Nearly 10,000 Children Tell Congress: ‘No More Deportations’

Beth Caldwell and Joel Medina, Huffington Post, December 23, 2012

On December 12, dozens of children visited members of Congress to deliver nearly 10,000 letters written by young people from 26 different states. Their message is clear: “Stop deportations so that all of our families can stay together.” We Belong Together, a project of the National Domestic Workers Alliance and the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum coordinated the letter-writing campaign this holiday season.

According to Lisa Moore, a community organizer with the National Domestic Workers Alliance, these letters “show that deportation and family separation have a profoundly negative impact on children’s emotional and physical wellbeing.” Many of the children writing letters have first-hand experience with the consequences of deportation. Hundreds of thousands of American citizen children have experienced the deportation of a parent. In a six-month period in 2011, the United States deported 46,000 parents of American citizen children. Some of these children stay with friends or family after a parent’s deportation, but over 5,000 are in the foster care system.

‘I Want My Parents Back,’ a video produced by San Diego’s Media Art Center San Diego’s Teen Producers Project, details the experiences of one family separated by deportation. {snip}


The letters were delivered to Congressional representatives just in time for the holiday season, when members of Congress are likely to be particularly receptive to the importance of family unity. {snip}



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  • “No more deportations?”

    What deportations?

    We’re not really deporting much of anyone. And no, Engelman, don’t start with that NYT/WaPo psychobabble which I’ve rebuked more times than I can count already.

    • The__Bobster

      I’ve debunked it, too… no avail. Even if it were true, the number represents just 1-2% of the squat monster invaders here.

    • Nathanwartooth

      Speaking of which I haven’t seen him around. He either got banned or because of the new rating system just doesn’t bother to post because all of his posts get negative votes and are pushed to the bottom.

      I don’t mind dissension or talking to RATIONAL people who disagree with me. But when they disrupt the comments as much as he did there needs to be action taken.

      • He has not been banned.

        • He should be.
          He’s an anti-White troll who adds nothing to the site. That’s why I vote down every post of his I see regardless of content. If enough people do that, his posts will have a short shelf life and he will eventually get the picture that he is not a good “fit” for this community.

  • robinbishop34

    One thing I find endlessly curious is the lack of concern for the conditions which force people to come here ‘for a better life’ in the first place. For what practical reason would a country like Mexico with vast natural resources, huge tourism industry, and apparently people willing to risk their lives to pick oranges need to come to the United States to have opportunity? Why have the people of Mexico not staged a revolution against the corrupt government that forces it’s citizens to jump fences and cross deserts to flee from it?

    • The__Bobster

      Mexico is the wealthiest country south of our border. NY Slimes part-owner Carlos Slim and the other Mexican elites just need to spread their wealth around instead of shipping their poor here.

    • Mexico is Mexico because it is full of Mexicans.

      • OlderWoman

        It’s controlled by Rome. But, Mexican culture is very different from White culture in the US. A Mexican in Santa Monica told me three years ago, that many of them are returning to Mexico because the American Dream can’t be achieved for many years. Good credit must be established for them to purchase homes, good cars.

        • IstvanIN

          Please, their catholic church is not Rome’s!

  • falsedawn

    I can’t believe the pressures a White child, especially boys must face in the public schools nowadays. I thank the Lord I’m not a child anymore.

    • liberalsuck

      That’s why more and more white parents are homeschooling their kids. They are getting tired of this BS.

  • It is not the government’s fault that their parents got deported. They need to blame their parents for breaking the law. Deportation is the penalty for breaking that law.

  • PaRed

    We should stop deporting illegal immigrant parents and deport entire illegal immigrant families. That way the families get to stay together.

    • George White

      That would be the best holiday gift of all!

      • lily-white

        a gift that keeps on giving!…

    • eonic

      The late Enoch Powell said, “It can be no part of government policy that families should be divided, but there are two ways they can be reunited.”

    • Sloppo

      It seems like a much more humane solution to send them to seek their own family unity in their homelands. When they immigrate into our communities and slowly drive us out with their crime and other factors of cultural incompatibility, we scramble to find suitable places to live and we become increasingly separated from our family members. Our family unity matters too.

  • The__Bobster

    I’m tired of the emotional appeals. The problem can be solved by deporting all the papacitas, mamacitas, ninos y ninas. Funny how remaining in America is more important to them than keeping the family together.

    • Yep. They will cry about how racist and terrible America is, but they will risk death to come here.

