Caroline Wozniacki has been accused of doing a ‘racist’ impersonation of fellow tennis player Serena Williams after stuffing her bra and shorts.

At a recent exhibition against Maria Sharapova in Brazil, the former world No. 1 stuffed courtside towels down her kit to replicate the body of the curvaceous Grand Slam champion.

But now the 22-year-old Dane, whose boyfriend golfer Rory McIlroy was in the crowd, has now been accused of racism by some observers.

On Tumblr, one blogger wrote: ‘This isn’t “harmless fun” as one article described it. its racist. out and outright racism. mocking and making fun of the bodies of black women for a laugh? real funny, stupid white girl. real real funny.’

Another blogger pointed out: ‘It may have been done in “jest,” but I love how people can can turn a black woman’s body and sexuality into a caricature. However, we should not have the autonomy to celebrate any successes of our own.

While on, an article read: ‘Given the history and current-day context of racialized standards of beauty, and the hypersexualization of people of color, when a white woman makes fun of a black women’s body, especially in a way that hypersexualizes her and draws on the stereotype of black women’s big butts, it’s racist.’

Williams is well known for referring to her curvaceous figure – the day before the tennis star, also in Brazil to promote the 2016 Games, had tweeted: ‘Do they make Brazilian bikinis for, um, well, me?’.

In July she tweeted a photo of her bottom, with the accompanying words: ‘Hummm I think this onzie makes me butt look TOO big. Ugh. #BigButtproblems.’

Wozniacki mentioned during a press conference after the game that she was performing an impression of her friend and fellow tennis player Serena Williams.

She said: ‘I really love the crowd here, they’re open and they have a lot of fun.’

This was not the first time Wozniacki imitated the American icon – she also copied her last year as well.

Tennis impersonations are usually the hallmark of Novak Djokovic – the Serb has imitated off rivals Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, as well as women’s stars Williams and Sharapova.

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  • Puggg

    Except Miss Wozniacki forgot to bulk up her muscles big time.

    • Gereng

      I read somewhere that negro females have much higher levels of testosterone than do females of other races. That would explain a lot regarding their muscle mass and aggressiveness on and off the sports field.

      • Dee

        actually this is completely untrue, it has been shown that black women have higher levels of estrogen (which considering the basis for this tread, makes perfect sense)

        As this is a proven untruth, one has to wonder at it’s persistence.

        • Yoto!

          The article you mentioned says nothing about testosterone, only about black women having more estrogen than Whites during menstrual cycles. The article confirms another evil stereotype, that blacks reach puberty faster than Whites (and probably most races).

          The presence of estrogen does not cancel out testosterone, as if they were hot and cold water.

          BTW what on earth is a “proven untruth”?

          • Triarius


            One of MANY medical studies and reports done to prove black women have more testosterone, libtard. This even gets govt. approval.

            It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to look up medical research on the internet, but apparently it does take a realist.

            Do 3 minutes of research next time you decide to cry wolf.

            And black women DO reach puberty faster than whites, ask any OB/GYN.

          • MikeofAges

            Most races? How many are there?

        • Joseph

          Please read and decide for yourself:

          Further, testosterone is essential for women for it is in fact, the *precursor* to estrogen thus, as the article you cite indicates black females having higher levels of estrogen it is then reasonable to suggest that they also have higher levels of testosterone.

          • Joseph

            Though this article is *refuting* the claim, it is old news that black women have typically greater levels of estrogen which *also* is likely related to a number of chronic diseases to which they are more susceptible.

  • i am

    Is there anything these blacks don’t complain about?

    I wonder what they would have done if she dragged her knuckles across the ground and ate a banana.

    • michelle

      I would assume that most of the “outraged” bloggers are White liberals.

      • pcmustgo

        or Professional Black bloggers. Many Blacks make their living being Professional Blacks.

    • john in Germany

      Stupid people can’t take a joke. And by the way, don’t they have steroid testing in professional tennis? If not why not?

  • Ulick

    It doesn’t matter that Serena is particularly known as having a giant butt and breasts. Any statement or act done by a white person regarding a black person will always be interpreted, misinterpreted even, to make it into a race issue where whites are made out to be particularly racist. Welcome to the multicultural paradise created by our “intellectual elite”. Isn’t it grand?

    • White people everywhere are laughing at this, its so funny. Why are blacks so upset? Its all right for them to state, “KILL ALL WHITE PEOPLE.” Now that is funny.

