U.S. Clears Criminal Illegals with Removal Orders for Public Benefits

Judicial Watch, December 19, 2012

As if President Obama’s stealth amnesty program weren’t bad enough, one in eight foreigners who have been ordered deported—including serious criminals—subsequently get approved by the government to collect public benefits while they live in the country illegally.

This is yet another one of those sad, only in America stories. The very government that boots an illegal immigrant out of the country later clears the violator to receive taxpayer-funded benefits. In some cases the illegal aliens have been convicted of serious crimes like child abuse, assault with a deadly weapon and drug-related offenses yet Uncle Sam rewards them with free health insurance (Medicaid) and food stamps.

Many Americans may wonder how this could possibly occur.  Here is how, according to a new federal audit; the Homeland Security agency in charge of keeping track of foreigners, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) isn’t doing its job. The agency is headed by Alejandro Mayorkas, a Clinton federal prosecutor who resigned in shame after orchestrating the pardon of a major league drug trafficker from Argentina serving a 15-year sentence.

Incredibly, President Obama handpicked Mayorkas to head the Homeland Security agency responsible for overseeing lawful immigration to the United States. Turns out his agency is using an outdated and inept system to keep track of foreigners who have been ordered removed. The government estimates that there are about 800,000 illegal immigrants in the U.S. who have ignored deportation orders.

Some are bold enough to apply for unemployment and disability insurance, food stamps, driver’s licenses and other benefits. When they do, a special USCIS database called Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) is supposed to flag them. This is supposed to prevent American taxpayers from supporting these outlaws and should ultimately end with deportation. Incredibly, SAVE approves one in eight illegal immigrants who have been ordered to leave to get public benefits as if they’re legal residents.

Read all about it in this unbelievable report made public this month by the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General. {snip}


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  • fakeemail

    “Incredibly, President Obama handpicked Alejandro Mayorkas to head the Homeland
    Security agency responsible for overseeing lawful immigration to the
    United States. . .”

    How much of an ostrich must you be before you realize that the racial replacement of the USA is 100% absolutely and completely INTENTIONAL and the not the result of a grand mix-up or ineptness?

    J. Edgar Hoover was right when he said, “The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”

    We are in the absolute grip of ancient enemies (now our fellow citizens) who are out to wipe us out.

    • i am

      “How much of an ostrich must you be before you realize that the racial
      replacement of the USA is 100% absolutely and completely INTENTIONAL
      and the not the result of a grand mix-up or ineptness?

      J. Edgar Hoover was right when he said, “The individual is
      handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he
      cannot believe it exists.”

      We are in the absolute grip of ancient enemies (now our fellow citizens) who are out to wipe us out.”

      I knew since about 1970 that something evil existed. I also know who “they” are.

      The reason why it is so successful is that is isn’t a conspiracy in the traditional sense: It is instinctive behavior of a specific group of people. It is instinct because each one of these persons would act the same way without a second thought if they had been brought up in complete isolation. They do not get together and plan or conspire; they just do what is normal to them. They hate themselves and they hate others. They want to see anything good destroyed.

  • Greg Thomas

    “Some are bold enough to apply for unemployment and disability insurance, food stamps, driver’s licenses and other benefits.”

    That is because these mongrels know the absolute worst thing that can happen to them is that they will be denied benefits. Not deported, not arrested, but denied benefits. They have absolutely no fear whatsoever of our laws or potential consequences for violating them,
    because there are no consequences! It’s all available for their taking.

    What an absolute disgrace!

    • The__Bobster

      A huge number of squat monster invaders file for the EITC using ITIN’s.

      We don’t have a taxing problem, we have a spending problem. I don’t hear anyone in Congress addressing wasteful spending, just Social Security and Medicare, programs that have their own funding sources.

  • Mike Lane

    I think this article plagiarized from a chapter of an old history book I have about the decline and fall of Rome.

  • I was wondering how many of them get these benefits for their US citizen children?

    • EndTimesComing

      I was wondering WHY they even are allowed to have “US citizen children”. If the parents are here illegally, their children damn sure are here illegally also. 14th Amendment mis-applied.

      • Greg Thomas

        That’s right. The 14th Amendment was enacted to give newly freed slaves citizenship. It most definitely was not meant to confer US citizenship to the spawn of those who slithered across our border, in violation of not only our immigration laws, but also sovereignty. Anyone who claims it was is a not only ignorant, but has nefarious intentions at heart.

    • Greg Thomas

      ALL of them get benefits via their faux “US citizen” anchor babies. These people are thieves and our government bends over backwards to let them take it.

  • Nathanwartooth

    When you pay for your outrageously expensive medical insurance just remember all of those people who get it for free.

  • alkoholika2010

    There is really only one solution, and until more people accept it and put it into action in their own lives, this will continue and get worse. The solution is to pull a John Galt. Until you starve this monster you are just making the situation worse, tax dollar by tax dollar.

  • time to split

    This is the worst pos ever elected to the WH who was totally unqualified and hated the white race of which he is 50% although that only makes him twice as dangerous as a double liberal for both races.Meanwhile the prospect for the formation and split of the bad marriage into 2 separate nations is losing steam when in fact this is the only solution with the splitting of all assets no different than a bad marriage with irreconcilable differences.

    Split it all up including half the debt and states. Reform or split off section of states if needed such as in Florida or Virginia. Carve the 2 nations up accordingly and it does not matter what the irregular jagged lines look like as long as they are correct like congressional districts are drawn up today. Secession is the only way.

