The Growing Electoral Clout of Blacks Is Driven by Turnout, Not Demographics

Paul Turner, Pew Research Center, Dec. 26, 2012

Blacks voted at a higher rate this year than other minority groups and for the first time in history may also have voted at a higher rate than whites, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of census data, election day exit poll data and vote totals from selected cities and counties.

Unlike other minority groups whose increasing electoral muscle has been driven mainly by population growth, blacks’ rising share of the vote in the past four presidential elections has been the result of rising turnout rates.


In fact, according to census data and the election day exit polls, blacks made up 12 percent of the eligible electorate1 this year but accounted for an estimated 13 percent of all votes cast—a repeat of the 2008 presidential election, when blacks “over-performed” at the polls by the same ratio. In all previous presidential elections for which there are reliable data, blacks had accounted for a smaller share of votes than eligible voters.

Voter Turnout

The candidacy in 2008 and 2012 of Barack Obama, the nation’s first black president, is no doubt one of the main reasons for these new patterns.


In 2012, more Hispanics and Asian-Americans voted than ever before, but the turnout rates among these groups (votes cast as a share of eligible voters), while rising, continues to lag that of the general public by a substantial margin. Their growing electoral muscle is mainly due to their rapid population growth.

As for whites, not only has their share of the eligible electorate been falling for decades, but their turnout rate appears to have declined in 2012 for the second presidential election in row.2

Did the turnout rate of blacks exceed that of whites this year for the first time ever? For now, there’s circumstantial evidence but no conclusive proof. And there’ll be no clear verdict until next spring, when the U.S. Census Bureau publishes findings from its biannual post-election survey on voter turnout.Change in Turnout Rates


Overall, about 129 million votes were cast for president in 2012, down slightly from 131 million in 2008. When one factors in a 9 million increase in the age and citizen eligible electorate due to normal population growth between those two elections, the turnout rate among all eligible voters fell by more than 3 percentage points—to about 60% in 2012 from more than 63% in 2008.


The post-election survey also showed that in 2008, young blacks (18 to 29 year olds) voted at a higher rate than young whites (58% versus 52%) – a difference that was almost certainly related to the historic nature of the Obama candidacy.

18 year olds


The political importance of turnout rates by race was brought into sharp focus by last month’s election, in which Obama won 80% of the non-white vote (including 93% of blacks, 73% of Asian Americans and 71% of Hispanics) and just 39% of the white vote.


For comparative purposes, consider the 1988 presidential race between GOP nominee George H.W. Bush and Democrat Michael Dukakis. Bush received the identical share of the white vote that GOP nominee Mitt Romney won this year – 59%. But 24 years ago, that share was good enough to give Bush a popular vote margin of 7 million and an Electoral College landslide of 426-111.


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  • And that leads to an interesting point for 2016.

    The next great mulatto messiah hopeychanger, Cory Booker, has essentially put off his Presidential ambitions until 2020 or later. The reason is that he won’t challenge Krispy Christie for Governor in 2013, instead, he will try to primary Laut (*) in 2014 and if he wins that whoever the Republicans put up (*) that year. But it means that even if we goes to the Senate, he’ll have to accumulate a little bit of a record before she starts running for President, which means 2016 is too soon. This probably means the Democrat nominee in 2016 will be white, either Andrew Cuomo or Mark Warner.

    That said, will black voters show up in force in November 2016 like they did in 2008 and 2012 to install and then re-elect the first great mulatto messiah hopeychanger?

    * – Look for the NJ Dem Party to offer Laut a really sweet swag bag to retire, just to let Booker slide in

    * – The only NJ Republican that I could see that could stand in Booker’s way is Lieutenant Gov. Kim Guadagno, Krispy Christie’s hand picked running mate in 2009. Liberal on everything but good on immigration. Her last job before Lt. Gov. was county sheriff of some county in northern NJ, where she signed her county jails and deputies up for every immigration enforcement program available.

    • IstvanIN

      Monmouth County Sheriff.

    • The__Bobster

      The Lout walked away from the Senate many years ago because of advancing senility. Even though he was brought back, would he really run in 2014? I mean, he’d be a walking corpse.