      • MikeofAges

        Laughing at the caricature and the airhead white girl both. It’s what any fair-minded person would do. Let’s get real. This chick is just plain making an ass out herself. Not mention, she’s European. Don’t we have to under their different culture?

    • The__Bobster

      I know that beast for having steroid muscles larger than a man’s.

      • Pelayo

        Serena Williams is touted as being so beautiful. I just don’t see it. To me she’s Mike Tyson in drag.

        • blight14

          SURELY there isn’t a human on earth that could actually think that creature is somehow ‘beautiful’…….

        • CharlesFinley

          Yes! I’ve said that for YEARS. And its sister is Patrick Ewing.

        • pcmustgo

          There are other Black Women way prettier than her. She’s just too muscular. Actually, her body can look nice in like a tight red dress… If you’re into curves, I could see it. Not her face though.

    • pcmustgo

      Most black women have huge butts.

  • Angry White Woman

    Yes, black women and white women DO have different shapes–take two women of the exact same size, and the black woman will be narrower from side to side, but thicker from front to back.

    • Dee

      I am so confused by this statement, I was not aware that there black and white women were such monolithic groups.

      • Ulick

        They’re not monolithic groups as evidenced by Serena and Venus having completely different body types. With that said, there are certain body types that are more distinct to certain races such that the body type becomes associated with that race. If you showed people a silhouette of Serena’s body, most people would correctly identify her as a black woman because her features are much more common among black women than any other women. It’s playing the percentages.

        When I’m walking behind a woman I can correctly identify them as Asian at about 98% accuracy based simply on her leg shape.

      • The__Bobster
        • i am

          looks familiar

      • Yoto!

        There’s such a thing as gradients.

        Some people often say “that’s a negative stereotype, and it’s false, because I can show an instance where X doesn’t show Y”. This proves nothing, but it goes over the head of most left wingers so they keep trotting it out.

        In your case, just because there are some black women who are skinny, short, whatever you have in mind, does not mean that there is not a general plan that many black women conform to. Just because an exception or outlier exists, does not mean meaningful information cannot be gained from the average.

        It should not come as a surprise that blacks and Whites store body fat in different areas and ways. Individuals can even do this so it’s not surprising that the difference would be even more pronounced among races.

        This kind of information is only threatening to people who hate the truth and wish to see it suppressed in favor of lies.

        • pcmustgo

          Some white women can have it go to breasts and butt first too… or at least breasts.

    • pcmustgo

      Sure, blacks actually carry fat better than whites IF they are not morbidly obese. Black women DO have nice bodies. IF, IF, IF they don’t get too fat, which is rare. Asians , as was noted on Steve Sailors blog are either stick then (and that’s natural for them, SORRY, IT ISN’T JUST OUR DIETS) or they puff up like dough balls… Meaning, there is no “in-between” for Asians. There is no such thing as a “thick” Asian. There are “in-between” Blacks and Whites, and with Blacks, at least the fat goes on them in a more shapely way (butt and breasts) , at least, at first, before it reaches that point where it just looks awful like everyone else.

  • Francis Galton

    So, did Wozniacki actually SAY that she was trying to imitate Serena Williams, or was everyone simply assuming that’s what she was doing? If it’s the latter case, then the knee-jerk anti-racist crybabies doth protest too much, methinks. They’re just like Chris Matthews and his apoplexy over Obama’s “food stamp president” moniker–they know the truth about racial differences, but they’re too cowardly to explicitly acknowledge it.

    Wouldn’t you have to know or somehow believe that black women tend to have grotesque bodily proportions to “know” that Wozniacki was “being racist”?

  • David Ashton

    A teacher colleague of mine who taught dressmaking commented frequently on the different skirt shapes required for English and West Indian girls. Just one of those things, nome sane?

    • Yoto!

      Your teacher was a horrible Knotsie who was corrupting the minds of young people with right-wing white supremacist garbage! Tell her to report to the nearest human rights commission for re-education about Social Justice (TM)!

      There is NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE RACES, which don’t even exist, except when there is, which NEVER happens. UNDERSTAND!?!?!?!1/1!? Now let us return to the state sponsored exhibit on “The Wonders of Black America”.

  • She wasn’t doing black face so why do they associate over-sized buttocks with a black women?

    • Skincognito

      I never saw it, but I am aware of a Wayans brothers’ feature titled White Chicks. Reprehensible, racist filth, as far as I can tell. I guess I’m ignint for not sitting through it, but I lost my Clockwork Orange lid-locks. These double standards are so pervasive, it’s bewildering and disheartening.
      Can anybody imagine the public response if Will Ferrel had starred in any of the Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence or Tyler Perry Afro-Queen “films?”

