Happy New Year

We thank you for your support and we wish you a happy and prosperous new year.Champagne

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  • lily-white

    and a most happy new year to you… my AR!… ONWARD!…

    • Gracchus123

      RIP, Sam Francis

  • Pelayo

    Let’s hope that 2013 will be the Year of Awakening for Euro- Americans and other good citizens who have come to the brink of the Tolerance Cliff.

    • dukem1

      I look forward to seeing Jared Taylor as a guest on the Rachel Maddow show!!!

      • robinbishop34

        When is this?

    • Peter Barlow

      Actually, President Obama was victorious yet again when the Congress finally passed the Obama Fiscal Cliff plan much to the chagrin of the conservative Republican party.


      • JohnEngelman

        The President is finally learning how to out think and out maneuver Congressional Republicans when he has public opinion on his side. Better late than never I say.

        With Franklin Roosevelt in the ring the fight would never have gone on this long. FDR would have won by an early round knock out.

        • FDR had actual experience in the governing part of government, rather than Mr. Learn-on-the-job.

        • kiwi

          …coming from a guy who supported NAFTA and voted for a guy who signed a free trade deal with South Korea.

        • Puggg

          The President is finally learning how to out think and out maneuver Congressional Republicans

          I.e. Boehner. That’s like bragging that you can beat a turtle in the hundred meters.

          • JohnEngelman

            That is funny. I laughed out loud when I read it.

    • OlderWoman

      Gun Sales are skyrocketing! That should tell you we’re ready for Civil War II. It will not be pretty. This time we’re defending ourselves from multiculturalism. Remember Obama is making it easier for immigrants (illegals) to purchase guns.

  • Ray_1985

    Let’s hope 2013 will be a good year for our cause.

  • mobilebay

    Happy New Year to the posters on Amren…and a Happy Birthday to me!



  • May we all meet next year in a White America (or any portion thereof)…

  • JackKrak

    Join me in one of my NY resolutions – get a least one new regular reader for AR this year.

    • indoctrination_FAIL

      Excellent suggestion, sir, and it’s now on my list. I have several candidates in mind…

  • JohnEngelman

    Happy New Year to everyone who contributes to this fascinating website.

    • and everybody else

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      That includes you, John!!


      • JohnEngelman


    • I thought of you when I saw this:


      I know you’re more a Krugman guy, but I’m sure you’ll have fun with this nonetheless. It reminds me of the Postmodernist Essay Generator.

      And, have fun with it while you can, because I’m sure the NYT will be screaming DMCA takedown before too long.

  • shattered

    Happy New Year!

  • David Ashton

    Best Wishes to AmRen from Britain.

    • Pat


    • anonymous_amren

      Best wishes to Britain from Amren.

      And best wishes to Amren from my undisclosed location where race realism is illegal, that I’m routing through a network of other countries via TOR in order to safeguard my identity.

      • lily-white

        thats gotta suck!… : (

        • lily-white

          you have nothing like that to worry about here… the surveillance teams at the NSA, FBI, CIA and the DHS are working overtime to protect your privacy…

          • StillModerated

            Remember the munchkins at those feared agencies are merely gubmint employees which means the lead weight of EEOC and AA hires.

    • StillModerated

      God bless Wootton Rivers, Wiltshire! And all the patrons of the Royal Oak. Happy 2013 from a Virginian! And screw Brussels!

  • Pat

    At once a voice arose among

    The bleak twigs overhead

    In a full-hearted evensong

    Of joy illimited.

    An aged thrush, frail, gaunt and small

    In blast beruffled plume

    Had chosen thus to fling his soul

    Upon the growing gloom.

    So little cause for carollings

    Of such ecstatic sounds

    Was written on terrestrial things

    Afar or nigh around

    That I could think there trembled through

    His happy good night air

    Some blessed Hope whereof he knew

    And I was unaware.

    from The Darkling Thrush, Thomas Hardy

    We must live with ‘Hope’ in 2013. Best wishes.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    My New Year’s wish is for AmRen to continue in perpetuity to spread race realism far and wide.

    Best wishes to all.


    • JohnEngelman

      There needs to be a place where anyone can learn the truth about racial differences.

  • My sincere wish for 2013 is that we as a society (or, we as part of our many white societies) learn to distinguish shock value nut talk purely for publicity and attention for what it is, and ignore it in earnest, so its purveyors go away. And that in earnest, rationality in public rhetoric makes a comeback.

    IOW, more Jared Taylor and less Piers Morgan.

  • OlderWoman

    Happy New Year everyone. I appreciate the truthful education you are giving me. I wish for myself to become a better writer due to your influence.

  • Darkness is thickest before the dawn. Happy New Year !

  • IKantunderstand

    Once upon a time, the salutation of “Happy New Year” was a delight, similar to the feelings of approbation that “Merry Christmas”, elicited, now, all this, has become a battlefield. We as Christians, are losing not only this battle, but the war. There is no “Happy New Year” for us. It has become a struggle to even celebrate Christmas. We must fight back. Our very existence is at stake. We represent bravery, chivalry, innovation, honor, loyalty, and we have provided the colored people of the world the intellectual underpinnings of why they should hate us.They would never have figured it out on their own. Trust me, the Congolese never conceived the concept of diversity. Our fellow Whites invented and conceived “diversity”. I must admit, I tried to understand why. I no longer care. I only know that I am 100% against diversity. I am 100% against immigration. And I am 100% against amnesty for people who crossed our borders illegally.

  • razorrare

    Happy New Year to Amren & its Staff…and all other White racialist sites that speak for our interests.God bless you all !!

  • Werdrix

    Best wishes to amren from Sweden!

    • anonymous_amren

      Best wishes to Sweden from all of us at Amren. And may Sweden remain so wonderfully swedish for another year.

      • Mike Lane

        Or a lifetime.

      • Werdrix

        Sweden is not swedish anymore. Its about restore.

        • Restore? Restore to what, or to whom? Non-whites have absolutely no claim to Scandinavia. Their mere presence is evidence of an alien invasion.

    • Jackryanvb

      Best wishes to our kinsmen in Sweden.

      Who says Swedes are dumb blonds?

  • Michael

    Happy New Year All!!Wish to see Jared taylor make an appearence in Salt Lake City in 2013!!

  • YoungWoman

    Hi everyone (and sorry to the moderator if this is too long
    or if this is the wrong place to post an introduction),

    I’ve been reading this website for some time now. The
    comments section is one of the most fascinating things I’ve encountered on the
    Internet. First of all, I think everyone owes John Engleman a debt of gratitude
    for keeping the discussions heated and interesting and making this website not
    turn off people like me.

