Bucking the College Diversity Cult

Noah Steadman, American Renaissance, December 28, 2012

Asking the wrong questions at Simon’s Rock.

Bard College at Simon’s Rock is a liberal-arts school in Great Barrington, in the Massachusetts Berkshires. The town was established in colonial times, and is nearly 95 percent white. The college was founded in 1964, and is very small; there are fewer than 400 students, and almost all live on campus.

Since Bard acquired Simon’s Rock Early College in 1979, it has pushed “diversity” very hard. This graph, taken from the college website, is a source of pride: Non-whites have grown from 10 percent to 30 percent of the student body in the last 10 years.


This graph, also taken from the website, brags about how Simon’s Rock forces diversity into the curriculum.


The result is that, compared to students who attend lesser institutions, Simon’s Rock students claim to be greatly enriched.


The website describes efforts to make Simon’s Rock more diverse.

When Mary Marcy, provost and vice president of Bard College at Simon’s Rock, arrived on campus in 2004 she recognized an opportunity to deepen the College’s commitment to diversity. Like many initiatives at Simon’s Rock, the object was to go beyond the numbers and to help forge meaningful connections between and among students and faculty from diverse backgrounds with integrity, significance and context.

All students must take a course in “cultural perspectives,” and the campus celebrates something called Diversity Day. It has a Director of Multi-Cultural affairs, “spaces for students of color to meet,” a Black Student Union, a student-run Race Task Force, a Queer Student Alliance, and a Latino Student Alliance—all for just a few hundred students.

Simon’s Rock has indeed “deepened its commitment to diversity” since 2004, to the point of absurdity. When I enrolled as a freshman last fall I was unaware just how zealous the school was. Everyone took it for granted that diversity was a wonderful thing, but no one ever explained why.

It was clear, however, that many students self-segregated, with Asians spending time with Asians, blacks with blacks, etc. Encouraging students to join racial groups such as the Black Student Union encouraged identity politics and ran counter to the professed goal of diversity. The hypocrisy of this never dawned on anyone until I decided to call it to their attention.

Diversity Day is an important observance at Simon’s Rock; all courses are cancelled and students must attend three seminars on diversity. We had our pick of about 20 sessions on race, gender, and class. They had names such as “Are We Born Racist?” “Am I A Racist?” and “Dear White People,” which explained white privilege. There was no intellectual diversity.

I prepared for Diversity Day by putting up two dozen fliers. They asked students to email me five benefits of diversity, aside from ethnic food and music. My plan was to compile a list of the benefits and conduct a workshop to discuss them on Diversity Day. I never said diversity was bad; I just wanted to hear the reasons why it is good.

The fliers were all torn down and some students cut them into snowflakes or paper dolls holding hands. I learned that my flier was going to be discussed at a Black Student Union meeting in a few days, so I decided to go.

There were about 30 people in the room, in what was essentially a kangaroo court. Everyone sat in a circle and went around the room complaining that I was “invalidating the existence” of minorities and was willfully ignorant of my white privilege. They talked about how personally offended they were and how disgusting it was for me to ask for an explanation of the advantages of diversity. This went on for nearly two hours. I had only a minute or two to respond. At one point, a black student began to agree with me, but other blacks told him to shut up, saying I “would’ve supported slavery.”

I did not hear a single argument in favor of diversity, but there were implied threats of physical violence if I acted up again.

I received a lot of e-mail about the flier, mostly insults. A few people actually sent me arguments in favor of diversity: It broadens your perspective and makes you worldlier. When I put the text into a Google search, I found it had been copied from a website.

There were also Facebook comments that show how Simon’s Rock students think. One girl called me a “white freshman idiot” and complained that “the faculty and staff don’t do a good enough job of really reinforcing [anti-racism] to the white students in its population.” One student wanted to know, “Do we have a flag pole we can duct tape him to? Preferably naked.” An Asian Indian student wrote, “Go punch him in the gut, then talk to him.” Another student wrote “I just consider this fucker fresh meat.” One offered a reward “to whoever gives this kid the best swift kick in the ass.” Another student’s plan was to “drop him off in some housing projects somewhere, I’d say kick his ass, but daamn, why give him another reason to play the sniveling victim. For God’s sake, he sounds like the reincarnation of Samuel George Morton.” Another Indian wrote, “Your very presence effectively oppresses the being of people of color. There’s a thing called history.”

It is remarkable how quickly their fantasies turn to violence when anyone challenges their dogmas. Some people even started using my name to post outrageous messages on discussion boards. One included an image of the Simon’s Rock campus with cross hairs on it, and another asked, “Can someone tell me how to make a bomb?” I was called down to the Great Barrington police station, but the officers quickly accepted my explanation that these messages were posted by impostors.

An upperclassman, a Dravidian Indian, sent me a detailed response in which he accused me of having a “white supremacist ideology” and telling me to “check my privilege.” He went on a tirade against white Christian men, claimed he was a member of an oppressed group, and that I was the oppressor. He also called me a white boy.

I replied to his arguments and made sure to call him an Indian boy—but that was when I got in trouble with the administration. He said that I had “crossed the line between free speech and hate speech,” and filed a formal complaint. He claimed I had harassed him so terribly and his feelings were so badly hurt that he didn’t feel comfortable going about his day-to-day activities. This student was a critical theory major, but apparently couldn’t handle criticism.

I had to respond to the complaint. I argued that my accuser didn’t have a right not to be offended, and that if what I said to him was inflammatory and merited a harassment charge, then he should be charged as well, since he said exactly the same thing to me. The school nevertheless accused me of harassment and ordered a psychological assessment and diversity training—at my own expense. Even worse, there was an attempt to expel me. I was sent home for a de facto suspension of more than a week while the provost decided my fate.

Needless to say, my family was shocked by all this. They could hardly believe I was getting in so much trouble and being treated like a danger to the campus just because I asked for five benefits of diversity.

I got in touch with the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), and my parents threatened to sue the school if I were expelled. Perhaps for this reason, the provost gave up on the idea. I met with the president of the college, and he had to concede that I had done nothing wrong. I was finally allowed back on campus—to the dismay of many students.

As it happened, Diversity Day was held during the very week I came back—but it was a flop. The non-white students who were supposed to be running many of the workshops boycotted the event. I didn’t show up to watch, but they gathered on campus and handed out fliers. Their flier (see entire text here) says the problems all began with “a document distributed by a student on campus questioning the value of diversity, and therein questioning our very existence and invalidating our lived experiences.”

The flier went on to complain that “the provost has, in recent decisions, explicitly gone against our wishes and best interests as a marginalized and oppressed faction, essentially legitimizing white supremacist ideologies on this campus.” So far as I can tell, the failure to expel me was what legitimized white supremacy, but in any case, they had “feelings of being unsafe and threatened.” They said that if the administration were really serious about diversity, “each day would be observed as diversity day, and every day, the needs of the marginalized students in this community would be met and with dignity and respect.” A mere one-day Diversity Day was “a consolation prize” so they tried to shut it down.

A video of the boycott that was made for the school paper can be found here.

I have decided to transfer to another college, but I have not yet decided where I will go. Because I chose to leave Simon’s Rock I did not have to take the diversity training or undergo the psychological assessment—though that would certainly have been an interesting experience.

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Noah Steadman
Noah Steadman plans to spend the next academic semester as an intern at a presidential library. He is 17 years old.
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  • When I put the text into a Google search, I found it had been copied from a website.

    Too funny. They couldn’t think of one benefit of diversity so they searched the vastness of the internet and found only one. Classic.

    Thank you for your courage and brave action.

    If there’s ever a next time, I hope that you might find a way to tape this. Maybe you can invest in a video camera pen. You don’t want them to see it because they’ll temper their remarks or make you turn it off. You need to catch them behaving as they really are. The only way to do this is with a hidden camera.

    Minorities and leftists do this all the time. They know how to play the game.

    I keep telling people, start carrying cameras and devices to catch these people showing their true colors (pun intended).

    Another good trick is to have a friend go with you BUT not come in together or sit together. When one starts speaking up, let the other one slowly join in in support.

    The left knows all the tricks. We need to use them too if we’re ever going to expose these people for what they truly are.

    • RebelliousTreecko

      If he uses a hidden camera, the left might not be able to get away with any lies about the confrontations, but they could still attempt to get him arrested for breaking privacy laws.
      They won’t give up so easily.

      • Yes, I know that’s a concern. But it should be documented. If they contest and lie about what was written, the record exists. You don’t have to make it public but having it on hand and showing it to like-minded people who can run with the story because it was documented is a plus.
        I got three black guys selling drugs (two who paced the streets back and forth together and one who set up shop on a bench outside a laundromat) who moved into my neighborhood arrested by taking surveillance along with information about their location and when they were “at work” and giving them to the police who attended our neighborhood meetings.
        I also gave them information about a drug house. I watched three black guys stopping white people at night. I assumed they were pushing drugs and I was right. I hung back and followed them home and got their address.
        At the meeting, I gave the information to the police but they were already on it. It turns out they knew about the house and it was being monitored.
        I may not have scooped the police but I do take great glee in knowing I was right on the money about these guys.

        Document Document Document.

        • anarchyst

          The cops were probably “in” on the drug “market” . . .

          • No, it wasn’t that at all. They cops were already aware of the drug house and it was under surveillance. The house was eventually raided.

    • Yes! Contact Jim O’Keefe at Project Veritas. This is his red meat.

  • All you did, Mr. Steadman, is ask why diversity is desirable. You didn’t even go as far as actually to question diversity, pardon the pun of my screen name. This feature is probably the penultimate proof that diversity is unquestionable religion.

    • Jim G

      adj. 1. Next to last. 2. Linguistics Of or relating to the penult of a word: penultimate stress. n. The next to the last. [From Latin paenultimus; see penult.]

      penult also pe•nul•ti•ma n. 1. The next to the last item in a series. 2. The next to the last syllable in a word. [Short for penultima, from Latin paenultima, feminine of paenultimus, next to last : paene, almost + ultimus, last; see ultimate.]

      • Okay, I’m nailed. I’ll leave my grammatical mistake up for posterity. I’ll even carry my own cross.

        • Gracchus123

          Oh, and don’t ever use “peruse” to mean “quickly scan”. They’ll nail you again! 🙂

  • pcmustgo

    I’m surprised you would even attend such a left-wing school, being already a rebellious conservative by freshman year…

    You also sound too bright to be attending a school that’s such an unknown… I’m surprised you’re not at harvard. Did you get a scholarship to go there?