  • michelle

    Hopefully there’s similar outrage the next time white women are mocked for having “flat” behinds.

  • IstvanIN

    I saw her act and I was impressed with how well she played with such huge breasts and so much junk in the trunk. It was cute and people need to get over it. And this is a lot less offensive than when the Williams woman attacked that little Chinese referee.

  • michelle

    “Another blogger pointed out: ’It may have been done in “jest,” but I love how people can can turn a black woman’s body and sexuality into a caricature. However, we should not have the autonomy to celebrate any successes of our own.

    “While on, an article read: ‘Given the history and current-day context of racialized standards of beauty, and the hypersexualization of people of color, when a white woman makes fun of a black women’s body, especially in a way that hypersexualizes her and draws on the stereotype of black women’s big butts, it’s racist.’”

    Good to see that the totalitarian thought police have been mobilized.

  • Caroline Woznicki
    Born: July 11, 1990 (age 22),
    Height: 5′ 10″ (1.79 m)
    Nationality: Danish
    Weight: 143.3 lbs (65 kg)
    What a babe! If she wasn’t racist before, I’m sure she’s a closet one now.

    • Polish 🙂

      • Sloppo

        Some of both if I understand correctly.

        • Le Gaulois

          Born in Denmark, but both parents are Polish (her father was a pro soccer player playing for a Danish team at the time that’s why she was born there). There’s such thing as indigenous Danes and Poles. She’s no more Danish than she would be Chinese if she had been born in China…

          • Sloppo

            Thanks for correcting me. My Danish wife was the source of my partially inaccurate information and Caroline is her favorite tennis player. She relishes it when a Dane wins big in sports, so I’m not sure if I want to tell her about this. I do consider Danes and Poles to be much more closely related than Polish and Chinese people, but I’m no anthropologist.

          • pcmustgo

            POLISH… THE SAME “POLES” HITLER THOUGHT WEREN’T “WHITE ENOUGH”, RIGHT? Take that Hitler worshippers. I just wanted to say that not just because I’m half jewish, but because I don’t get that at all. I’ve live near Polish communities here in Brooklyn- their women are some of the most beautiful, blond haired and blue eyed creatures on earth. Why did Hitler think they weren’t white?

          • Laura White

            Because HItler had high standards at a time when the world was 33%-+ white, and Goebbels didn’t have access to daily youtube videos of blacks wilding and playing knockout king.

      • Pelayo

        I agree. It’s pronounced like Voshnyitski isn’t it? Definitely not Danish.

    • Tim

      “Height: 5’10” (1.79m)” @#$%&*^%#!! I prefer them tart and tiny….Sigh!

      • The__Bobster

        Me, too. This one’s an Amazon.

        • CoweringCoward

          Being 5’5″, I have come to realize that they are all the same height laying down.

          • Tim

            Reminds me of a universal maxim overheard at Mid-Nite Rodeo which I can`t repeat here, but which is valid none the less…

  • The Bogeyman

    Caroline and Maria Sharapova have made tennis fun to watch again. I hadn’t been paying attention since the Gorilliams sisters turned women’s tennis into “women’s” tennis.

    • I quit watching back in the 90s when they became “stars”. They are poor sports who cheat via injury time-outs to alter control of matches.

      • pcmustgo

        Remember when Serena (or the other one, venus?) SCREAMED AND THREATENED that tiny little asian referee…. lol

    • Dee

      Wow 19 likes for a statement that links the Williams sisters to Gorillas? Fascinating.

      • The Bogeyman

        Don’t blame the statement for linking them to gorillas, blame genetics.

        • Dee

          True we are all 99.9% the same genetically as the great apes, thanks for reminding me. Statements like this remind me that sometimes being human is rather embarrassing.

  • Dee

    There are so many negative stereotypes about black women, we can be forgiven if we are a wee bit sensitive about something like this. However, I watched the video and was not irritated by any perceived racism (I did not see it as racist, and it seems that the two women are friends and that Serena was not bothered by the incident, if she is not, then why on earth should I be). I think what bothered me more is that Serena’s curvaceous body is seen as somehow unusual or odd, despite the fact that it clearly has not prevented her from being one of the most successful tennis players the world has ever seen.

    There was a young tennis player (black) who very recently was told essentially that she was too ‘fat’ to play, despite the fact that she was playing rather well. Even so, racism is often about malice, both intentional and unintentional, and I detected no malice in what happened, so I see no reason to personally feel that this is racist.

