Michael Moore: ‘Calm Down, White People, and Put Away Your Guns’

Elizabeth Harrington, CNS News, December 26, 2012

Documentary-maker and liberal activist Michael Moore said the reason for mass shootings in the United States is largely due to fear and racism, and on Christmas Eve he pleaded, “calm down, white people, and put away your guns.”

In a blog post entitled “Celebrating the Prince of Peace in the Land of Guns,” while still calling for stricter gun-control laws, Moore said such laws will not stop mass killings because of “who we are” as a nation.


Three things, according to Moore, make America unique in its violence: poverty, “fear/racism,” and the “me society.”

“We’re an awfully fearful country considering that, unlike most nations, we’ve never been invaded,” he said. “Why on earth would we need 300 million guns in our homes?”

“I get why the Russians might be a little spooked (over 20 million of them died in World War II). But what’s our excuse?” Moore said.  “Worried that the Indians from the casino may go on the warpath? Concerned that the Canadians seem to be amassing too many Tim Horton’s donut shops on both sides of the border?”

“No. It’s because too many white people are afraid of black people,” he said. “Period.”

Moore continued:  “The vast majority of the guns in the U.S. are sold to white people who live in the suburbs or the country. When we fantasize about being mugged or home invaded, what’s the image of the perpetrator in our heads? Is it the freckled-face kid from down the street—or is it someone who is, if not black, at least poor?”

“I think it would be worth it to a) do our best to eradicate poverty and re-create the middle class we used to have, and b) stop promoting the image of the black man as the boogeyman out to hurt you,” he said.

“Calm down, white people, and put away your guns,” said Moore.


In his blog, Moore said that Connecticut’s tough gun laws “did nothing to prevent” Adam Lanza from killing 20 children and 6 others at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Tough gun laws “won’t really bring about an end to these mass slayings and it will not address the core problem we have,” Moore said.  “Connecticut had one of the strongest gun laws in the country. That did nothing to prevent the murders of 20 small children on December 14th.”

He said a “dirty little fact” liberals do not want to discuss is that the “killer only ceased his slaughter when he saw that cops were swarming onto the school grounds—i.e, the men with the guns.”

“When he saw the guns a-coming, he stopped the bloodshed and killed himself,” Moore said of Lanza.  “Guns on police officers prevented another 20 or 40 or 100 deaths from happening.”

“Guns sometimes work,” he said.



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  • Puggg

    “No. It’s because too many white people are afraid of black people,” he said. “Period.”

    Well, Tubby, when you’re right, you’re right.

    Only difference is that we actually know we have good reason to be afraid.

    • The__Bobster

      Tubby lives in a gated community and ventures out with armed bodyguards. He needs to travel alone into the inner city and announce that he’s rich.

      • U.S.S.A.

        Michael Moore owns a 10,000-square-foot mansion on Torch Lake on Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. This mansion is only his vacation home. Google it if you don’t believe. He has a decoy address in Flint, Michigan that he almost never goes to. I’ve heard his REAL full-time residence is in a heavily guarded luxury building on the Upper East Side of New York City.

        How chic to be a rich liberal and spit on less fortunate whites who just want to defend themselves.

        • liberalsuck

          Same with Tim Wise. I’ve heard he lives in a white enclave in Tennessee somewhere that is 96% white in a $600,000 home. Must be nice to make money preaching hatred against a group of people and then taking their money and living around them.

          • Fr. John+

            $600k in Tennessee, is like $ 4.5 MILLION, anywhere else. Wise is Jewish, right? “Unser Gott ist Gelt” rings truer, every day I see those people’s actions.

          • David Ashton

            Some say Communism is Jewish because Marx (not Engels) was a Jew by ancestry and others that Marx was an anti-Semite because he wrote an essay along similar “Money is their god” lines. Are any Jews involved in the manufacture and retail of weapons?

          • Xerxes22

            Tim Wise has some major mommy issues. Maybe he can get some good mental health treatment to find out why he hates his mommy and her people.

          • blight14

            What I’d like to say about that (*&% ‘Wise’ would garner me a visit from the authorities…..Mr Wise is ‘Irish’, correct? Its probably just a coincidence….

          • Svigor
    • MekongDelta69

      Afraid” is the wrong word. “Cautious” and “heightened sensitivity” are the words I would use.
      (As when there are zips in the wire type situations.)

      • Doppleganger

        Nope. “Afraid” is the right word. In this case, being “cautious” or having “heightened sensitivity” are just products of fear.

        • MekongDelta69

          Nope – sorry to disagree with you, but (e.g.), when you’re in the Teams and you’re patrolling, you are not “afraid” (in the way you are thinking). We were too well trained for that. What we were, were the words I used above, and you can include “hyper-aware” if you’d like – or “Swift, Silent and Deadly” if you were one of our brothers over in Force Recon.

      • RisingReich

        Zips in the wire – that’s awesome lol love it!

      • Non Humans

        Prepared would be the term I would use.
        Afriad of the non-humans, pffft! That’s what shotguns are for. Only thing I would be afraid of, would be that of running out of ammos.

      • Tim

        “I`m not paranoid, honey, I`m aware…” -Taken

    • Skincognito

      Evidently not enough White people are afraid of black people. White liberal behavior in majoritarian black cities and the resulting victimhood patterns establish this fact. Fear sounds unmanly, but when tempered by reason it is a healthy instinct, one that has been conditioned out of many Whites by the schools, mainline churches, and media.
      Tubby’s fear of the White racist shooter is statistically invalid, hence paranoia, a pathological condition. I suspect he has violent outbursts in his private life, possibly sexual frustration/degeneracy, and he clearly has a materialistic inferiority complex.
      I hope his New Year’s resolution is to adopt chain-smoking and include bacon in every meal. And exercise less, in fact forego talking altogether.

      • Tim

        You should read “The Gift of Fear” Not only does it validate what you say, It gives concrete working examples of the ploys criminals use to “steer” their victims…

      • purestocles

        Truly well said Skincognito, “Tubby’s fear of the White racist shooter is statistically invalid, hence paranoia, a pathological condition.”

        “statistically invalid” is a concept foreign to liberals largely because they are lacking in the ability to think in terms of numbers. This is why it is so difficult to convince them by rational argument. Lacking the ability to think in terms of numbers, many of the processes of a technological society are opaque to them. Being opaque to them, liberals (and this applies to blacks as well) can project onto them (the processes of a technological society) their deluded fantasies of oppression at the hands of an alien and all-powerful evil genius–WHITE PRIVILEGE, or as you have put it, “paranoia”.

        More difficult still is for liberals to follow the logic of abstract approaches where mathematical equations are found that correlate with descriptions of phenomenon whose nature is already empirically understood and then generalizations inferred from these and applied back to the unknowns in hand. Historically this was the case with our understanding phenomenon such as electricity and magnetism where the “thing in itself” was invisible and is also the course taken in research about such “black boxes” as intelligence and criminality.

        All of this is completely lost on blacks and their liberal enablers because it doesn’t fuel their narrative of persecution and oppression in which their “preciousness” plays the lead role. Anything in fact, which threatens a script in which they act out the roles of Victim and Rescuer to the White Male’s Persecutor is ignored or scorned.

      • C_C_Conrad

        Fear can be quite useful – it eventually forces a person into action.
        Jack’s War

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Yes, I’m afraid of blacks.

      I’m afraid of blacks like Eric “The Red” Holder and Comrade 0bama who want to take away my means of self defense.

      The 2nd Amendment is not negotiable; the individual right to keep and bear arms is immutable.

      Despite what moore, Eric The Red, 0bama, and others of their hypocritical, moronic ilk say.


    • StillModerated

      Well, Tubby’s Mummy and Daddy fled Flint MI for the suburbs when their town became tawnier and more die-verse.

    • Svigor

      The Michael Moores only want gun control because they’re afraid of blacks.

      I’m afraid they’ve painted themselves into a corner with blacks, and they’re going to have to fix the situation without bitterly grabbing for white peoples’ guns.

      Get yourself out of your own problems, Moore.

  • GB101


    He has little to say here, mainly “ya know,” but he does not need to use the gun he owns because he has hired security.

  • AutomaticSlim

    Mr Moore wants gun owners to disarm? How about something in return?

    Such as repealing:

    – 1964 “civil” rights act
    – 1965 immigration act
    – 1968 “fair” housing act
    – All great society entitlement programs, such as welfare, food stamps, head start, school lunch, section 8, medicaid, public housing
    – the Community Reinvestment Act
    – any laws concerning discrimination of any type
    – any laws concerning affordable housing of any kind
    – hate crimes legislation
    – the ban on the death penalty
    – and anything else that allows and encourages the criminal underclass to bread like a cockroach heap.

    Then maybe 40 or 50 years after they are all repealed, decent, law abiding folk MIGHT not see gun ownership as a necessity for self/family preservation.

    • Major

      Priceless and dead on.

      I love this mantra of “poverty”. $15,000,000,000,000 later and decades of raping the producers in this country for the porch potatoes…..has done what? EBT cards…food stamps…free cell phones?

      80% of the trillion dollar farm bill…food stamps for the ones who will kill this country and suck us dry.

      Negroes…want to stay on the plantation….want to remain racists…want to blame their inadequacies and low IQ’s…low motivation…low production…low contributions on Whites.

      It’s time to adopt the Sanger solution to the parasites in America.

      BTW…54% of Americans approve of the NRA…arm up people…arm up. It’s all you have left since the Supremes will be totally liberal filth that will kill the 2nd Amendment.

      • liberalsuck

        Lots of people might not “support the NRA” but there are lots in the other half who support some other gun-rights group or who own guns but don’t support a gun rights group financially persay.

      • Gracchus123

        You get more of what you subsidize. All of that money we put into the “war on poverty” begat us only more poverty. It’s not rocket science.

        • Rocket Science isn’t even Rocket Science anymore. Now NASA is a Muslim propaganda bureau.

    • John

      I always wonder why self-loathing White idiots like Michael Moore don’t put their money where their mouths are and donate every penny that they own to the poorest Blacks they can find.

      Slick Willie, the nation’s first Black president, ended his pro-Black presidency by moving to lilly-white Chappaqua, NY. Why didn’t he move to Detroit or Los Angeles?

      Jay Leno scoffed at a picture of White congressmen? Why doesn’t he surrender his seat as the host of The Tonight Show to a Black man, and then lobby to join the Congressional Black Caucus?

      The U.S. government, which is a puppet of the world’s central banks, pushes diversity and multiculturalism down our throats relentlessly. Yet, when I look at the composition of their owners on the Federal Reserve, it is exclusivelty White. Why doesn’t diversity visit the Federal Reserve?
      The hypocrisy of their machine is maddening. We are forced at gunpoint to live among Blacks and Mestizos and play the multiculturalism game, while the elite rob us blind!


      • Remington

        You call these owners of the Federal Reserve “White” ? Oh I get it now….

      • Guest

        If you’ll notice, more than one name in that collage is from a certain rebellious tribe that we’re not allowed to mention. There’s an answer to your question.

        • Guest

          Excuse me, I meant religious.

        • Triarius

          Unfortunately, they are overrepresented in all things anti white and liberal. It took me a lot of convincing and research, but it is true even though there are some on here that agree wih us.

          All you have to do is look into the civil rights movement, CPUSA, liberalism in general, Hollywood, Soros, USSR, ANC, etc.

          The argument here is not all are like that, yet no one stops to think that not all blacks commit crimes, but the juice is not worth the squeeze.

          That’s my main issue, the bad outweighs the good. Sorry people, facts and historical evidence win the day.

          • Svigor

            The argument here is not all are like that, yet no one stops to think
            that not all blacks commit crimes, but the juice is not worth the

            This is known as critical thinking, and it is inversely proportional to a site’s philo-Semitism, in my experience; which is a fancy way of saying that more than a few Amrenners are guilty of precisely the kind of thinking you describe.

          • Fr. John+

            What does philo-semitism have to do with anything? As has clearly been shown by Koester, Freedmand, and now Schlomo Sand, neither Palestinians, Jews, nor Arabs are ‘Semites’ as the Bible defines it… which means some other racial group that holds to ‘clan-like tribal structures’ has much more merit as being the full blood-brothers of the Japhethites, Shem’s brother in the Bible. And they say Japheth’s seed is Europe…..