    As this is my first post, I want to tell the story of what
    brought me here. I’m a white female college student in my early 20s who was
    raised in a liberal family, and I am an atheist and a believer in evolution (evolutionists
    have no reason to reject “race realism” a priori and I don’t understand why so
    many do). I never seriously questioned my family’s political beliefs in high school, but
    my high school was “diverse” and I thought the PC “diversity” narrative we were
    fed was disingenuous because every kid at the school knew that black kids acted
    completely differently from white kids and that black and white kids did not
    hang out together much because they were just so different. I did not categorically
    dislike black kids (and I don’t now – although of course I hate the ones who do
    awful things) but I was always amazed at how differently they acted from white
    kids, and I knew that I would not be comfortable hanging out with most black
    kids. I suspected that no amount of social engineering could make the two races
    act identically to each other or achieve the same amount as each other, but I
    wasn’t obsessed with this suspicion. I always just had it in some corner of my

    When I got to college I took a “sociology” class and I was struck
    by how obsessed the (white, ultra-liberal) professor was with talking about how
    there was “only one race, the human race” and about how if white people stopped
    being so darn oppressive then all the races could achieve as much as white
    people had. I realized at a certain point that I was not sure that this was
    true, and I thought it was wrong of the professor to teach it as if it had been
    proven to be true. I started googling “race and IQ” and related searches
    because I wanted to see if scientists agreed with my professor or not and I
    found that, by and large, they did not. I remember after a day or so of googling
    I was completely shaken and kept thinking “Oh my god oh my god, our society is
    based on a lie. Our society is spending tons of money based on a lie. Oh my
    god.” I had concluded, as a result of my research, that racial differences in
    personality were highly unlikely to be entirely environmental, and the reality
    of how much money is spent by society on that false premise terrified me.

    I mean, what’s going to happen? At what point will it be
    okay to say the truth about race and intelligence? What will have to happen? As
    a young person who will grow up with this being a huge issue I am sincerely really

    As for my views on “white nationalism”, I understand why many
    white people want to live apart from other races. I believe they have a right
    to feel that way and to get what they want, if they can figure it out
    logistically. Personally, I have close friends of a lot of races (including
    once close black friend) and I don’t want to give them up. It probably goes
    without saying that my black friend is highly intelligent and mostly hangs
    out with non-blacks. All my friends have high IQs, and my own SAT scores
    were in the 98th percentile. Again, I think white nationalism is not
    a morally contemptible position but I personally wouldn’t give up my non-white
    friends to live in an all-white country. I say this as someone who thinks the
    demographic decline of whites is a bad thing because whites have a history of inventing lots of helpful stuff, to say the least. Yes, Asians have high IQs but I
    don’t think they’re perfectly interchangeable with whites as a group, although
    I strongly admire Asians’ humility and work ethic and have several good Asian

    I do hope that pure white people don’t get bred out, but I
    REALLY, REALLY agree with John Engleman that fewer people would be turned
    off by this website if it didn’t entirely condemn race-mixing. I know several
    interracial couples and I think they’re good couples; I don’t want to see them
    split up. I think worrying about race-mixing is a waste of time because the
    majority of American society will never again disapprove of it and I also don’t
    believe that interracial marriage will ever be more common than same-race
    marriage no matter what the media does. I feel sorry for people who don’t like race mixing and don’t expect them to change their views internally, but ultimately I don’t think they will get what they want and their focus on race mixing makes their other views lose credibility in the eyes of most people.

    This was really long so thanks for reading it. A very happy
    new year to everyone who has unknowingly entertained me with their comments for
    months now!

    • IstvanIN

      You could always visit your non-white friends in their non-white countries. No one ever said there wouldn’t, or couldn’t, be travel and trade with the non-white world.

      If expressing a displeasure at race-mixing turns people off, so be it. Race-mixed people can never be “un-mixed”, so to speak. The dilution of our gene pool ultimately makes us vanish as a subspecies. For instance, there are few, if any, pure bison left. I would not want to see European genetics end up the same way.

      At some point, I hope, there will come a time when we all have to choose between our “extended family” and the occasional non-white friend. I hope you choose wisely.

      • YoungWoman

        I understand how you feel. I really do. And I agree with you about European genetics because white males are almost solely responsible for inventing everything that makes a country “first world”. My view, I guess, is that there should ideally be at least one “color-blind”, meritocratic, libertarian, kind of Social Darwinist society in the world so that smart people of all races could have a chance to succeed there. I also believe that there should be all-white countries for whites who want them, and I think it would have made sense if the U.S. had become multi-racial but stayed very libertarian and rejected the idea of having a social safety net and if European countries had stayed white and retained strong social safety nets. It seems to me that a social safety net in a rich country is incompatible with “diversity” and heavy immigration, and that “diversity” can only potentially work as long as you’re okay with massive inequality of outcomes and do NOT subsidize people with double-digit IQs to reproduce (which it seems like all majority-white countries are doing now). In other words I think diversity can work as long as the diversity all has high IQs, but in reality it usually doesn’t.

        I think first world countries should offer a bunch of money to citizens with double-digit IQs to get sterilized. Since it would technically be the citizens’ choice, it would be humane. This might be a step toward creating a “diverse” country without massive stratification by IQ. But this will never happen if societies don’t acknowledge that IQ is real and that people with double-digit IQs disproportionately belong to certain races.

        I think if there were all-white countries (which there should be) people like you would have to be okay with some white people living elsewhere and race-mixing. My ideal society for me personally would be “diverse”, but everyone would have a high IQ and there would be low crime. A society made up of people like my friends would be this way. But I see no way that such a society could be formed, except through many generations of Social Darwinism (letting people too dumb to find jobs starve to death, which is an unpleasant thought).

        Everything I said in this disorganized comment is what I think “should” happen ideally, but I see absolutely no way for it to be instituted practically which is why I worry about these issues and look at this website.

        • IstvanIN

          Why would your ideal society be diverse? What possible benefit is there to “diversity”? What advantages has diversity brought to Latin America, which has been nothing but a 500 year failed experiment in diversity and race-mixing? You want to live in a “diverse” society simply because you have some non-white friends, who no doubt act civilized, at least in you presence. I was quite happy as a boy living among my own kind, able to ride my bike where ever I wanted, without having to worry about being shot or beat up by “diversity”.

          Where should this “diverse”, high IQ nation be that will allow your utopia to exist? The world is completely settled now, whose home are you going to take away? Mine? The French? The British? Oh wait, we have already had our nations taken away from us. And what would your non-white friends say when you propose sterilizing all the low IQ people? Most of those people would be non-white. Overwhelmingly non-white. And if you accomplished this, who would sweep the streets or collect the garbage, who would be the stock boys and shop girls? You? I think not. There is an advantage to a racially homogenous, yet IQ diverse population, in so much as everyone can be a contributing member of society, regardless of their IQ, without all the racial and ethnic tension a diverse society brings. Japan manages to create both doctors and street sweepers without the need for ethnic diversity.

          A diverse society is also one that would eventually disappear, since miscegenation is inevitable when different groups live in close proximity. Eventually you get a single “mixed” race.

          It saddens anyone over 40 with half a brain to see what has happened to this once great nation. It should scare the you know what out of anyone under 40 with a brain what this nation is becoming. No young lady, if we ever get out of this mess, which I doubt, you will have to get your dose of diversity by airplane or steam ship. Or move to the “rainbow” paradise of South Africa.

