Mexico’s El Universal Says Latinos in U.S. Have No Civil Rights

Jerry Kammer, Center for Immigration Studies, December 26, 2012

An article last week in Mexico´s largest newspaper passed a remarkable judgment on the civil rights of Latino immigrants in the United States. It said they don´t exist.

“For more than half a century, the civil rights of the immigrants of Latino origin have been non-existent, which has made them the slaves of the modern era,” reported El Universal, in an analysis that was also published elsewhere in Latin America.

The article cited no abuses, made no distinction between 1962 and 2012, and ignored long-standing and energetic federal programs to protect the civil rights of Latinos and other minorities.

It reminded me of the observation by Jeffrey Davidow, former U.S. ambassador to Mexico, that a reflexive anti-Americanism was a common feature of Mexican political life. It also brought to mind the comment by Mexican political commentator and university professor Denise Dresser that, “nothing unites Mexicans more than a good dose of anti-Americanism.”

The ostensible purpose of the article by El Universal´s Washington correspondent, Jose Jaime Hernandez, was to describe the growing political power of the Latino vote. Hernandez said the, “sleeping giant. . .is waking up and beginning to ramble through the geography of a nation that has ignored it for decades while denying its rights.”

Hernandez said the resulting demographic changes, “have marked the beginning of the end of the hegemony of the conservative white man in the United States.”

The article cited two major sources of the Latino vote´s growing potential: the 50,000 native-born young who reach voting age every month and, “the vote of the immigrant who will naturalize because of the immigration reforms that are inevitably to come.”


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  • Ulick

    “The article cited no abuses, made no distinction between 1962 and 2012, and ignored long-standing and energetic federal programs to protect the civil rights of Latinos and other minorities.”

    The same applies for nearly all black allegations of white racism in America. In these people’s eyes virulent racism is a given. After all, it must be to explain why their groups trail whites in education, income, etc. So, since white racism is a given in their eyes, why even give specific details. This is why it’s absurd to even argue with these people. They offer no specifics, and they dismiss your specific legitimate explanations for the outcome differences they call racism.

    • liberalsuck

      I see that, too. When blacks excel in sports, they will attribute that to the fact blacks are physically superior athletes. When Mexicans are now doing jobs whites used to do, well that’s because they “work harder” and not because businesses want the cheaper laborer who doesn’t know of their employment rights. Blacks can tell me, “I had to work twice as hard because I’m black” but I can’t assume if they are unemployed or not making the money they want to that it is because they are lazy or not skilled enough. No, that’s racist. But equating areas where whites succeed where other racial groups seem not to, well “that’s because of racism.”

  • Puggg

    Good. Let Mexico and Mexicans be as paranoid about how life really is in the United States as they want to be. As far as I care, let them circulate stories and rumors that the water supply has secret chemicals that kill Hispanics and only Hispanics.

    • dukem1

      Make them think our water will give them the runs…then they won’t want to come here!

    • Liberalsuck

      I agree. I want people to fear us. I want people to be too scared to be around us. Maybe they will stop following us.

  • Ulick

    On Latinos in the US: “Hernandez said the, “sleeping giant. . .is waking up”

    I’m seeing indications that the true sleeping giant in the US, it’s white population, is starting to wake up. Will enough wake up in time? And will those whites inclined to wake up keep hitting the snooze button? We have to wake up before it’s too late.

    • mendells-selection

      We wil, and when we do, we won’t differentiate between legal, illegal, born here or not.

      • The__Bobster

        Any of them that arrived after 1965 are illegal in my eyes. The cane-cutter refugees that arrived after 1959 need to go back to the land of the donkey shows.

      • liberalsuck

        They say, “We will take over without firing a shot.” My response, “There are plenty of people who WILL fire a shot at you in your attempts.”

    • Liberalsuck

      They say we are a “sleeping giant”, well we’re a better armed, angrier sleeping giant that is about this close from blowing our fuses. The Latinos can’t even run their own countries, they can’t even overthrow the whites in power in Latin countries, yet somehow they think they will take over a larger, armed white population that is growing angrier by the day?

