Why Evangelicals Are the New Partners for Immigration Reform

Amy E. Black, Christian Science Monitor, January 8, 2013


Despite this difficult climate, political support is rapidly building in favor of legislation that has confounded presidents and Congresses since 1986: comprehensive immigration reform. Advocates trying to build a winning coalition for reform should seek support from an unlikely source—evangelical Christians.

Evangelicals have been a key Republican voting bloc for several decades. According to exit polls, about 1 in 4 voters in November’s election was a white Evangelical, and they voted overwhelmingly Republican.

Although most Americans associate theologically conservative Christians with cultural issues such as abortion and gay marriage, the evangelical political agenda is broadening. Immigration reform is one issue that has steadily gained momentum.

What might account for this change?

For one, pastors and religious leaders are talking more about the issue as a religious concern. Many scriptural passages relate to immigration—including the famous 40-year wilderness journey of the children of Israel to the Promised Land. But most evangelical churches and organizations have only recently begun to underscore the biblical connection to immigration.

New pro-immigrant movements are seeking to educate and activate evangelical clergy and voters by emphasizing themes of love, justice, and welcome for the stranger that resound throughout the Hebrew Bible and New Testament.

Another factor that explains increasing awareness of immigrant issues is simple math.

Much like the nation, evangelicalism is becoming more ethnically diverse. According to the Pew Hispanic Center, 13 percent of Hispanic Americans describe themselves as evangelical Protestants. Immigrant churches are growing rapidly, and many denominations have created new structures and leadership posts designed to serve Hispanic congregants. Immigration—including illegal immigration—touches the lives of many in the pews, and church leaders want to help.


In October 2011, Cedarville University, a conservative Christian college in Ohio, hosted the “G92” immigration conference. Taking its name from the Hebrew word for immigrant, ger, which appears 92 times in the Hebrew Bible, the conference has spawned a new movement designed to mobilize Christian college students to advocate on behalf of all immigrants. Leaders are planning half a dozen events across the country in 2013.

The Evangelical Immigration Table, founded in June 2012 by nine heads of evangelical organizations, is networking with evangelical leaders from across the spectrum to support immigration reform. Founders include the president of the National Association of Evangelicals, a large umbrella group representing many denominations and associations; Richard Land, an outspoken conservative and Southern Baptist leader; and Jim Wallis, bestselling author and leader of the left-leaning social justice organization Sojourners.

In June 2012, the Table released a wide-reaching, seven-point plan for immigration reform that included a call for secure borders, protection of family unity, and a path toward legal status or citizenship. {snip}


The week after the presidential election, the Table sent letters to President Obama and congressional leaders asking for a meeting within the first 92 days of the president’s new term to move forward reform legislation. {snip}

{snip} Data from a 2010 Pew Research Center study suggest that grass-roots Evangelicals are divided, but a majority (54 percent) now favor policies that include some sort of pathway to citizenship.


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  • Joseph

    If it were even a humanitarian motive I wouldn’t fault the churches, that IS their business. I believe however, that the REAL reason many of these religious groups are behind this is to get anybody in the pews they can to keep the money coming but their new target audience won’t have enough money to keep the doors open anyway. They will bring ’em in then do their utmost to refer them to various “social service” agencies for “assistance” so somebody other that the church can pay for these invaders and the church can congratulate themselves on their compassion.

    The “good Samaritan” didn’t do his good works with someone else’s money.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      ” but their new target audience won’t have enough money to keep the doors open anyway.”

      But they will create a special tax to keep them open as long as they continue to support the destruction of all white countries.

      • Joseph

        I have long been annoyed that in churches I’ve belonged to they are cautious not to endorse any political candidate or make/publish any overt statements that could be so construed for fear of losing 501c3 tax status (which is another grievance) but BLACK churches apparently, can elevate Democratic politicians to sainthood in the church service and actively campaign for them with utter impunity.

        The media was terrified of Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, et.al. for fear that they *might* run for office and they were widely criticized for even commenting on socio-political topics, even ex-cathedra, as an “inappropriate” mix of church and state. To have Rev. Jackson, or Rev. Sharpton, or Rev. King, or Rabbi Schneerson pontificate on any political subject was an orgasmic experience unappreciated only by dangerous racists and Nazi “hate merchants”.

        Yes, any religion is okay so long as it supports the collectivist agenda. I expect the day will come when we have a state-operated monopoly church like the Eastern Orthodox in old USSR.

    • George White

      Yeah, I think that bottom line it’s about the money, getting butts in the seats. Sorry to be so cynical.

      • You’re not being cynical. You can see through the self-righteous clerical hypocrisy. If they care so much, then let their congregations personally pony up the money. Jesus commanded his followers to take care of their neighbors needs, not that they demand their fellow citizens to do it.

        • George White

          That’s a great point. I don’t hate mexicans, but they’re not my charity of choice.

          • There are so many Americans in this country who already need our help. Let’s take care of them first. If we have any moral duty to anyone, they’re the ones to whom we have an obligation.

            Let Mexico take care of the Mexicans. We need to say no more to taking care of that corrupt narco-state’s problems.

          • razorrare

            One of the best examples of the moral duty to take care of ones own First can be found in Mark of the New Testament by Christ himself…
            While doing miricles a syrophenician(gentile) woman whose child was sick asked Jesus to heal her child,to which Jesus replied,”Should i not help my own(fellow Hebrews)first?
            To which she replied,”Yes sir,but even the dogs are fed scraps from the childrens table.”
            Jesus replied,”You have answered well,go,your child is healed.
            What angers me so much is the lack of humility all these third world invaders here have toward us whom they Demand that we Help them and would seem are incapable of Gratitude.

    • If the churches really have a humanitarian motive, then they need to oppose amnesty. Have any of the clergy been to the downtown of any large metropolitan area? There are Americans there, individuals and families, whose needs aren’t being met. Take care of them first.

      Why import suffering into this country? If they want to take care of cholos, let them go to Mexico. Don’t import more poverty, disease and ignorance here.

      • Joseph

        Please re-read my posting. I wrote: “If it were even a humanitarian motive I wouldn’t fault the churches…” IF IF IF.

        I clearly indicated that in many or perhaps most cases it is self-serving motive. That is not however, a general indictment of “the church” or Christianity. Were it not for Christianity we would not be having this conversation. In former times, missionaries went TO those the object of their concern and dealt with them in situ, working to help them improve their own conditions; they didn’t bring them home as pets. Thus, they fulfilled their moral imperative without endangering the welfare of their own people.

        This is my complaint -as a Christian about the modern church. They OFTEN have a financial or political motive to ignore the observation that “good fences make good neighbors.

    • George White

      Good point. The burden falls on the rest of us as the illegals siphon off our tax money. While the churches have more people to tithe!

  • jay11

    I am so disappointed in the churches and their leaders. There was a time when they were America First, patriotic and “God is on our side” and all that. Now they went all soft and figured they needed to save every soul for Christ by bring EVERY soul to these shores.

    Where is the logic in that? Most latinos, for example, are NOT religious in any way. I know this from VAST experience. Some go pentecostal, but you won’t find many lutheran or presbyterian la raza types. All they are doing is turning a once godly nation into a land of shiftless outsiders.

    • Garrett Brown

      That time is long gone my friend.

  • I have said for many years that Whites must abandon religion in order to save the country and the race. You cannot sit in church on sunday being told to “love thy neighbor” and then on Monday complain about how the mexicans and africans are destroying your country.

    • Anon

      You have it exactly the opposite. If you look carefully at the racial problems in the world, whites lost their will to racial determination whenever and wherever they allowed their churches to be infiltrated and taken over by groups (mostly atheists) with an anti-white agenda. The prototypical example is South Africa. For a long, long time, the church was the foundation of white society. Then whites became lazy and lax in their worship and participation in church. Next thing you know, a bunch of people foreign to these communities, show up with radical new interpretations of the bible. Blacks, who had universally been recognized as the descendents of Cain (with an biblical injunction against interacting with them) now became your neighbor to be loved as if your self. Support for apartheid collapsed. Today, things are so bad there is little to no resistance to overt white genocide.

      The bottom line is this. Unless white embrace Christianity again and take back control of it from the satanists, we lack the power to do much of anything. For two thousand years that has been the source of our power. And the pattern of abandonment, infiltration, deterioration and then extermination could not be more clear. Not having faith is no excuse for ignoring what is front of your face for all to see and won’t prevent the consequences……death.

      • AutomaticSlim

        “Unless white embrace Christianity again and take back control of it
        from the satanists, we lack the power to do much of anything.”

        Depends on which form of Christianity you speak of.

        The Christianity of Constantine, Charles Martel, Charlemagne, Richard the Lionhearted, Christopher Columbus, Godfrey of Bullion, Joan of Arc, and Albrecht von Wallenstein?

        Or the Christianity of Carry Nation, John Brown, Eleanor Roosevelt, Desmond Tutu, Bishop Spong, Father Fleger, Amy Biehl’s parents, and all the homosexuals and lesbians the Episcopalians now accept?

        • bluffcreek1967

          How about authentic New Testament Christianity which places NO obligation upon any race of people to give up their culture and their unique identity to other racial groups?

          • ATBOTL

            That’s the problem with Christianity. The BEST that can be said about it is that it contains no obligation to commit racial suicide(although many think it does).

            Our people would be better off with a tribal religion like Judaism that puts our group interests first and is not open to other races.

          • job

            Most Jews do not put their group interests first. Most inter marry, support obamas war against israel, and support economic policies they don’t benefit from.

          • ATBOTL

            Are you lost? This isn’t Fox News.