    • liberalsuck

      Maybe I’m too optimistic, but I don’t think whites have the same guilt they used to; at least not for Mexicans. They might for blacks because they were “brought here against their will”, but not for illegal aliens. Hell, even blacks don’t want them here.

    • Sam

      I’m tired of the emotional appeals too but we need to come up with some way of addressing it.

      Here’s the problem: deportation is emotionally terrible! It’s very sad for the individuals involved. They are human beings with all the same feelings we all have. It’s terrible to take someone who has lived here his entire life and tell him, “you’re going to be sent to a poor country you have no memories of, where you don’t speak the language and you don’t know anything about living there.” That’s genuinely very sad!

      But sometimes the hard things must be done, because if we let our emotions rule on this, we will end up without our own country. As sad as the individual cases are, we have to think about how much more sad it will be when whites are a hated minority in our own country and we face genocide and ethnic cleansing.

      Maybe we should show how sad it is for farmers in SA, or English who are fleeing London? We need our own sob stories, about IIs who commit rapes, who do hit-and-run accidents, about neighborhoods destroyed.

  • Typical craven liberals, using children to push their agenda. Instead of being mad at the government, these children should blame their parents for putting their families in this situation. I know, I know, expecting them to hold themselves accountable for their choices is just too much.

    • liberalsuck

      I doubt these were kids that wrote this, much less thought of this on their own. Any guilt trip a nonwhite is putting you on had a liberal behind it.

  • Ulick

    The pathetic thing is that this strategy works. Our education system and media emphasizes feeling rather than thinking, and many women, fellow minorities, and weenie men fall for this.

  • OlderWoman

    Maybe I’m ‘cold-hearted’, but I just don’t care. I’ve run out of sentiment for blacks, Asians, American Jews and muslims. All my sentiment is for my race.

    • John Bonham

      You’re not cold hearted at all , You’re a very bright individual …

    • gemjunior

      If more people were like you we would not have to fight to take our country back or survive as a race. It seems you are a model of white virtue rather than cold hearted. Your sentiments are in the right place and I honor you and those like you, because they are the ones that will show the others they way to survive.

    • Liberalsuck

      The problem is there are no white people in positions of power who think like us or who have the balls to state it publicly. I would love for a white republican man to say, “Tough. No white guilt from me. Deport them.”

  • Sam

    I don’t get it. What’s wrong with deportations? I’ve been hearing all my life about how noble, honest, intelligent, and hard working Mexicans and Africans are, so those countries must be much better than this horrible racist Eurocentric pit we call America. Why would those people want to be around us evil white conservative gun-toting racists? Deportation is doing them a favor. Also most of the countries they come from have a right to free healthcare, a right to having a job, a right to housing, and many other rights we don’t have in the US. It makes no sense that someone wouldn’t want to be deported. Confused :S

  • GM (Australia)

    They say that Nationalism is the last refuge for scoundrels and if this does not work try and get innocent children involved.

    • eonic

      It’s not nationalists who are involving children here !

      • GM (Australia)

        Agree, my comment really refers to the scoundrels!

  • Rasmus

    My pity is for the Americans whose jobs have been taken by illegal immigrants or who have been killed by them. Screw the illegal immigrants. They are criminals plain and simple and need to be treated as such. America’s leaders need to treat the illegal invaders like any other country does and tossed out as soon as they can. The border should be reenforced and protected by the military .

  • Joseph

    We should write 10,000,000 letters asking the same thing: keep the families together for the sake of the children and deport the whole damned family along with their chickens and goats.

    • EndTimesComing

      Where is Pershing when you need him? Pity Teddy Roosevelt can’t run for another term.

      • lily-white

        viva la “operation wetback”…

        • liberalsuck

          I wish we had Eisenhower and Pershing in charge of our borders. All of this BS would be taken care of in a heartbeat. When did white people become full of guilt and lose their racial edge? What happened to the white men like John Wayne or Pershing or Nathan Bedford Forest?

          • Joseph

            The eclipse of whites began in earnest after WWII when important universities were stuffed with Jewish intellectual refugees.

      • Joseph

        Since dead folks can vote, one needn’t even be a citizen, and technically, Roosevelt is over 35 years old, why couldn’t he run for president again?

    • bluffcreek1967

      And can you also take “Loco” and “Chuco” with you too? We’ll promise to give them some spray cans as our going away gift!

  • My heart bleeds for these poor children. I weep. I don’t believe in splitting up families. Deport all of them. Okay, now I feel better.