      • Not knowing him personally, and at least not being plugged in that direction of the gossip line, I can’t say for sure. But I get the feeling that if nothing happened, he would otherwise retire in 2014. But, now that he knows Cory Booker is comin’ his way, he’s going to pretend to want another term, because he wants to extort a swag bag out of the state and national Democrat party organizations. And, unlike Todd, whose involvement in politics was always for the stereotypical Lifetime movie/Hallmark card/Civics 101 “right” reasons, and for a lot of reasons (which I’ll get into later in my own media), turned down all the swag bags offered him, Frank Lautenberg seems to be the kind of person who would deliberately gum up the works just go get a swag bag.

  • falsedawn

    While it may seem good for blacks, the dropoff of Whites voting for president is sending a message the liberals and blacks and hispanics won’t read correctly. We Whites are getting closer and closer to finally setting things right in this country.

    • OlderWoman

      Please explain how we are setting things right. I don’t see it. It only seems to me that more DWL’s, blacks and hispanics are Communists. Basically I see whites giving up. That’s based on my discussions with whites who have been Conservative but don’t trust the Conservative parties any more…thus they don’t vote.

      • storibund

        By all means, encourage them to vote in state/local elections. Conservatives still have a strong voice in these (Repubs actually did pretty well at the state/local level this last election.)

        State power is going to mean more and more as we go forward… although fedgov’s pushing back against it is increasing exponentially (which is why we need to work hard establishing a rock-solid base at state/local).

      • falsedawn

        I mean they’re waking up to the scam the feds are pushing as “elections.” At some point, this moving away is going to backfire on the blacks. The moving away is a form of separation/secession. It’s coming. Like everything, all movments are hard to see when they begin. Then all of a sudden, they’re upon you and you think where did they come from – how did that happen? It happened with the rise of insane liberalism and it’ll happen with our rise. The libs and minorities at this point are so insane they can’t see what’s starting right in front of their eyes. Keep the faith.

      • Joseph

        True. Most of them are not reading here. They are still reading the sports page.

    • I believe I know what you are referring to. Blacks and Hispanics look at whites as cowardly weaklings. The reality is the 2 wars in the Middle East which are almost unanimously looked upon as a total waste of lives and resources did serve one useful purpose.

      When I served in the army , it was obvious more than 90% of the soldiers who comprised companies which saw combat were white. In addition ,there are millions of whites while never having served in the military are trained in using and are owners of firearms . If the situation for whites deteriorates whites will be ready for “setting things right” .

      • TeutonicKnight67

        Quite true. Our numbers and sheer strength of arms would be terrifying to the Fed and it’s pets were it not for the active campaign to keep whites divided. God help them when that unifying event finally happens.

      • falsedawn

        Correct Joe Rock, During the “reconstruction” period in the South after the Civil War, there were “riots” in the south and in every one the blacks got their butts kicked in no uncertain terms. It is going to be exactly the same once they force the inevitable showdown.

        • mendells-selection

          I’ve read accounts of how the whites retook the south. After the war, some areas were majority black, but whites retook those areas and changed that situation.

      • dave

        and Obama will allow that? whisful thinking

        • mendells-selection

          He won’t but that won’t matter.

      • mendells-selection

        Well, at present, we could take the country rather quickly, another 20 years though……. Maybe not. We just have to realize that we have everything to lose and nothing to gain by letting things continue as they are. The inheritance tax will take farms away from hundreds of thousands of white families. They will be sold to foreign investors. Illegals are being encouraged to come here and breed off our taxes. Our country is being taken away from us and white males are doing nothing. The ones in the military have the weapons. They make up 90% of the military. The military was disenfranchised in the last election. Sooner or later, these men will realize they will have to act. Push a button for God’s sake.

  • storibund

    “but [white] turnout rate appears to have declined in 2012 for the second presidential election in row.

    Yes, the GOP has done a good job ensuring this.

    • John

      You’re absolutely right, my friend. The GOP is certainly not a friend of Whites. I deeply regret ever voting for them purely as the lessor of two evils.

      I full realize that as White Nationalists, we will not be winning elections any time soon, but I think we must completely abandon the GOP, begin to build our ranks, and demand our own seat at the table.

