A White British Minority

Graeme Wilson, The Sun, January 9, 2013

White Brits are now a minority in three more UK towns and cities, a report reveals today.

Soaring immigration has sent their numbers plunging below 50 per cent in the city of Leicester and the towns of Luton and Slough.

The figures follow last month’s revelation that for the first time white Brits form less than half London’s population—45 per cent.

The percentage calling themselves white British is at 35 in Slough, Berks, and 45 in Luton, Beds, and Leicester.

No ethnic group is in the majority in any of the three.

The Manchester University study says the figure for Birmingham may fall below half within seven years.

The overall white population tops 50 per cent in Leicester and Luton when Eastern European and Irish communities are added.

[Editor’s Note: Charts showing the precise demographic breakdowns of these areas are available at the original article link below.]

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  • 48224

    Quiz: What happens when Europeans are displaced by third worlders?
    Answer: Detroit, Cleveland, East St. Louis.

    What excuse does the government give for letting in more and more people…”we need more taxi drivers”? Seriously, what is the reason the govt. gives?

    Here in the USA the reason seems to be they want to come….so we let them.

    • So CAL Snowman

      I know it’s so horrifying as to be scarcely believed. I think many liberals reflexively deny the reality of white racial displacement by third world non whites because it is so insanely terrifying that it is instantly rejected. The mind recoils in horror and the liberal puts up a mental wall.

      • RebelliousTreecko

        I don’t think they’re afraid because they are being displaced — they love it and see it as karma and justice –, they are afraid of a backlash from Whites.

        • guest

          The liberals should also be afraid of the non-whites they love so much turning against them and trying to harm them. Just because you’re a white liberal who stands up for non-whites doesn’t mean the non-whites are going to love you any better.

          • A book was written by a South African jew, Into The Cannibals Pot I think it was called. It’s her story. She fought hard against apartheid. She really, really wanted her home to change. She joined the ANC. This was and is a leftist party. The ANC now have speakers that talk of murdering white people (of course white people are already being murdered in SA and all the dumb coloreds ought to read a recent article/expose in The Economist (a liberal publication) on how SA is really going south, i.e. forget about being a first world country) Anyway, the change after 1994 was not quite what she expected. There was, as a sidebar, lots of redistribution of wealth too. Anyhow, white SA farmers who’ve been on the cape for over 500 years are being unpleasantly annihilated and this jew sought refuge in another country after she helped bring it apart. Which makes me think that a lot this could be what will happen in the USA. Whether the jews are asked to leave or will simply want to be in more pleasant lands after they’ve ransacked us for all that we are worth.

          • anonymous

            I say let them all move to Israel or maybe they’ll be forced to someday. After that, say, “You’re in your own homeland, but we are cutting off any money to you. You are “God’s Chosen People”, so I’m sure you will be able to make it just fine on your own.”

        • So CAL Snowman

          Certainly many White liberals love the idea of a multiracial society and definitely see it as karma, but I feel that there are a lot of White liberals that simply deny reality because to embrace it would mean shattering the illusions of their entire world view.

          • Yet, in reality, MOST White liberals DON’T LIVE IN MINORITY NEIGHBORHOODS!

            Nor, do they send their kids to ‘diverse’ public schools.

            They ONLY want to force YOU to do so.

          • The__Bobster

            The people in charge of our displacement certainly don’t, and think they’ll one day be able to control the resulting race of tan everymen.

          • liberalsuck

            I point that out to them as well, and I’ve lost some ‘liberal friends’ because of it. They’re just mad that I was right and was exposing them for their hypocrisy.

          • Liberalsuck

            Ask a white liberal if they love diversity and multiracial societies so much why they don’t live in a black neighborhood or move to a majority nonwhite country? Point out that the only ‘racist whites’ you have met lived in diverse, multicultural areas and that if we had racial separation, we wouldn’t have all the hate or race riots. Point out racially homogenous countries like Japan or Switzerland don’t have race riots or much internal conflict.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat
    • Sue

      no they don’t, they want the money.

  • Ulick

    Sometimes to appreciate how absurd things are you need to say them out loud. Repeat, “The English are minorities in parts of England. The English are minorities in parts of England.” It’s insane. If Englishmen in the 40s had a crystal ball of what immigration would ultimately yield they would have put an end to it immediately. So why aren’t present day Englishmen doing the same? Rise up before your people’s history, land, and culture is gone.

