Were Ethiopian Women Forced Into Contraception?

Jewish Daily Forward, December 11, 2012

Israeli and Jewish aid officials are denying an Israeli TV report alleging that Ethiopian immigrant women have been coerced into taking contraceptive shots.

The report, which aired Saturday night on Israeli Educational Television, charged that coercive contraception is behind a 50 percent decline in the Ethiopian birth rate in Israel over the last decade.

Ethiopian women interviewed in the program, called “Vacuum” and hosted by Gal Gabbai, said they were coerced into receiving injections of Depo-Provera, a long-acting birth control drug, both at Jewish-run health clinics in Ethiopia and after their move to Israel.

Rachel Mangoli, executive director of the WIZO chapter in Katz Village, told the TV show that she realized something was amiss when during a full year in her Ethiopian program just one Ethiopian baby was born.

“I went to the health clinic and I was told that Ethiopian immigrants were given the contraception because they couldn’t be relied upon to take the pills every day,” Mangoli said.

In the report, a woman identified as S. said she was told at the Jewish aid compound in Gondar, Ethiopia, “If you don’t get the shot, we won’t give you a ticket.”

She recalled, “I didn’t want to take it. They wanted me to take it. But I didn’t know it was a contraceptive,” she said. “I thought it was an immunization.”

Another Ethiopian interviewed for the program, Amawaish Alane, said, “We said we won’t accept the shot. They told us, ‘You won’t immigrate to Israel. You also won’t come into this clinic. You won’t get help and medical treatment.’ “

“We had no choice,” Alane said. “That’s why we took the shot. We could only get out with their permission.”

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, which runs the health clinics in Ethiopia for prospective immigrants to Israel, says it offers contraception among its array of services but that it is purely voluntary.

“At no time did JDC coerce anyone into engaging at family planning at its clinics. Those options were totally voluntary and offered to women who requested it,” a JDC spokesman in New York said. “They chose the form of contraceptive based on being fully informed of all the options available to them.”

The TV program alleged that coercive contraceptive tactics continued once the Ethiopians immigrated to Israel, where health clinics have been administering the contraceptive shots. The shots, which must be taken every three months, normally are given to women who cannot be relied upon to take daily pills, such as the mentally ill, according to health experts cited in the program.

The TV show sent a hidden camera into an Israeli health clinic, where an employee told the undercover reporter that Ethiopian women are given the contraceptive shots “because they forget,” “explanations are difficult for them” and “they essentially don’t understand anything.”

The Israeli Health Ministry has denied any systematic suppression of Ethiopian pregnancy or coerced contraception.

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    This could explain why non-white girls are having kids before they graduate from high school but white girls remain barren. Many white girls may be tricked into taking this drug with the Hepatitis injections they are mandated to take for entry into college. Many married white women are barren for some reason.

    • White girls have something that many others don’t. Self control and expectations from their parents that they will not be a teenage single mother.

      • Joseph

        Fewer every year are so restrained; parents are no better.

        • They should be smart enough to go on some form of birth control to prevent pregnancies. These kids can get birth control without parental consent at any Planned Parenthood clinic.

      • Not Politically Correct

        White girls (middle class and higher up the socio-econmic ladder) are more inclined to use contraception and are more likely to get abortions if the get pregnant.

    • 48224

      Only if they like white guys. If the girls have Kim Kardashian fever, they are allowed to breed.

  • This is a very smart policy. This prevents the Ethiopian anchor babies that would force the Israeli government to allow them to stay in the country.

    • EndTimesComing

      I seriously doubt the Israelis have a 14th Amendment at all, let alone one that can be misinterpreted as ours is.

    • 48224

      Like I said yesterday, gotta hand it to the Jews, they don’t mess around.

  • falsedawn

    Those zionists don’t give a rat’s behind about what they do to anybody else and this doesn’t apply to just blacks. I mean ANYBODY…

  • Why is it these people can get away with anything?
    Let me answer my own question.
    They are a united as a people and they don’t have to deal with back stabbers who report and undermine everything they do for self preservation.

    • They have even sent back Sudanese to South Sudan. Would our government do the same? They had a choice, either remain in jail or go back home. These people are unable to get work permits, there was a law passed that Israeli landlords are not to rent to foreigners. Foreigners are not just Africans but there are a number of Filipinos working in Israel. Most of these Africans are forced to live in parks in Tel Aviv.

    • John

      Had they stayed in Ethiopia where nature intended them to be, instead of looking for a free ride in Israel, they wouldn’t have received injections. Likewise, if Black Africans had not sold their own relatives and children into slavery, America would be a much nicer country today, and still civilized.