          • anonymous_amren

            Where I live the garbage is collected by a robot attached to the side of a truck. There’s a single human driving the truck, but in the future there really wouldn’t need to be. The streets are also swept by robotic arms on trucks. Intelligent people are still capable of doing dirty jobs though, as long as they still have recreation time in which to pursue intellectual pursuits.

            But I do think bribing the entire lower half of the white bell curve to not have children is a bit extreme. I’d use 80 or 70 as a cutoff.

          • IstvanIN

            The guy who drives the truck is probably not physicist material, and that is ok, I am not and I like me, but he does contribute. Until autonomous robots are invented there will always be jobs available for a wide variety of IQs, interests and abilities.

        • GM (Australia)

          The reason I first became involved with this website was because I was concerned, very concerned, about what is and has happened to Australia since the “White Australia” immigration policy was phased out in the 1970s. We have literally had an influx of Middle East Muslims and Asians, we are now starting to have black Africans here, Sudanese and Somalis. Why? Why won’t the politicians listen to the concerns of the 86% of Australians who are against non-white immigration to this nation? I post on this website because we have draconian racial vilification laws here in Australia which effectively prevent any discussion of these matters here, Every Indian and Chinese in our universities or workforce means a job or education that an Australian young person.will miss out on, this includes my 10 grandchildren.

          We have double standards, hypocrisy and humbug of multiculturalism and diversity forced down our throats, this is another reason why I post on this website.

          White people built this nation, carved farms and out of a desolate wilderness and built modern prosperous cities. I regard the influx of foreigners as little better than parasites. That is why I support this website.

          I witnessed fellow whites applaud the destruction of Rhodesia and the disaster that is post apartheid South Africa unfold, all from the comfort and safety of our white suburbs. I thought, this is treachery against our own race, is there anyone out there who wants to stand up for whites? This is why I post on this website.

          Fortunately here in Australia we do not have the the same level of problems as Detroit or Atlanta or even multicultural London but the danger signs are present. That is why I post on this website and there can be no room for compromise.

          I am going on a brief summer holiday tomorrow and the seaside town where I will be going is 99% white, not a mosque, bur-qua or temple in site, I love it, I want it to stay this way, that is why I post on this web site.

          PS. I have no problem with John Engleman’s comments, he is polite, always interesting and keeps the debate alive. I have also looked at some other white nationalist sites, they have too much vile language and often don’t show a high degree of intelligence on the part of the contributors.

          Happy New year to all other readers



          • Caracal

            “I have no problem with John Engleman’s comments, he is polite, always interesting and keeps the debate alive.”?????????????

            You mean that same john engleman who keeps repeating for years now that the mongol invasion of White countries is good because they aren’t as bad than blacks and actually “smarter” than Whites ? Sorry but I would much prefer truthful vile language to save my race than any polite discourse to exterminate it.

            There is no debate to keep alive when one argues for White genocide.

          • GM (Australia)

            Hello Caracal, first of all let me apologize for grammar and spelling errors in my post, it was done in a hurry. Now I would like to make it quite clear that I am totally against the massive influx of Asian immigrants into Australia. It is just all so wrong and it is also quite wrong that we are not allowed to debate the issue of non-white immigration here in Australia.

            When the Asians first started to arrive in numbers back in the 1980s the “Asians Out” graffiti started going up in Sydney. The government then introduced our draconian racial vilification laws, in other words debate on non-white immigration is effectively silenced. In thirty short years we now have some parts of Sydney almost 100% Asian (And there are now far too many in my traditionally very white suburb)). I do not agree with either President Obama or John Engelman that they are ideal immigrants, they are NOT. As for marrying an Asian, even if I were much younger, no way!

            I look back at last year; Indians now make up the largest numbers of new arrivals to Australia. Boatloads of illegals from Asia and the Middle east are still arriving in Australia. Rightly of wrongly Australia has also increased it’s legal refugee intake. During the past year our government has renewed it’s push to encourage (force) multiculturalism and diversity and has announced a policy of increased engagement with Asia including the teaching Asian languages in all of our schools.

            I have absolutely no time for the current Asianization of Australia! (Or any other western nation)

          • The__Bobster

            Yes, the Yuan Chinaman who constantly spreads lies and distortions he finds in the NY Slimes and NPR.

          • StillModerated

            2 wongs don’t make a White!

        • anonymous_amren

          It isn’t fair to use the same IQ cutoff for white and black parents. White people with IQs of 99 will have children with IQs of 100. Black people with IQs of 99 will have children with IQs in the low 90s. That’s called regresion to the mean. And the mean is different for different races.

          Also regression to the mean means you shouldn’t be too hard on stupid white people having children, because they will only partly pass on their stupidity.

          The cutoff should be more like 80 or 70. Actually banning people with IQs of 70 or under from having children would make sense, since they are officially retarded and unable to look after themselves, let alone children.

          I don’t think IQ is the only factor in crime. There are personality differences that probaby play a part.

          • YoungWoman

            I know that scientifically you’re right. I just know smart black people and I can’t imagine saying that I’m in favor of a policy that’s unfair to them, even if it’s not utilitarian. I see that basing policy off regression to the mean would be utilitarian but it’s just not fair. And of course IQ isn’t the only factor in crime – being a man is. Most crime is committed by men. Also, blacks have on average higher testosterone (so are more “masculine”) than whites who have higher average testosterone than Asians.

          • Gracchus123

            What does “fair” mean? The closest people can come to “fair” is “equal protection under law”. Life is not fair because the concept of “fair” does not exist in Nature.

          • YoungWoman

            By “fair” I do mean “equal protection under law”. I think treating a 120 IQ black person who wants kids differently in the eyes of the law than a 120 IQ white person who wants kids is wrong, even if it’s utilitarian. If you want to punish hardworking, intelligent blacks (who didn’t choose to be in this country) for the misdeeds and bad qualities of other blacks then that’s equivalent to punishing modern whites for slavery.
            But by my logic you could also argue that it’s wrong to make policy based on IQ because people don’t choose their IQ and so shouldn’t be penalized for it (or for their lack thereof). Arrgh. I guess this is still something I need to think about more.

        • Hey, I understand where you are coming from; I’m a race-realist-atheist female, too. I grew up swallowing The Lie, and I even remember having a little black girl as my best friend. My church-run preschool was diversified, and so was my Kindergarten. Then my dad got a big promotion, and we moved to another state. My mom found a White-topia school district, and enrolled her children far away from diversity. Now for a true anecdote: in third grade my class got a black boy (sorry, Proud Young Black Man) and I remember the teacher lining us up, and no one wanted to be next to that kid. So of course I was put next to him. I promptly burst into tears. I didn’t know why, I just knew it wasn’t okay. I was nine years old.

          Now, you would like to see a high-functioning multiracial society. I know what you are talking about–I’d love to live in the world of Star Trek, too. I could see an Asian man piloting the ship, and a Black woman translating incoming communication; but remember that the heavy intellectual lifting was done by Whites (and one half-white/half-Vulcan). By the time ST:TNG started production, I realized that the actual chances weren’t good for a Negro to become chief engineer of the Federation of Planets’ flagship. That’s why it’s science-fiction, not a futurist prediction.

