The GOP’s Immigration Jam

Jim Vandehei and Mike Allen, Politico, December 10, 2012

Think Republicans feel in a jam about raising taxes? Wait until President Barack Obama springs comprehensive immigration reform on them early next year.

With Obama making plain his plans to push immigration soon, leading establishment Republicans—fresh off Mitt Romney getting his clock cleaned by 44 percentage points among Hispanics last month—insist they are now very much open to a comprehensive package, including eventual citizenship for illegal immigrants.

But while top Republicans think they need to make a big move on the issue and actually want a bipartisan deal with Obama, the rank and file remain skeptical. {snip}

“There’s a growing sense that this is an opportunity that should be taken,” said Ed Gillespie, a former Republican National Committee chairman and top adviser to Romney’s presidential campaign. “There’s no instinct like a survival instinct.”

Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor, told us that Republicans should strike first and offer “a conservative immigration proposal that is comprehensive” before Obama’s State of the Union address. {snip}

Many of the Republicans who would have to vote on such a package—and then run for reelection in off-year primaries and general elections dominated by white conservatives—aren’t so sure it’s such a great deal. Regardless of exit polls, demographic trends and lectures from party leaders, lawmakers know that many voters—especially primary voters, and especially their primary voters—hate anything that smacks of amnesty. {snip}

“Political consultants in Washington are panicking about Hispanics, and their solution is to grant amnesty,” said a conservative GOP lawmaker, who insisted on anonymity in order to speak candidly. “They’re afraid Hispanics hate Republicans, so they want more of them? It doesn’t pass the laugh test. This is an important issue with the Republican base, and members are right to be worried about getting primaried.”

GOP sources tell us a small but influential group of conservative leaders have begun talks to provide cover to House lawmakers fearful about the political implications of immigration. Policy advisers to Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and others are working together on a series of smaller immigration bills that the House and Senate could pass over the next two years.

Karl Rove, the former top strategist for President George W. Bush, said, “Many Republicans who were once reluctant to support comprehensive reform are now open to it as long as it doesn’t include amnesty—the forgiveness of an offense without penalty.”

Rove added: “And many Republicans have come to understand our borders will never be fully secure until pressure is reduced through a guest worker program and resolving the status of those who are here already.”

The Rubio strategy is to take a sequential approach, first passing easier bills, like a guest-worker program. {snip}

But any Republican efforts to play gradual, political small ball with immigration may be stymied by the president’s strategy: Obama is inclined to push for one big bill that includes the one thing the Rubio-Ryan axis might want to avoid—a pathway to citizenship for undocumented workers now in the country.

Advisers say Obama plans to begin a public campaign shortly after the fiscal cliff is resolved, using social media and grass-roots activity to harness business groups, liberal nonprofits, and the activists who helped generate a record Hispanic turnout in November. {snip}


“The longer that immigration is on the table politically, the more benefits that Democrats can reap,” said Jonathan Collegio of American Crossroads, the best-funded of the outside Republican groups.

A growing number of Republicans get this. Look no further than Rubio telling us at Playbook Breakfast last week that he sees a “better than 50/50” chance Obama will sign a pathway to citizenship within four years. “This is going to take awhile,” Rubio said. “But we have to do it, it’s important to do it, and I believe we can do it.”

Fox News host Sean Hannity even told his radio listeners after the election that he’s now open to immigration reform, saying it should be framed as a pathway to opportunity and prosperity. “We’ve gotta get rid of the immigration issue altogether,” Hannity said.


A POLITICO/George Washington University/Battleground Poll out Monday found 62 percent of respondents say they would support “an immigration reform proposal that allows illegal or undocumented immigrants to earn citizenship over a period of several years”—including 50 percent of conservative Republicans and 52 percent of strong tea party supporters.


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  • Puggg

    I don’t think we’re in a jam, because I don’t think the support for “path to citizenship” is that high. On immigration, we can have our cake and eat it, too.

    Otherwise, the choice is between the Obama plan of being blown away with one fell canon blast or the Hispandering Republican plan of a death by a million paper cuts.


    The best thing for whites would be for the GOP to crack up over this. That would leave tens of millions of conservative whites with no where to go and it would be all about race and immigration.

    • That’s happening under our noses. In case we haven’t noticed, the Republican establishment is throwing the Tea Party’s stuff out on the front lawn and changing the locks. While on immigration, the TPM could be a lot closer to where we are, a real third party called “Tea Party” that exists in the same arena as Republicans and Democrats could be something of a big linebacker that at least prevents bad immigration legislation from crossing the goal line, not because they consciously want to, but because of the human politics of partisan loyalty and jealousy.

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      Apart the usual traitors — John McCain, Lindsey Grahamnesty, Jeb Bush and maybe a few others — “leading establishment Republicans” aren’t likely to have any more support from GOP legislators for Amnesty Push 3.0 than they had with Amnesty Push 1.0 and 2.0 — piecemeal subterfuges or not.

      As the anonymous conservative above notes, “They’re [“establishment Republicans’re”] afraid Hispanics hate Republicans, so they want more of them? It doesn’t pass the laugh test.”