    Also, the more lily-white and out in the boonies, the more wacked out the diversity/left-wing stuff is. It’s a rule of thumb.

    I went to a city school full of asians and only a sprinkling of blacks, but I wouldn’t say that anyone took the diversity stuff or dogma super seriously… liberal and full of self-segregation for sure, but sort of apolitical.

    Bard in Upstate NY is also uber-liberal.

    • Anonymous

      Academic quality is independent of student political activism. I attend Columbia, a supposed Ivy League, and it isn’t significantly different from the liberal echo chamber that this article depicts. In 2007, there was a successful two-week hunger strike demanding that all new students undergo diversity training and that a cultural diversity distribution requirement be added. I’m not white, but when I wasn’t sufficiently offended by one of the “racist” flyers they showed, some of my classmates let me know that I was “downplaying my oppression.” Of course, I still needed to check my male, heterosexual, able, American privilege. Biggest waste of 3 hours in a long time.

      • pcmustgo

        I went to NYU and people just didn’t care enough to get all riled up about this stuff. I mean, most of them. They were liberal but not that “into” all this. I mean, most were boring asian/indian business school students anyways, or self-absorbed narcissistic film and acting students or midwest transplant grey nyu sweatshirt drones. I encountered only some of this behavior while there, from a black student group, but yeah, everyone else was just too busy having gay sex or sniffing coke.

        • Triarius

          Sir, you just NAILED U of M! Bullseye.

      • Peter

        As a non-white skeptical of the diversity cult, how do you see yourself navigating the political environment between mainstream conservativism, white advocacy like Amren, and the advocacy groups of your own race? How did you find Amren? What race are you?

    • Triarius

      Ross School of Business recent grad here, in none other than the People’s Republic of Ann Arbor (no longer there, thank God).

      To be honest the student’s weren’t that bad (some were, but the whites are aware) it’s the townies. You really have to see it to believe, they rival San Francisco on a per capita basis.

  • pcmustgo

    I’m surprised you were able to withstand that kind of bullying…

  • Here’s another thing interesting about this article.

    Recently here on AR, we were treated to the theory that the kind of white people who live in places like Great Barrington, Massachusetts are right on the verge of becoming white nationalists, but the only thing holding them back is the fact that there’s as much as one white person from Alabama who is a white nationalist who also believes in creationism and is pro-life. That and that alone is driving the whites who live in places like Great Barrington, Mass. right into the arms of the Democrat/Left and into the camps of candidates like Barack H. Obama II. And therefore, if and only if creationists and pro-lifers in Alabama would just become evolutionists and pro-aborticide, that will magically turn everything around, the typical white people of Great Barrington, Mass., and its most famous college, will suddenly download the works of Madison Grant and Lothrop Stoddard onto their Kindles, and the world will be saved.


    • pcmustgo

      No, actually it’s not. If those whites in Mass and the suburbs in general experienced reverse racism the way we did, aka truly lived in a diverse environment, they would stop caring about abortion, creationism, etc, and make racial issues a priority.

    • Joseph

      These are elitist wannabes who actually fear being ridiculed by their “intellectual” peers more than the loss of their heritage and culture though they recognize the imminent demise. They apparently so fear losing some status or opportunity that they are willing to sacrifice the future. It is the upperclass white-man’s version of immediate gratification.

      I am in the odd position of being one of these “white nationalists” who is neither welcomed by many of the race-realists because of my faith in creative acts of God through Christ on the one hand, nor by many evangelical Christians on the other, being soundly convinced of the evidence for evolution -as a masters deg. candidate in phylogenetics. My study of genetics is in fact, what led me to the unavoidable evidence of the importance of adaptive genetic predisposition and associated racial implications despite years of social programming to the contrary.

      • I screwed up, big time.

        I want to take this moment to apologize to all of AR.

        This article is supposed to be about a courageous young man who asked a simple question and was almost turned into a human sacrifice.

        Instead, here I am, my stupid rump, tempting the whole thing to become an evolution vs creation food flight.

        • bluffcreek1967

          Yeah, serves you right! No go out there and atone for your sin by giving a charity donation to Haiti relief, or maybe adopting a poor African Bantu child, or helping Mexican “Dream Act” youths fill out their college applications!

          • I actually did give a little bit of money to the Red Cross after the Haiti earthquake, in the perhaps futile hopes it would result in Haitians staying in Haiti and not coming here.

      • If you believe in evolution, race mixing is wrong because it destroys biodiversity.

        If you believe in God, race mixing is wrong because God in his infinite wisdom created distinct races and set them apart in different places around the earth.

        God didn’t create one race, he created separate races. Anyone Christian who believes in or supports race mixing is in effect saying he knows better than God.

        • nunyabidnessfoo

          And you apparently know better than two people from different “races” who love each other and want to create a life together?

          • Winston_Jack

            What’s with the quotation marks around the term “races”? Still having problems accepting biological realities?

            And in the case you mentioned there are more competing interests at stake here.

            What about the families? They will both have to contend with having grand kids who don’t resemble anyone in their family or ancestral line. And since White European genes are the most recessive, any White families involved here will have to contend with the genetic death of their lineage.

            What about the child itself? It’s no big secret that bi-racial kids and people suffer more frequently from psychological problems as they have no solid sense of their own identity, ancestry and heritage. And God help them if they ever need, for example, a bone marrow or organ transplant, as finding a proper matching donor takes a miracle.

            And what about society at large? Is it really in the long-term interest of society to be comprised of more and more bi and multiracial people, given the problems that accompany it? I like the variations of people and cultures, and have no wish to see them destroyed, including Whites.

            There is obviously more to consider here than just the selfish desire of two people of different races whom you profess “love each other and want to create a life together”.

          • nunyabidnessfoo

            ” And since White European genes are the most recessive”

            and… we’re done here

          • James Flower

            Yes, because as per usual people like you have no answer or reply to the actual facts.

          • WhyPopularThoughtWhyyyy

            So basically you don’t know the difference between recessive and deleterious in genetic terms…

            Yep, we’re done here.

          • Seriously, why is “races” in quotes there? You’re implying that there are no different races, of course… So you are saying that these people in the video are just capitalizing on something that isn’t real?

          • nunyabidnessfoo

            “race” is an arbitrary concept. If “race mixing is wrong because it destroys diversity” then we should all only marry our siblings in order to maintain the most genetic diversity possible.

          • Winston_Jack

            Race certainly isn’t an arbitrary concept to the people in the above video. It never seems to be an arbitrary concept to any of the privileged minorities looking for more entitlements, or trying to blame “The Evil White Man” for their problems.

            And the rest of your comment is just so idiotic that it leads one to believe that the only inbred here is you.

          • David Ashton

            There are different populations on the planet which are distinguished by gene-determined phenotypes both absolute and average, and small numbers of people of mixed lineage. You can call these “races” or invent different terms for these objective not arbitrary phenomena. They have arisen largely by historical adaptation to environments, mainly geographical/climatic, and to some extent by social selection. Crossing between very different groups results in a hodgepodge of traits and maladaptions.

      • Non Humans

        With all due respect to your beliefs, Sir, around here I don’t discriminate against anyone on the grounds of what you described above.
        Around here, it’s all about discussing, educating, and stopping the invasion of our country by illegals, and otherwise wastes of flesh, and that of stopping the non-humans from further wrenching the blood, sweat, and pride of our ancestors (Our once beautiful cities, etc) out from underneath us and further tranforming them into the ghetto-shitholes that we have seen them do over and over as the years progress. (Not to mention their contributions to our national debt)

    • Nathanwartooth

      I’m not sure why being against abortion or believing in God is a requirement for White nationalism at all. I’m not sure what they have to do with each other.

      • It’s not a requirement at all.

        And I’ll do it again:

        I apologize for tempting the whole OT discussion.

  • Lazare

    Good for you Noah! It takes amazing bravery to stand up to the multiculturalists in their own strongholds. I salute you.

    • We need MORE like Noah to stand up against the indoctrination of guilt and violence against Whites in the name of ‘diversity’.

  • HadEnough

    Did anyone watch the movie clip at the end? It’s hysterical! What a barrage of weepy self-indulgence. It truly looks like a parody skit from Saturday Night Live.

  • Anonymous

    Best of luck Noah, you’ve done the right thing!

  • gemjunior

    If these are what passes for college students, we are in huge trouble. They felt unsafe? I can’t imagine how much of a wimp these people must be, and what uselessness they fulfill in their daily lives. Honestly, I can’t see any of them use a screwdriver to put in a nail and hang a picture up. I was embarrassed for them, to hear them speaking. And the oppressed ones? They need to look at the places they came from if they want a true fright about feeling unsafe and oppressed. How about a little female genital mutilation for Afro-head and Queer Women of Color could be introduced to some Biblical Era Stoning? Colleges like this are unworthy of anything that approaches the name of a school. It’s nothing but an indoctrination center. These kids were so out there that I’m amazed. The most self-centered wimpy victims of their own narcissism that I’ve ever heard. Thank God there are still people left like Noah Steadman to hold up a mirror and cause them some reason to doubt their “oppression” even if they don’t admit to it right now. Some of them won’t be able to screen out the reality that not one of them could give one example of why diversity is so great.

    • Joseph

      This is why they are fixed on disarming white America.

      • Enar_Larsson

        And this is exactly why white America should oppose those efforts, even when “reasonably” aimed only at disarming the insane: “The school nevertheless accused me of harassment and ordered a
        psychological assessment and diversity training—at my own expense.”

        • jhgkjhgluhgkjhgvchgfcvlkjbggvh

          Keep your kids away from psychologists and mental health meds.

    • Famous_Original_Feigenbaum

      Third world peoples will not be content until they have produced in macrocosm the conditions of the homelands they fled; except with themselves at the top of the social order.

    • The Final Solution

      Using a screwdriver to pound a nail? Now that is unsafe.

      • gemjunior

        LOL, you are funny, you got me. Dunno what I was thinking! You need a man for some things…

    • Gracchus123

      Something like that quickly becomes a contest about “who is the most dispossessed, who is the most aggrieved, who is the most oppressed, and who can most effectively attack the “target”. It’s all theatre, but alas, careers get destroyed.

