Greens Confront Own Need for Diversity

Talia Buford, Politico, December 29, 2012

The Republican Party isn’t the only political force that has a diversity problem.

Environmental activists say their own movement needs to step up its game if it wants to play much bigger in Washington.

The green movement dreams of pushing major bills through Congress on the scale of President Barack Obama’s health care reform law and the immigration overhaul expected to begin next year.

But those issues enjoy something the green movement does not: wide and deep support across key Democratic groups, including Latinos and African-Americans.

“You should fish where the fish are biting,” said Van Jones, the former green jobs adviser to Obama. “All causes that want longevity need to look to influence the emerging majority, which will be a nonwhite majority.”

The greens say their plight is less dire than the GOP’s, insisting that diversity exists in environmentalism, especially at the local level. It’s nationally that environmental organizations—and the face they present to the country—too often drive the perception that green issues are the purview of white liberals.


People have offered many reasons why the cap-and-trade bill died in 2010. But opponents’ message that the legislation would close plants and wipe out jobs undoubtedly hurt, supporters say.

“The opposition said, ‘This is going to hurt low-income communities of color,’ and it created a case of divide and conquer,” said Vien Truong, director of environmental equity at the Greenlining Institute, a California-based think tank.

Longer term, it’s been four decades since Congress passed landmark environmental protection bills like the 1972 Clean Water Act and 22 years since the 1990 Clean Air Act amendments—and addressing problems like climate change will require legislation with the same wide-reaching effects. Many activists say there’s no chance of a climate bill passing Congress unless they get support from more people within communities of color.

“If we’re going to be successful, we need to reflect the population,” said Adrianna Quintero, founder of Voces Verdes, a coalition of Latino environmental leaders.

That means green groups need to change, she said.

“They need to diversify their leadership, the membership and their staff at all levels,” Quintero said. “But mostly, the vision needs to look toward a world that looks more diverse, that takes into account cultural nuances and different life experiences.”

Right now, the images people see when environmental causes rise to the top of the national agenda often have one thing in common: They’re white images.

Rising leaders such as Bill McKibben, the founder who was named one of Time’s “People Who Mattered” in 2011—white. Eco-celebrities such as Mark Ruffalo and Daryl Hannah—white. Leaders of the big environmental organizations, such as Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune—also, for the most part, white. (On the other hand, Sierra Club President Allison Chin, who serves on the group’s board of directors, is the first person of color to hold the top post in the 120-year-old organization.)


And signs of diversity are increasing.

The top three environmental leaders in the Obama administration—Energy Secretary Steven Chu, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson—are people of color. Jackson has made a priority of “environmental justice,” the effort to ensure that poor and minority communities enjoy the same protections as affluent white ones—or as she put it last year, addressing the fact “there are still communities in this country where there’s a disproportionate collection of smokestacks and tailpipes.”


Supporters of California’s cap-and-trade program likewise say they stressed its importance to reducing pollution and asthma rates in minority communities in Los Angeles.


Coalitions among environmental groups and the NAACP and Hip Hop Caucus, a youth social issue initiative, have sought to unite for issues of air quality, green jobs and other rights. In February, the Sierra Club, and the Hip Hop Caucus are partnering for a Presidents Day rally against the Keystone pipeline.

“It just adds so much value to the conversations,” said Chin, the Sierra Club president. “Any partnership requires getting to know one another. It’s about spending some time where you share common ground and common goals. And part of that is going to be understanding where you may not have strong agreement or aligned values but then agreeing to focus on the shared ground. And that is how we approach it.”

While the collaborations are a good start, diversity and inclusion can’t just be tactics to gain a political victory, said Quintero of Voces Verdes.

“It simply can’t be, ‘We’ll talk to you when we need you,’” said Quintero, who is also a senior attorney at the Natural Resources Defense Council. “There needs to be a give and take.”



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  • The__Bobster

    Every moolie and squat monster hood that I’ve been in has been filthy. Only SWPL people are into the environmental movement. I think they secretly like not having to associate with minorities, not that they’d admit it.

    • Liberalsuck

      Good points. Whenever I hear a white (liberal) whine about “white privilege” or sobbing about the fact we “took this land from the Native indigineous population”, I always tell them they are free to move to a nonwhite country, to move to a black or mexican neighborhood, to donate all their own hard-earned money to a black organization, to give up their job to an illegal mexican, to deed their property over to an American Indian, etc. They usually accuse me of being ignorant or ‘full of hate’ or ‘racist’, etc. I tell them “If you aren’t willing to do the things you suggest other people need to do, then you need to preaching to others. It makes you sound like a hypocrite. Put your money where your mouth is, as the saying goes.”

      • Liberalsuck

        meant to say, “You need to quit preaching to other.” My apologies.