      The favorite go-to GOP spokesmen for the media — people like Karl Rove, Ed Gillespie, Jeb Bush — aren’t the Republican Party.

      • Forget the Republican Party, it is our past. Look to the future, look to a new free nation dedicated to Liberty. America is 300 years old and that is old for a nation. American no longer has anything to offer us that we cannot find in China, Russia or Europe. Its time to go.

      • “The favorite go-to GOP spokesmen for the media — people like Karl Rove, Ed Gillespie, Jeb Bush — aren’t the Republican Party.”

        But, at the very least, you’d hope GOP party officers would at least look for people better able to put a good face on than these a**hats. The GOP is now no longer just the stupid party; it’s also the worthless party.

    • The new Party with the main objective of Secession. The French in Quebec did it starting in 1950s and won their objectives. We will be Free and live in Liberty if it has to be done under a new flag and different name. They say it cannot happen well it can happen. If a few million people petition the UN the UN will gladly approve the break up of the once Great Superpower. So be it, Freedom and Liberty comes at a high price.

    • John

      I couldn’t agree more, my friend. Virtually every one that I know is now completely past the Republican Party and they now see it for what it is; a self-serving group of race-traitors. At least the despicable Democrats (e.g., communists/Marxists) are honest about their anti-White/anti-America positions.

      What we must do now, and this has been clear to me for quite some time, is organize and sue the Federal government in multiple class-action lawsuits over our personal tax consequences that are related to illegal immigration.

      First, we need to establish a panel to commission several studies to gather facts. The studies would make maximum use of U.S. government and state data to make our case. We would need to prove our personal losses in the matter.

      The lawsuits would focus on (a) recovering our taxes lost as direct and indirect consequences of illegal immigration, and (b) recovering damages related to the harm caused to our nation stemming from government negligence, outright malfeasance, and it’s open disregard and defiance of the law.

      For Heaven’s sake, illegals have been (and still are) given free drivers licences, free housing, business and personal grants and loans, welfare, food stamps, free transportation, free medical care, free emergency services, voter registration cards, employment preferences, free education, free daycare, and funding for congressional lobbies! The direct and indirect costs to each of us is enoromous!

      All of the direct costs can be easily calculated by accountants and economists. The indirect costs, such as the increased risks to life and limb that are incurred simply by driving around, can be illustrated by the changes in insurance premiums over time. I know a few insurers who would testify that they have been compelled to raise rates to account for increased risks associated with uninsured illegal alien drivers. Those amounts can be quantified.

      Plus, how much in damages would a sympathic jury award for the grief, misery, and fear steeming from living in our country that is over-run with illegal aliens that the government encourages? What about the price of the loss of our nation’s sovereignty? How much better would our lives be without tens of millions of illegals and their anchor-descendants on our soil? What is all of that worth? These are questions that can be appraised and quantified through study of the evidence. I would ante up 10K or 20K to commission such studies if others are with me.

      We need to stop sitting around, and we need to begin a steady, sustained, and relentless series of well-founded class action litigations in Federal and State courts. We won’t become wealthy taking such action — that’s not the point — but we may recover some of the taxes that have been robbed from us at gunpoint by the illegal IRS goons on behalf of the owners of the world’s central banks. I like to save my money, but those ba$tards like to take it from me and redistribute it to illegals and Blacks who spend it immediately. That’s called dispossession, my friends. It’s time to go to court and fight for what’s ours!

      • NM156

        What about the massive impact on the white, native population of affirmative action for minority immigrants? It’s an absurdity. Half of my post-industrial high school graduating class is either struggling, unemployed, or underemployed while Third World immigrants pack high-pay vocations such as line work for power companies, management for industry still remaining in the US, and every construction job imaginable. Affirmative action and mass immigration are a toxic ugly mess that many immigration restrictionists know absolutely nothing about, a mess that has displaced millions of white Americans, particularly men. Everyone should read Hugh Davis Graham’s “Collision Course: The Strange Convergence of Affirmative Action and Immigration Policy in America”. It is essential reading.

  • David Ashton

    “They” set the targets, then find ways of getting to “yes” against initial public opposition.
    Immigration, hybridization,drug legalization, abortion, sodomite “wedlock” and adoption, internationalization of sovereignty, politically correct schooling, etc. Evil, be thou my good.

  • Any republican who supports anything pro illegal immigration should just go ahead and switch parties. These are the people we need to get out of office. STILL, they are too afraid to attack, and that is why The Great Purge of liberal republicans has only yet begun. We should start with the Karl Rove Amnesty Plan (K.R.A.P.)

    • The best way to get rid of all the illegal aliens and unemployment is to re-institute the Draft.

      • Mike Lane

        I thought the same thing. Take all the violent criminals and send them to the middle East. They may join the enemy, though. Then again, I hear Muslim extremists like to place Sub Saharan African at the front lines.

        • But think of it, some of the illegal latinos could defect to Algeria or Libya. They would then be their problem.