          • David Ashton

            This seems

          • David Ashton

            Jews and Arabs are classified as “Semites” because of the historical similarity of their languages, which differ from almost all the European languages which are of Indo-European (formerly “Aryan”) origin. The “Khazar” genetic contribution to the section of Jewry known as Ashkenazim is quite small. Neither Koestler nor Sand give much support to a literal interpretation of Biblical history that includes the Table of Nations, nor to British Israel fantasies, nor to the ethnology of the Jews as explained by Hans Guenther, Eugen Fischer and Fritz Lenz.

          • blight14

            Even though the comment above yours was deleted, I know exactly what the post said….alas, certain ‘truths’ cannot be uttered here……

          • Nathanwartooth

            It’s actually pretty wise and I wouldn’t want this site to just become a Stormfront clone.

            It doesn’t really matter who got us in this mess, only Whites can get us out of it. I think that is the real message.

          • Svigor

            Right. I can just see Britain stopping the Germans in the 40s without mentioning Germany or Germans to anyone. Send the fleet wherever.

            After all, only a minority of Germans were in uniform, the Nazis were a minority, and it’s wrong to judge a whole nation based on a few bad apples at the top.

      • Major

        “Why didn’t he move to Detroit or Los Angeles?”

        Bubba claims to have his offices in Harlem….notice that he still has Secret Service protection too? Notice that Harlem is still a dump with Charley Rangel as their lord and savior? Notice that Rangel wears Armani suits, has a chauffeur, rent controlled apartments , a villa in the Caribbean…and his slaves…after 40 years of his gracious rule…are still bankrupt and section 8 as well as STILL….living in poverty?

        How many generations has he presided over that are still in poverty?

        • AutomaticSlim

          And Rangel took over from Adam Clayton Powell, who was basically a lighter skin tone version of Rangel…

        • pcmustgo

          TONS OF WHITE PEOPLE MOVING INTO HARLEM… properties now go for $1 million there. It will be 50% white within 10 years, as will Bed Stuy (another one of the most famous Black Ghettos in central Brooklyn).

          • pcmustgo

            We’re really living in a new age where it’s mostly whites “taking over” black/latino hoods these days, Not saying it’s wrong, it’s just “white flight” is really passe for the most part… At least not in the valuable big cities.

          • saxonsun

            Absolutely–I live on the UES here in NYC. There are white people all over Harlem now. One did not see this in decades past.

    • mendells-selection

      Sir, we don’t bargain away our rights.

    • Larry Peterson

      I find it humorous that any sane individual even bothers to respond to that hypocritical, self important Moore. By even engaging you give credibility to his lunacy.
      Moore could lead by example and live in Detroit, give away most of his wealth to poor, vow to never use armed guards, send his kids to public schools, etc. Watch what he does NOT what he says. The man is a hypocrite.

      • AutomaticSlim

        Someone had kids with him?

    • Epiminondas

      I could get behind those platforms.

    • s shadow

      All excellent candidates for repeal, but the 65 Immigration Act should have the highest priority.

    • southernwhite

      i agree with everything you wrote except the death penalty, i want the death penalty

      • AutomaticSlim

        As do I. That is why I said I want all bans on the death penalty repealed. Many states, such as mine (NY) have a moratorium/ban on the DP.

    • Bruanne Major

      I assume that you mean white people when you say “decent, law abiding folk”! The funny thing is that blacks mostly kill other blacks in their own neighborhoods (or ghettos as they are normally referred to). Blacks don’t normally target white people or have “drive-by” shootings in white suburbs. Plus, the multiple killings that took place in the schools, mall and theater recently were not committed by blacks either. In addition, according to Yahoo, the serial killers or mass murderers in the U.S. and Europe are predominantly white males. So, apart from the entitlements which the U.S. Government provides for the unemployed, under-employed and poor – which blacks do not have a monopoly on, and with which you obviously have a problem, you should know that you have just as good a chance of being attacked by a white man as a black one.

      • s shadow

        F.B.I and U.S. Justice department Black vs White Crime statistics
        Please take a few minutes to clarify your thinking. You must be only reading the MSM, which is extremely dishonest in its coverage of crimes. Have you heard of the Knoxville Horror? Probably not. It, and many instances like it are selectively suppressed by the MSM. If you are white, you don’t hear about all the crimes against your kind, and that is a carefully planned deception. Your screed betrays your ignorance of actual reality, and the success of said deception. Your ignorance puts you in grave danger in many areas. Forewarned is forearmed.

      • AutomaticSlim

        When black thugs feel like “acting up”, they will target a White victim 100% of the time, IF they have access to one. I live in a 30% black area and have lived here for over 20 years, I know what I am speaking about. And before that, I lived in a gang infested area in Ca. (Mexicans and Tongans/Samoans) for 2 years. So when I say things that people such as yourself (liberals, moderates…not sure,. just a guess) don’t like, please realize that sometimes the truth hurts.

        I suppose everyone is entitled to their opinion, no matter how wrong it is.

  • shawnmer

    Has ANY member of the “objective” press asked this pastey blob of adipose tissue if he’ll put some skin in the game himself by voluntarily refusing to hire armed security? Of course not …

    • rudeboi


  • AutomaticSlim

    By the way, if anyone saw “Bowling for Coumbine” you will realize that Mr. Moore has a very convoluted sense of logic. His premise is that the little 7 year old school girl who was killed in Flint, MI. would still be alive today had the shooter (a 7 year old boy) not had access to the gun.

    But what the movie NEVER mentions is that the girl was White and the boy was a black.
    But it was lax gun laws that killed her, right Mr. Moore?

    It couldn’t possibly have been FORCED INTEGRATION, now could it????

    • not_high

      Well seeing as how without the gun the shooting wouldn’t have occurred I think Moore has a point. As far as forced integration goes let me remind you that correlation =/= causation.

      • AutomaticSlim

        OK, so without the gun, the vicious little black thug would have stabbed her instead. Would that have been better?

        Have you read about this killing? Before he shot the girl, the black said “I don’t like you”. He knew exactly what he was doing and it was premeditated.

        What killed that little girl was the fact that violent (GENETICALLY VIOLENT!) blacks had access to her.

      • AutomaticSlim

        OK, so without the gun, the vicious little black thug would have stabbed her instead. Would that have been better?

        Have you read about this killing? Before he shot the girl, the black said “I don’t like you”. He knew exactly what he was doing and it was premeditated.

        What killed that little girl was the fact that violent (GENETICALLY VIOLENT!) blacks had access to her.

    • You can bet that had the 7 year old shooter been White and the victim black; it would have been more than emphasized.

      The parents would be prosecuted and probably charged with a hate crime.

      What happened to the 7 year old black shooter? Nothing.

  • HadEnough

    “It’s because too many white people are afraid of black people.” Okay, and his point is?

    It may, of course, well be that “the vast majority of the guns in the U.S. are sold to white people who live in the suburbs or the country,” but these are also the vast majority of guns never used to commit a crime. The comparatively small number of guns in black (and Hispanic) hands are the ones that get a workout.

    In 2005, whites accounted for 8,350 homicide offenders (and this includes Hispanics, so the figure for real whites would be lower). Blacks, at just 12% of the population, accounted for 10,285 offenders (http://bjs.ojp.usdoj.gov/content/homicide/tables/oracetab.cfm).

    So, yeah, we’re afraid of the blacks. What of it?

    • Non Humans

      I wouldn’t say afraid. Familiar with their criminal tendencies/predispositions and acting accordingly is a better way to say it.
      By him making that statement, he is subconsciously admitting that they are a problem. Libtards are more hypocritical than any other thing on the planet. They claim to be open-minded, but they only see things as they want them to be.
      I don’t go out and spend $800+ on a Beretta because it’s shiny and pretty. That’s what jewelry is for. Guns serve a purpose and send a not so subtle message. But in reply to his statement, Americans would own guns even if we didn’t have a non-human infestation problem. It’s called sport and competition.

      • Gracchus123

        The reason the founders put the second amendment into the Constitution was so that an American could possess a firearm in defense of his inalienable rights, the first of which is self defense. According to the founders, the greatest danger to our liberties was a tyrannical government.

        For more insight into the Constitution, I recommend the Federalist Papers, The Anti-Federalist Papers, and Joseph Story’s Commentaries on the Constitution.

        • Non Humans

          Onto my read list they go. Thx man.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Please also read “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross.

        • Luis

          There are also the writings of men like Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Thomas Paine and George Mason, each of whom espoused the right of Americans to be armed to protect themselves against not only a tyrannical regime, but criminals.

          Contrast that with the United Nations, who has said over and over, that self-defense is NOT a legitimate reason for an individual to own a gun. That’s at the heart of their drive for an international gun-control treaty.

          • Gracchus123

            What a stupid thing for them to say. It defies all logic. Oh wait, logic has nothing to do with their “religion”.

  • wattylersrevolt

    Michael Moore enthusiastically voted..twice!!!!..for a sociopathic Kenyan Foreigner to be president of the “US”. This sociopathic Kenyan Foreigner from the luxorious comfort of the Oval Office ordered remote control drone strikes against civilian targets in various muslim nations..and as a consequence, eviscerated the bodies of over 100 children. The Kenyan Foreigner has continued apace with the War Criminal Jorge Bush’s foreign policy. Has Michael Moore ever called for disarming the Kenyan Foreigner of his child eviscerating remote control dones? Of course not..the fat pig, social and cultural degenerate is ecstatic that homosexuals can now openly serve in the “US” military and can now teach young muslim children in Pakistan and Afghanistan a lesson or two about gay rights. This is exactly what’s going on.
    The Democatic Party=the party of social,cultural, and moral filth. This why Michael Moore is a Democratic Party member.

    • The__Bobster

      Not only a member. He had a front row seat at their convention.

    • Pelayo

      I suspect that millions “voted twice” in the recent election. The Black Panther Party and its leader were out in front of polling places again despite the fact the HE called for genocide against Whites. No ID required, illegals voting, the dead voting, others voting multiple times in different precincts. This could very well be the last election that we see in this former USA.. The ELectoral College has got to go.

  • rudeboi

    It’s seems to me, we ALL should be afraid of young white males. They know how to kill.

  • dhs

    Do you think that Moore is actually trying to give advice to white men? If you do, you don’t understand the rhetorical technique of psuedo-advice.

    Moore is preaching to a congregation of liberals who hate the idea of white men defending themselves. He telling liberals what makes them feel good: more liberalism is the solution to the problems liberalism caused; guns really and truly won’t help. He only is pretending to direct this toward non-liberal white men.

    Jonathan Swift discussed this technique in 1710.

    • The modern term for this sort of thing is “concern trolling.”

      • The__Bobster

        He definitely has the troll part down. In fact, I think I once saw him sitting under a bridge.

    • toldev

      When Michael Moore talks about the racial aspect of white people arming themselves, that is a red herring. What the liberals really do not like and will not admit is that it is a show of self sufficiency on the part of whites. Liberals feel that whites should rely on the government for protection and a white who arms himself for that purpose is slighting the government in some way.

  • falsedawn

    Don’t worry about what bums like Moore say, just keep improving your shooting skills.

  • David Ashton

    Since “white men can’t run” (fast enough) they might as well stand ground and defend themselves by whatever means necessary, eh Dude?

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Well, I suppose a bunch of us could hide behind ol’ Mike when the SHTF.

    • Non Humans

      Emphasize “A BUNCH!!”

    • SLCain

      You mean when HE hits the fan. And the sack which he fills.

  • I grew up in rural Upstate New York. We had guns to put food on the table.

  • rudeboi

    what a memory you have Mr./Ms. Moderator. I’m kinda impressed, still cowardly though.

  • Angry White Woman

    “We’re an awfully fearful country considering that, unlike most nations, we’ve never been invaded,” he said. “Why on earth would we need 300 million guns in our homes?”

    Maybe, just maybe the 300 million guns in our homes are the reason we’ve never been invaded.

