Inter-Ethnic Tension Rises in France as Natives Fear to Become ‘White Minority’

Russia Today, December 2, 2012

With the French economy mired in depression – unemployment figures are at their highest in a decade.

And as RT’s Aleksey Yaroshevsky reports the financial hardship is putting pressure on usually harmonious relationships between the immigrant community and locals.

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  • Puggg

    I don’t like the tone of this report. It implies that ethnic tribalism and white nationalism is merely the province of losers. This is why I hope that the first real big election breakthrough for a white nationalist or ethno-nationalist party somewhere in the white world comes in a country and circumstance where the economy is doing great. That way, we can undercut the inevitable bromide from the left that the vote was just a protest vote over a bad economy, or “loser whites” acting out of economic frustration.

    • Nathanwartooth

      But that’s the problem with Whites. Our race seems to be pretty passive until we are pushed into a corner. Plus politicians are reactionary. They hardly ever try to look to the future to try to prevent something from happening. They are always trying to prevent something from happening again.

      • Liberalsuck

        “Our race seems to be pretty passive until we are pushed into a corner.”

        Yep. Just as Rudyard Kipling stated in “The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon.” ‘It came much to late, they were icy and willing to wait…when the saxon began to hate.”

        • Non Humans

          We pride ourselves on our logic.
          The problem lies with the left and libtards. Their thinking becomes deluded from breathing the noxious fumes produced in their asses, where they keep their heads crammed.

  • Tim

    I was watching some reality show like World`s Wildest Videos or whatever. They showed some kind of incident in Dublin at a parade. The first thing they show is everything you`d expect a Dublin parade to be. Red hair girls doing their special dance, and then some Irish Setters or what ever. THEN, the camera pans to 25 Nigerian women doing an African dance while wearing green with Leprecaun accessories…. The camera stayed on them long enough to make thier point. Talk about setting up the punch. I was sickened by Dublin AND by the shows producers. I never saw the ‘riot”… after realizing they had just “programmed” me to the Nth degree….

    • NYB

      I’ve witnessed an all-Chinese marching band in a St Patricks day parade in Canada. The Chinese are keen on directing their people to take part in Western culture and adopt Western names.

      All in the name of conditioning us to accept their presence.

      • IstvanIN

        Manchurian candidate? Didn’t one of the Provinces have a Chinese Governor-General? as I recall he looked quite silly in his red British-North America regalia. And the Federal Government was headed by a Haitian Governor-General.

        • Ron Cheaters

          Michaelle Jean, and Adrienne Clarkson.. they were both GG’s.. Canada is the dumping off place of the world.

          • FourFooted_Messiah

            Clarkson was one thing – that Jean idiot was completely another.

            I was insulted when Harper said her story was “typically Canadian”. Sorry Steve, neither you nor I are from third-world countries. Her story is NOT typical – only modern.

          • SmithandSmith

            Oh no, that’d be America Thank You Very Much…

      • Tim

        Exactlly!!! Thank you soo much for verbalizing what I didn`t…

      • SmithandSmith

        And some people actually believe they do it because they love us. Oh yeah, they love us so much, they spend all their time buying up every piece of everything not nailed down, drill our very own oil right from under our noses via Brazil, exploit our immigration and dual citizenship laws, business laws, minority privilege laws and tax laws and anything else they can exploit. I can’t even mention what they do to our land, waters and animals.

        And still, there are people who love them. Explain that one…

      • SmithandSmith

        And some people actually believe they do it because they love us. Oh yeah, they love us so much, they spend all their time buying up every piece of everything not nailed down, drill our very own oil right from under our noses via Brazil, exploit our immigration and dual citizenship laws, business laws, minority privilege laws and tax laws and anything else they can exploit. I can’t even mention what they do to our land, waters and animals.

        And still, there are people who love them. Explain that one…

        • Ron Cheaters

          There’s a mine in BC run by the Chinese that refuses to hire Canadians unless they speak Mandarin.

          • FourFooted_Messiah

            Yup. And how long before they claim Vancouver (Chancouver) as their own, via colonial law?

          • SmithandSmith

            Now why ain’t I surprised? I do not like asians or their lovers and no one, no one who is Truly Honest that is, no one can tell me, these people mean us well.

      • shmo123

        That may be, but you can take all the Chans and Wongs you want and give them names like Seamus O’Laughlin and it isn’t going to make them any more Irish than a bantu wearing a plastic green bowler on St. Patty’s day. The farce of multiculturalism only goes so far–usually not beyond the pages of whatever propaganda organ is spreading its virtues.

    • Ireland Minister for Justice and Defence is Jewish,
      although Ireland has a small Defence Force approx. 10000 pers the offices were
      combined when Alan Shatter took charge and has accelerated the immigration
      process rapidly, since taking office last year has given out more than 23000
      citizenships, where previously it was an average of 100 a year, our young people
      are leaving in droves every day yet not one politician or journalist can point
      out the irony in this. Sinn Fein have proved themselves to be nothing more than
      Marxists who desire power, Gerry Adams telling Africans who are singing “we
      shall overcome” for their “rights” to stay here in Ireland tells them he
      supports them….hilarious.. I wonder how many hunger strikers died for a
      multicultural Ireland. Our young and not quite so young trot out the rubbish “but
      we Irish went everywhere, so these people are doing what we did”… Jesus I despair

      • NYB

        Sometimes I think Ireland needs a saviour to come home from the diaspora, to lead the nation out of its Marxist malaise.

        A new St Patrick, to drive out the snakes.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          Ironic, sine it was St. Patrick who first enslaved the Irish through Catholicism.

      • TeutonicKnight67

        As a person of considerable Irish stock I can honestly say I am completely baffled by the Irish propensity for socialism and liberal leftistism. I just don’t get it. I understand the hatred for the English and the rebellious streak that runs strong in the blood, but the liberalism? And the miscegenation trend? I have known many Irish immigrants over the years and enjoyed their company immensely but most of them come here with a naive Euro-Superiority complex and look down on us “racist” Yanks until they get a good dose of “diversity”. Hopefully some of them have returned to the Auld Sod a little weathered and wiser.

        • Fredrik_H

          Agree. Independance only to give your country away to africans, arabs and asians? Bizarre indeed.