      • nobody

        There is a huge double standard when it comes to racial issues with Whites and Jews. If they passed a law in my state saying that land owners can only rent out to White Protestant Americans the Jewish media would never let us hear the end of it, demonizing us and calling us vile ignorant racists, meanwhile look what they do in their own country. They are allowed to work towards a racially homogenous country but if we tried to do it these very same people would call us monsters.

  • falsedawn

    Interesting that my comment was removed, but I guess it’s because I used the term zionist. You’re not supposed to use that term here.

  • OlderWoman

    This must be the so-called Ethiopian Jews who immigrated during Operation Joshua and Operation Solomon. Perhaps the Hebrews have had time to witness this ‘culture’ and how it’s destructive to Israel.

    • NYB

      The black Ethiopian ‘Jews’ are not into Israeli or Yiddish culture. They are drawn to urban American black rythyms and styles.

      • OlderWoman

        Then, they are a problem for the olive-skinned Israelis. Perhaps the Ethiopians have given them good reason to discriminate against them.

      • JH

        The Ethiopians are not Jews – that is a total complete fraud. Liberal American Jews forced this on Israel much to their regret. Now everyone and their mother in Ethiopia is claiming to be Jewish to get out. Israeli social planners do not fool around- Israeli social welfare is very different than in the US.

    • ATBOTL

      When you point out that Israel and Jews are racialists, they always trot out the Ethiopian Jews as a counter argument. They use these people as a fig leaf to show that Israel and Jews are not racist, but the reality is that they are discriminated and against and not fully accepted by most Israelis.

      • The__Bobster

        Hell, they don’t even fully accept the Sephardi Jews.

  • Joseph

    Get your Obamaphone and a free shot!

    • nobody


  • NYB

    According to the CIA factsheet, the average Ethiopian woman has 5.39 children.

    Multiply that by six generations and blacks would form a large part of the Israeli population. By negatively manipulating black fertility, Israelis are safeguarding the future racial composition of their homeland.

    • MerlinV

      They are putting their larger than average IQs to good use.

      • NYB

        Their major achievement has been to contain the story.

        They’ve effectively squelched any significant reporting or criticism. If any other country had tried this, it would have been splashed all over the front pages and peppered with the ‘r’ word.

  • eonic
  • The__Bobster

    We would’ve been wise to sterilize all the slaves freed in 1865. Eventually all the Bantus would’ve disappeared.

  • The__Bobster

    The shots, which must be taken every three months, normally are given
    to women who cannot be relied upon to take daily pills, such as the
    mentally ill, according to health experts cited in the program.


    Fixed it:

    The shots, which must be taken every three months, normally are given
    to women who cannot be relied upon to take daily pills, such as the
    mentally deficient, according to health experts cited in the program.

  • StillModerated

    This is an old story. I heard that the Israeli Free Health Care system was dosing Ethiopian Jews with depo-provera as far back as 2006. I heard it on Christian radio in 2008, but here’s a link from 2010.


  • Howard W. Campbell

    The nation of Israel at least has bat brains enough to know that their neighbors are hell bent on their destruction. I’m sure there are plenty of non-Jewish people who reside in Israel that wish the same. Maybe the leaders over there have seen how blacks act here in the US and realize that a bunch of fresh off the farm Ethiopians would be incredibly destructive. Most of the blacks here have had family in the US since at least the 1800’s and should be reasonably acculturated to the US. However, loosed from Jim Crow and whites who are allowed to enforce law and order, they quickly slip off into the welfare version of what they would be doing in Africa.

    I know this would tick off a lot of the evangelicals, but it would be cheaper to buy 18 y.o. blacks (with IQ’s less than 90) that haven’t procreated a new Lexus or Escalade in exchange for sterilization. They could still have all the sex they wanted and a PHAT ride.

    It might be easier to do this than to force Depo-provera on to our undertow, We even throw in a 3 year gas card and prepaid insurance.The annual rite for the new cars would probably reflect a smaller version of this Dave Chapelle clip.


    At least Israel is taking the bull by the horns.

    • newscomments70

      I say we give them a chance to get out of prison if they agree to sterilization and repatriation back to Africa. I don’t want to pay for their fancy cars, only to have them driving around, running over white babies. No cars or fancy gifts, just get them out of here.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        Ah, but most of them know better than to get sent back to Africa, the noises they make about it notwithstanding. Threaten to send them back to the stone age, they will rebel. Offer them a shiny, they won’t even think twice about being sterlised.