    • gemjunior

      Great story. We’ve all had the types of situations here and there where we had met people of other races and liked them but I think what is truly offensive is the way it is promoted shamelessly. I was looking at something on youtube which showed a shocking number of commercials where the white man always, without fail, played the part of the idiot who was finally shown the way by the numinous negro next to him. Thank God they were there to save the day. Always seen to be the hero, always the desirable one, always playing the astrophysicist, judge, computer whiz, etc. etc. while the white man is the criminal, the confused person who needs help. This is completely the polar opposite in most cases. Look at the movie that was made out of Epic Beard Man on youtube – the white protagonist hero is turned into a Mexican and the vicious black attacker turned into a skinhead, of all people. It would be laughable if it were not so seriously frightening that absolutely nobody questions it or seems to even notice it (except for us vigilantes LOL). For 13% of the American population, they sure appear in commercials a lot. More like they are 75% of the population – a person who never visited the USA would be forgiven for thinking this if they only saw TV commercials.

      I understand your feelings about waking up and sort of panicking a bit — how can it all not fall apart since it IS built on a total lie?

      • YoungWoman

        Thanks for your reply. Often I think that the US government knows the racial reality but has realized that there is no practical or feasible way to make the US not a multiracial society (we can’t just “send blacks back to Africa and whites back to Europe”, etc.), and everyone knows that white males have invented almost everything that keeps humanity from living in grass huts, and in order to downplay the significance of this fact the media tries to portray white men as bumbling idiots compared to others. I mean, when you look at the reality of the extent of the accomplishments of white males, no one else even compares, and I believe that deep down many if not most people are afraid that the pattern of white males doing difficult things will never change. Yes, the Asians show potential, but many other groups do not. Every “diverse” country is terrified by the historical amazingness of white males and the likelihood that it won’t change and wants to placate other groups so they create these media narratives that are not grounded in reality.

        • anonymous_amren

          Actually, Jewish males have been doing their share too. And white females like yourself are actually very good at inventing compared to black males. There are loads of things invented or pioneered by white women, but all the things black people are credited for are actually false (except the Super Soaker invented by Lonnie Johnston).

          • YoungWoman

            I was lumping Jewish in with white in my comment – I know a lot of people on this site don’t for various reasons and it’s worth looking at them as their own group for some things but I know about Jewish IQ and accomplishment. My hypothesis about accomplishment and innovativeness in general is that high IQ and testosterone both help. Black people have high testosterone levels but not high IQs, and whites have intermediate testosterone levels and high IQs, and Asians have high IQs but lower testosterone levels than whites. Testosterone levels could explain why white women and Asians have achieved less than white and Jewish men relative to IQ, but indeed, there have been some impressive white female figures who weren’t just impressive “for women”.
            I also often wonder if Obama knows or suspects the truth about race. I wonder what the national “dialogue on race” will look like four years from now. The thing that really kind of keeps me on the edge of my seat is exactly how long it will take us to say that closing the “achievement gap” with money is never going to work. How many people, deep down, believe that it will actually ever happen? I wonder about this a lot. It’s so bizarre and scary and crazy, the fact that articles keep coming out saying “OMG OH NO THIS SCHOOL FOR HIGH ACHIEVERS IS FILLED WITH WHITES AND ASIANS” and people over and over again blame “white privilege” (which says nothing about the Asians) and sincerely seem to think we can fix the “problem” with programs and money. How do people still sincerely believe that?? All I had to do was read like 7447839334758 articles and observe the different races to think the idea of closing the achievement gap was futile.

          • Barrack Osama

            There are many like you, maybe even the vast majority are, but it’s too dangerous socially to say such things. The others force themselves to believe in white oppression because they lack the fortitude to face the alternative. To recognize that one has been living a lie for most of their life probably isn’t easy.

        • Professor Farnsworth

          Because this is not about race reality or the creativity of the White race, which the government well knows. It is about a 50-year war conducted against the White race to make Whites a hated minority in ALL White homelands, Europe, America, Australia, South Africa.

          What you don’t realize is that White people have not consented to having their borders opened to non-White immigration…period. This is something that has been FORCED down the throats of White people and ONLY White people. We have been systematically targeted for a particular form of genocide, in this case a forced-assimilation. White people have not consented to being assimilated out of existence, that’s what makes this a genocide.

          No one is doing this to Africa or Asia or any other non-White country, it is only White countries that must become “diverse” or “multicultural.” Why do you think that is? If we mention this or try to stop it we are instantly called “racisss,” or Nazis or White Supremacists.

          I could go on and on but it’s pretty obvious what I’m saying. Such policies are for all White countries and only White countries.

          Such policies are conditions that would result in a group of people dying out. The UN calls this “genocide,” except when it’s done against the White race.

      • IstvanIN

        Remember when Mayor Bloomberg wanted to put a memorial at the site of the World Trade Center showing the three white firemen as Hispanic, black and white? Morgan Freeman as the composite of two white scientists in “Dolphin Tale”.

        • OlderWoman


      • MekongDelta69

        nvm – you can’t even delete your own posts on here.

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      “I’m a white female college student in my early 20s . . .”

      And I’m Santa Claus. I’ve read all your posts. Someone of the above description could not have written them. Amren attracts its share of “concern trolls” but to my knowledge none has posed as “a white female college student in my early 20s.” Momentarily interesting.

      • YoungWoman

        What? Not every 20-year-old white woman is an airhead! But a lot of them are which is why most of my friends are older than me. One reason I included my age/gender is that I wanted to know if anyone else like me posted on this site, because almost everyone here seems to be an old guy. I do not want to prove who I really am on this site for obvious reasons. But I promise that my age and gender are not a lie.

        • A Multiracial Ph.D Student

          You will find that people on this website occasionally heap scorn upon people our age. It is assumed among many that our generation is especially wicked when it comes to issues like these. Every generation believes they were cooler than their predecessors, and more upright than their successors. Needless to say, not everyone our age is watching MTV and planning a trip around the globe with our private parts.

          The reason Mr. Engleman is savagely assaulted for his views should be patently obvious. He is willing to discuss data that might not neccessarily be favorable to Whites. Many people around here pay lip service to “meritocracy.” They usually have no problem with this because in many instances, it is beneficial to Whites. Be assured, that many people will glady cast meritocracy off the nearest cliff once it no longer serves in their racial interests. Mr. Engleman is a person who will point out this flagrant hypocrisy. For this sin, he regularly receives a visceral thrashing.

          • YoungWoman

            Yup, I think it’s fine if people here want white racial preservation for the sake of white racial preservation, but it’s true that that’s not always compatible with “meritocracy”. Everyone who is honest knows that Asians are frequently quite meritorious. One can consider white homogeneity more important than meritocracy or meritocracy more important than white homogeneity, but one should be honest about which of those is one’s position. As I’ve said I lean toward wanting to live in a meritocracy but I would like the people who just want to be around all whites to get what they want too because you can tell how heartfelt their desire for it is.
            I wish I knew more about “race realist” thought among smart non-whites and how many of them, if any, are sympathetic to the problems of whites. I do think Asians are pretty obviously aware that they’re smart, but I’m not sure what they say about whites as a group in private. What races are you?