      • IstvanIN

        The Irish hate the English and the Crown but love Africans, what a bizarre people.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          Many Europeans hate their neighboring nations more than the non-white invaders of late because of the eons of European civil wars and attempts to replicate the Roman Empire by Christian driven empires and Emperors. I was reading Julius Caesar’s commentaries on the Conquest of Gaul recently. He used a large number of Algerian troops. I was perusing the book, “The Ten Thousand Year Explosion.” Marcus Aurelius settled an entire legion of Asian Samartians 5,500 of them, all male in Northern Britain. Roman Catholicism sought to repeat and secure the world for “Christ” (but really the Pope and the very materialistic Church). The re-conquest of Europe by Rome brought great slaughter to Europe. Disgusted with the result of the Church monastic culture by the 15th century the Reformation began, but unfortunately only gave new life to increased civil wars. These cw’s lasted longest between England and Ireland. The lower classes in a subject society always creates a sense of unity among the oppressed and oppressed people become ruined. This is unfortunately, the condition of much of the Irish people.

      • Tim

        I also agree that the IRA is a farce. It`s like fighting with your cousin but helping a burglar load his car with your family heirlooms…

  • ArmenianWN

    I highly doubt that if Tehran was flooded with huge amount of white Immigrants from France the relationship between the Iranians and the French Immigrants would be “harmonious”

  • Nathanwartooth

    Typical liberal tool at the end saying that anti white racism can’t exist because they still control power in France. I guess they don’t want us to complain until we have no power and can just be pushed aside.

    • ArmenianWN

      Liberals in South Africa and Zimbabwe still claim that there is no anti-white racism but rather, huge amounts of anti-black racism in their countries even though whites make up 5% and 2% of the aforementioned countries respectively. Even when we have no power we are not allowed to complain unless we would like to be called “naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews” or the R-word.

      • Liberalsuck

        I despise liberals. I really do. They are such hypocrites and dismiss any story of anti-white violence we bring to them as “paranoia.” I almost just really want to punch these liberals in the nose. I’m sick of being around them.

        • Nathanwartooth

          My sister is one of those and it makes me sick to talk to her.

          Like a typical liberal she doesn’t have any logical talking points. Whenever I try to talk to her about anything political she just ducks the issue and says she’ll get back to me.

          • Non Humans

            My ex-wife did the same thing.
            Our house (in A T Hell) was broken into twice, and when I got verbal about the things that did it, she went off. In the face of the aftermath of the second burglary, she was still clinging to her libtarded belief system.
            I could not believe what I was hearing, or that she could so adamantly deny the reality that was not 2 feet in front of her face. NEXT!!

    • The__Bobster

      The libtards in this country say the same damn thing. Is there some worldwide center where they all get their talking points?

      Of course, when the non-Whites do get power, it will be too late to do anything. YT will no longer have any rights and he better not have to go to one of their courts.

      • Juri

        Of course there are think thanks, who working out leftist propaganda. Soros open society institute for example is Eastern Europe BS machine.

        They get orders like in the army, what to talk, when to talk, when all local organisation must comment some articles and when liberal comments are forbidden for example, when article talks about Israel struggle against palestinians, then local open society institute is strictly forbidden to accuse israelis for racism or misbehaving immigrants or whatever.

        Leftism is tyranny and all their organisations are highly distsiplined. For example in my country they lamenting already 10 years, that gay marriage must be, because of husband could visit his partner in hospital.

        In my country there are absolutely no regulations about visiting hospitals. Doctor in charge is the only guy who decides to let visitor in or not and relations between patient and visitor don,t matter at all.

        But Soros orders local left to yell about hospitals and they yelling, despite everybody knows hospital visiting regulations and all people laughing about open society inistitute lies and BS. Soros and other left bosses accept only “yes sir” answers.

        Thatswhy left propaganda machine is so similar worldwide.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Compare the smug, smirking, bespectacled leftard at the end with the National Front member who came before him.

      Even if you knew nothing of their politics you could still tell just by looking at them that the NF guy is a sane, common-sense type who lives in the real world while the other is a p.c.-addicted brainwashed buffoon.

    • pcmustgo

      Pushed Aside? More like attacked!

  • gemjunior

    That bespectled traitor at the end is the primary example of why white people are unable to get anywhere with this – in their own countries. It’s sickening. This is not going to end well. A large amount of poor white people have to be sacrificed and killed by this diversity before anything will get done. Small numbers of innocent whites killed just aren’t enough for people like this scum and his elite, white-hating associates.

  • Dude

    I don’t care about that silly word “racism” or his silly definition. I care about the realities that everyday White people have to face.

    • SmithandSmith

      I can only imagine how thoroughly disgusted our Founding Fathers are at us for allowing one small segment of our Population to force our hand over a word. That “word” has literally, forced us to give up quality (affirmative action), be victims from undue crime (integration) and be burdened with unconstitutional debt (black/hispanic farmer payouts, etc.).

      If someone calls you a racist, tell them “Yes, I am and damn Proud of it too!”.

      • Non Humans

        I can only imagine how thoroughly disgusted our Founding Fathers are at us for allowing one small segment of our Population to force our hand over a word. That “word” has literally, forced us to give up quality (affirmative action), be victims from undue crime (integration) and be burdened with unconstitutional debt (black/hispanic farmer payouts, etc.).

        If someone calls you a racist, tell them “Yes, I am and damn Proud of it too!”.
        ^^Post of the day right Here.^ ^
        Begging for crack money non-human approached me at a gas pump one day. I shut her down before she could even get the first “Scooz may, Sar..” out. She started with the usual racist crap. Once she finished, I said, “Why Yes, YES I AM!! and it is quite easy to see why, is it not?” She walked away completely shut down.

        • SmithandSmith


          Yes, that’s right! Don’t deny your racism and they shut down. They fear it like they should fear it and it’s high time we get back to it.

      • Dude

        I think it’s worth pointing out that it’s a meaningless buzz word.

        “Actually, that opinion is considered racist.”

        “I reject it then, based upon that categorization.”

        When things are stated explicitly, their ridiculousness becomes more obvious.

        • SmithandSmith

          I’ve never gotten the “that opinion is…” response but I’ve been called lots of names. Mainly bigot, racist, redneck, white trailer trash, flour, Nazi and a KKK’r. Funny thing is, they call me those names when all I’m doing is talking about Welfare, how non-whites have lots of kids by many different men, immigrant use of welfare and/or all the other minority privileges.