  • I have written Georgia’s Republican Senators and let them know that ANY type of pro-immigration reform is not only a demographic death blow for the Republican Party but that I personally will not vote Republican again if the party leaders continue to work against the best interest of white Americans. This is the line in the sand for me, I have always held my nose and voted for the lesser of two evils – McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012. Not this time, not again.

    • Stentorian_Commentator

      I agree. It seems it will be necessary to form behind at least an implicitly pro-white candidate and fund him early, that way disrupting the GOP establishment’s attempt to serve up another crap sandwich in 2016. The problems will be of course uniting sufficiently and putting in enough money to outspend the likes of Sheldon Adelson.. I liked Duncan Hunter in 2008, pro-immigration control and pro-trade balance. Just add anti-affirmative action, and I think we would have the ideal candidate to reawaken the white electorate.

      • mobilebay

        SC – take a look at Kris Kobach – he’d make a wonderful President, not tainted by Washington and a fighter. We don’t need another Bush, nor any Hispanic who might run. They talk a good game until they’re elected. Then they want to bring all their fellow Hispanics in. Case in point – Marco Rubio. Let’s elect someone interested in “immigration enforcement,” not “immigration reform.” That only means, “let ’em all in.”

        • Stentorian_Commentator

          Good point. Kobach looks like a good choice, too. I hope he would be amenable to standing for trade balance and dismantling affirmative action, too. I like to think of those stands, along with immigration moratorium/control, as the pillars of a platform that emphasizes increasing the job opportunities and wages of American-born workers. That should help bring whites to the cause. The key still is early funding and unity.

  • JohnEngelman

    A POLITICO/George Washington University/Battleground Poll out Monday found 62 percent of respondents say they would support “an immigration reform proposal that allows illegal or undocumented immigrants to earn citizenship over a period of several years”—including 50 percent of conservative Republicans and 52 percent of strong tea party supporters.

    – Jim Vandehei and Mike Allen, Politico, December 10, 2012

    I do not see how the GOP can finesse this issue. If Republicans oppose amnesty they lose votes. If they favor it the Democrats gain voters.

    • Stentorian_Commentator

      Or there’s the third way no one but this website and vdare . com discusses, which is to win back the white voters who have dropped out of the electorate by doubling down on immigration control and enforcement, and going for dismantling of affirmative action, to boot. The problem is that the GOPers are stupid, venal, or a mixture of both, and are easily stampeded. Plus, after two Bush Administrations, the brand just sucks. I hope the GOP in Congress gets their heads out of their posteriors before it’s too late.

      • pcmustgo

        Dismantle affirmative action all you want, when non-whites become the majority they will just vote it back in- and more!

      • bluffcreek1967

        But the Republicans won’t. After all, as Sam Francis referred to them, they are “the Stupid Party.” I’ve given up on the GOP. They’ve made one bad decision after another, time after time, and they never seem to learn their lessons. I have a feeling that the GOP’s version of ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ will be rammed down our throats whether we like it or not. Their minds are already made up, and they will not listen to any dissenting voices. If ‘amnesty’ is passed with the GOP’s support, it will only further doom the Republican Party. But they just don’t realize it yet.

        • IstvanIN

          They realize it, they just don’t care.

          • bluffcreek1967

            No, they actually don’t realize it. This is what makes it all the more disconcerting because they can’t see the obvious. This is why they are referred to as “The Stupid Party.” Their stupidity does not lie in them recognizing what we all see so clearly, but somehow choosing another path. Rather, it lies in them not recognizing what is patently obvious and making the same political blunders all over again.

            Go onto some conservative websites and you will hear prominent GOP leaders publicly stating that if we can only ‘reach’ the Hispanics and grant them some sort of ‘path to citizenship,’ everything will be fine and we can restore our political relevancy once again. This is the way fools talk and, sadly, the GOP is full of them.

            Moreover, the GOP does in fact “care.” It cares about its political future, otherwise it wouldn’t be running around in a panic since Nov. 6th. It’s just choosing a path that’s guaranteed to destroy it. But most GOP leaders are not race realists, they don’t truly see the value of their mostly White party, and they have run out of solid ideas. They are unable to discern what will soon happen to them.

        • I have a feeling that the GOP’s version of ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ will be rammed down our throats whether we like it or not.

          W (gag) tried to ram it down the throats of his supporters in 2007. They turned around and rammed it up his b***, instead. That was the beginning of the end for W.

      • JohnEngelman

        I think it is too late. The Democratic Party, which out lasted the Federalists and the Whigs, is likely to outlast the Republicans.

        • bluffcreek1967

          I think you’re right John.

      • NM156
      • THAT is the only way the GOP has any future. If they don’t take that path, they’re finished.

    • The__Bobster

      The polls on Vdare say the exact opposite, John Chinaman, It depends on how the question is worded. Your poll only gave a choice of amnesty and mass deportation.

      • JohnEngelman

        Vdare probably has fewer dollars because few people agree with them.

        Here are a few other polls.


        Washington (CNN) – A new national poll indicates a majority of American voters say they support a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

        According to the Politico/George Washington University Battlegroundsurvey released Monday, 62% of registered voters say they back an immigration reform proposal that would allow illegal or undocumented immigrants to earn citizenship over a period of several years, with 35% opposed.


