‘Starving’ Africa Images Are Counterproductive, Says Oxfam

Telegraph (London), December 26, 2012

The negative portrayal of Africa in the eyes of the British public is undermining efforts to bring an end to hunger on the continent, Oxfam has said.

The aid agency said that three-fifths of people questioned said they have become desensitised to images depicting issues such as hunger, drought and disease.

Although nearly three-quarters (74%) of respondents thought it was ultimately possible to bring an end to hunger across the continent, only one in five believed they could play an active role in this.

When asked to select what they thought were the three most pressing problems facing Africa over the next year, almost half (47%) of the more than 2,000 people surveyed by YouGov identified hunger.

Over-exposure to negative media and advertising portrayals of Africa and developing countries in other parts of the world was described as “depressing, manipulative and hopeless” by respondents.

And almost half (43%) said it made them feel that conditions for people living in the developing world would never improve.

In response, Oxfam is launching a new campaign to try to refocus public support for the cause.

Through the Food for All campaign, the charity aims to show the continent’s potential instead of just its problems by striking a more optimistic tone.

Oxfam chief executive, Barbara Stocking, said: “Oxfam has led the way in drawing attention to the plight of Africa’s most vulnerable people and we aren’t trying to gloss over the problems that still beset so many of them, particularly levels of malnutrition that remain stubbornly high.

“But we’ve come a long way since the 1980s and Band Aid’s Do They Know it’s Christmas? We need to shrug off the old stereotypes and celebrate the continent’s diversity and complexity, which is what we are attempting with this campaign.

“The relentless focus on ongoing problems at the expense of a more nuanced portrait of the continent, is obscuring the progress that is being made towards a more secure and prosperous future.

“If we want people to help fight hunger we have to give them grounds for hope by showing the potential of countries across Africa; it’s a natural instinct to turn away from suffering when you feel you can do nothing to alleviate it.”

In another recent Oxfam poll, when asked to name the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of Africa, more than half (55%) of 1,295 respondents spontaneously mentioned issues relating to hunger, famine or poverty.

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  • Triarius

    Maybe because the people that they are asking you to help looks an aweful lot like the guy that robbed/raped/carjacked/attacked/assaulted/shot at you. If a bee keeps stinging you, it only makes sense that you stay away from bees. Similarly, American whites create an apathy for all blacks, American or otherwise.

    • So CAL Snowman

      As Seneca the Younger stated around 2,000 years ago : “Constant exposure to dangers breeds contempt for them”

      I so dearly love the Romans and Roman culture.

      • pcmustgo

        He said that about Africans/Blacks?

        • So CAL Snowman

          Ha ha ha! No he did not say that about the Africans, I believe he was referring to warfare and such, however the quote is still valid with regards to the dangers that the african presents to the White race.

          • edwina

            The Romans were very UNPC………. there are no historical events recorded where there was any trouble given to the Romans by any homies from africa.

          • Brian

            A few interesting quotes and factoids about the Romans.

            “The Romans never allowed a trouble spot to remain simply to avoid going to war over it, because they knew that wars don’t just go away, they are only postponed to someone else’s advantage.”
            – N. Machiavelli

            The fact is that the Post-Modern West has forgotten what both the Imperial Chinese and the Republican Romans very well understood 2,000 years ago. Barbarians are barbarians. They are not civilized people.

            They do not build, they do not produce, they have no capacity or interest in doing anything more than breed, subsist, and destroy. You build a wall to keep the barbarians out, and when they try to invade, as they eventually will, you utilize civilized discipline to slaughter them.

            You can try to convert them to civilization in their own lands, and sometimes they will be able to maintain one if the population possesses sufficient average time preferences, but whatever you do, you don’t permit them to move in next door.

            The barbarians were impressed by civilization and coveted what it produced, but when they took control they were unable to maintain it or continue the production.

            Diplomats are for resolving disputes among friends. War is for stopping scumbags from destroying civilizations.

            Once one has proven that reason and kindness have no effect, the greatest brutality must be brought to bear.

            Pompey stopped the pirates of the Mediterranean for a thousand years, but it wasn’t pretty. Even Roman Senators were shocked by his methods.

            How does one deal with a brutal culture with nothing to lose? Turn Mecca and Medina to glass. Done.

          • StillModerated

            How about the Carthaginians? Rome laid waste to them after “tolerating” 2 invasions. They leveled Carthage, killed the men sold the women and children, plowed slat into the earth and cursed it. But just because Carthage is in Africa doesn’t mean its people were homeys.

          • A. Windaus

            Carthago delenda est.

  • Ulick

    Africa is hopeless. The residents make it so.

  • David Ashton

    There is a feeling that it is time Africans learned how to provide their own clean water, &c.

    • Brian

      Reportedly the US has begun accepting as ‘Special Refugees’ the ones who’ve stayed in African refugee camps for 20-30 years. ‘People’ who’ve refused to leave long after whatever conflict sent them there has ended, who’re content to sit there for decades having a bag of rice thrown at them every day. People so listless, lazy and dumb they haven’t thought in all that time to dig a well, plant a garden, anything other than sit on their collective behinds.
      This is what our Overseas aid and handouts are creating.

