French Government Cuts Immigrants Welfare by 83%

EU Times, December 28, 2012

It seems that migration policies of a leading country in Europe, France, are seriously changing. The country is no longer able to hold back the crowd of migrants, many of whom do not want to integrate into the social and economic life of their new home country. The upcoming radical changes for migrants were announced by French Interior Minister Manuel Valls.

After a meeting on the National Immigration and Integration, French Interior Minister Manuel Valls announced significant changes in the country’s migration policy. The government will reduce financial assistance to immigrants, and this reduction will be substantial. Starting March 1 of next year, French immigrant benefits will be reduced by 83 percent. The amount of compensation to immigrants who voluntarily want to return home will be also reduced. If earlier the government paid 300 euros for every adult and 100 euros for every minor, in March of 2013 these amounts will be reduced to 50 and 30 euros, respectively.

One of the main provisions of the new immigration rules in France is the reduction of unemployment benefits. New rules will directly affect many of the immigrants who do not want to be of real assistance to the country and whose main goal is the existence at the expense of French taxpayers. Now immigrants who are EU citizens receive an allowance of 2,000 euros per adult and 1,000 euros per child.

Under the new policy, according to Valls, the payments will be reduced to 500 and 200 euros, respectively. Manuel Valls said that the previous immigration policy did not lead to the desired effect, and the existing outreachprograms for immigrants do not work as they were expected to, therefore, the rules must be changed. If this is not done, the costs for the maintenance of migrants now paid by the French Treasury will continue to devastate the economy of France that is already suffering from the crisis caused by international factors.

Earlier this year, during the election campaign in France, Nicolas Sarkozy, the then President, strongly advocated for the changes in migration policies in France. He stated that the delays could adversely affect the entire domestic policy of France. Francois Hollande, the current President of France and at that time the main opponent of Sarkozy, spoke on the subject more softly, avoiding naming any specific measures. Does this mean that life itself supports the statements of the eccentric ex-president of France?

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, in the second half of 2010, France was home to over five million migrant workers, or about 8 percent of the total population. The largest number of migrants arriving in France, according to the data for 2007, was from Algeria, Morocco and Portugal. In 2011, French citizenship was granted to 66,000 people. It is getting increasingly more difficult for the government to provide financial assistance to migrants, given that many of them do not work or study. In fact, this is not surprising given the amount of aid that the government was ready to provide to its new citizens.

With a growing number of migrants, mainly from Muslim countries, France is experiencing many internal problems. They include rising unemployment and crime, and increasingly greater sums of money from the state treasury spent on support of migrants and their families, which has a detrimental effect on the economy. Finally, France is simply awash with the migrant population with an alien ideology, reluctant to accept European values ​​and often hostile.

Sooner or later, the government had to take measures. It seems that the time has come. On the wave of changes in French policy towards migrants, in 2007 Nicolas Sarkozy won presidential elections. Since his arrival to power, the government began to pursue a policy of the so-called selective migration, whose aim was to attract to France mainly skilled personnel. Under Sarkozy a quota system was introduced in the country that determined the number of required workers. In March of 2012, during the presidential campaign, Nicolas Sarkozy reiterated the importance of addressing domestic problems of migrants. Sarkozy, a son of an immigrant from Hungary, suggested cutting the amount of social assistance provided to migrants and reducing the number of issued residence permits by 50%. In addition, he threatened that France would leave the Schengen Treaty in order to prevent infiltration of unwanted migrants into the country.

Francois Hollande, the current president of France, was not that radical in his vision of the issues associated with migrants. He was not ready to control all categories of migrants, but in March of 2012 called for limiting migration for economic reasons. It looks like it is the economic conditions that are forcing the French authorities to toughen the policy towards migrants. This is indicated, in particular, by the disappointing data in the Global Competitiveness Report on the state of competitiveness of France, which the government discussed in November. According to the report, the competitiveness of the French industry is falling. In 2000, the share of industry in the economy of the country accounted for 18 percent, and now—12.5 percent as companies are going bankrupt. In part, it is due to the heavy burden of social security contributions that businesses are required to make. French business payroll taxes are among the highest in the world at approximately 50 percent. It could not have been different because the country had to feed a large number of migrants.

In March of 2012 Sarkozy suggested reducing the number of migrants from 180 thousand to 100 thousand. A significant decrease in the number of migrants could be expected in five years. It seems that the government of Hollande has adopted such measures and is moving towards action.

A significant decrease in the amounts allocated for subsidies for migrants might be somewhat effective. The treasury will have more resources that can be allocated to job creation and overall economic recovery. There is a likelihood that the reduction in benefits will be an incentive for some workers to step up their job search.

There is another side to the coin. Many migrants, especially those from Arab countries-former colonies of France, are used to living on government subsidies. They have been doing it for years, and have been teaching their children this model of social behavior. According to the National Institute of Statistical Studies, children from immigrant families tend to be weaker students than their peers who are not immigrants. This is especially true for migrants from Turkey. In the labor market, only 14 percent of children of immigrants attain high social positions.