    • bluffcreek1967

      Classic! Thank you, I needed a good laugh this evening!

  • Triarius

    Dear 10,000 anchor babies,

    Get out of my country. If I had the power to personally throw you across the border I would. Considering I am young I very well may get that chance.

  • Tim

    Seven year old girls don`t run nothing in Timtown or Congress. And that`s not only the way it is, but the way it should be…

  • Luca

    I am sure these children were not organized but instead this was a spontaneous grassroots movement after one of the children had an epiphany when they saw the image of the Virgin Mary on an EBT card.

    These children would be better advised to write a letter to their parents; “Dear mom and dad, The next time you break the law please don’t drag your children along because your illegal activities come with consequences..”

    Just another example of minorities behaving badly and leaving it for the American taxpayer to suck it up, carry the burden and destroy the country all at the same time.

  • Skipper

    If these deported “parents” cared so much for their children they would return with them to their countries of origin. What sort of swine would abandon their child to relatives or the state if they truly loved them? It is the parent’s choice, and the parent’s choice alone that they are separated from their children, not the fault of the INS as this blatant propaganda makes it out to be! Obviously, these deported parents are a lot of craven gold diggers who know the US Government will gladly spend the US citizen’s tax money on their “anchor babies” thus making them a good long term investment.

    Also, this tear jerker effort is one of many preludes to the 2013 comprehensive immigration amnesty legislation that will be much harder to defeat than the 2006 and 2007 attempts. The immigration amnesty forces are assembling and positioning themselves for their long awaited victory. My prediction is that it will be one of the bloodiest legislative battles in US history, and if the amnesty forces succeed result in the end of America as a Western nation.

    • kjh64

      This is true. Congress knows the American people are very much against amnesty, so they’ll simply change the name and won’t put it through all at once but gradually. First of all, they won’t call it amnesty but “comprehensive immigration reform(CIR)”. The first order of CIR will be the “Dream Act.” The media will market these young adult kids of illegals who will be middle class, speak English with an American accent and be going to college. Congress will push to allow them to stay legally, but not get citizenship(yet) if they came before the age of 16 and are in college or join the military. Of course this won’t be enforced as immigration isn’t now and every illegal in the country will claim they’ve been here since before 16. The media will market this big time and push the sob story. Then once the dreamers get legal status and people are used to that, next Congress will push the “Dreamer’s Renunification Act” which will allow their family in Mexico etc. to join them here illegally but not gain citizenship(yet). They’ll tout it as “family values” and make the claim that the poor dreamers are seperated from their families. The media will again push the sob stories ie. “poor papa Jose, I haven’t seen him in 10 years” Once again, every Mexican who wants to will claim they want to be reunited with their family and this won’t be enforced either. Then once the families get here legally, next will come the “Dreamer’s Citizenship Act”. The dreamers and Congress will say that they’ve been living here legally and paying taxes so they should have citizenship. The media will tout the sob stories. Then it will be the “Dreamer’s Family Reunification Citizenship Act”, same thing media touting the sob stories. Then voila, we’ll have amnesty without the word amesty ever being mentioned and it having been passed in a very stealth manner. Of course by then, the USA will be a 3rd world and immigration will grind to a halt because nobody will want to come here.

  • shattered

    Chain migration is an enormous industry in the U.S. in which illegal aliens actively and purposefully exploit U.S. taxpayers for money. The U.S. taxpayers have to bear the cost of all medical, education, welfare, etc… and often later incarceration when the anchors drop out of school and join a streetgang and begin victimizing the very people that paid to birth, feed/clothe, and educate them. What a tragedy.

    • Rasmus

      I just read that our country’s population stands at 315,000,000. Yet, despite the pressure on our natural resources and American nationals being told that austerity is their only choice, we continue to import more people who will only be a drain on the country and who, in turn, want to bring in more who’ll only be a further drain. It’s like continuing to pile into our national lifeboat not people who can actually row and contribute to our survival but dead bodies that will only swamp the boat.

  • mobilebay

    I don’t want families to be separated either, so please feel free to take your anchors with you. The whole family is welcome to leave. Adios.

  • IstvanIN

    I hope the letters had return addresses so we can find and deport the 100K children back to their real homes.

  • lily-white

    no, no my little friend… may GOD BLESS US by returning you and your law breaking family
    back to your place of origin thus relieving us of any threat of chain migration…
    with peace on earth… and good will toward men… ; )

  • odius liberal

    Arrest the all.