      • purestocles

        When I googled special refugees, the nearest I could come up with was Refugee Special or something like that. A site devoted to the status of (chiefly African from the pictures) displaced people who didn’t feel comfortable going home.

        The site features pictures of overcrowded boats and lines of women carrying stuff on their heads, going somewhere or nowhere, just anywhere but wherever it is they’re at.

        Africa has always been like that. They reproduce at greater than replacement rates and can’t support their spawn. So they don’t export goods and services, they export human beings–just as they did to the United States before 1810 or so. Humans were then and (were it not for natural resources) would be today their chief export commodity. Since this is the only surplus they produce it is their chief export. This is because if there is one thing blacks are efficient at it’s fornicating. And they wallow in their sexuality as evidenced by the appeal of any media content that is labeled “RAW” or that contains disgustingly-explicit black sexual language and activities (such as dancing where they simulate rutting). That and getting high are their two chief preoccupations.

        • Yes, an entire continent and they can’t seem to export anything of value. They can’t even seem to capitalize on creating and exporting African wares such as kente cloth or ‘primitive’ African art.

          They live on a continent of vast resources and when anyone from the outside tries to capitalize on these resources, they make a big stink that outsiders are stealing their resources.

          I always say you can’t win with Africans. They won’t do for themselves and when others do what they won’t, they throw a hissy fit. It’s the same in Africa and America or anywhere you find Africans.

          • NYB

            That was then. Now the Chinese are the great colonial power in Africa, building infrastructure and harvesting resources.

            The Chinese have no scruples when it comes to exploiting anything which will accrue returns for the ‘big man’.

          • nexus

            China is making attempts at mining in Africa these days… and I never heard of Chinese PC… it should be interesting, to see how whines for more, for less work will play with THEM!

          • FourFooted_Messiah

            There is actually a chain of shops that sells Third World artisan products; some of it is quite nice, but the reality is, most of it is from Mexico, South America, and various parts of Asia. I might have seen one voodoo mask in one of them, but I bet it was South American in origin.

  • “But we’ve come a long way since the 1980s and Band Aid’s Do They Know it’s Christmas?

    My least favorite Christmas Carol, ever. It was cut in 1984, a year before We Are The World, which probably means Africa must have been some serious PC/SWPL fad in the mid-1980s. For some strange reason, the all Christmas all the time stations overplayed this song every Christmas for the last five seasons, including this past one. Maybe it has something to do with the person of Barack H. Obama II being either President or President-Elect during that time. Or maybe that’s just a coincidence.

    The purpose of this cheerful song is to make us honkeys feel guilty about feeling happy in our first world Christmas while there’s black people suffering in Africa. The song asks rhetorically, “do they know it’s Christmas in Africa?”

    Short answer: They wouldn’t, by themselves, for a very good reason.

    Christmas is basically a warmed over observation of the Winter Solstice and its approximation with the new calendar year. From whence we honkies came, mid-northern to far northern latitudes, it made sense to reset the year at the WS, because you could fit an entire growing season within a year. Another reason it made sense that from the moment of the WS, the length of the day would start to get longer, so the first half of the year would by definition feature lengthening days, mid-year would be the longest day, and the latter half of the year would by definition feature shortening days.

    Where black Africans are indigenous, tropical African latitudes, there is little variance in either the length of the day or the seasonal climate, save monsoonal seasons, depending. Mostly, the growing season is all the time, but “growing season” is a misnomer, because it’s not as if black Africans developed anything close to sophisticated agriculture on their own. The berries and the low hanging fruit just grew, and you went and got whenever you wanted to eat. The EBT of the day, so to speak. This makes the Band-Aid lyric “in our world of plenty” in this song misplaced, because in a base sense, a place with a shorter than year long growing season can’t be more of a “world of plenty” than a place with a year long growing season, other factors notwithstanding.

    The long and short of it is that, no, they wouldn’t have known it’s Christmas, because they wouldn’t know or care that it’s the winter solstice. For the day we now think of as December 21 +/- was to the tropical black African just another day when the sun would rise about where it always has and set about where it always has, it might rain, it might not, it was hot and humid nonetheless, low hanging fruit was there, his rival might impale him with a spear, or maybe not, he might get lucky with only one woman, or the Chief would bring him a captured concubine of women from an enemy tribe to gang bang, but usually not.

    But, thanks to cargo cult and gibsmedat, they know it’s Christmas now!

    As for the subject matter of this post, yeah, white Britons might be saying that they still think Africa can be improved, because it’s practically a criminal offense to say otherwise in public. But with all the aid so far being an abject flop, and only serving to perpetuate humanitarian crises, (and beg military presence to prevent dictators from pilfering it), first world people are starting to get it.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      Add to that Tears are Not Enough by the Northern Lights (same as the band-aid, but all canadian)

      And that John Lennon song “So This is Christmas”, which is a nice song in and of itself, but was ruined by those beg-ads using it incessently every holiday season.

  • Really! New diverse images in Africa can include child brides, honor killings, and Deaths from AIDS. I guess they must have enough food to eat.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      Don’t forget female circumcision!