          • bluffcreek1967

            Nonsense! Christianity is not a tribal religion and thus it’s not weighted to any particular region, nation, class or race of people. Yet, at the same time, it allows each racial group and culture the freedom to retain what’s unique about it. In this, it’s very much unlike any other religion. This, among many other things, makes Christianity very unique and it affords great personal freedom among the different races, including whites, to preserve their racial heritage. Ths is a good thing, not a bad one.

            Also, Judaism IS open to other races. Gentiles who convert to Judaism are NOT required to take on the entire ethnic culture of Jews – only certain religious distinctives (depending on what branch of Judaism is observed). Black men such as Sammy Davs Jr are neither ethnically Jewish or white, yet are gladly received into the Jewish faith. Thus, Judaism is NOT as tribal as you may think.

          • ATBOTL

            Right, I’m sure Orthodox Jews would have no problem with some one like Sammy Davis Jr. marrying their daughter. They consider him as Jewish as Moses I’m sure.

            Don’t you think we’d be better off with a religion that PROMOTES our racial interests as part of it’s core essence rather than one that, at best, is neutral on our survival as a race?

          • bluffcreek1967

            Probably not. For me, the real issue is NOT whether we would be better off with a more tribal religion that promotes our racial heritage, but what religion has the truth. The issue is TRUTH, and not necessarily whether it comports with my racial interests. The good news (no pun intended), however, is that Christianity does NOT rob people of their cultural and racial identity and interests. Thus, Christians who buy into multiculturalism do so without any warrant from the Bible because it never requires such attitudes nor does it suggest that all people and all cultures are equal in value.

          • ATBOTL

            “The issue is TRUTH, and not necessarily whether it comports with my racial interests. ”

            That’s your problem, and the root of the problem that whites have in general. The way other races see things, there can’t any truth that harms their group interests. That goes double for Jews. We either get back to putting our interests first, or we will be extinct shortly.

            The New Testament most definitely does suggest that all people are equal in value and minimizes the importance of ethnicity.

            What your saying is totally ludicrous. Our interests don’t quality as the truth, but ridiculous legends told by illiterate goat herders in the Middle East thousands of years ago are THE TRUTH(tm). Right.

        • TeutonicKnight67

          Preach on brother Slim!!

      • Churches maybe infiltrated by pedophiles, money hustlers and white guilt idealists, but I really doubt any atheists would waste a second on infiltrating any church.

        • Joseph

          Sure they do. Many of our “clergy” in mainstream denominations are either unsure of, or outright deny the existence of God and this has been addressed more than once in seminary theses.

          There are people there for whom religion is just a vehicle to make a living and/or promote a social outcome. There actually ARE atheists running churches. They play a part and get a check like an actor.

      • jeffaral

        Should we embrace an alien desert religion to be saved? Respect for Nature and commitment to our people is the only true religion!

    • OlderWoman

      I believe ‘neighbor’ means fellow Christians. For instance, far be it for me to believe a muslim is a neighbor to Christians.

      • So you must love your fellow black skinned and brown skinned brothers?

        • StillModerated

          Sure. Every day I pray that the Lord would bless and keep them — far away from me. But the bankers have other ideas.

        • OlderWoman

          From a distance.

        • Joseph

          Just like we love the white men and women of the church but they don’t live in my house nor share my toothbrush, underwear, nor bank account. They have their own places to go and affairs to manage. I love their kids but not as much as mine. I loved my grandparents though I had only intermittent interaction with them.

          I am not embarrased to say that I had/have black and Hispanic friends who I cared a great deal for BUT it was not a legally enforced relationship nor would I want to live with their families or merge with them. That simply was not a sphere of activity of interest to either party.

          We can have compassion and even love for people with whom we have NO dealings whatever. These are not exclusive concepts.

    • [Guest]

      If that position were valid, then it would work both ways and we should demand that the scads of irreligious people and poseurs who favor open borders should abandon their irreligion in order to save the country.

      Christianity does not instruct Christians to favor borderless nations. The open-borders crowd, including the likes of “Christians” such as Barack Hussein Obama, would have us believe that, but it’s a falsehood.

      Anti-Christian arguments for the preservation of Western culture make no sense.

    • Joseph

      Sure I can. My neighbors are all white.

    • babejustin

      Sure you can. Americans did it for 200 years before the progressive Jewish social ideas infected the church. The church is no different than any other area of our society. We are infected completely. Our world has been turned upside down. We have self-limited our right to speak up. We will talk about the problems with blacks, Mexicans, etc., but we won’t talk about the chosen.

    • jeffaral

      If a would be religion like Christianity is anti-white there is no way I would support those perverts!

  • Hirschibold

    I drive past a Catholic church every day. This is “Immigration Week” there and a large banner is on display, featuring Jesus stating: “I was an immigrant and you welcomed me.” I thought he was a shepherd, protecting his flock, but what do I know. I used to go there to contribute a few bucks and light a votive candle, but now I think I’ll just save that money and tip the pizza man a little better.

    Also, I thought evangelicals were the bulk of the ‘tea-partier’ types who go in hook-line and sinker for neocon wars and foreign intervention, but at least display some sanity (outside of the Great White North of Minnesota) on the immigration issue? I suspect that most of the support for sane measures like SB 1070 comes from nominal Protestants and evangelicals living in Arizona.

    Dr. William Luther Pierce used to say that the central tenet of Christianity is that “It’s better to be s*** upon than to do the s***ing.” It works in a highly altruistic society where everyone is Christian, but it makes you a lamb for the wolves when you have any kind of religious diversity. Still, if they’re going to weigh in, there should be a way to take away their tax-exempt status.

    • OlderWoman

      That’s just advertising. Pandering to the immigrants with a lie. Sentimentality. Besides, everybody knows Mexicans are Catholic.

      • wattylersrevolt

        If you knew anything about South America you would know this:Evangelicalism has seen explosive growth in South and Central America..walk through any hispanic invader community in the US. The Catholic Church has seen negative growth in South and Central America. This fact is very well known to to the Anthropologists.

        The endgame for Southern Whites is that there economically redundant teenage male population…the geneline future of the America South…will be sacrificed as canon fodder for the State of Israel..I’m just stating the obvious. Richard Land,Mike Huckerbee, and the rest of the whole sick crew…are hell-bent on exterminating Southern male teenagers…exterminate them in the labor markets of the American South…exterminate them in the deserts of the Middle East…and if there are any of them left..exterminate them in an ecological collapse of the American South as a direct consequence of importing the rapidly reproducing Mexicans.

        It is all very sick and very evil…Satan delivers the sermon from the pulpit every Sunday Morning in Southern Evangelical Churches all across the American South.

        • ATBOTL

          It’s also worth noting that evangelicalism is not native to the Southern US, it’s a Yankee import.

          • wattylersrevolt

            Yes, that is true. However, for Evangelicalism to take root in the American South it had to adapt to Southern Male culture at the time which was violent and fornicating. For this reason evanglicalism is very much a deeply embedded in the Celtic American South.
            At the end of the day, the Evangelical Christian South’s allegiance is to vey liberal Jews in Israel..ultimately Southern Evangelicals are at war with Euro-Christians

          • George White

            My understanding is that the Zondervan Bible is a rogue translation that pretty much brainwashes all who enter.

        • Alex

          She was talking about Mexicans, and didn’t bring up South and Central America. Evangelicals have made some ground there, but Mexicans in the States and their country are by far Catholics. And most will never leave it.

      • StillModerated

        Gangster churches are in festoon amongst Latinos/Hispanics/Aztecs. You get an illegal a job, charge him $10 a night to sleep in the garage, and hire goons to extort the 10% tithe.

      • TeutonicKnight67

        When it’s convenient for them. They also have a bloody history of Anti-Catholicism.

        • David Ashton

          The Roman Catholic Church went through a severe persecution in Mexico. The Latin countries especially have seen a conflict between internationalist freemasonry and Catholicism; this is not a conspiracy myth.

    • The Catholic church is losing ground with Hispanics throughout Latin America and in the US, they need to keep the members they have now.

      • Hirschibold

        I think in “Suicide of a Superpower,” Pat said he talked to a priest who said something like “I bury one Polish man and baptize two Guatemalans” per day.

        • razorrare

          I read Suicide of a Super Power and dont remember reading that,although he does dedicate a chapter 3 to “The Crisis of Catholicism” and goes into depth the forces that have caused the decline of Catholicism & Christianity…
          In Christianity & Culture T.S. Elliot warns what would come,should the culture collapse because the religion that gave it life has died.
          If Christianity goes,the whole of our culture goes.Then you must start painfully again,and you cannot put on a new culture ready made.You must wait for the grass to grow to feed the sheep to give the wool out of which your new coat will be made.You must pass through many centuries of barbarism.We should not live to see the new culture,nor would ourgreat-great-great granddchildren;and if we did,not one of us would be happy in it.
          The twentieth century produced more Christian martyrs than any other.Between 1917 and 1960,there was Lenin’s communist revolution and the rise of the fanatically anti-Chrtistian Bolshevik state,the anti-Catholic Mexican Revolution,Hitlers’s Reich,a Spanish Civil war and the Chinese,Vietnamese,and Cuban Revolutionsd,all of which sought to eradicate Catholicism and Christianity.When the Red Army poured into Central Europe to stay for half a century,Catholics and Protestants suffered the same persecution as had the Orthodox in Russia…With the collapse of Communism came an end to the persecutions of Christianity in Europe and a revival of Christianity in Russia…In South Asia its not the govenment that carries out the persecutions but the fanatics.
          For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound,who shall prepare himself for the battle?–St.Paul,1 Corinthians 14:8

          • razorrare

            In the Death of Christian America ,chapter 2 Pat writes:
            Europeans seem to not understand what is happening to them and why,but editorialist Richard Miniter sees a casual connection between a dead faith and a dying continent.
            The loss of faith in Europe is like an unseen black star that still has a tremendous gravitational pull…They dont understand why their civilization is failing.They dont understand the divorce rates and suicide rates are so high.They dont understand why so few european women have more than one child,and why on most european streets,you see more dogs than children.This is the impact of the deathof real Christian belief in Europe.
            German philosopher Jurgen Habermas,a secular non-believer,wrote in 2004:”Christianity,and nothing else,is the ultimate foundation of liberty,conscience,human rights and democracy,the bench marks of Western Civilization….Everything else is idle postmodern chatter.”
            In Victory of Reason,sociologist of religion Rodney Stark concurred.Europe,he said,owes everything—culture,freedom,science,wealth—to Christianity.He sees the crisis of the dying continent resolving itself.”Europe is going to get more religious than it is either by a revival of Christianity or because they go Muslim…you cant sit there with two babies forever.”
            In Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order,FR.John McCloskey restates the authors closing question:”Is western civilization a new species,in a class by itself,incomparably differant from all other civilizations that have ever existed?” He answers “yes” with the caveat “that the civilization remains firmly rooted in a true supernatural Faith whence it originated.”
            The cycle is inescapable: when the Faith dies,the culture dies,the civilization dies,and the people die.

