Pet Dogs Not for Blacks—Zuma

Bongani Hans and Yusuf Moolla, IOL News, December 27, 2012

Spending money on buying a dog, taking it to the vet and for walks belonged to white culture and was not the African way, which was to focus on the family, President Jacob Zuma said in a speech in KwaZulu-Natal on Wednesday.

There was a new generation of young Africans who were trying to adopt other lifestyles and even trying to look like others, he said.

“Even if you apply any kind of lotion and straighten your hair you will never be white,” Zuma said.

Instead, a person lost dignity and ubuntu, and was also likely to lose respect and love for his fellow human beings. He said black people should stop adopting the habits of other cultures.

Zuma described people who loved dogs more than people as “having a lack of humanity”.

As he talked, the audience of thousands—attending the annual commemoration of the induction of Inkosi Sibongiseni Zuma—laughed and applauded.

It was Jacob Zuma’s first public appearance since being re-elected ANC president in Mangaung a week ago.

On marital problems, Zuma said families should resolve issues instead of running to religious leaders. Young people should also respect each other, he said.

KwaZulu-Natal Premier Zweli Mkhize, the newly elected ANC treasurer-general, congratulated Zuma for taking the ANC through a “peaceful” conference.

“People had predicted that the ANC would be disrupted after this conference, but that did not happen,” he said.

Zuma said that every December 18 there would be a gathering in KwaNxamalala, near Impendle, where the youth would be educated about the importance of preserving African culture.

“We normally have this day (the commemoration) on December 26; from next year we are going to bring it forward to December 18. We need to use it to correct each other and protect our culture,” he said.

The president showered residents with gifts including groceries, wheelchairs, blankets and lawnmowers. One family was given a four-roomed house and a bed.

National SPCA spokeswoman Christine Kuch said she could not comment on Zuma’s statement as she had not heard him speak, but added that many South Africans felt deep compassion for their animals.

“We cannot have compassion for animals if we do not have compassion for children and the elderly,” she said.

Kuch said care given to animals, in most cases, benefited people.

“If donkeys are better cared for, they are in better condition to carry water or carry a child to school; when dogs are taken to vets for vaccination, it protects people. Caring for an animal and a person goes together.”

Zuma is known for making controversial comments. In an SABC3 television interview in August, he said it was “not right” for women to be single and that having children provided them with “extra training”.

He was speaking about his daughter Duduzile’s marriage, saying he was happy for her.

“I wouldn’t want to stay with daughters who are not getting married. You’ve got to have kids. Kids are important to a woman because they actually give an extra training to a woman, to be a mother.”

In 2006, as the ANC deputy president, Zuma told an audience during Heritage Day celebrations in KwaDukuza in KwaZulu-Natal that when he was growing up “an ungqingili (gay person) would not have stood in front of me. I would knock him out”.

Zuma later apologised unreservedly “for the pain and anger that my remarks may have caused”, adding that he did not intend his comments to be interpreted as homophobic.

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  • I take it that Jacob Zuma doesn’t have a Michael Vick jersey.

    • StillModerated

      Chinese love dogs, too. They’re delicious!

      • Tim

        Rim shot!!! P.S. I learned it as a postcard of a Florida Gator with its mouth open.The caption reading, “Send more tourists!! The last ones were delicious!…”

  • Boereseun

    Dogs are bad but the Wabenz and Beemer are to be worshipped! There’s African ‘morality’ for you…

  • TheCogitator

    Maybe the feeling is mutual. All the dogs I have owned did not like black people.

    • GM (Australia)

      I would imagine that big German Shepherds in posh white neighborhoods are probably trained not to be too keen on blacks either!

      • The__Bobster

        Mine did not have to be trained.

        • EndTimesComing

          I’ve never seen a dog, anywhere, that ever didn’t naturally dislike and distrust blacks. Maybe they SMELL like evil, all of them, to dogs. Have you ever noticed a dog starts growling even before somebody physically embarks on violence toward the owner? Dogs know evil when they are in it’s presence. Kinda like birds know an earthquake is coming and leave or go quiet.