  • WmarkW

    When you offer a hurting party crisis relief, you’d like to know that structural reforms are taking place to prevent repeats. We’ll give earthquake victims all the basics of life they need to keep going, if they’ll promise not to re-build on the same fault lines. What is anyone doing to African to prevent future hunger? Who’s breaking up the networks of warlords demanding bribes before relief can get through?

    Same complaint I have with “affirmative action” — what does it have to do with reducing fatherlessness, crime and low education priority; and if it doesn’t, what IS being done on those fronts?

    • Laager

      In the case of South Africa AA has filled city, provincial, parastatal and state positions with indolent, incompetent and corrupt officials. Service delivery is the worst it has ever been in the history of the country. The black masses are now worse off than when the white man ran the administration.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      I can’t find that article I remember seeing yesterday or so about forced sterlization immunization.

      But yeah, if Africans want aid for kids they can’t feed, then they need to be sterlized – both the adults and the kids (so the kids won’t have starving kids).

  • 48224

    I said it before and I’ll say it AGAIN.

    When ever they show the African villages full of starving children and women, you never see any men. For years and years I thought the producers or the video photographers were careful to not photograph the lean yet very muscualr and healthy black men for fear of hurting donations. After all, people might think, “look at those young bucks, why can’t they hunt, plant corn or get a job?” So the bucks were told to hide when the video cameras were there….I thought.

    But I was wrong about all that. It wasn’t until recently that I realized where all the black male villagers really were. They were standing in line for a turn with Kim Kardashian!
    I’ll be here til Friday, don’t forget to tip your wait staff.

    • The__Bobster

      Close. They go off on hunting parties and frequent prostitutes along the way.

      • pcmustgo

        Or to work far away in mines.

        I ACTUALLY THINK AFRICANS IN AFRICA DO WORK HARD… their daily lives are full of toil- finding water, etc, walking miles to school. It’s American Blacks on welfare who don’t.

        • OlderWoman

          Google “Africa Addio”.

          • eduard

            And trust me, nothing has changed since the Mau-mau era. Munts working hard? Come to mandelatopia and see how they lie on the park’s lawns and on the side walks the whole day. The world is their toilet, they have no scruples hanging it out in public and taking a donkey leak. We just look the other way. Even on the busiest highway during peak hours does not deter him from his animal urges.

          • Laager

            “Come to mandelatopia and see how they lie on the park’s lawns and on the side walks the whole day.”

            In the bad old days of apartheid a park scene like this was photographed and published in some UK liberal rag with the caption:
            “Blacks lying in the street after being beaten [or shot?] by apartheid police.”

    • So CAL Snowman

      Kim CoalTrashian

    • They also don’t show you the BMW that the executive director of the “feed the starving Africans” charity drives. Now THAT’S social justice.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        I think UNICEF officials drive Maserati cars.

        • So CAL Snowman

          The CEO of Unicef draws a $1,200,000 salary and lives in a multi million dollar home in England and also has the use of the RAF for his travels. About 14 cents of every dollar donated to Unicef actually goes to the “cause.” The CEO of the American Red Cross makes $651,900 a year.

          • edwina

            many of us figured out those scams back in the 80’s.
            I saw an article (in the 80’s) about the huge bonus’s given to the ceo’s and other high staff at unicef and several other ‘charities’ and that was it for me.

            same with the huge scams after every weather or sunami disaster……. you’re mostly funding scam artists, thieves and scoundrels.

          • FourFooted_Messiah

            Yup. It’s why I keep my charity to a personal level. Put peanuts out for a squirrel, give a toonie to some guy on the street who asks politiely and seems honest enough (I don’t want a story, don’t tell me lies. I know you can get food at a food bank; if you need a smoke or want a drink, I have no problem helping you towards that, if you’re that hard up.)

            And yeah, I remember those stories from the 80s, it was kind of shattering for a teenybopper who just wanted to do some good.

            And it isn’t really any more even about the scam angle – pretty much everything long-term gets corrupted – the law of social entropy, I guess. They start to do it out of the goodness of their hearts, but then they see that if they’re successful, they’re out of a job. Hell, even PETA was pretty decent AT ONE TIME. But their campaigning DID make a lot of social strides – against useless, stupid, ugly fur coats that just make a chick look like a fat bear, and getting beauty product companies to stop using weird chemicals that must be first tested on rats and rabbits … but now they’re reduced to lobster cruelty and stuff, and no one needs to hear it any more.

            Same thing with the “gay rights” orgs in Canada. They have no purpose now – gays can be married, adopt, the whole nine yards. Did these groups disband? Hell, no, now they’re reduced to complaining that people still don’t LIKE them.

            Feminist orgs, same thing. They can’t afford to admit that women in the West are now fully free and equal to the mensfolk; they have to somehow push for more, make women MORE equal than men, and basically bash white men (which shows they’ve been taken over by other forces that really couldn’t give a damn about women, that’s why these groups don’t protest Islam. Same thing with PETA – they don’t protest Muslims slitting goat throat for their holidays any more. They used to, and that’s a much bigger humane issue than boiling lobsters alive. How many people actually eat a lot of lobster, anyway?)