      Yes, the Democratic Party is infinitely worse than the GOP, but I refuse to vote for the lessor of two evils any longer.

      Consider the facts. A group like AMREN or CofCC cannot even endorse a GOP candidate for fears the backlash. If either would have endorsed a GOP candidate, the headlines would have read, “hate groups endorse Romney”. That alone clearly indicates what we’re up against.

      We need to form a Whites-only Party, stop apologizing and denying our views, and come completely out as White Nationalists.

      I want a Whites only country that looks out for my views and interests. I don’t hate other races, but they belong in their own countries with their own people. Amalgamation only hurts Whites and destroys our culture and way of life.

      As I write this, I am still trying to come to terms with the radical notion of millions and millions of self-loathing Whites voting for an illegal alien African Muslim. I cannot begin to fathom what went wrong in the lives and minds of those who voted against their race. The thought of that is very disturbing, disgusting, and appalling to me and most people whom I know.

      As a sidebar, I would like to see AMREN form a live discussion forum for us to converse in two-way conversations in a format such as IRC or the like. Users should be required to register and then be vetted in some way so as to keep the undesirables out. I would truly enjoy cyber-chatting with many of you who post here.

      • GM (Australia)

        You state correctly that Amren and like minded groups can not endorse a GOP candidate for fear of backlash. (Nazi, hate, racist accusations etc) This needs to change, and change very soon. We have the same problem here, only a very brave politician will sympathize with any of the considerable pro-white and anti-immigration sentiment that really does exist in Australia.
        As I have said previously, you need to get to the stage where your politicians will be as fearful of pro-white groups as they are of the Gun Lobby or the NAACP.

      • The New Century Foundation is a 501(c)(3), and therefore, is not allowed to endorse candidates for public office.

      • storibund

        John, I actually can’t see a national “Whites-only” party happening. Whites in this country are too deeply divided along the lines of culture, regionality, and religion to come together in any kind of meaningful way just because of skin color.

        What I see as perhaps more fruitful to pursue, is Whites within each American region/subculture – the south (Dixie) comes to mind as it’s where I live – coming together and strengthening pro-White political infrastructure within their state and local levels; aiming for the time when federal controls weaken to the point where Whites can, on a regional and state level, control the levers of power decisively.

        Take this with a grain of salt, however; I only just recently woke up out of my self-induced liberal coma, and have not had the time to kick these ideas around as many of you have.

        • Joseph

          I have come to consider the same. We may as well give up on national government. They have abandoned us. Fortunately, some states have begun to listen to the people in the state and I take the popularity of concealed-carry laws, lawsuits against Obamacare, rejection of national ID, and rejection of some other aspects of federal busy-bodyness as evidence. Having said that, there are some states (certainly the most populous) which are smaller lost-causes as well.

        • Nathanwartooth

          Welcome 🙂

          Your idea is great but in this day and age the Federal government has so much power that it is only a pipe dream. The Republicans hate people like Ron Paul who wants to weaken Federal power and get us out of wars for Israel.

          All third parties have failed miserably so I’m not really sure what the right move is.

          • liberalsuck

            The Federal Government is losing money to enforce its will soon. Even if they raise taxes and clamp down more on ‘dissidents’, they are pretty much will be defunct by 2020 I bet. People are growing way too fed up and impatient with everything going on lately. The powderkeg is bursting at the seams.

          • Nathanwartooth

            How can something go bankrupt when they can print their own money?

            It’s like in Monopoly but every time you lose you just grab 5,000 from the bank and get more money.

            We are looking more at a currency collapse which is essentially the same thing and awful.

          • I keep saying that the only thing that will start to make things better is the day they give a T-Bill auction and nobody comes. It might not even come to that: The whole big bad ugly system could start to unwind the day they give a T-Bill auction and the bidding is less than enthusiastic.

            Now, for awhile, that won’t happen, simply because Beijing will keep buying our T-Bills just to keep the American domestic consumer market alive and heading to Wal-Martinez to keep buying China-made junk. Too, because of LIBOR-style interest rate manipulations, there’s really hardly any other place in the world to park your money that gets anything close to an interest rate. Mainly because governments are strong-arming the private interest rate market to keep interest rates low, that’s what the LIBOR scandal is all about. But it can’t go on forever.

