Obama Says Immigration Reform Will Be Priority

Stephen Dinan, The Washington Times, December 30, 2012

President Obama says immigration is his major second-term priority, on par with his push for health care in his first term, according to an interview aired Sunday that continues to boost the issue to the top of the political conversation.d

“Fixing our broken immigration system is a top priority. I will introduce legislation in the first year to get that done,” Mr. Obama told NBC‘s “Meet the Press” host David Gregory, who had asked the president what the second-term equivalent would be to his all-encompassing push for health care during his first term.


The immigration pledge is similar to a vow Mr. Obama made four years ago to Hispanic audiences, when he also promised to take up immigration in his first year in office, only to let it fall behind the economic stimulus, climate change and health care.

But Democrats, who four years ago were uncertain of the politics of immigration, now think it is a clear winner for them, and they are eager to force a debate.


Mr. Obama, who issued a directive this year halting deportations of students brought illegally to the country as children, won 71 percent of the Hispanic vote on Nov. 6.


Senate Republicans have introduced their own version of the Dream Act to grant young illegal immigrants legal rights—though it wouldn’t give them a special path to citizenship.

Sens. Jon Kyl and John McCain of Arizona and Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas introduced a Republican version this month as a way to restart the immigration debate and to carve out a middle ground between sending illegal immigrants home or granting them green cards, which is the intermediate step to citizenship.


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  • The__Bobster

    This commie clown has done enough harm to America through unconstitutional actions to get himself impeached a dozen times over. Too bad the Republicans are spineless.

  • Seriously, who couldn’t see this coming? Higher taxes to pay for the non-whites, no border, gun-grabs, gay equality and on and on and on. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I happen to believe in this. Look over this picture, and you will learn all you need to know as to why the country is going down the toilet:


    • What is wrong with gay equality? Shouldn’t gay and lesbian couples have equal rights as heterosexual couples?

      • Diamond_Lil

        Rights for what? I liked gay people much better when they were in the shadows socially and were just nice antique dealers. The gay rights parades and the PDA at the middle and high-schools as a result of gay empowerment, is not good for the children.

        • liberalsuck

          I view homosexuality like I do interracial relationships: they aren’t healthy, aren’t natural and they do nothing to increase the number of white children. That doesn’t mean I hate my gay friends or my friends who are in interracial relationships or wish them any ill will, but I don’t approve of them.

          • Svigor

            I don’t care what they do in their bedrooms. I don’t care if they play house, that’s their business. It’s when they’re parading out in the public square and creeping around little boys that I start calling for the pitchforks.

            It’s when they’re demanding society rewrite marriage, destroying it in the process, to suit their perversion that I start calling for the pitchforks.

      • Svigor

        Homosexuals have had rights equal to everyone else since forever now. They don’t want the right to marriage (which they’ve always had), they want to re-write marriage into something it isn’t.

        • David Ashton

          This is the crux, which is not fully appreciated by people who have not realized the long-term implications of governments and dictionaries redefining “marriage” for everyone, including school pupils.
          It is a separate issue from whether we don’t mind same-gender couples from living together, find fisting and felching abhorrent, or know of the connection between the “gay” rights movements and pederasty.

      • We all have a moral compass, and I like to check my calibration from time to time. I like to calibrate my moral compass using folks like Whoopie Goldberg, Barbra Streisand, Oprah, anyone from CNN, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Obama– and on and on. You see, Crystal, these people I’ve mentioned, are all insane. They should be medicated and put into soft rooms. Anytime Whoopi Goldberg gives advice, all you have to do is listen, and then do the exact opposite, and you’re heading in the right direction. If I come to a fork in the road, I want to have Oprah Winfrey on a chain like a doberman, and I’ll ask her, “Oprah, which way?” And whatever way she points to, I would go the other way, confident that I’m doing the right thing. I would then throw her a meaty snack. Happy New Year, Crystal.

      • bluffcreek1967

        My father’s business was in Hollywood for many years (near Highland Ave and Santa Monica Blvd), and so I grew up in close proximity to the many gays who lived in the area. I don’t personally have any ‘hatred’ for them. Some of them, in fact, are gracious and nice people. They can also be very creative. I wish them no personal harm.

        But I have observed over the years that a good many of them are emotionally disturbed and I’ve sensed that something’s not ‘right’ about them. Aside from often being ‘over the top’ in their personalities and annoyingly feminine, they are overly sexual too. I used to periodically ‘catch’ them in an alley behind my father’s warehouse engaging in anal sex behind a dumpster. I used to get these creepy stares from them whenever I picked up lunch for my father’s employees. Although it’s not popular to publicly admit it, adult gay men like young boys. Many of these men prefer ‘fresh meat’ (so to speak) and pedophilia is much more prevalent among them than is usually reported. A good many of the gay men dread their older age and they are often seeking young men to emotionally and sexually soothe them. Their sexual practices are also very strange indeed (fisting, anonymous sex, glory holes, intentionally risky sex with HIV positive men – ‘bug sex,’ and on it goes).

        Homosexuals belong in the closet. Society was much better when they remained in there and conducted their lives in a very private or secret manner. Blatant and widespread homosexuality is just another indicator of the decline of Western civilization.

      • ImTellinYa

        The problem is that gays are becoming a “protected” group and are being “celebrated” as normal. It’s part of the Leftists’ destruction of the West by which they redefine all the eternal verities. In the Leftist pathology cowardice becomes courage; success becomes failure; wrong becomes right; right becomes wrong; deviance becomes morally superior; sullen alienation becomes transcendent happiness; childish, sociopathic rage becomes creativity, etc.

        And the bottom line on gay marriage is that it doesn’t exist. The government and its anti-American supporters can lie as much as they want about this. They can say that gays are “married” and enshrine this lie into law and force us to pay lip service to it, but gay marriage does not exist. Marriage is between a man and a woman in the sight of God. Period. Without God it’s just shacking up.

        The government can give gay couples all the perks and legal recognition they like, but those gay couples are not married.

      • whiteunclerukus

        Homosexuality is a medical problem caused by a hormone imbalance. Too much estrogen in men and too much testosterone in women.

      • Joe Mama

        Really, what they need is help, mentally .. Not equality ..

  • John

    Obam says “yip-yip-yap!” Yes, my friends, conditions are as bad as one would expect with an illegal alien African Muslim masquerading as POTUS along with millions and millions of self-loathing Whites supporters in tow. This will all end very badly someday, if history is any predictor at all, and of course, it is.

  • falsedawn

    Obama Says Immigration Reform Will Be Priority
    I don’t think the dummy had to say it. Everyone knows what he’s up to.

  • ArmenianWN

    even though I,m not an American I support immigration reform in your country: ban all Non-European immigration

    • bluffcreek1967

      Thank you, Sir!

    • Liberalsuck

      If only it were that easy!