  • Joseph

    Well, I think that the responses that Steadman got pretty much indicate what diversity has to offer offer America. His survey was a great success I’d say.

    • Fredrik_H

      Exactly. Diversity brings nothing but division.

      • It’s not diversity that brings division. It’s “Diversity” that brings division.

  • Eagle_Eyed

    Wow, this is really impressive. I’m not sure how I’d respond to such inanity, but Mr. Steadman certainly won against the anti-racist brigade. Intelligent racially ignorant whites who see scenarios like this continuing to unfold will eventually wake up–and are at the very least less likely to be those who join the anti-racist mobs.

    I went to college only a few years ago (at a large state school), and while the culture was certainly left of center, there wasn’t much forced brainwashing attempted. But from what I can tell, in 21st century America, and certainly on college campuses, a strong Puritanical streak lives on. Puritanical because like the religious conservatives of the 17th century who had harsh restrictions on sex, clothing, family roles, etc. the college leftist today will be open about everything he doesn’t disagree with. But God help the poor soul who says something slightly “racist” or questions the current racial dogma.

    • Lygeia

      I don’t think he won. He had to leave the school.

      He did, however, highlight this ridiculous nonsense and has given himself a life lesson on the horrors or diversity. It was good he stood up for what he believed in, but it came at an unfair price.

      The administration of Bard College should have expelled every single one of the non-whites who castigated him, threatened him with violence, and insulted him.

      • Non Humans

        My thoughts exactly. The students are the ones who stoked the flames, and the faculty weren’t even open to investigating it honestly. All he did was politely inquire for honest answers.
        With such a harsh reaction to such a simple inquiry, kinda makes you wonder why they’re so sensitive to it…… I mean since theyr’e all, obviously neck deep in Diversity Day, (Pardon me whilst I vomit) you would think that at least one among them could come up with some honest (not copied from google) answers to his question. But nope!! It’s all the same old name-calling and ignorance in the face of a conversation about a topic that they all profess to know through and through.
        Stupid and Hypocritical, the lot of them.
        Bravo to you Mr. Noah!

      • The administration of Bard College ought to have been expelled. Or at least their diversity council or whatever they call it.

  • Eagle_Eyed

    When Alexandra Wallace (the White UCLA student who made that
    “anti-Asian” video a few years ago) was being raked over the coals, a
    commenter on AmRen compared the treatment of her to that of another young woman–Hester Prynne. Since reading that, I have mercilessly stolen that wonderful comparison for my own purposes whenever stories like this arise.

    The biggest truism of 21st century college life is that if you question the anti-racist paradigm, you are a sinner of the worst kind. Apologizing profusely for a silly video rant provided Miss Wallace no forgiveness–even the administrators who should normally be level headed couldn’t condemn her enough. She was castigated because no matter what she did, she now bore the scarlet letter “R” for her iniquity.

  • Vladimir

    By entering a war with idiots you should not back off.
    They wanted to break you- and they sucseeded without a try- you should really go into indoctrination to fight it and proce your ideals.
    Strong will is too precious a thing to leave undeveloped.

  • doom

    Wow, the poor darlings felt so unsafe that they couldn’t even sleep simply because a single individual dissented.

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • Ulick

    I’m laughing at tht school’s administration. It’s always funny when white liberals get their bubble burst. The white administration tripled the number of minorities over the last several years. The white administrations set up “Diversity Days”. The white administration even tried to sacrifice a fellow white, Noah, on the altar of dicersity. And even after all this, the minorities still attacked the administration for not doing enough for minorities.
    The video also showed the Catch-22 of dealing with minorities. Minorities want race-based student unions, classes, and majors; but when the administration tried to have Diversity Days the minorities complained they were being viewed solely by their race. There is no winning for whites in these situations, so why try?

    • bluffcreek1967

      Excellent point! Indeed, they will never be satisfied no matter what the White man dies for them . . . . uh, unless I suppose we’re all dead. But then who will feed, clothe and fawn all over them?

    • When dealing with minorities, it’s always damned if you and damned if you don’t.
      If you discount their demands and ‘solutions’, they attack you as a ‘racist’. If you give in to their demands (which will ultimately fail) you will be held responsible for not doing enough.
      It’s a lose-lose game.

    • Enar_Larsson

      And of course all those things the administration did for minorities are in the broader “institutional context” of a white nation that fundamentally altered its constitution, sacrificed over one million of its population, burned one of its states to the ground, and economically crippled an entire region all for the sake of the minorities. Then that same nation fundamentally altered its constitution again, spent trillions of dollars creating a “Great Society” for minorities, sent federal troops to force integration, ruined its economy again in the name of “fair lending” to minorities, created explicit institutional racial preferences for minorities, etc. As a nation we in fact do celebrate diversity day every day and do provide for the daily needs (and wants) of our minorities. We have entire departments of the federal government and czars in most other departments that do just that.

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      “The white administration even tried to sacrifice a fellow white, Noah, on the altar of diversity.”


      That’s key. The ONLY reasons the story has a relatively happened ending:

      “I got in touch with the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), and my parents threatened to sue the school if I were expelled.”

      American universities are viciously anti-white. Perhaps a reminder of what the Duke University faculty did to three innocent white male lacrosse players is timely:

      “…Not one professor in the entire Duke undergraduate faculty for more than six months EVER dissented from the poison spewed by the 88 and people like [English professor] Houston Baker and [Literature professor] Grant Farred.”


      “Because they’re terrified. Because when somebody finally did do that — a chemistry professor named Steve Baldwin denounced the lynching of these kids — he was called a racist by a colleague in a letter to the school paper and was threatened in a veiled way to fist fight by another professor within 24 hours.”

      SOURCE: UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case by Stuart Taylor, Jr. and K. C. Johnson (BookTV.org video presentation, September 11, 2007)
      [Click on “Watch” in the upper right corner]

  • Ulick

    Noah, I had a similar, but admittedly less traumatic experience than you. I was the member of an internet forum. People knew each other and were friendly. Once I started expressing views similar to your views and those expressed in Amren editorials, I became shunned and attacked. It didn’t matter that my posts were always cordial, respectuful, fctual, logical, and supported with evidence — the subject matter alone warranted my ostracization. Other posters made no attempt to debate me in a cordial manner. They simply mocked and attacked. Eventually my account was suspended and then terminated, yet those who attacked were never even reprimanded. Wlecome to the world of Progressive racialism, Noah. It is indeed a cult-like mentality, and anyone speaking out against, no matter how respectfully or articulately, will be attacked by the cult members.
    The self-dubbed open-minded and tolerant are the east open-minded and tolerant of them all. Those minorities most concerned with eradicating “racism” are actually the most racist people against whites.
    Finally Noah, I appreciate a man as young as yourself standing up for what’s right. It’s difficult at that age to stand on principle in the face of threats and ostracizing. You’re a strong and intelligent man.

    • Sloppo

      I had a similar experience one time in the forum of a website called Fark. It was fun for a while and I did my best to always be very polite, but I apparently provided too many verified facts which offended the religious sensibilities of a few zealots of the Church of Political Correctness. I generally recommend that forum for interesting discussions and some entertaining good humor. You just have to remember that some people there are as sensitive about the tenets of the Religion of Political Correctness as Wahhabi Muslims are with regard to their beloved pedophile/pirate/prophet and his moon-god.

      • I’m sure you heard that Chinese crackers took down the Council on Foreign Relations website for awhile. Which gives me the same internal feeling as hearing the news that my mother-in-law drove my brand new BMW over a cliff. Now, maybe the Chinese will, fresh off their success, go after Fark. Just as long as they leave World Star Hip Hop alone.

  • Maurice

    First, Mr. Steadman needs to understand that evolution
    shaped human beings up to 30,000 years ago, and then magically stopped as man
    moved into different environments.

    Second, Mr. Steadman needs to acknowledge that education
    improves human IQ.

    Upon his submission before these two Tenets of the Faith, he will be
    welcome in the halls of the Academy.

    • lol

      Are you aware that education improves IQ approximately 15%? The rest is purely genetic and hereditary.

      • Kevin W. Cornell

        I think Maurice was being sarcastic.

      • I don’t necessarily buy that. I contend that any “intelligence” metric which education can improve isn’t purely a metric of innate intelligence, which IQ is supposed to be. Now, we can probably never have such a thing as a perfect pure IQ test, but we should be far closer to that holy grail than we are, except IQ science has been pretty much shut down for the taboo reasons.

  • Kevin W. Cornell

    Noah, this is a brilliant article. I had a somewhat similar experience at a state college in Connecticut, albeit mine was entirely in the classroom and was far less severe. Bard College should at the very least refund you any tuition money you paid them, though I think they owe you even more than that for wasting your time and putting your safety at risk. Still, no matter what happens, the maturity you’ve displayed throughout this ordeal is extremely impressive, especially given your age. You certainly exposed your elders at that college for the real jackasses they are. Keep fighting the good fight.

  • bluffcreek1967

    It’s sure nice to know that our colleges and universities encourage their students to be open-minded and to evaluate things fairly before criticizing it. This is exactly why I’m never impressed when someone boasts of their college degree (especially if it’s in one of the soft sciences). I know the kinds of things they are taught, the collective attitude that prevails among the faculty and students, and the reality that most of them will graduate more brainwashed than when they first entered. The college system is a breeding ground for social-Marxism and anti-white dogma.

    When I speak with young people now and then, I always encourage them to seriously weigh the advantages versus the disadvantages of college. After all, how many of us have ever heard the case AGAINST going to college? There are some formidable arguments against the notion, as strange as it may sound to most of us reared with the nonsensical idea that ‘everyone should go to college.’

    I urge them to consider the long-term costs, the available job market, and the kind of degree they are pursuing. I also tell them to fairly consider the option of a trade school and developing a real-world skill. If they still choose to go to college or a university, I urge them to consider ones that are more conservative in orientation.

    Lastly, I’m glad there are students like Noah Steadman out there. We need them. Who knows, he might be future leader in the growing WN movement and among race realists?