        • Pelayo

          No need. While we type we’re emotional at the same time and mistakes are made.

      • Pelayo

        Didn’t the plains Indians run entire herds of Bison over cliffs; killing many more than were needed? I’m not excusing the slaughter perpetrated by Railroad Companies and hunting from train expedition brokers. I’m just saying. When the Indians had access to lever action Winchesters they didn’t hesitate to use them to kill more bison than they could with arrows. Whites realized the error of those who preceded them and now the herds are coming back.

        • IstvanIN

          In all fairness the Indians didn’t have the technological capacity to cause the buffalo to go extinct, we did, and almost did so, and for no better reason than for sport. Of course, fortunately, we saw the error of our ways and stopped killing them and made them a protected species.

  • When I go out to appreciate nature, I must say I never see a black or hispanic. If you go to the beach, and there are teenaged White girls in bikinis, there will be all manner of diversity, but when it comes to a chess match, a wildlife preserve, cake contest or charity auction you can bet it will be all White. After a flood, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a black fill a bag with sand. When I see a headline regarding one man saving another’s life, I don’t need to see a photo to know the hero is White. Now, in hollywood, the hero is always black, but oy vey! Everything is backwards in hollywood!

    • U.S.S.A.

      Donating blood is also very white, but this white will only donate blood for friends and family (and perhaps areas that are demographically white). Diversity destroys trust. I am not donating my blood to just anyone. Family and friends get my blood for free. Everyone else pays. The problem with the (naive) white way of giving is that it is misguided altruism. Many minorities will piggishly take what whites foolishly give away but will not reciprocate.

      “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.” — Matthew 7:6

      • Pelayo

        They’re much more adept at shedding blood than they are at donating it.

    • pcmustgo

      MEXICANS LOVE CAMPING… I’ve gone camping a lot , car camping in state parks the past few summers and saw Mexicans every time. They bring their whole extended family. But then again they blend in and fit in more than Blacks. They seemed pleasant enough.

      • Are you sure they were camping, and weren’t just sneaking across the border?? Honest mistake.

        • pcmustgo

          They camp, but I will say they do it differnently than whites. They bring the entire extended family , like 20 people, and often use the campgrounds as a place to live, bring all their cooking equipment , tons of equipment, more like a house, etc. Like many poor people, they are more likely to use these campgrounds as as cheap place to live for the summer at least.

      • shmo123

        Fine. As long as they pick up their garbage. Mexico often looks like one big open garbage can.

    • wattylersrevolt

      Your post is an example of the highly anemic and therefore lame debating strategy employed by many people who post here on make it way to easy for the loathsome Van Jones. Why did you bother to even make this post? I can assure you from first hand experience that the koreans and hindus are rapidly making there way deep into America’s Wilderness areas. Your post is so beside the point.

      Don’t you get it you imbecile:Van Jones is making an ecological case for race-replacing you and your Native Born White American Family…Van Jones doesn’t give a hoot about protecting the environment and any of America’s endangered species. Are you so mentally deficient that you can’t see this obvious point..ditto for everybody else in this thread.

    • wattylersrevolt

      To be even more to the point:Van Jones is arguing that unless America imports…literally wipes away the borders of America…millions of high fertility nonwhites who will generate hyper exponential population growth..and at the same makng the case that Native Born White American reproduce at below replacement fetility level..essentially demanding that Native Born White American voluntarily stop beeding and commit racial-suicide….the envinoment,,ecosystems and endangered species..can not be saved. Van Jones hates the environment..he wants to destroy it to ensure that a vicious racist Kenyan Foreigner can be elected over and over again. This exactly what Jared Tayor should be saying in public debate..but he won’t…instead it will be a mix of begging nonwhites if can exist within the borders of America and mind numbing lectures about IQ test score psycometrics.. a low IQ black…Van Jones who was admitted to the Ivy league via affirmative action wins.
      And this is why I have utter contempt for the moron Jessica Bates who says in a whinning voice”but I never see blacks at Yosemenite”. Message to Miz Bates:Van Jones’ is waging a vicious race war against you and your family..the environment?….he wants to destoy it.

  • Greenies will never be anything but SWPL whites for the most part and hardly vibrant, because there’s no gibsmedat possible in true environmentalism.

    • Robert Binion

      Plenty of opportunity for alternative energy scam artists, though. I wonder if we will see the clandestine emails at Jackson’s EPA. It would be interesting to know, as they peddle the warming hype, if some are aware that Russia suffers her worst winter in decades and that many reputable scientists now predict the return of a mini Ice Age. The best thing we citizens can do to protect the environment is to refrain from littering the roadsides like ingrates who honor neither their land nor the god who created it.
      (Bob’s Big Idea for 2013: outsource Madison Avenue to Asia.)