    • Non Humans

      Who says that we are not being invaded? The recent article on the amnesty BS to illegals is proof of an invasion. Just because it is happening in slow-motion doesn’t make it any less of an invasion.
      These libtards are truly deluded beyond any degree of common sense or the ability to comprehend, on any level, the damge that they are doing to our country. It would be absolutely moot to call them stupid.

    • Xerxes22

      We were invaded during the War of 1812. The British burned the White House and also attacked New Orleans. Like most leftists, Moore knows nothing of American History.

      • That be us.

      • Luis

        Excellent point, paisan. I immediately, thought of the War of 1812. We were a sovereign nation already for 36 years. The British also burned Washington D.C. and the White House. James Madison is the only U.S. president to face enemy gunfire while in the White House – a common point of trivia, one will often find in books or articles about the U.S. presidents.

    • IstvanIN

      General Pershing chased out the invaders.

    • rightrightright

      The USA and Canada are currently being invaded.

      • David Ashton

        So are the evil Brits.

    • Svigor

      It’s amazing how people like Moore can regularly employ tactics like this, and people continue to turn on their TVs every day and take the idiots on it seriously. I mean, really now, he’s trying to take guns away from people “TO SAVE THE POOR CHILDREN!” and he’s calling the people who want to keep their right to self-defense fearful? Yes, you heard that right; the guy trying to confiscate everyone’s guns because he’s terrified of black crime is calling everyone else fearful.

      And this is the standard media line, not just one guy. Libs swagger around all over the place repeating this stupidity, and no one will challenge them on it.

      Libs are clearly misanthropes who hate and fear human nature.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        They simply do whatever their media masters tell them to do

        There’s your bingo.

        Jerks like Michael Moore, Chris Matthews, Rosie O’Donnell, Bill Maher and Tim Wise spout off their anti-White agenda (because gun control IS part of the anti-White agenda) because it pays well to bash and excoriate Whites.

        “For the children” or “children killing children” are the ones that makes my blood boil –never mind that teenaged gang members offing each other (as a public service to the rest of us) are counted as “children” by the anti-gun lobby.

        But, how many children are saved by defensive use of guns? — while these jerks live in uber-majority White areas, with armed body behind and security fences and gates?

        A Baton Rouge, Louisiana, boy who was left home alone with his sister shot
        an intruder who tried to kick in the door of their apartment. The 10-year-old retrieved
        his mother’s gun from a closet, and shot Roderick Porter, who was, by then, inside

        Sara Brereton, 31, was riding a bus in downtown Seattle with her children on April 25, 2009, when a 26-year-old man turned a minor bump into a confrontation of “angry words, obscene gestures, and, finally, the man charging the woman…prosecutors concluded that she ‘acted in defense of herself, her children and her partner’ when she shot and killed the attacker.

        The FACTS are on our side, unfortunately the powerful media are not — and they pay and pay well to spread their evil, mendacious, anti-White scheme far and wide.


        • razorrare

          Yep,they simly do or follow what their media masters tell them is fashionable or acceptable…Behind Liberalism…

          With liberals today it’s not so much a matter of believing what one’s parents
          or neighbors believe as it is believing what one perceives to be fashionable in
          one’s peer group, and the perception most often comes from one’s television
          screen. It is possible to persuade an occasional liberal that his view of the
          world is incorrect and his policies are destructive and he should straighten out
          his thinking, just as it is possible to persuade an occasional Lutheran that
          Martin Luther really was the Antichrist and that Lutherans should beg the Pope
          for forgiveness and return to Holy Mother Church. It’s a hard sell in either
          case. And as I said, it misses the point.

          The point is this: Liberals are tools. Most of them are not inherently evil
          or destructive, any more than a hammer used to smash a statue by Phidias is evil
          or a match used to burn a great library is evil. Liberals are morally neutral,
          like the hammer and the match. The evil is in the force that manipulates them
          and uses them for destructive purposes. The evil is in the mind that plans the
          destruction and then uses the liberals to carry it out. And that force is the
          force that controls our mass media of news and entertainment. That mind is the
          mind that formulates the slant of the news and the content of the media
          entertainment; the mind that determines which news will be reported and how it
          will be reported, and which news will be suppressed; the mind that determines
          which trends will be made fashionable and which ideas will be deemed Politically

          And it is that force, that mind, that malevolent spirit that we must counter:
          that we must be aware of in making our plan to restore our society to health and
          halt the ruin of our civilization. When I said a moment ago that our problem is
          not one of belief but one of psychology, of human nature, I meant that we should
          not focus our efforts on trying to change the beliefs of the liberals but rather
          on exposing and then destroying the malevolent entity that manipulates the
          liberals by exploiting their psychological compulsion to conform to perceived

          That’s a fact, but as I said at the beginning, most people who are interested
          in eliminating the problem fail to see it that way. They still want to fight the
          liberals rather than the hidden force behind the liberals. What I’ll do now is
          try to persuade you that my understanding of the nature of the problem is
          correct by providing a few examples or illustrations of the way in which the
          problem manifests itself.

  • Luca

    I use to be afraid of black people Michael, but now I have assembled my own “legal team” of Colt, Bennelli, Smith and Wesson. I believe they can represent me just fine. I have faith in their form of social justice should anyone of any race attempt to take my liberties or my life.

    • That’s nothing. Michael Moore has that world renounced law firm, Dewey, Cheatham & Howe, on permanent retainer. The firm even states on its investment prospectus that its star client weighs more than their three main named partners combined.

    • ye ol’ swampyankee

      Great legal team. But if they are ever called upon and the offender is black, you’ll have to slug it out with the opposing prosecuting legal team made up of a bunch of fellow whites looking to throw another white under the bus to bolster their inclusive image.

      If they win and get their conviction,they’ll all celebrate with an 18-hole round of golf at the all- white country club, or perhaps the prosecution will have a cookout at someones home in a community typically 95 percent or greater white.

      A possible scenario.

      Talk about insult and hypocracy!!!

      • Luca

        I have an understanding of the law and I have a fair amount of common sense. Aside from that, it’s better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

        • Pelayo

          I’m in total agreement.

    • Tim

      Luger, Walther and Mauser. Good enough for IX Panzer Armee, good enough for me.

    • Svigor

      Smith & Wesson said they’d have no problem with gun control. They’re dead to me.

      • Did they just say that? For awhile, S&W was owned by a London-based engineering conglomerate, Tompkins PLC. It was not surprising that during that time, S&W’s vichy executives were willing to play ball with the kook left on “gun control.” It so infuriated the American domestic firearms buying market that S&W’s sales fell like a rock, and several years back, Tompkins PLC had to eat a lot of red ink by selling S&W to a Scottsdale, Arizona-based maker of gun safes for seven figures, when Tompkins PLC had purchased S&M for eight figures a decade before that.

        I would think that the current S&W owners, if it’s still the same people who make the gun safes, would know better just from pure experience. Or, maybe S&W’s current owners are behind closed doors shorting their own company’s stock.

        • Svigor

          Yes, that’s what I’m referring to. Thanks for the added info. If the current owners have made an effort to retract the previous Vichy (lol) owners’ stupidity, then I would consider them among the living again. If they have not brought themselves back into line with a Constitutionalist stance (like any self-respecting gun manufacturer), then they will remain dead to me.

    • Luis

      My life insurance is with Alex Sturm and Bill Ruger.

    • stewardofthemystery

      My legal team is straight out of Exeter, NH. You can refer to them as

      Sauer & Sohn.

  • MekongDelta69

    [From the original article]:

    Moore continued: ‘The vast majority of the guns in the U.S. are sold to white people who live in the suburbs or the country. When we fantasize about being mugged or home invaded, what’s the image of the perpetrator in our heads? Is it the freckled-face kid from down the street – or is it someone who is, if not black, at least poor?’

    Michael, Michael, Michael – you poor fat hypocritical POS slob. I always look out for the freckled-face Beaver Cleaver slinking through my ‘hood, holding a ‘nine’ and waiting to try to bust a cap in my ass. Don’t you, you complete idiot?

    Btw, what color is your armed guard? – White, black, brown, red or yellow?

    • Pelayo

      How about little blond Dennis the Menace (Jay Notth)? “Jeepers Mr. Wilson, I’m going to have to murder you and your wife (after I ravish her of course).
      I’d be willing to pay three or four “youths” to beat the crap out of Mikey Moore. Then I’d want to interview him in his hospital room about how he felt as a result of the mugging.

  • david hanson

    White people are not cowards. Fat Boy is the one who is the coward. He knows that with the freedoms guaranteed by the US Constitution, he can do and say what he wants with impunity.

  • Charles

    I wouldn’t expect anything diffrent from a close minded liberal guy who lives far away and judges from distance and without any REAL exposure. Would love to see him move into Watts L.A. or Detroit. Would be his biggest wake up call of his finger pointing,blaming and ignorant life.

  • wattylersrevolt

    My teenage niece was nearly raped…. and could have been possibly murdered afterwood…by a six foot five inch serial black rapist upstate NY a year ago. Since Saint Patricks Day two years ago, there have been nearly one hundred incidents of black gang violence on Native Born White Americans. Several Native Born White Women…wives and mothers..were brutally gang raped in front of their families during this time period. Just recently…AR news story today… another young Native Born White American Female was brutally gang raped by black beasts. These kind of vicious crimes go back a long time. Singer Connie Francis was brutally raped in her hotel room the day she was suppose to perform at the Westbury Music Fair. She never recoverd from this brutal rape by a black beast…and went to an early grave.
    Native Born White American Men and Women are most definitely justified in arming themselves. If the daughters of Michael Moore,Joan Walsh, and Chris Mathews are brutally raped by a gang of black males over the next few days…it would be poetic justice. Perhaps Chris Mathews would get a tingle up his leg if this ever happens…

    • Luca

      Connie Francis is still alive, but she was certainly robbed of her future. What happened to her was a thoroughly brutal and enduring tragedy in every sense of the word.

    • Angry White Woman

      If the daughters of Michael Moore,Joan Walsh, and Chris Mathews are brutally raped by a gang of black males over the next few days…it would be poetic justice.

      It would be poetic justice, I suppose, but I wouldn’t wish that on any innocent person. Now if Moore himself, Walsh or Matthews were personally subjected to several “raw” doses of diversity they might change their minds (for the better.)

      • Svigor

        I would break out the champagne if Michael Moore or Chris Mathews were ever brutally raped by a gang of blacks.

      • Pelayo

        Never engage in Schadenfreude. That’s what the enemy does.

    • JFKFC

      The “thrill” going up Chris Matthews’s leg is the charge he gets from his deranged negrophilia.

    • Pelayo

      I know how you feel believe me but despite what the Bible says, the sins of the father shouldn’t fall on his children. If Chris gets “rear ended” pour un noir, hopefully it will be an eye opener for him. But I’d never wish ill on his family. BTW who’s Joan Walsh?

      • Joan Walsh is the ediatrix of Mother Jones magazine, a San Francisco-based publication, hard left all the way, whose very existence and name slanders the good name and life’s work of Mary Harris “Mother” Jones, who organized America’s first coal miners unions.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Moore was fired after four months at Mother Jones back in 1986. That is poetic justice. I would never wish harm on someone’s family merely because they are related to a Marxist creep.

          • wattylersrevolt

            Michael C Scott

            Moore was fired in 1986 because of two proto-neocons…Michael Massing a journalist who wrote for Mother Jones, and Adam Hochschild…guess the ethnicity…publisher of Mother Jones, an heir to a South African diamond company fortune…were going along with the Reagan Adminstrations vicious contra-war against the Nicaraguan Civilian Population. Michael Moore took a very principle stand against the Reagan administration’s terrorist war and refused to publish Massing’s pro-Reagan terrorist missives..and then was promptly fired by Adam Hochschild…guess the ethnicity. Former Reagan Youth and fools such as yourself went along with Ronnie Reagan’s terrorist war against Nicaragua’s Civilian Population, and as a consequence:you are now being rapidly race-replaced by hispanics. Your hero Ronnie Reagan made sure that this was going to happen with all of his amnesties by divine edict. By the way, this is around the time that an illegal immigrant and Ronnie Reagan worshiper named John Derbyshire entered the US illegally with his Chinese illegal immigrant bride…only to discover later that he did not like the domestic consequences of Reagan’s invade-the-world-invite-the-world foreign policy…except the chinese invasion part.

