University of Texas Professor Claims Black Students Are Failing Because They Are Raised by Poor Single Women

Daniel Miller, Daily Mail (London), December 11, 2012

A professor at the University of Texas has sparked outrage by claiming  black and Hispanic students are failing academically because they have been raised in single parent homes usually by females.

Law professor Lino Graglia was talking to the BBC when he said he could ‘hardly imagine a less beneficial or more deleterious experience than to be raised by a single parent, usually female, uneducated and without a lot of money.’

He said the average black performance on SAT test is 200 points lower than that for the average white student and that among the black population almost three quarters of children are now born outside of marriage.

The outspoken professor appeared slightly flustered when the BBC interviewer pointed out that he was black and raised in a single parent family himself.

Lino Graglia

Lino Graglia

But he continued: ‘How well do these kids do in maths and reading is basically it and they do less well.

‘And race or segregation or history wouldn’t matter one bit if that was not the case.

‘No doubt the race and segregation may have a lot to do why that’s the case, but it is the case and what to do about it now?

‘And admitting them into selective schools with large gaps in qualification is not the answer.’

Graglia is no stranger to controversy and was accused of racism in 1997 after telling a conservative student group that black and Mexican-American cultures ‘set children up for failure’.

He said: ‘They have a culture that seems not to encourage achievement.

‘Failure is not looked upon with disgrace.’

In response the League of United Latin American Citizens demanded he resign issuing a resolution which stated: ‘Graglia believes that minority students come from a culture of failure.

‘He knows nothing of our culture and has never crawled down from his ivory tower to find out.

‘His lack of respect for the students who sit in his classes is unacceptable. His contempt for our leaders is intolerable.’

The University of Texas is currently fighting a legal battle in the Supreme Court with a white student who claims she was forced to go to a second-rate college as a result of the School’s affirmative action program.

Despite graduating in the top 11 per cent of her class in 2008, Abigail Fisher was rejected from U.T. and ‘forced to attend’ Louisiana State University instead.

She has now taken her claim to the Supreme Court Fisher claiming that she was denied entrance into U.T. because she is white, and wasn’t afforded the same career opportunities she’d have had otherwise.

She told the New York Times: ‘I probably would have gotten a better job offer had I gone to U.T.’


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  • Puggg

    Then that begs the next question: Why are black and Hispanic students raised in single parent homes more often?

    • gemjunior

      Shhhh!!!!!! You know that it’s racist to notice that or bring it up in company, you big racist…. We are supposed to say afterwards that it’s the legacy of racism, white priv, prejudice, bla bla bla. Not allowed to EVER speak out loud what everyone sees. 3 monkeys – don’t see it or pretend you don’t, don’t hear it or again pretend, and definitely don’t ever ever say it because their hurt feelings, their thin skins and ultra sensitive skins might be offended. That skin can harden in a jiffy when they need to realy put the hurt on an innocent white person who doesn’t know how dangerous the knee-grows are and also the mehicans.

    • Katherine McChesney

      I read that black women mistreat black men, insult them, demean them, bully them. The article said this is why black men don’t attend church because women run the church. They gravitate toward black male leadership in such groups as Nation of Islam, where women play a secondary and submissive role.
      I haven’t read much on Hispanic single family homes. I was under the impression that they are more family oriented with a male and female as head of the home.

      • bluffcreek1967

        That’s very true about Black women. I’ve seen it personally in having to deal with them as a part of my job. They are loud, insanely aggressive, snotty and temperamental and horribly entitled. I don’t blame the Black men who reject them. This is not to say the male Blacks are any prize or innocent. Most I have encountered on my job are dumbing than a bag of rocks, impulsive, and downright lazy. This is no stereotype, it’s reality.

        Black men in America are seriously lacking in strong, male leadership. But not the kind of leadership that the Nation of Islam provides. This will only make them angrier and more resentful of Whites. I am referring to the sort of leadership encouraged by Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson. Whether one agrees with his Christianity or not, he is brutally honest about Blacks and especially about Black women. He urges Blacks to stop hating White people and take responsibility for themselves. Jesse is also soft spoken, intelligent and doesn’t have a chip on his shoulder.