          Anyway, non-whites don’t know what to do with a Genuine Racist. They actually turn nice when you don’t deny it. That’s been my experience anyway.

          • Dude

            We shouldn’t use the word at all, not to mention capitalize “Genius Racist”…

            Anyway, saying “that opinion is…” and “you’re a…” is basically the same.

            “I’m afraid of being labelled as you have labelled me, and thus I recant my previously stated belief.”

          • SmithandSmith

            I can’t do that. I believe in Free Speech and there is not a word out there that I would tell people not to use. It’s not my problem if people are so weak, so sickly weak, that a word, a simple word can make them crumble.

          • Dude

            Sloppy language leads to sloppy thinking. The word is useless because it has no precise and commonly understood definition. I can only vaguely guess at what anyone might mean when they use it.

          • SmithandSmith

            Nonsense. If people refuse to pick up a dictionary, that is not my problem. I will not change My Language just because some idiot refuses to learn.

            The “word” is not useless. It’s a valuable “word” and one to be used against them like “tolerant”, “bigot” and “Christian” is. You cannot allow them to dictate the definition and/or “proper” use of it. “We” own the Language and the Definitions belong to Webster’s.

            precise and commonly understood – NO! “We” cannot afford to lose any part of our Language and that’s that. To give up Language is to give foothold to the enemy.

            Hows ’bout forgetting other peoples definition and instead, rely on Webster?

          • Dude

            Dictionaries don’t dictate language, they describe it. If the dictionary definitions don’t coincide with the way it’s ever actually used (as with definitions for “racism”) then the dictionary is the problem.

            Btw, the term “racism” was coined by Trotsky. And how long has the word been an unchangeable part of this “My Language” of yours? At most since it came into common usage in the ’60s (popularized by anti-Whites).

            I consider “My Language” to be limited at least to those words with White origins. That’s my view as a pro-White racialist, as a White Nationalist, etc.

            Anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-White.

          • SmithandSmith

            We’ll just have to disagree on the definition of Free Speech. I will never stop using any particular word just because too many Americans allowed a few others to change the definition and made it out to be something worse than murder.

            For me, when you allow others to change something into something it’s not, you just let them win AND, you’ve just made them stronger. You never allow your opponent to dictate the terms. Never.

          • Dude

            America: the source of original definitions for words first coined in Russian by jewish communists.

          • Non Humans

            At least we call it as we see it, from experience and without fear. As opposed to pretentiously pretending to know more about something that they have no first-hand experience with, as the libtards do.
            The libtards can call us whatever that they want, it doesn’t change the truth or how we feel one bit. It only shows that they are willing to resort to childish beahviors, and (worse) that their arguments are weak (if even existent at all).
            There is an old proverb that fits the liberals perfectly, “Better to keep your mouth shut, as everytime you speak, you tell everyone exactly what you don’t know.”

  • NYB

    This story is notable for the presence of the EU propaganda entity ‘ENAR’ the European Network Against Racism.

    ENAR is a pan-European group of Marxist zealots. The EU directs significant funding to ENAR to advocate for open borders and liberal laws which undermine national interests, and target free speech.

    From their website:

    “ENAR and its members are pushing EU Member States to adopt higher levels of protection against racist crime, beyond the minimum requirements of the EU Framework Decision on
    combating racism and xenophobia, to ensure full protection of victims of racist hate. We need further monitoring of hate speech and effective sanctions.”

    By dangling the carrots of access to generous funding, the EU attracts Marxist opportunists to carry out its agenda.

    • dukem1

      Your quote shows how stupid these folks are. “to ensure full protection of victims …”
      – isn’t “protection” a bit after -the-fact once one becomes a victim?

    • KenelmDigby

      This is yeat another reason why the British people should reject the tyranny of the EUSSR.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      In other words, they’re right behind the UN blasphemy resolution – they want anti-blasphemy laws reinstated in counties that got rid of that stuff ages ago – just to appease Muslims.

  • bigone4u

    “Over the last twenty years, we have given in to a subterranean, dangerous, and uncontrolled infiltration, which not only resists adjusting to our laws and customs but which will, as the years pass, attempt to impose its own.” –Brigitte Bardot, retired actress and activist
    Miss Bardot is also opposed to miscegenation. Vive La France!

    • Tim

      In another post said I wanted to have an “I was wrong about Elvis AND Rhodesia” bumper sticker made. Well that goes double for Brigitte Bardot….

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      Bardot “international phenomenon” is introduced to the world in “And God Created Woman” (1956)

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      Ah, a lady after my own heart. She’s against both furs and Muslims. How about we make coats out of Muslims then? I think we’d both go for that.


    France will be the first European nation to become Islamic.

    • Dude

      Al bane E uh…

    • Triarius

      You forgot about Kosovo, Albania, and Tracian Greece (the European part of Turkey). Look in the past, at one point 1/3 or Europe was under Muslim rule. There are many reasons for the Crusades, but mostly it was a defensive offense. But the 4th Crusade was all political.

      • TeutonicKnight67

        Yes. And we must be constantly reminded of it as evil White Christians.

  • Magician

    What kind of idiotic logic is this?

    “We came to France and because of the native people in France we are having a difficult life in France”

    • Greg Thomas

      The logic makes perfect sense to them, as it has been their intent all along to displace Native White Frenchmen. This is how these people think.

  • PesachPatriot

    WRP…you are probably right about France being the first euro country to be put under sharia law. My aunt from Israel went there a few years ago and she said that the Champs Elysee now looks more like Ramallah than France…the cruelest irony of history in Europe is that they killed 6 million peaceful, quiet law abiding jews and got 50 million angry rioting muslims intent on the conquest of infidel lands. I also joke that if Germany hadn’t killed 6 million jews maybe someone would have told them lending billions of dollars to Greece wasn’t the brightest idea.

    Whatever problems we have here in the states, we’re still better than the EU because of the first 2 constitutional amendments. Also, we are a lot farther away from the middle east and africa and their respective pathologies and dysfunctions.

    • SmithandSmith

      Perhaps you can help me. I always did wonder, since The Germans are so meticulous, I mean, they kept records on everything, where’s the list of names?

      • jake

        Did the Ukrainians really die in the famine? No list of names and the commies were good record keepers. Where is that “list”? Also where is the list of those that died in the Irish famine and the tens of millions killed by Mao? Never happened I guess. Couldnt have. You know the Chinese – they keep lists. And naturally there would be a list of those 25 million or so.