            These days…substitute the commies are comming with jihadist terrorist.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            You said “Your hero Ronnie Reagan…” You also said “Former Reagan Youth and fools such as yourself…”

            Perhaps one of us mispake himself. I did vote for Reagan in 1984, but the alternative was the sickness known as Walter Mondale.

            I have a federal felony conviction and am on the Terrorist Watch List, precisely because I was once a fool. I am rather less foolish now, though I still retain no sense of humor whatever when it comes to money.

      • Pelayo

        Actually, I don’t even know how his own FAMILY can like him!

    • Dude

      They should go to prison for hate speech against Whites, and when they’re not gangster enough to get in with the Aryan Brotherhood, the homies will have their fun.

    • 5n4k33y35

      I wanted to endorse the comment, but the last paragraph went off the rails.

  • bigone4u

    I have a feeling that a lot of black people are also afraid of black people, and with good reason. Does MM also suggest that they unilaterally disarm? If he did would any of them listen to a white tub of lard? MM makes these comments on the news in order to get his progessive buddies to finance another of his documentary films. It’s not just Sharpton and Jackson who use the race card.

  • potato78

    if you get close to cinnabar (zhusha) you turn vermilion; if you are close to ink, you become black.

    • OlderWoman


  • Dave4088

    Calm down fatso and get your facts straight before you open your over sized mouth. First, he admits that whites are disproportionately victimized by blacks then argues that whites have no compelling need to protect themselves. Australian journalist Paul Sheehan estimated that there were over one million victims of black crime as of 1995, but no worries says muffin top Mikey. Secondly, he claims we haven’t been invaded, but we have upwards of 30 million illegal aliens, at least 20% of whom are violent criminals, and who cause approximately twelve deaths of Americans per day. Typical liberal illogic, and with libtards like Moore 2+2=5.

    Actually, blackie and brownie are very nervous at the prospect of whitey having lots of guns and ammo at his disposal and the Communist Party USA/Democrats aim to put whites at a disadvantage should racial hostilities break out.

  • Born_In_The_Pineywoods

    I’m not afraid of coloreds at all. An well-trained armed man need fear none but God himself.

  • tony soprano

    The fact that Michael Moore is so over say a lot about his ilk. It takes a strong will to decide to carry a gun and be willing to use it to defend yourself and loved ones with it.Michael Moore is what I call weak willed witless wimps. The kind of people attracted to the democratic party.Too weak willed to resist the kind of destructive behaviors the democratic party wish to validate.Too witless to realize they are being turned into slaves to the government. Too wimpy to stand up for what is right.

  • Chas No

    Guns kill people, spoons make Michael Moore fat, and he overeats because he fears black people.

  • When civilization collapses, I’ll be sure to point Mr. Moore out to the roving colored hoardes. They can eat him while I watch.

  • Dude

    “stop promoting the image of the black man as the boogeyman out to hurt you”

    In other words, don’t even so much as hint at the truth.

    • Non Humans

      The boogeyman checks for non-humans under his bed before he lies down for the night.

  • C_C_Conrad

    Michael Moore really needs to pull his head out of his fat ass.
    It’s rather like when your parents would ask you – If all of your friends went out and jumped off of a cliff, would you do it too?
    The way I look at it is – if all of my friends are doing it MAYBE there is a good reason!
    So I wonder, how many white families have to be murdered before Moore catches on? Home many white people have to be robbed, beaten and raped before Moore catches on? How many white families have to be driven out of their neighborhoods before Moore catches on? How many white families have to be driven out of their schools before Moore catches on? How many white families have to be driven out of their cities before Moore catches on? How many white families have to be driven out of entire states before Moore catches on?

    As for his ignorant statement – “Calm down, white people, and put away your guns,” MAYBE someone should share this video with him.


    Michael Moore isn’t anything more than 300 pounds of stupid.
    Jack’s War

    • Pelayo

      In my book we’ve already had more than enough of the above. I’d like to tie the little fat prick to a chair and force him to look at the crime scene photos of Channon and Christopher and Anne Pressley who was awakened from her sleep, raped and beaten unrecognizable. Every time he tried to look away I’d give him an electric shock.

    • C_C_Conrad

      “In my book we’ve already had more than enough of the above. I’d like
      to tie the little fat prick to a chair and force him to look at the crime scene
      photos of Channon and Christopher and Anne Pressley who was awakened from her
      sleep, raped and beaten unrecognizable. Every time he tried to look away I’d
      give him an electric shock.”

      Sounds like a plan to me.

  • NYB

    Moore closes his stream of consciousness with, “Guns sometimes work”. This would have made a better starting point.

    As for his contention that whites arm themselves as a precaution against blacks, whites aren’t arming themselves hoping for a repeat of the Civil War: whites killing whites in large numbers – so he may be onto something.

    As blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Arabs expand their habitation in the U.S., they’re getting too close for comfort. Like animals aware of their territory being encroached upon, the primal instincts of whites are stirring. Our safety zone of racial homogeneity has been compromised, and, as creatures of thousands of years of natural evolution, we know this to be a threat.

    Moore may have unwittingly stumbled onto the truth: the safety zone of homogeneous racial exclusivity is being eroded. When government fails to secure borders, the natural response for self-preservation is to arm.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Guns always work, provided the ammunition doesn’t jam them and the user is a reasonable marksman. With his statement, however, Moore reveals his ignorance of the human element in the equation. Firearms do not have a selector setting for “kill bad people only”. Neither do swords or clubs or rocks.

      I have been described as “brilliant but tragically flawed”, but Moore can make no such claim to brilliance.

      Those of you who have seen “The Hobbit” recently may recall the scene in which Gollum is beating the brains out of an injured and disabled goblin with a rock. Bilbo’s shortsword “Sting” glows blue while Gollum savages his prey, as the blade reports the presence of nearby orcs and their relatives. When Gollum was finished, Sting became dark. I also couldn’t help but notice the hominid jawbones on the shore of Gollum’s lake. In the move “The Sixth Sense”, I noticed that when a dead person is in the scene, someone else is always wearing red. Has Michael Moore put that sort of attention to detail into any of his movies? Of course not. He’s only a talentless propagandist.

      I suspect Moore only entered movie-making because of his marriage to Kathleen Glynn in 1991; she was already a film producer. Moore is a hack.

      • Pelayo

        I’m a fan of the good old fashioned six gun. It can’t fire automatically and can’t take out a score of enemies in five seconds but it sure as Hell is reliable. Since my purpose for having a firearm is target shooting and self defense, I personally see no need for high capacity mags. neither for pistols nor for long guns. As far as self defense goes, if you can’t end the fight with six rounds, you’ve already lost it.

        As for reloading there are speed loaders and moon clips albeit no match for a high cap. mag.
        As for aesthetics, I find no firearm more attractive than the craftsmanship of a fine revolver.
        When it comes to long guns, I choose the trustworthy Bolt Action action rifle and the good old pump action shotgun like the 12 gage Remington. 870. It always goes “bang: with every trigger pull.
        I never had a “Jam”with any of the above mentioned “tools”.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Back in the day, I had a Webley Mk-5 in .455″. I was never much of a pistol man, but my favorite was the Mauser “Broomhandle”. I had two in 7.63mm X 25 and one in 9mm X 25 Mauser Export caliber. The best revolver I ever shot was a Smith & Wesson Model 66, a .357″ Mag Indiana state police trade-in. It shot like it had eyes.

  • mike

    I am only afraid of blacks when I am around them. Therefore I stay away from them. No problem michael.

  • Why doesn’t he go back to his Combray: Flint, Michigan ? Ahhh, I forgot- changed demographics.

  • PesachPatriot

    It would be pretty funny to superglue hundred dollar bills to Mr. Moore and drop him off in NOLA, Atlanta, Chicago or Detroit after dark without his security team. He’d either lose a ton of weight running for his life or revise his views on the 2nd amendment. As far as his comment, most white people have their guns put away most of the time…stored safely unloaded in gun safes across the nation. Its a certain other demographic that is always holding their firearms sideways while robbing liquor stores, banks and gas stations from coast to coast. If the prospect of law abiding citizens legally owning firearms for home defense and hunting hurts his feelings he should simply take his money and move to Canada or the UK or any other “civilized” country with strict gun control laws…as for me…molon labe mikey…

    • IstvanIN

      Use one dollar bills, blacks won’t notice the difference from a distance and you would save tens of thousands over trying to cover him with hundreds!

  • ViktorNN

    Some whites are indeed concerned about being the victims of black-on-white crime and for good reason – the vast majority of interracial crime IS black-on-white.

    And the vast majority of gun violence IS committed by blacks.

    Not to downplay what happened in Newtown, but statistically speaking it was a blip – almost impossible to predict and almost impossible to prevent.

    Black crime on the other hand is epidemic, rampant, and predictable. Whites who buy guns for self-defense against blacks aren’t being paranoid or racist – they’re being rational.

    Moore actually touches on the heart of the issue of guns in this country, but then refuses to see the truth staring him in the face: the vast majority of people in this country are capable of owning guns responsibly (white people) in order to protect themselves against those who aren’t (black people).

    If Moore was smart enough or honest enough to address this truth, he would understand why it is morally unjust to disarm a people and leave them defenseless against a group that would not hesitate to prey on them.

    THIS is why gun control is a non-starter for so many people.

    The media will never talk about the issue in these terms.

  • Robert Binion

    Just as a thought experiment: How would we create a middle class in Zambia? I don’t think Michael, er, Sergeant Pepper has an answer to that one. This guy always looks to me like ten-o-five outside the liquor store that closed at ten.

    • Svigor

      He looks like ten gallons of crap in a five-gallon toilet to me.

  • kjh64

    Well, let’s drop Moore off in inner city Detroit and have him live there and see if he changes his mind. Of course he’s safe in his lily White gated community with security while he lectures those of us who live in the real world.

  • MerlinV

    The gigantic tater tot known as Michael Moore has no contact with reality. He lives in a fantasy world.

    • Pelayo

      I would suggest that his personal hygiene leaves much to be desired.

  • wattylersrevolt

    Michael Moore lives in the same building as Gary Null…another race-replacement enthusiast who poisoned himself and 12 of his customers…which means that Michael Moore lives in a luxury very high end condominium with lots of living space…lots of wealthy Greedy Cheating Class White Liberals in his builiding…and the best armed security $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ can buy. He ain’t no fool when it comes to his personal safety.

    Now supposing we found a helicopter with enough lifting power so we be able to lift Mike and drop him downtown Newark at midnight with a butter-knife for self- defense. Maybe the Russkies can lend us one of their mega-lifting mililtary helicopters for the night. Question:Does Big Mike survive until the morning? Here is what I see:Mike Moore the enormous Walrus heaving,undulating his bleeding soon-to-be-carcas down the main drag of Newark as young black males take turns hacking blubber out of the heavy breathing,sweaty Moore. We could video tape this spectacle of Nature…all tooth and claw…and sell it to National Geographic.

    • Tim

      First thing I`D do is sharpen that butter knife on a curb stone…

    • purestocles

      “with a butter-knife for self- defense”. Why would he need that when he is armed with his sword of righteous indignation and his shield of noble intentions?

  • guest

    Here’s a challenge for Michael Moron, since he will not shut up about white people buying guns to protect themselves. Since he feels that this gun issue is a racial issue, he should move out of his well-protected, gated Hollywood home and move to an area with a high crime rate, but enriched with diversity. Since he’s so “enlightened”, he could teach all the whites of that neighborhood who live in fear for their lives about just how wonderful and enriching it is to rid themselves of any protection they have against those who wish to harm them. And since he’s against white people’s right to protect themselves against non-white attackers, he should fire any and all guards he may have.

    • MikeofAges

      Hell, if no one knew he was Michael Moore, he’d fit right in at a bus stop in any multi-racial barrio in America. Protective colorization, if you know what I mean, provided by his corpulent girth and his thrift-store style clothing. He could get out of any scrape by taking his would-be attacker to lunch at nearest Church’s Chicken. Fully authentic in his role as a white burn out, he would be.