          • jeffaral

            Catholicism is the most anti-White and universalist ideology ever. What sane White person would support this proto-Marxist outfit??!!

          • David Ashton

            What more than communism?
            “Europe is the Faith” (Belloc).

          • Alex Salazar

            I started reading his book a little while ago, Heresies, and man oh man. Belloc is a powerhouse.

            If Europe still held Jesus and the Virgin Mary in esteem, there would be virtually no Muslims there(or immigrants at all, more or less) and this cultural decline they’ve experienced which is really rooted in the spiritual realm (and the actions that follow) would have never occurred. Europe would be a healthy, vibrant continent that would still be ruling the world.

            God willing, Golden Dawn and the French National Front will continue to grow and lead the way and help restore Europe to her glory.

          • jeffaral

            Look what Catholicism did to Latin America: Not a “powerhouse”, more like failed states! Or Italy, with its criminal organisations and lack of work ethics.

          • Alex Salazar

            You’re right, Latin America was a lot better off before the White European man came and brought civilization there, ritual sacrifice is very under-rated. They really were on the right path and I’m sure it would have only been a matter of time before they went to Europe, and brought the light of their civilization to European shores.

            Italy is a modern nation (1870) that was born out of a desire to unite the peninsula and get rid of the many smaller states. Mazzini and Garibaldi (its founders) were very hostile to the Church and more concerned with their own power, and the mold they set has followed. I know that the Italian city states that predated part of it contributed nothing to modern Western society (i.e. the proto-modern banking system and the renaissance with its dedication to learning, thank you Renaissance popes).

            How has that Protestantism been treating the U.K., Germany and the Nordic countries and America for that matter (see the article we’re commenting on)? Do you think if Martin Luther had a crystal ball he still would have nailed that 95 theses in Wittenberg, or stayed a Catholic monk and ensured that Western civilization survivedt and wasn’t threatened to its core? See what he thought about the Peasants’ Revolt.

          • Alex Salazar

            Catholicism is what kicked the Muslims out of Western Europe, helped conquer large parts of the Americas and helped destroy the U.S.S.R. How is it anti-White and proto-Marxist? Seeing as how it believes in private property rights and acknowledges natural human hierarchy. The Church acknowledges the human dignity of each person and does not preach racial superiority (would Jesus do that?).

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      “I thought he was a shepherd, protecting his flock, but what do I know.”

      He is/was whatever serves their purpose at that time. It is kinda like, but opposite to, saying “that is what Hitler (or the Nazis) did.”

      • GM (Australia)

        The Church (Including many Lutheran pastors) was one of the few organizations in Germany to stand up to Hitler.

        • Hirschibold

          Nazism was primarily an urban working class evangelical phenomenon. Hitler had the least support among Catholics in Bavaria, because they wanted to reinstall a Crown Prince Ruprecht-style monarchy. Still, there is no comparison between Wiemar Germany and the U.S.A of today, because there is very little urban white working class left in any American city regardless of denomination. Cities are primarily occupied by black and Hispanic-dominated housing projects, and an upper middle class (Yuppie) and Upper Class ( think Mayor Bloomberg, Alec Baldwin) White, Jewish, and Asian technocratic elite. An exception to this rule would be gay/trendy/hipster enclaves that sprout up around university areas.

        • That was almost 70 years ago. Let them stand up again for the rule of law and human rights.

          When America becomes México Norte and a 3rd world dung heap, a lot of our “compassionate” clergy will be to blame. They need to be reminded that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

          • GM (Australia)

            Mexico Norte or Australian cities becoming Asian or Islamic hell holes, this should be our common concern.

        • jeffaral

          Christian churches opposed Hitler because he was a German Nationalist and anti-communist, which in the eyes of the race-mixing and universalist churches is a capital sin,

      • fakeemail

        He’s whatever Gotham needs him to be.

    • I used to go there to contribute a few bucks and light a votive candle, but now I think I’ll just save that money and tip the pizza man a little better.

      Withhold your money. Give it to a worthy cause that still supports conservative principles. I no longer give money to the catholic church.

      • George White


    • Alex

      I was watching a Bishop Fulton Sheen recording on youtube a bit ago and he was describing how dangerous false compassion is (essentially wolves being treated better than the sheep), too bad a lot of our clergy can’t differentiate between those who legitimately deserve it and those who are still God’s children, but should get a one-way ticket out as they don’t give what belongs to the state to the state i.e. respect for its laws.

    • Howard W. Campbell

      Jesus did not use whatever safety net system that existed at that time as a hammock.

    • blight14

      We’d have a vastly better nation had we heeded the wisdom of WLP……..

    • Dr. William Luther Pierce used to say that the central tenet of Christianity is that “It’s better to be s*** upon than to do the s***ing.” It works in a highly altruistic society where everyone is Christian, but it makes you a lamb for the wolves when you have any kind of religious diversity.

      I don’t like the muzzies, but no one can accuse their religion of being designed for pussies and masochists. With the clergy now dominated by gays and snags, (sensitive new-age guys), a lot of Christian denominations will continue to lose their appeal to men.

  • falsedawn

    I’m a Catholic and a veteran and am totally disgusted with my clergy…

    • TeutonicKnight67

      Don’t give up hope! They’re not all libtarded, only most of them.

      • falsedawn

        I’m not giving up hope. But I let them know just by looking at them what I think. My wife calls the way I look at them, frogmouth. Another thing I can’t stand is they’re the laziest people you’ll ever run across. They wouldn’t lift a finger to do any work if their lives depended on it.

        • Why else do you think so many of them went into the clergy?

          • falsedawn

            Yep, I remember a friend of mine, a Lutheran minister (Navy chaplain assigned to the Marines) told me during the Vietnam war a guy went to his seminary wanting to get out of the war. When he graduated, his bishop assigned him to the chaplains corps. Of course, the bum quit the ministry right away.

    • The money I used to give to my parish, I now split between a local carmelite monastery and the Boy Scouts. Let the cholos take over the RC church. I no longer listen to people with room temperature IQ’s even if they do wear a clerical collar.

    • Mike Lane

      The Jesuits have fallen far from what they were intended.

    • Father Inya molested you when you were an altar boy, right?

      Get over it, Dorothy.

  • NYB

    Open borders are not in the scriptures. Honoring parents, not throwing pearls before swine, and not repeating the tower of Babel are all Biblical admonishments against allowing mass indiscriminate immigration.


    • GM (Australia)

      This is an exceptionally complex matter but I believe that the 3 scriptural points you have made in your comment, especially “pearls to the swine” are an excellent starting point for any debate on this issue. As a “Conservative Evangelical” I have often had to check my conscience re commenting on Amren! But I don’t think that the Biblical command to love our neighbor extends to being invaded by our neighbor, especially when our neighbor will end up destroying our white Christian civilization. (Which is already under so much attack from within, partly due to the abandonment of Christian principles at every level))

      • bluffcreek1967

        You’re exactly right! I too am an Evangelical Christian, but there is nothing in the New Testament suggestive that white, Western nations should allow themselves to be displaced by a foreign people and a foreign culture. The apostles themselves were very careful in their travels to not upset and violate ethnic cultures and customs that did not contradict biblical precepts. In other words, white Christians are NOT being unloving or ‘unChristian’ when they seek to preserve their unique racial identity.

        • Joseph

          The fact that this is not a theocracy in no way means that we have to sit silently by “waiting upon the Lord” as OUR faith and families are defamed and destroyed by militant atheists, Jews, Moslems or various other aggressive religions. Then too, much of the “church” is a corporate enterprise welcoming in these invaders and coddling home-grown dysfunctional freeloaders and passing out favors at someone else’s expense. I’d say to these generous souls: “Let the Mexicans stay at YOUR house and demonstrate your commitment to immigration. Spend YOUR money on free breakfast, daycare and cellphones for all of the yoofs. “Everyone wants to change the world but few want to start with themselves.”

      • [Guest]

        I believe that “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself” has to do with personal relationships; it is not intended as a policy statement for national governments. Besides, to exercise “love” toward another person means to have concern for his spiritual state. Nothing about it implies welcoming an invading army.

        There would be nothing whatsoever inconsistent about an individual Christian showing love for another individual (regardless of his “immigration status”) while opposing the government’s open-borders policy.

      • Evangelicals are stupider than I could ever even have imagined. They have to be They still fall for all that Israel-is-the-apple-of-God’s-eye shi’ite.