        • SmithandSmith

          That’s what I want. Lists. I want names. ALL names.

        • SmithandSmith

          I don’t understand your question. What do famines have to do with WWII and Germans recording names?

          And, I wasn’t aware China/Mao was involved in WWII. I always thought it was just Japan, America and Europe. Anyway, since you’re the expert, where’s the list?

    • Dude

      I’m going to refrain from saying anything illegal, because I live in a police state. But really, you people aren’t who you say you are.

  • SmithandSmith

    An african anchor and was that a muslim doing the reporting? This is just too much…

    I believe The French will take their Country back. No way are they about to just lie down and die for a bunch of Filthy Third World Aliens. None of us will.

    • Non Humans

      It will be interesting to see how it plays out. If there is already that much unrest, it can’t take much longer before we start to see other indicators of their resistance.
      As a smaller country with a deeper traditional culture that spans many more centuries than the US, they will hopefully take an effective stand sooner, and be an example for the rest of the world.

      • SmithandSmith

        It may very well be The French or The Brits, who show us the way. I don’t know for sure but it sure seems like France and England have the most non-whites and in my personal experience, non-whites and whites don’t get along that well…

      • Tucker

        The way it should ‘play out’ is that every last one of the White ruling elites who have been working with our #1 enemy to help genocide White European people inside every historic White European founded nation must be made to pay a serious price for their criminality.

        The most serious price, in fact – which is in line with the prescribed punishments as outlined by the 1947/1948 Convention on the Crime and Punishment of Genocide.

        In the case of France, I am reminded of a very boring book I was forced to read while in high school. The Tale of Two Cities.

    • Zorro

      France has just cut benefits to immigrants by 83%. The immigrants always like to riot around August, so this summer should be worth watching.

      • TeutonicKnight67

        In the name of Charles Martel one can only hope that the Gendarmerie will take care of business “with extreme prejudice” Vive La Belle France!!

      • pcmustgo

        Benefits to everyone or just benefits to immigrants,… please explain

      • Robert Marchenoir

        Sorry Zorro, I wish it were true, but I’m actually French and I’ve never heard of such a thing. I’d be grateful if you could prove me wrong.

      • SmithandSmith

        Ah yes! And what a sight it will be!

        I know it’s not popular but I look forward to it. Let the War Commence! The sooner it starts means the sooner it will end. Surely everyone knows, the present cannot stand. The French OWN and are ENTITLED to France so Viva La France!

  • PesachPatriot

    Smith and Smith…there are plenty of names and pictures in the databases of Yad Vashem in Israel and the Holocaust museums around the US…not all victims between 1939-1945 were killed by Germans though…there were anti-jewish riots and pogroms in the baltic states before a single Wehrmacht soldier even got there. Many victims were also killed by nazi allied fascist parties like the arrow cross in hungary and the Ustashe in Croatia. The Ustashe were so brutal and eager to commit atrocities against women and children that they disgusted and appalled even the battle hardened SS officers sent to supervise them.

    This is why I feel that it is actually unfair to assign all the blame to Germans…sure Hitler and his inner circle came up with the idea for the endlosung/final solution, but it would have been impossible to implement without the active support of collaborators and every day citizens all over Europe(east and west). The names and list for the camps were mostly those jews in continental europe…in the soviet union before 1943 there wasn’t as much record keeping because when the einsatzgruppen swept through behind the regular army and killed the jewish population with bullets instead of gas they didn’t bother cataloging and recording their property like they did in the camps. A pretty interesting book on this subject is called the holocaust by bullets written by a french catholic priest whose name I cannot recall at the moment.

    Besides didn’t some white german american guy named eisenhower insist on videotaping and photographing all the liberated camps for posterty because he thought that at some point in the future people would not believe that a civilized country in the 20th century could be capable of this horror? Every other historical atrocity(and there have been plenty) is pretty much accepted at face value, why do people seem so emotionally invested in claiming that the unpleasant events of 1939-1945 did not actually occur? Also, i’m pretty sure someone else here posted that famous british holocaust denier david irving is now shilling for gun control…is that really the company you want to keep? In closing, we were lucky to catch the bad end of the history stick from a civilized country like Germany, which apologized…the armenians are still waiting for their apology from Turkey.

    • Dude

      Fun fact: the Armenian genocide was carried out by crypto-Jews.

      • SmithandSmith

        I didn’t know that.

        I just don’t like how Jews are somehow, beyond reproach. And, it’s that “six million jews” thing that drives me nuts. Our People have been killed in Wars by the Millions (much more than six million) and Our People have been attacked in such a manner, there are no words in The English Dictionary to accurately describe them. But the jews are the ones who we need to constantly be sorry about… I just can’t do it.

        • Jaego

          Yes, people don’t even know how many Americans died in WW2, yet they know the spurious 6 million number. Sickening.

          In all the writings by Eisenhower, De Gaulle, and Churchill, there is no mention of any Holocaust. That’s over 7000 pages. Eisenhower published pictures of prisoners – no mention of them being Jews per se. Many of them weren’t. Why? To show what bad guys those Germans were. Standard War Propaganda – not the Holocaust Cult.

          • SmithandSmith

            My School never taught us about slavery or about all the so-called “evil” Germans and I’m Grateful for that ’cause the more I learn, the more I learn why they didn’t.

            “six million!”, “six million!”. Give me a break! I will never believe, that for a People who lives, breathes and dies by the very Nature of Complete Order, all of sudden, just one day, all of a sudden, decided to stop doing what is so very very Natural to them. Try as one might, they can never deny their Nature and Germans are Naturally, extremely Clean and extremely Organized. They’re so anal, they’d take records of every breathe you took if they could.

      • Tom_in_Miami

        What’s a “crypto-Jew”?

        • Dude

          It’s a Jew who pretends not to be one, like those who anglicize their names or become fake muslims.

          • OlderWoman

            Like George Soros…Schwartz.

      • pcmustgo

        What? More like Muslims!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Dude

          More like Jews who pretended to be Muslims. Vote this comment down if you’re Jewish, and vote it up if you’re White, and pure as water.

        • Dude

          I’m guessing you’re either Jewish and/or a teenage girl, considering the number of exclamation marks used. Probably Jewish. Your personalities are ridiculous.