  • Pelayo

    Andrea Tantaros on “THE FIVE” today commented on Mikey Moore’s statement. She called him a racist, “Are you implying that Blacks commit crimes”? I was about to email her and ask her if she was living in a parallel universe. But then I figured that she was being sarcastic. I Hope.

    • Pelayo

      I really don’t want to dislike her.

    • Non Humans

      “Are you implying that Blacks commit crimes”?
      Why does it need to be implied when the annual FBI/DoJ crime statistics show it to be an unchallengeable fact?!
      At 12-14% of the poulation, non-humans are responsible for over half of all {{Violent}} crime. What is left to be implied?

      • Pelayo

        I’d say WAY over half.

  • Zapp Branigan

    What sort of peculiar mental disorder does Michael Moore have to claim that being around blacks ISN’T a dangerous place to be?

    • Non Humans

      It’s a combo of naivety, hubris, delusions, inexperience, and terminal libtardosis.

    • Pelayo

      It’s because he doesn’t have to worry about them. He’s protected ( I assume) by pros.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Mr. Moore, put down the turkey leg and step away from the table! Your hypocrisy is as obvious as your out-of-control gluttony.

    When are you going to tell your bodyguards to put down their guns?

    Are you afraid of black people? It seems so:

    Racial make-up of Torch Lake, MI, where you live in safety and security –and, far far away from violence-prone blacks:

    98.98% White

    0.43% African American

    Why don’t you go to Chicago and say to blacks: “Calm down, black people, and put away your guns!!”

    Michael: You are an old, fat White lefty who is afraid of black people.


    • Svigor

      Bingo. We should be pointing out liberals’ fear of blacks (and that fear as the motivation for their bitter grabbing) every chance we get.

  • dd121

    I think most of us conservatives are getting head faked on the 2nd amendment issue. The left is always using mass shootings in theaters and schools as an excuse to ban guns. Now that is all a terrible tragedy and very sad but completely irrelevant to the issue of “gun” control. What the left really want is “people” control. The founders inserted the 2nd amendment into the constitution to keep our government masters fearful of an armed citizenry. Take away the guns and only our increasingly left-wing government will have guns. The worst mass murders of the 20th century were not in theaters or schools. They were by left-wing centralized governments against their unarmed/disarmed citizens. The most recent example that I’m aware was the Marxist-Leninist Pol Pot regime in Cambodia. That was back in the 70s and at the time the story hardly got more coverage than page 30.

    I just hope the good people of American Renaissance keep in mind what the real issue is. And, nope Mr. Moore it’s not even about whites protecting themselves from feral blacks.

    • 5n4k33y35

      No kidding. That bozo wants to make it racial. It’s about the government.

    • Pelayo

      The situation in South Africa comes to mind. THe difference with Pol Pot is the numbers. The numbers in SA will go up as well. I think they have a “Final Solution” moolie style.

    • Gracchus123

      You’re absolutely right. Read RJ Rummel, DEATH BY GOVERNMENT.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Yes. One Rummel runs one of THE best, most useful sites on the entire web for those who believe we should end the 2nd Amendment and that our rights flow from the likes of Michael Moore, Obama, Holder, Rosie O’Dumbo, Pelosi — or Chairman Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot and other anti-liberty tyrants

        Link to Rommel’s site for a few quick “fun” facts:



  • PesachPatriot

    Istvanin…i was kind of hoping we could use hundreds and fifties from Mr. Moore’s personal bank account. We could also give him a nice pair of air jordans to try and outrun his assailants. I can’t believe I actually liked his stupid movies when I was more liberal….capitalism a love story was my last straw with him. How does a multi-millionaire bitch about the very economic system which allowed him to live beyond the wildest dreams of mere mortals? Sure capitalism isn’t perfect and there are definitely winners and losers but I would take the worst excesses of capitalism(over paid ceo’s and occasional financial disasters like the 2008 mortgage meltdown) over the worst excesses of communism(gulags, rampant environmental destruction and the stamping out of individual liberty)

    I understand the appeal of communism in the early 20th century when it was a still untested political/economic theory…I am amazed that people still think it can work after so much failure, misery and death everywhere it has been tried. Its kind of funny how spoiled, pampered intellectuals in british, american and canadian universities still sing the praises of marxism, when the poles, russians, romanians, hungarians, chinese, vietnamese and cubans who actually lived under communist regimes despise it. Also, I was just wondering if someone could give me a concise explanation of the difference between Cultural Marxism and the regular old fashioned kind of marxism.

  • SoCal LoCal

    Michael Moore, and all other gun control advocates, should learn this: Freedom flows from the barrel of a gun. Only and armed citizenry can protect its rights.

  • 5n4k33y35

    I have really begun to despise this guy…

    • Pelayo

      Generally I would too. Maybe we should just ignore him into oblivion. When Peter Lorry in Casablanca said ” Rick, you deespise me dawn’t you”? Bogart replied , I would if I ever gave you any thought”

  • Dr. X

    A perfect example of how irrational the liberal mind is. Moore tells white people to “put away their guns” but then says “guns sometimes work” and that armed cops were the only thing that caused Adam Lanza to stop killing children and kill himself. Basically, it seems to me that Moore just endorsed the position of the NRA that he despises so much — put armed cops in schools. And of course, Moore himself is protected by armed bodyguards, one of whom was arrested several years back for carrying a gun in an airport.

    Is this a textboox case of cognitive dissonance or what? Emotional masturbation, filled with logical inconsistencies, hypocrisies, and non sequiturs, is what passes for “thinking” on the Left.

    • Svigor

      Indeed, there is no thinking on the left, other than “how high should I jump, suh?” Power, that’s all they’ve got. It really annoys me when people act like it’s a settled fact that the left has good arguments, or that their arguments have anything to do with their dominance. They don’t. The left has the bullhorn. That’s it.

  • wmhoad

    Michael Moore is right. Just look at the violent crime stats and white people need to fear black people.

  • Pelayo

    Well Mikey you fat, obnoxious little self hating White bastard, here’s another reason why we need guns. One of your beloved Mau Mau after being arrested for stalking his former g’friend disarmed a female police officer at the Station house and opened fire wounding her and two other officers before he was dispatched to Hell in a hail of police lead, Fortunately the three wounded officers will recover.
    We also had another Asian man pushed in front of an oncoming El train in Queens by a nut case Hispanic female who, prior to the incident was seen mumbling to herself, It must have been a result of her hatred of Koreans due to her PR ancestors having been enslaved by the Koreans when they occupied the Greater Antilles in 900 BC. What other reason could there be?


    • Michael_C_Scott

      “…obnoxious little self-hating Bolshevik…”

      He’s not little – physically, anyway.

      • Svigor

        He’s not self-hating, either. He hates other whites, those unwashed whites, not his fat self. Well, I’m sure he hates his fat self, too, but you know what I mean.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          You’re absolutely right. Moore regards himself as some sort of elite; he’s quite a hypocrite.

          If Moore wants to be taken seriously as an elite, he needs to do the following:

          1. Lose the extra weight and take up racquetball and cross-country skiing to keep it off.
          2. Stop wearing ball caps indoors. This is just tacky.
          3. Shave off the beard. It doesn’t hide his double chin and merely makes him look like an old homeless beggar.
          4. Buy some better clothes. A grey herringbone tweed jacket goes with almost anything. The wire-framed glasses are a nice start, however, though the plastic institutional frames need to go in the trash.
          5. Go back to college and finish a degree in a field that actually requires rigorous discipline.

          Since Moore’s mother was a secretary and his father an automobile assembly line worker, I suspect a large part of what makes him tick is a towering inferiority complex.

        • robinbishop34

          Oh…he hates himself. All anti white whites hate themselves.

      • Pelayo

        I added a few other words like ” fat” and “bastard” and they survived overnight. I guess one of the other moderators didn’t like it. I thought it covered everything. I used little because to me his a puny excuse for a man.

    • Pelayo

      I also called him a “bastard” but they censored me. I mean Hell he IS a bastard at least in the figurative sense.

  • Grim Jim

    I am not afraid of Negros at all, but I am one big, calloused, and nasty fellow. I do fear the trickery of the self-chosen because of the stupidity of my own people who continue to fall for their deadly games.

    It’s time we figure out what is wrong with us to put an end to our people being suckered by these weaselly murderers before they drive us into extinction.

    If this demon spawn semite is successful in disarming us, we are 2 minutes to midnight.

    • Svigor

      Well-said. Our people’s gullibility really knows no bounds, it seems. Kinda terrifying, really. I think the upshot is that those of us with the “awareness gene” are going to have to separate from them, too, and leave them to their fate.

  • an australian from melbourne

    think moore has a point, to be honest. if america was not so multiracial and did not have a history plauged by a division between negroes and people of european descent, american gun laws might be very different today. african americans are very violent/crime prone as a group and this may lead to implicit white anxieties and a stronger reluctance to give up guns. moore is stupid of course in thinking that these anxieties, whether they exist, are unfounded, but he may have a point that they do in fact exist.

    • Gracchus123

      Why should any people contemplate giving up guns? Guns are the great equalizer; a 160 pound man facing a 230 pound man who is trying to rob him, can prevent that robbery if he possesses a gun; he probably has much less of chance to protect himself if not.

      All have the right to self defense except that some governments which fear free people, have taken that inalienable right away, and those people are no longer free.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        The ONLY thing that prevents a rape is a gun.

        A gun allows a 120lb. female equality against a 200lb + man. Colonel Colt was no fool, when he named his gun The Equalizer.

        Or, as the late Harry Browne used to say:

        “Guns are a Girl’s Best Friend!”


        • Luca

          “God greated Man, Sam Colt made them equal”. – One of my favorite sayings.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Colt made another revolver called The Peacemaker. The Colt Single Action Army Model Revolver is claimed to have “Tamed and Won the West.”

            (also the Winchester Model 1873 Rifle)

            Many of Colonel Colt’s revolvers were beautifully engraved works of art, including this one, which is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (of all places, wonder what F-a** Moore would say about THAT). The matching gun is in the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, and was a gift to Czar Nicholas I by Samuel Colt himself.


        • Michael_C_Scott

          My wife prefers the naginata. Sayaka says that within three meters she doesn’t need guns.

      • Svigor

        Yep. Guns are a great equalizer; no wonder leftoids hate them.

        • Gracchus123

          “Among the many misdeeds of British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.” – Mohandas Gandhi, an Autobiography, page 446.

          Go to Naturalnews.com and read the story about how Facebook deleted the above quote from NNs facebook page. Apparently Facebook has become a censor of anything “gun” on its pages.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          It was Colonel Colt himself who said:

          “The good people in this world are very far from being satisfied with each other and my arms are the best peacemaker.”


    • If we had no blacks or troublesome Hispanics, you are right that America’s gun laws would be very different today — There would be far fewer of them. Most of them were enacted in reaction to black crime.

      I know I will be engaging in severe over-generalization with the remainder of this post, so apologies for the insults before hand. America is a “gun culture” (whatever that means), Australia never was. That’s because America basically started as sort of a Galt’s Gulch, while Australia was started as a prison camp. Would you arm prisoners? Nope. Another big difference is that America’s aboriginal population, depending on the tribe, was somewhat intelligent, and put up massive resistance. Australia’s aboriginal population, one notch below black Africans, was easy to subdue into submission. So American pioneers needed firearms, Australian pioneers didn’t by and large. Another difference is that a whole lot less of the Australian continent is either arable or agriculturally useful relative to the entire size of the content compared to what eventually became the coterminous United States relative to it as a whole, so there was the ability and desire to settle deep inland, and confront the natives. I’m not sure, but the Australian Abos might have been totally absent from a big chunk of the Australian interior when whites first set foot on the continent.