    • Alephman777

      The English stole other people’s lands. They colonized, brutally subjugated, enslaved, plundered & exploited the resources of other folks, need I also mention nearly exterminated the aboriginals & some native American tribes too. Well now that the tables have turned, we have all the white racist chicken little repressed screamers desperate to steal the spot light again! Well I hope the rest of the UK follows the good example of these 3 merry towns 🙂


      • veritas_lux_mea

        Not a single English person alive today was involved in that. You would never imprison a person because their grandfather robbed a bank. You can’t punish someone for the misdeeds of their ancestors. The Aztecs colonized, brutally subjugated, enslaved, plundered, exploited, and then tore out the beating hearts of hundreds of thousands of people. By your “logic”, Mexicans should deserve even worse. But you’re not speaking from logic, just your extreme hatred of whites.

        • purestocles

          You make a very good, though too often ignored, point. The founders of America explicitly rejected the Old World law which stipulated that children inherited their parent’s debts. Thus, to hold today’s Whites (50% of whom arrived on these shores post 1865 anyway and had no say one way or the other) responsible for the 1.4% who held slaves prior to the Civil War is doubly absurd and dishonest (not to mention unConstitutional).

        • Hirschibold

          Read “Cannibalism, Headhunting, and Human Sacrifice in North America.” In terms of senseless brutality, the white man has nothing on the red, black, or brown man. Aztecs also had a penchant for sacrificing children to commemorate the opening of new religious temples. Many Africans would punish infidelity by skewering the cheaters with a spear, roasting the couple (while still alive) over an open flame, and throwing them (still alive) into a lake of alligators. Meanwhile, an unfaithful Protestant woman might have to wear a scarlet letter. Also, it should be mentioned that while the trend among European people has been to become more civilized with time, blacks and brown people in their natural habitats are as savage as ever.

          • IstvanIN

            Just read an article of how the Chimu of Peru sacrificed their own children by slicing open their breast bones and pulling out their beating hearts.

      • Skincognito

        777? Is that an AWB reference? If so, cheers! All hail White resistance!

      • kjh64

        Read history. EVERY race on the planet invaded, subjegated, plundered and so forth. Blacks did it to other Blacks, Muslims did it to others en mass, Asians(Atilla the Hun) and Muslims did it to Europeans and others, all thoughout Latin America, people did it. The “Native Americans” who are not native, did it to other Indian tribes Most Indians and Aboriginals were not “exterminated”, if they were, there would be none today and there are still plenty around. Also, most of North America was not owned or inhabited by anyone when Whites first came.

        At least the English, unlike non-Whites, left the lands they colonized and gave them back, so it’s time non-Whites left English lands. Also, the English have given billions of dollars in aid to their former colonies. Today,Whites are the only race that have given billions of dollars, food and aid to non-Whites which has resulted in millions of non-Whites being alive. Non-White countries today do little or nothing.

        So Whites today have the LEAST reason to feel guilty and we do NOT owe non-Whites anything!!!!!! Non-Whites try to use the tired of guilt trips of the distant past, all of which non-Whites engaged in too, to make Whites feel guilty so they can use us. It’s time Whites stopped buying it and looking out for their own interests.

        • IstvanIN

          Whites are actually the most generous of the races, much to our detriment.

        • Laager

          “The English don’t owe non-Whites their land or anything else, they gave their former colonies back.”

          Except for Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the USA
          They also sold their own people down the river in Rhodesia / Zimbabwe and South Africa

  • David Ashton

    Have a look at the comments on the original article too.

  • IstvanIN

    An England without an English majority is NOT England. Is modern day Mexico the Mayan Empire? Nope.

  • guest

    This is the direct result of multiculturalism – whites becoming a minority. Why else do the liberals complain about how all-white areas aren’t “multicultural”? Things are getting bad for whites everywhere and we need to start worrying about our own people. The other races have our corrupt governments looking out for them, but we whites don’t have anyone but other whites who also reject these anti-white policies and who fight for what’s best for their fellow whites.

  • steve559

    Cities like Leicester and Slough are not that bad because the majority of the population are Hindu and Sikh Indians who don’t tend to commit acts of violence. The real problem lies when cities become majority Black or Muslim.

    That doesn’t mean immigration of Indians is a good thing though

    • IstvanIN

      It is a real problem when a tiny country like England and its people are overrun by potentially billions of sub-cons.

    • The__Bobster

      Why did you omit the Pakistanis? They are far worse than the Hindus and it doesn’t take very many of them to cause major harm. Do they avoid settling in those cities?