    • Non Humans

      Try working in healthcare. When you go through any health-related trade school (Not just exclusive to Healthcare), one of the very first things that they mandate is compliance with AA and EEOC policies among a bunch of other libtarded BS. Granted it’s not flaunted and (hate) paraded around as it is on most college campuses, but a large% of hospital based trade schools (the ones worth going to) are in minority areas.
      So you end up having to be tolerant right out of the gate. That’s fine because most people usually have alot of tolerance at that point. After you become proficient at your trade, though, and begin to be able to pay attention to the grander picture, and learn things that aren’t so out in the open, you begin to understand how F’d up things really are within even small beauracracies because of the libtardism. Even worse, the PC Libs hold your livelihood right over your head with all of the BS. Don’t say it, lord no, they don’t even want the possibility of the thought of the truth occurring to you.
      ER’s are particularly hard to swallow it with. I’ve worked all over the SE US, and have yet to see an ER that wasn’t abused by all types, but especially the minorities. At some point early in my career, I remember thinking, “Damn there sure are alot of them for them to be called minorities!!”
      Even in the way out in the country hospital that I work in now, we see alot of them. I estimate that 25-45% of our ER visits on any given day, are hispanics- especially their infants and toddlers, and 30-50% are non-humans. I seriously doubt that all but a few of the hispanics are legals. And the non-humans (I won’t get started) present for all degrees of frivolous BS, just to be a burden to the system (Drug-Seeking) and another waste of our tax dollars. None of them fitting the criteria for “Emergency”. It’s maddeningly frustrating to see them abuse it, knowing that they are getting it for free (and abusing it as such), while you’re busting your ass to earn it (and still pay out the ass for your own hc even with decent insurance), and can’t say a damn thing the whole time that you are “Exposed” to the lot of them.
      It also frustrates the physicians, because they can’t turn them away because of EMTALA, Medicare reimbursements, and other libtarded BS. You can’t blame them for not saying anything because they are the ones with the most to lose. Even though they will make next to nothing (not enough to risk the liability) for being forced to see and treat the imbeciles.
      Luckily most people who do work in hc are very much in touch with reality, but God halp your sole should you mutter something un-PC or against their libtarded creed, you won’t likely just be fired, you will likely lose your license to practice, as well, no matter how skilled you are.

  • lm2f

    Why are you such a crybaby?

    White supremacists are such whiney pussies it’s unreal.

    • MerlinV

      I take it you’re a “bull dyke?”

  • Athling

    This young man’s experience sounds all too familiar. Merely questioning the actual value of “diversity” threatens the world-view of white Leftists. One would think that something so important to the school administrators and teachers would have numerous benefits. It doesn’t.

    The concept of “Diversity” as something beneficial for society is based in theory. It may sound good when read from a carefully written text book but in actual practice “diversity” is a source of tension and conflict. The idea that white people will be wonderfully enriched by having their environment filled with non-whites who hold different cultural values and perspectives, many of whom feel oppressed and owed by whites, is delusional.

    Only non-whites actually benefit from “diversity.” Non-whites benefit through the lowering of college admission standards, affirmitive action in employment, set asides and preferential treatment, and a psychological environment in which non-whites are handled in word and deed with kid gloves. All of this is payed for by whites for the benefit of non-whites. The more qualified white person who scored higher on a college admission test, was better qualified for a job, was passed over for a promotion, or who lost his job, has payed for the wonderful benefits of “diversity.”

    It is interesting to note that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that there is a “compelling interest” for “diversity” without actually explaining what the compelling interest is or how society is benefited from it. Like spending other people’s money, it is easy for the justices on the court to pass laws that they themselves are not affected by. None of the justices have actually had to live with the “diversity” that is so compelling for everyone else. Again, they are operating on theory not practice.

    In reality, people naturally prefer their own kind. People choose to associate with others who they have things in common with. The more things two or more people have in common the more likely it is that they will get along and work together in harmony. “Diversity” typically has the opposite effect.

    Noah should be commended for having the intelligence to question the Leftist dogma adhered to by many non-whites and the societal misfits who have now jumped on the “diversity” band wagon. At 17, Noah sees more clearly than many professors three times his age.

    On a side but related note, where are the non-white versions of Tim Wise and Michael Moore? Interesting…

    • Vonhauer

      A major reason “diversity” doesn’t work in practice is because it requires only whites to pretend and act like race doesn’t exist. Non-whites, on the other hand, are acutely aware of race. Especially blacks who see virtually everything from a racial perspective. This gives blacks the upper hand in these “diversity” environments. No matter how you slice it, whites lose in these “enriched” settings.

      Where are the non-white versions of Tim Wise and Michael Moore who teach that their own race should suffer and pay for the benefit of other races? Don’t know of a single one. This is only a common disease of the white race it seems.

    • Enar_Larsson

      —“It is interesting to note that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that
      there is a “compelling interest” for “diversity” without actually
      explaining what the compelling interest is or how society is benefited
      from it.”—

      Actually, the court has given several reasons it thinks there is a compelling interest in diversity. They all boil down to fear. If we don’t institutionalize diversity at every level of society minorities will rebel. I am pasting here a post I wrote about this same issue a while back. It explains four of the compelling interests:

      I have not read the entire brief, but in the summary of the argument,
      Grutter v Bollinger is quoted as establishing that “student body
      diversity is a compelling state interest that can justify the use of
      race in university admissions.” The brief goes on to explain what the
      justices in that case see as the compelling interest:

      1. The “knowledge and opportunity” that come from institutions of
      higher learning lead to “effective participation” in the “civic life” of
      our nation. If we want all races to participate in that civic life,
      they must all have access to institutions of higher learning. My gloss:
      without a college education, minorities will not be productive members
      of society; they will not be engaged in civic life. For confirmation,
      see Robert Putnam’s paper on diversity and social capital.

      2. Minorities “must have confidence in the openness and integrity of
      the educational institutions that provide this training”. My gloss: If
      minority groups feel that they are being denied admission, they may
      decide to do bad things to us.

      3. “the Court observed [in Grutter] that universities and law schools
      “represent the training ground for a large number of our Nation’s
      leaders,” and opined that for leaders to have “legitimacy in the eyes of
      the citizenry,” it is necessary that “the path to leadership be visibly
      open to talented and qualified individuals of every race and
      ethnicity.” My gloss: If minorities aren’t being groomed in the top
      schools for elite positions of power, they may decide to do bad things
      to us.

      4. Student body diversity “‘better prepares students for an
      increasingly diverse workforce and society, and better prepares them as
      professionals.” My gloss: It’s better for white students to learn what
      to say and not to say, what to do and what not to do, around minorities
      now rather than later. May as well give them a heads up.

      • 3. “the Court observed [in Grutter] that universities and law schools “represent the training ground for a large number of our Nation’s leaders,” and opined that for leaders to have “legitimacy in the eyes of the citizenry,” it is necessary that “the path to leadership be visibly open to talented and qualified individuals of every race and ethnicity.” My gloss: If minorities aren’t being groomed in the top schools for elite positions of power, they may decide to do bad things to us.

        The irony of that pronouncement from SCOTUS in Grutter vs Bollinger is that that case came out of the University of Michigan Law School. Eight of nine current SCOTUS judges are from Ivy League law schools. It is easy to see that our modern society has a conveyor belt between the Ivy League and either Wall Street or Washington or both, and sometimes back in the other direction. All going to Michigan Law will prepare you for is to be someone in the state of Michigan, evidently. Meanwhile, as Ron Unz amply demonstrated, Harvard/Princeton/Yale are now essentially Yeshivas, as Norm so succinctly put it a few days ago here.

      • Athling

        I don’t find any of these excuses compelling. Remember, the court is giving reasons why racially discriminating against whites in favor of blacks is a compelling state interest. Whites are refused entry into college, denied jobs and promotions, and racially discriminated against in a multitude of ways in favor of blacks, all for the compelling reason of diversity.

        #1 presupposes that blacks are denied access to institutions of higher learning simply because of their race. Not true. A merit-based entry system was in place in the form of a written test that has nothing to do with race. Whites outperformed blacks on these tests and were therefore admitted more often than blacks. Yet the court finds a compelling interest in race-based admissions for blacks at the expense of whites.

        #2 suggests that because a minority may think an institution is somehow not open and welcoming it is therefore a compelling state interest to grant minorities the unearned privilege of college admission by racially discriminating against better performing whites.

        #3 means that appearance is more important than merit. The court finds a compelling interest in refusing better qualified whites entry to universities in favor of less qualified blacks so that the proper appearance can be achieved.

        #4 means that there is a compelling interest to racially discriminate against whites in favor of blacks so that students will be prepared for the wonderful effects of diversity.

        I see no compelling state interest in awarding blacks unearned and race-based privileges by racially discriminating against whites. The court is racially discriminating against one group in favor of another.

        Racial preferences and set asides in favor of one race over another achieve the very thing they were supposed to remedy.

        Non-whites benefit from “diversity.” Whites suffer because of it and are expected to pay for it.

        • Athling

          Suppose a man committed a crime and was sentenced to death but the man dies as he is walking to the gallows. Is it moral then to hang the man’s grandson since he left the noose empty?

          This is the type of immoral reasoning behind affirmative action. Rather than just passing laws that ban unfair treatment based on a person’s race, affirmative action is used to racially discriminate against and punish one racial group in favor of another over past discrepancies that neither group had any part in. It is immoral.

          The court took an activist position and went beyond the bounds of ethical judgement. Whites are still being unfairly punished as a result.

        • Enar_Larsson


          I agree completely with your stance on preferences being immoral but I think that you are reading in all the normal justifications into what the justices (or whichever justice wrote the opinion) say here. Interestingly, none of those normal justifications are present, which is what I find so fascinating about these “compelling reasons”. The justices do not say that diversity itself is good or that diversity itself has “wonderful effects” as you put it in number four. There isn’t anything in here about how diversity or integration or non-whites or any of those types of things have inherent merit or beneficial effects.

          Number 1, according to the justices, does not rest at all on the presupposition “that blacks are denied access to institutions of higher learning simply because of their race”, as it does when normally invoked. Rather, the justices say that without a college education minorities will not be productive citizens, we want them to be productive citizens, so we ought to grant them admission to colleges whether merited or not. The “compelling interest” is actually in controlling the minorities. If they are educated they won’t be so troublesome–that’s the reasoning in number 1.

          Numbers 2 and 3 are all about appearances, you are correct there. But why do the justices think it’s important to keep up appearances in these cases? Because they don’t want a disgruntled minority causing problems. The non-whites need to think that they have all the same opportunities as everyone else, or they will burn things down (the problem, of course, is that nothing ever appears fair to minorities).