    • TheAntidote

      Negroes, mestizos and Chinese don’t give a rat’s arse about whales, monarch butterflies, air quality, sewerage treatment, climate change or the plastic floating in the Pacific. Just take a good look at China, Mexico and Nigeria for an understanding of environmental concerns in these places. So Sierra Club, Wildlife Fund, PETA, etc will never get donations from these folks. However, when they demand “diversity” or a “seat at the table” what they want are the jobs in the front and back of the store; then once they are in they start discrimination lawsuits, and set up an “office of equality” so that the original purpose and goal of the institution becomes subsumed by the far more important task of diversity and equality. Any and every business or institution gets the same shakedown.

  • Non Humans

    EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said, “There are still communities in this country where there’s a disproportionate collection of smokestacks and tailpipes.”
    I agree! They’re called Liberals, Democrats, Capitol Hill, DOJ, NAACP, SPLC, Oprah, Michael Moore, the MSM… (Shall I continue?)

  • Black folks tend to rally to civil rights issues. Other concerns, such as the environment, gun rights, abortion, national debt, etc., are paid little attention.

  • Unperson

    The Republican Party isn’t the only political force that has a diversity problem.”

    I’d be willing to bet that, with people like Allen West, Herman Cain, and Michael Steele in high positions, the Republican Party is more diverse than ANY of the major eco groups. The Diversities have never shown any interest in all that “being a good shepherd to the Earth” stuff. Not even the generally high-functioning East Asians: China wouldn’t hesitate to kill entire lakes if it meant a few hundred new jobs in some depressed region.

    Same with PETA and all the other animal-related charities: strictly a Whitey thing, with nary a person of color to be found. Minorities are welcome to join, of course — and in fact actively encouraged, as the above article demonstrates — but by and large they just don’t. They lack the empathy, I suppose.

    Painted in the popular imagination as the most selfish and heartless race who ever lived, we European-dervied nationalities of the West are in fact the most altruistic who ever lived. Pathologically altruistic, even:

    • liberalsuck

      But the liberals and black/brown talking heads aren’t happy with the blacks or hispanics who are “conservative” because they view them as Uncle Toms or sellouts.

  • IstvanIN

    Blacks won’t even throw a McDonalds hamgurger wrapper in the rubbish, just toss it out the car window. If you want a enviromentally clean society you do not want blacks.

    • Not Politcally Correct

      I have seen a plenty of White people do the same thing.

      • pcmustgo

        Not to the extent blacks do… I’VE SEEN BLACKS THROW ENTIRE GROCERY STORE BAGS FULL OF GARBAGE…,.. WHAT I (RE)USE AS GARBAGE BAGS OUT OF THEIR CAR DOOR… while driving through my neighborhood!!!!!!!!!!!!! Twice!

        • Pelayo

          THe Blacks do it as a way of expressing their disdain and hatred of Whites. I despise the leftists who back Black causes and who are generally ” environmentalist” as if we Whites weren’t. The Blacks are experts at despoiling the environment.

      • Pelayo

        I was riding on Route 9 in NJ toward Ocean City and from the car in front of me a hail of McDonald’s styro cartons, cups, plastic utensils and bags came flying out of their windows. I closed in on the car to get a look at their tag because I intended to contact the police. It turns out that the license plate was Canadian. It read “Ontario. Keep it beautiful”. THey were White, In Florida it’s very common with Blacks; car windows open, trash flies out.

        • John

          Damn Canadians, they come down to the Jersey Shore like locusts. I see them do this all the time.

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      Or Mexicans. Or Arabs. Or Southeast Asians.

      • Pelayo

        True enough!!

    • falsedawn

      This total lack of awarenes of their surroundings is one of the things that will make it very easy to deal with blacks once this society comes apart. They’ll be fish in a barrel. Remember, good breathing control, good position, sights on six o’clock bull, take up trigger slack, let the round go exactly at the right moment, one round, one _ _ _ _…

      • Random Guy

        And then the rest of the mob swarms all over you. See “Dawn of the Dead” and “The Walking Dead” for more information.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    “Hip Hop Caucus!”

    I miss Interior Secretary James Watt. He’d give ’em “environmental justice.”

    “A public controversy erupted after a speech to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce by Watt during September 1983, when he mocked affirmative action by saying about a coal-leasing panel: “I have a black, a woman, two Jews and a cripple. And we have talent.” Within weeks of making this statement, Watt submitted his resignation letter.”

    • Edward

      He was a moron.

  • purestocles

    The KEY, and I mean the LINCHPIN, the PIVOT, the FULCRUM to all the above nonsense is the phrase “people of color”.

    Note that under this intellectual confabulation they include Latinos, Asians, African blacks, American Indians, Pacific Islanders et al.