    • mobilebay

      How about banning ALL immigration until this country is solvent again? We take in 100,000 legal immigrants each month who are looking for jobs. We don’t know how many illegals break and enter and take jobs, we allow refugees in for any reason, then we have the ridiculous wet foot, dry foot policy and just about anyone who wants to come in gets a free pass and either gets a job or goes on the dole. Is it surprising that millions of Americans are out of work? We need to speak up even louder this year to prevent Obama from legalizing illegals and let our Congress people know we’re tired of being the dumping ground of the world. And for heaven’s sake, stop the insane birthright for anchors.

    • Werdrix

      Correction: Ban all non-white immigration!

  • The Republicans have had to accept the fact that one reason they lost the election is because of their views on illegal immigration. They came up with a moderate version of the Dream Act that gives the young illegals green cards but not a path to citizenship. They would have to stand in line and qualify for citizenship like everyone else.

    • lily-white

      “The Republicans have had to accept the fact that one reason they lost the election is because of their views on illegal immigration.” and just A FEW white votes… http://hotair.com/archives/2012/11/08/projection-nearly-eight-million-white-voters-who-were-expected-to-vote-didnt/

      • Diamond_Lil

        You do realize that a significant number of whites refused to vote because neither party represented their interests.

        • Sam Adams

          I went to the gun store to cast my vote. It won’t be counted until later.

          • Diamond_Lil


          • liberalsuck

            Our true freedom isn’t going to come from a party. None of our freedoms have come from a political party throughout history. They have come from the will and motivation of our people.

          • Nicholai Hel

            Our true freedoms come from the barrel of a gun.

          • Gracchus123

            In fact, the freedoms we’ve lost have come from the political parties. The two-party system is used by the Elites to “triangulate” us to whatever place “they” want.

        • lily-white

          yes Lil and I have took a heavy dose of criticism from those accusing me of
          handing the election to Obanya… my view is the lesser of two evils is still
          evil and I have to live with a vote as opposed to opting out of the system altogether… that is..if you can believe our voting system is not one big colossal fraud… Strongly agree with Sam Adams comment “I went
          to the gun store to cast my vote” Have also been
          eyeing that group Liberalsuck mentioned…
          http://american3rdposition.com/ Have left the rest of the world behind to
          get my opinion from the AR… what else is one to do when they get dumped by “the system”… may I ask… did you vote and if so for who… or are you one of those that didn’t ?…

      • liberalsuck

        No, they lost votes because more whites are fed up with both parties and lots of white conservatives are tired of all the BS talk and compromising the white conservative establishment does. The GOP is not getting my vote again. I will vote for the A3P or the Libertarian Party, but as soon as they start pandering and compromising to appease liberals and the anti-white crowd, they can kiss my vote goodbye as well. Why keep voting for people who lie to you and who never bring you what you want?

    • Enar_Larsson

      If you were Hispanic and were taught to vote based on that group identity, which of the following would be more impressive to you:

      a. Full-blown Dream Act that gives you citizenship automatically

      b. A “moderate” Dream Act that makes you “stand in line”

      If the most important factor in your decision of who to vote for is the amount of ice cream you get for free from the candidates, will the one who promises you a single-scoop sugar cone if you work two hours be as attractive as the candidate who promises you a lifetime supply of triple-scoop waffle cones? No. The Republican strategy is stupid. There doesn’t exist an Hispanic voter who will turn Republican because of a “moderate” Dream Act. Not one.

      • Hispanics want all the gimmes they can get. From what I understand, with the Dream Act, they have to work towards citizenship, which can take as long as a decade to achieve citizenship. Once they apply for the Dream Act and for six years afterwards, they are given conditional permanent residency. During this time, they have to complete at least a two year college degree or two years in the military and have no criminal record. After the six years are up, they are then given green cards. Three years after that, they are eligible to apply for citizenship. My complaint about this is that once they become citizens, they can then sponsor their lawbreaking parents for legal residency.

        • M_etro

          Well, I’m certainly glad to know that the Republican version requires Hispanics to work for their citizenship. So why, pray tell, should any Hispanic want to work for what can be had for nothing by voting Democratic? Hmmm?

          • What I previously described is the Democratic Dream Act bill. The Republican version will allow them to get green cards but they have no special path to citizenship. If they want to become citizens, they have to stand in line with everybody else. This one thing that the spoiled brat Dreamers do not want to do.

    • Liberalsuck

      They lost the election because they keep alienating their white voters, they don’t aggressively counter the liberals, they are too reserved (which is a blessing as well as a curse), they don’t explain how exactly they are going to reduce the deficit, they don’t explain how exactly they are going to bring back jobs, they don’t explain how they are going to shrink the size of government, etc. Lots of white voters are fed up with the political system that they simply are opting out these days.

      • Svigor

        If the Republicans don’t act like Dems lite, if they actually go for populism right of center, the press will go nuts and treat them like psychos, Nazis, etc. And it will work – the drones will totally buy it.

  • Skutatoi

    I’m going to assume that he means the entirety of the border will now be paved with lovely, tastefully-done brownstone. (At taxpayer expense, of course. It’s the civilized way.)

    That way, Jose-Schmo doesn’t have to sully his work boots when he ambles ‘cross the nearest bordermarker, and into the nearest federal aid office.

  • Nicholai Hel

    Obama later said he was just kidding and that the word ‘amnesty’ mysteriously appeared on the teleprompter. “Sorry,” said his royal Kenyaness adding,. “I mean to say ‘travesty.'”

  • lily-white

    And being from the great state of Texas… it is comforting to know that the honorable Kaye
    Bailey Hutchinson stood firm with her collogues on her conservative values
    while sponsoring a republicrat version of the dream act… she will be sorely
    missed by her fellow cronies on her way out… after her announcement of the
    bill, she received a standing ovation for her willingness to draw the line
    against the invading third world mestizo hoards (no.. just kidding really)… http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1112/84274.html

    • Nicholai Hel

      You mean Kanye Bailey Hutchinson?

  • Enar_Larsson

    —But Democrats, who four years ago were uncertain of the politics of
    immigration, now think it is a clear winner for them, and they are eager
    to force a debate.—

    No, I can guarantee you that Democrats in general and Obama in particular are not at all interested in debate. If they were actually willing to debate immigration they would lose badly. In fact, I know for certain that they would say that the debate was “unfit for public discourse”.

    • ImTellinYa

      Exactly. And they also want very badly to make anything “unfit for public discourse” to actually be illegal to express. That evil outrage is being written right now. Tyranny is being imposed today.


    Moderator: I am see this obnoxious flashing add that says I am the 100,000 person.

    I would hope this site would be above that nonsense OR is this for real?

    Please don’t let rip off companies do that if it is an ad.

    • Dude

      I’ve seen ads for dating Asian women on this site. Sadly, I bet it gets plenty of business from Derbyshire type rodents who are all over this site.