          • anonymous_amren

            Well, I think homogeneity is more important than meritocracy (at least for white people), and Jared Taylor is good at explaining the scientific research about why that is.

            I’m white. There was a Korean that posted above though.

            There used to be a blog called Asian of Reason. Unfortunately it’s gone now. We really need to start archiving every race realist blog and website before they are banned. Seriously, does anybody want to have a go at that?

          • YoungWoman

            Shoot, that sounds like it would have been really interesting. I’m interested in hearing the views of non-whites as well as whites who are educated about the science of race. I often wonder if at the end of the day, Asians will want to help whites preserve their race because whites have a history of inventing things that Asians improve upon and maybe ultimately Asians will feel that having some pure whites around will advantage them.
            Maybe someday, once white countries are broken beyond repair, the remaining whites will want to immigrate to China and form white enclaves. And maybe China will take us because of our history of being inventive and benefiting the societies in which we live.
            But I don’t know. I have no idea what Asians think about white racial issues in private. It’s just a thought.

          • Evidently, we can’t wish everyone a Happy New Year without this personal food fight. This is not to blame anyone in particular. Looks like 2013 is getting off to a rockier start than we wished, at least here on AR.

          • YoungWoman

            Sorry, I can stop posting my random comments in this thread if you want. I’ve been trying to reply to people who’ve replied to me but if you don’t want random debates on this thread I can stop.

          • Not a swipe against you personally or anyone personally.

          • Professor Farnsworth

            I don’t want random debates on this thread or any other. It clutter up the threads.

          • Professor Farnsworth

            Everyone who is honest knows that Asians are frequently quite meritorious.

            You are wrong. Asians are ethno-centric and only for their own race, as is normal and natural. They are banding together to politically promote their own ethnic interests, not those of Whites. They come here not to assimilate into White culture but to colonize and take what Whites have created and built. Read this before posting about Asians and “merit” again.


          • anonymous_amren

            That’s partly why Mr. Engelman is savagely assaulted (aka politely disagreed with), but it’s not just that. It’s also because he has a strong bias that leads him to propose solutions that would eventually lead to the end of white people as a distinct race.

          • A Multiracial Ph.D Student

            Here is some of the “polite disagreement” Mr. Engleman has received. The last sentence of course being particularly civil.


            “JohnEngelman wrote:

            Who says this is YOUR own nation? America belongs to those who are here legally, and who obey the laws.”

            It is my nation, more than it is anybody’s from India or China. Who
            said that it was YOUR nation to give away. If you want to be
            disenfranchised in your own home, then go find somewhere else to live –
            someplace where your preferences will not affect the rest of us. And as
            to your precious “others”, whom you foolishly believe will share some
            kind of high-IQ wonderland with you, they will (wisely) view you not as
            an ally, but as a useful tool – to them you will always be a “them”, not
            an “us”.

            You are a useful idiot. Nothing more.]

            from 9/26/12 NAACP NYC High School Entry Tests.

          • Professor Farnsworth

            Point out where SL Cain is wrong. He is not.

          • A Multiracial Ph.D Student

            [And as to your precious “others”, whom you foolishly believe will share some
            kind of high-IQ wonderland with you]

            Every American suburb that has a high White and Asian population is mostly free of crime and violence.

          • JohnEngelman

            St. Cain is wrong when he maintains that Orientals and Jews do not belong in the United States.

          • Caracal

            “Savagely assaulted” HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! My, looks like “rosebud” is indeed here to stay.

            No lady. Engleman and yourself are simply being put back in your place for intruding and trolling one of the few WHITE website that are left for us WHITE people to discuss the current WHITE genocides that are taking place in our WHITE countries.

            As usual your inferiority and “multiracial” complexes blind you of the fact that most of us here couldn’t care less how unfavorable some of the data might be to Whites. We are reaching the point of no return demographically in all Western countries, and our survival is all that matter now regardless of how smarter some of you non-Whites and liberals think you are.

            We the WHITES established, built, maintained and defended all these WHITE countries. You neither have the right nor the argument to have take them taken away from us and tell us to shut up about it.

            Like engleman, stop talking about yourself and take everything personally like a self-absorbed overgrown child, and you might finally see the forest for the tree…

          • A Multiracial Ph.D Student

            I think you misread the heading on my comment. I am not YoungWoman. I am a young (mid 20s) man. I appreciate your honesty about throwing merit out the window as long as it serves in your racial interests. I do find this sentiment a bit perplexing because this is precisely the charge that is often levied against Blacks and Hispanics with regard to Affirmative Action.

          • Professor Farnsworth

            I appreciate your honesty about throwing merit out the window as long as it serves in your racial interests.

            How about we try it and see what happens? You are rationalizing discrimination against Whites. Anti-Whites always find some justification for enforced discrimination against the White race and then blame it on Whites, i.e.: “as long as it serves in your racial interests.” No one ever says this about blacks or browns who work only for their own racial interests. No matter what excuse you drag out, it proves you are anti-White in favor of discrimination against White children.

            We Whites have been subjected to 50 years of legally enforced racism: targeted, government sanctioned, anti-White Affirmative Action. The only legal discrimination that exists is against Whites.

            “Because of history” does not justify discrimination against the White race nor is it an excuse for White genocide. All races committed past bad against others but only innocent White children are being punished for past bad acts their ancestors might have committed.

            Is this what you consider “fair?”

          • A Multiracial Ph.D Student

            In 1997, for an Asian to have the same chance of getting into an elite university as a White student (1410) or a Black (1100) they would need to have a SAT score of 1550. Now I have no problem with people saying they need a leg up. My problem is when people are inconsistent about who receives it.


      • anonymous_amren

        I disagree. She sounds exactly like a young high IQ white female. In fact she could only be a young high IQ white female (or a very skilled forger), because nobody else writes quite like that.

        Not all female college students are completely brainwashed. The brainwashing sometimes backfires when the women have actual exposure to diversity, like this young woman, and are smart enough to google the nonsense their professors say.

        • YoungWoman

          Thank you! I think that the extremely pro-diversity whites have only ever really been around minorities when it was one or two token minorities in a large group of whites. If I’d never had the experience of observing big “homogeneously diverse” groups of black people in my high school I might not have the views I have today. It was astonishing how disruptive black kids could get away with being, but it was clearly because black kids being disruptive was just so utterly common that the school didn’t have the time or resources to punish all of them.
          Some white parents at my high school would volunteer to come in and teach the black kids to read. Seriously. It was known that a lot of them couldn’t read. And I always thought it was sort of funny that the conclusion was always that this was white people’s fault considering that these black kids never spent any time around white people. I also wondered how come these kids had been allowed to enter high school, but never mind.
          Overall, I think that empirical experience and not reason gets people to investigate the truth about race. Arguing with white liberals will not work. They have to go to a place where they actually are the minority and see how it feels.

      • Beg pardon? I’ve been posting here since 2004, when I was a not-quite 23 year-old. Dammit, now I feel old.