        According to a Gallup Poll released June 7 – 10, 2012 42 percent of Americans favor immigration at present levels. 21 percent want more immigrants. 35 want fewer immigrants.


        I am in favor of more restrictions on legal immigration, and a vigorous crackdown on illegal immigration, but most Americans disagree with me.

        I am glad that this is an issue that threatens the Republicans. If they oppose immigration they will lose more votes among Hispanics and Asians. If they favor immigration the United States will get more Democrat voters.

        • Ernest

          “Vdare probably has fewer dollars because few people agree with them. ”

          And choosy mothers choose JIF and did you know 4 out of 5 dentist recommend Trident?

          • NM156

            This John Engleman retard is a straw man.

        • NM156

          John’s an asshole. He ignores every poll to the contrary, which in the long history of immigration polling, is the norm. WHAT ABOUT THIS ONE, JOHN?:

          • JohnEngelman


            Your comment uses a vulgar expression, and should be removed. i will respond to it, however,

            That poll says 86 percent of Americans want to stop illegal immigration.


            This poll says 77 percent of Americans want to maintain or increase existing immigration levels.


            The polls may seem to contradict each other, but they ask different questions.

          • NM156

            No they don’t contradict each other, John. Why don’t you check the compilations of immigration polling, stupid ass?

          • JohnEngelman

            I said they “seem” to contradict each other.

    • maxonepercent

      Bush tried to pass amnesty twice and failed. Obama tried to pass amnesty twice and failed. All four times their attempts were stopped due to grassroots outrage. Most Americans, middle-class and lower, do not want amnesty or more immigration. Even though the democrats have somehow postured themselves into being the “amnesty” party on the national level, on the local level many Democrat politicians are just as opposed to amnesty or increased immigration as any republican. Unless the economy gets back to close to full employment again all players in the federal government are going to have a very hard time convincing the electorate to go along with this plan.

      • JohnEngelman

        I documented my assertion about popular support for amnesty. You did not. This issue will doom the Republicans. The GOP is divided between wage earners, who as you say oppose more immigration, and employers, who want more immigrants to drive down wages. The Democrats have various constituencies. These constituencies have different concerns. Nevertheless, they are not divided by significant issues.

        • maxonepercent

          The following comes from NumbersUSA, the leading grass-roots organization that has been at the forefront of blocking the last 3 attempts at “immigration reform” in Congress by alerting their millions of members to call their representatives whenever these votes come up, In fact, I am sure the GOP desire to break the legislation up is motivated by fear of organizations like NumbersUSA:

          “Poll after poll proves that Americans overwhelmingly oppse amnesty for illegal aliens. A majority of Americans support tougher enforcement laws and border security.

          60% of voters oppose the Obama Administration’s executive amnesty to younger illegal aliens. [Breitbart News & Judicial Watch, November 2012].

          52% of registered voters disapprove of President Obama’s handling of immigration issues. This poll was taken a month after the Obama Administration issued executive amnesty for two years for illegal aliens who came as children. [Washington Post/ABC, July 2012].

          60% of likely voters think when it comes to immigration reform, gaining control of the border is more important than legalizing the status of illegal aliens in the United States [Rasmussen, March 2012].

          55% of Americans believe stopping the flow and deporting illegal aliens should be the main focus of how the U.S. government should deal with illegal aliens. Only 42% of Americans prefer the U.S. government creating an amnesty program for illegal aliens. [CNN/ORC, November 2011].

          55% of Americans oppose or strongly oppose Congress passing a bill to give some illegal aliens living in the U.S. a path to legal status. [USA Today/Gallup, January 2011].

          55% of Americans somewhat oppose or strongly oppose Congress to allow illegal aliens who have ajob to apply for legal, temporary-worker status. [NBC News/Wall Street Journal, November 2010]”

    • NM156
  • Jefferson

    [QUOTE]“They’re afraid Hispanics hate Republicans, so they want more of them?[/QUOTE]

    The GOP wants to give Hispanic illegal immigrants who hate Republicans, U.S citizenship and the legal right to vote.

    Who runs the GOP ? Forrest Gump ? Some of the GOP establishment makes Honey Boo Boo look like a member of MENSA in comparison.


      We the core do not care what they do anymore, we are looking for a new Party and the GOP can go to HELL and we hope it is soon. They are going to give Communist Obama more money and a extended debt ceiling so go and do it. We Republicans are out of here.

      • StillModerated

        Repeat after me: DIXIECRAT! There’s only one white “boll weevil” left.

    • “Who runs the GOP ?”

      Better question is:

      “Who needs the GOP?

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Indeed. With “conservatives” like those, who needs liberals?

    • Joseph

      The apparent stupidity of GOP is so breathtaking that I find it difficult to believe that this is not intentional. I can’t imagine that these people could, even in this dumbed-down society, attain the stations that they hold being as strategically obtuse as appears. They are just the sociopathic right-hand of a greater scheme to loot America.