          Number 4 conspicuously lacks any reference to diversity being beneficial or inherently good. It simply accepts it as fact that the workforce and society are increasingly diverse and that that phenomenon has a great potential to lead to very bad consequences. The tacit admission here is that diversity naturally leads to conflict so we need to train the next generation on how to peacefully coexist in a diverse society.

          Conclusion: The assumptions behind the “compelling interests” are actually shared by many race-realists: non-white minorities are potentially dangerous populations that need to be controlled; diverse workforces and societies are potentially dangerous, such that special training is needed in order to survive in them; non-whites minorities do not “merit” acceptance into universities at the same rate as whites. The justices reach vastly different conclusions on the implications of these assumptions, but they actually seem to be pretty realistic–there’s no fluff and rainbows here.

    • The non-white version of Tim Wise is… Tim Wise.

    • Just a note, emerging economic powerhouses such as China & India, who don’t subscribe to ‘diversity’ & lowering of educational & business results will continue to ‘kick our ass’ in the world economy.

      Survival of the smartest and fittest.

  • Anonymous Individual

    Way to go, Noah!

  • Biff_Maliboo

    “Race Task Force.”

    Why am I imagining a group of Preferred Diversities springing out of bed and sliding down poles fireman-style in the dead of night while a siren wails through the campus?

  • Bernie

    Thanks for speaking truth to power and standing up to this anti-white racism.

  • jay11

    Exhibit A: White liberals cry for diversity, which means segregating students by their race and other criteria. To do this, you need to import lots of non-whites to make these segregated clubs (student unions). The more ‘diversity’ you have, the more grievance groups you have who want an ever-increasing amount of freebies that they, as newcomers, have not had the chance to build up for themselves over long generations of hardship.

    Exhibit B: White liberals get upset when whites, even those like themselves, are not mixing with the exclusive ‘diverse’ clubs. They get angry that whites are not joining the black student union or the latino student union and ‘having deep discussions’ on who knows what. Besides that, the blacks, latinos and Asians don’t seem to want or accept white members, but the ehite liberal elites never address this, nor do those ‘diverse’ clubs mingle with each other, but again another free pass. (Asians just don’t like blacks too much, and blacks don’t like latinos and…)

    Exhibit C: White liberals, concerned that whites are not experiencing the joys of diversity enough, then cry for integration. This will solve a whole host of problems in their eyes: the achievement gap, ending white priviledge, building a kumbaya world, etc. Trouble is, with increasing ‘diversity’ the whites get squeezed out. Millions and millions of Mexicans, Chinese and Haitians gotta live somewhere. They don’t like to live around other races themselves so you have new ethnic enclaves sprouting everywhere. (End of America in a few decades.)

    So at the end of the day, all the white liberals are frustrated that their dreams are unfulfilled. Their pet minorities don’t mix with each other, and don’t want whites to mix with them, so what is the fallback position for white liberals? “It is all the fault of White Racism!”

  • Ilovemyrace

    The word “Diversity” derives from difference, dificulty, diverge, divide, division, divisive, divorce, divy, and difficult. Racial, ethnic, religious, language, and cultural diversity is almost NEVER a strength — it is very, very dangerous, and is the cause of almost all wars.

    Homogeneity is a strength, and reduces social conflict and mistrust.

  • Puggg

    Bard’s College at Simon Rock, Massachusetts.

    Which city is it in? Salem?

  • This story saddens me with familiar despair. A glaring example of the fragmentation of our society brought on by the misguided idolization of “diversity”, followed by the mindless babbling’s of our nation’s youth portending radical chic and moral superiority through programmed ant-white hatreds.

    The nation is lost.

  • fartknocker

    I post on the same board as Noah Steadman, from before this happened to him. I find it interesting that he claims not to hold White Nationalist/White Supremacist views because before this ever happened he would make posts that strongly espoused those views. Obviously he is playing the PR game here.

  • Heinrich

    I will follow you into battle and fight along your side Steadman, just give the word.

  • Tom

    Is that place a college or lunatic asylum?
    You are much better off going some where else

  • william hoadley

    What one hears most commonly referred as “Political Marxism” or political correctness is the result of indoctrinated conformity of the most strict kind since the 50’s. I grew up in the 70″s and one could still say most anything without the fear and intimidation one suffers under today. Diversity really means conformity.

    • Fredrik_H

      At the very least, a conformity of ideas.

    • Intellectual diversity and academic freedom are bourgeois luxuries that have no place in the class struggle. Read your Gramsci.

      • David Ashton

        And your Marcuse.

  • 1

    There is nothing white aboutAmerica. It was founded by brown skinned Natives, built upon the sweat of African slaves, and perpetuated by the hard work of immigrants. Why don’t all of you ” white” people go back to Europe, or are you still not welcomed there either? Face it “white” people are the weakest people on the planet. You systematically exploit the talents and resources of brown and black people while simultaneously claiming superiority. Do us all a favor, take the Mayflower back to Europe on the river of tears you are crying and take your smallpox with you 🙂

    • robinbishop34

      Ya know… I think your right. We’ve been holding you people back for too damn long now. Just think of the skyscrapers you can now build, and distant planets you’ll be discovering without all those pesky whites mucking things up.

    • Ulick

      First, the issue is the United states, not the land known as America before the founding of the nation. The United States was founded as a white nation.  All the delegates at the Constitutional Convention were white, and all the signatories were white.  The Constitution extended full rights only to the people’s it foresaw the nation being established for — whites.  This was reiterated a mere two years later when the nation’s first immigration act, The Immigration Act of 1790, called for allowing only free whites to immigrate to the United States.  Since that nation was then and remained for nearly two hundred years overwhelmingly white, it’s untrue to say that whites did not have the largest hand in building this nation.

      You mention that whites “systematically exploit the talents of brown and black people” — please expand on these talents.

      And would you not say that brown and black people systematically exploit the talents of white people to a greater degree since they utilize modern comforts like TV, cars, planes, computers, smart phones, etc. that were all created by white people with brown and black input being almost nonexistent.

    • Non Humans

      If we were to get literal here, actually, yeah, we could go back to Europe if we so chose. It would take little to no time for us to re-integrate (Language Barriers being the biggest obstacle).
      Not that we would be graciously welcomed back, but we wouldn’t be slaughtered or worse, as would be the case if all of the non-humans tried to return to Africa. The real differences would come down to we work hard, we don’t exploit social programs, we don’t commit {Violent} crimes at absurdly disproportionate rates, we’re courteous, etc. In the end, if it came to that, we could make it work.
      Non-humans returning to Africa, on the other hand, would result in a continuation of drug-turf-tribal wars, other forms of gib-me-dats, an increase in their already staggering violent crime and rape statistics, and so many fatherless chirrens that even more of them would starve than what we already see enough of from the bleeding hearts sympathizers on TV today.
      I implore you, please do be more creative with your attempts at insults. Ones that are that feeble and played out, aren’t even appetizing.

      • And if we go back, I support a policy of ‘slash and burn’. Leave nothing behind but the land as it was. Let’s see if the ‘new Americans’ can reproduce what we did.

    • Gracchus123

      Your incredible ignorance leaves me speechless. Have you ever read a book?

  • 1

    I’m sure the collage is better off without you! Good riddance.

    • robinbishop34

      It’s “college”

    • Gracchus123

      Which “collage” do you attend?? Did you skip spelling class??

  • White Libertarian

    How do morons like these ever get jobs outside the public sector?

    • Fredrik_H

      They don’t. That’s why they want more government and more bureaucracy where they can invent new positions for themselves such as “gender consultants” and similar parasitic “jobs”.

      • David Ashton

        Same in UK.

  • This is going to be one of the great downfalls of America. The things I witnessed in undergrad and grad school were unbelievable. Each dept needed a certain amount of diversity so they were always 3 or 4 that had no business being in these classes (much less passing). Medical School was the worst. I even went to administration regarding a few events and was basically told it had to be to receive funding and to please help the school by helping them. These people will be working on you. Good luck.

    • Non Humans

      Yessir!! I work in healthcare, myself. See it all the time. Of all of the career fields that AA and EEOC disrupts, healthcare is one of the many areas that “Diversity” places the public in great danger.
      There are no shortage of occurences in which the bar is lowered in Medical School admissions so that they can be “Diverse”. It’s pathetic and sad, in reality.

  • Fredrik_H

    Doesn’t seem so much as a place for higher learning as much as it seems like a place of political indoctrination. A bunch of “oppressed”, mindless, liberal robots is all I saw.

  • anarchyst

    Multiculturalism and diversity are our modern-day “Tower of Babel”. It has NEVER WORKED and will never work. Part of the “problem” originates at our three “yeshiva” universities, Princton, Yale and Harvard.

  • anarchyst

    Maybe it’s time for OUTSIDERS to start posting flyers and posters on college campuses that make people THINK. The most that could happen would be being “asked to leave” campus. There could be no “kangaroo courts” or other administrative action against outsiders.

  • Notice how the White leftists are virtually redundant in the cult of diversity without a Noah Steadman to denounce, so to enhance their own anti-racist credentials they have to exaggerate this Noah kid into the second coming of Hitler, for having the audacity of asking for some specific clarification on the much purported benefits of diversity.

    I noticed when originally reading about these events, that one the anti Noah blog articles had been re blogged 5,000 times, the ‘group think’ mentality of the social media generation, “if you’re pro diversity click ‘like’ “(or risk being permanently socially ostracized), is really disheartening, such as this tidbit from the article …….”this student was a critical theory major, but apparently couldn’t handle criticism”.

    I would say that this experience would have galvanized any soft views this young man originally had into those of the extreme right, it doesn’t take much to end up here these days does it? Yesterday’s patriot is today’s dissident “Nazi” with gun ownership now being the last fig leaf remaining of the old America in this cultural war with yesterday’s radicals being today’s establishment figures.

    These kids need Noah to be their own little Emmanuel Goldstein, they love him for being able to play the role, for volunteering to put the bulls-eye on. As they scour their own ranks for any sign of (ironically) diverse thinking for any opportunity to demonstrate how much they tow the party line, if they didn’t have a Noah Steadman, they would’ve needed to invent one.