        • GM (Australia)

          Hello Felix, yes I do support modern Israel, find it a fascinating place. I would also like to see Israel extend it’s borders to include all the lands of the ancient Kingdoms of Solomon and David, that would definitely be pre-1967.

          I would also like to compare the ongoing struggle for survival by both Israel and White South Africa with the concerns for our survival as a race/nation as expressed on this website.

          • blight14


          • GM (Australia)

            This is all a little bit confusing. Here in Australia at least, the people who do not like Israel are the same people who are all for multiculturalism, diversity, open door immigration and such like, a generation ago they would have been demonstrating against white South Africa as well. In other words most of the loony left. If we get too anti-Semitic on this website I am sure we will become aligned with Nazis and therefore discredit the cause of white Nationalism.

            Yes, I am aware of all the Zionist conspiracy theories that abound, somehow I think we have much more to worry about with Islamic Jihad than any Jewish conspiracies . Also, are some posters to this website suggesting that we should abandon Israel in support of all the present Arab/Islamist uprisings?

            This website should be all about supporting and protecting what remains of our white western civilization and its nominal Judeo/Christian heritage whether it be in Europe, North America or here in Australia. On this we must remain unified, always.

          • Dump the Judeo/Christian schtick. If it’s Christian, then it’s not Judeo. If it’s Judeo, it’s not Christian. Like it or not the differences between Judaism and Christianity are as great as those between night and day. Judaism is a lot more than Christianity without Jesus, and modern Judaism sure as hell isn’t the religion that Jesus practiced. To claim that rabbinic Judaism is the same tradition that Jesus followed 2,000 years ago is absurd. Or, put another way, they kept the brand name, but today’s product is something almost entirely new.

            If you believe Jesus came to create a new covenant, then the old covenant is ended and Christians are the true heirs of the Abrahamic and Mosaic covenants. If the old covenant still holds, then a new covenant is an empty promise. There cannot be two covenants. Trying to pretend that there can, somehow, be two covenants is sloppy thinking, worthy only of politicians, used car salesmen and most of today’s Christian clergy.

            If Paul had lived to see the destruction of the temple, I’ll bet money that he wouldn’t have asserted that Jews still continued to play a role in salvation history.

          • Joseph

            A major part of the error is that Jews, and now Christians, seem to have merged the Mosaic Law with the Abrahamic Covenant as if the promises of God to Abraham were *contingent* upon the Law. It is now some common belief that there were two means of salvation: The “Old Covenant” whereby salvation was attained through keeping commandments and a “New Covenant” whereby salvation is attained through faith in God through Christ. It was never so but it seems to me in conversation that there are Christians who believe that the “chosen people” will just be saved by virtue of the law and being born a Jew. Paul consistently tried to disabuse people of this confused notion but evidently to little effect. It seems that we have to “support our friends Israel” no matter what duplicity and violence they employ including against US to achieve their genocidal objectives.

            Israel and their imbedded agents of “never again” will cozy up to Americans then send us off like a $2 whore when they get what they want.

          • Kblankenship7

            True, the Church is Israel now. Also, Christians worship the true God, the Trinity.

          • Joseph

            That is only because apparently, the Israeli agents haven’t infiltrated your government (yet) as they have the U.S. They have much more to gain from us than Aus. because of our ridiculously large military, media, and economic power. Most of the Christians here confuse the secular Jewish synthetic government of Israel with the biblical “remnant of Israel”. They are superbly effective propagandists in this country.

          • Nathanwartooth

            I’m not one for conspiracy theories but I’ll say this much. I don’t support any more wars in the middle east and I support withdrawing support for Israel.

            If they want to be in an endless struggle (and it will be endless) against their middle eastern neighbors then let them. If we didn’t let in Muslims we would have absolutely zero stake in what happens over there. The easiest solution would be to send all of the Muslims back to their home countries and then never have anything to do with the middle east again.

            The real plan after 9/11 to make sure it never happened again would have been to deport all Muslims. But instead we got never ending wars and trillions of dollars in debt. Yay.

          • Agreed. I don’t care if we support Israel because of a Zionist conspiracy or just a consensus of treasonous independent operators. I simply oppose any more support of a foreign power whose interests are again and again put before our own.

            One doesn’t ask when one is being chased by a swarm of stinging wasps if they’ve formed a conspiracy against you first, or are they all just acting independently of each other and stinging you. The effect upon you is still the same, and you still deal with them in the same way.

          • GM (Australia)

            Yes, all Muslims should have been deported or at the very least interned following 9/11. Instead we are still apologizing to and generally appeasing Islam and now we are supporting the Islamist uprisings throughout the Middle East, just what is going on?

          • PesachPatriot

            I’m sure you probably enjoyed driving your car to work today…even if Israel never existed america would still have very important interests in the MENA region…its an interest that comes in large drums or on tankers and makes modern civilization possible. Europe has a much bigger muslim problem than america does because they are geographicaly closer to their part of the world.

          • exmacuser

            The biggest threat to world peace is not from Islam, but
            American protestants.

          • jeffaral

            GM: I am White and my heritage isn’t Judeo/Christian. Also my heritage doesn’t hail from the Middle East.

          • shattered

            Some smelly pagan hole I then gather.

          • Eric Blair

            Rightly said. I have family in Australia, a relic of the war. They have visited here and vice-versa, and we remain united on the point you mentioned: we are one tribe, and we stick together.

          • exmacuser

            I bet your ancestors were Scottish bigots.

          • I support Israel, too, within her 1967 borders. But not on the American taxpayers’ dime, and I damn well think that anyone who has Israeli citizenship or of any other country in addition to American citizenship, should not be allowed to hold a position in US government.

            And as for Solomon and David…most likely only as real as the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. But,if Solomon and David did exist, they were no more than smelly bandit chieftains.

            Don’t compare the survival of Israel to the survival of America, Europe or Australia. While Jays around the world by-and-large support keeping Israel a Jewish state, they are among the biggest supporters for the browning of America. Anyone who has friends like that needs to recognize them for the Judases they are and dump them.

          • Garrett Brown

            Got a zionist over here…

        • blight14

          Well stated Felix, indeed its the ‘opiate of the masses’….

    • StillModerated

      The prophet Daniel refers to nations, tribes and tongues. In the New Testament the book of Revelation repeats the same distinction. Nations are good! It’s in the Bible.

    • Joseph

      The OT says: (Nehemiah 13:27) “Shall we then hearken unto you to do all this great evil, to transgress against our God in marrying strange (foreign) wives?”

      For all of their faults the Jews had enough sense to warn of the hazards in race-mixing. They still force it on us though -because it is effective in destroying a nation.

    • wattylersrevolt

      You can only go so far with biblical interpretations in this life and death demographic battle. I would put the real world consequence of this tsunamic demographic transformation up front as we wage war against treasonous vermon such as Richard Land. And here is the real world consequence of a demographic shift in Dixie:Hollywod waging a scorched earth policy against Southern White Men and Women…think Django Unchained and Machete..these movies are violent anti-White pornography issuing Divine Edicts from Sid Shamberg and Rob Reiner to black beasts and m-13 gangbangers to gang rape millions of Southern White Women and enslave and exterminate Southern White Males…you may think this is farfetched but it is not:with a massive demographic shift in the American South will come a massive transfer of power to nonwhites. So what’s to stop them?…nothing, and with an incessant Divine Edict from Israel..I mean Hollwood…to go ape….on Southern White Men and Women..you can take it to the bank that it will happen in the event of a massive demographic shift. And you can be certain that the gang raping black beasts and the gang raping m-13 hispanic youth will be using Old Testament scipture to justifiy the extermination of Southern White Males.

      • Django unleashed has received Oscar nominations for best picture, best supporting actor and best cinematography. That could only happen in a country circling the toilet bowl.

        • Did you see Django Unchained Felix? Until you know what you’re talking about, maybe keep quiet. Tarantino is a god!

          • Garrett Brown


          • Eric Blair

            Tarantino is a symptom of terminal illness.

    • Athling

      You and other commentors here are correct and hold the proper perspective on this issue. I’ve never stated my religious beliefs here or anywhere else but I have studied the major religions of the West and their impact on Western civilization. This is an important issue and must be handled carefully especially in America, by far the most religious of the Western nations.

      To say that the Church has fallen away from its traditional teachings and practises would be an understatement. The Church in its current form is almost unrecognizable in comparison to what it once was. Gay priests and pastors, the encouragement of miscegenation, and a host of other issues now accepted by the Church would have been unfathomable in the time of the Founding Fathers.

      As to the topic at hand, the Church, again, is taking a Leftist and decidedly unbiblical position on population-replacing immigration. Many no longer understand the nature of the very God they claim to believe in. That God Himself saw fit to seperate people, each after their own kind and in their own nations. Oh, “but we are all God’s children,” they say. Yes, and God seperated those children is my response.

      There is nothing wrong with treating your fellow man with kindness and helping others. Many missionaries have devoted their lives to such purposes but to allow our nations to be overrun by those alien to us is evil.

      The current push toward a one-world government, a one-world religion, and the unbiblical philosophy that presumes the equality of all people is not of God.

    • jeffaral

      It’s simple: if you support any Christian church you support Universalism and Equalitarianism, which equals to supporting the genocide of Whites.

    • Open borders are not in scriptures, and I agree. It’s sad how ignorant white people are on this amazing country our forefathers built and is now being systemically destroyed by third world immigration compliments to the globalists. It’s a dreadful shame. We will lose our mojo if you will. We will become more brown and brazil like.What a shame. American has turned into an abomination.

  • If your religion tells you to destroy the racial integrity and culture of your country, then you might need a new religion. At the very least you might want to ostracize any “leaders” of said religion who are pushing this nonsense.