    • EndTimesComing

      Those satanically in power over us would never allow such a thing to happen any more than the ape Lincoln did. We’d have to go to war again – they’d see to THAT. As long as we know we’d have to fight given no choice, might as well fight a rebellion to save this country and expel the traitors as was done in 1776-1781. I am a bible believer but not the kind of bible believer to sit in church and wring my hands waiting for the Savior to come. I am also a Patriot. I swore an oath to the Constitution and Bill of Rights more times than ever I declared for Christ. Too many “christians” forget that only FREE men can serve God openly and learn His ways. It’s why He GAVE us free will. To let a government, any government, take away our free will is Satanic.

  • mobilebay

    Is anyone surprised? Those we’ve elected will stop at nothing to replace us with skilled and unskilled labor. If we had half the zeal that illegals have, we’d be marching in the streets too, demanding that this country stop allowing the foreign invasion. We go all over the world to fight, yet here at home we are unguarded, unprotected and wide open to the dregs of the earth who simply walk in with hands out, welcomed by the very people who are supposed to “protect and defend.” What a laugh!

    • EndTimesComing

      Gee, maybe Gov WANTS the most patriotic segment of our country, our military, OUT of this country in various wars and “nation building” so they can’t see what is happening to their country at home? If those patriotic Americans fully realized the satanic government and white hating crowd they serve, and were at home and armed it would be a very real threat to those who wish to displace us, then replace us, then exterminate us.

  • wattylersrevolt

    Question:Why does it all continue with an overwhelming unrelenting pace?Answer:because millions of White American “Men” have a severe addiction to fantasy jock-sniffing sports entertainment. But the rot,decay, and violence is growing exponentially…which means these “Men” will wake up one day with the rot,decay, and violence on their front doorsteps. That’s the thing about about exponential growth:it implodes in your face when you least expect it…even though the warning signs were there for years.
    An official-adminstrative amnesty means that the “US” population will go into hyper-exponential growth the next day..may already be happening….there will be no more safety valve..the frontier will most definitely be closed.
    If the NFL had been open for business on Christmas day..millions of jock sniffing White “Males”…including the ones over at Caste Football…would have ran home to the giant plasma screen…and that’s after spending 90 minutes in a Church in the presence of a Supernatral Being!!!!!! Obvious conclusion:there is no super natural being present in the Catholic and Protestant Churches. All you got fellow Native Born White Americans is the geographic area called America…for kids and future geneline..the only game in town:IT’S THE UNIVERSE. The chinese must be in a state of shock as to how easy the conquest of America really is. It’s like taking candy from a severely mentally handicapped child.
    Obvious conclusion:the only game in town-THE UNIVERSE for Native Born White Americans is the mass expulsion of nonwhites off of and out of Native Born White American Living Space. Secession=living on a reservation.

    • alkoholika2010

      “‘Men’ have a severe addiction to fantasy jock-sniffing sports entertainment.” Classic!

      I have called it a closeted homosexual voyeuristic fetish and other such things describing this totally queer fascination of watching other sweaty grown men(of all races) in tights kicking, fondling, bouncing, and throwing balls to one another.

      It’s time men man up and spend their time with their women, making babies, and raising families instead of participating in their gay fantasy football fraternities growing fat and useless chowing down on greasy junk foods and washing it down with rivers of booze thus eliminating themselves from the gene pool.

      Another way to look at it is that this is culling the herd, an updated form of the black plague where the weak are trimmed from our ranks. Still, it’s hard to watch it happen.

      • wattylersrevolt

        What do you think their White pre-teen and teenage daughters must think when Daddy jumps up out of the chair with his buddies in front the plasma screen and yells:”WHAT A STUD”. Here are the conversations I have heard over the past few years..Two Asian Men:”So what Med School is you son going to.” Two White Men:”My son is going to Quinniapiac for Sports Communication”…My son is going to Marist College to study Communications…no shame….and within minutes of being race-replaced via a “divine edict” by a War Criminal Kenyan Foreigner.
        When the Megafauna,Moose,Grizzly,Grey Wolfe,Otter,Bald andGold Eagles,Osprey…and all the oxygen producing trees and plant species are gone..paved over for the asphalt necessary to sustain plasma tv induced jock-sniffing fantasy football hyper-level fantasy…the Wives will notice..and they will pass very harsh judgment on their “MEN”:..they will exclaim:you mean you allowed the Adirondacks to paved over with asphalt because you wanted to spend your precious time on this planet fantasizing about Anquan,Keyshan, Latrine, and UgaBuga from Ghana in tight spandex on your fantasy team!!!

      • Along those lines, another thing that bothers me is this whole concept of a “man cave.” To me, a man cave is basically a dorm room/frat house room for an overgrown man-boy who just won’t grow up. And why call it a “cave?” We’re in the 21st Century A.D., not the 210th B.C. I slightly disagree with you in one way — I think it’s not so much as a matter of repressed homosexuality or homoeroticism, it’s a matter of obsolete career ambitions and dreams — it’s middle aged men who can’t grow up and accept their age and accept the fact that their own childhood dreams of professional athletics are long gone.

        Likewise, we hear all this talk about the Federal government preparing for “zombie apocalypse.” Alex Jones et al. are freaking out, and he should freak out over a lot of things, but this isn’t one of them. All that is is the same dynamic at work — Overgrown men-boys who won’t stop reading comic books are matriculating into middle management positions of importance in homeland security and law enforcement bureaucracies. Hells bells, Marvel Comics is running ads on grown-up media begging people to start reading their comic books!

    • There’s really nothing wrong with sports in general. We have been enthralled with competition, strategy, and games of strength and ability for thousands of years. There is, however, an obvious sickness when a White man eschews the modern Multiculty experience for being detrimental to White Western civilization, then turns around and merrily perpetuates and participates in the experience at the grandest scale possible; even going so far as to pay thousands of dollars just to get a ringside seat to be closer to the destruction. He-Men Masochists sounds like an accurate label to me.