  • Barrack Osama

    Nearly 10,000 Children Tell Congress: ‘No More Punishments For Illegal Activities’

  • Non Humans

    I’m still absolutely baffled and appalled that our libtarded government is even considering this whole amnesty thing. It’s total BS, and a complete derelection of duty. From where I’m sitting, it’s a pretty damned simple problem.
    They came here ILLEGALLY, They reside here ILLEGALLY, They are a very obvious and blatant draw upon our social services (Which are already exploited badly enough by the non-humans) which they should have NO access to by virtue of my first two points.
    The double standards are becoming increasingly visible by the day. How long until they stop even investigating murders because it might “Huwt sumbawdy’s wittle feewings?” The whole damned thing is atrociously ridiculous!
    I think a good part of the problem is because our government is too large, and the debt grows exponentially because of none of our “Elected” (Pfffft) officials treat ANY government spending as if it is coming out of their own pocket. What or How long will it take to make these morons wake up and realize basic economic sense. We are already in huge debt, yet they just can’t bring their own-dumbasses to say no because it might “Huwt sumbawdy’s wittle feewings”.
    The whole things is the most massive WTF in the history of mankind. As sad as it is, I believe it will take an utter collapse of our entire system before anything is even able to be done. I told you so’s won’t be worthy of a damn at that point. I’m ready to lock and load as soon as it does happen though.

    • lily-white

      as to when will it get nasty… I tend to agree with many here
      that our currency will finally be devalued to the point that it won’t be worth
      the paper that it is written on… and if you have noticed… that’s happening
      pretty fast… One statement that I stand firm on is “people are not hurting
      quite enough yet”… millions of people on unemployment and food stamps can go on
      for a while with every other person in your neighborhood working but when the
      dollar plays out from this massive Ponzi scheme… many of the world’s currency’s
      will topple with it…. then… what we are really going to be watching at that
      point is how all of those native French and Grecians are going to be dealing
      with their hoards of third worlders… by
      then this world is going to be a tinderbox… if you have done your homework… it’s
      the tough choice… do I bug -n… do I bug-out….

  • Charles Hastings

    The problem is that children of illegals are given legal status. A correct interpretation of the 14th amendment would make them also illegal, and so they children could be deported along with the parents.

  • archer

    No children should be left behind if the parents are deported, they should just send entire family. Somehow I don’t think this happens, the letter mentioned an uncle, well that’s too bad.
    Like one blogger wrote “I’m losing compassion”, I have to agree with that statement.
    Enough is enough, when you include medical care, schooling, crime and punishment etc. the taxpayeres are picking up an enormous bill every year. The statistics comming in now seem to state that even third generation latinos in many cases are not assimilating any better than first generation, this is a burden we can’t afford and shouldn’t be made to pay.

  • Ron Cheaters

    Poor little pawns.

  • stonehenge

    Invoking the Deity in the same way Thomas Jefferson did in the DOI with equality again without a footnote or reference to back it up? Its worthless and not worth the paper its written on.
    Where does the Book adhere to keeping stay pets who wander onto someones elses property or call for equality of races?

  • eavesmac

    Just another emotional heart jerking movement. Just like the gun grab. They aren’t grabbing cars which kill more people. Just guns. In this case and emotional matter about children seem to be jerking the most hearts. The false flag govt. orchestrated attack on the children in Sandy Hook was using childrens’ deaths as leverage to steal our 2nd amendment. This will fade as well and those behind it will be brought to justice.

  • jay11

    You would not believe how many white liberals have taken up the cause of supporting and defending latino illegals. I was channel flipping and came upon the public access channel that was showing a city council hearing. There were three WHITE (anglo) activists for a latino advocacy group, talking about how THEIR organization works to aid latino immigrants. I listened for a few minutes, shook my head, and went back to a game show.
    Can you imagine a coalition of Chinese people in China joining organizations whose sole purpose it is to promote the interests of non-Chinese illegal immigrants? Would never happen. When our own American young adults seek to uplift foreigners over their very own long and short term interests, what can we do?

    • OlderWoman

      Boy! Some whites can be dumb bastards.

  • John Bonham

    On December 12, dozens of children visited members of Congress to
    deliver nearly 10,000 letters written by young people from 26 different
    states. Their message is clear: “Stop deportations so that all of our
    families can stay together.” We Belong Together

    You can stay together were sending you back with them,.ok ?

    • liberalsuck

      What do they offer us in return for letting them stay here? Will they speak English? Will they respect our laws? Will they leave their culture at the border? Will they quit saying we ‘took their land’?