        The Hispanic families I have dealt with seem to be more harmonious. The Hispanic women appear to be more submissive toward their husbands. The men are not as lazy as the Black males. But their family life does not have the structure that White families have. They are often late to meetings, and personal exactness and attention to detail is not their strong points from my observations. Formal education is simply not important to them. It’s not valued the way it is among Whites. Alcoholism is rampant among Hispanic families, and they get easily entangled in the gang culture. That’s why Los Angeles is such gang infested Mexican toilet bowl.

        • pcmustgo

          Did you mention that they go around ROLLING THEIR EYES in sheer, utter disrespect at people. Nothing creepier than having someone you don’t know roll their eyes at you. Or they smile at you and ask you a question or make small talk while surreptiously rolling their eyes at you.

          It’s PROFOUNDLY AGGRESSIVE, HOSTILE AND DISRESPECTUL BEHAVIOR. They’re also good at stare-downs.

          • pcmustgo

            The Angry Black Woman.

        • Tim

          They DO all that because it works…

          • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

            an dey wish you wud…

      • Puggg

        OTOH, with the way too many black men act, do you blame black women for insulting them and demeaning them, i.e. telling the truth?

        “Women run the church” — Look at black Africa on the micropolitical and domestic arena. Black societies are generally matriarchal.

      • pcmustgo

        Black women (ok, not all!) mistreat, insult, demean and bully EVERYBODY… hello???? They’re awful to other black women too. Black women are FAR MEANER and Angrier on average than any other race of women. They could put a mean white girl to shame!

  • Angry White Woman

    Black students are failing because they are black–meaning they have lower IQ’s.
    Next question?

    • Triarius

      Open and shut case. Nothing left to say.

      • libertarian 1234

        “Black students are failing because they are black–meaning they have lower IQ’s.”

        Exactly right.

        And pretending otherwise could very well get many people killed.

        For example Obamacare has raced based quotas for medical schools and pharmacy schools.

        • What is the point of having race based quotas when the majority of them will not be able to pass the necessary licensing test to practice?

          • i am

            Tests are racist, Haven’t you been reading Amren? Look at those fireman tests that discriminated against blacks and latinos back east. A fireman is usually the first medical person at the scene of an accident. If incompetent people can be paramedics, why can’t incompetence people hand out medicine. Blacks will get an extra helping of Oxycontin and morphine while a white man with high blood pressure will get birth control pills.

          • Luis

            A few years ago, i heard stories whereby some American Bantu teenage girls were putting birth control pills in their vaginas, and IUDs in their rectums – they did not know how to use these items. Not kidding.
            Maybe that explains why the audeience members on sex ed shows like the old “Berman and Berman” were comprised of Bantu females – they were looking for free sex ed info.

          • I can do you one better. Case out of Philadelphia — A black woman buys a tube of something called “vaginal jelly” because she thought it prevented STDs. So she spread the stuff on crackers and ate it. When she got an STD, she sued the store where she bought it from and won.

          • I expect the gub’mint will establish a two-tiered system as with everything else.

        • StillModerated

          Under Obamacare, negroes will be treated by witch doctors — as they do in Sierra Leone. Check it out people — our medical future.

        • Watch all consumers favor pharmacies staffed by asians and whites. It will happen.

          Or, in the true spirit of Obamacare, perhaps we should insist that blacks go to black doctors and pharmacists, asians to asians, mexicans to mexicans and whites to whites.

  • Ulick

    Cultural explanations for minority failure are as unacceptable to multi-cultis as genetic explanations for that failure because the cultural explanation suggests cultural differences, disproportate success and failure among cultures, and perhaps even cultural superiority. Since all cultures and all people are equal in their minds, the only possible explanations for disparate failure are things like “the history of segregation” or “silent racism”. Seems like more and more white people are calling them on their racket.

    • pcmustgo

      How DARE you critisize (young) single mother! Don’t you know we all have the right to have as many out of wedlock children as possible and then complain about other people being wealthier? We need socialism in this country so that we don’t need fathers so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • M. Sanger

        There are too many unintelligent, unemployed, uneducated women who think they can have as many children as they want, and count on the rest of us to provide the funds to support those children. Well, the rest of us limit our fertility based on our income, so what makes those unintelligent, unemployed, uneducated women so special?