            I can’t even give to the Salvation Army any more, because I do not know if the money I give will be used to help LOCAL PEOPLE, and not someone in Africa (while giving the food bank stuff the grocery store donated because it was almost off-date, and they didn’t want to pay to empty the Dumpster).

            I do drop some change into the local animal shelter’s can though, when I hit the bottle store.

          • IstvanIN

            Prince Charles flies commercial but the CEO of Unicef gets to use the RAF? Wow, owning your own country isn’t worth as much as being a charity head!

    • pcmustgo

      Or killed during warfare with neighboring tribes.

      • 48224

        Do you think the tribesment kill each other for sun glasses like they do here in Detroit???

        • Laager

          I don’t think they really think about it at all
          Once their cheer leader has whipped them up into a frenzy any rationality that may have existed just disappears. The herd instinct then takes over and it is a case of kill anything that is not one of them. There is plenty of evidence of this on Youtube. A good example of this mob behaviour was at the recent Marikana Massacre in South Africa. The [black] police shot first and asked questions afterwards.

          • nexus

            you obviously skipped the whole video of that.. what I SAW was a crowd of bantus waving machetes, spears and clubs, RUNNING at the line of police.. who WERE only about 60% bantu!
            Yes, when the shooting started, the whole line emptied their clips (I swear I saw a few reload 2!!), but I can NOT blame them one bit.. I’d have been wishing for a mounted quad-.50 cal machine-gun from a navy patrol boat, myself!!

          • Laager

            I disagree with your 60% statistic.

            AA laws require that all employment – both in the public and private sector – reflects the demographics of the nation.

            Therefore whites in the police force would number 10% max.

            Of course how they are deployed is up to management. The turnout in this case could have been about 40%

            I notice the liberal UK media carefully cropped their photos to create the impression that it was “majority” whites shooting “minority” blacks. They really tried hard to re-create Sharpeville 1960. After all, they have got newspapers to sell and will make damn sure that the truth does not get in the way of a good story.

    • Tim

      Go to rimshot.com. They also have the Boing! and Zinger sound effects…

    • Sherman_McCoy

      And be sure to try the fish!

    • bbz

      They never show black men working the land either, its always women doing the hard physical work.

      • kjh64

        I’ve noticed that. When Haiti had the earthquake, I saw a picture of groups of White American men, volunteers I think, carrrying heavy bags or boxes of food into a building while the able bodied Hatian men sat around playing cards and doing nothing.

        • FourFooted_Messiah

          Jeepers. While I think I’m very lazy, I cannot sit around while others are working, and will offer help. If they don’t need it, fine, but I’ll just fidget while I sit, because I know there’s something not right, and mooch for SOMETHING useful to do, even if it’s just something small and stupid like fetching things or driving nails in with a hammer.

  • Barrack Osama

    So Africa is starving, and Ethopia’s population tripled, and you think the problem is not enough food?

    • Laager

      “Ethiopia’s population tripled” – thanks to Bob Geldorf, Bono and others with the lives saved by the various Live Aid concerts.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        “Do They Know It’s Christmas” is a stupid song, and shows the cultural imperialism of the Left. Why should animists and Muslims care about Christmas? They can’t even celebrate it as a winter solstice holiday, because they don’t really get winter, do they? They did not need, like northern Europeans did, a time where people would exchange useful items so that everyone would still be around in the spring, after a cold, harsh, snowy winter.

        And hey, isn’t this the same crowd that hates Christmas, and want to take away its name?

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    I know a great way the Liberal Brits can end hunger in Africa. They can bring every last black to live with the queen in England, and in exchange, every racist white supremacist will be sent to live in that barren wasteland know as Africa. Of course the Chunnel will have to be plugged and every boat sank, so they can’t infest the rest of Europe.

  • What I’d send if I was interested is a large crate of Contractors CleanUp Bags, a good rake, a good shovel, some water filters or a cartoon showing a man how to dig a well and keep it sanitary. And a good Cartoon book showing the people how to keep their surroundings clean.
    But as that Book spoke, Shake Hands with the Devil, I guess we’d have to send in an army to do away with the warlords, et al.

    • Tim

      Mark, My personal Eureka moment came watching a Western aid worker fixing a water well pump handle. He knelt down to repair it while the entire village sang for him. And I thought, “Damn!! No one in a village of 300 knows how to put a Cotter pin on a pump handle?!?”…

      • Laager

        I recall a similar story on another site some time ago.
        An aid agency set up an agricultural program somewhere in Africa. This included partially damming a small stream with rocks but allowed the water to continue flowing. From the pond created an irrigation channel was dug to water the crop / vegetables. All this work was done with manual labour and simple hand tools. Everything was working fine when the NGO left. A year or so later they returned to monitor progress. The water flow through the channel had stopped. Vegetables were not growing. The NGO took the village elders with them and walked along the channel to try to find the problem. About 5 minutes upstream they found that somehow a rock had fallen into the channel and blocked it. All the water was staying in the stream. It took the NGOs about 1 minute to clear the blockage using their muscle power. For close on a year the Africans had not bothered to do anything about the problem.

        This is Africa.
        Moral of the story:
        Tell me [or do it for me] – and I will forget
        Show me – and I may remember
        Let ME do it – and I will understand

        Western liberal do-gooders have still not learned this simple truth.