    And just what do these disparate groups have in common?


    That is without question the clearest example of RACISM as in “stereotyping someone by the color of their skin” that one could find.

    And what purpose does it serve? After all, this category lumps together Sub-Saharan Africans who have never seen a toilet, don’t know what to do with a doorknob, haven’t a clue about plumbing etc. with Japanese ROCKET SCIENTISTS and NUCLEAR PHYSICISTS.

    How can this deliberate obfuscation be edifying or add anything of value to any discussion? The answer is, of course, that it doesn’t. It makes everything POLITICAL.

    For after all, who, what group is left out of this club? If THEY are all “people of color”, then who would be people of noncolor? Or not people of color? AHA!!!!! Whites!……..and white males in particular.

    So all these people are arrayed against White males in a battle. It’s not about clarity of discussion or finding the truth or fairness or eliminating bias or racial/gender stereotyping at all. It’s about POWER, and all the talk about oppression and discrimination and slavery and exploitation is just so much cover, a smokescreen.

    • purestocles

      I didn’t mean to literally say that “all these people are arrayed against White males in a battle” because I don’t believe that to be true. What I meant was that allowing someone to classify all these people under the single heading of “people of color” HAS THE EFFECT of forcing us to think as though all these people were joined in common cause against whites.

      Thus the phrase “people of color” is a perfect example of politically correct speech. It is “political” in that it reifies an invented grouping and then in its name, passes laws demanding that society respect the feelings and sensitivities of this vacuous generality. And it is “correct” in that they insist that you address them by THEIR chosen label. As others on this site have suggested, this is not just a political ploy but also a form of mind control.

  • Jeff

    I’ve also noticed the strange fact that many cherished items on the liberal agenda are exclusively white.

    Especially environmentalism. How many black enviros are there? Almost none! The Sierra Club in the US has had the same observation: and is now dreaming of hiring a “diversity maven” to fix the problem:

    Good luck to them! They will get zero traction among blacks and Hispanics unless they put it in terms of “we’ll give you unionized affirmative action government jobs”.

    But not just green issues. Liberals want to save public libraries. How many blacks care? Bookstores are never looted. Liberals seem to love opera and the arts. Are blacks going to want to fund opera? No, unless they can somehow get unionized affirmative action government “jobs” (gibsmedat) out of it. Liberals support gay rights. How do blacks feel about gay rights? Even things like civil liberties are purely white issues. No African, once in power, is going to care about things like warrants and jury trials.

    In fact almost everything on the liberal agenda, from gay rights to global warming to civil liberties, are exclusively white issues, and no amount of diversity outreach coordinators will ever change that. Once the Democratic Party is firmly under the control of NAMs, the only place left for those liberal issues will be within the Republican party! Yes that’s right, the GOP is the natural future home of environmentalism and most of the other liberal agenda.

    • Enar_Larsson

      Add human rights, equality, diversity, and tolerance to your list. White political philosophers invented these ideas and white liberals truly believe in them but Hispanics and blacks only use them while its convenient. When Hispanics wrest control of politics things will probably be even worse for blacks and Muslims than for whites.

      • Jeff

        Yes, actually diversity is a white-only value.

        Can you imagine these conversations taking place:

        “Abdul, it’s great that we have such a strong Shiite community here but I don’t feel like we’re diverse enough. We need to hire a Sunni outreach coordinator to make Sunnis feel more welcome, and we need to provide them with financial assistance so they can move into our neighborhood.”

        “Eh, Pacifique, I feel like there aren’t enough Tutsis in our city. It’s all Hutu. It’s not vibrant enough. We need to enrich our city. Let’s raise taxes here to give free housing and healthcare to Tutsis. Magnifique!”

        “Satoshi, I look around me here in Hokkaido and it’s all Japanese! Every person I see is Japanese. We would be so much more successful if we had some people who are totally different, who can bring new energy and ideas to this boring island. I think we should try to help people from Somalia move here because they want to make a better life but they can’t because they’re in Somalia and things are bad there, but once they get here and get an education from our school system they’ll be just like us, except different enough to give us much-needed diversity! What do you think, Satoshi?”

        “Ganesh, look around you – this is Southern India. There are almost no Muslims here. It’s Hindu Hindu Hindu! Why can’t we get some people to move here from Pakistan? It will be great. Once they come here they’ll revitalize our economy and provide much-needed labor, while at the same time they will immediately agree with our important values and stop eating cows. I love their music too, and I’m looking forward to more Pakistani dhabas, except no meat please, but that shouldn’t be a problem for Pakistani cooking.”

        • liberalsuck

          Hell, could you imagine any of the modern-day white liberals babbling this crap if they were living in the Old West or even in the 1950s? In the Old West, they would’ve been hanged; in the 1950s they would have been called a loon.