  • The__Bobster

    Once the 30-38 million invaders are amnestied the Republican Party and the nation are finished. They weren’t named the “Stupid Party” for nothing.

    • Triarius

      Bingo. We are now a one party system on a national level. After 2016 the GOP will be pro hhispanic and the dems pro black. Of course the freeloaders will vote dems and always push them through. Include anchor babies and the number is 54 million, last I checked.

    • In a time when Americans are told they need to embrace austerity, it is immoral to continue to flood the country with people who never paid into the system and who we know will be a drain on it.
      There is nothing principled about letting more people into a sinking lifeboat. There is nothing principled about turning away veterans in need of healthcare because we need to pay for more EITC for illegals or more subsidized housing. There is nothing principled about being unable to afford to teach Johnny or Jane AP physics or Chemistry because the school districts have to spend scarce dollars to pay to teach Lupita, Pedro or Mfweze and the eight brothers and sisters of each remedial English and math, instead.
      Almost all of us remembers what a failure the amnesty of 1986 was. We have not forgotten. We said that one was going to be a disaster, and it was. So, too, will this one.

      • Joseph

        Was a success for Bush & Co. or maybe they prefer, “Arbusto”.

  • Larry Klein

    “Political consultants in Washington are panicking about Hispanics, and their solution is to grant amnesty,” said a conservative GOP lawmaker, who insisted on anonymity in order to speak candidly. “They’re afraid Hispanics hate Republicans, so they want more of them? It doesn’t pass the laugh test. ”

    So the argument above is presented, concerning the suicidal nature of immigration amnesties for Republicans, and then the remainder of the article contains quotes from strategists and other commentators as to why Republicans MUST pass a myriad of immigration gifts if they want to remain viable? If I want a good laugh I tune into the nightly news or other MSM outlets. Good grief the stupidity of these “journalists” is unrivaled.

  • NYB

    They’re worried that Hispanics won’t vote Republican. That’s a side issue.

    ‘Race replacement’ should be the buzz word of the day.

  • Luca

    I say give them work visas. They would not be citizens, they could not vote, they could not draw entitlements. If they don’t have a job, they don’t get a visa. Workers only, no families. Amend the constitution to clarify and prevent more anchor babies. Without a visa they are immediately deported without question. With a visa, they are identifiable and accountable. When the visas expire, or when they break another law, ship them out. Not perfect, but much better than the current nightmare.

    • The only nightmare is that there are two parties fighting over who gets to break the legs and pick the pockets of the legal White citizenry. Nothing that we are seeing is a product of natural society or a natural order. It is engineered to produce a problem that they say can only be fixed by them. The perfect analogy is the man selling the antidote to the poison he just gave you.

    • Kostoglotov

      That actually makes sense, so there’s no hope it will be adopted in our lifetimes.

    • NM156

      You failed to include medical care for these workers and a worker ID that prevents them from running off the plantation to take jobs that don’t belong to them.

    • Barring the failure to abolish birthright citizenship, your idea will work only if we spay or neuter them before letting them into the country.

    • ATBOTL

      What about the tens of millions of Americans without jobs?

      • Luca

        By culling the illegals you will create more jobs. To really create more jobs, you need to also do about thirty other things like, cut regulations, eliminate the minimum wage, get rid of unions, deport as may deadbeats as possible, raise tariffs on China, allow more oil and natural gas drilling, lower corporate tax etc.etc.

        • ATBOTL

          Eliminate the minimum wage? Are you crazy? You think America would benefit from jobs paying less than $7 an hour?

          Your plutocratic agenda is nonstarter.

          • Minimum wage is a red herring issue, because it’s a price floor. Price floors are either below equilibrium, in which case they don’t matter, or they’re above equilibrium, in which case they cause inflated demand compared to deflated supply, which means more unemployment in the case of the labor market. Low and declining salaries and wages are almost always a result of an oversupply of labor out and outright shifting the demand curve forcing the equilibrium down, and the oversupply is almost always the result of mass immigration. Even if you have a minimum wage, and the equilibrium is below it, the law of supply and demand finds a way to win. We found that out with rent controls in cities where it’s expensive to rent.

            The real solution is to restrict immigration.

  • Hirene

    I am happy that the GOP lost the election because their wealthy supporters are going to see substantial increases in their taxes and it is going to hurt. Serves them right.

    • NM156

      They want open borders. Let them pay for immigrants’ massive taxpayer-funded support system.

  • Words can’t even begin to describe the animosity I feel toward the Republican/Democrat schism. Not once do you hear these career politicians talking about the wants and needs of the White LEGAL citizens of America. Their concerns are nothing more than concerns about the vitality of their Party and pensions, not the welfare of the citizens of the country. If GOP vampires thought ten millions Somalians would assuredly vote Republican, they would have no problem with destroying the ethnic and racial fabric of the country in getting them here.

    our borders will never be fully secure until pressure is reduced through a guest worker program and resolving the status of those who are here already

    Think real hard about what Karl “the Clown” Rove is saying here. Somehow it is feasible and righteous to make up WMD stories so we can invade a country and help to guard an extremely dangerous 2,268 mile border(not to mention the border in Afghanistan), all in the name of Democracy…… but it’s unfathomable to believe that the United States can guard its own 1,969 mile border from poor little brown Mexicans, so we have to pay an extortion of some type just to convince them to leave us and our dwindling culture alone for a little bit longer.