  • AutomaticSlim

    So this newspaper is worried about how their criminal aliens are being treated in the US?
    Are they urging them to stay in Mexico as well?

    By the way, and completely off topic, “Tatiana” from the Ukrainian dating website add is hot…

    • mendells-selection

      LOL, You never heard about the scams? It’s probably a fat old russian drunk that posted a girls pic, he’s just waiting for you to give him your credit card number, to fly over there and meet you–NOT

      • AutomaticSlim

        If a scam, then why is Amren running the ad?

        • mendells-selection

          Is it?It doesn’t come up on my screen!?There is a town in Russia , Perm, which was notorious a few years ago for taking Western European men for a ton of cash. That was those emails though. Send a pic of a girl, and play the part of a poor helpless victim of an ex communist state who needs to be rescued. Of course those Tony Blair type libs were easy pickings.

        • AR just runs a banner ad. We can’t control which kind of ads you see. Different users will see different ads, based on what kind of ads and websites they have visited and clicked before. For some odd reason, I see a lot of relatively scantily clad young white women in AR’s banner ad most of the time.

        • mendells-selection

          ahhh, the moderator has the answer. You have been a naughty boy Slim! I guess your browser has a record of all those sites you have been at.

          • AutomaticSlim

            And all this time I thought that freeware was keeping me “anonymous”…

  • You Are Now Enriched

    Is anyone else noticing how the White man of today is becoming the Jew in Hitler’s Germany?

    Openly advocated hatred and violence against us is almost here in full….

    • Liberalsuck

      except Jews are willing to fight back and are allowed to have their own homeland.

    • mendells-selection

      Oh, I noticed that twenty years ago! We have become the ultimate scapegoat!

    • 5n4k33y35

      Yeah, and guess who is shaking their pom poms? A bunch of progressive Jews. Make them shut their damned mouths and the tide of anti-white hatred subsides. Easy problem to fix, isn’t it?

    • SmithandSmith

      I myself have not noticed. All I’ve seen is how every ethnicity, save for White People that is, had someone to defend them. I feel like White People are more alone and without the aide of others more so than any other race ever was.

    • Tucker

      Therefore, is it not completely obvious and 100 percent transparent as to who is behind this effort to orchestrate this flip-flop arrangement?

      Keith Alexander of The Political Cesspool radio show has pointed out on a number of occasions that the number one dream of any ‘slave’ (or in this case, substitute disgruntled, resentful, hate filled minority seeking murderous vengeance) is not to obtain his or her freedom. No, the number one dream of every slave is to exchange places with his former master – he becomes the master and the former master becomes the slave.

      White men had better wake up to this truth and very soon, or they will soon find themselves joining the 66 plus million pile of White European corpses that these Bolshevik monsters tallied when their tribe ran the old USSR.

      This is the blood lust behind the efforts of the Feinsteins, Schumers, Lautenbergs, Bloombergs and their mouthpiece puppets in the mainstream media to disarm law abiding White males, folks.

  • mendells-selection

    Funny, if I get stopped by a cop for speeding, they give me a ticket, if an illegal alien get’s stopped, they let him go without one

    • IstvanIN

      The illegal doesn’t have a license to suspend if he doesn’t pay and he doesn’t have insurance to have the rates increase on, so why bother?

      • mendells-selection

        If I’m caught driving without a license they can put me in jail

    • SmithandSmith

      I saw a cop show (cops) where an asian woman was biting at the cop through her window and she did this over and over until the cop just walked away. No ticket, no nothing. I don’t get to do that.

    • SmithandSmith

      I saw a cop show (cops) where an asian woman was biting at the cop through her window and she did this over and over until the cop just walked away. No ticket, no nothing. I don’t get to do that.

      • mendells-selection

        You WANT to be able to “bite a cop”?

