Posted on January 10, 2013

A White British Minority

Graeme Wilson, The Sun, January 9, 2013

White Brits are now a minority in three more UK towns and cities, a report reveals today.

Soaring immigration has sent their numbers plunging below 50 per cent in the city of Leicester and the towns of Luton and Slough.

The figures follow last month’s revelation that for the first time white Brits form less than half London’s population — 45 per cent.

The percentage calling themselves white British is at 35 in Slough, Berks, and 45 in Luton, Beds, and Leicester.

No ethnic group is in the majority in any of the three.

The Manchester University study says the figure for Birmingham may fall below half within seven years.

The overall white population tops 50 per cent in Leicester and Luton when Eastern European and Irish communities are added.