          • pcmustgo

            Half jewish. What are our personalities like? More emotional? I don’t get all anal-retentive on websites or facebook posts. I am not writing an essay.

    • SmithandSmith

      Are you talking about Dr. Death (Fred Leuchter)? I happen to believe him because it makes sense to me that there was no way to seal the area in such a manner as to keep a gas inside it. It also makes no sense to me that anyone would waste free labor. You do know the captured Jews were put to work on building BMW don’t you?

      As for the record keeping, it makes no sense to me that one day, they kept records and then the next, they didn’t. Something’s just not right.

      All is Fair in Love and War.

      Jews aren’t special and they’re not owed. Millions and Millions and Millions of People have been killed in War and in Genocide and they count too. And how come no one else gets back, everything they lost with interest? Why is that only for Jews?

      As for the catholic priest, if they didn’t lie so much, I’d listen to your recommendation but as it stands, there’s just been too much cover-up (molestation) for me to be able to trust they have Ethics and Morals as in, telling the Truth.

      As for the apologies, again, I do not understand why Jews are worthy (they also get more foreign aide than all the recipients combined) but no one else is. Have the Jews ever apologized to us Gentiles for everything they’ve done to us? And why do so many jews support immigration into America but not Isreal?

    • Zorro

      It’s something to do with the fact that there were 16 million jews in Europe before the war, and 14 million afterwards. Also the fact that the 6 million number was mentioned before in the Talmud (6 million would have to die the state of Israel could be formed), and there was a claim that 6 million died in Russia before World War II.

  • LHathaway

    Sure. . . . if the economy were only strong everything it would be peace and harmony. . . and not even MORE problems. . .

  • Joe

    I’ve got an uber-simple solution:

    Everyone whose grandparents aren’t all French must meet three simple requirements: 1. Fluent in French. 2. A competitive college degree in a STEM field, or proof of substantial assets and investments in France and 3. has a job.

    Everyone else, au revoir! Put ’em on airplanes and send ’em home! If their homes, like many African countries, don’t have deportation treaties with France, put ’em on boats with enough fuel to go one way, or get transport aircraft and use static lines!

    That will drastically cut ethnic tensions, crime and unemployment in France.

    That Pakistani guy they interviewed, why is he allowed to remain there? He has a home, and it’s in Pakistan, and he can live his life there.

    • Dude

      Do you think a “French” person who’s not pure White is more desirable than a White immigrant? Besides, if you know anything about Europe’s racial history, you know that “French” means little genetically. Some are Mediterranean types, some are more descended from Germanic Franks and the like, etc.

    • KenelmDigby

      Pakistan was NEVER a French colony.
      What the Hell is he doing in France?

      • Steven

        Indeed. As a white Briton, I can’t work that one out nor can I understand why the Republic of Ireland is beginning to have an immigration problem or why Sweden already has one. We in Britain have quite a few Somalians here some of whom like Olympic poster-boy Mo Farrah have foreign names yet are called British!

        • TeutonicKnight67

          Disgusting. Of all the things our Euro cousins could have gotten from us here in America why in God’s name would you folks import our race problem?

          • Robert Marchenoir

            I can name one reason : because America is fashionable here.

            “America is the leading world power (which we resent anyway), America was built on immigration (or so we think), therefore immigration must be a Good Thing.”

          • Steven

            I think a lot of it in our case is that the British so-called ‘elites’ felt ‘guilty’ about our Empire and decided to make ‘amends’ for it. Of course, in doing so they forgot to ask us ordinary Britons if we minded having to pay for their guilty complex! Enoch Powell when he warned about ‘rivers of blood’ in Britain actually used the example of America’s racial problems in the 50’s and 60’s to warn our ‘elites’ about the possible consequences of mass non-white immigration.

        • shmo123

          The Irish, and particularly the Swedes, seem to have overdosed on the multicultural poison and the insanity of political correctness. You Brits are another matter. You’ve been toying around the edges with immigration since you let the first blacks in from Jamaica back in the fifties. Now Labor has gone and opened up the flood gates to immigrants for no other ostensible purpose other than to spite the white working class. Sadly, one day the entire country will pay. Somalis in Britain are a good example–why anyone in their right minds would ever believe importing hoards of ignorant, backward, uneducated, unskilled, black muslim peasants would be good for a country should be incarcerated. Permanently.

          • Steven

            If you were to walk around the outside of Heathrow Airport in West London early in the morning you would see some of them smoking and chewing Khat – a drug. Somalians must be some of the most backward people on the planet and even other blacks and asians despise them.

          • Steven

            The vile traitors of New Labour decided to open up our borders for one purpose and one purpose only ie importing a new and more reliable source of votes. The irony is that the Labour Party is supposed to be the party of the working classes in Britain.

      • shmo123

        Pakistanis will go wherever they can (legally or illegally) to escape the rat hole that is Pakistan. I’d have absolutely no compunction about throwing him out of France though.

        • Steve

          They do not escape the Hell that is Pakistan – they bring it with them and seek to recreate it. The first thing they do is demand Islamic law.

  • KenelmDigby

    It’s a toss-up between France and the UK with which nation will finally plunge head-long into the abyss of all-out race-war.
    On some days I ‘favor’ the UK, some days I ‘favor’ France – what both nations have in common is a cowardly, duplicitous, treasoneous political class, which, ostrich-like, continues to pretend that the grave danger ahead does not exist and will somehow magically disappear if you pretend hard enough.
    That horrible, weasly, milquetoast of a jerk interviewed at th end of the piece typifies the political class. An obvious weakly weed of a man, I would love to see him at the receiving end of an Arab/black physical attack.

    • liberalsuck

      Well, they say the rich Brits and rich France are leaving because of high taxes and some are heading to Russia. I also heard somewhere on the Amren site that thousands of white brits were heading for Australia or Canada a month.

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    France for the French! In a span of about 60-70 years, it’s gone from “Algerie francaise” to “France francaise”. Ugh.

  • valeofignorance

    LOL. So even RT recognizes the difference between the “new french” and “French natives”. Yet they still welcome the replacement of “French Natives” by the “new french”. How Anti-White is that?

    • pcmustgo

      No, actually I thought it was very pro-white how the lady said the new-comers are “getting more aggressive” and stating to blame their problems on the french.. how often do you hear language like that?