        • FourFooted_Messiah

          Well, I learn best the same way – show me, then let me do it with your guidance, then simply watch me when I try to solo. Then I will know the skill forever, and will be confident enough to do the job when the same problem crops up again. This is also how I was taught to teach skills while in cadets (I did become an instructor before I left, so we had to have classes to teach us how to teach.)

          These people don’t even seem to WANT to learn.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      I keep a box of condoms around for the door-to-door jerks who occasionally show up. “Oh, you want a donation for Africa? Here you go /hands the person a condom”

      They usually don’t come back after that.

  • Laager

    How long has Oxfam been strutting it’s stuff in Africa – 40 to 50 years?

    After all this time they deliver this earth shattering conclusion based on an outsourced survey:

    “When asked to select what they thought were the three most pressing problems facing Africa over the next year, almost half (47%) of the more than 2,000 people surveyed by YouGov identified hunger.”

    Then they go and do the same thing themselves:

    “In another recent Oxfam poll, when asked to name the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of Africa, more than half (55%) of 1,295 respondents spontaneously mentioned issues relating to hunger, famine or poverty.”

    It really is quite astonishing that supposedly educated people can be so dumb.

    The No1 problem in Africa is NOT hunger.

    The No1 problem in Africa is an irresponsible and uncontrolled birth rate.

    In the west blacks can get away with it because they are baled ot by the socialist policies of their host countries.

    In Africa they rely and depend on the bottomless pit of international aid – mainly from the west.

    “The relentless focus on ongoing problems at the expense of a more nuanced portrait of the continent, is obscuring the progress that is being made towards a more secure and prosperous future.”

    The most progress ever made in Africa was South Africa where you had the largest permanent white population. [5million] More importantly they ran the government. They were benevolent towards the business community and black population. This created jobs and taxes which was spent on black upliftment programs of education, housing and health care. This white population was so successful that not once did they ever call on international aid. They effectively did what all these do-gooder western charities and NGOs are trying to do with their pathetic little budgets.

    By getting rid of the white government in South Africa the liberal west [Oxfam?] has achieved the following:

    [1] About 1 million whites [20% of the white population] have chosen to emigrate to find a safe civilised life style in the developed first world. These emigrants are the professionals, skilled technicians and business entrepreneurs – i.e. the job creators [mainly for blacks]

    [2] The ANC government through their AA and BEE policies have expelled at least 250,000 whites from city, provincial, parastatal and state employment. They and their families [about 800,000 in total] are now unemployed and receive no state support / survival benefits.

    [3] An estimated 40,000 white people have been murdered since 1994 – more skilled people taken out of job creation employment.

    [4] This figure includes almost 4,000 commercial farmers. A further unknown number have quit farming as it is too dangerous an occupation. The country has now become an net importer of food after having been totally self sufficient for the last 350 years.

    So Oxfam – get the word out to your supporters and show them what you have achieved. Then encourage them to dig really deep into their pockets. Africa needs their help and will do so until the end of time.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      I thought Oxfam was started in the late 1800s, to give aid to all those poor people the Brits had within their Empire. As far as I remember, they were the FIRST overseas aid charity, ever.

  • What is wrong with accepting reality? Idealism has never worked anywhere at anytime, never, ever, yet so many still cling to it. Maybe it’s because idealism is a quick easy way to scam people out of money. Oxfam knows they wouldn’t collect a dime if they peddled reality

    • purestocles

      A certain type of human goes starry-eyed at that quote Bobby Kennedy lifted from some Ancient, “Some people look at what is and ask why, I look at what could be and ask why not” (those may not be exact words the gist is right).

      So they admit upfront that seeing the “world as it is” is secondary to some Ideal-driven agenda. And the Ideal trumps any realism or empiricism, which is why true believers are so difficult to argue with and immune to persuasion with any line of reason involving numbers.

      • Please don’t confound Bobby Kennedy and the very concept of reality. Shortly before he was assassinated, and in one of his campaign stump speeches in 1968, he had this to say (paraphrased, extremely close to what he actually said):

        “When the average American goes home to his house, with two stories, a two-car garage and a swimming pool in the back…”

        That’s how rich boy thinks the “average American” of 1968 lived.

        • OlderWoman

          Kennedys = wealthy bootleggers.

  • gemjunior

    It’s amazing how this fable continues.

    We need to shrug off the old stereotypes and celebrate the continent’s diversity and complexity, which is what we are attempting with this campaign.
    There is nothing to celebrate, and we whites know it. We were never sold on this BS in the first place, and whites all over the world are slowly starting to realize that the idea of “celebrating diversity” is code for “white genocide” all over any previously white country. I can’t believe that anyone is still mouthing this platitude. It’s gross, and we all know it. The only diversity and complexity in that place is the wildlife. All the humans there are wildlife in a different sense but if survival is your desire you need to run far away from them.

  • From the incessant din of blacks in the US, I know I’ve become desensitized to the issues of blacks in America. After awhile, it just becomes background noise; easy to ignore. Same problems, same excuses.

    Call me if anything changes.