    • MekongDelta69

      If you’re who you say you are (female, early 20s, etc.), just continue to hang out (here), among wherever else you spend your free time. Views don’t change in 20 minutes. Sometimes they take years – decades even. Sometimes you (generic ‘you,’ not specific ‘you’) have to be mugged in an alley by a ‘diversity’ to wake up to the truth immediately (if you live, that is).

      You don’t have to agree with every single thing said here and that’s fine. A lot of ‘us’ (i.e. ‘long time regulars’) don’t completely agree with each other about everything either.

      Sometimes people here will agree with you; sometimes they’ll disagree; and yes – sometimes you’ll get hammered – as have we all. BUT – you WILL learn a lot.

      And you’re only 20 something. Sometimes, I would PAY to be 25 again (but to know what I know now).

      Live, laugh, love. Enjoy every minute you can – time goes by REALLY, REALLY FAST.

      And Happy New Year to everyone. Well, on second thought, it’s a New Year, but I doubt it’s going to be that ‘Happy.’

      • YoungWoman

        Thanks for the nice reply! I really am who I say I am, and as people who have read what I’ve posted today probably know, I don’t really have proposed “solutions” for the problems discussed here; I am just generally scared of the future impact on society of what I perceive to be the reality of racial differences. I am afraid on behalf of whites and unlike many people on this site, I am afraid on behalf of the smart, hardworking minorities whom I think will suffer if political correctness ever collapses and all the suppressed white anger comes flooding out.

        The fact that I have lots of minority friends kept me from posting on this site for a while. If John Engleman didn’t post here I think I would have decided this site was too White Supremacist-y and not ever posted. But posters here were just so smart and (yes) open-minded so here I am…

        • Professor Farnsworth

          From reading your posts, it is obvious that you are very young, nieve, possibly miseducated and lacking in real life experience. You’ll find the real world to be very different from that of a college campus.

          If you agree with John Engelman and wish to post on this site, expect to have vitriol directed at you, as it is at Engelman, all of it well deserved. There are literally thousands of sites where you can talk about the White race as neo-Hitlers, White supremacists or keen for a Fourth Reich. We don’t need you or John Engelman to scold us. Many of us have taken to ignoring Engelman because he dismisses any facts contrary to his own hardened opinions.

          Engelman is impervious to facts no matter how much proof, hard evidence, empirical or scientific evidence is presented to him. He rejects all of it. He lives outside of the real world in a bubble of socialist fantasy.

          This site is not about you and what or who you think we might or might not be. We come here to learn about and discuss issues that are of importance to the White race, such as the world wide genocide being conducted against us. Nor is this a dating or hook-up site for 20-somethings to exchange personal information. Take that to Facebook.

          If you choose to post here, make sure, unlike John Engelman, you get your facts straight first and can back up everything you write with hard data from reputable sites, instead of mouthing off, like John Engelman who has a truly warped view of the American economy and political system.

          There are many extremely intelligent, highly educated Whites who post here and are knowledgeable about economics, history and politics so think before you post. Start doing your reading on intelligence, racial differences and White achievement so you don’t appear foolish or uneducated.

          Or find a site that better suits your needs. I’ll close with this: “Brevity is the soul of wit.” Please take this to heart, be prepared and welcome.

          • YoungWoman

            People here are indeed very smart and informed. But if you’re not nice to curious young people who come here wanting to learn things, especially people like me who are going to have the babies people on this site seem so dearly to want to be born, that’s not exactly good for your “movement”. I doubt any people here knew as much when they were 20 as they do now. Anyway, people here often speak of a desire to stop debating and to organize and take action. You should be happy that a young person is interested in learning things on this site, because I have a long time left to live, and to have children, and to educate them, unlike lots of people here.

            I’ll probably always read this site but I was truly not sure what response I’d get if I posted. I put my age and gender to assure people that this site was spreading information to a demographic they’re worried about, because people here always lament the naivety of young white women. This is why I tried to talk about myself a bit but I will stop from now on. Remember moderators can always remove my comment if they don’t like it, and I’m sure their judgment is good.

          • YoungWoman

            Wow, I actually just now saw all your posts that aim to rebut my posts. You seem to want to put a lot of energy into doing this, and I don’t know why.
            I don’t doubt that you know way more than me generally. But let me say this. Most of this website is old men who are done having kids and are going to die. Brilliant ones, sure, but their debating on this site is not doing anything to concretely advance “white interests”.
            The future of your “movement” is going to be people like me who stumble on sites like this not knowing what we believe. We are confused young people sensing hypocrisy and dishonesty in the world and in the government and panicking because we are not allowed to talk about it in our universities, of all places, and we see people like James Watson and Larry Summers skewered for saying things that are obviously true and we are looking for a place to just get our thoughts out because the internet is the only place as far as we can see. Don’t expect us to be hardened in your beliefs as soon as we get here. And I don’t expect that most things you want politically will ever happen, either. I bet you’ll have to compromise, if you don’t die before things start changing, if they do.
            I guess that’s kind of all I have to say.

          • JohnEngelman

            Which facts are you talking about? When explaining my admiration for Jews and Orientals I like to quote facts I find on this website.

            My admiration for Jews and Orientals is not only consistent with race realism, race realism requires one to acknowledge the biological superiority of those two races.

    • Garrett Brown

      A huge amount of respect and gratitude for coming and posting on this site. Welcome and I hope you stay!

      • YoungWoman

        Thanks so much! 🙂

    • Nathanwartooth

      I have read all of your posts and I’m kind of sad that John Engleman is the person who finally got you to post here.

      You are painting people here with a broad stroke. I’m an atheist, race realist, closed borders libertarian who doesn’t care what gay people do.

      I think it’s funny that you say that the site would have too many White “supremacists” when John Engleman is an anti White, Asian supremacist and is also a borderline communist.

      Having dissenting opinions is fine but some of his views are outright ridiculous which causes a lot of strife. He is not exactly a role model for anybody.

      On race mixing and minority friends. I honestly don’t care if people race mix but they should know what they are getting themselves into. Most people who have race mixed babies don’t know that IQ regresses to the mean or what traits can appear that aren’t in the parents.

      I also understand people’s frustration with it since Whites are a dying minority on the planet targeted for genocide and race mixing doesn’t help our cause at all.

      Even though there are smart people of every race that doesn’t mean that we can live in some diversity fantasy. It’s literally impossible. That is why smart Blacks are outraged that their children aren’t doing well in school. IQ regresses to the mean so since their parents IQ are so high for the group nature will reverse that and move their children’s IQ down toward the mean of 85.

      Whites need a White homeland sooner than later. America could work but it would have to start working on that now. But Obama is about to give amnesty to all of the illegals here so the Hispanics are about to grow in numbers and power politically which might spell the end of a White majority politically a lot sooner than is projected.

      Most of us dream of America becoming a White homeland again but with the way things are going we are just have to pray that we can escape Rome burning to a country that wakes up in time to become a White homeland.