        • David Ashton

          This Englishman could refer you to the Communist approach: (1) Create a party representing a clear policy (in this case a more popular if electorally limited one numerically), (2) support established other-party candidates closest to your policy or less likely to frustrate it, (3) infiltrate the establishment in every possible way. Better late than never.
          Anyhow, best wishes from a transatlantic friend.

      • lily-white
        • Nathanwartooth

          Libertarians are the 3rd biggest party and they sadly support open borders. They have never come close to winning a presidential election ever though.

          • Liberalsuck

            That’s the only thing with libertarians that I am annoyed with. If they were in favor of immigration control, then I would be full on board with them.

      • ATBOTL

        White Nationalists in America have been putting off serious organizing or having a unified political strategy since forever. Something has to give.

        • Pelayo

          The anger among Whites is like a like a boiling pot that sooner or later will explode.

          • mendells-selection

            I hope I don’t pop before the rest do.

          • Liberalsuck

            Our freedom is not coming to come from a political party. It’s going to come from a strong will and determination. We didn’t need a political party to defeat the British Empire or the Japanese Army or the Roman Empire or the muslims in Europe or the Greeks defeating the Persian Empire, etc. Whites have the will and skill to defeat much larger enemies. The problem with whites is they don’t fight until there is no other choice; by then, all bets are off.

      • plato102

        Keep out the undesirables? I wonder whom that might be … hmmmm
        John, you’re quite delusional if you think a white nationalist party is going to gain any traction, ever again. Just ask any KKK member, if you can find one.

    • Joseph

      And the GOP learned their lesson too: make greater appeals to minorities.

      • StillModerated

        I cannot repeat his enough. The GOP wants control of the White House because it brings $$$$ into the party coffers.

        And Upper-lower-middle-class whites couldn’t care a flea about who becomes the next emperor dishing out bread and the games.

    • StillModerated

      In Jesse Helms’ final senate race he proved that “pandering to whites” was a sure-fire victory strategy. Yup, the GOP learned nothing, and continues to deserve the moniker “Stupid Party.”

    • Liberalsuck

      The GOP still doesn’t get it either. They pandered to blacks, who they are ignoring by the way. Now they are saying “Oh, well gee, maybe we need to pander to illegals.” I realy don’t feel sorry for the GOP anymore. I am not voting for them again, especially on a national/presidential level. I will cast my vote for a Libertarian Party or American Third Position. Republicans might do good on state levels, but not at national levels. This country will continue to break apart more and more, as thomas chittum projected would happen in Civil War II

  • 48224

    Whites have given up I guess. As the white baby-boomers die off, watch white voter influence drop like a rock. LOOK OUT THIRD WORLD…HERE WE COME! I figure I will be about 80 when things get REALLY bad in this once great country. As sick as it sounds, I hope I live to see it just so I can say, “told ya so” I will be living in the mountains of TN by then so I should be safe. God help us all.

    • storibund

      Hang in there… from the ashes, the South might just rise again 🙂

    • american_cavalier

      Welcome to the Nuevo Brasil, formerly America.

    • mendells-selection

      They have given up faith in this government, they are right. It is all controlled by special interests.

    • Flossie

      My thought exactly — I hope it all happens in my lifetime! I’m looking forward to it, in a sick sort of way. PS: I haven’t voted since leaving California back in the early 1990s — there’s been no point. It also precludes me from being calling for jury duty.

  • rebelcelt

    Blacks may be 12% of the total populations but how many black males are ex felons that have lost their voting rights? i would wager a good 20 to 25% of male blacks over 21.If blacks were 13% of the turnout you can bet there is a lot of fraud involved.

    • The__Bobster

      I agree. I attribute their higher turnout to greater voter fraud.

      • John

        You’re absolutely right, Bobster. This is the way our country plods along now…
        “You didn’t hire the Black man who failed the fireman’s test because you’re a racist!”
        “You didn’t admit the Black student who failed the entrance exams because you’re a racist!”
        “You asked to see a voter ID card because you’re a racist!”
        The ridiculous cries of “racism” is an eternal crutch, and Blacks are in the perpetual custodial care of the government, which robs us at gunpoint to fund a lifelong free ride for Blacks.