    • newscomments70

      It is a similar situation with Israel. Liberal Hollywood Jews assumed that blacks and hispanics would support Isreal if they became the majority. Some are watching in horror as Obama throws Israel under a bus. Many still don’t get it. Isreali Jews with dual citizenship get it…they supported Mitt Romney 85%. Isreali Jews are more pro-white than American whites. It’s too little, too late though.

      • ewcz

        Well, that would be at least one positive side of the demographic change, no?

    • liberalsuck

      White liberals are why the West is so f—ed up. If the white liberals had to pay for this directly out of their pockets from money they earned (not taxpayer money or money they inherited), had to directly live in non-white settings, had to deal with the crime rates, had to deal with the racial hatred directed at them, had to see their loved ones become victims of the ‘diversity’ they preach about…I am willing to bet they wouldn’t be white liberals anymore. To quote what a conservative acquiantance sarcastically said about them, “Liberals are such hereos with other people’s money.”

    • Pelayo

      Why haven’t White liberals realized that taking Blacks and showing them “Good example” doesn’t change anything. They just don’t give a S–T!!! It would be easier to teach a horse to eat with chop sticks! WE put them in our schools with our children and what happens? Within six months the White kids are emulating the Blacks. George Carlin used to do a routing about that. You put six Black kids into an all White school and within a short time all the White kids are talking like the Blacks. How many popular White singers including the Brits sound exactly like moolies when they sing. (No answer required). When I first heard Tom Jones i would have sworn that he was Black. This is the successful goal of 50+ years of conditioning our little sheep.

      THat’s why I listen to José Carreras, Josh Grobin, Luciano Pavarotti, Plácido Domingo and Country Music.

      • Anna Tree

        Hi Pelayo, I tried to find what you said about George Carlin but couldn’t. From what I heard from him, he didn’t sound proud of being white.

      • PesachPatriot

        You are a good dude pelayo, but I think you might be the only person on earth who likes josh grobin and heavy metal…to each his own I guess….interesting tastes

        • Pelayo

          I forgot to mention Opera as well. We could say I have eclectic tastes. Some days its Bon Jovi Guns and Roses and other days Plácido Domingo, Franco Corelli and Renata Tebaldi.

          • Pelayo

            Oh wait! I did mention opera singers further up above,

  • bigone4u

    I’ve tried to make the point on other websites (liberal ones) that mass immigration destroys the environment, adding to pollution of air, water, and the premature exhaustion of other resources. Libtards don’t get it. They still seem to think that mass immigration is costless. Or maybe it just doesn’t affect them. In south Texas, long lines at the supermarket, traffic jams, and other hassles are part of the cost of unbridled immigration.
    I’ll add that I’m impressed with the observations of commenters regarding stuff blacks and immigrants don’t like or aren’t interested in. As for me, I have an interest in bird watching, being knowledgable about the various species of birds and their habits. The blacks and Hispanics I have known seem to think that there is only one type of bird, i.e., birds are birds. What’s to know? And the only interest they have is when the birds poop on their tricked out low riders or their fancy hats.

    • DelmarJackson

      many people do not know that the Sierra club was paid off with 100 million dollar donation on the condition it never talk about the danger of immigration and popualtion to the environment again. Most of the green party folks i talk to are earnest in their desire to help the environment, but feckless, as they will spend enormuus energy on getting people to recycle newspapers and cans , while admitting millions of 3rd world immigrants from low carbon footprint societies to increase the popualtion of the most highest carbon footprint country on the planet.
      The environmental movement has been hijacked by the globalists, it is no longer about the environmemt, it is about personal profit, power, and punishing those with different political affilaiations or beliefs.

      • NYB

        It’s morphed into a cult religion.
        Environmentalists preach fire and brimstone for mankind if there is no repentance. They want families and communities to take part in communal displays of devotion, turning off lights and conserving modest amounts of energy. Being ‘green’ is the new godliness.

  • Rasmus

    Know who really has a diversity problem? La Raza.
    Support NO ONE who thinks diversity is the most important issue confronting our country or an organization.

    • Liberalsuck

      I’ve also noticed The New Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam have diversity problems, too. Not one of their members is a white person, or even a white conservative. They really need to do more outreach to the white community.

  • PesachPatriot

    When I was younger and more liberal I was pretty sympathetic to the green party and some of its ideas…they will get even less political traction in the mainstream these days than Ron Paul and his supporters who I admire in general except for open borders….the only greens the homies are interested are green hoopties with silly rims and green pieces of paper depicting the likenesses of Presidents Lincoln, Jackson, Grant and some guy named Benjamin with bifocals who signed some outdated document in Philly a long time ago that only dinosaurs like us still care about.