        • SmithandSmith

          I WANT to be able to make a cop stop writing me a ticket like the asian was able to. I’m sick of how the non-whites can act however they want and get away with it.

          If I went towards a cop in any manner that was aggressive, I’d be thrown down onto the ground, cuffed, charged, convicted and made to pay. I’d get jail time, fines and a permanent criminal record which could very well ruin my career too.

    • TeutonicKnight67

      Because White people PAY. Our own money supports the corrupt system that works against us.

  • Liberalsuck

    Illegals have no rights; those are for citizens. Hello, I’m Earth. Have we met?

  • The__Bobster

    The article cited two major sources of the Latino vote´s growing
    potential: the 50,000 native-born young who reach voting age every month
    and, “the vote of the immigrant who will naturalize because of the
    immigration reforms that are inevitably to come.”

    It appears the stumpies believe that their conquest is almost complete and are no longer hiding their true intentions.

  • Ulick

    If Latinos have no rights in America then why do so many Latinos keep coming here? It’s similar to blacks complaint that America is the most racist nation while millions of Africans and Caribbeans poured in. Call me crazy but I wouldn’t move to a land that I actually believed was racist against me and deprived me of rights. Their actions show they don’t believe their own words. So why should we?

    • Liberalsuck

      They like our money and freebies they get here. Cut them off and don’t put up with any of their BS, and they will start to back off. Kind of like the bully in school. If you eventually said he wasn’t getting your money and gave him a knuckle sandwich, he usually backed off.

      • 5n4k33y35

        It’s more like Gulliver and a bunch of tiny people. Ulick is correct, the real “sleeping giant” is white society. Time for whites to have a white-positive outlook and to increase our numbers so we can stave-off the immigration invasion into our ancestral homelands (Europe, Eurasia, Russia).

  • bigone4u

    When you’re a failure, you blame others. Instead of blaming their parents for bad genes or their own dysfunctional communities, or their own stupidity or laziness, they blame the white man. It feels good, but accomplishes nothing. Look inward, not outward when you stumble and fall. But they will never get it so long as we let them blame us. Henceforth, when I hear this type of crap I willcalmly but firmly challenge it.

    • gemjunior

      Well said. Challenging it may cause discomfort but it must be done. As much as they will fight you and hurl angry epithets, but for the more intelligent of these white-hating Mestizos there are moments when it creeps into their consciousness and cause them some shame.

  • kjh64

    “Hernandez said the resulting demographic changes, “have marked the beginning of the end of the hegemony of the conservative white man in the United States.””
    No, if the demographic changes continue, it will mark the end of the USA as a first world country.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    Talking about “civil rights” is code for advocating race-based preferences, which come at the expense of other groups and races… basically White Americans. All non-Whites ever think about is race and they try to act as if we are the racists, it’s racism-bigotry flip flop 101. Anyone who has a shred of objective honesty would admit the law protects people of all backgrounds and any actual civil rights apply to everyone… that is, except Whites of course.

  • Danan

    “…which has made [Latinos] the slaves of the modern era.”

    Stopped reading there. What a crock of dog [email protected]#!

    Slaves across history could only DREAM (no pun intended) of being treated with the level of kindness Whites show Latinos.

    If Whites are so awful, why the hell are these guys demanding the right to be part of our political union which we created?

    Non-whites today seem to have a penchant for being greedy, hateful hypocrites.

  • IstvanIN

    What this man is saying is that “Latinos” immigrants have no intentions of assimilating and becoming Americans but are here simply to take over our landmass, kill us and then recreate the mess they ran away from. Very simple.

    • dukem1

      You have very simply stated the problem with the whole immigration mess.

    • liberalsuck

      Yep, and if we resist being taken over and displaced, well that’s because we are racists full of hate. That’s why the liberals are pissed at the movie 300, the new Red Dawn movie and the 2008 Rambo movie. Nothing angers them like seeing movies where a white guy or group of white men are fighting nonwhites who are evil people. I supposed if Rambo were fighting neo nazis or if Red Dawn were nonwhite guys fighting white military men that the liberals and SPLC wouldn’t have a problem with that.