    • Joseph

      You seem to be suggesting that legal eligibility actually matters to our millionaire socialist rulers.

  • Ulick

    Recent high black voter turnout is almost entirely driven by the fact that we’ve had a black running for President during the last two Presidential elections. When Obama was not running during the 2010 midterm elections, blacks didn’t show at the polls and the Democrats got trounced. If the Democrats do not run a black candidate again in 2016, I expect the black voter turnout will once again recede.

    • John

      The Democratic Party has found the winning formula now. Rest assured, they will never run a White male again. The will run increasingly-radical and militant Blacks, Muslims, illegals, homosexuals, and lesbians. The have the full and unrelenting support of the entire mass media. The acceleration down the tubes is just beginning. The only question now is how long will it take the USA to completely collapse and balkanize? 5 years? A decade? Two decades? If it sounds inconceivable, think again. Think back to before Obama. How inconceivable was Obama and his ilk at the time?
      Very, very radical changes are coming very soon.

      • Nathanwartooth

        I agree with the Democrats never running a white person again. Honestly I can’t even see them running a white female lesbian because the Black vote would drop off there too.

        So it’s pretty much male “people of color” for the democrats from here on out. Which is great for our cause because then we can truly make a party for White people.

        If the GOP starts running their own “people of color” then it’s game over. But I’m starting to think they just don’t care anymore. Every person in the political elite can just pack up and move whenever they want. If the USA collapses they just take their money and go wherever they please. Most of us wont have that luxury.

        Oh and keep in mind that if the currency collapses you would think it would hurt the rich. It wont. They have their wealth so diversified in foreign money and hard currency like gold that they are set no matter what happens to the dollar.

        • Johnny Clay

          If another black runs for the Democrat nomination in 2016, the pressure to nominate him/her will be tremendous. The candidate can be a very radical militant or a total ignoramus, and the Dems will nominate them to keep the black vote. They may not realize it, but they’ve created a Frankenstein.

    • Joseph

      They still have Ms. Hopefulness to run. She is even blacker than the current affliction and has already said that she has no interest whatever in political office which often precedes a “peoples’ grassroots campaign”.

      Then too, that harpie Clinton may experience a miraculous recovery from her debility once the consulate stink blows over and decide to start campaigning again the next three years.

      There is a “rainbow” of possibilities for the next president among the Dems.

      • I don’t see Hillary or Biden as credible contenders for 2012.

        Biden’s a no-go because he has already mounted two Presidential campaigns on his own (1988, 2008), and just because he will have been Vice-Messiah for eight years by the time 2016 comes along, what won’t change is the underlying societal reasons why his own campaigns failed.

        Hillary won’t run because she will turn 69 by Election Day 2016, and nobody is going to want to watch an upper middle aged bordering on elderly woman grow old in the daily public spotlight doing a job that ages you quickly. It looks authoritative on a man, but disgusting on a woman. Yes, it’s a gender double standard, but in exchange, women can earn brownie points by crying in public (HRC has done it), but it makes a man look wussy (John Boehner). Too, Hillary’s own Presidential campaign failed in 2008, and I doubt the underlying society will much change by 2016.

    • StillModerated

      The landsmen tribe might decide that AmeriKwa is finally ready for John “Kohn” Kerry. Then all bets would be off.

  • Of course, black turnout is not nearly as high as this story claims. The black “turnout” is aided by election fraud. Since blacks don’t have feel election laws and rules apply to them due to receiving special privileges, combined with their much lower IQ , they don’t hesitate to cheat . They know most whites are afraid to even accuse them of fraud. I believe there is a very good chance Romney actually won the election but had it stolen from him.

  • american_cavalier

    Yep, the GOP ensured their own demise and the demise of America by doing nothing to stop immigration and nothing to help whites.

    • dave

      my thoughts exactly

    • mendells-selection

      Bush was such a traitor in that regard. I was glad McSame lost, even though I voted for him. They kept pretending to give us one thing then giving us something else and offering us a lecture on how to be “correct”- meaning the same old cowtowing to minorities, the same old “we have to help them” the same old ” we won’t challenge AA’ etc. etc. They abandoned white people, that is why white people abandoned them.