    • Robert Binion

      We become a people disabled by addiction, education and religion. Must I sustain those who my face despise to appease a god who hates me, too?
      Racial isolation is cayenne and cumin in the Lord’s pantry.–“Billy” Blake

    • StillModerated

      This explains why I’m no longer Episcopalian. That, and the dean of Washington Cathedral will now perform fudge-packer weddings.

      • GM (Australia)

        Agree, this is why I almost have total despair and frustration when I hear of this type of insane PC destroying our churches and what is left of our traditional Christian culture. What motivates this actions? Are these church leaders trying to be trendy or what? OK, Some church leaders embrace PC and extreme human rights because they say it is just so fair and “Christian”. What utter rubbish, PC principles, whether you a talking about the Communist Manifesto or the latest anti-discrimination laws at your local City Hall are a set of rules most likely written by Godless atheists and are generally designed to work against both Christianity and the white race.

        • When doesn’t need a church to find God. Too many rev’rums are r-tards.

          • GM (Australia)

            One also does not need the Church to be an organisation to facilitate inappropriate immigration.

          • So, then, maybe the church should stfu and not facilitate illegal immigration.

        • George White

          I’ll say it again, while they claim their stance is compassionate, i think they just want to get more butts in the seats. It’s about the cash!

    • [Guest]

      And what if your IRRELIGION tells you to destroy the racial integrity and culture of your country, and your country is white and religious?

      • Considering my primary focus is racial integrity and preserving the beauty and variety of White Western culture, I find it a little hard to fathom my ireligion telling me something to the contrary.

        • [Guest]

          That is, of course, the expected answer to that half of the equation. Yes, in a religious white nation the irreligious might fight to retain racial identity without compromising their irreligion. But they’ll be totally at odds with the culture concerning religion.

          As to “primary focus”: Unless your viewpoints can be shown to be representative of the irreligious as a whole, they’re not at issue. By the standard you’ve mentioned, every “anti-racist” irreligious person should jettison his irreligion, as should every irreligious person who wishes to excise religion from the public square in direct opposition to the nation’s history and culture (in the case of the U.S.).

          My point is that people can point the finger of accusation from both vantage points, the religious and the irreligious.

  • wattylersrevolt

    All you need to know is this:Richard Land is in bed with Bush Family and the Neocon Zionist Lobby. So, to put it another way, Richard Land is very much immersed in the realm of treason. He is a wage slave enthusiast…Bush Family connection…mixed in with the very Satanic Southern Evangelical Israel worshippers….this makes him a threat to the human species for surely this insanity will trigger nuclear WW111.
    The Southern Evangelical Insiders are so obviously a cabal of sociopaths. If we are lucky Richard Land will be taken down by a bizarre sex scandal.
    Ecological Dimension:for the past several very hot summers, the American South has been an ecologocal catastrophe zone in America..horrific scenes of severe droughts throughout the South…lakes and streams all evaporating away..boat docks that extended 30-40 yards into a lake with water now extend out into rock-hard red clay. And now these wierdo Southern Evangelical Insiders want to flood the South with high fertility hispanics whose breeding pattern resembles a well known insect pest species!!! Hispanics imported into the drought stricken American South should be viewed as an invasive pest species.

    • Joseph

      WHAT is it with most evengelicals and Israel?! They(we) simply cannot differentiate between “a remnant Israel” and the Godless, racist, terroristic artificial geopolitical construct “Israel”. WHY this obeisance to AIPAC that all good conservatives have to demonstrate, particularly including Christians? They stab us in the back repeatedly and the U.S. just licks their hand and apologizes, and gets out the checkbook. It defies any reason.

      Either I am really dense or a whole bunch of other people are.

      • wattylersrevolt

        Remember the USS Liberty!!!! You know, one of the young White Teenagers who was wounded and nearly slaughtered by Israeli Helicopter gunships firing 50 mm and 30mm bullets at the USS Liberty is an American Jew. He hasn’t pulled his punches when talking about about Israel’s role in slaughtering American Teenagers on the USS Liberty.

        Considering the threats of nuclear extermination of millions of Europeans and the on going slaughter of Arab Christians either directly by the IDF or its proxies..Al Queda…in Syria.issued by Israel academics and journalists…well, all I can say is this:Southern Evangelical Christianity is an abomination…an over-the-top apostasty…it’s a Black Mass.

        • Joseph

          I’ve been pretty blunt about this around a number of people (who bring it up) and it is not much appreciated but it is never contested. I am sick to death of war to support Israel, defense companies and international banks (I know, some overlap there) and will never be given any position of authority in my church because of it. “Just who is it that Jesus would attack first?” I also subscribe to the heresy of natural selection. I have to live according to the dictates of my conscience though, and I do not believe that God is embarrassed by honest inquiry or speculation -wherever it leads. My wife gets fairly annoyed with me if I verbalize what everyone knows to be true and I just tell her, “Yeah, people may say that I’m rude but they never say that I’m wrong.”

        • jeffaral

          I’d go a little further and state that any religion hailing from the desert is an abomination!

  • The__Bobster

    In the 70s, my church started holding two services, one for us and one for the cane-cutters. Pretty soon, there were still two services, both for the cane-cutters.

    If a church feels a need to keep its pews filled, it will sell out traditional Americans.

    • bluffcreek1967

      That’s actually very true. Many churches begin to feel the monetary weight when the pews are not filled. Soon, they begin to ‘reach out’ to all the Hispanics and third-world immigrants that surround them and bring them in. Before long, the racial make-up of the original church changes and the white membership begins its own version of ‘white flight.’ The Scriptures do not prohibit Christians from wanting to be with their own kind. Likewise, I have no personal animosity or ‘hatred’ for blacks, asians or hispanics. But I prefer to gather with my own kind, and I have NO guilt or remorse for it either.

      • Joseph

        Well said. The black churches in town sure don’t send out any buses to load up white folks to cart ’em across town to increase THEIR diversity, and I don’t blame them for it.

  • For one, pastors and religious leaders are talking more about the issue
    as a religious concern. Many scriptural passages relate to
    immigration—including the famous 40-year wilderness journey of the
    children of Israel to the Promised Land

    For one, that never really happened, or at least there’s no archaeological evidence that it did, as I said here in AR over the weekend. The credible science seems to indicate that the roots of Israel are rebellious southern Canaanites combined with random escaped slaves from New Kingdom Egypt, not some great Mosaic “exodus.” (Moses himself most likely didn’t really exist.) There is no evidence of any Abrahamic nation before that point.

    Even not counting that, I take the legend of the Mosaic exodus not as a public policy imperative on immigration, but as a nationalist imperative on blood and soil. In other words, the people who should be taking credibility from that legend are today’s American whites seeking real immigration control to maintain the Americanness of America.

    New pro-immigrant movements are seeking to educate and activate
    evangelical clergy and voters by emphasizing themes of love, justice,
    and welcome for the stranger that resound throughout the Hebrew Bible
    and New Testament.

    I remember Christ Himself making plenty of allusions to righteous violence. “Welcome for the stranger” is in a spiritual sense, not the worldly sense. Christ Himself also said “render unto Caesar,” which means we’re part of this world and have to live in this world and abide by the flesh and blood “game” presented to us. Including laws about citizenship and naturalization.

    • dhs

      You’re right; the archaeological evidence is scant and murky.

      From the Biblical account the immigrant Israelites did not benefit the native population, rather the Israelites killed many, and took their territory. I think the Bible is giving a good example of the results of massive immigration.

      • Eagle_Eyed

        There isn’t any “scientific” evidence contradicting the Exodus tradition either, so I think we could leave it at that for the purposes of not debating this ad naseum. Suffice to say that the Bible has been remarkably accurate in areas which we have good archaeological evidence, so I’m gonna give it the benefit of the doubt.

        QD is somewhat on the right track. The OT in particular differentiated between peoples of different nations. Nations, of course, which grew out of tribes (which grew out of families) were mono-ethnic. The ancient Israelites were the tribe through which God chose to reveal Himself to mankind, so maintaining a separateness was of particular importance to God-fearing OT Israelites. In fact, whenever the ancient Jews began to adopt practices and the culture of the surrounding tribes they were punished.

        This isn’t to say this alone is good reason to have strict immigration policies–but that the pro-immigration Christian is misguided to think he is doing the Lord’s work by voting for a certain political policy. Being a good Samaritan means helping a fellow person in need, not inviting his entire family over to change the makeup of your nation.

        As they say over at Faith and Heritage, being “pro-immigrant” makes someone *feel* good about himself. We race realists and cultural conservatives use facts, history, evidence, and rational arguments to show that diversity–be it cultural, religious, or racial–causes strife and needless disagreement.

        • bluffcreek1967

          Very good Sir! For those interested in scholarly books defending the historical reliability of the Old Testament, I highly recommend K.A. Kitchen, ‘On the Reliability of the Old Testament’ (Wm.B. Eerdmans) and the work of Iain Provan, V. Philips Long & Tremper Longman in ‘A Biblical History of Israel’ (Westminster John Knox Press). Other scholarly works by Walter C. Kaiser, R.K. Harrison, and even the late Robert Dick Wilson will be of great help for those wanting answers in reply to liberal, higher-critical arguments.

        • Don’t be ridiculous. You cannot prove a negative.

          There isn’t any scientific evidence proving that martians never landed on earth, but I don’t hear any serious person demanding we believe, therefore, that they did.

          Recognizing that the story of the Exodus is a fairy tale gives it its correct moral standing. Once you recognize it’s a fairy tale, its moral relevance falls behind Pinochio.