    That being said, just because I don’t see it as such, or Serena does not see it as such, we are not representative of all black women (curvy or not) out there and so it does not mean that those that bring this up don’t have a valid point. If there were more positive depictions of black women in the media, this would be a non-issue.

    • Joseph

      Well, posters here ain’t representative of all white men/women and a good many other whites would be proud to point it out.

  • Tim

    I read in a 1965 book on fads, fashions and frivolities about the popular resurgence of the Confederate flag. The book claimed it was started by a piping hot petite College Tennis champion, who had small rebel flags sown on to the seat of her tennis shorts. After a national outcry about dishonoring the Rebel flag (Boy! Times have changed…) she had one sown on the side of her uniform. After seeing the pic in the book I became an instant fan of The Confederacy, Southern Belles, and Starch White Tennis shorts over butterscotch legs…She looked as fine to me as Serena looks foreign in the outfit…Wish I could remember her name…

    • Tim

      Her name was Laura (Lou) Kunnen. She was a five time national champion and there is a period picture of her in the shorts with two Confederate “Colonels”. Sorry I`m too ignorant to re post….After seeing her again after 15 years I do like the Dane better. Whats THEIR flag again?!?

  • mobilebay

    Blacks don’t have a monopoly on big bottoms unless Kim Kardasian isn’t Armenian. She needs a “wide load” sign on her backside.

    • pcmustgo

      She’s using butt pads and other enhancers… this is the new trend. Brazilians love to this too… Even white women are getting into butt enhancers (even ones that date white) if they are the ditzy/bimbo/airhead/plastic surgery crowd.)

  • Triarius

    It’s not like she was in blackface with an EBT Card, Obama phone, and a lasso made out of babies from different dads swinging over her head.

    But it sure is fun to picture.

    This is not an attack about skin color, but physical feature, get over it libtards. I didn’t hear you cry when Dwayne Wade went Whiteface for Halloween.

    • It’s not like she was in blackface with an EBT Card, Obama phone, and a lasso made out of babies from different dads swinging over her head.

      But, that would have been closer to home.

  • How many times have we been told that race is only skin-deep? The standard answer is “nice try” – meaning we all know there are other differences. But race-denialists are afraid to list, or research, them.

  • Brian

    ’This isn’t “harmless fun” as one article described it. its racist. out
    and outright racism. mocking and making fun of the bodies of black women
    for a laugh? real funny, stupid white girl. real real funny.’

    Why so sensitive? Aren’t black women beautiful, sexy, sassy sex symbols? At least that’s what the media wants us to believe. If that’s the case, surely things like this should illicit pity rather than flailing outbursts of rage.

    • refocus

      Yeah baby don’t dat big booty be sumpfin special?

      • pcmustgo

        I’m sure Serena adds butt pads and perhaps even ass injections to this. Many Black women are under pressure to have HUGE booties from their men… so they add even more to their big booties (not like I have a problem with them, I personally don’t find flat butts to be so lovely, but I guess a happy medium is nice. There are plenty of whites who actually don’t have flat butts (the germans?) as long as they are not anorexically starving themselves).

        • Magician

          An obese white woman who was currently in a relationship with a black guy once told me black men prefer obese white women over skinny white women because black men grew up around women with larger buttocks….. and her black lover simply loves her large butt

  • MerlinV

    I thought the Williams “sisters” were men for a long time. Without DNA testing proving otherwise I may have been correct.

  • bluffcreek1967

    Once again, a double-standard. It’s okay for Blacks to make jokes and ridicule Whites, but when Whites return the favor to Blacks, it’s considered ‘way over the line,’ ‘insensitive’ and ‘racist.’ Blacks like to publicly joke about how Whites are calm natured, not ‘hip’ or seen as ‘nerdy,’ punctual and polite, the way they speak is too proper, etc. But when Whites even start to mention how Blacks speak or even imitate their speech patterns, everyone cries ‘racism’ and tries to condemn the speaker. It’s so obvious that there’s a societal double standard that only a blind fool would deny it.

    • refocus

      The “whites” who complained about the caricature of the Negress as being racist are the same “whites” who laughed at Jamie Fox bragging about killing all the White People.