    • Skincognito

      Mr. 559, are you familiar with the etymological root of the word “thug?” Check it out.
      You are correct in your final assessment, but be more clear sir; sub-continentals are ultimately as likely to become true Englishmen as are sub-Saharans.
      They are all a blemish on the Jewel in the Sea.

  • Ralph

    Thank you, St. Winston Churchill!! May we have another?!?!

  • Barrack Osama

    When I was a child back in the late 80’s, I would watch Disney’s animated films such as Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. Those tales of beauty, valiance, and wonder, became my mental image of places like England. That culture was my culture and my history.

    Now, it has been stamped over by AL-DEEN’s fish market. Now, sleeping beauty is groomed and raped by pakistanis who go unpunished on the off chance that they are even caught.

    • Don’t forget Tommy Robinson. He gets jailed and is kept in solitary confinement for over 23 hours a day just for fighting for British liberty and justice and states that he does not believe in sharia law for anyone, muslims included. Of course, a man by the name Qatada (?), you know, some ME name, an ACTUAL can walk a free man! Pakistani gang rapists of overwhelming white woman can sit and wait at home before their trials. Support the EDL, i.e. The English Defense League.

      • I mean an ACTUAL TERRORIST can walk a free man in Britain today but someone honestly fighting for Britain today must walk the plank.

    • Le Gaulois

      I see your point, but Cinderella (“Cendrillon”) and Sleeping Beauty (‘La belle au bois dormant”) have nothing to do with English culture. They are French literary fairy tales originally written by Charles Perrault in the 17th century.

      The same goes with Puss in Boot (“Le Chat Botté), Little Red Riding Hood (“Le Petit Chaperon rouge”), Tales of Mother Goose (“Les Contes de ma Mère l’Oye “), and countless French classics from other authors like Alexandre Dumas and Jules Verne that Disney, and Hollywood made to appear English because of their European settings.

      England has one of the greatest cultural heritage in the world and deserves better references than Disney cartoons anyway…

      • Barrack Osama

        True, but that doesn’t matter to a child. When you’re 5, all of pan-european history is just whatever you make it out to be.

        Besides, I’m sure you know France is heading down the same path.

  • bigone4u

    I assume the purpose of the Sun posting the bad news is to wake up the British. The last time I looked whites still made up 90 percent of the overall population, so perhaps a good wake up call might lead to curtailed immigration. Or maybe I’m dreaming.

    • 90% still has a good chance. I do not believe that in America we are given accurate statistics. They say 75% of America is white, but who really knows. We know the idea of California as being ours may well be history, thanks to those traitors in power. If we have lost the once golden state, I hope a massive earthquake dumps it in.

  • fakeemail

    One may dislike Hitler’s system and yet admire his patriotic
    achievement. If our country were defeated, I hope we should find a
    champion as indomitable to restore our courage and lead us back to our
    place among the nations.
    -Winston Churchill

    The Britons have such champions in the BNP and Nick Griffin (who are not Nazis). And still they turn them away as they go down in ignominious defeat. I tell you, if by some miracle white nations are able to separate themselves from the hordes, the next step is to remove the chaff from their own grain.

    • Skincognito

      On a pragmatic level, I support the BNP’s objectives (end Zionist wars, halt immigration, defend White womanhood, keep the pound, etc), but their Achilles is their fear of being branded racist. They are far too welcoming of non-Whites. I don’t care if “Dr. Patel” is a legal immigrant, a conservative, or if his father fought for the Crown. His people have languished in superstition and poverty for centuries while ours have flourished. Only a fool, not a free-thinking nationalist, would pretend that the artificial trappings of official citizenship and liberal ideology can change the facts of heredity and tradition.

      • Krpt

        Languished in superstition true but not in poverty. You have to look back into history or read some journals of the first British traders who arrived in India to understand that India at that time wasn’t poverty-stricken. India was trading in spices, cotton, silk, salt, tea and opium with the Middle-East and Far East, which then caught the attention of the European merchants and expeditioners and thus ensued the colonial invasion, first by setting up of East India company. I’ll agree on one thing though, Dr. Patel et al. don’t need to be there in the West. I, for one, never understand the concept of why people immigrate to countries where the ancestors of those countries have overpowered you in the past. Sure, one should move on from what happened in the past but still, it’s not necessary that these people have to go there, especially when you’re a doctor or some other skilled professional. Now, lack of opportunities in 50s and 60s in native countries which forced people to immigrate is understandable, but when you do it now, it’s just pure money and greed or in the case of Muslims, form a caliphate or something. I hope, these immigrants from Asia, grow a conscience before it gets ugly and I try my best to tacitly dissuade the ones I know in my circles to drop the thought of working overseas. Still, a lot has to be done to reverse this process and multi-cult/diversity paranoid bunch are a major hurdle to overcome.