      • Rasmus

        I no longer give a damn what they think of me. They can all kiss my white a**.

  • What immigration reform? This will not happen because this issue is not important to mainstream America as is the economy and job creation. I remember at the beginning of his first term, Obama promised immigration reform that has never happened. When asked about this, he said that there were other issues that were more pressing such as the economy, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the fiscal crisis. He is promising this again to the Latinos. I am willing to bet that it will not happen and all that they got was the DACA program(Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) that would allow young immigrants from 16-30 to get permission to stay in the country for two years and they would be granted work permits that are good for two years than will enable them to get a social security card and drivers license that will expire when their work permit does.

    • Non Humans

      They shouldn’t even be granted that much. Illegal is illegal, period.
      On a further note, deportation is too light a punishment, they should break one of their ankles to make sure that they don’t try to run across the border again. Otherwise they just get unlimited continues.

  • LHathaway

    Latino’s don’t. Affirmative-action blacks have a death-fist stranglehold on all the employment positions above them, and, outside of some bilingual positions, always will. They’re destined to serve them. . . and have the power’s that be tell them their true enemies are whites. As long as only whites are hated. . everything is all progressive and ‘positive-change’.

  • rockman

    Why do you suppose people are buying arms and ammo? They have started to think

  • SmithandSmith

    “nothing unites Mexicans more than a good dose of anti-Americanism.”

    And nothing Unites Americans like a good dose of a non-white invasion. I pity the non-whites for it has become apparent to me that they really don’t know any better. ‘Never Bite the Hand that Feeds You’ is a concept that will forever be unknown to them and for which, will be their Final Mistake.

  • mobilebay

    Assuming that “Latino immigrants” means illegal aliens, they seem to have many rights, often more than legal citizens. Their first “right” is breaking and entering our country. Then, a beeline to the nearest welfare office to collect rent vouchers and food stamps. Next they enroll the kiddies in schools, which supply free meals. After that, they’re off to the emergency rooms for the cold they caught in the night air as they sneaked in. They have never-ending “rights.” What a country! Their “rights” are brought to us courtesy of our government in conjunction with that of Mexico. That’s the partnership so often spoken of – the plan to displace us and people this country with third world criminals.

  • Greg Thomas

    The gall, arrogance, and bravado of mexico would be a wake up call to any sane government. Nevertheless, the United States is prepared to berelegated to third world status in their quest for third-world diversity. Mexico invades our country with 20 million of their peasant foot soldiers and then has the audacity to claim the same illegal invaders have no “civil rights” in this country. Mexico’s invasion is in full swing our government is not only allowing it, but aiding and abetting it.

  • Sloppo

    Jon Hammar didn’t seem to have so many civil rights when he was in Mexico until he got on the news and about 50 million Americans got angry.×281.jpg

    • (White) American carrying gun/ammo into Mexico then getting tossed into a filthy Mex clink is about a once a year news story, at least from what I see. Probably happens more often than that.

      Even though Hammar did everything by the book, there’s a part of me which can’t halfway blame the Mex “authorities” for doing this (even though they were wrong to do so). Do you think they might be suspicious of any Americans bringing guns into Mexico, after Operation Gunrunner?

      • Sloppo

        How many gang bangers or drug dealers would want to use an antique 410 shotgun for anything besides rat control?

        • I also think that this is Mexico’s revenge against SB 1070 and other similar laws.

          • Sloppo

            Well, in that case, we should adopt the same policies Mexico enforces on their southern border.

          • IstvanIN

            We should treat illegals the same way Mexico does.

      • IstvanIN

        Here in NJ a man who brought guns into the state, exactly by the book, which the judge admitted, was arrested by state police, (when the state police asked to search his car he told them he had guns in the trunk), convicted of having weapons, given a prison sentence of 20 years, now has a felony conviction, will never be allowed to own a gun again, the “conservative” governor refused to pardon him. Every discussion of the case, wish I could remember the name, admitted he broke no laws but a single judge was allowed to destroy this man’s life, who committed no infraction. So it just isn’t just Mexico.

