Texas Southern Fails in Bid to Stop Discrimination Suit

Eric Freedman, Diverse Education, November 19, 2012

A White assistant dean at Texas Southern University’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law can pursue her Title VII employment discrimination and retaliation claims, a federal judge in Houston has ruled.

U.S. District Judge Keith Ellison rejected the university’s bid to throw out the suit by Patricia Garrison, an alumna of the law school who was appointed assistant dean for academic support in 2007.

Garrison still holds the position, but her lawyer, Katherine Butler of Houston, said, “It becomes increasingly difficult. Nobody wants to be in the position of suing their employer.”


Garrison had received strong performance reviews by Dean McKen Carrington, who hired her, but the suit contends that current Dean Dannye Holley began a racially motivated campaign to force her out after his interim appointment in 2009. Holley was a longtime TSU faculty member, and Garrison had been one of his students.

“Texas Southern University treated one of the hardest working employees in its law school poorly for one reason and one reason only—she is Caucasian,” Garrison’s court complaint says. “It denied this woman compensation she earned, stripped her of job duties she was performing well and steadfastly put up roadblocks in an attempt to make her life so difficult that she would resign.”

After Holley rejected Garrison’s attempt to hold an underperforming Black subordinate accountable, he told her, “If you do not wish to work for me, you have options, and I suggest you begin to consider them,” the complaint says.

The university denies any discrimination and asserts in court papers that all its actions regarding Garrison’s “employment status and working conditions were the result of legitimate, non-discriminatory business decisions.”


The complaint alleges that Holley has micromanaged her duties, undercut her authority over subordinate employees and denied her the support and resources that African-American assistant and associate deans have. It also alleges that the law school refused to pay a promised $5,000 to teach a semester-long bar exam essay course although she’d previously been paid to teach it beyond her regular duties.

The university counters that the teaching payments Garrison received were a discretionary bonus under the prior dean and that Holley chose to discontinue that practice.

In his decision, Ellison said there are several factual issues for a jury to decide at trial. For example, there was evidence that Black full-time administrators continue to receive extra compensation for teaching.

He also said a jury could decide that race was a motivating factor in Holley’s reducing Garrison’s responsibilities—and thus demoting her—although her salary wasn’t cut.


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  • As I stated in the University of Texas post above, I graduated from the University of Houston, which is in the same area as TSU. The blacks I work with look down on Texas Southern because it attracts a lower class of student. If Patricia Garrison does not yet know THE LESSON by now, then I cannot feel sorry for her.

  • Lawsuits such as these will increase in number. No doubt about that. But as the courts become more and more stacked with antiwhites, and juries become more and more packed with non-whites, justice will be harder and harder to come by.


    • bluffcreek1967

      I agree. Many of our courts are already filled with liberal, anti-White judges and, in light of the direction of our country, we will only see more of the same type of people. Judgments in favor of Whites over racial discrimination will be rare indeed.

      I won’t say what the nature of my job is, but I work closely in the criminal justice system. I DON’T TRUST THE JUDGES! Most are Leftists, and they are far removed from the Blacks and Hispanics they pass light sentences upon.

      • The__Bobster

        In the last 50 years, how many judgments have favored Whites?

        • Joseph

          About 35 years ago the first, or one of the first reverse-discrimination suits was won by a student at the Univ. of Calif. who was denied admission to the College of Medicine in favor of less-qualified minority students. I *think* that there was some weak defense that he was denied because he was a returning student in his 30’s which was of course, its own sort of discrimination and didn’t fly.

          Maybe somebody else remembers this. It was long ago and my forgetter is improving each year.

          • IstvanIN

            Was that Bakke?

          • Yes that was Allan Bakke who from what I understand, did go to medical school and became a doctor despite of affirmative action.

  • I hope this woman wins her lawsuit. She has been treated unfairly.

    • Joseph

      On the other hand, she may be just another screetching feminist.

      Said “may be”.

      • Dude

        Either way it’ll be a White victory, and that’s all that matters (in a racialized case).

        • jews are not White

          • Dude

            I know they’re not. Is the woman a shebrew?

          • Sloppo

            Good question. I hope she gets justice regardless of her ethnic background, but IF she is Jewish, she should technically have a stronger victimhood status card to play than the black man … even if she were not female. When the black fellow starts talking about the traditional disadvantages experienced by black people, she should pull out the heavy artillery (a DVD library with Hollywood’s 100 or so Holocaust movies for the people in the courtroom to watch).

          • Dude

            Either way, she’s suing as a WHITE VICTIM, discriminated against for being White, so if she wins it’ll give Whites encouragement not to put up with anti-White discrimination. Let’s hope she doesn’t change the conversation to another “anti-semitism” case.

          • Sloppo

            I don’t know if she really has the Jewish victimhood card in her hand, but if she does I don’t know why she wouldn’t play it. Otherwise his blackness would almost surely trump her femaleness.

          • Dude

            I hope she doesn’t have that card to play. I hope this remains a conversation about anti-White discrimination.

          • Sloppo

            I just hope to see more white people begin to understand that victimhood status is a weapon of mass destruction. Many great cities in the US have been destroyed because they had no defense against that weapon. That’s the kind of conversation I want to see.

          • Dude

            I’d like to see the kind of conversation where we talk like a White Jaimie Foxx, but any case of Whites standing up for themselves is a great start.

  • Ulick

    So this white women went to her black supervisor and notified him that a black teacher was grossly incompetent; and, shocker, the black supervisor sided with the incompetent black teacher over the white woman who was merely being honest.

    First, this is why it’s so bogus when blacks, like Eric Holder, complain that whites won’t discuss race.  It’s because it’s pointless with most blacks.  They don’t want to hear the truth, and they’ll almost always side with blacks over whites regardless.

    Second, this school will now have inferior teaching because keeping blacks employed is more important to this black dean than the education the students receive.  As this becomes the norm in this school the quality of education will quickly deteriorate.  That deterioration will then, as always, be blamed on whitey not giving the school enough money.  

  • prettycelticwarrior

    As more blacks get into power positions this is becoming common place. Black people are not looking for equal rights, they want special rights. In my opinion a large majority of blacks are looking to get whites back for everything and anything they can dream up S Africa is out example of allowing black people into positions of power over whites. They act to destroy whites and make them suffer. A true ignored genocide.

    Look at the damage B Hussein Obama has done in four years. In the next for years B Hussein Obama will really cripple whites. I predict B Hussein will do irreversible damage to white Americans in his next four years,
    I’m glad she filed and I hope she wins.She will need a lot of evidence, unlike blacks who need nothing but the” race card.”

  • Matt

    Non-whites will never treat a white minority population with anything even remotely approaching basic respect. The only persons willing to treat persons of other races fairly are whites, I find. Once non-whites get in positions of power and/or their numbers & clout increase, then their true colors invariably show (no pun intended).

  • Bernie

    In all honesty, it might be worth sending your kids to university overseas. I will encourage mine to do so in a place like Chile or Uruguay. Maybe they will be able to build a better life there as the U.S. becomes increasingly anti-white and third world.

  • Preparation H-Bomb

    Yep. It becomes increasingly evident that the CHARACTER of blacks such as those referred to in this article has eroded to the point of nonexistence. They’d much rather point fingers and play the blamegame than contribute something positive to this world. There are reasons for the character erosion: single parent households, drugs and alcohol, lack of religious teaching and spiritual background; poor choices in youth; it goes on and on. Just for a moment of respite, I’m including a link that relates to the lack of religious teaching and spiritual background that is prevalent all over this country today: http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=OExXItDyWEY&vq=medium