    • Fredrik_H

      You can’t have the somalis. Our greens and social democrats has already called dibs!

      • We’ll send ’em right over.

    • Kostoglotov

      That was absolutely the best and truest comment on this page, hands down. Most of the others are wishful thinking or just plain wrong.

      I really hate that my country has turned into a can’t-do bunch of whiners and losers.

    • Joseph

      Analog: “The only way that we can be keep burglars from sneaking into the house is to put on the coffee, throw out a welcome mat, and have them come in through the front door, then help them load their truck with our belongings.”

      • Always remember, too, that these benevolent demagogues always want to give away your belongings, my belongings, “our belongings,” but never “their” belongings. We are nothing more than fodder and chattel to a two-party system that is vastly more effective at pushing anti-White bills and programs than it is coming up with even the simplest of pro-White solutions.

        • Joseph

          Oh, they never let me forget.

    • Magnus Von Magnus

      This is one of the best comments I have read in a long time. Bravo sir!

  • None

    What “backlash” from the base? Whites have abandoned the GOP, finally. It only took 50 years of breaking every single promise to us followed by 20 years of pretending we don’t even exist. White people have finally gotten the message. We live in a situation of “taxation without representation”.

    We all know the remedy for that.

    • Well put. It seems the GOP base is now confined to conservative billionaires, all 23 of them.

  • clark griswald

    This is off topic, but I told my mother about this website and the interesting piece of info that it is more lucritive to be on welfare than to work. My mother than procedeed to tell me that she is worried about my mental health and that I am a nazi kkk redneck even though I have never advocated any violent/illegal things to her. I need advice on how I can WAKE my Republitard, Fox News watching, church lady conservatism parents!

    • Have her watch “A Conversation About Race”. Make sure she watches it from beginning to end.

      • bluffcreek1967

        Agreed! I have to admit that, at first, I thought it wasn’t going to be that good, but it really surprised me at how well it was produced and how effectively the host conveyed his points. If this film was allowed in our public schools (of course, that will never happen!), it might truly open some minds . . . . and probably cause a riot too!

    • bluffcreek1967

      Geez, if this is the way your mother responds to an interesting piece of information, I would tend to think, sadly, there’s very little hope in changing her mind.

    • NM156

      Evangelical kooks? As exemplified by your mother’s response, Bible weirdos aren’t conservative at all. Show her this to poke at her true political orientation:

    • Joseph

      Just ask her: “Who would Jesus steal from to finance good deeds?”

  • Fredrik_H

    The self-destructive behaviour of the traditional right is stupefying, in the USA as well in my own country. Trying to outliberal the liberals on low skill labor immigration when we all know the new citizens will for those who promise them the most free stuff will be the end of these parties.

    “…who insisted on anonymity in order to speak candidly…”

    One of the reasons why the traditional right is going down this path againt better judgement, I guess.

    • Joseph

      They do this because like the Democrats, they do not have to live around these people whom they import nor the consequences of their actions. They leave it to the working peasants to pay the bill and clean up the messes and crime inflicted by these third-worlders.

  • fakeemail

    Can anyone name anything the GOP has done that favored/helped White People? Only thing I can think of is Ike’s Operation Wetback. But he also sent the feds to force integrated schools. Nixon expanded the Great Society an started affirmative action. Reagan amnestied millions and approved MLK day. Bush I and II kept the borders WIDE open and attempted to amnesty 20 million.

    Can anyone think of anything?

  • Seek

    It’s hard to believe the fear, naivete and self-loathing of Republican Party white leaders. They actually believe that the antidote to electorate defeat is to import as many people as possible from ethnic groups abroad who are the least likely offer support, legalize their resident status at once, naturalize them, and make fuzzy-wuzzy speeches how they are “natural Republicans.”

  • StillModerated

    I’ve said this before on these pages, but it bears repeating — The Republican Party gets loads of cash whenever they win the White House. Despite the fact that they have held the House of Representatives (which controls the purse strings) in 2012, party leaders are being starved. And that’s their major concern. They care not a whit for conservatives, they are merely sleazy money-grubbers.

    If you don’t believe me, buttonhole a second-tier bigwig at some conference like CPAC where you can hear it from the (w)horse’s mouth.

  • joe Webb

    Where I live in the middle of the SF Peninsula and in a precinct that just went about 4 plus to one for Obongo, the mexers are in the newspaper almost every day with their crime. The Burglary rate for Menlo Park is up 65% over last year, and Palo Alto is about the same.

    However, the cops appear to be keeping the mexican males out of the downtown, although one sees some mexer females in the local thrift shop. Some of the restaurants employ Mexers of course. A couple of them raped a gal at the British Bankers Club a year or so ago, a bar/restaurant.