Reduction of benefits would hurt many migrant families. Will this provoke antisocial behavior where migrants would outpour their anger in the streets of French cities, destroying everything around them? Will the migrant riots of 2007 be repeated? There is an obvious need in new approaches towards migration policy. However, in their implementation the government should take into account various possible consequences. Only a balanced approach will lead to positive results.

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  • John

    It’s interesting that when radical leftists seize power, their core constituents suffer the most! Look at Blacks and Mestizos under Obama and the Muslim and African invaders under Hollande. The miscreants and undesirables suffer the most under leftist regimes, yet they habitually support radical dictators like Obama and Hollande, as they demand them, elect them, and fight tooth-and-nail to keep them in power. I’m surprised that France doesn’t have a Muslim president now like the United States.

    Happy New Year my friends! The USA isn’t our grandfather’s country any more!

    • Xerxes22

      Blacks and Mestizos are doing pretty well under Obama. He is giving them more and more goodies at our expense and his racist Attorney General is enabling them and protecting them.

      • Obama & Holder are protecting minorities when they violently attack Whites–look at the coming sacrifice of George Zimmerman.

        When they are through, Zimmerman will be jailed and convicted as a hate crime–to embolden minority violence against Whites

      • kjh64

        There are doing pretty well for now. That is the key, “for now”. Like in France, America’s welfare state can’t and won’t continue. We are going broke, are in debt and at some point, we will no longer be able to support all of these Mexican invaders.

      • Blacks aren’t doing that well. In some parts of the country black unemployment is as much as 27%. They don’t really have to worry about that. The taxpayers will always pick up the tab.

  • 83% is good, but 100% is better. And jail followed by deportation. But who’s counting?

    • Sloppo

      Agreed, but 83% is a BIG step in the right directions. Keep up the good work, France!

    • Steven Bannister

      83% is a significant reduction! The only mistake they made was REDUCING the amount granted for leaving. Instead of lowering it from $300 to $100, they should have increased it to $500. In the long run, it would save them money.

  • French Government Cuts Immigrants Welfare by 83%

    If this is true, and not Arthur Andersen style accounting, then this is the first action of Marine Le Pen’s Presidency.

    Oui, I’m being glib, in a way.

  • Non Humans

    This looks like a step in the white direction…for France anyways. I am shocked that they actually stated the truth in alot of this article. The minorities (etc) having a noticeable negative effect on crime, drain on the state’s treasury, and no intent on assimilating into the culture. So their libtards CAN see the light!!
    Now if only our libtards could see the light and follow in this model, but ours still think that our financial reserves are bottomless. I wonder if when that bottom is reached, and they aren’t allowed any more frivolous spending in the name of ghetto-crime and border-jumpers if it will change anything at all?
    The last paragraph is the most interesting to me. Maybe the change will come when the government is not able to reload those EBT cards and the minorities who have based their lives around them riot? It makes me think of the Katrina aftermath. I think that the blacks in “Nawlens” fell just shy of having their true color(s) disgust the entire country, and influencing a grand change in social opinions towards them. I think the only thing that really prevented it was the way that the MSM manipulated it, becasue there was certainly no shortage of them demonstrating (openly and on TV) the savage behaviours that race realists (and most of the rest of America, that won’t talk about it openly) expect of them.
    As I and others have said before, and (obviously) what the Frogs are fearing, maybe it will take another (deeper) financial collapse before the libtards are dethroned and more sensible legislation is created towards illegals and permanent (able-bodied) welfare dependents.

  • s shadow

    “The amount of compensation to immigrants who voluntarily want to return home will be also reduced. If earlier the government paid 300 euros for every adult and 100 euros for every minor, in March of 2013 these amounts will be reduced to 50 and 30 euros, respectively.”

    The above was the only mistake. Give them an exit bonus, which is a one time expense, and see that they don’t game it. Wow , an 83% decline in welfare benefits, almost too good to be true. The US could be saved with the repeal of the 65 Immigration Act and this. Maybe some legal types here could do an outline of something to send to our collective congresssmen to begin the process. Vive La France, excuse me, make that America..

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      In general, I would also support giving money to those who want to leave, but many of them simply come back later, after pocketing the money. France already tried this type of thing with the gypsies; they just came back.

      Once France has strong border control, this could be a viable option.

  • Will

    As someone who has spent some time in France, I can say that the French, of all the peoples of Western Europre, are far and away the most resilient to political correctness. Ask an Englishman what it means to be English, and he will immediately be suffused with shame. Decades of conditioning have taught him that any coherent English (or, if you prefer, British) identity is bound up with racism, xenophobia, imperialism, etc. Ask a Frenchman what it means to be French, and he’ll talk your head off: French culture is the best culture, French history is the most glorious history, Frrench women are the best women, etc.