          • Professor Farnsworth

            Most American dogs hate blacks. I’ve owned dogs for years, from oversized to toys and all of them, bar none, barked, snarled and snapped at blacks. Every dog owner I know says the exact same thing.

            This is not a bad thing, IMO.

          • Bob Wallace

            I adopted a rescue pug. Pugs are exceptionally loving dogs. The first time he saw a black person he hurled himself against the window of my van, snarling like crazy and attempting to get out the window and attack him.

          • Puggg

            Thank you, kind sir.

          • Kay

            I am a woman of color and I have 2 beautiful fur babies a shih tzu named Molly and a toy poodle named Sugar Berry both of whom are like my children. I have top grade pet insurance for them, they eat wholesome organic meals and sleep with me snuggled safe and warm. My fiance and my shower these God’s creatures with love. I grew up in a loving home with rabbits etc at a young age. I think it boils down to how a person was raised. Did the person learn how to show love and respond to love. Most black people don’t share my love for dogs or understand my gentle reaction when my babies make mistakes, sure I am firm with them for training but I never beat them or curse, in fact I don’t curse at all, it is not how I was raised.

          • not_high

            Just to offer a counterpoint to your anecdotal evidence, I have both a dog and black friends my dog doesn’t react any differently. Seems to me like your dog is able to pick up on your simple-minded notions of “evil.” Maybe it has something to do with the fact that you are intellectually on the same wavelength, but I’m just supposing here.

          • FourFooted_Messiah

            My ex and I were walking a Rotti on behalf of its absentee owner. That dog started growling at what turned out to be a store dummy – but it was dark enough to make it seem creepier than it was.

            Dogs are pretty good judges of creepy.

    • Non Humans

      Perhaps that is why most of the Pitbulls that the non-humans own usually end up attacking them or their chirrens.
      Non-humans owning a dog is ironic in and of itself. It’d be like a human owning a far advanced extra-terrestrial with twice our intellect.
      If I was a dog owned by a non-human, I’d maul them too. It would be a better option to be put down or live on the streets than have to endure life with those things.

  • I find that animals tend to be more trustworthy than most people. I have more affection for my dog, than for most people.

    • SLCain

      I Agree. I like most dogs better than I like most people.

  • Ulick

    “the African way, which was to focus on the family, President Jacob Zuma said.”

    LOL! Thank you, Zuma, I needed that laugh. We can certainly tell that wherever the Arican male goes the focus of his attention is squarely on his family.

    • The mexican immigrants to this country are very family-minded too. Good GOP material. Very conservative. Just you wait.

      • Rasmus

        Thanks for the laugh. Idiot republicans.

      • Johnny Clay

        Still waiting.

      • Don’t bother waiting… Most Latinos hate whites more than they hate leftist dogma.

    • Brian

      Indeed. Here’s the latest gem of black ‘Celebrity’ fambily values, thanks to the Irish Savant blog.
      And if this is how Black ‘celebrities’ behave in the full public eye, then how does the ‘average’ Black male behave.

      Mario Balotelli snubs daughter’s birth to get his hands on Fanny

      • jay11

        I looked at the article. The big black woman in the photo is described as a ‘Belgian’ model. If I go to China and get into modeling there, will ANYONE in the world call me a ‘Chinese’ model? Liberalism is a mental disorder!

      • Some Guy

        He is now considering suing her for because she claims he is not interested in the birth of his child.We here are NOT surprised by this. Here is her picture, another clueless woman thinking rutting with a black buck was a good idea.

      • Dan

        “Mario Balotelli”??? Boy, they sure don’t make Italians like they used to. This guy looks like he emerged from a swamp somewhere.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      But my cat is a member of my family. She is considered just as I and my man are. She gets presents at Christmas. What say you to that?

  • Just another way to disarm the white populus.

  • OlderWoman

    I witnessed their sick feelings for animals while watching ‘Africa Addio’. Basically, I believe the world should isolate themselves from Africa. Leave them alone.