          • bluffcreek1967

            Nonsense! There is indeed historical and archeological evidence supportive of the Exodus. The works I had referred to delve into this – and it’s not merely limited to proving a negative. Space does not permit an examination of it here in this context, but I would urge you to consider those authors who utterly demolish the polemics of liberal, higher-critical scholars. However, as the old saying goes: ‘A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.’

    • bluffcreek1967

      Good points! The scriptural passages dealing with immigrants and wandering strangers speak of it as a unique or occasional occurrence as opposed to an entire nation, such as Mexico, literally invading the borders of a neighboring country and having to be welcomed into it. Christians are indeed to ‘welcome the stranger,’ but this never meant allowing one’s own nation, culture and race to be displaced by foreign invaders!? Were the ancient Israelites urged by God to abandon their unique identity so as welcome a completely foreign people? Of course not! In fact, it’s only when Israel abandoned God and His laws for them that He allowed them to be overtaken by foreign and pagan people. This clearly implies that the ‘mixing’ of peoples and cultures was NOT God’s best for Israel and was, in fact, a sign of judgment.

    • If people are concerned with love and justice, then let them take care of the people in this country who need help, the poor, the mentally ill, the homeless. Do these SOB’s need to import suffering from abroad? Charity begins at home?

      Do these clergymen force their sons and daughters to go without medical care so they can pay for it for a stranger? Do they let strangers come into their homes and pilfer from their refrigerators and sleep in their beds? If they don’t, then why should they expect Joe and Jane Average American to turn a blind eye to the law-breakers who come here demanding hand-outs?

      If they care so much about the down trodden, then let their congregations sponsor people and take personal responsibility for that person’s needs. They, (rightfully), don’t want the government to pay for abortions, so then why shoudl the government, i.e. the taxpayer, be forced to pay for benefits for illegal aliens?

    • Joseph

      Well, I take exception to much of that BUT I would say that if there is a lesson to be learned it is this: The Egyptians took slaves of a foreign people who then multiplied to the point where they became a huge burden and nuisance. This eventually led to the downfall of the nation.

      Sounds REAL familiar.

      • There is real evidence that Ancient Egypt borked its own founding demographics. The Nubians.

  • David Ashton

    The sedentary approach – no missions to convert those overseas, just invite those overseas to come here and don’t worry about converting them either.

    • wayne

      Karl Marx said that no religion was easier to harness for the ends of Communism than Christianity.

      • Anders

        Politics and religion; the two biggest rackets in history. Both populated by the worst kind of people; racketeers. Both kind of racketeers convince a large proportion of population A, B and C that they are your friends, are here to help, are concerned about your welfare (spiritual or otherwise), whilst concocting schemes to screw members of population A, B and C.
        Unfortunately the vast majority of people weren’t equipped with a b**l-s**t detector at birth and fall for the same b**l-s**t over and over again. Actually believing and trusting these people merely because they are in a position of authority.
        Voting for the same lamestream party that wants to displace you and supporting the weak-kneed religion that wants your daughter to be friends with the new kid from Africa.

  • Herger

    Latino liberation theology is not the Gospel evangelicals teach, But it will be if they keep going down this road.

    • wayne

      Liberation Theology, though I have not read much on this topic, seems to be the subversion of Christianity for the purposes of Marxism. It’s all about social justice in this world. It is, in short, communism.

      • Herger

        Its God delivering them from the injustices of the white man with the state’s help.

        • And welfare benefits for Lupita and the eleven illegitmate ankle-biters paid for by the white man’s taxes.

      • Unperson

        Communism is exactly what it is. Communism with a spiritual dimension and an afterlife.

        HIstorically, Evangelicals have been more immune to Liberation Theology than any other Christian sect. Although I’m not in any way religious myself, it’s tragic to see this last bastion of decent, unapologetically traditional white people signing onto the West’s suicide pact like this. I thought if anybody could hold out against the general Left-ward collapse of… well, pretty much everything, it would be the Southern Christians. Frightening.

    • They teach the prosperity gospel that if you give to the church. God will bless you financially.

  • Bill

    Unh…….I don’t think I’ll be taking my Christian doctrine from somebody who is a christian science member thank you very much. As a Christian, I frankly abhor ANY church or pastor who would target a minority of any kind to fill their churches – going so far as to run “bus routes” which go to the seediest side of town to fill their churches. If they want to minister to the least civilized groups, they can establish a church AMONG the least civilized – not bring them among us. It’s unbiblical, it’s short sighted, and it’s foolish. Christ did NOT run a bus route to Samaria and bring them all to the temple in Jerusalem. He WENT to Samaria. I doubt very much Mexicans donate much to the plate, moreover. And blacks? Heck they won’t even tip their own in restaurants. We all KNOW it’s about ImPastors trying to fill their plates because of the loss of white congregants fleeing from PC correct satanic doctrine and lies from the pulpit from these “men of the cloth”.

    • Joseph

      …”We all KNOW it’s about ImPastors trying to fill their plates because of
      the loss of white congregants fleeing from PC correct satanic doctrine
      and lies from the pulpit from these “men of the cloth”.

      Amen! Many of these “protestant” denominations are now just a cover for egalitarian collectivists who couldn’t care less if there IS a god. They may in fact, secretly hope there isn’t because he/it/she/they would be onto their duplicity.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    This is why I don’t like religions – especially the one that has been prevalent in the US since the Civil War. It is all about the number, and nothing about values or integrity: Quantity over quality.

  • My question is where is the rule of law involved in all of this? We do have immigration laws for a reason. We cannot afford to let the whole world in to our country.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      Indeed. Any amnesty argument put forth by evangelicals should be countered with this question.

    • MekongDelta69

      There is NO MORE ‘rule of law.’ We live in a Dictatorship, run by a black muslim marxist, who decides what he wants to do by releasing ‘Executive Orders’ (such as the one issued today by Plugs Biden concerning ‘gun control’ (aka ‘gun confiscation’)).

      More than 60 million idiots voted for this chump. The America in which I grew up, simply does NOT exist anymore.

      Period. End of story…

      • Agreed. Everyone needs to be prepared to look to himself. That is the first step.

        • jay11

          I recently started watching “doomsday preppers.” Years ago I would have thought them nuts, but now I am listening…

          • Eric Blair

            I have a lot of people at work now picking my brain as to how to prepare. They used to laugh too, but as one man said this week, “Everything you said would happen has been happening.”

  • MekongDelta69

    Comprehensive immigration reform” = “AMNESTY

    Again… and again… and again…

  • Tim

    it reminds me of “Band Night”….. Filling the bar with people that aren`t ordering, paying or leaving anyway. It`s like going broke with no rules to slow you down.

  • wayne

    The lazy, stupid American Christians abandoned the Western/White world for the multicultural, diverse one. These same fools believe that, while America SHOULD NOT remain White and Western, it should remain Christian. I wonder if their support for immigrants includes Hindus and Muslims? I hate to see mosques popping up throughout the South, but it does give me some satisfaction that it’s causing the Zio-Christians to blow gaskets.

    • Joseph

      It’s going to become more …interesting “when multicultural worlds collide” (apologies to Roger Miller).

  • Eagle_Eyed

    The problem is that it is the vocal minority of evangelicals (who enjoy the praise of the world) doing this. Most of us still don’t want open borders any more than we want “gay marriage” or abortion-on-demand.

    • George White

      Yes, it’s VERY hard for me to believe that a majority of white Christians, especially in the south, have an overpowering desire to be displaced in the country that their forefathers founded and built. It’s sheer insanity. You’d have to be out of your mind to want massive third world immigration. There is no upside to it. Crime, drugs, gangs, illegitimacy, welfare and massive entitlements….bankrupt states from sea to shining sea. Total insanity. Buchanan chose the proper term for his book, because a nation that wants to flourish does not allow an invasion of hostile third world freeloaders. You don’t have to hate Mexicans to want them to stay in Mexico. They already have a country to call their own. I don’t want America to become Mexico. Los Angeles is already Mexico North, and it’s devastated. Suicide indeed.

  • wattylersrevolt

    World renown conservation biologist E.O. Wilson has written on several occasions that the American Southeast is considered by conservation biologists as a biological hotspot for species conservation…endemic speices..that is to say, species unique to the American South.
    I am reading a book by E.O. Wilson at the moment. The book is structured as a series of letters to Evangelical Ministers describing the ongoing massive species extinction. I don’t know if it will do any good tying to appeal to a group of men who have these silly looking Conway Twitty hairdoo helmets dyed black oxford shoe polish. Do these guys realize how cretinous they look…from Huckrbee to Land? ..pull up a picture and have a look.
    No one who has any deep feelings for the biota of the American South could possibly be in favor of importing the high fertility pest species known as mexicans and m-13 gangbangers.
    Clearly these helmet head Evangelical Ministers only have deep feelings about their bank accounts and their social status within the Israel worship fifth column in America which requires 1) an Evangelical conveyor transporting the demographically and economically redundant Southern Teenage Male population for slaughter in the Middle East.
    Jared Tayor, have a look a E.O. Wilsons little book.

  • kjh64

    If evangelicals want to get political, it’s time to end their tax exempt status. They should either do their job and stay in the church where they belong and be a church or else they are a political organization who should not be tax exempt.

    • [Guest]

      The answer is not to deny evangelicals (whatever that means) the right to speak out and act upon their views whenever and wherever they choose. No one who supports Western culture and civilization will at the same time suggest that Christians must keep their beliefs to themselves when they set foot outside their church buildings.

      Just as the registration and licensing of guns was a gigantic step toward destroying the Second Amendment, the ties that many churches have made with the government (including accepting tax-exempt status) are a step toward denying religious freedoms. As should have been anticipated, any crackdown in this area will be very selective.