      • Non Humans

        That being said, I watched a documentary this morning, “6* Could Change the World”. It was about global warming. About a third of the way through they started talking about how the bread-basket of the US would quickly become a barren desert at around a 2* difference.
        I had to stop and think for a second, when food becomes scarce enough for those of us who actually work for it, and too scarce for EBT to afford it, how will the libtards justify continual endorsement in such draining programs to such wastes as non-humans. The plausability of it would be so absurd that even the most libtarded wouldn’t be able to endorse it.
        That doesn’t even speak to the riots and other massive violent behaviors that would openly migrate themselves out of the ghettos. Especially since we all know that the first thing that the non-humans would do, would be to raid groceries, electronics stores, and such. We saw it in Katrina’s aftermath. Next, they would expect us to take food out of our mouths and to put it into the mouths of the non-humans.
        Maybe another economic collapse or famine is exactly what we need to purge this country of the non-humans and the libtards visegrip on our government.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        No large land predators in Australia, either. Leaving aside the crocodiles, which can be avoided by staying away from water and the large pythons, which are confined to the far north – where few white people ever settled – Australia didn’t have any wildlife one needed firearms to protect against: no big cats and no bears, and even the dingoes were manageable with poisoned bait. Of course the spiders and snakes are quite something, but one doesn’t need a gun for a funnel web spider.

        I suspect Aboriginees were in Australia’s interior, but not in significant numbers. The relatively barren land simply would not have supported very many hunter-gatherers in the fashion the coastal forests would have. The real puzzle is why Polynesians – who reached New Zealand – never settled Australia. Maori would have made short work of the Aboriginees.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Probably not. Except for Georgia, which only stopped being a penal colony in 1776 with the outbreak of our first revolution, the white US population was initially composed of voluntary colonists from western Europe. My own white ancestors started arriving in 1646 (the others had walked here from Siberia). Oliver Cromwell’s dictatorship in England, the oppression of Calvinist Huguenots in France and the 30 Years’ War in Germany cast a very long shadow. Not having weapons meant you and your family were at the mercy of theocratic white bullies who were far more efficient at killing than the occasional African or Amerind.

      The result was when the best army in the world met us Yanks at Concord green they broke and ran and surrendered to an old woman. Our tendency – even then – to shoot officers out of preference probably helped. On Boxing Day, 1776, General Washington shattered a force of Hessians under Johann Rall (KIA) outside Trenton, which mostly surrendered. The two American dead were lost to the freezing weather on the march, and the battle saw only five Yank wounded. We took 896 Hessian prisoners.

  • “Moore continued: “The vast majority of the guns in the U.S. are sold to
    white people who live in the suburbs or the country. When we fantasize
    about being mugged or home invaded, what’s the image of the perpetrator
    in our heads? Is it the freckled-face kid from down the street—or is it
    someone who is, if not black, at least poor?””

    Well, I have never been to the United States, but I would be interested to see the statistics and the likelihood of such a ‘home invasion’ being carried out by blacks/others as against whites.

    If there are blacks and others disproportionately doing these things – and not the “freckled faced kid down the street – then Michael Moore has shown himself up, yet again, for being a complete idiot.

    What he would be saying is:

    “Yes, blacks and other ethnic minorities are more likely to home-invade and rob/rape your wife and daughters (and are probably racist against whites as towards whose house they pick!), but put away your guns, let yourselves get robbed and raped, and send more taxes in from your hard work to pay for liberal programmes to ‘reduce poverty’ and give these good-for-nothing blacks a helping hand so they don’t have to steal”

    Michael Mooreon is more apt a name for this clown.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      In California, it is Asians that are carrying out home invasions against other Asians — they know many Asians keep large amounts of cash/gold/jewelry in their homes instead of banks (they don’t trust banks, and I can’t say I blame them). They also don’t trust the cops.

      Unbelievably, a colleague told me a kid checked into his school from a short stay at a juvenile camp – he’d been involved in a home invasion robbery was “punished” and sent back to school.

      Here are a few stats:


      • razorrare

        In New York,its the media who is enabling the criminals to target homes that dont have gun permits…


        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          I would feel 100% safer in one of those heavily armed neighborhoods, wouldn’t you?

          In May 2010 an elderly Pennsylvania couple held a burglar at gunpoint outside their Stroudsburg home. Devin Tyler Ayala, 24, forced entry into the home, which set off a burglar alarm. The 68-year-old wife screamed, and the 74-year-old husband came downstairs with a gun, and was able to hold Ayala for the police.

          I think the NY Times should print up thousands of signs saying “Proud, Gun Free Home!!”, include them with copies of the newspaper and encourage subscribers who are anti-2nd Amendment types to post them in their front windows.


  • josh316

    As I always say: A few white madmen do not change anything. In the aggregate crime statistics blacks still commit way more crime than one would expect from their share of the population, and with whites it’s the opposite.

    • It is entirely possible that during the overnight after Sandy Hook, there were at least 27 black-on-someone murders in America.

    • Svigor

      That’s why the gov’t doesn’t even bother to keep stats on mass murder. 1, it’s statistically insignificant, like bee stings or lightning strikes, and 2, the real numbers would make people aware of 1 and undermine the gov’t-media complex’s bitter grabber agenda for what it is.

      Mass murder in America sums up to “bitter grabber media campaign,” and nothing more.

  • Anonymous Individual

    Put Michael Moore in the middle of Detroit without a gun and he’ll realize what he’s just said is entirely right. He’ll be at the NRA’s feet immediately, begging for a gun.

  • archer

    GEE, what about the LA. riots, Chicago and Detroit, what about the madness after Katrina. Yeah, I guess I’m a little paranoid, not to mention the explosion of drug related crime in almost every city in the country.

  • JvNk

    A man was murdered in NYC after a mumbling woman pushed him in front of a subway train. This is the second such incident this month.

    I am therefore waiting with great anticipation for the disgustingly obese Mr Moore to a) call for a ban on all trains and b) find some way of blaming whites (possibly the engineers who designed the subway) for these incidents.

    • Does Michael Moore have a Mercedes? Then he has blood on his hands, because Josh Brent was driving one the night he allegedly drove drunk and killed Jerry Brown.

      • Svigor

        Yep. 12,000 drunk-driving fatalities every year, and none of these drunk-swilled booze addicts are talking about banning alcohol.

  • I have a hard time believing that this fat slob doesn’t have an armed security guard (like the gun hating Rosie O’Donnell). He certainly never lived in a black neighborhood or city. Maybe he should really move to Flint (he is not from there). Only those who despise the truth can agree with the treasonous cretin.

  • Michael Moore completely ignores the FACT that blacks are extremely overrepresented in gun-related crimes; and instead he talks about White people in the country and in the suburbs owning guns out of fear or racism. Moore does absolutely nothing to show how these law-abiding White people are doing harm to society.

    Fear of White people who no longer fear the label of “Racist” is what people like Moore fear the most. The man is a walking contradiction.

    • Remember that stunt that that paper in New York pulled a few days ago, by doing the map scatterplot of handgun permit holders? I would normally oppose such stunts, and I still wish they wouldn’t have done it, mainly because it takes away the free rider effect from those who don’t have handgun permits. But one good thing that falls out of the design of what they did, one thing the too-clever-by-half libs didn’t consider, is that they borked their own gun grabber narrative — Save Mount Vernon, which I know is a black ghetto, the neighborhoods in that map that are heavily dotted aren’t killing fields.

      • Svigor

        I regard the destruction of the free rider effect as a feature, not a bug. Let the free riders fall to the horde.

    • Pelayo

      Blacks are overrepresented in ALL types of crimes, with the possible exception of most “white collar” crime because they’re not smart enough to plan such capers. However Black politicians are highly skilled at taking bribes.
      Their forté is the commission of totally brutal, savage, bestial acts against those easiest to terrorize and least able to defend themselves. They operate in gangs just as do wild Chimpanzees raiding another Chimp. community or the smaller and weaker Binobos. IF you watch AP you’ll see Chimps jumping up and down shrieking, baring their teeth and clutching their balls as they attack weaker primates. I wonder if they can be taught to RAP.

  • Pelayo

    Here’s another one that makes me want to go to war. I suppose the apologists will say, “Well at least they didn’t kill her”. I don’t know what race the victim although it is most likely White. It really doesn’t matter. It just goes to the vicious, savage nature of these primitive bastards.
    “Teens” as though they were ringing door bells and running, or toilet papering houses.

    The Police Commissioner of Delaware County referred to the “teens” as “animals”. He might be out of a job for that!


    I suppose the apologists will say something like ” Well at least they didn’t kill her”.

    • Pelayo

      Another article about the carjacking/rape mentioned that the girl vomited on them several times during her ordeal. That might indicate that they were forcing her to perform oral sex on them but they continued with the repeated assaults in addition to beating her. It shows you the total insensitivity of these animals. They’re NOT human. They’re just primates who have mastered something resembling human speech. They are the spawn of Satan and I hope they suffer a terrible end.

    • Non Humans

      Naaah, just apologise to the cats and dogs. He was calling the others as he honestly saw them.
      Actions speak louder…

  • ANON

    Back in 2005:

    Anti-gun Michael Moore’s body guard arrested on gun charges in 2005

    posted at 11:30 am on December 18, 2012 by KatiePavlich

    Michael Moore is an elitist gun control zealot, but he has (or at least in 2005) a body guard who carries a gun. Why? Because he’s safer that way.

    Filmmaker Michael Moore’s (search) bodyguard was arrested
    for carrying an unlicensed weapon in New York’s JFK airport Wednesday

    Police took Patrick Burke, who says Moore employs him, into custody
    after he declared he was carrying a firearm at a ticket counter. Burke
    is licensed to carry a firearm in Florida and California, but not in New
    York. Burke was taken to Queens central booking and could potentially
    be charged with a felony for the incident.

    Moore’s 2003 Oscar-winning film “Bowling for Columbine” criticizes
    what Moore calls America’s “culture of fear” and its obsession with


  • Eurobeing

    Luca: Yes I also have a team
    Tarus, Mossberg, and 3 high caliber defense representatives with a high capacity for retaliation. Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

  • Eurobeing

    the terminology of the constitution offers the “means to resist” as the standard for Americans right to bear arms. What this means is that any weapon automatic, semi automatic, 50 cal., M-60 machine gun can be employed in defense of this right.
    All gun laws barring gun ownership for any reason except abject criminality is unconstitutional.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Nobody in their right mind would want a PoS like the M-60.

      • Gracchus123

        A Solothurn mg30, though, would be a nice addition to anyone’s battery.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          The last firearm I shot, on July 4, 2000 was a retired Green Beret’s registered BREN gun. It ran like a clock with 1942-vintage ammunition. It was at the old rifle range above Garden of the Gods park. The whole firing line stopped after the second burst of .303″ and just watched. I am afraid I totally demolished the old vacuum cleaner I was using as a target, but it had given me a mean look.

          Canada made BREN guns in 7.92mm X 57 for Chiang’s Kuomintang nationalist army in China during WW-2. One of these could be rebarreled to 7.62mm NATO with no changes to the bolt face or extractor, and the British SAS has the correct magazines. A NATO caliber BREN would be outstanding as well as practical.


    Michael, Michael, Michael, please put down that pork chop and diet soda.
    Being conservative myself I find that I agree with much of what you said.
    Non blacks do know the vicious tactics of blacks and in many cases do arm themselves to remain safe.
    blacks normally attack in packs ut the sound of a Colt going off causes them to scurry away like the little people they are.
    There are HUNDREDS of reports of black on white crime on the internet and none of white on black (pack attacks). why are these not reported?
    What ever became of the 18 or so blacks who raped an 11 year old Hispanic girl in Texas?
    The story has disappeared. No Michael you are right many whites are racist and it has saved their lives.

  • EndTimesComing

    I’ll say it again Mike. The 2nd Amendment exists to allow armed citizens to protect themselves from a tyrannical government. Period. You know, Mike, the kind of government you treasonous whites would establish yesterday if we WERE a disarmed citizenry.

  • Mentious

    The refrigerator of sludge is attempting to artfully tie together the Sandy Hook psy-op (media event) and other rigged events — with White people.

  • jane johnson

    Random thought..”Heavily armed IVORY MOB storms housing project, demanding THEIR stuff back. Film at 11.”

  • Terry

    Michael Moore isn’t white. He is a Jew. The Jews want to disarm white people because they know that that would give black people more of an advantage to kill white people. The Jews want to kill of Israel. The problem they have is that God Yahweh won’t allow them to do so.

  • Fr. John+

    Did no one point out the crime stats in this article, which takes place in the BLACKEST city in the USA?