    • not_high

      With the cost of Chinese labor increasing every day it’s not going to be long before Africa is the new source of cheap labor. China is already investing money into Africa. If we “Leave them alone” we’d effectively be allowing China to continue to dominate the cheap labor market. So basically, your primitive “feelings” trump any sort of global market strategy? If we “Leave them alone” we’ll all be learning to speak Mandarin by the end of the decade you fool.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        I think he means new isolationism. Make laws that say if you want to sell to us, you make it here. If we can’t make it here, we don’t want it.

  • StillModerated

    Blacks don’t like dogs, eh? Somebody please tell that to convicted felon Michael Vick.

    And when bantus do own dogs, they let them run around terrorizing the ‘hood — the same thing they do with their sprogs.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      If Vick liked dogs, he would have never bred them to fight.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      World’s Scapegoat beat me to it. Bad humans make bad dogs. Period.

  • ye ol’ swampyankee

    Many blacks don’t view dogs as family pets like whites do. Either they go for muscle breeds for status and perceived protection, or some mixed breed piece of neglected garbage staked out in the back yard and driven half nuts. Or, they are allowed to run free and terrorize.

    Lower class blacks (and whites), seem to show a special preference for both Pit Bulls and Rottweilers.

    With blacks though, you’d swear Pit Bulls and Rottweilers were the only two breeds on the planet.

    • EndTimesComing

      ANY dog would be highly p*ssed off chained to a stake and dependent on a black’s care giving. Why do you think so many sprogs turn out bad? It’s not just the genes. It’s the environment too. What really makes the dog mad is he’d just as soon move out of the neighborhood like the rest of us, but can’t due to the chain. So he’s really, really mad. Proximity to blacks will do that to a normally sane animal or non-black.

      • Some Guy

        I would be pretty violent, dangerous and angry if I was beaten, starved, abused and drugged too. The suburban Pit Bull is a sweet and loving dog, the urban version is a dangerous animal. We are all products of our environment.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        Yes., I once saw a Rotti on a reserve who was bull moose crazy, foaming and everything, No other dog dared go near him.

        Bad humans make bad dogs.

    • Both of my dogs are mixed breed, and I’ll tangle with anyone who calls them “garbage”.
      Also, Rottweilers are a wonderful example of good German breeding: enormous strength, ferocious loyalty, and very sweet with kids. Germans would have had no use for a violent, un-trainable killing machine. Same goes for Dobermans.

      • ye ol’ swampyankee

        Please re-read what I wrote.

        I was adressing the different motivations blacks have for owning particular breeds and how they often tun out because of these factors.

        Because you are white and probably treat your animals well, perhaps as family, what I wrote didn’t apply to you.
        To give blacks some credit, Of course there are those who treat their dogs like family members. It’s just a whole lot less than it is for whites.
        Can’t help but notice.

    • plato102

      For someone(AmRen associate) who has zero relationships with blacks, I presume, you have an amazing grasp of black culture — you even know their preferences for dogs. How do you know so much about black culture? Do you study it?

      • ye ol’ swampyankee

        One doesn’t need one on one personal relationships with blacks to observe different behavioral tendencies in comparison with Caucasians. Years of contact and interaction has been my course of study.

        You don’t seem to have an issue with anything specific I wrote. Are you black?

        • StillModerated

          plato102 is a leftist Hillel troll sent by its masters to spy on any potentially anti-Semitic website. She’s studying sociology at Enormous State University — just like Babbitt’s worthless daughter.

    • jtree

      American Pit Bull Terriers are great dogs with a strong need to bond with their owners. This is precisely why they are terrible pets for blacks. When I was shopping around for my pup a few years back I spoke with a number of different breeders and many of them absolutely refused to sell to blacks. They were very aware of the neglect and abuse that blacks inflict on their dogs and would have no part of it. On a side note I have noticed lately that many blacks and mexicans are favoring German Shepherds as a more intimidating breed than the much smaller APBT.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        I once had twin girl APBTs. They were great students, and yeah, had a great need to prove themselves. Blacks would be terrible owners of this breed (I only lost mine coz I kicked my lazy boyfriend out and he took the dogs with him while I was at work);

  • PesachPatriot

    Shocking…a bantu doesn’t like dogs…My wife tells me that at her office the black fedex and ups guys are terrified of her bosses tiny white dog…this thing is no pit bull or doberman, but they refuse to even come in to drop off packages until this tiny little puffball is securely locked in the bosses office. I’m more of a cat person but I like dogs too…no dog deserves the cruelty they dish out to animals….If i had been the judge in michael vick’s case he would have gotten at least a decade in prison for what he did. It is only due to america’s pathetic sports obsession and love for bread and circuses that he got such a light sentence. If he had been a non-famous regular hood resident he would have gotten a much harsher sentence

    • Why has the Humane Society of the United States been strangely silent on Michael Vick?