        • IstvanIN

          They’re special all right, short bus special.

        • gee

          fertility and I.Q. are inversely related.

      • Most of them do not even know who their kids fathers are to begin with.

        • Yup, not a big market for father’s day cards in the ghetto.

  • I was raised by a single mother, who wasn’t dirt poor but definitely not rich or even upper middle class. I had even less contact with the sperm donor that passes for my “father” than Obama had with his eponymous supposed father.

    For all of the left wingers that try to shout him down, Lino Graglia is just as big of a race denying egalitarian as any of his enemies.

  • The only acceptable excuse for black failure is the white mans’ racism. Everyone knows that.

    • Katherine McChesney

      That isn’t a good joke.

  • For all of you Texas Longhorns, I graduated from lowly University of Houston, and I laugh at your law school because you have THIS as one of your professors!

    • StillModerated

      Uh oh! The thumbs-down neocon troll is at it again.

  • adplatt126

    He didn’t even say anything true here and he still can’t catch a break with these totalitarians. Maybe the reason they’re fascists is also because they’re raised in single parent homes and not the real reason, namely that they’re born morons.

  • Nathanwartooth

    Next up in the line of excuses will be “thug culture”. They will never run out of excuses, they can do this literally forever.

  • Susan

    I recently had a substitute Dr (Indian)and she thought I had a lump in my breast.She had me scared till I could see a special Dr.Turned out to be false,but meanwhile I had to pay for a special mammogram.I am so done with minority doctors.Doesn’t look promising with this new Obamacare bill requiring more minorities.We are so screwed.

    • I know what you mean. A black doctor once told my husband that he had a bowel obstruction and forced him to go to the emergency room. He had told her that he had no problems with his bowels. The emergency room doctor could not find a bowel obstruction.

    • pcmustgo

      Many East Indians resent whites too because “the British colonized India”

      • IstvanIN

        They basically went along with the raj.

      • Katherine McChesney

        India benefitted from British intervention.

      • If it hadn’t been for the British, India would be all one big Bangladesh.

        • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

          The Brits cheated Cholera from it’s sole mission in life.

    • josh

      Dear lady,a friend ‘s sister had a (white,jewish) lady gynecologist who punctured her uterus and couldve done some real damage–enough to ruin her whole day. I dont think women doctors are so great;just my opinion. Seems you had a two-fer:A female,who is not going to have the knowledge base that a male will,AND a minority,an overhyped non-YT. Be careful Sue,we dont wnat to lose ya!

  • libertarian 1234

    Blacks do worse academically than any group in this country, and they have the lowest average group I.Q. of any tribal faction, which is supported by facts and figures.

    Never, though, do they attribute racism or unfair advantage towards any other group as an excuse for being outperformed by them like they do when they make flimsy excuses about their achievement gap vs whites. They keep really quiet about it, as do academia and the media.

  • He does have a point that being raised by an uneducated single parent is not conducive to success.There have been people have succeeded despite having this background but they also had a single mother that cared about their education. Kids who are raised by single mothers have to overcome things that kids that grow up in two parent, two income homes do not. Kids living in single parent homes often end up living in drug and gang infested neighborhoods and often end up as victims of violent crime.

    • pcmustgo


      • StillModerated

        If you go black, you’ll be a single mom.

    • IstvanIN

      We need to use correct terms. “Single mother” has been used to make illegitimacy acceptable. There are four kinds of mothers: married, widowed, divorced and tramps. The tramps are the only true single mothers.

      • I agree with you since the majority of black single mothers have never been married and some do not even know who their kids’ fathers are. So necessary to claim welfare and other public assistance.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Interesting. I agree with you also.

  • APaige

    They (blacks and hispanics) are being raised by single black or hispanic women. It is a huge difference. A culture of failure?…no…there is…..hmmmm…not many cultural successes?

  • bluffcreek1967

    This article underscores, once again, the importance of having two parents in the family (father and mother). I understand that single motherhood is sometimes unavoidable, but in a moral and sane society it should be the rare exception. Sadly, that doesn’t describe America – especially life in our inner cities. The Left is so crazy that they almost glorify single motherhood and speak of it in practically virtuous terms!?