    The choices when faced with the diversity ideology when you’re White is to either blindly follow and be safe, be comfortable and you even get to feel like a faux crusader of sorts or risk (ironically) being a focus of hate yourself.
    This is why I think the left fears the idea of succession, is because if Whites geographically separated along the lines of political ideology and there were nothing but leftist whites and the diversity crowd stuck together, who do you think would be next internal target group who flaunt all of their genetic and wealth privilege advantages?

    Whites who for whatever reason, cling to political correctness and whom sacrifice their own proud genetic cousins, do so out of fear of being the singled out themselves, as who wants to have the spotlight put on them as ‘the ignorant one, the hater, the throwback’ no one (what’s the no.1 fear amongst us humans?), and thanks to the media we must all know that when our “I am Spartacus” moment occurs (if it hasn’t a 1000 times already), it will be never be televised.

    The problem with playing it safe and going along with the crowd is that they keeping raising the bar for what it is to be a good modern PC citizen to the point where yesterday’s leftists are even looking suspect by today’s left wing standards, and the longer we let the power of speech, free association etc. be taken away from us through our own atomized ‘safe’ cowardice, the harder it’ll be to take back, if ever, without needing to destroy the whole system and starting again to do so.

    The diversity ideology is of course all about redistributing power by taking power away from Whites in our language and speech, our past historical accomplishments, our holidays and celebrations, all our memorials and shrines of nationalistic homogeneous strength, our access to higher education and thus access to financial power in the workplace, to finally having access to being the policy makers in the companies and political realms created by our ancestors. Yet if we Whites note this reduction in ‘White power’, we’re frustratingly instantly branded White power supremacists for it!!
    When would a host population in any country on earth invite this? If these actions were applied by an external group, it would be called invasion, genocide etc. but when you live in a melting pot country like we’ve allowed ourselves to become, there are no internal/external populations because we’re all diverse already, meaning the enemy is already in the gates!

    It appears that in the current political climate that if you want to have a stable life, do not dare ask any questions that challenge the status quo, as it has been decided that the only change that is now permitted is for the decline of you and that of your people.

    • “Yet if we Whites note this reduction in ‘White power’, we’re frustratingly instantly branded White power supremacists for it!!” unless we state that the reduction is something to celebrate.

  • Jewish Marxist Professors comments on the event (usual anti-white genocidal hate propaganda)


    • Other articles the Jewish Anti-White Professor has written.


      Here she hero-worships Obamas victory over Mitt Romney (even they they’re both corrupt and vile), her praise does not end here however, she posts a picture of Romneys large White family and puts on display by how disgusted she is that such people even breed…

      “As Dowd pointed out, “the more they tried to force chastity belts on
      women, and the more they made Hispanics, blacks and gays feel like the
      help, the more these groups burned to prove that, knitted together, they
      could give the dead-enders of white male domination the boot.”

    • David Ashton

      “Race just an illusion”?!
      Can John Engelman give his explanation as to why so many Jews push this nonsense?

  • President of Bards College at Simmons Rock is also the very Jewish Leon Botstein

  • Mike Berman

    Young Noah Steadman might want to consider Hillsdale College the next time around.

  • TaxpayerX

    I have little sympathy for Mr. Steadman in his encounter with anti-white racism at Simon’s Rock. How could he expect anything else? Don’t waste mommy and daddy’s money going to a “prestigious” progressive college; it is a waste of money and it will kill off many brain cells.

    • In order to win a battle you must confront your enemy. We can’t live in our own echo chamber and we shouldn’t let them feel comfortable in theirs.
      Battles may seem lost or futile but ideas are planted which will likely take root with some of the students later in life. There are those who will enter the world of ‘diversity, tolerance, and inclusion’ only to discover they were sold a worth bill of sales.
      I used to be what I described as a ‘passive liberal’. While I didn’t fight for the cause, I passively accepted it until ‘diversity’ in the real world slapped me in the face.

      • Non Humans

        Exactly! I suppose you could say the same thing for me. I generally believe that everyone deserves at least a fair chance at life, granted that you can arrive there on your own merits. And as is congruent with that, statement, individually, there are a % of minorities who do strive to raise above the rest of them, and do not fit in with the way that the greater % of them conduct themselves. Not saying that they don’t fall back on the crutches that the libtards put in place for them if it happens to fit their needs at the time.
        Then I began workimg on the “Front Lines” in A T Hell. I was disgusted within the first 3 months, and being the studious person that I am, began doing research and really paying attention to what I was hearing at work and otherwise. Appalled falls short of how hard reality slammed my awakened perception. I could go in detail about how disgusted I was on a daily basis, but it will suffice to just say that

  • I commend Mr. Steadman for his courage. This story, like so many others, exposes the true face of the diversity cult: Intolerance and violence.


  • kjh64

    The students became so angry because they had no answer for those five questions. I also have to add the male from India complaining about the White christians. If he has a problem with Whites/christians, why doesn’t he stay in his own country where there aren’t any? If would be like me going to India and complaining about Brown Hindus? Of course that would be racist, right?

  • pablo

    Again, the white is too forgiving.
    I have strongly advocated to my friends and family to be hyper sensitive to anything racist towards whites and then document it with letters and meetings with school officials.
    Whites must play the same game as minorities who wait to jump on anything perceived as racist.
    This college man retorted in kind to the indian student rather than using the system against him. Bad move. He played their game.
    And leaving, while probably better for his overall education, is a surrender to these two faced hypocritical racists. Making a bigger fuss and escalating the offense would be what is needed.

  • Hi Noah! Wonderful to read what you did. Great job, my friend. Things won’t always be like this. Things have to change, and change soon. This is the reason why the government is making a grab for handguns– they’re very very frightened. That’s wonderful. They should be very very frightened. I don’t like it when evil men and women go to bed all snuggly and warm with sweet dreams. They should go to bed after popping a handful of sleep medication in fortresses, if they get any sleep at all. It’s a shame that things have to come to this, but it’s just history, it’ s a circle. Safety followed by tyranny followed by blood and then more peace.The Tree of Liberty is very thirsty, poor thing. It’s like the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.

  • Skutatoi

    I like the assumption that universities are still a place of higher learning, as opposed to de facto mental rehabilitation camps. Knowledge has become second to social justice. I’m proud to say I’m unlettered.

  • Jerrybear

    Diversity Über Alles!

  • christopher mahoney

    Intellectual diversity challenges the normative power of correct thinking. Intellectual freedom is a false bourgeois concept that subverts the moral imperative of the class struggle. You are standing in the way of historical determinism.

  • Welp

    The author didn’t transfer, he actually got expelled. A good friend of mine knew him.

  • Welp

    I was also amazed to discover this was written by a 17 year old freshman. If no one told me that fact, it reads more like it was written by an aging, scooter-bound Tea Party voter.

    • George

      You mean…well-written and in grammatically-correct English?

      Do you mean to say that only the elderly are sensible enough to espouse conservative values?

      Are you upset that the liberal indoctrination of our students missed this one?

      • John

        ur dum

  • Bash the Fash

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised my comments are being deleted, I didn’t know this was a white supremacist website.

  • College is a business. It sells (1) some type of education and (2) some type of credential, in this case a BA. The market is increasingly aware that a BA is, at best, suggestive of functional literacy, although not always, especially from the diverse and the products of the diverse disciplines. If parents choose to spend >$100,000 for the Bard product, more power to them. Then, when their kids are squatting in Zuccotti Park complaining about unemployment, they will know whom to blame. Spending $100,000 on a Bard degree is an entirely uncoerced transaction.

  • GrowingAnnoyed

    The Liberal Arts used to be such a rich and engaging intellectual tradition: studying the finer nuances of minds like Kant and Plato; pouring over the ebbs and flows of history; finding new ways to engage great works of literature; imbuing an appreciation of art and culture.

    Because of Cultural Marxism, Critical Theory, Gender Studies and other polemical, anti-factual, pathology-driven mental gymnastics, the Liberal Arts have lost their heart, namely, Western Culture. That is what the Liberal Arts used to focus on after all. However, if you regard Western Civilization as the epitome of tyranny, oppression, hatred and misogyny, it follows that you must treat great works and figures of Western Culture as manifestations of oppression. Admiral Nelson was not a great military strategist and tactician; he was an unrepentant imperialist. Odysseus was not a masterful and

    • JohnEngelman

      Western culture has made liberalism possible. Liberals do not thrive in third world countries.

    • David Ashton

      Bruce Bawer’s “The Victim’s Revolution” (NY: Broadside, 2012) is an eye-opener for those who still need their eyes opened about the Cultural Marxist impact on “higher education”.

  • JohnEngelman

    Diversity is fine when it is earned. It would not surprise me if one third of the employees at Microsoft are non white. They are also the best computer programmers, engineers, and scientists in the world. Nevertheless, diversity should be allowed to happen. It should not be forced by lowering standards for low performance minorities.

    It is also beneficial to respect and study various cultures. Even primitive cultures, like those of the Bushmen of Southern Africa and the Australian Aborigines can teach us about what our ancestors were like and how they lived over ten thousand years ago. Nevertheless, cultures are not of equal value.

    The most important diversity is of opinion. No one should be coerced to pretend that

    Frantz Fanon was a more important political thinker than Thomas Jefferson.

    • YoungWoman

      Microsoft is full of Indians. From India. I see no reason why they would have been affirmative-actioned in specifically.

    • David Ashton

      Culture is a product of a society in a territory.
      Multiculturalism divides the society and its territory. That is why it was been an objective of Cultural Marxists.

  • Danimalius

    Cheers for standing up against this insanity, Mr. Steadman- an insanity made crystal clear by the boycott organizers’ own video. Our opponents have devolved into a pathetic farce and have demonstrated to us and themselves that any community they attempt to construct becomes incoherent and unworkable. I couldn’t help but laugh at these droning leftists when they complained at how unsafe they felt while sitting calmly outdoors among their peers.

  • JohnEngelman

    The only conceivable advantage of diversity is that a person’s elevation to a position should not be impeded by characteristics irrelevant to the person’s ability to perform well in that position. This advantage is lost with affirmative action.

    It is not the fault of whites that most blacks and Hispanics perform less well intellectually than most whites. Consequently whites should not be penalized by anti white discrimination.

  • JohnEngelman

    I did not hear a single argument in favor of diversity, but there were implied threats of physical violence if I acted up again.