    AFRAID, MOORE? YES. Blacks should be afraid of arousing the Saxon’s Anger. Very, Very afraid.

  • newscomments70

    Yes we are afraid of blacks. And why shouldn’t we be? They are extremely racist and the commit most of the crimes! Who is racist in this situation? We are not the ones raping and killing thousand of blacks every year. They are doing that to us!

    • Tom_in_Miami

      I’m not ashamed to say that I am afraid of gangs or even small groups of blacks. They attack, kidnap, torture, and kill whites for fun.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        I am not ashamed to say I am afraid of heights, and when my friend and I landed an eight-foot mako in his skiff off Sydney’s south head I felt a little funny, as I had the front end. I was knocked overboard. Dan later asked why I climbed back into the boat, so I explained there was only one shark in the boat, and all the rest of them were in the water. I urinated in my pants, but since I was already soaked, I reckon that doesn’t count.

        A small group of black teenagers accosted us on the Cottonwood Creek bicycle path some years ago, but they decided to leave us alone and run through busy traffic on Academy Boulevard. I still admire their sense of civic responsibility.

        • Svigor

          Fear of heights is normal and rational. And eradicable. I used to be pretty wary about heights, then I got a job working a 40′ ladder and walking roofs all day. Bye-bye, fear of heights.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    If Moore didn’t look like such an obvious goofball, he might attract attention even more disproportionate to his limited mental faculties and abject hypocrisy.

    He could lose the extra weight and then take up racquetball and cross-country skiing to keep it off.

    He could shave off the beard; it merely makes him look old, and not in a distinguished manner. It doesn’t really hide his double chin.

    He could stop wearing ball caps indoors. Tacky!

    Of course, these expectations are all as wildly unrealistic as hoping Moore will abandon his infantile obsession with other people’s firearms.

  • mendells-selection

    He should know about “putting things away”, how much junk has he put away down that gullet so that he has ended up looking like Jabba the Hut with a chin, double or triple one at that.

  • mendells-selection

    Keep your chin up Michael—that’s right, both of them.

  • Mark

    Documentary-maker and liberal activist Michael Moore said the reason for mass shootings in the United States is largely due to fear and racism, on Christmas Eve he pleaded. “Calm down, white people, and put away your guns.”

    Anti-White hatred is alive and well; Michael Moore and the Main Stream Media have no compunction with inciting other races to hate Europeans. Anti-White rhetoric has proven to be a great tool for the Main Stream Medias hate machine that has created a sharp upsurge of attacks against Europeans.

    I will not pretend to know their entire goal, but the unfortunate consequences of articles like this, is that it tends to create an atmosphere Anti-White backlash. Flash mob attacks were unheard of a few years ago, but now they have become so prevalent that are now part of the American vernacular.

    Europeans everywhere are growing tired of false accusations and the moniker of white supremacist or racist, we are simply standing up for our right to protect ourselves from roving bands of gun toting criminals who have shown a blatant disregard for the laws, rules and traditions of their host societies. I’m confident someday soon the Zionist press will be indicted for Hate Crimes for provoking other races to hate and attack us. The main stream media would never call Asians, or Africans, supremacist, or racist.

    The good news is: Public opinion is changing; Europeans are standing up to the Anti-white shills in the main stream media. We have stopped buying their newspapers, magazines; their entire media machine is on the verge of collapse, they are becoming less relevant every day and they know their time is short, because whites are waking up, walking away, and unifying.

  • .
    Calm down, Mr Moore and put away the Chocolate Chili Cheese Fries.

  • eavesmac

    Mike Moore is no authority on anything concerning social behavior. He got his big break doing Roger and me. After that it was on downhill from nerve to nerve on the american psyche. What a record. He goes about with security that has guns. Why doesn’t he sweep his side of the street before he worries about ours? You know, maybe he should watch an excellent documentary called, “Supersize me.”

  • potato78

    Please watch how our neighbor, Canada, comments us.


    • Michael_C_Scott

      What exactly are we going to fall behind Canada at? Admittedly, they produced the fourth best soldiers of World War Two after only Scotland, Australia and Nepal, but US marines have never been thrown off a beach the way the Canadians were at Dieppe. Canadian manufactured goods originate along the Great Lakes, which gives one a pretty good idea as to for whom they’re produced.

      Canada’s shining technological achievement was the CF-105 Arrow, which would have been a spectacular interceptor, far better than the McDonnell F-101 Voodoo or even the Convair F-106 Delta Dart, but the late 1950s also saw the development of the multi-role fighter in the form of the F-4 Phantom (a.k.a. the world’s largest distributor of MiG parts) and still in widespread use today, which made single-mission interceptors redundant.

      • Svigor

        The Germans produced the best soldiers in WWII. Second only to the Finns, but since they didn’t really fight in WWII, the Germans get the nod.

  • potato78


    This is the beginning for gun control. is just beginning.

    As I said before, controlling gun is much easier than controlling people.

    • This lawsuit is going nowhere. Even if CT temporarily lets its own sovereign immunity be breached, this ambulance chaser would have to hope that the state has somewhere somehow in its legislative code accepted the doctrine of strict scrutiny for the safety of its public school students.

  • pcmustgo

    Michael Moore’s whole marketing scheme is “I’m a fat slobbish blue collar white male who can still be a liberal”.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      He’s not even blue collar, he’s a white collar mole.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Notice how stories of guns used for self-defense are never mentioned by the media, the government or fat, washed-up D-list celebrities like Rosie O’Donnell or Michael Moore.

    The National Survey of Private Ownership of Firearms found approximately 1.5 million defensive gun uses per year.

    The Cato Institute released a report entitled Tough Targets which blows holes in the leftoid’s arguments such as:

    “A Criminal Will Just Take the Gun Away from You”

    Cato found: The data set contains only 11 stories out of 4,699 where a criminal took
    a gun away from a defender; the reverse (where a victim disarmed a criminal) was reported more than 20 times more often.

    Most criminals are stupid, high on drugs or over confident.

    The report also contains many heartwarming stories of guns used to defend against rape, home invasion, robbery, murder.
    Remember the story of the horrific murders in Wichita where two black non-humans killed four young Whites? What if even one of them had been armed?

    On May 4, 2009, two masked men with guns burst into a home in College Park, Georgia, while a birthday party was in progress. Ten people, some of them college students, were inside the apartment. The intruders separated the men from the women. One of the intruders started counting his bullets; the other asked how many bullets he had. ‘He said he had enough.’ It does not take much imagination to figure out that there were going to be no witnesses. At this point, one of the students managed to reach into his backpack, pull out a gun, and shoot one of the intruders, who then fled the apartment wound-ed. The student then ran into the room where
    the other intruder, Calvin Lavant, 23, was starting to rape a young woman. The armed
    student told the naked woman to get down—and shot Lavant, who then jumped out the window.

    That ONE gun saved the lives of 10 people from black savagery. But don’t expect to read that in the national papers — they’re too busy covering michael moore and other anti-2nd amendment advocates.

    Make yourself a tough target: http://www.cato.org/sites/cato.org/files/pubs/pdf/WP-Tough-Targets.pdf


  • Michael_C_Scott

    One poster described Moore as “Jewish”, and his comment has since been deleted. For the record, Moore is a lapsed Catholic of Irish ancestry.

    • Svigor

      Yes, the sloppy bearded thing is camouflage, like in George Lucas’ case.

  • The SCOUS ruled in 2005 that LE has NO OBLIGATION to protect you or your family–only the obligation to ‘keep the peace’: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/06/28/politics/28scotus.html?_r=1&

    If nothing else, the SCOUS reinforced the fact that protecting you and your family is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

    Ask George Zimmerman why he carried; if he had not, he’d be DEAD and just another black on White crime statistic.

    THOSE are the facts Moore & his ilk like to ignore–but, when you live behind a gate and have armed security, they don’t personally need to be armed.

  • 5n4k33y35

    Michael Moore deserves to be caned or flogged for this. Maybe someone can make arrangements for him to be caught in Singapore with a joint in his pocket… I would really like for him to be caned.

  • jimj

    Unlike other countries we have never been invaded. I wonder why?

    • War of 1812, so technically we have.

      But I contend we are being invaded, have been since 1965. None dare call it “invasion,” though.

      • Ernest

        Guns or no guns we are indeed being invaded.

  • bryan smith

    What an idiot. America has been invaded a few times, By Great Britain during the war of independence and the war of 1812 and then by Mexico.in 1916 (by Pancho Villa, I believe)

    Typical leftist, probably never read and American history book in his life.

    • Luca

      Remember Pearl Harbor and 911.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Pearl Harbor was abnormal. Wars are fought for the goals of the state, but the decision to attack the US in 1941 ran counter to Japan’s own interests, their military coup in 1936 notwithstanding. Both the US and Japan shared the goal of decolonization of Asia, and in fact the Philippines were scheduled for independence in 1943. Postwar, we refused to help the Dutch and French reconquer Indonesia and Indochina, respectively.

        The very nature of the Pearl Harbor suprise attack, together with Japan’s barbaric treatment of prisoners of war meant that the negotiated peace Japan was counting on could never have been achieved. They did treat white POWs better than Chinese, whom they normally just killed, but certainly did not live up to their obligations under the Hague and Geneva Conventions. The mass rape of Chinese women and girls – at a time when the US army enforced the death penalty for rape – also guaranteed a distrust from Japan’s neighbors that poisons relations to this day.

        If Japan had wanted a productive war at the time, she should have sided with Britain in 1940. The carrier striking force “Kido Butai” could have been sent to the Mediterranean Sea.

  • odius liberal

    From a retard who has 24/7 armed guards, lives in a walled manision with electronic survillence systems.

  • Fed Up

    Considering the vast amount of Black-on-White CRIME, it stands to reason intelligent Whites will have at least one gun at hand in their home.

    I would not dream of going out evenings with my wife — WITHOUT carrying a loaded double-action 9 mm. automatic any more than I’d dream of driving without liability insurance. Of course a person will hope never to need either form of insurance, but it certainly is a comfort knowing you have both!

  • moore is white liberal trash

    Wouldn’t it just be great if this gluttonous ugly four eyed fat liberal hog would be assaulted robbed and shot by blacks in a robbery or drive-by although we know he lives safely in his all white residential area away from the hoods and gangs?

    Would the criminal first ask fat boy Moore if he was liberal or conservative or if he voted for Obama before pistol whipping him and shooting him beating him up since he looks like a puffy homosexual anyway?

    Whites need not speak generally about all whites as being the same because those with half a brain know full well their worse enemy are not blacks but rather whites themselves who parade around with this liberal condescending nauseating smug attitude as morally superior and in the end they are the first ones who get shot dead by the ones they protect with their vocal cords. Cut his tongue out.

  • marko

    Moore is a Catholic. He should know better. White people are not the problem. They are the solution.

  • Anon

    An interesting fact. Right now, every single new gun in America is being bought up with orders for more backlogging producers for an entire year. Like locusts, Americans have descended on gun sellers and manufacturers and bought up every machinegun (yes….these are legal to own in most states), automatic and semiautomic rifle both for hunting and tactical (ie assault rifles….booga booga, booga), every last medium to high capacity magazine, a huge chunk of the inventory of ammunition, most shotguns, especially tactical shotguns and a huge number of pistols. To say that Americans plan not to cooperate with gun control, let alone any gun grab, is an understatement of epic proportions.

    I’ve been saying for months that white people need to arm ourselves to an even greater extent than we have. Well, today, this week, that has happened.

    There is a certain grimness to these gun buyers, a large percentage of which are first time buyers. This isn’t about civil disobedience. Nor is it about getting one before they no longer become available.

    I rather think it is Michael Moore that has alot to fear about what is to come this year. Because, no, we will NOT “put away our guns”. It has become obvious to even the most dull that we will need those guns and soon. Civil war is on the horizon.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I predicted kickoff for Civil War Two in the early twenty-teens. Tom Chittum was betting on 2017 at the earliest, when we discussed the matter back in 1998.