      Answer: The Philadelphia Eagles bribed the HSUS to shut up.

      Source: PETA.

      Yeah, I know, they’re kooky. But a broken clock is right twice a day.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        Respect is one thing, And non-humans deserve respect for what they are.

        Humans are supposed to “know better”. It is on this Knowing Better basis that I judge, regardless of race, based only on species (H. spaiens). That’s fair, isn’t it?

        That being said, it’s only whites who care about other species/the environment.

    • Joseph

      But people get in a ring and beat the purple hell out of each other, some die, and THAT is okay, I guess.

      Interesting fact- many people EAT animals.

      BTW -I don’t like either “sport” but the disproportionate sentences for offenses against animals are ridiculous and just another part of the liberal nature worship agenda of debasing the value of human life.

      • SLCain

        I agree. A proper respect for the value of animal life does not mean treating them as the equals of people.

      • IstvanIN

        There is a huge difference between abusing an animal and simply slaughtering it for food.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        there is what I once called the “mohammedian comprise”. on the idea of this: (aprocyphal to modern Islam): We have domesticated animals to eat. These creatures would be helpless now in the wild (especially cows and sheep). It is wrong to kill wild animals while domestic beef is thrown away daily by fast food restarurants and such.

        I agree with this idea. While I did fish for trout last year, it was for trout that cannot breed in the first place, and are confined to a local pond in the second place.

  • EndTimesComing

    WHAT exactly is this guy worried about? No matter how white they try to look, or how straight they have their hair, and no matter how watered down the genes…..if there is one drop of black blood in them they will ALWAYS behave like blacks. Always. Even if they are only 1/4 black all that means is it takes a little longer for them bump up against the IQ ceiling, or turn to crime.

    • plato102

      Question: Why are whites who ‘bump up against the IQ ceiling’ allowed into your high-IQ club? I would presume, if having a low IQ is problematic, you’d want to filter out all low IQ humans, regardless of race.

      • MikeofAges

        Because we have a system of society which provides a place and function for everyone and which provides a metaphysical basis for allowing everyone to understand and accept their place within the system. Do a search on “The Myth of the Metals”. Or just read “The Republic” of Plato..

        The synthesis of Platonic philosophy and Old Testament Law serves as the foundation of what we have come to call the Judeo-Christian heritage. That heritage makes it possible for us in North America to create a functional society composed of otherwise disparate people. This can happen because all of these people accept the validity of the synthesis of these two ideas and the accompanying moral limitations this synthesis places on them.

        The heritage of Confucianism and of the Hindu caste system provide East Asians and Indians respectively with a parallel system which allows them to adapt to Western life relatively harmoniously. Those who do not fully accept the synthesis based on Platonic Idealism and Old Testament law always are going to both suffer chaos and cause chaos should they attempt to live in Western society.

        If they are sufficiently successful in their resistance, they might even end up destroying Western society, but if they do they will not inherit its fruits. What they will end up with will be either anarcho-tyranny or a return to feudalism. Or both at once.

        How did you get to Plato 102 without knowing this much anyway?

    • Some Guy

      True!The lighter skinned ones have major chips on their shoulders and have an axe to grind against White America. The darker ones are more violent and prone to crime.

  • curri

    I think the dog was thought to be needed to shore up the white female vote:

  • Tim

    I picked up more women with an Irish Setter at age nine, than any African tin pot dictator could hope for in a Mercedes -Benz…

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    “Spending money on buying a dog, taking it to the vet and for walks belonged to white culture and was not the African way…”

    They don’t do that for their own kids, so why would they do that for a dog.