      • YoungWoman

        I have to say that I largely agree with your comment. I didn’t come here because I always agree with John Engleman; I just thought his views were unorthodox for a site like this and I found it encouraging.
        About race mixing, I know about “regression to the mean”. I really feel bad for smart black people about that. I agree that I wish people would at least know the facts about it. In principle I can’t “oppose” race mixing because I think it’s a right but I suspect that if people were more knowledgeable about race, it would happen less. Personally I just never get attracted to black guys because they tend to lack tenderness and are too forward and I never get attracted to Asian guys because they’re short and I love tall guys, so I’m pretty confident I’ll never “race mix”, but more because I’m attracted to white guys than on principle. I wonder how many guys on this site aren’t like 60 years old… I need a smart boyfriend that won’t freak out at my politics. God knows where I’ll find one, considering that I live in a very liberal area.
        I’ve seen that some people on this site support gay rights which makes me happy. I definitely have a live and let live attitude toward the whole thing. Also all the gay people I’ve ever known have been productive members of society and not degenerate perverts. The decline of straight marriage isn’t gay people’s fault; I think we could have gay marriage and also stronger straight marriage.
        While I’m talking about social issues, as a female, I think feminism has become stupid, and the goal of having women be 50% of all occupations is stupid. Women are not stupid, and I believe in equal opportunity for us, but men and women are different and men are more suited to spending most of their lives focusing really intensely on a career. And I definitely think high IQ women should have more kids. I want at least 3.
        Man, I really feel bad for smart black people. I don’t want smart people of any race to suffer, but the emotion in the comments on this site has convinced me that a “white homeland” is something that should happen for the sake of the people here, although I’m pretty sure it will not be as soon as they want, if it happens. I just don’t know what kind of world I’ll bring children into and it scares me.

        • anonymous_amren

          Well, I’m high IQ, in my low 30s, white, tall, quite liberal, not freaked out by your politics, and wanting 3 kids. But I’m probably not close to where you live. 🙁

          • YoungWoman

            I dated a guy your age. I get along best with older guys. But yes, I doubt many people on this site live near me, and I don’t intend to say where I live… posting on this site and the idea of being identified are still sort of terrifying for me.

          • Nathanwartooth

            Unfortunately being tied to this site would be a career ending move for most of us. It’s sad how ingrained PC has become to the point where we can’t even discuss race without our livelihoods being threatened.

          • Garrett Brown

            That’s a bit pathetic, sir.

        • Haha! You just paraphrased a conversation I had years ago with my best friend, David. David was adopted from South Korea when he was an infant, and is totally Americanized–to his detriment, since people assume that he’s a high-flying Asian wunderkind, and all he really wants to do is play video games, read manga, and watch anime. He just barely graduated from college, and I was the one to drag him to my Phi Theta Kappa honor society meetings as my guest, since I was the scholarship coordinator (and his ride home), and he was barely pulling a 2.5 GPA.
          I told him straight-up when we really started to hang out, that I just wasn’t attracted to Asians. This was not a personal attack because I enjoyed his company, and would not be his friend otherwise–I just wasn’t physically attracted to him. So he’s firmly in the friend-zone, and that is where I hope he’ll always stay.

    • anonymous_amren

      Test if Discus is working with TOR yet.

      • YoungWoman

        Thanks for your thoughtful comment. What bothers me is that if you posted it on most sites, you would be considered essentially Hitler. What a crazy world.
        Since I got interested in race I’ve wanted to find a site where people can discuss it honestly but where different opinions are represented and people are intelligent and use science to back up their opinions. I wanted to find a site for people to discuss the science of race, not to just talk about how much they hate non-whites. Some people on this site probably also go to “Neo-Nazi” sites, but things here are based on science and non-whites who come here wanting to talk about race realism are given some respect. I don’t pretend to be totally sure of all my opinions – I’m young – but I came to this site because I thought the discussion was balanced and intelligent.

        • And we’re trying to keep it balanced and intelligent.

      • OlderWoman

        ‘… Smart black people have a duty to help the stupid black people’

        If they do that, the stupid ones hate them for ‘acting white’. Blacks want Whites to be their perpetual babysitters.

    • anonymous_amren

      I forgot to answer the part about evolutionists…

      The reason I used to believe in racial equality, even though I understood evolution, was that I thought intelligence was the human species’ main advantage over other species, and was our evolutionary niche, and that it would be just as useful in any environment, and it would therefore be favoured in all races.

      Also, I wasn’t really aware of how much different races interbred with other non-human species, such as Neanderthaals, Denisovans, the unknown species that Africans interbred with 20,000 years ago, and possibly Hobbits, etc.

      Also, I thought that evolution happened a lot slower than it actually does, and that people emerged from Africa almost fully evolved with only superficial differences evolving since then.

      I was completely wrong of course, and I didn’t think it through as much as I should have, but that’s how I believed it.

    • The__Bobster

      It probably goes without saying that my black friend is highly intelligent

      It does? Based on what? The odds certainly don’t favor it.


      • YoungWoman

        I think I would have trouble having a genuine friendship with someone with a very low IQ. My close black friend lucked out genetically and is on the far right of the black bell curve.

    • Young Man

      Your eagerness to be so agreeable to everyone here makes me suspect you’re playing a role and that you may not be who you say you are. You’re going to learn, if you haven’t already, that the thing people most want you to know is usually the least true. That said, we could use more non-white race realists here and whether or not you are a “a white female college student in my early 20s” I’m glad you’re in this forum.

      Let me tell you that you shouldn’t worry about finding a man who agrees with your political beliefs. There are more of us than you think. Take it from me, a white man in his late twenties who graduated from an Ivy League college in the second half of the last decade. At least two of my close friends are race realists. My experience is that many whites and asians are receptive, even relieved, when you calmly and rationally explain to them what they have always secretly kind of believed. And those who reject race realist ideas wholesale are usually people who are not comfortable with who they are. A good place to start is The Bell Curve. You say your environment is stiflingly liberal. Don’t sweat it. I spent four formative years in Morningside Heights and came out just fine at the end.

      There is a lot in your post I want to respond to, but I’ll limit myself to two more points. The single best book on race relations I’ve read is The Genealogy of Morals. Nietzsche describes the dynamic between blacks and progressive whites better than anyone else I’ve read. This was actually required reading for all students at the college I went to, and it truly opened my eyes when I first read it.

      You expressed a particular interest in asians. A few years back I was having a heart to heart with my then-girlfriend, a second gen. Chinese-American, about the difference between someone’s personality and soul. I explained that personality was from the Latin for mask and was a just series of gestures, whereas your soul was who you really were underneath the mask. No matter how I explained it she just couldn’t get it. That was when I realized that the things I didn’t like about her were things I saw in other asian women, and that I would never be in a serious relationship with someone like her again.

      If you’re interested in attitudes of Asian-Americans towards white Americans, The Committee of 100 published a survey a couples years ago that covered this. I don’t remember the details, but their data seemed trustworthy.