  • anarchyst

    Apparently election fraud was not taken into account. There were some precincts where voter participation was OVER 100 %. In addition, there were precincts that had NOT ONE republican vote . . .

    • Zero votes for Romney in a given precinct, by itself, is not evidence of fraud, it’s evidence of ghetto. It’s just not an economical use of time and energy for fraudsters to search for the scant few votes Romney could get in the ghetto and then throwing them away. There were St. Louis City precincts which had zero Romney votes, and I know for a fact that it was physically impossible for polling place workers to open either the Diebolds or the scanner feeders where paper ballots were stored. Romney got zero votes in those precincts for a very simple reason: No corporeal people who live in those precincts wanted to vote for him. Simple as that.

      Now, a suspiciously high black turnout is evidence of voter fraud. And that is caused by multiple ballots cast by one person, poll workers “voting” registered blacks who didn’t actually vote, among other tricks.

      • Nathanwartooth

        I know there was at least some voter fraud but the thing is I know someone who literally drove about 200 people to the polling place on election day. They drove all Black people there since they knew they would vote for Obama.

        I would say the Republicans need to do the same but honestly I just don’t care. I would rather just see them die off instead of squeak by for another election.

      • anarchyst

        Add to that the military absentee ballots that were purposely “not counted” due to them being “late”. In Michigan, military absentee ballots are not counted as there is a democrat stronghold in most election precincts that automatically “disqualify” military absentee ballots for “minor technicalities”. . . many other states do the same thing . . .

  • RHG

    Blacks showed up in big numbers simply because of Barack Obama, what happens when they go back to “old,white people”? This is something the Democrat Party fears, this is why Newark, New Jersey mayor Cory Booker is going to be pushed out there next by the Democrats. White Democrat Party elitists have figured out that they can throw out just about any well-spoken black puppet and play the race card and get a huge non-white voter turnout and then turn around and use this black puppet to push their agenda,while again, playing the race card to try and silence any criticism of that agenda.

  • Gotsumpnferya

    The dilution of this country continues, and seeing how some are elected for reasons other than the betterment of America, will continue on the slippery slope.

  • MikeofAges

    Why bother to vote when it becomes increasingly evident that your vote cannot count? The white vote is divided between two factions, with the plurality most everywhere on the conservative side — even in so-called “deepest blue” states, including the behemoths of New York, California, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan and New Jersey. Meanwhile, the minorities, perhaps merely out of spite, or in the case of Asians, maybe merely because they highly conformist, vote the other way but gain little outside of the plethora of public benefits which fall to the poorer members of their community. Asians do not even gain preference in education. Meanwhile, that minority of whites who are doctrinaire liberals and disguised “progressives” gain power far beyond their numbers through the votes of minorities, socially conservative blue collar workers who nevertheless vote Democratic, disgruntled youth and the dopes who still believe that “the Democrats are for the little guy”.

    Most here would say, in the end, the scales will tip and the liberals will end up being devoured by their own beast. The trouble is, as they are being devoured, they themselves will justify every bite. Just like the Stalinist purge victims who apologized for their counterrevolutionary decadence and justified their own liquidation. Nothing new under the sun, my friends.

    • mendells-selection

      exactly, the elections will be stolen. the fraud will never be punished. Let’s face it, we are in the early days of Castro’s Cuba, unless the military takes over, we have no hope.

      • Liberalsuck

        I think nonliberal whites will have to be absolutely pushed into a corner to strike back. They aren’t consistently angry and motivated enough to do anything about it which is why the marxists are able to win everytime. Conservatives are too reserved by nature, which is a blessing and a curse. Yeah, liberals are very underhanded people, but you gotta give em’ credit for being able to get what they want. They want to push their marxism onto others far more than most conservatives want to be left alone. I’m not convinced that most white conservatives are going to do anything about our situation. They are always “waiting for the next election” to vote for another GOP who will do nothing for them. They are always waiting for a permission slip in other words. Until white conservatives’ collective drive to be free of marxism and tyranny exceeds our enemies’ love of screwing us over, we will go nowhere. Remember that.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    I have white friends who agree with us and don’t vote – they say we get screwed no matter who wins. I have no answer for this, because its truth is self-evident, but I personally still participate. Far from a white uprising, it seems more likely to me that with success the coalition of blacks, browns, reds, yellows and white liberals will implode, fighting over the swag; the party will come crashing down like in Greece and the ensuing fiscal crisis will rip the nation apart, ironically giving us secession whether we want it or not.