      • JohnEngelman

        You don’t mean me now, do you?

        • Svigor

          Disqus needs an “ignore” function, badly. The ability to hide their comments from view permanently, based on the user, is like garlic and holy water to the Englemans of the world.

          • JohnEngelman

            Svigor, your mind needs an “open” function, as well as a “broaden” function. Like too many people you want to avoid exposure to facts and opinions that conflict with your preconceptions.

            Meanwhile, I suggest you consider the quote from Thomas Jefferson at the top of this page, “There is not a truth existing which I fear or would wish unknown to the whole world.”

          • Svigor

            “There is not a truth existing which I fear or would wish unknown to the whole world.”

            Doesn’t give license for me to be forced to endure the pontifications of drunks and fools.

            And the truth is, I wish someone would write an ignore function into Disqus, so I could employ it on your “contributions.”

          • SLCain

            This entity, Engelman, seems to think he proffers facts. He does not. He puts forth only his own biases – the products of his deranged mind.

          • Svigor

            He often proffers facts, but they usually have little to nothing to do with the discussion at hand, and could only be misinterpreted as having such by a small mind.

          • JohnEngelman

            Give an illustration how how facts I document here have nothing to do with the discussion at hand.

          • JohnEngelman

            Many of the facts I document here are documented from articles I read here.

          • The Traveller

            Uh, no. What you do is cut-n-paste other people’s work without critical analysis in an attempt to browbeat others into submission through verbosity. There are several fallacies that you regularly commit on this site. Here’ one in particular: “appeal to authority” – where an assertion is deemed true because of the position or authority of the person asserting it (or their “credibility”). Here’s an example of that from you:


            The Washington Post August 27, 2012

            As of July, Obama deported 1.4 million illegal immigrants since the beginning of his administration — that’s 1.5 times more immigrants on average than Bush deported every month, according to official numbers from the Department of Homeland Security*. But that’s only part of Obama’s deportation strategy: The administration’s stated goal is to prioritize the deportation of criminal, dangerous illegal immigrants. And it’s promised to make a new program called Secure Communities mandatory by 2013, which would force local law enforcement to share fingerprints of those arrested with the Department of Homeland Security, which has immigration records, through the FBI.

            Question Diversity:

            Do I have to go through this again?

            I suppose I must.

            Here I go again:

            1. The Obama admin counts turning away
            an attempted border jumper at the border as a “deportation.”

            2. I suspect highly they’re counting
            the ICE process of starting civil deportation proceedings, which rarely
            actually results in an actual deportation, (and the Obamaites know it), as a

            Engelman: “I don’t think so. The Washington Post is a credible source.”

            [cue the crickets guys because Engelman never actually bothered to answer this criticism…I guess I will have to do it].


            Me: Actually, the Washington Post is a notoriously
            liberal source, and what you cited is a borderline opinion piece entitled “Obama is deporting immigrants faster than Bush. Republicans don’t think that’s enough.”

            Just looking at what the writer sources makes me suspicious. Let’s examine the evidence presented by this article. In the second paragraph, Khimm cites the following chart as evidence that Obama is deporting
            more than Bush: http://www.ice.gov/doclib/about/offices/ero/pdf/ero-removals1.pdf

            The chart states that there were 369,221 total deportations
            under the last year of the Bush administration compared with 396,906 in FY 2011 for Obama. Seems like it’s cased closed, right? Well, not so fast. The chart also has a category for the last two years of the Obama administration entitled “Border Removals” (interestingly, this is missing from the Bush years). If you subtract border removals from the total deported in FY 2011, the new total “deported” is just over 350,000. But it gets even better because the number of these border removals has dramatically increased on a monthly basis in FY 2012 as compared with FY 2011.

            Oct: 4,290 (FY 2012) vs. 2,489 (FY 2011)

            Nov: 4,298 vs. 2,002

            Dec: 4,243 vs. 2,730

            …. etc.

            Total border removals FY 2012 vs. FY 2011: 63,728 (minus December) vs. 45,938.

            When December is eventually counted, the total for border removals FY 2012 will be about 20,000 more than in FY 2011. This alone
            accounts for about 2/3 of the increase in deportations in what will be FY 2012 from this chart as compared with the last year of the Bush administration (possibly more since no information on border removals is given for the Bush years – who knows how much they’ve increased in the prior Obama years).

            In other words, Question Diversity’s suspicion is likely correct. The increase in “deportations” may be coming from increases in turning
            people away at the border as opposed to deporting those who’ve successfully made it into the country. Obama is fudging the numbers to make it look to his sheepish followers that illegal immigration is no longer a big deal. It also serves as a good talking point for his devotees like Engelman.

            The truth is you’re a troll who can’t stand to be wrong. So you engage in everything from ad nausem repetitions of arguments already called into question [see above] to argumentum ad populum fallacies (where a proposition is claimed to be true or good solely because many people believe it to be so – “Abraham Lincoln is a great president, and it doesn’t matter what anyone says because only a small number of Americans believe otherwise…so ignore all those things – arrest of journalists, defiance of the courts, suspension of Habeas Corpus – that
            call my ridiculous belief into question” * ) to “argumentum verbosium” and “appeal to authority” fallacies where you cut-n-paste something (or many things) from other sources without critical analysis (and ignore posters who do): “see everybody, the Washington Post says something; therefore, it must be true”

            *admittedly paraphrasing Engelman, but I think that was
            essentially the essence of one of his prior ravings.

            Engelman: “Sometimes I feel like a boxing champion
            who agrees to pay a large sum of money to anyone who can last two rounds with him in the ring, and who defeats challenger after challenger without losing his breath.”


            Me: “Well Joe Frasier, you’ve just met your Muhammad Ali.”

            By the way, this is not the first time I’ve knocked you out in the first round here. You once tacitly tried linking several Asian nation’s approval ratings of Obama with their superior intelligence. It was then that I pointed out that even during the lowest point of the Bush presidency, Japan’s approval rating of him, for instance, was never below 50% – casting doubt on your dumb argument.

          • JohnEngelman

            Uh, no. What you do is cut-n-paste other people’s work without critical analysis in an attempt to browbeat others into submission through verbosity.

            – The Traveller

            That was the beginning of the most verbose post I have read here.

          • The Traveller

            I’ve learned from the master. You should be flattered.

          • JohnEngelman

            I try to keep my posts to less than one computer screen.

            An appeal to authority is a valid debating technique when the authority is credible, and The Washington Post clearly is. II corroborated my claim with a number of other authorities, including the conservative The Washington Times.

          • JohnEngelman


            According to current figures from Immigration and Customs Enforcement — the federal agency responsible for deportations — Obama has removed 1.4 million people during his 42 months in office so far. Technically, that’s fewer than under George W. Bush, whose cumulative total was 2 million. But Bush’s number covers eight full years, which doesn’t allow an apples-to-apples comparison.