      For a first-time gun buyer, I would pick an AR-15 in (sadly) 5.56mm NATO with a one-in-seven rifling twist. For those in states that disallow the AR-15, I would pick the Ruger Mini-14 in the same caliber. I would also want a good scoped bolt-action in 7.62mm NATO. The Spanish Mauser FR-8 was a great bargain back in the day (don’t buy the FR-7, as the action is weaker). Of course, you could save much trouble by simply buying an M-14 (I love first-generation battle rifles). Stripper clips for the FR-8 are the same as for the Mauser Kar-98k, but conversion to use M-14 strippers wold merely involve some machining. For a pistol, I would pick the Browning GP-35 “High Power” and get a conversion kit for .41″ Action Express. The magazines need wider feed lips and hold only nine rounds instead of 13. The Browning’s steep feed ramp is an issue in .41″ AE, and even after polishing mine with steel wool soaked in isopropyl alcohol, I had to use cast lead semi-wadcutter bullets for my handloads.

      Plan to spend as much money on high-capacity magazines as you did on the rifle.

      My favorite rifle and load is the G-43 in 7.92mm X 57, for which I used 185 grain Remington PSPCL bullets in front of 45 grains of H-4895 powder and a CCI large rifle primer. This load shot gloriously well.

      My favorite pistol is the 1896 and 1930 Broomhandle Mauser in 7.63mm X 25. I used the Hornady 85 grain hollowpoint XTP bullet with 12.5 grains of IMR-4227 and a small pistol magnum primer for my handloads. I made the cases out of once-fired 5.56mm NATO by resizing, trimming and inside neck-reaming. Cases made this way bulge a little just ahead of the web, but I never saw any failures. Rims are slightly undersized, but an extractor in good condition does the job. Stripper clips won’t hold onto the undersized rims, but I compressed mine slightly in a vise.

      I wish very much I could go shooting again. Does it show?

      • Svigor

        Chittum might be right. You might, too. I read a bit of “The Fate of Empires” the other day and the life span of empires seems to average a pretty consistent 250 years, give or take. 10 generations. Our time would seem to run out around 2025. I certainly hope so. An empire the size of ours is not healthy, for us or for the world. Time for us to collapse into smaller, manageable states.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    rofl. Well, Michael Moore got trolled by Torontonians, when he bought that “we don’t lock our houses” garbage. You ALWAYS locked your home in Toronto! I lived there in 1984-85, and again in 1988 or so, and never would have dreamed of leaving my place unlocked.

    You can still get away with not locking up in small, rural, WHITE communities, though. I’ve often left my place unlocked in those types of towns, with no worries and no problems. And I once forgot to lock my door, and came home to find everything still there, in a large city (Windsor) when it still wasn’t too bad – and this in a low-rent room in a low-rent downtown slum, in the mid-1990s. All the other poor people in my building at the time were whites also.

    (Interestingly enough, while there were a LOT of immigrants around since Ottawa opened the floodgates in 1991 or 92, you never saw them in poor-person venues, like my rooming house, or the Downtown Mission (combination soup kitchen and fledgling food bank. You could get a square meal at lunchtime there, every day, sponsored by different churches, and once a month on Sunday, the Hari Krishnas, who, of course, served a vegetarian meal. I used to have to make use of them regularly, two or three times a week). Most of the folks who had lunch there seemed to be retired auto workers, make of that what you will. It wouldn’t have been because the food was good, if you’re thinking that. I’d gotten sick from it more than a few times.)

    Anyway, I used to at least think he had a point, and often a good one – but when I saw him be SO DARNED GULLIBLE when it was so _obvious_ the Torontonians were trolling him with cliches and and old stereotype, well, I lost all respect right then and there.

    (Bowling for Columbine)

  • potato78
  • Luis

    Tubby has it all wrong, as usual. Caucasians are buying firearms at a feverish pace, NOT because they’re “racists” as Tubby wants to believe, but because they know who commits the greatest percentage of violent crimes in this country, and that’s the Bantus. That’s true in almost all big cities in the U.S.

    Given the Bantus penchant for violent crimes not only here in the U.S., but also in places like England, France, Belgium and Holland – to say nothing of the countless civil wars on their mother continent south of Algeria – nobody should be surprised that people arte stocking up on guns.

    The old canard of “American gun control has its roots in racism” needs to be revisited. While most Southern states did pass “Black Code” and Jim Crow laws after the Civil War, it should be examined as to exactly WHY they did this – and I don’t think it had everything to do with the Klan terrorizing them willy-nilly. It has to do with nature of the Bantu itself.

    Bantus are probably the most violent and murderous race of people on planet Earth. Tribes in Africa were killing and warring with one another long before colonialism took root. It continues to this day. The Gun Control Act of 1968 was spurred on not so much by Robert Kennedy and King’s assasinations, as some would have you believe; but by the Bantus rioting from coast to coast, after King got it. The images of looting and arson by Bantus on the TV screens panicked many whites into going to their politicians and demanding that “something be done”. The images of the Black Panther Party members carrying guns on the floor of the California state legislature (although that might have come later) did nothing to soothe those feelings either. So the answer was the Gun Control Act of 1968, and all subsequent gun control measures.

    White politicians in the big cities like Lindsay, Daley, Yorty and Alioto knew who was commiting the most crimes of course – Bantus. But they couldn’t enact laws that overtly discriminated against Bantus, because that would be unconstitutional. So gun control laws were passed that disarmed EVERYONE, regardless of “race, color or creed”.

    Wheher Tubby like it or not, most Caucasians are interested in self-defense. If Bantus in the inner cities want to give up their weapons for free sneakers, or gift cards; at one of those phony gun “buy-back” schemes, then so be it.

    It’s not “racism,” Tubby – it’s justifiable self-defense and self-preservation.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Guns are good for the economy.

      Maybe that’s why 0bama and his minions wish to destroy them (except for the government, of course).


  • prettycelticwarrior

    Why doesn’t he move his fat ass back to Detroit? What a fat slob!

  • I am convinced liberals/leftists are all taking reality distorting drugs

    • Svigor

      TV is a reality-distorting drug.

  • Tim Adams

    Calm down Moore and back away from the butter.

  • “Never been invaded?” We’re being invaded right now.


  • potato78

    How can white put guns away?

    “The federal government is sending each of us a $600
    rebate. If we spend that money at Wal-Mart, the money goes to China. If
    we spend it on gasoline it goes to the Arabs. If we buy a computer, it
    will go to India. If we see doctor, our money will go to Indians. If we purchase fruits and vegetables it will go to Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala . If we purchase a good car, it will go
    to Japan and Germany. If we purchase useless crap, it will go to Taiwan. If we buy ores, it goes to Australia.

    In short, none of it will help the American economy. The only way to
    keep that money here at home is to spend it on prostitutes and beer, and guns,
    since these are the only products still produced in the US . I’ve been
    doing my part…..”

  • razorrare

    M & M dieversifried Fat boy…I dont fear the black boogey man but am concerned about the legislative ,judicial and executive branches of our govt that engineer anti-White policy that has transformed America from a moral,safe,White Christian society into an amoral,violent,criminal,and Godless society…The real boogey man wears a NWO cape and has the letter Z branded on his forehead and whose most useful tool is the msm,liberalism, and idiots like you.

  • anarchyst

    It’s not “fear”, but “situational awareness” . . .

  • razorrare

    When blacks fantasize about “muggings” & “home invasions” what merrily image do you think pops in their head??? Something like this Michael?…

    Ice T–Home Invasion album cover…


  • MekongDelta69

    For one of the more definitive profiles of this ‘Jewel’ of our society, see:

  • Joe Patriot

    Could this clown possibly be more confused?

  • Skutatoi

    When’s the last time you’ve seen an actual black, Michael? Do you have a bona fide “darkie” that turns down your sheets in your swank Manhattan palace?

  • moore is a pos

    Fat boy homosexual nerdy mouthy stereotypes whites in a derogatory condescending way only because he can do it in a liberal media. Why don’t he tell blacks to put away their guns in the same way and risk getting shot dead? Whites should have a death wish for all liberal white scum to be exterminated like rodents like this. Fatass Moore needs to have his brains splattered by blacks or spics. Why is afraid to go into black hoods or even travel to mexico? Coward.


    What exactly does “whites being afraid of blacks” have to do with the shootings in Newtown ct. the theater shooting in Colorado or any of the other major shootings of the past few years. This all just a crock made up in the mind of the sick and twisted master con-artist liberal puke hypocrite that calls himself Michael Moore. Isn’t it odd that a man that hates guns and people’s ability to defend themselves has armed body guards to protect him everywhere he goes “whats the matter Mike, are you afraid of blacks?”. Just recently one of those body guards was arrested at a New York airport for having a illegal weapon “what’s the matter Mike, don’t your body guards know anything about guns or gun laws?”.
    The real question is why does anybody even pay attention to this fool? I think it is because he blurts out such profoundly stupid and fictitious dribble that one feels it’s his duty shut the Marxist virus down. Nonetheless Michael caters to the left with movies that glorify leftist positions while those of the right must see those same movies in order to show how far from reality they really are while Mike just rakes in the dough and laughs all the way to the bank. Oh yes! let,s not forget how Mr. con artist hates Capitalism, ha! ha! what a joke. However the joke is on us. One day we will look up the word liberal in the dictionary and it will say “see hypocrite” or we will look up the word hypocrite in the dictionary and it will say ” see liberal”.


    Years ago Michael Moore put out the biggest piece of garbage ever filmed and it was called “bowling for Columbine” and received a academy award by liberal Hollywood for ” best comedy”. Ever since Columbine “guns” have been blamed for everything with the backing of clueless overnight wonders like Mike. The real truth is Columbine was about “BOMBS” not guns. Harris and Klibold intended take out the whole school of over 500 students and intended to do it with bombs. Over 99 bombs were planted at Columbine and the surrounding area but less than one third of them went off. When Harris and Klibold saw that their plans have failed they just started randomly started shooting students and then themselves. The FBI had also confiscated two or three video tapes of Harris and Klibold making the bombs in detail as they were proud of their bomb making. The liberal media got hold of these tapes and found one five minute session of Harris and Kibold acting stupid with guns in the forest and that is the section that the media played over and over and over again. I remember seeing it myself all over the media. Let’s not talk about bombs as it’s not part of the agenda.

    Here is a sight right from the Jefferson County Sheriffs Dept. Bomb Squad Division



  • Snowhitey

    Alex Jones refers to him as “the self-propelled stomach.” For me, every time he opens his mouth it has the same effect as a bottle of syrup of ipecac.

  • mike5586

    Listen to a delusional liberal who can count the amount of
    blacks he sees per decade in his neighborhood on one hand, or believe
    actual US crime statistics.

    What a hard choice.

    Except it isn’t. When 51% of all violent crime is committed by less
    than 12% of the population (blacks), it makes sense to not want to be
    around the savages.

  • Joe Mama

    This guy pisses me off so much that I can’t write what I want to about the fat slob ..If I DID write what I want to say, I would be banned from AmRen ..

  • Marco Santiago

    Hey Mr. Moore how about stop using us(blacks) as a liberal crutch damnit!!!!

  • Tact

    On the positive side, the overstuffed Mr. Moore appears to be only a couple cheeseburgers away from a heart attack.

  • Guest

    First, let me stress that I am not afraid of black people, I am afraid of anyone pointing a gun at me. I am tired of the white population being blamed for the black population problems. Again this is about guns. Well, I for one own a gun, but I was also prior military and know how to and when to use it. Stop blaming guns and put the blame on the killer. “Guns don’t kill, humans do.” Put God back into the equation and you will see less and less destruction. In return give us back our religion and prayers in schools.

  • prettyNcreole

    And this is why your conservative political representatives will have so much trouble winning national elections…their weak pasty white constituency revealing their satanic racist hatred for all the world to read on internet blogs. Stupid working class whites still needing to feel superior to minorities because they will never be accepted by the elites. Ugly, insecure, filthy homes, child molestors…but you come on the internet because its the only place left you declining number of pidgeons can congregate to spew prejudices and pat one another on the back for sharing a false genealogy. Its so sad how you envy us–if you didn’t, you’d never discuss us–but a quick internet search proves that we are all you think/talk about. We feel sorry for you, which is usually why we don’t even respond…matter of fact, my husband is telling me to cut this rant short so I’ll leave the name calling to the weakest race alive.