  • razorrare

    I find this story as repugnant as the recent story on South African women deliberately drinking a brew made up of water,yeast,and battery acid to get more welfare…

    Somewhere in the Bible it states that Christ said,”When two or three are gathered in my name i am there also”…he didnt say a herd of people…Those church-goers whose leaders now preach for immigration reform should find another church whose pastor or priest dosent offer a brew up of yeast,water and battery acid in place of wine and bread for communion— representing the blood and body of Christ.

  • potato78

    Church is a kind of business.

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    Remember, Lord, what has happened to us;
    look, and see our disgrace.
    Our inheritance has been turned over to strangers,
    our homes to foreigners.
    Our ancestors sinned and are no more,
    and we bear their punishment.
    Slaves rule over us,
    and there is no one to free us from their hands.

    Lamentations 5: 1-2, 7-8

    • Joseph

      Indeed, we have gone into captivity without even leaving home. They have even made eunuchs of the men as in Jeremiah’s time.

  • Nathanwartooth

    Just like big corporations and politicians the church doesn’t care if America is destroyed. Just so they keep on making money.

    I can be alright with people who are against abortion and gay marriage but closed borders.

    But open borders, anti abortion and against gay marriage? No, just no.

  • bluffcreek1967

    Evangelical Christians want to rightly proclaim the Gospel and get their message out to the entire world. This is Jesus’ clear mandate for the Church. However, there is NO scriptural mandate for Christians to flood white, Western nations with third-world immigrants.

    The New Testament is very suggestive that different ethnic cultures should NOT be tampered with. There is a ‘hands off’ policy, in effect, that urges Christians to not offend foreign customs and unique features of other groups. This explains why the apostles and early Christians were careful in not violating established customs and cultures among their travels, so long as those customs did not violate clear scriptural precepts (mainly idolatrous religious practices).

    So, when Evangelicals urge third-world immigrants to move to the U.S., it’s a violation and offense to the very people already here in America (namely, whites) who DON’T want to be racially displaced; who DON’T want a foreign culture thrown in our face; and who wish to preserve a white posterity for future generations.

    Contrary to popular opinion, it’s NOT ‘racist’ for white Christians to want to preserve their race and unique culture. If it’s charged against white Christians in America for feeling this way, it should also be leveled against Christians in other nations who, likewise, wish to preserve their culture and unique identity.

    Lastly, whether one agrees with Christianity or not, I want to make it clear that NOT all Evangelicals support multiculturalism. As a Christian, I can remain proud of my white racial heritage and seek to preserve it without wanting to harm others or replace the cultures of others with mine. Moreover, genuine Christianity does NOT prevent believers from stating the truth about any racial group or ethnicity. For instance, it’s NOT unkind or unloving to speak the truth about the black undertow. We are NOT called to deny the obvious about people, crime, social concerns and life itself.

  • bigone4u

    Christians who want to evangelize the heathen should do as the Mormons do. Go overseas and prosyltize. But no, they want the heathens in their own backyard. Well, at least that’s another good reason for me to declare that I am not a Christian.

  • StillModerated

    I’d like to remind AmRen readers that there is no shortage of liberal Christians. The “sanctuary movement” started in the early 80s as Central Americans fled military/political turmoil in their home countries. Look it up on wikipedia. Jews were in on it too. However, Evangelicals should not be confused with the megachurches which rely on massive tithes and offerings required to maintain their TV studios, whopping mortgages, day care centers and coffee shops. The message of the megachurch is usually insipid pabulum designed not to offend.

  • fakeemail

    1) Organized religion is a business. Period. The true morality of the religious leaders does not extend past financial and networking opportunities.

    2) Christianity is *easily* interpreted to mean flat-out altruism. Any one that has read Ayn Rand knows altruism is a philosophy of utter destruction, double speak, and manipulation.

    • Remember: The higher the hair, the closer to God.

      • jane johnson

        Don King?!

        • Joseph

          I heard that Don King accidentally spilled some Viagra in with his Afro-Sheen and his “do” is the result. He liked it so much he continued the practice.

    • Joseph

      There is, biologically speaking, an essential value to altruism. Unfortunately, the feedback control mechanism for society has been tampered with by some who are the least altruistic in society. Like toxoplasmosis, they lead the host organism to sacrifice itself preferentially to promote the welfare of the parasite.

    • David Ashton

      Interesting comment. Where would one put the Catholic “saint” who swapped places with another slave on a Muslim galley? No financial profit (which Rand would not entirely have opposed) but altruistic (which Rand would not have supported).

  • lanceman

    Religions are cults that have mainstream acceptance. Since religion is based on faith rather than logic and reason, religious people are very easily manipulated.

    • bluffcreek1967

      Gee, I’m sure glad you didn’t make any off-base and sweeping generalizations in your post!

  • Evangelicals tell me that God is bringing the mission field to them.

    My response: Who is converting whom?

    • bluffcreek1967

      True. Christians are commanded by Christ to “Go into all the world,” NOT bring the entire world into one or a few white, Western nations. And I would add that once a region or community is evangelized and churches are planted (with the indigenous people themselves leading and overseeing their own congregations), the missionary is supposed to move on to other regions and people. Eventually, the missionary will return to his own country with no scriptural obligation to bring foreigners he evangelized back home with him.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    Reminds me of missionaries in Germany who have had little success with the Germans, so they welcome the muslim invasion as a new, possibly more receptive, “mission field.”

  • NorthernAmerican-Nationalist

    I don’t think doing one’s Christian duty to one’s neighbor or a stranger necessitates making them part of your family or giving them a piece of your own home. You can take them in as a guest if that would help them (or help them wherever and however it would be [genuinely] most effective) and eventually send them on their way.

    “We are ALL ONE IN CHRIST Jesus;” not, we are all one. You think you’d be able to get such believers to at least support banning non-Christian immigration. . .

  • ImTellinYa

    Hey, if any of you magnificent (I mean that) American Renaissance people are reading these comments, you might be amused to know that as of today the employees of the Sacramento Bee (major daily newspaper) are blocked from reading your website. The message says your website is full of “racism and hate.” Ha ha. Leftist tyranny rears its ugly stupid head.

    Back to the topic:

    Most organized churches are filled with cowards and traitors. The Episcopal church is probably the worst. I was raised in the Episcopal church, but about ten years ago I realized that it no longer existed. If you destroy your country. If you welcome hostile, parasitic invaders, and embrace politically-correct Leftist tyranny, you reject the gifts God gave you of courage, judgement, discrimination (a good thing despite Leftist lies) and sanity. You also fail to do your duty, which is to defend yourself and your people. But the Left is literally insane. The pathology has permeated every corner of our culture.

    This is the story of our era: Lower your standards to the point to which you might as well not even have any for the purpose of a fleeting short-term gain of nothing much in particular, and the result of which is the destruction of everything good, successful and worthy.

    The most glaring example recently is the Diversity Housing Bubble. That entire debacle is proof that the Leftist elite is mentally ill. Most of our ruling elite is composed of people of higher-than-average intelligence and yet they were almost all on board for Bush’s insane attempt to turn Hispanics into suburban, White Republicans. Most of them acted as if an overpriced housing market fueled by bogus loans was proof of a healthy economy.

    In the middle of the Bubble the leader of the corporate parent company of our major daily newspaper thought that the Bubble was a perfect economic climate for him to acquire Knight-Ridder: a massive, failing, bankrupt string of newspapers and other properties. There were no other buyers, but that didn’t give him a clue. He plunged the company into debt to buy this rotten, stinking mess.

    When the Diversity Housing Bubble burst, as the fellows at the Daily Reckoning had been accurately predicting from the beginning, the corporate boffins all raised their hands in horror and wailed, “who could have foreseen such a tragedy?” as our new acquisition almost took the original corporation down with it. We have not recovered, nor will we.

    Our corporate “leaders” were smart enough and had the proper information to see that the U.S. economy was being systematically destroyed by Leftist policies and that the Bubble was just another fraud. But their actions indicated that they were true believers in this criminal fraud. The only conclusion to draw from this is that our ruling elites are mentally ill. They are able to deny reality even when that reality is completely obvious. Their mental illness is caused by fear of the consequences of destroying the system of lies the Left has constructed. Even now, the government is still trying to reinflate the housing bubble. To them that utter fraud based on a lie was “the good old days.”

    • F*** the Sacramento Bee. They can’t handle the truth.

    • jay11

      Intelligence does not always equal wisdom.

  • This proves what most of us have known about evangelical preachers all along: They see members of their congregation mostly as a source of income. (Breathing all that hairspray they need to keep their pompadours up in the wind has rotted their brains.)

    Good luck with getting those cholos to tithe, and don’t whine when your sons are shot at and your daughters knocked up. You let the enemy into the camp.

  • robinbishop34

    As the guy from counter currents says… modern leftism is modeled after Christian morality (paraphrasing).

  • It’s funny. These people are trying to trick us into thinking that Jesus Christ somehow approved of committing Genocide against White people through massive non-White immigration and forced assimilation into each & every White country, until White people are blended out of existence.

    Using the Bible to justify White Genocide is disgusting.

    • Continuing to follow and support clergy who justify white genocide is even more disgusting. If you don’t like what they’re saying, stop blindly tossing your money into the collection basket.

  • Tucker

    I catch a little heat, although I’ve noticed that it is decreasing considerably, whenever I point out that the Christian and Catholic Church leadership have become avidly pro-White dispossession and pro-White genocide and that Christianity, as a whole, has become a deadly enemy of White European people around the entire world.

    It is articles like this one that prove my point, and I hope Amren prints as many of them as possible. We have to get our fellow Whites to leave their Church and if they want to continue to cling to Christianity, home church with family and friends – but please get out of these churches which are preaching Cultural Marxism and white genocide!