            If you instead compare the two presidents’ monthly averages, it works out to 32,886 for Obama and 20,964 for Bush, putting Obama clearly in the lead.

          • The Traveller

            Don’t bother. I pointed out that those numbers are likely inflated. He’s counting border removals troll…and I used your own article to show it.

          • JohnEngelman

            Every credible source out there says Obama has been ordering considerably more deportations than any other president, even when they criticize him for it.

          • The Traveller

            And I’m afraid it gets even worse for Ms. Khimm and the Washington Post article you cited. It seems as though she’s cherry-picked her numbers:

            “that’s 1.5 times more immigrants on average than Bush deported every month, according to official numbers from the Department of Homeland Security*”

            That’s pretty deceptive because the numbers she apparently cites to get that comes from 2007. In the last year of the Bush administration (2008 – the year she should have cited), the figure of 1.5 times for at the yearly totals is way off. It seems as though she purposely picked the lower figure for Bush. In fact, when you compare total deported for 2008 vs 2011 for Obama (last year with complete results in this chart), Obama officially deported only about 1.076 times what Bush did. But wait…it gets even worse than that. If you focus on only the yearly figures instead of the monthly figure, Obama deported only 1.36 times more than Bush in 2007. In other words, she first picked the worst year of the Bush presidency to look at, then ignored the yearly total and focused on the monthly average to get a higher number – pathetic.

            But all of that doesn’t even mean Obama actually deported more than Bush. He could just be counting “border removals” to inflate the number [see above].

            6…7…8…9…and he’s out!

          • JohnEngelman

            abc News Sept. 20, 2012

            Obama…has broken records for the number of deportations during his first term…

            Voters can judge Obama by his record, but who will Romney be on immigration? A pragmatic politician like Obama, deporting record amounts.


            This article is critical of the President for “deporting record amounts [sic]” of immigrants, but it does say that he has ordered the highest number of deportations.

          • JohnEngelman

            International Business Times

            BY Jeremy B. White | September 10 2012 9:55 AM

            While Republicans have portrayed Obama as a pro-amnesty president who regularly sidesteps immigration laws, the data tells a different story. The Department of Homeland Security reported on Friday that Obama presided over the deportation of 391,953 immigrants in 2011, slightly lower than the all-time record set in 2009, also under his presidency.

          • JohnEngelman

            Obama administration sets deportation record
            The Washington Times Friday, December 21, 2012

            The Obama administration deported a record 409,849 illegal immigrants in the last fiscal year, with the majority of them convicted criminals, according to statistics released Friday.

          • SLCain

            “Engelman: “Sometimes I feel like a boxing champion…”

            Well, he certainly exhibits the logorrhea of Muhammad Ali and the signs of brain damage one associates with boxers.

          • Heff

            You don’t peddle truth. You’re a troll who likes to hear yourself talk (or write in this case).

        • Dude

          Who the hell are you? lol

          • SLCain

            Engelman? He is a nobody. A deranged, stupid little nobody of a man.

          • Svigor

            He’s the online equivalent of the kid who spray-paints walls or the drunk who bores everyone with his unsolicited rants. Except he has not drunkenness, callow youth, or socioeconomic status as an excuse.

        • SLCain

          I’m sure he didn’t. John Derbyshire is a smart man, a man with interesting opinions rooted in hard-gotten knowledge and a lifetime of experience.

          You, on the other hand, are just a deranged fool.

        • Caracal

          I love it ! ATBOTL refers to an anonymous “narcisstic” troll and you automatically infer that it must be you

          Talk about resting one’s case….classic engelman !

      • ATBOTL

        There are couple annoying, narcissistic trolls who should just be banned from posting here. One already was but was inexplicably allowed back.

    • liberalsuck

      I agree. I thought Jared had more class than that than to let the same corporatins and companies who wouldn’t hire him or host a prowhite conference because he and us are “racists”, yet they don’t mind making money off of Jared’s site.

    • Random Guy

      AmRen uses the Disqus online discussion service, so the site gets tracked by a lot of different companies. That’s probably where the ads you’re seeing are coming from. The best solution is to use Firefox and install the free Do Not Track Me add-on. (I’m not affiliated with them in any way, just a user.) At the moment, for example, Do Not Track Me is blocking seven different companies, including AdNexus, and one social network (Twitter Badge). It’s not Amren’s fault. Disqus has an advertising clause in its terms of service agreement.

      • Joe Mama

        I just use waterfox ( firefox X64 bit equivalent) and install “adblock ” with “element hiding helper for ad block” and noting else .. I NEVER see ads or anything else on ANY site.. You can do the same with X32 bit firefox if you’re running a 32 bit system..

        • Svigor

          Does Waterfox solve the constant memory issues with Firefox, by any chance?

  • Barry

    I think that white Western countries such as America should let in only white Westerners – others are alien to the US

  • ageofknowledge

    Translation: Flood another ten million poor into the worst domestic labor market since the Great Depression to drive down wages further and take the low-hanging fruit jobs our young and unemployed need while forcing the receding middle-class to pay to raise, educate, and later incarcerate their anchors after they drop out of high school and join a streetgang. Thanks Obama! We couldn’t fail as a nation without you and your supporters.

  • mobilebay

    The Mexican Way – Break into a country, present false papers, a fake name, a stolen social security card. The American Way – Reward the above with citizenship.

    • Nicholai Hel

      “We don’t pay no steenkin’ out-of-state tuition.”

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      Great, apt comment except you forgot the part where they systematically have four kids by 24 and work under the table to not mess up the social welfare while speaking Spanish and waving a Mexican flag.

      • Liberalsuck

        Oh, and I’m supposed to have sympathy for them and believe “They’re coming here for a better life/do the work Americans won’t do/they will essentially assimilate.” Well, they are taking good jobs Americans do and they would assimilate if we closed off the borders and made speaking English a priority if they wanted to work, do business, vote, get educated and be accepted by most Americans.

        • Svigor

          The thing to remember about leftard talking points is that it’s the bullhorn, not the talking point, which really matters. I mean, how hard is “they’re coming here for a better life” to mock? “Yeah, so is the burglar hanging halfway in my bedroom window.” How hard is “do the work Americans won’t do” to mock? “Yeah, like murder, pimping, drug-dealing, and human trafficking,” or “yeah, because millions of scabs from across the border are driving down the wages for manual labor.” How hard is “they will assimilate” to mock? “Yeah, thing is, if you pour enough coffee into a glass of milk, eventually you get nothing but coffee, that’s not assimilation, that’s ethnic cleansing.”

          Their talking points are a joke. It’s their monopoly on the bullhorn that matters.

          • George White

            Good comebacks! Bravo.