  • Enar_Larsson

    —Manuel Valls said that the previous immigration policy did not lead to
    the desired effect, and the existing outreachprograms for immigrants do
    not work as they were expected to, therefore, the rules must be changed.
    If this is not done, the costs for the maintenance of migrants now paid
    by the French Treasury will continue to devastate the economy of France
    that is already suffering from the crisis caused by international
    factors…Sooner or later, the government had to take measures. It seems that the time has come.—

    Contrast this response to the realization of the economic and cultural effects of massive non-white immigration in France with the article about Obama making “comprehensive immigration reform” a top priority. I would like to see one honest lawmaker stand up and actually “debate” the benefits of immigration in this country.

    • bigone4u

      I may be mistaken but I think Tom Tancredo did what you suggest and all he got for his efforts was a prison sentence. It’s increasingly dangerous to be anti-PC.

      • IstvanIN

        James Traficant went to prison for pissing off the tribe, not Tom Tancredo.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    Unlike the U. S., France cannot print the currency it uses, the Euro. So it does not have much choice but to cut back severely. The U. S. dollar, on the other hand, as the world’s reserve currency (for the moment), cannot exert the same leverage on Obama to cut spending that the Euro does on Holland.

    The Fed will just keep on buying $85 billion per month of U. S.debt obligations (It’s already got about $3 trillion of U. S. debt on its balance sheet, which it cannot sell. It’s expected to have $4 trillion by the end of the year.).

    This is printing money. It devalues the currency. When the dollar crashes, the U. S. government “will reduce financial assistance to immigrants” — and to everybody else.

  • ageofknowledge

    Next comes the riots.

    • crazy_world

      Along with a crime wave. March 1st… Spring… Warmer Weather… Should escalate quite nicely. Get Ready.

      • shattered

        Always ready. Born ready.

  • Nicholai Hel

    Maybe the French authorities will offer free boat tickets to Lampedusa island? They can provide company for the goldbricking economic migrants lazing about the isle like bums. Then free tickets to Libya from there. Voila!

  • bigone4u

    God help us, but if France doesn’t want them I’ll bet Obama will take them in here in the USA, with all benefits attached, calling them political refugees.

  • joesolargenius

    The true purpose of Socialism is to steal vast riches from any country naive enough to accept this form of government , it is but a scam created by some very smart criminals to siphon off tax money . It is what comes afterward that is the real eye opener so to speak , when the country is paying so little in taxes that the thieves have to steal more and more from those whom contribute to the cost of this travesty. First the poor whom are not citizens and then the American working class will feel the pinch when weaned from those benefits but yet the taxes won’t go down because those programs were created mostly for the purpose of stealing !

  • PesachPatriot

    Good move by the french…if we cut welfare by 83% here in the USSA the following cities would be on fire within a week: Atlanta, New Orleans, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Miami, Philly, Boston and Los Angeles….

    • StillModerated

      USSA! Very good! But I prefer PROTUSA — Peoples’ Republic Of The USA.

      • PesachPatriot

        I like your nickname but that would imply that we were still some sort of republic like the founders intended…

  • newscomments70

    This is an amazing documentary, filmed by an Isreali who disguised himeself as an Muslim in Europe. He interviews Muslim families and infiltrates their communities. He focuses on Sweden and France. It is horrifying, but it is a must-see. This is the MSM in Isreal…it is something that the left wing media in the Europe and US would never air. It would actually be considered hate speech and Europe, even though it is 100% real footage with almost no opinion:

    • StillModerated

      I’m glad to see the French are waking up, especially the Jewish mayor of Montfereuil. If he was just a little bit smarter he’d open up a gibsmedat free clinic and dish out the Depo-Provera and call them flu shots.

  • Diamond_Lil

    Why don’t our politicians have some balls? Is it the fluoride in the water?

  • If they were smart they would provide the one-way ticket to those wishing to leave the country.

  • Kostoglotov

    This might have meant something 20 years ago. It’s far too late now, and Hollande is far too weak and stupid to implement meaningful way. There are now hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Muslim immigrants in France who have been supported by government all their lives, and have raised their numerous children to expect the same. They are already resentful and their neighborhoods are awash in violent crime and frequently explode in riots as it is. What do you think this huge number of alienated, angry people are going to do when they are suddenly required to find jobs, which years of socialist policy have eliminated anyway?

    Very ironic that the French government is now taking positions that Bridget Bardot and other activists on the right have been getting prosecuted and fined for for years for even discussing!

    • IstvanIN

      Rioting gives the military the justification to start cleaning things up, so to speak.

  • Michael Sabbith


  • Irish Savant

    Don’t want to rain on the parade, but are you sure this story is correct? I’ve seen no references to it anywhere on the MSM (ok, ok!!) and the EU Times, despite its impressive title, has no official standing. All references to it that I’ve seen eventually link back to the EU Times article.
    This publication (EU Times) does sterling work but has made serious errors in the past.
    Additionally I think that the story is too good to be true…..

  • France ? Who would have believed this a year ago?

  • Usually the French are such sissies and cowards…..hard to believe they are showing some backbone. Wish Great Britain and America would do the same.

    • StillModerated

      Only our disgusting media types call them sissies and cowards.

  • forevertimekiller

    Good job France!

  • mrmambosr

    Did you know that France has never won a war?? At one point, France was divided and they faught each other. Neither side won!