  • Angry White Woman

    Oh yes! I agree wholeheartedly! The United States Government MUST stop separating families immediately! When Mama or Papa is found to be an illegal invader, take the invader, their bed mate/co-breeder, and all the assorted chidren and deport the whole bunch–all at once–all together.

  • Simonetta

    Most of the illegal immigrants are from Mexico. Most of them want to have an effective state of dual-citizenship between Mexico and the USA. This is their dream. But dreams are not reality.

    Reality is simple and can be summed up in this little rhyme:

    If you breed ’em, and can’t feed ’em,

    you must bleed them, or secede them.

    Mexicans are all that good at starting and winning wars to get rid of the people that they couldn’t provide for, so their overpopulation problem was ‘solved’ by shipping 10% of their people to ‘El Norte’.

    Thirty years ago, population experts and social scientists developed the ability to project population growth and its consequences. Chinese experts convinced their leaders that the only way to survive was to have a cruel and strict one-child-per-family policy. Experts in Singapore determined that survival was only possible through massive economic growth by means of a highly-educated and productive citizenry. Experts told the Mexicans that they could not support six+ kid families. They said it would be necessary to institute systematic sustained and effective birth control policies to survive.

    The Mexicans said no, that God would provide, all would be well, and birth control was immoral. Basically the Mexicans went to war with reality, And thirty years later, reality won. They were forced to ‘secede’ those that they did breed, and couldn’t feed. Secede means that you ship your surplus people off to another place with the understanding that you won’t be able to protect them there. Historically, in the real world, it means that you send your children off to a foreign land to be slaves or nearly so. It is a situation that serious intelligent people and responsible governments desperately try to avoid. No one ever confused the Mexicans with being an intelligent people or having a responsible government.

    Now Mexico has ten percent of its people living illegally in its neighboring country with no realistic possibility of ever being able to support them if they all came back. Time to face reality. Yes, we, the people of the USA will accept all the surplus Mexicans and grant them dual citizenship. But only under three conditions:

    One – if we are going to absorb 10% of your population, we want 10% of your land. Draw a line from Monterey (the large city south of San Antonio, TX) to Cabo San Lucas (at the tip of Baja CA) . All the land north of this line becomes part of the United States.

    Two – The USA gets 10% of the Mexican government. We get PEMEX. And we get control of Mexican immigration and law enforcement. If we send drones to kill off the drug cartels, then that is the way that it is and you will accept it. Also, all the people from the rest of the world that are immigrating to the USA will be resettled in what used to be Northern Mexico.

    Three- no more bilingualism. English is the world language. It is the American language. You are now Americans. You will learn it, You will use it. Spanish is for Spain and South America.

    The Mexicans will be stunned. But they don’t have any choice. They are the ones who fought the war with reality and lost. There are consequences to losing wars. This is the way that the world works.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    They should go back with their parents to their home countries, then they wouldn’t have to worry about being broken up. But of course, no one in the mainstream media will ever suggest this common-sense solution.

  • John R

    Okay. Let me put my “two cents” in here. During the American Civil War, our country was being torn apart. We suffered hundreds of thousands killed on both sides. We were desperate. One solution: By 1864 Lincoln ordered General Sherman to march through the Confederacy, and “make Georgia howl” from Atlanta to the coast. He cut through the South, and burned a swath sixty miles wide to the sea. I understand that any Southerners reading my post will be sensitive on this point, but, in part because of such ruthlessness, the war ended, and our union was preserved, within a year.
    Later, during World War Two, the United States was engaged against the Japanese, and against Nazi Germany. We firebombed Tokyo in January 1945, killing over 80,000 people. We eventually destroyed most of Japan’s cities, and did the same to Hitler’s Germany. In the end, both nations surrendered.
    Ditto, during the Korean War, President Eisenhower vowed to end the war, and ordered “operation pressure pump” to burn North Korean cities to the ground, and force peace negotiations. The operation was thought inhumane, but the Korean War ended within a year of Eik’s election.
    My point? Our country is facing a kind of invasion. It is really another kind of war. The illegals (and their progeny) are taking jobs, driving up costs of healthcare and education, adding to our already high crime problems, and overall degrading our way of life. So, we are now deporting people here illegally, and we shouldn’t “because of the poor children”? If you want to defend your society you must be willing to implement solutions that might hurt some people. Plain and simple. We knew that in the past, but apparently some have forgotten the lesson.
    Thank you. My “two cents.”