  • Rasmus

    And the a**hats who make up the GOP will go along with it in an attempt to appear “reasonable”. Creatures like Graham and McCain like nothing as much as seeing themselves praised by the WaPo and the NYT. When they cooperate on immigration “reform,” they insure their party’s imminent self-destruction.
    What they should do is force a debate on immigration “reform.” When the economy is circling the drain, oeople here legally don’t want to shell out more money to pay for benefits for people who snuck into the country as criminals. Make it a law and order issue, which it is.

    • Tom_in_Miami

      You’re right about forcing a debate and put it on the news so that the people can see what the issues are and who is voting to flood the country with Somalians and Haitians.

    • Svigor

      They’re trapped. If they don’t grab ankle, they’re demonized by the press.

  • Nicholai Hel

    That’s why Sarah McLachlan speaks for that animal shelter charity, the BC SPCA. Michael Vick turned them down.

  • The REepubs want to have a lot of guestworker programs in TExas 60 percent of construcation is done by latinos. Latinos will not be happy with the guestworker scheme.

  • PesachPatriot

    Maybe as part of the immigration reform they can allow south african whites to cut to the head of the line in to the USA because of the inhuman savagery they are fleeing in their country. I’m not holding my breath for that. There is already 315 million people in this country…we need to put a 30 year moratorium on new immigration until this place gets sorted out.

    • Kostoglotov

      This is an extremely important issue that doesn’t receive anything like the attention it deserves. Funny how the Liberals begin Genocide Watch and similar organizations when they tell them things they don’t want to hear about the ANC’s wonderful multicultural paradise!

      • Kostoglotov

        *begin ignoring*

  • bluffcreek1967

    “Fixing our broken immigration system” – For crying out loud, our immigration system is NOT broken, it’s just not enforced! It was never “broken” per se, the laws were just not enforced by our federal authorities – and BOTH the Democrats and Republicans are responsible for our current state of affairs.

    Radio talk host, Michael Savage, always says: “Language, Culture and Borders.” Americans, through our representative leaders, have given away all three of them!

    If you really want to see what allowing all those Mexicans, Hondurans and Salvadorians will do to the remainder of our country once they are given full amnesty, just look at L.A. County with all of its little rundown barrios. Mexicans turn everything into their version of Tijuana, and that’s guaranteed to occur to the rest of our country if given the chance. Just give it time, you will see.

    • ImTellinYa

      I don’t know. The immigration system is plenty broken even if they did enforce it. The original problem dates to 1965 when that bloated traitor, Ted Kennedy, came up with a new immigration bill that gave preference to nonWhites. Before it was difficult to immigrate to the U.S. unless one was from Europe. So that started the flood of nonWhite savages. The worst of course were the Mexicans. There were hordes of legal aliens from Hispanic countries as well as the illegal aliens. They have proved to be as bad as Blacks for the most part.

      The current law lets in millions of LEGAL nonWhite savages every year through all kinds of open doors; refugees, family reunification, straight green card immigration, diversity lottery(!!), etc. It doesn’t matter how the third-world savages enter the U.S. Legal or illegal, it’s a disaster. It just adds that much more damage when the laws aren’t enforced or they are neutered by Obonzo’s illegal executive orders.

      So the current system is horrible and we have common criminals running the country who want very badly to dispossess the White population. Our leaders are the enemies of their own country. We can’t look to them to do what’s right.

      • bluffcreek1967

        Granted, our immigration laws need to be revamped in areas and, yes, the 60s immigration act was not a good thing for whites. But the point I was attempting to stress is that at least on the books, it still remains a federal crime to enter this country illegally. In that sense, our immigration system is not “broken” as if it somehow fell off the tracks or sustained some kind of injury. Some of the good immigration laws that are still on the books are simply not enforced by our federal authorities. So, when they say our immigration laws are “broken,” what they really mean is that they’re not going to enforce it and, instead, allow hordes of Mexican invaders to cross our borders and remain here permanently.

  • D. H. Andrews

    I went to Texas, a neighboring state, not long ago and could not determine whether I was still in the U.S. or had entered Mexico. Time is short that TX will remain a “red” state in the elections. With Obongo’s plan, TX will be in the blue column forever – like the formerly “red” state of CA.

    • Liberalsuck

      There is such a mish mosh and mix of so many different racial and religious groups in TX that I can’t tell where I am in. It’s like there are some white Texas people there, then there are Asian communities, then there are MIddle Eastern taxi drivers I’ve had, then there are the blacks, then the Mexicans, etc.

  • JohnEngelman

    According to a recent Gallup poll 42 percent of Americans want immigration to remain at its present level. 21 percent want immigration increased. 35 percent want immigration decreased.


    If immigration remains at its present level whites will gradually become a minority race in the United States. If immigration increases, white will more quickly become a minority race. Unless the Republican Party can win more support among non whites it is doomed. It can only win that support by supporting more immigration.

    In a video published here November 7, 2012 Jared Taylor pointed out that last November Mitt Romney won the same percentage of the white vote that Ronald Reagan did in 1980. The last presidential election may be the last presidential election where a Republican comes close to being elected.

    Although the Republicans retain control of the House of Representatives this is because of gerrymandering. A larger number of Americans voted for Democratic Representatives.

    Immigration could be the issue that dooms the GOP.

    • robinbishop34

      So what do you suggest John?

      • JohnEngelman

        I am ambivalent. I want the Republican Party to either go out of existence, or become a permanent minority party. I want the Democratic Party to regain the votes of most white blue collar workers. It can only do that by opposing more immigration. Opposing more immigration is politically unpopular.

        A Democratic Party that depends on the votes of blacks and Hispanics will be unstable because blacks and Hispanics frequently hate each other. The New Deal coalition was only possible when Hispanics had difficulty immigrating to the United States, and when most blacks were denied equal rights by Jim Crow legislation.

        During the New Deal the Democratic Party won the votes of social democrats in the North, and segregationists in the South. This coalition was less incongruous than it seems in retrospect. The social democrats were post capitalist in their thinking. The segregationists were semi feudal, and hence pre capitalist. Both disliked commercial values and the corporate elite.

        I like ambivalence. It prevents fanaticism.

        • robinbishop34

          So are you suggesting a policy that pits blacks and hispanics againt one another?

          • Liberalsuck

            Yeah, because they hate each other and are attacking each other on the streets, regardless of the fact both vote for Democrats in large numbers and regardless of the fact the black and hispanic talking heads are always trying to unite them against white people.

          • JohnEngelman

            Democratic leaders do not want to unite blacks and Hispanics against whites. They want to unite everyone who is not rich against the plutocracy which has been getting richer as real after tax income for most Americans declines.


          • Svigor

            Yeah, that’s why Dems are as happy demonizing poor whites as pigs in @#!^.

          • razorrare

            Engelman is as lost as his wallstreet occupier buddies who railed & protested for more immigration in which it benefits the very ‘plutocracy’ which they say they are at war against…Obviously Engelman is so brain-dead he cant see that the dem leaders are as rich as any neo-cons…guess he believes obama himself is not so financially well off…your wasting your time responding to the useful idiot.