  • Ulick

    In the story lies the blatant hypocrisy of colored minorities. They’re always going on-and-on about how horrible it is to be a minority, but when whites show signs of wanting to avoid become minorities in their own homelands they are renounced as racists. If being a minority is as bad as colored minorities make it out to be, then it’s sane and logical, not racist, to want to avoid that fate for your progeny.

  • RHG

    Amazing to watch countries like France and England who fought and resisted having their countries taken over by white Germans now willingly hand their countries over to non-white third worlders.

    • robinbishop34

      Both countries declared war on Germany.

      • IstvanIN

        A little fact most people seem to forget.

        • steve

          Just like they forget it was Germany that first declared war on the USA.

          • SmithandSmith

            I don’t believe that for a second. Japan is the one who Declared War on America for that War.

  • PesachPatriot

    Smith and Smith….i don’t need anyone to feel sorry for me…i know exactly where sympathy is located in the dictionary…we aren’t trying to win popularity contests. I also don’t think all is fair in war(love maybe)…civilized societies have rules of conduct even in the heat of battle. That is what separates america and europe’s historical conflicts (revolutionary war, civil war, crimean war, franco prussian war, anglo boer conflict) from the unmitigated often futile savage bloodshed of the middle east(muslim vs. muslim) and africa( the rwanda genocide happened when I was in high school and I innocently asked my mom how could the hutus and tutsis even tell the difference between each other because they were all black….

    I also realize that our number is pretty small compared to the russian+american+british+german/other european total casualties in WWII…or WWI for that matter. Whatever may or may not have happened I do not collectively hold any white person alive today in america or europe responsible. Or even 20-30 something germans…anyone who was involved is either dead or nearly so….nitpicking over the problems of the past will not fix anything in the present. Believe it or not this jew loves german beer and german thrash metal. Most of us (not the celebrities and politicians obviously) also have pretty thick skin…words bounce off of us…you guys need to let them bounce off of you too…I’m also not trying to horn in on your guys movement or anything…i consider myself a white person because I have white skin and blue eyes but not a WN, more of a Constitutionalist i guess….even the infamous FRB you guys(and myself) loathe so much was founded in part with the assistance of white gentile elites like Morgan and Rockefeller. To be fair if the only jews I ever knew were the politicians like Bloomberg and Rahm Emanuel, and the ones in the media and academia I wouldn’t be too crazy about us either. I mentioned somewhere else the immigration problem of Europe is due to geography…the teeming masses of Asia and Africa will always be drawn to the eurozone because it has long relatively undefended borders without shoot to kill policies…in the 3rd world anyone trying cross borders illegally is ventilated pretty quickly…america and europe are more humane and capture and deport. Have a happy new year…

    • robinbishop34

      I innocently asked my mom how could the hutus and tutsis even tell the difference between each other because they were all black

      According to my cultural anthropology professor the difference was from class distinctions ascribed to them by their Belgian colonial oppressors. Therefore they were responsible by proxy for the machete slayings of hundreds of thousands of people. I beg to differ.

    • SmithandSmith

      You don’t need sympathy but some Jews sure do. And no, it’s not a popularity contest for the average Jew but it sure is for Top Jews. The Top Jews need cover to do what they do and Popularity brings Trust and when people trust, they don’t watch.

      All is Fair – So you believe all should be fair in War but not Love eh? That doesn’t speak well for you Dear Sir. The Heart is Tender and thus, should always be treated Gently and Fairly whereas War is Hell and should be treated accordingly.

      You cannot compare savagery to War. I’m rather surprised you dared to put the two in the same sentence. If anyone knows about islam, it’s The Jews. islam wants us all dead but they want your Blood first and yet here you are, comparing War to islam. Shame on you.

      rules of conduct – Oh Please! There are no rules on the Battlefield. Rules are for the Public and that’s it. You practice “rules” at the supper table while “We” Win the War okay? Sir, please understand, while you’re busy playing by the rules, your enemy is busy killing you.

      The Military, I don’t care who ya are, The Military (america, russia, germany, england, japan, etc.) has always and still does, break tons of “promises/rules” and that’s because that’s how you stay on top. This is The World we’re talking about here. It’s a Cruel, Cruel Place and we have to be realistic about that. Black Ops, Black Sites (torture), Spying, etc., it’s called Freedom and Security for All.

      don’t blame – That’s Good and I appreciate that. The Germans are owed to be left alone. And, you won’t like this but, The Germans did nothing wrong. Everyone’s done wrong so what The Germans did is nothing more than what anyone else has done and so, deserves no more attention that what anyone else gets.

      German thrash metal – Oh Good God! How old are you my boy? I’m guessin’ twenty. Try some OLD (gots to be thirties – sixties) Country Music fer it’d sure do your Country Soul Good!

      I’m not against your average regular Jew. I’m against the ones who want to make it look like White People are just these naturally bad people. Top Jews is what I call them. And, those Top Jews, they’re against you too. They’re using you like my own Tops are using me.

      I didn’t know bloomberg and rahm were Jews but thanks for telling me. The reason I don’t like “jews” is because of Germans. If Germans weren’t so bashed and taxed as they are, I wouldn’t have a problem. Anyway,

      Happy New Year to You too! Try some REAL Country Music and let me know what ya think. I do believe you will LOVE IT!

  • Bet them Frenchys wish they had some guns now!

  • PesachPatriot

    robinbishop…didn’t the belgian presence in the congo/rwanda end by 1914 if I recall my early 20th century history correctly?…its completely asinine that the makers of waffles and chocolate should be blamed for epic genocidal black on black violence several decades after they left. Its like blaming crip versus blood shootouts in atlanta or new orleans in the last 3 decades on dead white guys like Jefferson Davis and Nathan Bedford Forrest.

    I still don’t understand how the participants in the rwanda genocide managed to tell each other apart. Here in the USA the crips and blood use blue and red clothes and bandanas as identifiers and there is obvious physical differences between the mulattoes and the relatively few unmixed africans. In closing viva le france…Paris is for escargot and merlot and la bon vie, not felafel, hummus and sharia law….

  • Snow

    I am just wondering if interracial relationships or interracial marriages are common in France.

    Can anyone on here give the rest of us a clue?

    • Robert Marchenoir

      I can answer part of your question, Snow. Don’t believe any official statistic you might come across, purporting to show that inter-racial marriages are common in France — the authorities’ suggestion being that it is a good thing, because it shows that the French are getting rid of their “racism”.