    • pcmustgo

      Black and other non-white women are constantly poking fun at white women at comedy nights and also CHECK OUT YOUTUBES “Shi- White Women Say to Latinas” or fill in Blacks, or Asians or whatever… Dozens upon dozens of videos of non-white women poking fun at white women… mocking them all portraying them as ditzy, stupid, culturally insensitive and clueless, dumb, slutty, etc. There is only ONE, one white woman who made a video throwing it back at them with “Shi- Angry Black Women Do”… Btw, these videos are not all about race, it was a contest about making videos based on the them “Shi- ______ Say to __________”… it could be anything. Granted, many of the non-whites also poked fun at their own races, like “Sh— Black Mothers Say” (this one is actually really funny and spot on). But still. It shows you where all the racial animosity and aggression is coming from in this country. What is the general flow and direction of it? Non-whites complaining about/bashing whites.

  • Lou406

    We’re supposed to celebrate Diversity with every waking breath, we’re just not allowed to speak of, demonstrate, or in any way acknowledge any of the differences that we’re supposed to be celebrating.
    Makes perfect sense.

  • Sloppo

    Out of respect, we should refrain from any form of expression which could be taken as a reinforcement of stereotypes pertaining to members of the violent flash mob race.

  • What is so wrong about this. Different races have different body types.There are different body types among different ethnic groups.

  • fakeemail

    I HEART Wozniacki & Sharapova. If human cloning is perfected, I say make a billion of ’em.

  • 5Sardonicus

    In her physical development, Serena Williams doesn’t even
    resemble her sister Venus. She has the physical build of a weight lifter on steroids. Has she ever been tested for anabolic steroids? I don’t know, maybe, this is a normal development, or could it be “juicing”? As far as the antics of Carol Wozinichii, shouldn’t wealthy, famous Serena be able to take a joke?

    • MikeofAges

      Venus and Serena are different in their builds. Actually, Venus kind of reminds me of Renee Richards, Dr. Richards was a male to female post-op transexual noted for her interest in tennis. As it happened, I saw Richard in Palo Alto in the 1970s shortly after her highly publicized gender reassignment surgery at around the age of 40. On television and in photos, Richards looked incongruous and not quite authentic. In person, she simply looked like an ugly middle aged woman. Don’t draw any conclusions please, I don’t think there are any to be drawn on this front. But I will note, one of the symptoms of the use of performance enhancing drugs is, after all, enhanced performance, especially highly consistent superior performance over exceptionally long periods of time. Testicular extract, the natural precursor to synthetic anabolic steroids, has been available at least since the 1890s. Just saying, you know.

  • SintiriNikos

    Hey, then maybe Novak is mocking Spaniards and Swiss! Not a peep about that.

    Wozniacki better not apologize. No surrender to the PC gestapo.

  • Dude

    Based on Serena’s arms, she’s either doping or a man. Even for a man, they’d be unusual. It’s odd though, since tennis players don’t even tend to be that buff. She looks more like a male boxer, like Mike Tyson.

    • schmenz

      Goodness. I’d never really seen her before. She looks like Mighty Joe Young (1949 version).

  • Peter

    If tihs is SO FUNNY then none of us slhould be offended at Jamie Foxx joking about killing White people.

    • Maboo

      I don’t know who is laughing at this, but last I checked, there is a difference between laughing at the size of someone’s rear end, vs laughing at genocide and murder.

  • potato78

    A giant butt and mega breast is the black thing.

  • Laura White

    In addition to their prominent facial angles (70 degrees on average) and prognathic lower jaws, blacks do have significant steatopygia. Some more than others.

  • MikeofAges

    Eh. Just a little broadside humor. Maybe it is a little racist, but you have a take a day off every now and then and enjoy a good laugh. Everyone.

  • Magician

    So black actors can joke about “killing all whiteys” and everyone thinks or must force themselves to think that is funny but white women can’t even make jokes about black women’s bodyshapes

    • Dee

      Whites have been making fun of black women’s bodies since the time of slavery, one would think that by know it would have stopped, and many black women are simply tired of being the butt (lol) of the joke, just like many white women are tired of stupid blonde jokes.

      As for some blacks making fun of “killing all whiteys” most blacks think that is equally stupid. Let’s see, If one were to do a search about the history of racism against blacks by whites in the US and by blacks against whites in the US, I wonder if that might explain why the two situations are not exactly seen as being equivalent?

      As a heterosexual I feel that gays can make fun of my sexuality all day long and it would not bother me in the least as I know that my sexual preference is seen as normal and promoted as such by society, however were I to make fun of a gay person about theirs (even though personally I think theirs is just as normal as mine), it would be very different as they have to face discrimination often hostile discrimination about their sexuality all the time. So I don’t do it, even if they were to make fun of mine mostly because I don’t find homophobia to be funny or acceptable, and don’t try to find stupid excuses to make it OK.