          • SLCain

            What is “investorvillage” that I should remotely care what they think?

            Another one of your “credible sources”.

          • JohnEngelman

            No, of course not. Diversity is not a source of strength. It is a problem we have to manage.

            Countries where nearly everyone is white or Oriental have fewer social problems than a heterogeneous country. They respond better to national traumas.

            The United States has never been such a country. A country with a large black population faces an ugly moral dilemma. If it denies those blacks equal rights it will deny them to the minority of blacks who behave and perform as well as the majority of whites. If it grants blacks equal rights it will face the social problems the United States has faced since the civil rights legislation was signed, and South Africa has faced since the end of apartheid.

            Blacks are here through no choice of their own. They are native to this country. They are not going anywhere. We have no choice but to try to make a multi racial society work.

          • Svigor

            I’m sure in 1775 there were Loyalists saying the colonies have never been independent, in 1989 saying the Berlin Wall would never come down and that Russia would always be Communist, in 1916 saying the Tsars were forever. I’m sure lots of “practical” Unionists told the paddies what was what for years on end.

            Things are always the way they are, until they change.

            Integration certainly isn’t inevitable. Freedom of association is among the basic human rights, and unless the gov’t decides to stop abrogating it, there will be more and more trouble over the issue. Especially as the gov’t declines in power due to decreased revenue owed to exploding debt and a shrinking economy.

            P.S., Segregation worked. It was people like you on the outside who brought pressure to bear and sent in the troops.

          • JohnEngelman

            From 2000 to 2010 the gross national product of the United States grew from $6,072 billion to $7,859 billion in 1986 dollars.


            As the United States recovers from the Great Recession, economic growth is likely to increase.

            Unfortunately, “The inflation-adjusted income of the median household—smack in the middle of the populace—fell 4.8% between 2000 and 2009, even worse than the 1970s, when median income rose 1.9% despite high unemployment and inflation. Between 2007 and 2009, incomes fell 4.2%.”

            The average standard of living is declining despite economic growth because of growing inequality in wealth and income.


            This is a Democrat issue.

            There have not been black ghetto riots of any significance since the Rodney King riots of 1992. The rate of violent crime has declined since 1991.


            The civil rights movement has been a disappointment for those of us who expected blacks to disprove negative stereotypes once they were given equal rights. Nevertheless, as long as black crime continues to decline I do not think it will be possible to scapegoat blacks for the decline in white paychecks.

          • Svigor

            Thanks you for another of your drunk-like and unsolicited pontifications.

          • JohnEngelman

            It is difficult to push facts into closed, narrow minds, but it is worth a try.

          • Svigor

            If that’s how you characterize your constant weasel-words, more power to you.

          • Svigor

            “Scapegoat,” like “zealot,” comes to us through the Jews.

          • JohnEngelman

            I do not like expressions of antisemitism. Neither does Jared Taylor.

          • SLCain

            Right. That’s why David Duke used to attend American Renaissance conventions. Because he could be counted on never to express any anti-semitism.

            You are an idiot.

          • JohnEngelman

            David Duke has never been a scheduled speaker at American Renaissance conferences. His attendance has been allowed, as would be the attendance of Jesse Jackson.

            When this website included a favorable review of Richard Lynn’s book, “The Chosen People: A Study of Jewish Intelligence and Achievement” here:


            the following post on David Duke’s Stormfront appeared:

            “America Renaissance confirms to be a jew-lackey organisation rather than a pro-white organization. Not only Judeo-American Renaissance going to sleep with the enemy jew but also celebrate him as “superior race” as “chosen people”

            The fact that this post, and the poster remained on Stromfront indicates that this viewpoint is acceptable to David Duke. I was banned from Stormfront after two weeks for praising the Jews while criticizing Hitler.

          • SLCain

            So, did Jesse Jackson attend? AmRen clearly has no problem with anti-semites taking part in it’s proceedings (I suspect that is a conscious policy, too).

          • JohnEngelman

            I doubt that David Duke was invited, or that he was welcome with Jared Taylor and the staff of American Renaissance.

            Race realism requires a realistic understanding of how the races differ in average ability levels and behavior. The only important way that Jews differ on the average from white Gentiles is in superior intelligence and achievement. I am unaware of any evidence that Jewish businessmen tend to be less honest than Gentile businessmen, that Jewish money lenders charge higher interest rates, that Jewish landlords are more prone to raise rents, and so on.

            American Renaissance serves a valuable service in propagating truths that are often dangerous to state in other venues.

            Unfortunately, buy its nature American Renaissance sometimes attracts those who are motivated by their hostility to anyone who is not a Gentile of European ancestry. These soil the image of this fascinating website.

          • Svigor

            More of your non-responsive responses. I.e., you don’t actually address the issue at hand, but simply reply with a non-sequitur. E.g., “scapegoat” and “zealot” do in fact come to us through the Jews.

            Is reality “anti-Semitic”?

          • Svigor

            Do you find in real life that people fall for your 4th-grade semantic play? Is that what encourages you to treat everyone you encounter online like a damned fool?

            It doesn’t inspire amity. Treating people like fools with dime-store semantic games usually has the opposite effect.

          • JohnEngelman

            The reality is that antisemitism is the socialism of the sewer. It combines right wing race bigotry with the leftist politics of envy. Those who dislike Jews resent them because the Jews are so obviously superior.

            The same can be said about those who dislike Orientals.

          • SLCain


            The reality is that antisemitism is the socialism of the sewer.”

            Whereas you are merely a sewer of socialism.

            You are attacking strawmen. I have nothing against jews. I just dislike you, because you are a bloviating clown.

          • SLCain

            Nonsense. This statement of yours – like all the others you make – is assinine.

            Blacks cost us lots of money – in the form of increased insurance premiums, increased expenditures on security, prisons, and law enforcement, entitlement spending, and money squandered on useless affirmative action sinecures (imagine how much it costs to hire an entire workforce that is incapable of doing it’s stated job, or of staffing whole EEO offices).

            Try thinking more, and posting less, idiot.

        • robinbishop34

          How would non Europeans fit into this model?

          • JohnEngelman

            As best as possible. I think it is foolish to flood the United States with third world immigrants, but majority opinion does not seem to oppose the deluge.

          • SLCain

            So that is why you voted for Obama – so that he can – by illegal fiat – admit more third worlders.

          • JohnEngelman

            I have already pointed out from a number of credible sources, including the conservative The Washington Times that deportations of illegal immigrants are higher under Obama than under any previous president.

            Although I would like to reduce legal immigration, and deport all the illegals, most Americans disagree with me. Republican politicians like a high rate of immigration, because it reduces wages.

          • SLCain

            You are a fool. Or dishonest. Or both.