    • storibund

      Fighting, encourage them to vote on a local and state level (I agree with them on the national level).

      States are where this is going to be fought – is already BEING fought, actually.

    • Liberalsuck

      The problem with those whites you mention (who never vote) is they amount to nothing more than people who bitch about how things are over your weekly Friday morning coffee-and-donuts meetup. They are aware, yes, of how bad things are, but they do nothing about it. They won’t donate money to third-party candidates and vote for them. They won’t buy ammo or long-term storage food. They never try to start meetup groups with like-minded people to force coalition. They never donate money to sites like this. It’s always some gloom-and-doom scenario without looking at the long-term picture of it. They act like all these bad things happening to our people are normal. “Whites will be a minority by blah blah blah.” I ask, “And this is normal? Do you think the other races would think that were normal or not be alarmed by it.” They’ll say, “Yeah, blacks are racist, but I can blame them.” I say, ‘Oh, so it’s ok for them to want to kill you and your entire family and people you care about for something neither you nor your family personally did to them?” They are just as bad, if not worse, than white liberals, because at least white liberals get what they want. I despise white liberals, but you got to give them credit for being able to get what they want and for brainwashing our people and using the nonwhites and muslims as muscle against us and for intimidating us simply by calling us racists and making us feel sorry for blacks and mexicans.

      To quote a white nationalist I was listening to recently, “In the end, whether we (white nationalists) win or lose will depend entirely on the white people with us and those against us. Not really the blacks, browns, Jews or Asians.”

  • Guest

    I believe we must remain engaged by voting third party. Pick the most radical party that qualifies and cast your vote. Eventually, either the third party will grow strong enough to replace the Republicans or the Republicans will change to get our votes.

  • mendells-selection

    Whites know when they have been had. The GOP is a bunch of sell outs.

  • mendells-selection

    White people need to make public pleas to their men in the military to take over. That plea must be tied to a concrete list of what form they want the new US to Take!!!! Without a vision, or a plan, there will be no action. A military man will not fight for something unless it is defined.

    Let me make some suggestions, feel free to add yours, let’s get an agenda together here. Realize that one can not be too extreme, the following are a list of grievances

    My suggestions : To protect the American constitution from those who are destroying it-

    Taking away American’s right to bear arms

    Disenfranchising American Military Voters

    Taking American’s property, farms, through inheritance taxes which force them to sell their

    farms to pay inheritance taxes

    Overreach of executive power through the use of executive orders

    Destroying the monetary system through huge deficit spending

    Giving most of the bailouts to political cronies

    specifically against a gang that has been serving foreign interests against this country-

    supporting Islamist revolutions and Groups that have an agenda to destroy this county

    Ending the redistribution of wealth through welfare payments

    Ending the government healthcare and it’s total violation of constitutional rights and personal sovereignty

    Ending all laws against discrimination

    Ending racial Quotas
    Allowing restrictive covenants
    Closing the borders, deporting illegals

    Let’s get a manifesto going

  • David Ashton

    Obama’s electoral methods were reportedly much better organized than Romney’s, and duplicated in Britain to defeat Nick Griffin in one targeted constituency when he stood for election. Persuading intelligent angry white men and women to support white nationalism is an urgent imperative. Easier said than done, but this now seems to be the major object of a renaissance strategy.

  • Johnny Clay

    The problem is that white conservatives are looking for “purity” in their candidates, and if they aren’t in lock-step, then the voters either stay home or vote for obscure third parties. This election was solely about ejecting BHO, but too many white conservatives chose short-term “purity” over long-term survival. Now we’re in a situation that may take generations, if not decades, to reverse.

  • flyingpants

    High white turnout has hidden the cancerous problem of mass immigration for a time. I think even liberals hide from themselves the changes they inflict on the country. They truly believe at the end of the day america will remain white with “minorities” around.