    • I think Europe has that ability. They could become of one mind AFTER they recognize that it was Christianity that was the MAJOR MOVER and SHAKER that made their cultures great. Than add little bit of their old arrogance to the mix whilst quelling all the power of the mandarins that head the EU, such as removing their heads, then Europe will be free to become angry where anger is justified. For instance, Swedish men should grow to have blood in their eyesights over the onslaught of rape against their own women from ‘immigrant’ males.
      America on the other hand has too many ‘others’ here now I think. I believe we may drop the PC crap, but after that, it’s a wild card. Good fences make good neighbors, which may fall into secession movements. DC does not do it’s job so different areas will become localized and places like California may well become Aztlan, or however one spells that word. But let it be know to the mezzo americans, NO WATER from the Great Lakes or any other source from outside your deserts. Mexicans can emigrate out of places like Minnesota and so forth.
      The South would probably become like Bosnia-Herzogovinia on account that there are so many patches of whites here, blacks there, etc… Also understand, that a lot of blacks have fled from northern cities after they’ve destroyed them to move south again. I wonder how that will work out socially. Birmingham is about to go completely broke, Memphis area whites don’t want truant blacks being forced into their areas, and with good reason, and another example is Atlanta where civil war in Fulton County could become reality as white people do not want all their hard earned money flushed down a continuous black hole. Also St. Louis is a dying city, going the way of East St. Louis. America let this nonsense go on for too, too long.

  • mike

    Sad, seems like that also here in the good ole USA.

  • In the name of political correctness; they made their beds and now they are going to get fucked in it. Any European who support ramped immigration should visit some of America’s dead cities to see their future. And to think, they/we actually paid for this to happen.

  • valeofignorance

    Not one Asian, African or Arab nation has, or ever will allow its own people to become a racial minority. yet this is exactly what ALL White nations are supposed to expect and celebrate.

  • LHathaway

    A few years ago Enoch Powell was in the news, or at least some politician or other was fired for only saying, ‘Enoch Powell was right’. One wonder’s if the row about getting Powell’s name in the news again? The ‘shocking’ Powell certainly was right.

    Enoch Powell’s ‘River’s of Blood’ speech is my second favorite. It takes second place to Jared Taylor’s ‘Banned in Halifax’ speech.

    An education is our there. You just have to find it.

    • David Ashton

      “…in February 1968 a new immigration bill was rushed through Parliament: this simply took away from passport-holders the right of free entry unless they could demonstrate some clear family connection with Britain – relatively easy for whites from Australia or Canada, practically impossible for Asians….on 20 April 1968, while the stronger and more comprehensive Race Relations Bill was actually being discussed in Parliament, [Powell] delivered a speech in which he envisaged a staggering growth of the non-white population….a Gallup Poll showed that 75 per cent of the population were broadly sympathetic to the sentiments expressed by Powell, and there were a number of working-class demonstrations in his support.” – Arthur Marwick, “The Sixties” (Oxford University Press, 1998) pp.755-756.
      Big question: how and why has the non-white population grown even more staggeringly than Powell then suggested despite the “patriality” restrictions of 1968 and the political assurances then given to the electorate that primary immigration was virtually over? He did not explicitly anticipate or advocate literal “rivers of blood” (his Latin quote refers to an omen of disaster), but subsequent anti-white riots by blacks and Asians have made his point for him.

      Marwick was appointed founding Professor of History at the left-inclined Open University in 1969. This book is nevertheless most informative on the impact on the US, UK and France of what everyone other than John Engelman knows as “Cultural Marxism”.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    Funny, the last time that happened, we still haven’t heard the end of it (ie, north american natives becoming minorities in NA). We’re supposed to feel guilty about this – I wonder how many pakistanis would feel guilt over displacing white Brits out of their ancestral neighbourhoods?

    If it was wrong in the past for one set of people to do this, why is it OK now for another set to do stuff like this?