          • JohnEngelman

            What you are is obvious to any decent person who reads your comments. Aren’t you getting tired of having your comments deleted? You should take your malevolence somewhere else and stop soiling the image of a really great website.

          • SLCain

            What comment? The one where I called you a fool? Still up.

            Plenty of decent people seem to have no problem with my comments. As to soiling this website, it is you who are doing that.

            And you are not a decent person. In a previous thread, you stated your belief that any rights you may have derive only from the indulgence of the powerful. I would say that you have the mentality of a slave, but that would be far too generous. A slave may yet have some pride. You evidently have none. You have the mentality of a prison-bitch.

          • JohnEngelman

            What you are is obvious to every decent poster who reads your comments.

        • robinbishop34

          You’re for selective fanaticism no?

          • JohnEngelman

            No. It is natural for one to allow one’s likes and dislikes to influence one’s judgment of what is true and false. One should try to keep this from happening. Reality exists independent of our desires. One should be aware of one’s prejudices.

          • Svigor

            Sure, that’s why you’re so rough on Israel, all those fanatics and zealots (the etymology of that word, “zealot,” is instructive).

          • JohnEngelman

            It is not fanaticism that enables the Israelis to defeat the Arabs, but superior intelligence.

          • Svigor

            Another of your weasel-tongued evasions. A non-denial denial worthy of a fourth grade audience. Israel is packed with Jewish fanatics and zealots.

          • JohnEngelman

            Jews are packed with IQ power. That is what matters in war and in peace.

          • Svigor

            I’ll take your silence as assent; Israel (mean IQ: 98; mean Ashkenazi IQ: a whopping 104) is packed with Jewish fanatics and zealots.

          • JohnEngelman

            “The 10,000 Year Explosion: How Civilization Accelerated Human Evolution,” is favorably reviewed on American Renaissance here:


            An entire chapter of this fascinating book is entitled, “Medieval Evolution: How the Ashkenazi Jews Got Their Smarts.” On page 188 of this book is written, “Ashkenazi Jews have the highest IQ of any ethnic group known. They average around 112-115, well above the European norm of 100.”

          • JohnEngelman

            “The 10,000 Year Explosion: How Civilization Accelerated Human Evolution,” is favorably reviewed on American Renaissance here:


            An entire chapter of this fascinating book is entitled, “Medieval Evolution: How the Ashkenazi Jews Got Their Smarts.” On page 188 in this chapter is written, “Ashkenazi Jews have the highest IQ of any ethnic group known. They average around 112-115, well above the European norm of 100.”

          • Svigor

            PS, if you really wonder why people respond to you so negatively, go back over your weaselly responses and ponder.

          • JohnEngelman

            Those who respond to me negatively do not like to be told the truth about racial differences. On the average Ashkenazi Jews and Orientals are more intelligent than white Gentiles. That is why most earn more money.

          • Caracal

            Correction. Here’s the truth about racial differences:

            The two most powerful military countries in the world today are WHITE countries (USA and Russia) and the richest country and the richest economic block are again WHITE countries (USA and the European Union).

            Nice try, but everybody knows that your jews could not win or defend israel without the US, engleman, and that asians would never earn any more money without White economies and markets in the first place. IQ tests don’t measure ingenuity, leadership, temperament, courage nor physical strength which Whites have plenty more than jews and asians, you silly man.

            As usual you do nothing but expose your obvious inferiority complexes for whatever reasons…

          • JohnEngelman

            Those who flame me reveal inferiority complexes. They resent the way I remind them, quoting sources I have found on this website, that Orientals and Ashkenazi Jews are more intelligent on the average than Nordic Gentiles.

            I enjoy discussing controversial issues, and prefer that personal insults be kept out of it.

          • lily-white

            and, not to mention million$ in US weaponry…

          • JohnEngelman

            It takes brains to figure out how to use high tech weaponry. Israel gets it because support for that wonderful country is fortunately not an issue in the United States. The only issue is how best can we support Israel.

          • lily-white

            mmmmmm… no… the only issue is how we can expel the those money sucking AIPAC parasites from our government…

          • SLCain


            “Reality exists independent of our desires.”

            Reality is certainly independent of anything pertaining to you.

        • robinbishop34

          Kevin MacDonald accurately predicts every single breath you take.

          • Svigor


        • Svigor

          Haha, that must be why you’re so keen on Israel; your distaste for fanatics.

          Haha, you empty suit, you.

    • Dave4088

      The usual one sided commentary from John. Democrats are gerrymanderers par excellence which is how they’ve been able to create so many majority black congressional districts and increase black representation in the halls of Congress.

      • JohnEngelman

        Democrats failed to regain control of the U.S. House of Representatives even though they won 1 million more votes than Republicans…

        Democrats led Republicans by 56 million to 55 million votes nationally, according to unofficial tallies from the Associated Press. It’s the first time since 1996 that one party won more House seats while winning fewer votes, according to data compiled by the House Clerk’s office. The outcome is the product in part of Republican-dominated redrawing of House seat boundaries after the 2010 census and of population shifts.

    • Svigor

      If Americans had a clue what the current immigration levels are, the polls might tell me something important. I doubt more than 5% could even summon ball park figures.

  • secede now before its too late

    Screw that half breed who only got in office with neocon media and liberal white race traitors and is the 17 trillion in the hole raising taxes.
    Trash pos nothing of a radical scumbag mix up fag. Time to secede and do it not for you but for your children and their children and their children ….

  • split the bad marriage

    Did that jackass say to “do it for revenge” when he campaigned to be re-elected in most white venues? Revenge for what? Making the massive mistake of bringing African slaves to the west when they were needed like a hole in the head 500 yrs ago? Turn back the hands of time and correct this mistake with a time machine.
    Whites need to vote for revenge to get his mutt ass out of Washington DC and back to Hawaii where he belongs sired by a whore white female and either her black commie named Davis or a black Kenyan. Nobody knows at this point. All that is known is he is a freak of nature.

  • Kostoglotov

    Wow.. economy in the toilet.. $16 trillion deficit.. regulatory overload stifling the little economic vibrance that remains.. growing inflation.. exploding crime in the inner city.. communities going bankrupt.. the greatest racial polarization in a generation.. international prestige and influence falling to postwar lows.. increased Islamic radicalization worldwide.. chronic multimillion dollar trade deficits.. general societal malaise reaching historic highs.. but, gosh darnit, let’s normalize the status of tens of millions of unskilled, uneducated illegal aliens, and get them signed up for as many public benefits as possible! That’s my main priority!

    I realized a long time ago that Obongo was insane. Something about the eyes, and his absolute refusal to let any form of reality infringe on his “vision” whatsoever. It’s going to be an interesting four years.