    Tonight I got a laugh out of one of these ( kitchen working probably) mexers walking down Santa Cruz Ave, the main drag , with a small American flag . Does he think he will be beat up by Menlo Park liberals? Does he read the newspaper and see his amigos getting busted every day by the badges?

    Remember the sea of Mexican flags a few years ago at a mexer demo for amnesty? And then of course, their jewish and liberal handlers explained that that was not a good idea.

    • Speaking of which, why is it perfectly acceptable for Israel to forcibly expel illegal aliens but not for the US to do the same?

  • What the Republicans need to do is to make the illegals earn citizenship. 1. SIgn a statement that acknowledges that they broke US immigration laws and for that they will pay a fine. 2. Pay any and all back taxes. 3. Learn English 4. Take US history and civics courses. 5. No chain migration. They will not be able to sponsor other family members to come into the US.6. Pass a background check. 7. No criminal record. While they are going through the process, they will be allowed to apply for temporary residency, which will not allow them to leave the country and return. After they complete the seven steps, they will be able to apply for a green card and after five years, they can apply for naturalization like anyone else. There will be no special queue for them.

    • Good idea, Crystal. But the bedwetters, the christians, and the do-gooders won’t stand for it

      • ATBOTL

        How is amnesty a good idea?

        • bluffcreek1967

          I agree, it NEVER is. It wasn’t a good idea in 1986 when Reagan gave a mass of illegal invaders from Mexico a “path to citizenship,” and it’s not a good idea now. All the concessions, requirements and qualifications touted by Republicans will only help to dispossess Whites in our own country and radically alter our culture. Any sort of amnesty will also help to eventually form us into an even more divided and broken nation (third-world nation?).

    • bluffcreek1967

      I understand what you’re saying Crystal, and you do make some good points. But I am so fed up with illegal immigration (especially of Hispanics) and all third-world immigration that I cannot stand to even concede some of the things you noted in your post. To me, it’s just another way of giving in to the criminal invaders – and it tears me up inside! I’d rather oppose it to my last breath and allow history to record that Whites fought it to the very end rather than make any concessions or qualifications.

      Moreover, the Democrats will raise a ruckus of illegals even having to “earn” their citizenship via paying a fine, learning English, taking a U.S. history and civics course, etc. It will be turned against the GOP as a form of ‘disenfranchisement’ of illegals. It will be viewed as imposing ‘oppressive White culture and values’ upon ‘poor immigrants.

      And a mass of do-gooders, bleeding hearts, guilt-ridden Whites and ‘low information voters’ (translation: dumb and uninformed people) will completely stand behind the Democrats in their efforts to oppose any restrictions. This is the mess we’ve gotten ourselves in. We are doomed.

    • ATBOTL

      NO. We don’t want one more non-white in this country.

  • NM156

    Let’s just get rid of Hannity “altogether”.

  • Just like the GOP: More concerned about finding ways to once more cheat on its base than to try to stand by principle and win an election.

    Since it’s determined that it must be the other democrat party to survive, there is no good political reason left for the GOP to continue to exist.

    It’s clearer now than ever before that true conservatives need to support 3rd parties still genuinely conservative. If we’re going to get bad policies, no matter if it’s a republican or democrat elected to office, better to take a brave moral stance by supporting a 3rd party that’s committed to principles. This way, when the proverbial s*** does hit the fan, we can at least be clear that there were some of us who couldn’t be bought and opposed the policies that led to the crisis.

  • Tucker

    “Fox News host Sean Hannity even told his radio listeners after the
    election that he’s now open to immigration reform, saying it should be
    framed as a pathway to opportunity and prosperity. “We’ve gotta get rid
    of the immigration issue altogether,” Hannity said.”

    Correction, you little greasy, de-racinated, self-hating, self-loathing, IQ defective, nauseating White race traitor. What needs to be ‘rid of’ – permanently – is the RINO’d, Neo-con infested, anti-White, White genocide promoting Republicrat Party.

    Along with exiling filthy rats like this worm, and the entire cast of neo-con bought & paid for white race traitorous Judas Goats like Limbaugh, Boortz, O’Reilly, Liddy, and every last weasel at Faux News Network.

    You know, I have absolutely despised Hannity for well over a decade – but, with his latest anti-White tirades – he has managed to quadruple the intensity of my contempt for his sorry hind parts. He is a perfect, text-book illustration of what is most wrong about the establishment GOP. Pompous maggots like Hannity are only concerned about ‘conserving’ one thing – their personal financial position, i.e., their money. Little do these brainless morons realize that when they put their #1 focus on “money” instead of their race’s survival, they are opening the doors for swarms of hundreds of millions of brown-skinned parasites and leeches to flood into our nation, whereupon they gain permanent numerical superiority over Whites and then there is no peaceful remedy to prevent them from devouring every last dime that White people earn or have in their life’s savings.

    Make note, folks. Hannity will be banned from residing inside our White Ethnostate.

  • The Republican party is finished. What they did to Ron Paul was despicable. It created a civil war in the party. Paul was their only chance to win it, but they choose their agenda instead of what is good for US……..