      Actually, those figures show the opposite. The way to evaluate inter-racial marriages in France is to look at official figures for nationals marrying foreigners. That’s what called “mariages mixtes”. And such marriages are indeed numerous.

      However, a closer look into the data shows that the bulk of those come from citizens marrying foreigners abroad. Furthermore, most of that activity is taking place in North Africa or Black Africa. There is no way this can be explained by French diplomats marrying girls they met in Senegal, or white expatriates falling in love while selling l’Oréal products in Algeria.

      The “French” half of those couples is actually, most of the time, a Muslim or black African born in France to immigrants. And the foreign half is a bride or groom that they go fetch in their parents’ country, in order to have them settle in France and become citizens a few years later.

      Far from showing that the immigrants assimilate, as the multi-culturalists whould like us to believe, those statistics show that they stubbornly refuse to do so, to the point of importing their brides whence they came from.

      And another word of warning : demographic statistics in France are to be treated with the sort of caution that Soviet economic figures entailed.

      Still, I do not have hard data regarding interracial relationships.

      • Snow

        Thanks for your kind and detailed response, Robert. I did hear something very similar in the past. In France, interracial relationships or marriages simply are not very common. It is not that white French nationals particularly hate non-white immigrants or non-white people with citizenship in France. Most White people simply find other whites to be the most suitable candidates when it comes to marriages and relationships.

        • Observer

          But I heard, in England, it is almost ridiculous how numerous white native British women intentionally kiss their black boyfriends and husbands in public to proudly let everybody see how “21st century” and “progressive” they are

  • PesachPatriot

    SmithandSmith…you really didn’t know that michael bloomberg and rahm emanuel were jewish until I mentioned it? I think you are pulling my leg…as for music I do like plenty of old country too…johnny cash, hank williams senior, hank williams 3(he does some metal stuff too) Lynyrd Skynyrd(not sure if thats country or country/rock) the carter family and some others….you are obviously not a fan of thrash…thats ok, its not meant to be liked by everyone. I am also not in my twenties…i’m 34.

    I realize that in every conflict since the bronze age there has been breaking of rules in war time and atrocities…The point I was making is that white people have things like the geneva conventions, the code of chivalry before that and the US army has rules of engagement even for sandy hellholes. Bantus and Jihadis have no rules whatsoever and often commit the most savage atrocities against each other with no remorse. Whatever taxes germans pay today are collected by their own government and the EU and have nothing to do with jews or Israel.

    I agree that what the germans(and others) did was really no different than what people have been doing to each other since the dawn of time. They did it faster, quicker and more industrially than any society previously. We were at fault for not fighting back and resisting as hard as we could, even though many of us joined the US or british armies of the time. Some of us have learned something from that chapter of our history, many have not. I have said before that man’s inhumanity to man is a constant through history across lines of race and religion. Its not a particularly noble attribute of the human species. I find it hard to believe slavery was never mentioned in the school you attended, but I guess its possible if you graduated a long time ago. Happy new year again and best wishes for 2013.

    • SmithandSmith

      No, I didn’t know bloomberg was a Jew. I’m not one of those who can spot a Jew. Only “berg” points it out for me but I thought some Germans also had that name so I was never sure. As for rahm, I thought he was hispanic. In the end, it doesn’t matter ’cause all I see is their hate for America and Americans. Their “policies” are nothing but chains. Isn’t bloomberg the one who likes to dictate what people can drink, etc? rahm is just another non-white who hates Whites so whatever he does is no surprise neither.

      Now, let me clarify something about War. I would never allow White People to go to War against each other. If I couldn’t get them to get along, I’d separate them.

      Germans are taxed specifically for the Jews and will continue to be so until 2050 or somewheres around there.

      Slavery was mentioned it’s just, it wasn’t blamed on us Americans and it wasn’t blamed for the Civil War. We learned about indentured servitude and that african slaves were purchased. It just wasn’t made out to be something evil. They were bought just like White People were bought and that’s just the way it was back then. It wasn’t made out to be something “racist” or an “evil” that only White People practiced.

      • PesachPatriot

        Smith and Smith…germany had paid off all of its WWI and WWII debts about 2 years ago I think…the taxes that germans pay to their government today(and since the end of WWII) are just like the taxes in the US, France, Britain, Norway, Russia or anywhere else…they pay for police, roads, schools, hospitals, fire departments, state pensions, a welfare system, and other things. There is no special “jew/holocaust” tax in germany.

        You mentioned before that what germany did wasn’t wrong…some white guy president named Abe Lincoln had a quote “I have always felt that slavery was wrong and I cannot recall a time when I did not feel this way. If slavery is not wrong then nothing is wrong”

        Murdering innocent unarmed women and children at point blank range is pretty wrong in my book no matter who is doing it to whom. Leaving the jews completely out of the equation, If the actions of the Nazi party(against gypsies, homosexuals, political dissidents, the disabled and mentally retarded, Polish priests etc) are not wrong then nothing is wrong. What did all the violence and bloodshed accomplish anyway? Their country was destroyed and reduced to rubble by the US, Britain and Russia. Germany also committed wanton and blatant aggression against white countries like Poland, Russia,France and Britain. Believe it or not prior to WWII there were a decent amount of jewish guys named Adolf…the name obviously fell out of use after WWII but if you go to jewish cemeteries in the US and look at the tombstones of some of the early 20th century immigrants you will find plenty with that infamous name.

        The slave trade in the new world was started by the british, french, dutch and spanish…everyone knows that the majority of slaves actually went to spanish colonies in south america. Anyone who has ever read a history book knows that slavery has been practiced by pretty much every human civilization since the bronze age and was considered a normal part of life until the founding of america. It is still practiced to this day in parts of Asia and Africa and I think that there is actually more slavery occurring in today’s world then in 1850.

        Slavery also had something to do with the civil war, even though it wasn’t the only cause. I think back then northerners and southerners were simply tired of each other and the south wanted out. Confederate cavalry commander John Singleton Mosby had a great quote about it “I never heard any other cause for conflict other than slavery. It was the only thing we really quarreled with the north about” In closing mayor Bloomberg is probably one of my least favorite “top jews” as you like to call them…its not his job to dictate the size of other people’s sodas…He is also way too anti-2nd amendment and too much of an elitist plutocrat for my taste. I really can’t stand the wealthy elites of our society who think their net worth entitles them to tell everyone else how to live.