        • Brian Aitken. Christie commuted his sentence, but didn’t pardon him. Actually he wasn’t arrested for the “guns” he bought into the state, but for a few illegal bullets. And that’s after he wrote a letter to the Chief of the State Police specifically asking about those kinds of bullets, whether they were legal in New Jersey, and Mr. Top Cop says yes.

          • IstvanIN

            But basically he went by the book and was railroaded and had his life destroyed. Chris Christie should be ashamed, that man should have been pardoned, his criminal record expunged and the judge brought up on charges and disbarred.

  • 5n4k33y35

    The rights of Mexicans are great in America. Their children are American citizens and they’re given good social services. I don’t think it is mean to leave illegal immigrants out of American elections.

    Their kids can vote when they grow up. And when they have an family, they don’t get sent home because their kids are citizens. That’s liberal and altruistic. That guy is just a complainer and a race-warrior.

    • AutomaticSlim

      “The rights of Mexicans are great in America.”

      Maybe great for mestizos looking for handouts, but TERRIBLE for us!

  • Angry White Woman

    One thing the author got ALMOST right is that illegal Latino “immigrants” have no civil rights in the United States. Well, civil rights are reserved to the citizens of the country they belong to. Americans (supposedly) have American civil rights, Canadians have Canadian civil rights, etc. You do not have civil rights if you are not a citizen, no matter what other country you are from, though you do have human rights. Many people do not distinguish between civil rights and human rights.

  • odius liberal

    Funny article since mexico is controlled by whites of european hertiage.

  • Kiwi

    Let’s make something clear: whites are NOT a sleeping giant – something that has been claimed repeatedly on this thread. That was proved in the last election where the obviously more qualified white guy handily beat the black guy in the first debate, where the economy has been awful for years and the black guy helped it along through his support of free trade, where the media lit up the Trayvon Martin incident, where it was obvious that we’re just one more SC nomination away from losing all of our rights on top of his previous two nominations, where the media threatened whites (Bill Maher: “blacks know where you live”), etc. If all of that didn’t wake white people up, nothing will.

  • guest04

    When will come the end of the hegemony of brown ignoramuses and their idiot White Uncle Toms?

  • trumped

    As usual its the white liberal stink rot who is the problem and in the end they will be the first to be slaughtered so they will get what is coming to them since they vote the liberal scum like obama into office and his ilk.

  • PesachPatriot

    I don’t understand the mexicans complaining that they are the same as slaves…any illegal mexican immigrant who dislikes the pay or working conditions on his landscaping or construction crew or restaurant kitchen or hotel cleaning crew is free to say adios jefe and drive or catch a bus to the next city or state and work for someone else….even though the coyotes do abuse them when smuggling them in to the USA, no american who hires illegal immigrants keeps them in chains or whips them for misbehaving. I have mentioned before that the immigration problem is mostly one of geography…even if there was an electrified border fence with armed guards and shoot on sight policies desperate people would still try to get here no matter what. Think back a hundred years ago…people from europe were so eager to leave the problems of their continent that they sold all their possessions and braved cold icy seas, having to learn a new language and the tests of ellis island(criminal background check, health test, financial means test, and son) to get here…many other countries have such hellish conditions that the risk vs reward on illegal immigration will always be worth it.

    If the writer of this article wants to see real cruel and inhuman 21st century slavery a good place to start would be saudi arabia, africa and the factories in China where everyones sneakers, ipods, ipads and wal crap is made.

  • shattered

    They have more rights than I do as a citizen in certain respects. Where else on earth can you bolt across a border illegally, drop an anchor, and live off the dole for the rest of your life.

    As for dynsfunctionalixco, it’s the only place on earth you can get four years in prison for killing your cat but there is no death penalty for the most heinous murderers.