    • kjh64

      The point I made above. The constant guilt trips about Whites “stealing” North America from the Indians. Indians only occupied about 1 percent of N.America. Most of it was an empty wilderness that nobody owned or lived in. Yes, later on Whites treated the Indians badly and that was wrong but to say that all of N.America was stolen from them is false.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        There’s even a question of whether the land was actually “stolen”. To gain sympathy, modern day Indian spokesmen try to say that their ancestors had no concept of land ownership.

        Yet, even territorial species have that sense of ownership – when the resident wolf pack of a land goes to war against another pack making an incursion into their lands, for instance.

        If they didn’t think they owned it, then we couldn’t have stolen it from them – in fact, we stole it more from the territorial wildlife.

        But they don’t get no apologies, do they?

        • David Ashton

          And it’s no reason for handing over the USA to Mexico or China.

    • David Ashton

      Well, there have been occasions in this Fairest Isle (Britain) of Pakistanis opposing marches by opponents of immigration or soldiers back from Afghanistan through “their” towns.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    Congratulations Britain. You defeated Nazism and made the world safe for Dumbmochracy.

  • Dazed

    There are many suburbs in Sydney that have already succumbed to this…and I live in one of them.

    • Krpt

      You know when those attacks on Indian students happened, instead of sympathy, I felt like those students deserved it. I mean, if you’re going to enroll in a foreign university to study culinary arts, hair styling etc. you need to be strapped to a chair and hit with a golf club repeatedly until you come to your senses. I have tried to thank some Australian people on the inter webs and they took me as a sadistic nuthead. I sure don’t wish harm upon my people, but for cases like these, I’m ready to make an exception. Thanks to that incident, the number of enrollments to Australian universities have decreased considerably, I mean from our place.

  • TheyLive

    What was the point of WW2?

  • KingKenton

    I (an American), was able to spend some time in Luton back in the early 80s. It was still very White but with a presence of some foreigners (mostly Pakistani, Indian, and Asian). The town was definitely “working class” but friendly and liveable enough. Fast forward to today, my son now resides in England and says that Luton has become VERY non-White and to quote him, “A total sh*t-hole of a town…”.

  • Je suis Paris

    You reap what you sow,

  • Mrs. Victoria

    I couldn’t be happier. I hope that London isn’t far behind. This is what they wanted and now they have it.

    • TheyLive

      FYI London was the first to go. Why “couldn’t you be happier” to bear witness this blatant ethnocide and cultural genocide of a people in their own homeland?

      • David Ashton

        Remember the “White British” (official Govt census term) never wanted or voted for this. It was forced on us gradually and then more quickly once it became harder to reverse.

  • I’ve always believed the civil war will start in France. I don’t know though, looks pretty dangerous in GB. Although I think the English will roll over and for once the Frenchies will fight. They will have a big problem on their hands though. The muzzies in their countries are all armed to the teeth. I don’t think the natives are. The obey the draconian gun laws while the muzzies do not.

  • Mr Bork Borksson

    Its kind of obvious by now that the wrong side won world war 2. A defeated britain would not look like it looks today, it would look much better. Its not until this fact is widely recognized that there will be any psychological change in the wide population.

    • David Ashton

      Better if an inadequately prepared Britain had not declared war on Germany in 1939 risking its own island safety from the Russo-German pact, while unable to “save” Poland, and triggering a prolonged western war. It is all a long and complicated story, muddled by propaganda, but the actual position advocated in 1939-40 by Sir Oswald Mosley makes more sense than ever in retrospect, and is supported by Patrick Buchanan’s recent study of the subject. The ideological campaign against Nazi “racism” (while not entirely unjustified) psychologically disarmed both control of British Empire and reasonable resistance to post-war immigration from supposedly independent and therefore happier ex-colonies. From Spitfire to Windrush!

      • Mr Bork Borksson

        I disagree. A nazi invasion would have wiped out Britain’s treacherous elite, in particular the London banker mafia. That was the only long term approach that would have saved the british people.

  • Laager

    The big surprise for liberals in the UK has yet to come.

    Once the immigrants achieve numeric majority the ballot box is next.

    Liberals are foolish enough to believe that votes will be cast according to principle and the issues of the day.

    The reality is that votes will be cast according to ethnicity regardless of principal, issue or cause.

    The democratic process will render white caucasian celtic Britons powerless in the land of their birth.

    Worse case scenario – blacks could vote in a Robert Mugabe or Idi Amin as Prime Minister. Just what will whitey do then?

    The only way for liberals to receive the wake up call they so desperately need is to settle the 3rd world immigrants in the white liberal neighbourhoods.

    Maybe then will race realism enter their consciousness