        • SmithandSmith

          It’s not called a holocaust tax no but they do pay specifically for jews. The debt you’re talking about was that treaty thing that was finally paid a few years ago. I’ll call Joreg and ask him what the name of it is this weekend and let ya know.

          Lincoln USED the blacks in order to win that War and that’s it. Lincoln did not like the blacks and he said they were never to be Jurors or in any position of authority and that there should always be a position of inferiority and superiority ascribed to the two to which superiority belongs to the White Race.

          Also, slavery wasn’t brought here by White People. It seems you’re getting desperate to make White People to be the fault for all the bad that’s ever gone on here in this World. Truth be known, slavery was probably invented by the jews given how they believe they can use White People however they damn well please.

          Slavery was brought here by Anthony Johnson, a BLACK Man who earned his Freedom after his seven years. He went to Court to fight for his “right” to own John Casor for life when Mr. Casor was owed his Freedom. Also, servants were very well cared for and protected as they were property aka money.

          The Civil War was about States’ Rights and that’s it. The North was a thief back then just like it still is today. Also, as for the slavery thing, most of the slave owners were black and guess who else? That’s right, the jews.

          Your attempt to quote a few people who didn’t like how the black slave owners were treating their slaves has no bearing.

        • SmithandSmith

          I thought I replied to this already but apparently not…

          Regarding the tax, I stand by what I wrote ’cause I got that information from real live Germans in Germany. You can also find it if you’d just take a few short seconds to look for it. At any rate, according to the jew press (7/11/2012), a new round of payments will tally 300 million and this is on top of the already paid out 80 BILLION. It’s also worth noting that the jew press also acknowledges that a half million private citizens (jews) have been paid over 60 billion already and, you can check this yourself, they’re nowheres close to ending their extortion racket. One particular name for the “holocaust” tax is the 1965 restitution law but the jew claims conference also files suits against German Businesses all the time so all those German Businesses that are forced to pay just turn around and pass those costs onto their customers so you see, the Germans paid then and they’re still paying today and they’ll paying tomorrow and according to the German Government and the jew claims conference, it’s not stopping as neither gives an end date. PLUS, on the last revision (2011 or 2012) of that Restitution Law, they lowered the standards. It used to be eighteen months and now it’s six months. I didn’t check but I wouldn’t be surprised if they no longer require proof of it too.

          I NEVER SAID WHAT THE GERMANS DID WAS RIGHT. I SAID what they did is no worse than what everybody else has done and thus, should not be treated any differently than anyone else. Where’s all the constant bashing of the jews for what they’ve done? What about the japs? The chinese? How’s ’bout those africans, muslims, indians, americans and all the other asians (vietnamese, etc.)? What about the brits, the french and the dutch?

          Quoting lincoln doesn’t work when you deliberately leave out his sentiments about blacks. Just because lincoln used the blacks at the end because he was losing the War doesn’t mean he was against slavery. Lincoln was not against slavery until he was losing then all of a sudden, he found it “wrong”. I don’t know what Country you’re from but in this one, we know Politicians and yes, even Presidents, LIE when it benefits them. Also, slavery was very much practiced in the North but you already knew that didn’t you?

          murdering women and children – but it’s okay to murder Men? Huh? Without Men, you don’t have women and children. Why are Men never considered? Men are human too ya know. As for the “innocence”, I don’t believe that for a second. Women and children murdered Men in every War there ever was. Whether they held a gun, dropped grenades in grounded helicopters while pretending to be “innocently” selling flowers or giving secrets to the enemy, women and children have indeed participated in War.

          wrong – Once again, you’re trying to take a piece of my post and turn it into something it’s not. You seem to either have a problem with the truth or you have a comprehension problem. To repeat and hopefully, you’ll understand it this time: What happened in Germany is no worse than what anybody else has done. Genocidal Acts have happened all over the place and it’s happening right now except this time, it’s being done to the White Race but according to you, that’s okay. Now, how do you like having your words twisted?

          wanton – I’ve decided that you’re not an honest person at all. On one hand, you say you don’t blame the Germans yet here you are, blaming them for “wanton” violence while you conveniently leave out everybody else who has also committed “wanton” violence against others. You can admit your hatred for the Germans. You’re a jew so it’s not like you have to hide it. You are, after all, “entitled” to do so…

          adolf – No thanks. I’m not interested in wasting my time looking for jew grave sites. No offense but no jew has ever done anything for me and because I’m forced to pay taxes for all the foreign aide and forgivable loans that isreal has always gotten and still gets plus all the federal funding they get for their jew groups here in America, I especially am not interested in anything about them. When I get all my money back (no holocaust ever took place here so I don’t know why I’m forced to pay for them), then maybe, if I ever have the time, maybe I’ll drop by some cemetery, USA.

          slave trade – Not in America it most certainly was not. Indentured Servitude was what was practiced here. Slavery only became a reality here because of a black man. Anthony Johnson. Look it up if you don’t believe me. It’s obvious that I know much more about slavery than you. Either that or you’re a liar and are just saying that ’cause you need to make White People out be naturally evil.

          Civil War – Slavery had nothing to do with that War. Absolutely nothing. If that War was “partly” about slavery, why then, why was the North practicing it? If what you say is true, it proves my feelings about Yankees. Yankees are hypocrites and liars. They’re also thieves and murderers for they did, remember now, they did invade the South over something they themselves practiced and with much vigor too. You can’t be against something that you yourself practice. You don’t get to have it both ways. Either the War was not about slavery or the Yankees are everything I just said they are.

          tired of each other – You’ve been taught the revisionist version I see. You don’t go to War ’cause you “tire” of one another. If people went to War over something like that, we’d all be dead right now.

          bloomberg is not a Top Jew. You can’t see the Top Jews. Think Trilateral and Bilderberg. By the way, Jews aren’t the only ones doing this. There’s plenty of whites right there with them doing all they can to destroy us too. You can’t dominate the World if White People are around. Only White People can match wits and that’s a problem for them and thus, we must be taken out. No offense to the non-whites but, they are easy to control.

  • flyingpants

    They talk about harmonius relationships, but it is not, it is a PERMISSIVE relationship, we let the non-whites have anything and everything they want. And in return they are ‘nice’ to us. The liberal, being naive, fundamentally misunderstands the relationship.