    Someone mentioned something about public libraries…I hope some can be saved….the one in my hometown was very old and built in the 1830’s or 1840’s I think and I read many great books about american history in it. They also had all kinds of interesting artifacts in the basement because it was the headquarters for the town historical society. The reason for the political apathy of so many NAM’s is that as long as the AA and the EBT and the section 8 continues they don’t really care one way or the other about economic or foreign policy or environmental issues…taking care of big important stuff like that is whitey’s job. Their guy has been re-electd, however dubiously…so party on for the next 4 years.

  • The only motivation I can think of that will get blacks to join environmental groups is access to white women. If you see a black man among the greens, there’s a 99% chance it’s because of a white woman. I can see some black women getting into environmentalism for its own sake though.

    • pcmustgo

      Blacks (mostly pushed and funded by whites, I’m sure) have been getting into Urban Gardening and the whole “Blacks Lack Access to Vegetables”: thing… I mean, like 2 of them have… you can see videos of this on youtube.

      • liberalsuck

        There are blacks who complain about the fact the Mens Righs groups are too white and too male. It’s like they have to always give us crap when they aren’t included, yet they dont feel it necessary to include us in their groups.

        • IstvanIN

          The only groups they create are either “get whitey” or criminal organizations.

  • KenelmDigby

    Hat Tip:
    In Britain most ‘Greens’ are former hard-core Marxists who jumped ship after the collapse of the Soviet Union, but still retained the ideology. They use the Green Party as a cloak for their real agenda.

    • rightrightright

      True. Watermelons. Green on the outside, red on the inside.

      • liberalsuck

        I love your quote!

  • DelmarJackson

    I have friends in the Green party, some at high levels. I ask them why they no longer talk about immigration and the dangers of overpopulation stemming from immigration.

    They always give me rote answers, and I counter their arguments, until finally they say people coming here from 3rd world countries are because the policies of the USA is destroying the economy of other countries so they need to come here. They do not have an answer how millions of immigrants coming here will hurt those supposedly in charge of policies that are hurting other Nations.

    I have learned that the Green movement is not about the environment, or logically they would be for less immigration, the Green movement is about the three Ps, personal Profit, the gaining of Power, and the meting out of Punishment.

    • Carney3

      No, Greens care about the environment. It may be fun to bash the left as total hypocrites or lying cynics, but what’s fun isn’t necessarily what’s true. We need to understand and face reality in order to win. They care. It’s just that racial issues trump environmental ones in the left-wing pecking order. You can be as green as you like, but only up to the point where you begin to acknowledge the reality of racial differences or the morality of whites defending and advancing their group interests and rights.

      • anarchyst

        One problem with “environmentalists” is that they like using “other people’s money” and the force of government to restrict private land use. Some good examples of “environmental malpractice” include the “planting” of lynx fur by government biologists in order to put forests “off limits” to logging (they were caught but were not prosecuted) and the elevation of the so-called “endangered species act” to take away legitimate land use from landowners. There are variations of the “spotted owl” that are genetically identical to the so-called “endangered” spotted owl.
        Water was shut off to some of the most productive farmland in California to “protect” a stinkin’ fish (smelt). Farmers that had been growing food and had water rights were put out of business . . .
        A gentleman in Michigan with a 150 year old farm was prosecuted for filling in irrigation ditches on his own land. You see, the EPA has decreed that a regulated waterway exists if there is water in a ditch for three days. . . he was prosecuted and fined for violating environmental laws.
        Environmentalists do not (want to) realize that species are always changing and that there are many variations of animals within the same species. In addition, volcanoes, deep-sea “vents” and natural oil slicks spew out more pollution elements than ALL of mankind.
        Environmentalists seem to think that humans are a pestilence on the earth instead of being a part of it.
        An addendum about communists–although environmentalists act like communists with their government-enforced “takings”, european communists did not give one wits about polllution. Chernobyl ring a bell??
        If and when civilization collapses, these birkenstock-wearing, prius-driving, limp-wristed poor excuses for human beings will be the first to perish. Of course, they can “hug a tree” or “bunny” . . .

        • Carney3

          You have some good points, but most of this is irrelevant to race. I’d love to have these sorts of arguments about environmental issues, with my fellow whites, in a white country that I can be confident will always be white.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      I’ve heard them say that immigration is a good thing because it lowers the living standards of first world nations, which lowers emissions.

      Just more typical Communist spreading-the-poverty-around rhetoric.

  • Pelayo

    “You should fish where the fish are biting,” said Van Jones, the former green jobs adviser to Obama. “All causes that want longevity need to look to influence the emerging majority, which will be a nonwhite majority.”