    • OlderWoman

      After viewing “Africa Addio”, I became desensitized as well. They, the blacks, were destroying food stuffs Whites were growing and distributing to feed the natives. They crippled livestock…destroyed property they could have used themselves.

      Blacks, in my opinion, were not the powerful, cultured, pyramid-building Egyptians we’ve been brainwashed to believe they were. It just isn’t their nature to build anything productive or beautiful.

      • Laager

        And it is still happening today in South Africa. A farming friend started a new initiative on his farm. This venture would have created about 50 new [black] manual labouring jobs.The crop was planted and a steel processing shed with equipment was installed. Whilst they waited for the crop to grow, his own labourers and other bandits, dismantled the shed and equipment, carted it off and sold it to a scrap metal merchant.

        The farmer said: “To hell with it. Let them starve. He harvested the immature crop, sold it as pig food and then ploughed the land back into a fallow state. With the time he had on his hands he pursued his hobby of big game fishing, fed his family and pocketed the proceeds from the sale of surplus fish.

        • OlderWoman

          Good for your friend. I have absolutely no concern for these people either in Africa or America. From what I’ve read they cause problems in other countries as well. It isn’t their nature to prosper or build. It IS their nature to destroy.

        • FourFooted_Messiah

          Huh. The only people I met who would steal so from their very employer were … wait for it …. crack addicts (however, the boss was one himself, and could only just complain about it happening.)

  • A Multiracial Ph.D Student

    Perhaps the Chinese will take over where the Europeans left off and extensively colonize Africa. Their quality of life would improve dramatically. The Chinese might institute the one child policy as well. I’m not sure the Chinese would cave to liberal groups denouncing their actions.

    • bigone4u

      I was thinking the same thing. The Chinese do what they will in Tibet. Why not Africa?

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      Good, well, let the Chinese have Africa, then, and let Africans be their bane. The Chinese trying to take over Vancouver can go there, too.

  • The Final Solution

    “celebrate the continent’s diversity and complexity” ha ha ha! Africa is anything but complex. And as for celebrating, that seems to be all those people do there when they’re not starving as we saw from the recent stampede. Yep. Singing, dancing, celebrating, breeding, and begging are the day’s activities.

    Oxfam is definitely a charity we could do without. I read a recent article about how the Western world needs to start changing its culinary habits by eating insects as a new source of protein. Basically the article said white people need to start eating insects because the third world doesn’t have enough to eat. Maybe Oxfam can work that into their new marketing strategy. The insanity of the left truly has no limit.

    • OlderWoman

      Samaritan’s Purse does well. All the churches abundantly donate to it. I won’t on principle and for personal reasons…I, for one, believe Billy Graham to be a fraud.

      • Publicly, Richard Nixon was for affirmative action, in fact, set in wheels Federal policy enforcing affirmative action. And publicly, Billy Graham was a multi-racialist.

        But both were caught on White House recordings telling N-word jokes and Jewish jokes.

        • OlderWoman

          Nixon??? I never knew that. As for Graham, everything about him stinks.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Except for telling those kinds of jokes!

          • FourFooted_Messiah

            I knew that about Nixon … as for Graham, well, is he even still alive?

            Bah, all those TV evangelists kind of suck, except for this one guy I saw … damn, can’t remember his name, I’ll edit if I do … but he’s very amusing in his sermons, and does know how to deliver his stuff. While I don’t agree with everytthing he says, mostly relating to the supernatural, at least this guy was warning about Muslims; I would have listened closer to him though, if he didn’t mix it up with Revelation of John, which I know was just a coded war-cry against the Romans, and has nothing to do with us.

            I think his last name starts with H?

          • John Hagee?

            If that’s who, then you can keep him. Just another fancy “stander with Israel” that goes for a dime a dozen.

    • nexus

      I saw that article.. I thought it was from the Onion…they really, SERIOUSLY printed that as “take-it-at-face-value”?
      Shitly Hoballs!!!

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        Nope, this is the Eat Like an Ethiopian crowd, and I clued in years ago that this is the real reason vegetarianism is pushed. They don’t really give a crap about animals (and neither did Hitler – he didn’t eat meat because he felt creepy being a “graveyard”, not because he liked animals in and of themselves. Ref: Adolf Hitler by John Toland). Well, ok, some genuinely do, like Paul and Linda McCartney, I think, and some folks I met. But the ones REALLY PUSHING IT only really give a damn about freeing up the grain our livestock eats for to be sent to Africa.

        Now, I guess, they want us to eat insects – probably so that we’ll buy locusts from Africa, and solve their locust problem for them that way. They got that idea from Kimba the White Lion, as a compromise – ie, we know you won’t ever be fully vegetarian, but look! Insects are meat too! bleah. (the Lion didn’t want to kill his herbivore friends, but discovered he is biologically incapable of eating grass and leaves, so he taught himself and his predator friends to be insectivores.)

        Sorry, but while I am in the same position as Kimba (would be vegetarian if I could be, but for some reason I can’t eat much plant food beyond common grains, potatoes and beans, and I only eat beans for the same reason my cat eats grass), I simply cannot bring myself to purposefully eat a bug.

