western (white Euro) countries have a mind set that tells them they can speak to anyone anyway they want to without consequence Unfortunately for these women, occasionally they come across the wrong guy that is not going to play by their rules (and the rules of this feminist based society) and their code of ethics..”

      No, it’s not that at all. Women, like men often do not put up with disrespect and speak their minds, rightfully so. It has nothing to do with feminism and every thing to do with not putting up with a jerk. However, men or women should not be rude just for the sake of being rude such as the twit you encounterd. As far as running into the “wrong guy”, women are and have always been attacked physically by men far more than women to men so a woman getting attacked isn’t something that women don’t think can’t occur.

  • Fred

    1. “Never relax when around black”s.
    2. “When around a black expect an attack”
    NEVER ARGUE or CONVERSATE (as they say) wth blacks.
    Reasoning with them is NOT possible.
    Be Ready and Alert and at the first sign of attack, beat them beyond recognition or YOU will suffer the pain.

    • Non Humans

      Knees and Elbows, Knees and Elbows. Their longer appendages are rendered a liabiity with close combat. At medium range is where they have an advantage.

  • pcmustgo

    She looks mulatto to me. Not white for sure. She’s an aggressive, confused, “classier” mulatto who was trying to show off to the white train passengers that she can “be racist too” and looks down on these “smelly nigerians”.

    Confused Mulattos, playing both sides of the fence.

    He shouldn’t have puncher her though.

    Here’s the video from youtube:

  • simianslayer

    Over and over again – those dead eyes – those simian facial features – the same predatory, low level IQ crime – over and over and over:

  • baltasar almudárriz

    Sickening to see only non-whites on media adverts these days.

  • WoodCarverHolo

    And the reporting is wrong on this. In the video she does not call him a “smelly Nigerian”, she says “I want nothin from you OR any smelly Nigerian”.[””””””””””’

  • WoodCarverHolo

    It’s white chicks who *uck black cocks that cause this jigaboo to chimp out like he did. Ya gotta stop it white gals. Go get yourself a huge dildo – that way you won’t end up gettin smacked.

  • 5n4k33y35

    Another black with a rotten attitude and poor impulse control. Too bad she is a coal-burner. That is what she gets for being a coal-burner.

    Even so, do not miss out on an opportunity to bash a man who is an anti-white race warrior when the opportunity arises.

  • mark hodgson

    England is dead, and in it’s place we have the island nation of New Nigeria.

  • mark hodgson

    Having viewed the pictures; they are obviously both mulattos……so, who cares?

  • shattered

    Well he certainly was obnoxious, uncouth, and unsocialized so it is not a stretch to think that he may have been smelly too.