      • YoungWoman

        Thanks. I wish there was a way to convince everyone here that I am who I am but there isn’t. I think the reason I’m trying to be agreeable with everyone here is that my personality is like that – I’m non-confrontational almost to a fault sometimes; I hate making people mad and I bet I inherited it because my mom is the same way but way worse. When I argue with people I tend to want to find common ground with them and people on this site are such a refreshing change from kids in my classes who think the farther you take political correctness, the more intellectual you are. I am often around way too many people like this – not my good friends, but people at my school.
        I haven’t been a “race realist” for so long compared to lots of people on this site so I’m still always looking for new information and my opinions are still evolving a lot, and I know they will continue to. My opinions are pretty undecided on a lot of race issues because I can understand where different sides are coming from.
        I feel like I should stop posting in this particular thread. But I wish this site had a private message function or something so you could give me the further responses you said you wanted to without subjecting other people to them.
        Thanks for the book recommendation. I will try to get it. I have listened to the abridged audiobook version of The Bell Curve on Youtube, even though it’s really long. I want to read the whole book but I feel like I’d have to acquire it in secret somehow.
        If I keep posting here I’ll change the username I post with, I think. I just wanted to indicate my age and gender because people on this site are always talking about how brainwashed young white women are and I wanted to let them know that one of them is here. I actually kind of expected people to question it though.

        • Young Man

          You convinced me. You sound like an intelligent young woman. If you want to continue this dialogue hit me up with an anonymous email at intwinpeaks90(at)gmail(dot)com. I’m juggling a few projects for work so don’t expect a reply until next week, and don’t expect anything earth-shattering or even very long.

          Also, I recommend the Walter Kaufmann translation.

          • YoungWoman

            Thanks. I’ll at least save your email address so I have it.

          • Can I get in on this dialogue?

          • YoungWoman

            Jacqueline, if he doesn’t see your comment, send an email to the email address he posted and tell him I invited you in on the dialogue. I haven’t emailed him yet but I might.

            Btw, I have similar stories to yours with two Asian male friends of mine. Haha.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    Happy New Year Western Civilization! 2013 AD is the year we start to change the paradigm. As I tell my realists on the cusp; when a grenade gets tossed your way don’t run for cover… grab it before it blows and toss it back!

  • bigone4u

    My New Year’s resolutions include learning more about the rich Euro and Euro-American cultural history. The gods of my ancestors, Greek, Roman, Norse, and more deserve my attention. The ways of life of my ancestors, from Europe to the Smoky Mountains deserve my attention. Their art, literature, and music too. I hope that in unplugging from the multicultural matrix, I do honor to my ancestors and that they speak to me and through me on the difficult issues that confront us.

  • puffdaddy

    Good luck in 2013! I am so glad I found you and am happy to report that I have brought at least two people I know of who are now regular readers and “sharers”

  • Luca

    Felice Anno Nuovo!

    • Pelayo

      Ed anche a lei!

  • Korean guy

    Happy New Year to all AmRen members from a Korean guy!! Looking forward to learning more from AmRen as well as reading and enjoying great insights in 2013!! 새해 복 많이 받으세요!!

  • Jeff

    I hope this year is the tipping point.

    My fear is that our future is that of South Africa. Whites had all the power there: the only modern military on the continent, nuclear weapons, and (literally) tons of gold and diamonds. They had submarines and arms production.

    But they backed down and handed over everything to new black rulers and now they are being genocided. The only real opposition party to the ANC has absolutely no chance of winning, due to demographics (blacks have almost total racial loyalty there, just like here).

    When did whites start fighting back in South Africa? Never, and even at this late stage I don’t see any signs of them starting. All I see is whites fleeing from South Africa.

    What I’m afraid of is that we will never start fighting back here in the US. All we need to do is vote. If even a few more percentage points of whites would have voted for Romney, he would have won. If we don’t start voting as a bloc within the next election cycle, we are doomed to quickly becoming a minority, disarmed, and ethnic cleansed out of our own country.

    Due to a few million whites betrayal, Obama won and will issue at least ten million new citizenship to mostly Mexicans, and also some Africans and Haitians. This means whites will need to be even more unified and assertive in voting, and will have to wake up and take even stronger positions on immigration. We need to do some of our own (legal and non-violent) ethnic cleansing in the form of deportations, revoking citizenships, and ending birthright citizenship. If we don’t get this done peacefully and legally, we will be in a desperate position. Desperate also in the original sense: without hope.

    This stuff needs to start happening this year. We’re racing towards the cliff

    • Nathanwartooth

      Except that Romney would have done exactly the same thing. You seem to be under the delusion that Republicans care about White people. They don’t. Remember that Romney promised the exact same amnest that Obama is doing right now. They even agreed on it in the debate! Plus Romney wanted to “staple a green card onto every advanced degree holder in the world”.

      They care about getting in as many people into the country as possible to drive wages down as far as they will go. There is a reason why unemployment rates are high and average wages aren’t moving but corporations are making more money than ever.

      If they could ever get another racial group to vote for them they would just start pandering to them instead. They only have loyalty to the lobbyists and the ridiculously rich people they represent.

    • GM (Australia)

      As I have posted previously; Hopefully this will be the year when politicians in your Country, Canada, Australia and also the UK and the rest of Europe will start to take the concerns of White Nationalists seriously. Just like they take the views of your Gun Lobby, the NAACP or the SPLC very seriously.

      That is the top of my wish list for 2013.

  • Anand

    I am doing my part to encourage my Anglo-Saxon/Germanic/select Slavic acquaintances to have more babies. Not much success so far, but at least I make them aware of where things stand. I like polar bears and mountain gorillas too, and no-one gets upset when I advocate their protection. But the obsession with race disgusts some of my close friends and many on this board too. A better 2013 lies ahead for sure.

  • Garrett Brown

    God bless all of you and have faith for this country and it’s (unfortunate) continuing downfall. Maybe this year is the start of the revolution we need.

  • Gracchus123

    Happy New Year AR; may your readership increase a million-fold!

  • circular logic

    Why is the white race being punished with this mutt in the WH and his white liberals like Biden? Did whites do something wrong? Why are they paying a price for being white? Wasnt this the fault of the elite whites and their financiers who sailed west and mistakenly though they needed African slaves beginning 500 yrs ago with the Spanish and then English and French?

    What were they thinking anyway? Were they not aware Europe was built in all its advanced splendor and grandiose magnificence by 100% white slaves who also maintained it for many 1000s of yrs? Why did white slavery end? Who would ever imagine sailing to African jungles to buy off rejected from tribal chiefs and then removing them from their roots and into the pristine white chosen race civilization anyway? This is incomprehensible but proves either the west was never supposed to be settled or evil intervened to kill eradicate the white race back into the single wicked destroyed race instead of keeping all 3 races separated geographically as the NWO called for.

    Yea we hate continuing to revert back to WMR and the Torah but its clearly there in black and white and red written in stone in Genesis that is unavoidable where atheist idiots believe it or not. The ancient hebrews were onto something and they knew it who were also white of the Shem race like the arabs.

  • lily-white

    yes… looks like the influence of the AR has definatly went “international” .. bloggers here from sweden, brittan, south africa and other “undisclosed” locations…

  • Every white person should have at least 3 white children.

  • StillModerated

    La Multi Ani si Un An Nou Fericit!


    Hristos a nascut! Mariti-L!
    Christ is born! Grolify Him!