    – Noah Steadman, American Renaissance, December 28, 2012

    It is impossible to argue that the different races are comparable in terms of average ability levels and behavior. It is implausible to argue that the obvious differences are caused by different environments.

    Consequently, those who state what nearly everyone privately knows to be true can only be attacked verbally, and at times physically.

    Nevertheless, those of us with the courage to tell the truth need to persist. Racial differences have legitimate policy implications.

  • A Human Being

    I was here and, to some extent, involved with a lot of what happened. I will say that those students who did feel under-appreciated did step out of line, but you are not telling ALL of what happened. Post the poster you put up. Put up ALL of the comments that students made. Put up the other Diversity Day topics that were discussed that day. There was so much that was going on deeper than what is told here. If I had not been at Simon’s Rock this semester to see what has gone on, I would have believed what you said and laughed at the stupidity on their part. However, there is so much more that is not in this article and is very critical to the entire situation, such as the wording of the poster, the comments (that were more than 5 minutes) that were made in the Black Student Union meeting, and your inability to take up a lot of people’s suggestion to TALK to them about diversity FACE-TO-FACE afterwards. So, please do not fool those who were not there and do not make it out to seem everything you did was lily white.There were wrongs on both sides, Noah.

    • Richard

      The poster has been posted on American Renaissance before… it was posted in the comments section of the article featuring the video itself. It was a Microsoft word document that read exactly as it was posted in Noah’s above article save for the satirical humour involving a Macintosh computer that was otherwise irrelevant to the message it conveyed.

      “your inability to take up a lot of people’s suggestion to TALK to them about diversity FACE-TO-FACE afterwards”

      Other students from Simon’s Rock have commented on this… apparently he was the one who wanted to talk with people face to face. My understanding is that the left-wing radicals who were so opposed to him were the ones he had never spoken to, and that those that did hadn’t found anything wrong with what he was saying. I just get my information from others claiming to be students as you are.

      If you have “ALL of the comments that students made” or the other topics of Diversity Day, please post them.

      • Winston_Jack

        I also recall the comments posted on the original article of the online student newspaper when this story first came out. As I remember it, once a few Amreners got there and began making solid points and exposing the sheer fallacy of the leftists, the paper acted with utmost predictability. That is to say they deleted most of our comments and closed the article to further ones.

  • [Guest]

    “Diversity” and “multiculturalism” are tenets of the religion of Secular Humanism. Adherents to that cult are the ultimate self-righteous hypocrites. Noah Steadman is a heretic.

    • David Ashton

      “Equality” and “diversity” are sloganized condensations of the Cultural Marxist assault on western civilization, especially on white fathers and husbands.

  • How come almost ALL colleges and universities now have a well-funded “Office of Diversity and Equality”?

    Why doesn’t the Chinese school system have offices for Diversity?
    Why doesn’t the Kenyan school system have offices for Diversity?
    Why doesn’t the Guatemalan school system have offices for Diversity?

    Because Diversity is ONLY for white countries and EVERY white country. A white country achieves Diversity by wiping out any chance of white children having a future. They say they’re the “Anti-Racist” Intelligentsia Brought to Save Humanity From Evil Racists, Restore Equity, & Solve White Privilege. What they really are is anti-white.

    What they work towards is white genocide (Eurocide).

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white

  • Edward_Teach

    Diversity tears a country apart from within. When a country is diverse the people of all races are more likely to do things to benefit themselves instead of their country. Example, muslims are raping Europe even though they have been offered a chance at a better life, they are in it for “what they can get”therefore it causes problems, some people like the muslims and some think the problems that comes with them is not worth it so now there is division.The muslims will put what they want first before they put the European country first now the people of that country lose their pride and respect for their leaders and are not as patriotic as they once were “why serve my country when they give it to others that don’t deserve it” at the same time the muslims have no love for the country because it’s not their mother land or their people, the country has now entered a downward slide, and the muslims could care less because after all they don’t care for the customs and cultures or the people anyway. You will find this in any country,state or city that has more than one race, all races for the most part will seek out others like themselves(their own race and or religion)to associate with. Multiculturalism is a failure just look at all of the problems where this failed program has been pushed, England, France,Sweden and the list goes on.These facts are the truth and I pointed them out so now you will call me a racist for calling it how I see it and if you can’t see this you are in denial for what ever reason and your children will pay the price.Diversity only works with stocks.

  • James Flower

    This is complete and utter insanity, these marxists are literally mentally ill, their beliefs and attitudes are simply not normal, its been brainwashed and forced into them.

    The simple reason they got so angry and aggressive is because you asked them a question which they could not answer, because they know that deep down there are no positives or advantages to ‘diversity’ what-so-ever, and it is only a tool to oppress and destroy the ‘evil white man’ in the nations he built.

    They are pure, un-filtered anti-white scum and nothing more. They can never come up with reasons as to why ‘diversity is a strength other than different types of food, because there is not a single one. How on earth has third world immigration made ANY white nation on earth a better place to live?

  • “Diversity” is a CODEWORD for fewer White people.

    Anti-Racism is a CODEWORD for Anti-White.

  • Epiminondas

    That is one brave student. I hope he grows up and gets into law and politics. We could use some backbone in those areas.

  • Joe Webb

    congrats Noah Steadman. Courage, courage, courage. Thank you. Joe Webb

  • Interesting article. Would the author please provide a link to the image of the flier he wrote asking for five benefits of diversity?

    • Noah C. Steadman


      Let me know if you can’t access it. The top part of the first page had ‘The Diversity Day Challenge’ written in Microsoft Office Wordart. For some reason it didn’t translate over to Google.docs

      • Thanks. It is as you described. Your article might have answered potential skeptics if you had shown the flier or quoted all of its text, rather than just characterizing it. BTW, I’m surprised you didn’t get more substantive responses given the potential prize of a Macbook Air. Did anyone provide 5 answers, persuasive or not, and ask for the prize?

        • I think one reason you angered people was because you provided “ethnic food and music,” which are at once pretty trivial, and yet perhaps the best two things about ethnic diversity that they could come up with, so they were angered that you took the wind out of their sails. But it says a lot about poor education and thinking skills if a college student can’t come up with a list at least this good:
          1) It’s only fair, especially for minorities whose parents, at least, were subject to discrimination. Many poor minorities may be “jewels in the rough” who didn’t test well in their awful high schools, but who will prosper at a diverse, traditionally white college.
          2) People to practice your Spanish (etc.) with.
          3) Eastern (etc.) religious perspectives useful when considering notions of justice and ethics and the role of Western religion.
          4) Better basketball team.
          5) Reduces the racism that for many people may be a default result of living an insular life with no minorities.

          6) Integrating blacks into traditionally white colleges also means fewer blacks living insular lives through their college experiences, as at a traditionally black college. This may, as in 5 above, reduce their racism, as well as help them learn to deal with a broader (white) society.

        • Noah C. Steadman

          Well, the flier was supposed to be a tad humorous. The Macbook Air bit was a joke, and if you look closely, in size 4 font is says (maybe).

          I had hoped the lighthearted humor would add a degree of levity to what is otherwise an extremely controversial topic, but I think it just angered people further.

          If the flier was very serious and direct, my fear was that people were going to respond with fear themselves. A false fear, such as when I was characterized as an “able bodied white male” who posed a very real threat to minority groups on campus. We’re all quick to play the victim game, even I can admit to this (to an extent) in my article. I believe I’ve heard the term ‘Oppression Olympics’ used to describe it.

  • sandy truthtree

    Trim that afro Shaquenza before a bird dies in there! Help Help I’m being oppressed – sounds like monty python and the holy grail…

  • sandy truthtree

    The only thing oppressing these spoiled black kids is the lid on their go-gurt

  • BellaCosa

    Bravo, Noah. I honestly wonder if the simple point that you weren’t even allowed to make before the university mobilized against you actually resonated with anyone at Simon’s Rock. Did you get any kind of positive response from anybody on campus?

    • Noah C. Steadman

      There were a few individuals who were amenable enough to see the reasoning of my arguments. People sought me out to get my take on things — in private, of course — and after speaking to me personally, they came to the conclusion that any of these vague notions of white supremacy were unfounded. The black girl with the Afro in the video is the leader of the BSU: I never met her, and she was probably my most vocal critic, along with the critical theory major who I ‘harassed’.

      Insofar as that Dravidian boy is concerned, the greatest irony is that he has a white girlfriend. I guess only white males are vehicles of oppression.

      • BellaCosa

        What a tortured world those kids must live in, that they feel “unsafe” on campus because a flier invited them to think about a simple question…Anyway, glad the experience hasn’t shaken you.

      • @Noah – Have you been following the recent beginnings of white ethnically based student groups around the country, Matt Heimback @ Towson U. or the White Student Association of Langham Creek?

        They seem to be engendering the same negative reactions as your school. Why do you think this is? Social programming? What do you think about students forming white student clubs and groups to share in common interests and goals?

        • Noah C. Steadman

          What do I think? Well, I think the obsession with identity politics across American academic institutions stems from the increasingly political nature of these very same institutions. Politics has always been a part of a traditional Western education (or liberal arts if you like) but what we have today is teetering on institutional activism. Colleges seem to be churning out liberals & leftists, and those who don’t toe the party lines are “not prepared for college level work” as my US History professor told me (he had a degree in Chicano studies).

          There shouldn’t be a necessity for a white student union, but unfortunately it’s a reflection of the fact that minorities have all the political power and the whites are left destitute.

          • @Noah – I do not believe the component “necessary” is a requirement to justify free people from gathering of their own volition to share, discuss, and just enjoy the company of others of like minds and interests.

            I don’t begrudge the cultural meetings of others as it is wholly natural and innate for human beings to sometimes prefer the conversation of those intellectually, socially, and ethnically similar.

            To spend some private time with friends can be a great reliever of stress brought on from the public tensions one endures in our “diverse” and sometimes conflicting daily societal interactions.

            However, it seems that when whites choose to gather it’s always assumed it’s for detrimental or racist reasons when in fact we have the same human companionship needs as any other social or ethnic group?

            It is error only, and not truth, that shrinks from inquiry. – Thomas Paine

            Well done on your challenge to conformity.