    So well said Van and so full of caca de vaca. Blacks are going to be the new stewards of the environment? Even a Marxist idiot like you doesn’t really believe that! I’m surprised that you were able to keep a straight face while you said it!
    Just a ride through the areas that they inhabit is irrefutable evidence that they don’t give a rat’s A$$ about the environment. They’ve certainly introduced their share of lead (Pb) into the environment and into each other; especially on the South Side of Chicago, Newark, Philadelphia, Camden ad infinitum.
    I took a wrong turn a few months ago and wound up crossing the MIssissippi to East St. Louis. Talk about devastation!
    A tour of any small village in México is another educational experience in the mistreatment of our environment.

    • purestocles

      I’ve traveled through Mexico seven (7) separate times. What you say is true. Garbage everywhere, burning piles of refuse emitting foul smoke, plastic bags adorning every bush and tailpipes belching clouds of black smoke. The worst crime is the way they use every lagoon or lake for an open cesspool/garbage dump–and then they have to buy bottled water. BLECH!!!

      I’ll never go back.

  • Random Guy

    ““All causes that want longevity need to look to influence the emerging majority, which will be a nonwhite majority.”

    That neatly summarizes the thinking in both parties.

  • anarchyst

    The so-called “environmental movement” is a front for hardcore communism.
    EnvironMENTALists see (most of) humanity as a pestilence (except for themselves). They would like to see most of humanity penned up in soviet-style high-rise apartments in cities while they alone would have “nature” all to themselves. They are like watermelons–“green” on the outside and “red” (communist) on the inside. It’s not about environmentalism, but CONTROL.
    I would LOVE to see civilization collapse, if only to see the environMENTALists be the first to perish.
    I have no use for these limp-wristed, birkenstock-wearing, prius-driving hypocrites. They can all go to hell. . .

  • shattered

    The AINO anchors love our national parks. They love to plant marijuana grows in them. They love to leave their garbage all over them. But us genuine Americans love (not to be confused with the AINO anchor citizens and illegal aliens) our land, view it as entrusted to us by God, and take careful care of it.

    The problem the smelly greenie hippies have is well… they are smelly greenie hippies and who wants to be around that… not even the AINO anchors do.

    • IstvanIN

      What does AINO stand for?

      • shattered


  • NYB

    This is navel-gazing by the lobbying industry.
    In other words, they need non-whites to sell their schemes more broadly.

  • marko

    Another group conspicuously absent from green politics are Aboriginals. Anyone who has been on a reserve knows there is no demonstration of their claim to respect mother earth there. This claim only comes out when they smell the white man’s cash in land issues.

  • “The Republican Party isn’t the only political force that has a diversity problem.”

    How come no Japanese organization in Japan has a “diversity problem”?

    How come only White organizations have a “diversity problem”?

  • The Last White Man Standing

    Adrianna Quintero said; “There needs to be a give and take.”

    Guess what Cookie, there has been a give and take. White folks have been giving for years with their tax dollars, and people of color have been taking via welfare, food stamps, etc. Thanks for not noticing or giving us credit!

  • ewcz

    I’m a bit puzzled about that alleged cap-and-trade positive effect on lowering the pollution and asthma occurrence. Since when is asthma caused by CO2?

  • form a new nation

    Why keep up the small talk? Talk is cheap. When will the Red Nation split off the bad marriage? That will solve the entire problem. Within 10 years a new Red Nation would be 50 times more solvent and financially sound that the socialist Blue Bama tyrant nation.
    Make it a diverse Red Nation. If they pledge allegiance to the new nation then they must abide by the rules and the new constitution.
    The old constitution sucks. Jefferson was a piece of idiot trash liberal like Madison. The 60% clause was as dumb as it gets too stuck out like a sore thumb. All they had to do was abolish slavery and return the slaves to their roots. Was it that difficult to do the right thing in 1776 and 1789? The Founders were not wise white men. They were far from it and a bunch of scared idiots plus they refused to change their positions decades later when they could have done so.
    Admit it. America was a mistake in its present form from the DOI to the USC and everything in between. Total stupidity and ignorance with weakness.