  • Guest


  • Dave4088

    According to the narrative being vended by the Obama administration and their innumerable left wing media accomplices, our immigration system is “broken” if it doesn’t allow unlimited numbers of poor, unskilled, and often criminal, third world (non-white) people to come to America virtually at will. Polls show that no less than 60% and as high as 78% of the nation wants illegal aliens deported and our border secured. Yet the stupid party will disregard the wishes of their white electorate and other Americans in favor of the small, but growing mestizo electorate.

    That they stupid party has put forth the Dream Act lite is just evidence of their willingness to capitulate and prostrate themselves before La Raza and their brown army of braying, gesticulating mobs.

  • Skipper

    It is now time to start assembling the Republican? / Conservatives? list who will back one sort of immigration legalization legislation or another in 2013. Of course, they will never call it “amnesty” but it is in effect the same thing. If the illegal immigrants are not deported, it does not count for anything. Also expect these people to push for more legal immigration as if the nation was not at record breaking levels already. The people on this list deserve to be removed from their respective positions in the Republican Party and Conservative movement as soon, and as far as possible. Obviously, this is wishful thinking, but immigration patriots (still a majority of American citizens) need to stridently inform them of their positions in no uncertain terms.

    They are as follows:

    N. Gingrich
    C. Krauthammer
    S. Hannity
    J. McCain
    J. Flake (Republican House sponsor of many amnesty bills that fortunately never passed.
    He will be a Senator from AZ in 2013.)

    L. Graham
    O. Hatch (original sponsor of the DREAM Act)
    J. Bush
    G.W. Bush
    M. Rubio
    T. Cruz
    J. Boehner
    M. Romney (He might be brought out the shadows for this purpose. During the campaign he stated he would propose an immigration “reform” bill in 2013, and also proposed massive increases in legal immigration in almost every job category.)

  • Well, right Texas is doing good economically so all the foreigners that use to only go to California or New York are showing up. Texians need to open up their eyes. San Diego and Orange County were the same way back in the 1980’s. besides hispanics, asians and middle eastern people came as well and the Republicans barely win Orange County now and San Diego somtimes goes for the Dems and sometimes for the Republicans.

    • lily-white

      yes cynthia… we are one of the front gates here in texas and it is wide open… they say that what happens in Cali catches up to the rest of the US in a matter of a few years… where i now live looks nothing like it did when i first moved here…i fully expect to be back at my old home in oklahoma just north of here when things really get crowded… at least the okies appear to be fighting the takeover but there is not much you can do when local law enforcement have to release the invaders because the fed no longer picks them up and deports them… So now we are waiting for chairman obummer to quickly fix the problem with blanket amnesty (and no, i dont fall for that pathway to citizenship line)
      so… with the sweep of a pen… LOOK NO MORE ILLEGALS… PROBLEM SOLVED! … i swear our elected officials must be smoking crack cause i can come up with no other explanation for such behavior….

  • jay11

    They have controlled the language in this and many other arenas. They use terms like ‘broken’ to describe the immigration system. Who can oppose ‘fixing’ something that’s broken? They say immigration ‘reform’. Who can be against making things better?
    The truth is that the immigration system is not broken. The border patrol is what’s broken. Our will to preserve us as a people is broken. But the immigration system works as it is supposed to. Apply to be a citizen, fill out papers and wait for an answer. That there is a flood of illegals all around us now does not make a process for citizenship ‘broken’. The illegals and their advocates are overwhelming the system in an effort to take it down. Everyone in the world wants our standard of living, and they won’t follow any rules to get it.
    That’s what’s broken – our ability to keep them out and process them in an orderly fashion – and reject who might be detrimental to us and our way of life. They’ve even changed the language now from illegal immigrant to ‘undocumented’. He who controls the language controls the result.

  • Hal K

    Look at this as one more opportunity for us to educate white conservatives about the need for them to start looking out for their racial group interests explicitly. The race-neutral mainstream immigration reduction organizations (like FAIR and NumbersUSA) have accomplished nothing except to delay the inevitable. The defeat of Romney was a “teachable moment” for mainstream conservatives, and the upcoming immigration debate will be another one. We need to make sure and point out how mainstream conservatives undermine their own argument by refusing to embrace pro-white advocacy. When they deny that they are “racist” they are also saying that it would be wrong for whites to look out for their interests as whites, and that is where they undermine their own cause.

  • ImTellinYa

    Obama, that sorry, affirmative-action parasite and common criminal has essentially announced that he will continue to import a new, nonWhite people. In other words under Obama, our “government” will continue to be the enemy of its own country and will ramp up the destructive invasion of third-world savages.

    This one is going to be hard to stop. I’ve never seen the Republicans more cowardly and ready to grovel. And the GOP hasn’t been of much use at all since the 80s.

    I think it’s time Whites realize that our country is gone. It has been occupied and is governed by hostile anti-Americans whose top priority is displacing, disarming, criminalizing and dispossessing Whites. Nothing we say is going to stop that. The Leftist tyrants are, in fact, seriously discussing legislation that will outlaw freedom of speech. There was a story about that on this very website a couple of months ago I believe.

    Anyway, the Left is about to start its victory lap and the damage will be unbelievable. That cynical power and money grab, ObamaCare, is about to kick in. That in itself will be a terribly aggressive tool for dispossessing Whites. I’ve seen problems with it already. It will be an affirmative-action Disneyland.

    We’ve talked and we’ve voted for decades, and things have only gotten worse because of the increasing victory of the Leftist agenda. They are now very close to a total victory. The Republicans are now nothing but a submissive collection of whipping boys for the Democrats to abuse.

  • terrible nation called amerika

    who the hell put this 3rd world mutt in charge of this white nation anyway? damn white liberals did it all with their media brainwash since birth.

    time to split off and reform a new nation with red states to preserve your race and heritage and let the blue 3rd world liberal socialists die off and mix up. blame bush for it all. he and his neocons put the mutt in office didnt he thanks to basket case crybaby daddy?

  • Fed Up

    The immigration reform needed: A 30-YEAR MORATORIUM ON ALL IMMIGRATION!

    We need to slam and lock the door until our economy is at the point where all Americans who WANT a job actually can find a job! We do not need to kick our people in the privates by giving them more competition, from immigrants, for ever fewer job openings listed.

  • Susan

    However did we exist for some 200 hundred years without this third world filth overwhelming us.Besides the DemoRat vote,which we do not need more of,what do we need them here for? Just go home.

  • mikebowen55

    Wait, I’m confused. I thought grabbing guns was his top priority at the moment. In any case it’s all treason.

    • Puggg

      Obama’s top priority at the moment is whatever the top priority at the moment is of the group he’s speaking to. If a speech to the maker of soybean snack chips was on his agenda today, his top priority would be farm subsidies to soybean farmers.

  • got to make all the Wets legal so they can vote

  • SirJohn2

    How about JOBS, Mr. President? Didnt you say that THAT was going to be your #1 priority? Like the Keystone Pipeline? Still waiting…