  • PesachPatriot

    Maybe instead of the pictures of starving africans they can show some images of the mind numbing brutal violence africans inflict on each other like the rwanda genocide or the weekly tribal slaughter of genocide. Perhaps a few pics of the modern day slave trade in the sudan would tug at the old heart strings as effectively as the old pics of distended bellies on fly covered children. How about some nice black and white photographs of south african necklace parties? Maybe if the africans don’t want to starve they should quit making more africans. Why is it that pretty much all the rest of the 3rd world like China, India, the arab countries, and south america can all pretty much feed themselves without having to beg for aid constantly?

    • Laager

      Here is a start

      or simply go to youtube and type: nigeria [police] violence
      The images should encourage any sane person to keep their wallet zipped up forever

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      Remember your mom saying “don’t feed that wild animal, he will come to expect it and depend on you”? Same thing.

      We went to Africa, saw the people living there were still in stone, or at best, copper age or whatnot, and felt sorry for them. We wanted them to have it as good as we did, and so we introduced them to things like medicine, farming, etc.

      Their population EXPLODED, in the exact same way a rabbit population will if you take care of them by leaving them food, live-trapping them for shots, etc.

      Then, being humans, they were ungrateful of our presence, and wanted us to leave coz we were getting bossy. Ok, fine, fair enough (white countries should have special offers to get whites out of black African countries). But oh, if we leave, there’s no more free food or medicine, or help of any sort. Even rabbits aren’t dumb enough to deliberately drive away the people who are giving them the good life!

      So they kept up the breeding rates, expecting – for the first time ever – all their kids to survive. Did they drop their breeding rates from the natural state to the domesticated one? Haha, no. They just started complaining that they couldn’t feed all the kids they produced, and hey, YT, where’s that help you promised us?

      So now they’re like bears in a national park before feeding was banned – they try to rough us up, guilt trip us, anything they can do to keep that food and medicine a-coming.

      So, yeah, I guess it is partially our fault. Our fault for trying to be nice.

      • OlderWoman

        Whites created a monster in Africa.

  • EndTimesComing

    Africa is probably the continent single most blessed with natural resources everywhere of some kind or another. The fact Africa is ‘starving” is simply because blacks live in Africa. Only whites know how to explore for and make use of those resources. The Chinese learned from westerners, so don’t say the Chinese do also. The only reason the Chinese are there is because the Chinese don’t give squat about PC or slavery, or guilt. They hate blacks even more than aware whites do. Whites allowed themselves to be hampered by white guilt driven by non-producing liberals, and gave away those resources to idiot blacks simply because stupid liberal whites united together to make pests of themselves. The US included. After whites had been been driven away by blacks through “independence” or whatever, the blacks simply cannot sustain the rich businesses and cities the whites produced. All they can do is suck the life out of any city, State, Country or business and leave excrement behind like a bunch of leeches. That’s why black Africa is starving. Nothing can ever save themselves FROM themselves except a return to what worked before.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      It’ll be the Chinese who develop a genetically-coded virus that sterilizes all african blacks, and then Africa will belong to China.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        You know, I always wondered if that was even possible. I think it might be. Hmm.

        It’s probably a good thing I thought biology was too icky a field to get into (I refused to dissect as a kid), because I would probably be the absolute worst one to have that kind of POWAH. I’d have most humans wiped out by now, and would be playing at being Dr Moreau. Lord knows I’d sooner hang around a minotaur, or a tiger-man than a damn Pakistani. I would certainly be more inclined to trust the tiger dude with not killing me!

        Of course, I’d probably also discover a way for humans to have REAL sex-change operations (changing your very DNA from XY to XX, say, instead of having sad, confused people wandering about in costume, pretending to be something they’re not … and then develop the technology for Furries to have either partial or full species-change operations (see above.)

        And yeah, I had an idea for a sci-fi/fantasy story about a world in which gentically-created (by aliens) half-men ruled, and the full humans thought to be extinct, and was even going to make a game system for it. But I don’t think anyone would bother reading it, even if I put it out for free, so I didn’t bother.

    • Laager

      Correct. I worked on a construction project in the UK which employed a 40 year old Nigerian male to keep our site offices clean and free of the mud brought in from site. Now tell me; how useless must a country be if it’s citizens have to emigrate and travel 4,000 miles to somewhere else to push a broom and a vacuum cleaner to put bread on the table for their families? They can’t even create cleaner’s jobs for their own people.

      • OlderWoman

        We have a black male maintenance man in my building. He is a preacher and is married to a white woman. He spends most of his time visiting our black residents. His children are attending a Jesuit college (on our dime probably) and majoring in social justice. More government workers who will game the system at all cost.

  • bigone4u

    As older white farmers in the US retire and the young do not take up that occupation, where will the foodstuffs sent to Africa come from? Food is becoming ever more costly as it is due to a variety of factors, such as the ethonol boondoggle. Send each African family a packet of seeds and a sharp stick to poke a hole in the ground, then tell them they’re on their own.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    “Female contribution to agriculture is higher in Africa than in most regions of the world. This fact makes Africa an interesting region within which to examine variation in the division of labor, since the African continent includes societies with the highest rates of female participation in subsistence of all world societies. Africa is also interesting because of the absence of the plow and of prescriptive monogamy from most of the continent.”