    I think white men created dogs.

    • alex

      And white men were created by evil scientist Yakub. Therefore dogs are evil.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      Well, I’ll be more inclined to pay vet bills for my ageing, but very useful cat, than I would be to donate “a dollar a day” to feed some useless afriican kid.

  • Alex Dihes

    The Black Arithmetic

    Black+A. Sharpton=Lie
    Black+Lie=A. Sharpton
    Black+ Affirmative Action=College
    Black+College=Diploma – Knowledge
    Black+ Education=Meaningless
    Black+ Africa= Decay
    Black+ Ape=African American
    Black+ B. Clinton=1st Black President
    Black+ Ball=Education
    Black+ Black= Mob
    Black+ Book= Hallucination
    Black+ Charity =The Middle Finger
    Black+ Community=Jail
    Black+ Congress Seat =Congress Seat
    Black+ Culture =Crime
    Black+ Dream=Sex+Eat+Defecate – Work
    Black+ Economy=Stone Age
    Black+ Entertainment=Riot
    Black+ Extortionist=J. Jackson
    Black+ J. Jackson=Extortion
    Black+ Family =Family-Father
    Black+ Fist=Black Chess
    Black+ Freedom=Crime
    Black+ Friend =Gang
    Black+ Hard Work=Fantasy
    Black+ Honesty=Fiction
    Black+ Job=Drug Dealer
    Black+ Liar=MLK
    Black+ MLK=Liar
    Black+ Love=Sex
    Black+ Big Love=Rape
    Black+ Mortgage=Red Ink
    Black+ Motherland=Africa
    Black+ Murder =Entertainment
    Black+ Music=Noise
    Black+ No Merit=Racism
    Black+ Pants=Naked Ass
    Black+ Past=Caveman
    Black+ Present=Caveman
    Black+ Future=Caveman
    Black+ Poetry=Nonsense
    Black+ Power=Detroit
    Black+ Promotion=Affirmative Action
    Black+ Robbery=Fun
    Black+ Shoplifting=Relaxation
    Black+ Society=Freebie
    Black+ Thievery=Joke
    Black+ Welfare=Parasite

    To Be Continued…

    • plato102

      That’s quite an obsession with black people you have. Don’t you have something more productive to do — like finding a cure for the country’s economic woes?

    • Nicholai Hel

      God is to man as man is to animal.

      Jacob Zuma < man

  • Gotsumpnferya

    Cannot expect a group that won’t care for their offspring correctly to show canines or other creatures respect.

  • odius liberal

    Africans, like the muslims usually only see animals as objects of sexual desire.

  • LHathaway

    “all of them, bar none, barked, snarled and snapped at blacks”.

    I agree dogs can be a good judge of character. A is not necessarily angry at the other person (although human like ‘transference’ can occur – where the dog will be angry at one thing but release that anger towards another, usually safer target). It’s more about the dog, I think, than the ‘threat’. They bark at those who are different as a way to show their loyalty to their owner.

    Once again dogs prove better than people.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Most other animals dislike blacks.

      • StillModerated

        Cats seem to like them, but then cats are selfish, vain, spiteful, narcissistic, and obsessed with their appearance. A perfect match.

        • FourFooted_Messiah

          I dunno, my cat gets upset around people she doesn’t know. but then, she could be just warning me …

          But she was wary of my current, so her judgement is not absolute.

  • KenelmDigby

    Whites have a specail bond with dogs (the first animal ever to be domesticated by the cavemen), precisely because dogs are loyal, loving, faithful and obedient.
    That Jacob Zuma can’t understand these things says it all.

  • Charles Hastings

    Africans can’t even take care of their own children, let alone pets.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      Aye, if they have to put their kids on TV asking us to help feed them, then yeah, they don’t need pets to worry about.

  • Wayne

    I would postulate, though I do not know, that the Northern race’ s relationship with dogs developed for their assistance in hunting large game. Therefore, our relationship with the dog, much like that with the Northern tribe, was necessary for survival.
    Compare and contrast with the Tropical races, where no such relation was necesssary due to the ease of collecting food.