  • wattylersrevolt

    I’ve noticed over the years that whenever a news story such as this gets posted on AR, nearly every response…except my comments of course…engages in silly sarcasm, and as a consequence, completely misses the target. It is really shocking how clueless and beside the point every comment in this thread so far is.
    So here we have a black and a vietnamese claiming to be the voices of American Ecology… and what are they agitating for? Importing more high fertility post-1965 nonwhites. So on the face of i, they are agitating for explosive hyper-population growth within the borders of America…but if it is population growth they want…why I aren’t they agititating for Native Born White Americans to have large families again like they did in the past? Obvious answer:because it is not about being Green and protecting the’s about race-replacing the Native Born White American Majority as fast as possible. Van Jones…annointed environmentalist is engaging in over-the-top racial politics….and takes it to even greater heights:protection of America’s environment requires the racial elimination of Native Born White Americans..street by street town by town,city by city,,and state by state. Now if you folks here don’t ruthlessly root out and expose Van Jones and some Vietnamese foreigner…even if he was born here… nasty racial agenda..wellyou and your family are going to surely be race-replaced very rapidly.
    We now have a situation were all self-annointed enviromental organizations will be staffed by young hispanics and asians who will publicly “argue” that protection of America’s ecosystems and endangered speci requires thevery rapid race-repacement of the Naive Born White American Majority.
    To a certain extent, I blame Jared Taylor for the lameness of the comments in this thread. By pushing the IQ test score issue so fanatically, he misses the far more fundamental target of the threat that post-1965 nonwhites pose to millions of Nativ Born White Americans and the ecosystems that sustain them. And as consequence, we now have an ecological case being made by young hispanic and and asian invaders for race-replaicng the Native Born White American Majority…as rapidly as possible.
    In a debate with Van Jones or a vietnamese foreigner in our California
    pretending to be an environmenalist…Jared Taylor should accuse them of being fake envirnomentalist who have a hard-core racial agenda to race-replacement the Native Born White Americam Majority. Ask them if they are in favor of Native Born White American Majority with having very large families again like they did in the past..average number of children:five per White Woman. This is how you eviscerate the phony environmenalist Van Jones.
    I went sking at Mount Snow for the past few days with family. All White Middle Class Families. If any of us here went to all of these White Middles Class Families vacationing in Wilmington Vermont for New Years and told them that their kids to should essentially stop reproducing because”Enviromentalist” Van Jones….who is a fanatical supporter of the Kenyan Foreigner as is the vietnamese “environmentalist” in California….says that protection of America’s environment requires it..well, lets be honest..we would be viewed as retards for arguing this. But the leaders of our movement..Jared Taylor,Pat Buchannan and Peter Brimelow let highly racialized blacks such as Van Jones,Melissa Harris and vietnemese invaders to make the ecological case for the rapid race-replacement of White Americans. What a a blown opportunity to nail these…….!!! Can you imagine all the free publicity that Pat Buchannan would have gotten if he had gone after Van Jones in his most recent book exactly as I have done in this thread? I blame you Steven Sailer for you were the boring policy wonk expert that advised Pat Buchannan every step of the way for his dud.

  • wattylersrevolt

    Reality check for everyone:Van Jones is not an environmentalist..he dosen’t give a hoot about protecting America’s environment and endangered species..he is an over-the-top race-replacement enthusiast. Question:who annointed the vicious race-replacement enthusiast Van Jones as the most important voice for the evironment in “America”. Answer:the vicious race-replacement enthusiast..the Kenyan Foreigner. Everyone of the posts here implictly accept the claim that low don’t need an IQ Test to figure out this obvious point…Van Jones is a legitmate Environmentalist..why because he says so?
    Jared Taylor:do you have the common sense… and necessary nastiness…to eviscerate the phony and very low IQ Van Jones in a debate or will you engage in the silly sarcasm of the silly sarcasm of first commenter..Justine Batemann…whether or not blacks like the outdoors is soooo beside the point.

  • wattylersrevolt

    How exactly are Greens hardcore communist when they are on the take from the Mega-Corporations. Some of you folks here should stop fighting th Cold War. Your particpation in the Cold War over the years is the number one causal factor in Native Born White America race-replacement. I mean, are you happy with fat-ankles and smelly..probably a good educated guess…bulldyke Hilary Clinton’s policy of encircling a majority European Socialist-Communist Nation..Mother Russia with nukes? Are you retarded or what? This is where your anticommie-ism has brought us to. Some of the people here really do have imbecile level IQ.

  • wattylersrevolt

    Just a reminder:a lone chinese legal immigrant…the kind that Pat Buchannan wants to import in the event of a severe labor scarcity induced by a immigration moratorium….in accordance with an ancient chinese tradition introduced a pregnant snakehead fish into the Potomac River…setting into motion the ecological destabilization of the State of Virginia’s Riparian Ecosytems. There have been many more introduction of asian snakehead fish..including the really vicious giant asian snakehead fish…over the past ten years into many of America’s majestic Riparain Ecosystems.
    Diversity means only one thing:the street by street,town by town,county by county,state by state race-replacement of millions of Native Born White Americans. Imported diversity has nothing to with protecting endangered species and protecting the water supply..just the opposite is true.
    Question:Why isn’t Van Jones publicly calling on Native Born White Americans to have very large families like they did in the past? Anybody know?

  • StillModerated

    I’ve met Greens who were staunchly anti-immigration on the grounds that building housing for the tawny horde takes away farmland and forests.