    • bluffcreek1967

      I didn’t agree with Ron Paul in some areas, but I felt he was not afforded the respect he should have been given by GOP leaders. He had many good ideas, and he tried to uphold our American Constitution among a host of politicians (both GOP and Democrat) who didn’t give a damn about it. Ron Paul was also a decent and moral man, and I respected him for this. With Ron Paul leaving the Senate, it’s one more evidence of the passing scene in America from our traditional ways to our new, ‘progressive’ ways.

  • scutum

    All of you out there deluding yourselves with the idea that the Republican party represents you, or is fighting to overturn the Comunist agenda of the Democratic party, need to realize that this is a one party police state. The only difference between this country and the old Soviet Union, is that our oppressors are more sophisticated and precise in their methods. Neither of these parties have any interest in addressing the concerns of European Americans, the people who built this country. We must somehow find or start a party that represents our interests or push harder for secession from Washington and the blue states.

  • Skincognito

    We need to resurrect the American/Know-Nothing Party; including their tactics, but minus their anti-Catholicism. I get the general impression that the Constitution Party may be a step in this direction. But yeah, I scrapped the GOP in 2000 before I was even allowed to vote, due primarily to immigration and interventionism.

    • At this point, if a party isn’t explicitly vocal and unapologetic about being pro-White, then it is about as useful as a band-aid on a sucking chest wound. Anything implicit about something so foundational and vital is simply a weak foundation that will be(not could be) subverted, hijacked, and turned into yet another set of anti-White policies.

      • Skincognito

        For sure. “American” used to be synonymous with White, and the antebellum Dems and Whigs competed to be the “White man’s party,” but you’re correct. At this point it must be explicitly stated. This level of overt racialism however, splits the far-right in Europe and the UK. I’m not sure anymore which tactic works better: Volk ueber alles, or identity patriotism? It’s the discussion that we should be having though, thank you for clearly weighing in. Loyal Whites should not even waste their breath on the GOP.

  • Southernwhite

    You guys are right, Whites are about finished in this country, but The Blacks may not want to celebrate WHITEYS” demise just yet, hispanics outnumber them and are growing faster than them, Asians are fast rising in number as well, so blacks have one race of people (Hispancs) who are growing at a much more rapid rate than them and don’t really get along with them, and they have another group (Asians) who are intellectually superior to them, have fun blackies, your day is coming as well!!!!!!

    • bluffcreek1967

      Excellent point! When the actual demographics are closely examined, it doesn’t look good for Blacks either. The Hispanics and Asians will probably not be as enamored of Blacks as Whites have been for the past 50 years – and that’s a good thing. Blacks are too stupid and too filled with hate to recognize it, but the best thing they ever had going for them is the White man. He’s done so much to improve their lives (even ending slavery on their behalf), but they won’t realize it until it’s too late (and maybe not even then?)!

  • ImTellinYa

    The GOP has one quality that we can all count on; they are cowards. God forbid they should openly make a stand and bluntly express their patriotism. They can’t even betray their base constituency openly.

    The GOP bend over and drop their pants for the Democratic tyrants and their lively, vibrant, diverse allies. They pander to third-world savages from Mexico who then spit in their faces. They allow themselves to be censored by politically-correct scum, and then they are surprised when White people stay home on election day.

    The GOP is really no longer an actual opposition party. They have become the official, government-approved whipping boy for the Democrats to trot out as a trophy. The GOP is the equivalent of the “free speech zones” the Leftist tyrants create to protect themselves from the truth; the GOP is merely a place to herd decent White people so they can do no damage to the traitors who are destroying the U.S. and the West in general.

    Since our government is the enemy of its own country, for Whites to make a difference we are going to have to defect from the government-approved ghetto where we’ve been assigned.

  • Here’s a thought: The GOP should demand that all immigrants to this country have sponsors, responsible for them if they need food, shelter or medical care. It was a policy that worked well for decades before being changed and, especially in this time when we’re being told to embrace austerity, one that many Americans would welcome.

    In the interests of fairness, we’ll even allow individual churches to sponsor immigrants, but the members of the individual congregations will be completely responsible for them, no taxpayer dollars.

  • Near the top of the list of people who should never be allowed in this country are those who have already demonstrated their contempt for its laws by having entered it illegally.

  • Dave4088

    In 2010 I predicted that Republicans would capitulate on illegal immigration within 5-7 years, but they are way ahead of schedule. To say the Republicans are stupid is putting things mildly. National polls regularly show that 70% of Americans are opposed to amnesty and benefits for illegals and politicians that oppose illegal aliens and amnesty are wildly popular with the Republican electorate.

    So what is the stupid party’s response to the desires of its largely white base? To hispander and coddle illegal aliens of all stripes, of course, or the polar opposite of what its base demands of it.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Another way to look at the same matter is that Civil War Two kickoff is also ahead of schedule, and while we have a better demographic position.

      There’s a good side to nearly every situation.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Backstabbing one’s own constituents is so complicated! Who’d have imagined that stealing something one doesn’t own in order to give it away to someone who will never be grateful would pose such difficullties?