        Anyway, if they were sent back to Africa sexually intact, they would only then start contributing to the parade of starving munchkins we have to endure on the television beg ads (unless you managed to ban those guys from begging for private aid for Africa, too).

  • MerlinV

    Awesome! Another tactic we should use.

  • baltasar almudárriz

    In my youth – I once sneaked into a Sephardi synagogue on Shabbat (actually several times) – and it was one of the most BEAUTIFUL things I have ever witnessed. They followed the Moroccan tradition- so the chants and melodies sounded very much like the music of Southern Spain. A lot of the congregants were from Northern Africa – so it had a truly authentic flavor.

    • This reminds me of a story from Leonard Nimoy who played Spock on Star Trek:

      “The special moment when the Kohanim blessed the assembly moved me deeply,
      for it possessed a great sense of magic and theatricality… I had heard that
      this indwelling Spirit of God was too powerful, too beautiful, too awesome for
      any mortal to look upon and survive, and so I obediently covered my face with my
      hands. But of course, I had to peek.” (From his autobiography, I am

      Leonard survived his peeking unscathed, and saw the kohanim extending their
      fingers in the mystical “shin” gesture. That magical moment remained with him
      for life, and was there to draw upon years later, when he invented the Vulcan
      salute.The actual blessing is done with both arms held horizontally in front, at
      shoulder level, with hands touching, to form the Hebrew letter “shin.” This
      stands for the Hebrew word for “Shaddai”, meaning “Almighty [God].” Nimoy
      modified this gesture into one hand held upright, making it more like a salute.
      So, technically, the Vulcan greeting is not the same thing as the ceremonial
      Jewish blessing. Still, the resemblance is close enough to evoke instant
      recognition among knowledgeable Jews.

      • baltasar almudárriz

        Yes- it takes some practice do to the Birkat Kohanim. I can do both hands, but the left one took a little more effort. I challenged one niece to do it with both hands- and she did the first (so she says) time around.

      • baltasar almudárriz

        If you are interested- here’s a sample of the Sfardi slichot at the Kotel ….


      • FourFooted_Messiah

        Thank you for sharing that, I did not know.

        I lived in a town called Vulcan for a couple of years. This town, in Alberta, has been deemed the official Star Trek capital of Canada a few years ago by the copyright owner, CBS (though it had a starship monument and stuff for a long while before that.)

        Just after that declaration, Mr Nimoy deigned to visit while on his way to the Calgary comics-con. He was welcomed warmly, with signs saying “Welcome Home”, and was basically adopted by the town (via the Mayor) as being an honorary citizen of the town (despite his being American.) I was privileged enough to be there, and have pics to prove it.

        While he was there, he cast his handprint in bronze. There is now a small pedestal just off the main corner of town with his bust – a very handsome work of bronze art – and underneath it, his very handprint, done in the Vulcan salute pattern – he has very large hands, by the way.

        There is also a plaque that has the bio of both Spock and Nimoy on it.

        The town has also started a Walk of Star Trek Fame on its downtown streets, and will eventually have a square for everyone from the shows who visited Vulcan, as well as those who have passed on, like DeForest Kelly and Scotty.

        Ironically enough, Canadian native William Shatner has yet to visit the town. Booo!

  • baltasar almudárriz

    There was also a story a while back on how the Israeli health services where allegedly dumping the blood collected from the allegedly Jewish Ethiopians for some reason. Google it, if interested.

  • PesachPatriot

    Bobster…i have been to Israel many times and I can assure you that the sephardim are fully integrated and accepted as jews by the ashkenazim in Israel. There were some issues back in the 1950’s and early 1960’s because the jews from the muslim world were still basically living the same medieval lifestyles as their arab neighbors…my dad’s neighbors in Israel were from iraq and they got along fine. My cousins best friend was born in Libya. Because the sephardim are more traditional and conservative than most of the secularist ashkenazim in israel they tend to have larger families and I’m pretty sure that they are now actually the majority over there.

    Sbuffalonative…it sounds like you have never been around that many jews of either the israeli or american variety…there are plenty of backstabbers and delusional idealists in our demographic. In the states they tend to be in NY and the northeast, in Israel they cluster in Tel Aviv. Noam Chomsky would be exhibit A, there is also pro-palestinian haaretz reporter Amira Hass. There are always plenty of jews who will protest on behalf of palestinians, organize aid for them and castigate their own country. I have never heard of palestinians or other arabs organizing aid for the victims of bus bombings or rocket attacks or even condemning arab countries for brutality against their own.