    • Jim P.

      An interesting speculaton. A deeper aspect of this story may be differences in the
      evolution of dogs across varying climates, as you note. The Basenji–perhaps the most
      commonly known African breed–differs markedly from most breeds commonly known in
      the U.S. In many ways, this breed is very “cold” natured, rather psychopathic in disposition, lacking any variant of common “barking”, etc. While dogs within a breed,
      like humans, varying quite widely, such breed characteristics are not what one would
      look for in a dog that is “part of the family” in its proclivity to interact with children, its
      dispositon for play, etc etc.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        Wolves don’t bark, except very rarely as a warning. I heard a wolf bark – once – at Wolf Park, Indiana, because I got out of the car before my host did.

        Barking is considered a throwback thing, something that only retarded puppies should do, UNLESS IT IS IMPORTANT.

    • Angry White Woman

      Early humans developed a relationship with dogs for several reasons. Warning (strange people or unwanted animals in the vicinity) protection, hunting, herding, companionship, even warmth on long, cold northern nights. Dogs are easily trained and their social structure in the wild (wolves) is not very different in many ways from that of humans.

      • StillModerated

        Wrong! In the wild wolves act like bantus. A vicious mob bent on killing.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        Yes, wolf social strucfure is actually closer to white western culture than ape culture is (which resembles primitive Arab culture, with harems and stuff). Wolves tend to have one mate at a time (though mate changes can happen) and only the dominant are allowed to breed (as in Western and Polynesian island culture).

        Wolves are single-partner breeders. One male, one female, breed. The younger ones put up with celibacy or leave to form their own packs. Chimps have harems – the dominant male has the right to breed with all the females, whether they like it or not (and cases of chimp cuckoldry are available on youtube, I’m sure.)

        Westerners and canines have a long and distinguished history. To hell with black Muslims who dis our relationship. Yeah, I would value my dog (if I had one) and my cat over you black monstrosities any day.

  • Angry White Woman

    The little mixed breed dog my kids grew up with was a stone cold racist! He hated blacks and Hispanics with a passion all out of proportion to his size. He was also a very good judge of character. My son brought another little kid home with him when he was in 3rd or 4th grade (a white kid) and this kid looked and acted just like any other kid. Dog had a fit, tried to bite the kid–only kid he ever acted aggressively toward. Shocked heck out of everybody. I had to tell the kid to go home for his own safety. Fast forward about 10 years, I read in the local newspaper this kid is just sentenced to something like 80 years for rape/robbery/armed robbery/attempted murder and a whole laundry list of other crimes. Well, I guess the dog sensed the kid was bent wrong way back then.

    • plato102

      Ok, I’ll bite … how did you know the dog hated all blacks? (snicker)

  • Some Guy

    I agree, most blacks should not have dogs as pets. Judging from the countless stories of abuse on the internet, they lack compassion and patience to be proper masters.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    The way blacks treat dogs (and other animals) is just one more reason to dislike them. I am not an animal rights activist, but I do love animals, and blacks in general treat them far worse than whites.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      Yes, they tend to be the ones buying into the idea that feeding dogs kerosine makes them mean (well, of course it does, wouldn’t you be cranky if someone fed you kerosine?)

  • MikeofAges

    Don’t be totally dismissive of this idea. White American have a dog fixation and often use their dogs as a barrier between themselves and the world. A form of passive aggressive behavior really, which allows them to be self-preoccupied while avoiding accountability. True whether it’s an older woman with a lap dog or an individualist rich or poor who uses aggressive dogs to keep other people away.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      We have a domesticated fox who sits on my lap every evening until I go to bed, and then scampers off to sleep with my daughter. He thinks he’s a dog. There’s also an enormous raven who still likes my roof. One of my friends and his now-ex-wife used to have a wolf. Whenever I was visiting for a weekend, Roxanne always slept with me on the floor. Animals are wonderful.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      Sorry, but I’d rather employ my cat as rodent-catcher, than have a black slave living with me to do the same thing. For one thing, the cat is pretty cheap to keep, even with presents and such.