    Things have become so morally backward and idiotic that Americans can’t even agree on what constitutes a family or even marriage!? There used to be a common consensus among Americans on most social matters, but no longer. We are divided on everything, including race, morality, politics, religion, science and culture. We cannot even agree on the terms used to debate such subjects – and so all we do is speak past each other. Rarely do I find someone who is even partially open minded about such things. As a nation, we are self-destructing before our very eyes.

  • SintiriNikos

    That’s sexist! So single moms are dumb! Chauvinist pig!

  • Katherine McChesney

    Democrats have a low expectation of blacks. It seems they KNOW blacks can’t make improvements without bringing education down to the lowest level possible. They know they’ll never make it in business because of their short-attention span and low i.q.

    • gee

      There have been protests against the scientist who have identified genes relating to I.Q. and tendency toward violence/poor impulse control. Stating these discoveries is apparently racist; similar to Galileo being s a heretic for suggesting the earth was not the center of the universe

      • Katherine McChesney

        Who cares about protestors? They’re just protesting because the scientist is correct.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Yes; if the researcher had merely been wrong, he would not have infuriated his liberal critics to the degree he has.

  • StillModerated

    Wow! This liberal professor is discriminating against bastards! I’m shocked! Shocked. He needs to be denied tenure, or have it revoked on the grounds of bastardism.

  • Southernwhite

    Its not just that they are raised in single parent homes, blacks are also very lazy as well.

  • john

    B;lacks are NOT failing! They are performing about as well as can be expected;to say theure failing is crazy. Is a man a failure because he cant get pregnant? Of course not–he aint supposed to get preggers.Blacks dont have the ability to do work at the white level. They didnt evolve alongside us;they didnt have to withstand the Ice Age winters like our predecessors did!

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Black students are not failing. They are succeeding because the US public education system is accomplishing exactly what the teachers’ unions – fanatically resistant to reform – want it to do. I am suprised that recent proposals to make homework illegal were raised first in France and not the United States, as the US seems to lead the developed world at dumbing-down education while spending outrageous sums of money doing so.

  • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

    So, what’s next? Social Justice legislation that forces White men to marry single, black sheboons?

  • Zapp Branigan

    My mother was a child of the depression, grew up dirt poor as a 1st generation Danish immigrant in the 1920’s, then dropped out of school after the 6th grade because she had to attend school with negroes in Waterloo Iowa, and they were abusive violent animals. She then raised me after divoricing her husband of 4 years….that was in the early 1950’s.
    My sympathy for the black/brown races is infinitesimal when they cry like this.

  • pablo

    So this is the excuse or reason of the day. Its like the flavor of the month concept.
    Minorities fail. Find some liberal anti white conspiracy for why they do. Just avoid the elephant in the room. Low IQ. Bad attitude. Bad work ethics. And most taboo, simply not evolved as much as the white man with the white man’s genes and cerebral functioning abilities.
    No, it has to be some environmental incident holding down this massive race of high capability humanoids. pablo

  • Some Guy

    Jesse Jackson was grandstanding on the news the other night about needing more gun
    control in Chicago. He blamed the violence (over 400 murders so far) on poverty and
    the lack of jobs in the area. The real reason is the breakdown of the black family, low IQ and poor impulse control, but that’s racist to point out. The Appalachia area of America is poor, has no jobs and has PLENTY of firearms, but has a low murder rate. When the truth is dubbed racist the cultural Marxist are winning. I guess the truth does hurt.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    I’m a graduate student and I can tell you that all through the course of my studies, black students have been at the very bottom in terms of performance. I come from a quite affluent area, so these are not ghetto blacks either. In my graduate classes now, the black student walks out of class every time to “go to the bathroom” and comes back 25 minutes later. Of course the professor can’t say a thing because blacks are not allowed to be criticized by white people. His laziness proves that he does not belong here, does not take his studies seriously, yet was pushed to the upper ranks of education because blacks don’t need to meet standards as us whites do. Blacks fail whether they are affluent or poor. The IQ gap is clearly genetic in nature, especially as the IQ tests today are designed specifically not to favor one culture or socioeconomic status. They are controlled for in the tests which are very advanced and accurate. Yet each time a black does awful, it becomes racist.