  • FalkoBaumgartner

    My moral support to Noah from Germany. Standing up against the diversity ideology was certainly a very unpleasant experience, which many adult men would have shrink back from out of sheer fear of social isolation, but you did great by presenting your case calm and composed. I wish you all the best, the best way to leave your shabby treatment behind is to pursue a successful student career at another place. Good luck, mate.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Needless to say, my family was shocked by all this. They could hardly believe I was getting in so much trouble and being treated like a danger to the campus just because I asked for five benefits of diversity.

    Wow, I had to read this article twice just to make sure I was reading it correctly.

    The author should post a reproduction of the flyer. If it said absolutely nothing inflammatory, then it is important to emphasize this.

    Primarily, I’m wondering why his flier was discussed at a Black Student Union meeting. Usually, what propagandists do with points of view they don’t like is to simply ignore them and try to bury them, so it seems rather uncharacteristic that they would make such a big deal out of this flyer and call so much attention to it.

    Normally, it stops with them simply pulling them all down and tearing them up. I’m wondering why that didn’t happen in this instance.

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      I watched the video again and there were indeed multiple references to all this ruckus being caused by ONE student! The insanity has truly reached new levels. Of course, the insanity reaches new level every day…

  • Josh

    There’s a description of these events by Steadman’s opponents here. Everything that Steadman says checks out, except that they claim that he made violent threats. However, Steadman writes above that the police has cleared him of these false charges.

    So, my hat’s off to this young man. If only there were more people like him.

    I wonder about the claim, made in the blog posting linked to above, that someone had drawn swastikas on the walls on the campus at Simon’s Rock. As a rule, these sort of “hate crimes” are hoaxes.

  • In the 60’s, anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to open their borders to non-white immigration. Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face consequences for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.” Now anti-whites are counting down the days till ALL and ONLY white children become minorities and eventually extinct EVERYWHERE. It’s genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

  • Student

    Did you mention to your fan club that you drew a swastika on the holiest night of the Jewish calendar?

    • Noah C. Steadman

      Do you have any evidence of that?

      It doesn’t make a difference now, but if you start asking around, you’d find out it was Nick Adler. We were covering for him because we didn’t want to see him get in trouble, since he himself is Jewish. If it makes you feel secure to have a convenient scapegoat, then sure, I did it. I also oppressed every person of color and anybody who wasn’t “able-bodied” or “cisgendered”.

      • Not Nick Adler

        You weren’t covering for me. You told the PA’s and BGraves that I did it. That’s what I would say if I were Nick Adler, who didn’t do it.

        • Also Not Nick Adler

          You go Not Nick Adler!

  • NorthernWind

    It’s funny how asking the diversity cultists what the benefits of diversity are produces such reactions. They react like babies because they know that they can’t produce a believable answer and that trying only makes them look like fools. Their position looks weak whenever confronted with that question so naturally they simply ignore it or pretend that it’s irrelevant and not worthy of being answered.

    Honestly it’s probably one of the most effective ways to expose them. Mr. Taylor has often effectively capitalized on this weakness in debates and seminars.

  • AC

    Go to Eastern Kentucky University. Plenty of whites from like-minded backgrounds. Of course its not the best school but it’s definitely better than most for a few good reasons.

  • LHathaway

    “If they contest and lie about what was written. . .”

    If. . ? HaHa

    The author makes some great points, in a good way, and will probably be remember for the rest of these other students lives. He does a good job exposing the establishments intolerance. Intolerance of intolerance, no doubt. . .

    this is written as if could be Dinesh D’Sousa or someone. We only ‘learn’ the authors race when we hear the names he’s being called. There are non-whites who feel the way we do. Apparently at this school they must be a silent minority. One problem is the student is ‘attacking’ in a sense, these other students, their racism, their special clubs, etc. This is a no win situation, in the long run? The black and hispanic student unions can claim whatever it is they want to claim. . . . and professors can support them as much as they want and feel sympathy for them if they want to. Challenging them is not as good as having your own white student union. In fact, it gives them even more attention. At some point we have to be able to speak up as whites ourselves. Tell our own tales.

  • LHathaway

    i see many different definitions for diversity here. In a practical sense, you can define diversity by examining places that promote and praise diversity. Each of them, any organisation that values diversity also discriminate against whites – and the more they discriminate against whites the more they must claim that it is whites who are discriminating. And that’s wrong and evil. The practical definition of diversity is discrimination against whites. And, one could argue, blaming them also. Perhaps someone else should examine the practical values of organizations that boast ‘inclusion’. I wouldn’t be surprised that the real life definition of inclusion means excluding whites.

  • lhathaway

    “a document distributed by a student on campus questioning the value of diversity, and therein questioning our very existence and invalidating our lived experiences”.

    by their own words, diversity equals people of color. you can bet this same drama is played out at historically black colleges like howard, and at majority black colleges like those in many large cities. whites cannot be diversty and promoting diversity is number one goal at all of these universities and cannot be questioned.

  • Aware

    All of those boil to one fact: white envy. Had those kids been born white and attractive they’d be ashamed of such behavior.

    I don’t know where the author of the article is coming from, but if he’s genuine then he’s certainly one aware and mature individual. He has to be careful, but he’s on the right track if he’s for real and he’ll thanks himself for all of what he’s done in the long run.

  • LHathaway

    I think if i had read the poster when i was a college student, and picked this survey as the one o participate in, I would have given it the college try and tried to come up with 5 benefits of diversity. It’s interesting the mass of students at the college caught on so fast to the wolf in their midst. Perhaps it was the ‘except for different restaurants to eat at’ line in the poster. Perhaps a trip to Google enlightened the students that this line had been copy-pasted. I’d only ever heard Jared Taylor use that line before.

    The only diversity the university needs is a white perspective. Students might then notice the ‘diversity’ element at their college seems more than happy to blame white men for all problems in the past and for their continuation in the present and into the future. The mainstream teachers seem to have knuckled under to this viewpoint – lest they be seen as ‘insensitive’.

    A more nuanced understanding might reveal that all problems in the world are caused by people of color. They are certainly openly discriminating.

  • LHathaway

    In the modern ‘diverse’ world, the only way you can Reduce the costs of being sued for ‘discrimination’ is to have iron-clad, incontrovertable proof you are discriminating against white men.

  • Noah,

    If you are reading these comments, go major in Petroleum Engineering out West, like in Wyoming or Montana. There will be jobs in Petroleum Engineering so long as there is civilization, and by the way, people who work in Resource Extraction are not politically correct. Contact me via my blog, mindweaponsinragnarok dot wordpress dot com I can put you in touch with people working in the oil fields in North Dakota. You should considering going and working as roughneck for a year or two while saving money and studying Petroleum Engineering in your free time. Also, learn Mandarin Chinese. They are getting more and more power, and they don’t care about political correctness. A former Amren moderator, Matt Parrott, had a good senior technician position but anti-racists were trying to get him fired from his job. His Chinese boss defended him and kept him from getting fired as long as he could.

    Also, by speaking Mandarin Chinese, you flatter the racial vanity of the Asian overlords — they will regard you as a thoroughly superior man and will open doors for you so fast the hinges will break. Speaking from experience, though in my case it was Russian language, but it’s even moreso with Chinese because Chinese is so very different.

  • mikey7777

    what else is there to say…..

    Any nation or society containing citizenry at war with each other is doomed. Racial, political / ideological, ethnic, and every other aspect that can generate a “group”, is now causing America to be destroyed. No one is interested in live and let live – and – we’re all Americans. Nope. Now its groups vs groups, and the “point of no return” has been reached and passed. What’s coming is going to make the Dark Ages look like a Sunday picnic on a quiet summer afternoon. There’s no retreat – no escape. For this to come into sharp focus all anyone needs to do is go to their local library and read two books by Robert Ardrey. One is “The Territorial Imperative”, and I think its still in print. The other I know isn’t in print for sure. Its “The Social Contract”. Both clearly show how and why no amount of law passing or legislating or propagandizing or wishing can change REALITY into a Reality Tunnel construct and how NATURE routinely steamrolls over Reality Tunnels ( no matter which human ideology is responsible for them ). But most people have no awareness of NATURE at all anymore. They’re divorced from it and it doesn’t care in the least. When NATURE spanks, it hurts! And we’re in for a spanking, that can no longer be avoided. Politicians vs the people; Feminists vs men; Social Engineers vs the family unit; Illegal invaders vs the citizenry; Race vs race; American Paper Airplane Enthusiasts vs The National Association of Blue Button Collectors; and on and on it goes. “America” as it has been known ( along with the rest of the Western world’s nations ) is toast – over – caput, and a nightmare world of insanity is just around the next corner.

  • Ophthal

    “Diversity” has now become a racial prejudice – against whites.

  • Greg Thomas

    “Celebrating diversity” does nothing but embolden (as demonstrated) the brown hordes against White Americans, generally ending in threats ofviolence against Whites who dare question this farce. I hope that one day, those White liberals who promote “diversity days,” to the direct detriment of their White brethren, are held accountable for their actions.

  • The next time anyone tells you to “Check your privilege”, say this:

    “Privilege implies that a black woman who runs a multinational business would be less privileged than a white man who lives in a cardboard box. Wait a second, how is this not racist?”

  • Daysleeper

    Actually, students at Simon’s Rock felt unsafe for several reasons. Firstly, it was because there were swastikas painted on a dorm lounge’s wall. Mr. Steadman’s posters were put up mere days later, understandably sparking rumours that there was a connection between the two. Also, over break, students were shocked and frightened at the news that young Mr. Steadman began posting on a thread site called 4chon, mocking specific Simon’s Rock students of other races and providing a link to the video of the Diversity Day boycott. On the thread, there soon appeared bomb threats against the school, and extra security was required. Some students did not return from break, and understandably so. Mr. Steadman has on his side the benefit of lying by omission… the other commenters on this site would do well to learn the full story.

  • Attermire

    ” a Black Student Union, a student-run Race Task Force, a Queer Student Alliance, and a Latino Student Alliance” …Isn’t this just creating divisions within a supposed ‘united’ environment?

  • Jeanna Storm

    It is not clear whether you were allowed back because your parents threatened to sue or because you agreed to go to another school. Were you allowed back only on the condition you undergo psych eval and sensitivity training (i.e., PC training)?

    As for all these comments about liberals from posters, I am a liberal, and I see no real benefits from forced diversity. Using labels because you think Rush Limbaugh cares about you just loses people who might otherwise support your cause. I have experience with the “diversity delusion” and it brings little benefit.