    And, whatever you do – do NOT donate a dime of your hard earned money to these anti-White institutions of White Genocide.

  • Tucker

    I catch a little heat, although I’ve noticed that it is decreasing considerably, whenever I point out that the Christian and Catholic Church leadership have become avidly pro-White dispossession and pro-White genocide and that Christianity, as a whole, has become a deadly enemy of White European people around the entire world.

    It is articles like this one that prove my point, and I hope Amren prints as many of them as possible. We have to get our fellow Whites to leave their Church and if they want to continue to cling to Christianity, home church with family and friends – but please get out of these churches which are preaching Cultural Marxism and white genocide!

    And, whatever you do – do NOT donate a dime of your hard earned money to these anti-White institutions of White Genocide.

  • blight14

    They are merely wh0res for cash, period. This is utterly sickening to read/witness.

  • 1Forced_Registration

    This is one evangelical Christian who does not support immigration reform, and I don’t know many in my congregation that would. We worked our tails off to get away from blacks, hispanics, and crime. Why would we want to invite more of it? We send missionaries ALL over the world to bring people to Christ. We don’t have to bring them to America to bring them to Christ!

  • Old Schooler

    Here’s a website with the Old School view on this general subject of diversity: http://faithandheritage.com/2011/01/a-biblical-defense-of-ethno-nationalism/

  • George White

    Evangelicals are useful idiots. They want the invaders to come and steal our tax money and rob our society. I believe that Jesus would escort illegals to the border and tell them to sin no more.

    • bluffcreek1967

      Thank you for not over-generalizing!

  • JohnEngelman

    The borders are about to be opened to third world immigration. Democrats want more Democrat voters. Republicans want lower wages.

    I disapprove. Nevertheless, only 35 percent of the American people agree with me.


    Opposing it feels like this:


    • Luca

      This is a rather complex poll, 5-pages long. I think most people don’t understand that comprehensive reform was passed in 1986 to deal with this problem and the real problem is enforcement. The first charts only deal with (I presume) legal immigration. There will be different opinions when everyone gets shocked out of their stupor of electronic entertainment and another 911 occurs on our soil. The more shocking figures are on page 2, when asked if they were born in another country almost 50% of hispanics said “Yes” compared to only 3% of whites. Of that hispanic 50%, I’ll bet 70% are illegal. These are staggering numbers and anyone with 3rd grade math can see what’s happening to our country. We the taxpayers are the ones who lose our money and our culture while the liberal-run media reports none of this.

      • JohnEngelman

        What is interesting about the Gallup survey is the fluctuations in the percentage of Americans who favor less immigration.

        From 1966 to 1994 support for more restrictions rose from 33 percent to 65 percent. This probably happened because of the increase in the crime rate, which was blamed, partly on Hispanic immigration.

        The decline in opposition to 38 percent from 1994 to 2000 was probably due to the decline in the rate of violent crime, and the improved economy. The spike to 59 percent in 2002 was probably a reaction to 9/11.

        The decline to 35 percent now is more difficult to understand, considering the economy. Nevertheless, the rate of Hispanic immigration and the crime rate have declined.

        Immigration is a volatile issue with no continuous trend over the long run.


        • David Ashton

          So it is a better idea to try to lead and influence opinion than to let the “liberal” elite do so.

          • JohnEngelman

            What about the conservative elite? The elite that thinks is is acceptable for the rich to get richer, as the rest of the rest of us decline?

          • Luca

            At least their are “some” conservatives, especially on talk radio and on the web, who report on this problem or highlight the stories we otherwise wouldn’t hear or see. The Democrats on the other hand are in complete denial or completely lying and making excuses for the sake of pandering votes.

          • David Ashton

            AND the “conservatives” who want cheap labor at home and abroad.
            “We are ruined by Chinese cheap labor” (Bret Harte).

        • Luca

          The decline to 35% now is not difficult to understand when you realize that Gallup was polling a vast number of Hispanics of which 50% are foreign born.

  • More and more churches seem to be more focused on growing their flocks and keeping their coffers full than teaching the Bible, and are embracing increasingly leftist positions in order to appeal to more people.
    Many folks in my wife’s extended family are religious, but over the years have changed churches or stopped attending because they felt that the weekly sermon was starting to turn into an MSNBC broadcast: Preachers advocating for the healthcare law, immigration, etc. Another relative left his church after the minister gave several sermons in an attempt to browbeat the young single men of the congregation into dating and marrying single mothers (these preachers are not dumb, they know that in most families it is the women who drive the cash donations to the church). My in laws just left their church after the board decided to close the daycare program that provided child care to low income WORKING families. Meanwhile, the church just purchased thousands of dollars in new musical equipment that the music director insisted was vital to ensuring the services were done well. Unreal.

    • My guess is that most of those churches your relatives have left are charismatic outfits (“theology lite”), that are less interested in theology and morality and more interested in money and production values. Basically Sunday morning Broadway productions writ small.

      • bluffcreek1967

        Amen to that! The Charismatic and Pentecostal churches are fraught with all sorts of charlatans, excessive emotionalism and bad theology (or none at all!). These churches appeal greatly to blacks and Hispanics who are very impulsive and emotional to begin with.

  • David Ashton

    Nothing anywhere in the Bible advocates or is consistent with the elimination of national territories or the mixing together of existing races. Our problem arises with the late-modern political perversion of Christian “love” into a territorial welcome for “strangers” on a scale that can destroy national cultures and ironically Christian national cultures. The benevolent “altruism” supposedly proposed by Jesus and mainstream churches has been turned into suicidal “masochism”. The susceptibility of white clergy, who are losing spiritual credibility and therefore potential income, to contemporary fashion and ideological subversion aggravates this trend. The Cultural Marxist tactical slogan is “One race, many faiths”; the Traditional Christian mission objective is “One faith, many races”.
    The only scripture explicitly cited in support is Matthew 25.31-46. This passage is in fact one of the most “politically incorrect” passages in the NT. It talks of Jesus coming again to judge all “nations” and sending the unrighteous into “everlasting fire”. The “liberal” exegesis is mistaken, if widespread. Those condemned are not everyone who has failed to take in every stranger or feed the hungry anywhere, but those peoples who have failed thus to help the disciples, his “brethren” (verse 40) in their mission.
    This should be enough to secure agreement over this divisive issue among white Christians and non-Christians, “British Israelites” and “Christian Zionists”, creationists and evolutionists in a shared patriotism.
    There is a reasonable Protestant defense of racial separatism and territorial exclusion by the Anglican Bishop Henson in “Christian Morality” (Oxford 1936), pp.222-245: “There is no affront to any Christian principle in a segregation, on the basis of race…”&c. There is an officially authorized Catholic defense of immigration control and against miscegenation by Fr Leslie Rumble in “Questions People Ask” (Kensington, NSW 1972) pp.268-270: “The fusion of races is not in any way desirable…”&c.

  • Seek

    I have been saying it for years: Evangelicals, even “conservative” ones, are not to be trusted on immigration. They are all sentimentality and no thinking. The view America less as a nation than as a powerful globo-magnet through which we can affect a Christian diaspora to these shores. Mike Huckabee, Richard Land, Richard Cizik, Joe Loconte, Michael Gerson — they are all possessed of this psychology. Genuine patriots ought to shun them, though not necessarily Christianity per se.
    This requires some serious thinking. Maybe it’s worth a separate conference.

    • bluffcreek1967

      Well, at least your comments aren’t off-base and guilty of sweeping generalizations!

  • BellaCosa

    The fact that evangelicals may support large-scale immigration for reasons of expedience is, I’m pretty sure, separable from whether or not Christianity–as it is most often practiced–is on balance an orientation favorable to racial nationalism. I mean, historically, this wasn’t even a question: Christians throughout most of history have been perfectly at ease practicing their religion within a racially-conscious social and political framework. The problems of some evangelicals and Catholics coming out in favor of massive immigration are pretty recent. I’d argue that this is actually in response to the religious bloc losing its influence to new leftist social hokum that encourages such immigration. Christians merely want to jump on-board this tidal wave and use it as best they can. I doubt that you’d see Christians encouraging this type of immigration if it weren’t for the political left’s doing so as well.

  • Mike Lane

    Even though I’m a Christian I’ve got to say the Church has been greatly emasculated. Whatever happened to the Christians who were pinning turbans to people’s heads and giving them enemas made of 10 ft oak?

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    I am by no means an expert on the bible, but I remember something about “first goes last and last goes first.” There is also something about “you will eat food you did not grow and live in houses you did not build.” There may even be some thing about EBT cards and spending money you didn’t earn. This sounds a lot like what the blacks, illegals and other free loaders are receiving. It looks like the US is a living example of the bible.

  • jay11

    You people do realize that Christianity was imposed by the sword on most of Europe, don’t you? Charlemagne and dozens of others kings and popes participated in massive human rights abuses against the Northern and Western Europeans. The Germanic peoples who stretch in a belt from England through Northern Europe and Scandanavia over into the Baltics were doing just fine before Christianity. The Protestant Reformation was really a rebellion by the Germanic diaspora against Christianity as a dictatorship of Rome. Now that most Americans are no longer northern and western in European heritage, we are once again on the defensive.

  • steve6689

    The problem with “love thy neighbour” being used to support so called “immigration reform” is that altruism cannot be universal. If everybody is your brother then nobody is.

  • Marc B.

    Keeping up the Catholics, but fortunately they are 30+ years too late. I left the Catholic church once I found out who received my donations. I can only hope this spurs an exodus from 501C3 churches.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    Business is business, and church is a business just like Tim Horton’s is. And they both have the same philosophy – “import people, import import import”, for their own short-sighted wants.

  • exmacuser

    Is there anything more evil than a bible- thumping evangelical protestant.