    One of my favorite things to tell left wingers is that more arabs have been killed in arab on arab violence since 1948(mostly in the last 18 months in syria and libya) than in every arab vs. israel conflict. Its also fun to tell them that more blacks have been killed in my lifetime(1978 to the present) by other blacks over rap beefs, expensive sneakers, drug debts and bling than were ever killed by the klan from 1866 to the end of the civil rights era.

    Taking the Ethiopians into israel was a big mistake on their part…jews from the soviet union, continental europe, the arab countries, the english speaking world and a few other places managed to build a halfway decent country…they let in the ethiopians to be PC and impress american jewish liberals and have been regretting it ever since.

    • If israel is so great, why don’t more of the squids prefer to live there?

    • JH

      Exactly correct. American Jewish liberals forced the Ethiopians (who are not really Jewish) on Israel much to their regret.

    • Thank you. I prefer to hear first hand from an individual than from a biased reporter. I am pro-life but unlike the Catholics, I don’t see anything wrong with contraception. I am against forcing it but if the person is unable to take the BC due to a mental state, I think it compassionate for it to be given. It is a tough topic.

  • robinbishop34

    Maybe we should put depo provera in grape kool aid?

    • Pelayo

      How about putting it in Colt 45?

  • odius liberal

    Who cares?

  • kjh64

    Forget about the birth control, why allow them to immigrate in the first place?

    • JH

      American liberal Jews forced this on Israel – they lobbied for it incessantly. The whole thing has been a disaster but few will admit it publicly. A third world population with no skill set showing up in ultra-high tech Israel

  • Pelayo

    Why waste time with contraceptive shots? Just send them back to Ethiopia. Even the name of the country sounds like a serious medical condition. “Myopia” is not being able to see things at a distance and “Ethiopia” is not being able to see your eventual destruction.

    • Pelayo

      I read an article a while back that reported bullying of White kids in Israeli schools by the Ethiopian immigrant kids. Sounds like a typical day in any school in the US that has be subjected to bussing,

  • hebrew

    the israeli hebrew is not dumb

  • PesachPatriot

    No kwan…by squids I assume you mean employees of Goldman Sucks or the FRB…I guess the reason they don’t live in Israel is because they don’t like the idea of being down range of an iranian nuclear weapon…also I never said Israel was great…its pretty nice for that part of the world but nowhere near as good as America. I like visiting but I don’t think I would ever actually live there.

  • newscomments70

    “Were Ethiopian Women Forced Into Contraception”. The headling alone demonstrates hysterical liberal insanity, as if this birth control program were actually wrong. One shot that provides sterility as the most humane way of dealing with this situation. They won’t be allowed to breed and create more crime and squalor. African men should receive similar treatment, so that the women that they rape do not become pregnant. This shot is actually a miracle of life. Such programs are our only hope to save what is left of our civilization. It will never happen in this country until we have a revolution (which I hope is soon!!).

  • Anonymous

    The Israelis, who happen to be at one end of the IQ spectrum, know that they cannot expect those that are at the other end to live harmoniously. Having a high IQ is the ability to foresee reality as against illusions.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    In addition to proving that fences actually work, Israelis seem to have discovered an answer to the “anchor baby” strategy invading Fourth-World colonizers like so much.

  • A part of me really wishes Israel was forced to play by the same rules they try to enforce on western nations. If whites are not allowed to have ethnic homelands, why should one of the most prominent promoters of “diversity” and “multiculturalism” (Israel/the Jews)?

    • gemjunior

      I know what you mean, as I also hate this hypocrisy. The Jews have a lot of nerve to pull this, but I guess that’s where the idea of chutzpah comes from. What I think should be done is that we follow their lead exactly and do what they do. Get rid of every immigrant who is ruining “traditional” America! Use the very same argument as the Israelis. Whenever anyone asks we can say that we are just doing what Israel does because we so admire their methods of dealing with their own immigration problems. In face, it would be even more effective for the European nations to do this, because the argument is almost exactly the same. “Wishing to keep _________ at least 80% _______” which is exactly what Israel had said. To protest against this shines a high beam on their hypocrisy, which needs an airing anyway.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    Well, contraception is better than culling, isn’t it?

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    Excellent idea. Everyone from overpopulated countries (which tend to be in Africa and Asia) SHOULD be given long-term or permanent contraceptives.

    We spay and neuter our pets for that EXACT REASON – to fight overpopulation of unwanted things.