    Source: http://eclectic.ss.uci.edu/~drwhite/pw/SexualDivision_ofLabor_inAfiicanAgric.pdf

    This may be the answer to a good chunk of their problems. They are failing to produce as much food as they need because the best physical laborers (the men) are not joining in as much as men in other parts of the world do.

    This can probably be explained by their lack of monogamy. If the men cannot be reasonably certain they are the father of the children their wives bear, what genetic imperatives do they have to provide for those children?

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      That, and they believe the only way for a man to prove he’s a man is to lay a lot of women and cause a lot of kids – which they then don’t care about, until it’s time to whine to Western media.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    “In another recent Oxfam poll, when asked to name the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of Africa, more than half (55%) of 1,295 respondents spontaneously mentioned issues relating to hunger, famine or poverty.”

    I think grass huts and smelly apelike creatures eating each other. Oh, and white farmers being murdered.

  • Fr. John+

    Your byline- “They make potential donors think the continent is hopeless.”
    My comment. “It is.”

  • Angry White Woman

    I have been seeing those ads for “Save The Children” and the like ALL MY LIFE (and I am not a young woman) Always the same. For at least the last 50 years we have seen successive waves of malnourished babies with flies crawling over their faces, their bald heads and their bellies swollen from starvation. No matter how much money gets sent, it never changes. They still “need” more. It may be hard hearted, but we people of the Western world need to let Africans take care of Africa, and WE need to take care of our own. If we stop sending the endless donations of food, clean water, and other necessities of life, they might stop breeding droves of children they are unable to provide for, and start building their own infrastructure, including wells with clean water and schools, etc. Or not. Either way, it will not be our problem. At present, sending them donations is merely pouring water down a bottomless rat hole. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. Isn’t fifty years long enough for us to realize that sending money to the poor, starving Africans isn’t working out as planned? Sending our bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, energetic, idealistic young Peace Corps volunteers to show them how to grow crops and build and maintain sources of pure water, and how to build safe homes, and keep the areas around their villages clean and vermin free has been tried, It hasn’t worked. The natives simply are not interested in doing it for themselves. People are still wringing their hands and crying over how to fix the problem. Well, I’ve gotten to the point of, “Who cares?”. If they can’t evolve to the point of even feeding their offspring, then let nature take it’s course, cruel though it may be. If wild animals can provide for their young, Africans ought to be able to manage.

    • OlderWoman

      How about the photo of a starving child with distended belly, sitting amongst vultures? Shock therapy to separate you from your money. I’d rather feed poor whites in Appalachia.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        I remember one of a vulture eating one of those kids; its filename (back before Windows 95) was godslove.gif, meant to be sneeringly ironic. The basic response on Fidonet to that was “Yep, God must really love that vulture for giving him such a good meal” – from both Christians and atheists.

        In fact, that’s the only thing those kids are good for – animal food. I bet we could save a lot of worthy endangered predators if we just let ’em go to town on starving Africans.

    • kjh64

      So true. Why don’t these African women/men stop having kids they can’t feed. I mean if I went out and had 10 kids, I’d be starving too. USE BIRTH CONTROL!!!!!! If you can’t feed em, don’t breed em.

  • Bandmo

    Give a black African a fish and he will eat for a day, teach him to fish and he will EAT the bait.

  • Mark Luger

    Why can’t the men in Africa hunt like Eskimo’s or plant crops like the Amish?? Eskimo’s live in one of the worst environments on Earth, yet they do not starve to death. Amish people live like the Flintstones yet they do not starve to death. Any man that will hunt a whale or a polar bear to feed his family is ok with me. I would be proud to have a man like that my side when the chips are down. If men in Africa are able to rape girls and women and give them AIDS, they are able to hunt & fish, unless it is too complicated for them.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      Of course they hunt. Where do you think African “bush meat” comes from? The problem is, they’ll hunt everything to extinction, and then turn around and ask us to feed all their new babies.

      And of course, they eat our closest relatives, apes and monkeys. THAT is how they introduced AIDS to the world. Wild meat is very sketchy, and there are reasons that domestic food animals are very closely monitored, from birth to slaughter. SARS came from Chinese eating wild animals, too. Sounds like good revenge to me! Let Man’s own greedy gullet be his undoing, if he won’t stick to his own livestock.

      The ONLY way to make Africa a better place is to cull the HUMAN population there, by, oh, at least 75%.

      Personally, I’d like to see Africa become a study in what happens when humans are all gone from the entire continent.

  • NYB

    Oxfam needs donations; desensitized people aren’t giving. Oxfam changes its pitch from shock value to ‘hopeful optimism’.

    It’s all about the newest and best way to get the money.

  • nexus

    here’s a great public admission that ” facts be Raaycisst”…
    I’ve seen these same commercials since i was 6 years old.. in 1967!!!!
    The ONLY thing that has changed, is that there is now 5-10 times MORE starving africans, per-country, than THEN!!
    Food isn’t the problem..too many africans, no knowledge of farming (apparently), and damn little enthusiasm for anything but kiling each other and raping anything female that they can, is the problem!!!!!