Soft Targets in U.S. Mirror South Africa

Glenn Jakins, Daily Herald, December 27, 2012

Having grown up in South Africa in the 1970s and ‘80s, and serving there in the military as a riot control officer, I have seen my fair share of violence—mostly violence through senseless acts of terrorism by the African National Congress on what are termed “soft targets” within South Africa.

Soft targets are targets that are easy to attack. Generally they were places where there would be little or no defense and where many innocent children and adults would be murdered.

Cowards go for soft targets so they can achieve their sordid goals with little or no resistance.

When I came to the United States more than 20 years ago, I looked forward to a life with more peace in a place where I did not have to carry a firearm everywhere I went (as I and countless other honest people did in South Africa).

As the ANC took power in the mid ‘90s, the government sought to disarm the general population through many strict gun control laws. They were unable to squash the terrible violence that comes when there is little or no self-discipline within the majority of a nation, and so they simply tried to take the guns away to stop the violent crime.

Unfortunately, all the law-abiding citizens complied, but the bad guys did not. And so, from 1994, violent crime in South Africa has steadily increased. People have not turned to the government for protection because the government has not shown signs of competence in this arena. Instead, people have turned to private protection companies and gated communities to take care of each other and keep the bad guys out. They have had to take responsibility for protecting themselves.

South Africa currently rates No. 1 worldwide for gun homicides and No. 1 in assaults, according to the CIA. So things are not getting better despite the government’s efforts to ban private gun ownership. The bad guys now have more soft targets to prey upon.

I have enjoyed, as I had hoped, a wonderful life in the USA. I have lived in a community for more than 20 years where there is much peace. Violent crime is not a big issue here in Provo, Utah.

One thing that I noticed when I arrived in America was that for some unknown reason the people here had set up soft targets for cowards to attack at any moment they desired. I am speaking of the rule where no firearms are permitted on school properties.

This is something I still cannot comprehend and am trying to understand why anyone would want to create a soft target where innocent people cannot be protected. Any fool who wants to do something crazy now knows that he has a guaranteed soft target and can go in anytime to do terrible things.

As a father with children in school I am very uncomfortable with gun-fee zones. I have overlooked their stupidity only because we do not have major problems with gun violence locally.

America has its problems with respect to violent crime, although nowhere near the widespread scale of South Africa. There, the violence arises from terrorism and racial strife, while in America it seems to be gangs and drugs and the occasional mentally ill person committing a random act of murder—always on a soft target.


Historically, Americans have always participated in their own security, but that ethic has faded as more people turn to the government to protect them.

This political split is a dangerous one. Many conservatives embrace the value of personally defending their families, while liberals tend to look to the government for protection that is not likely to come. Police are typically not present when a soft target like a school or movie theater is attacked.

As a society we need to bridge this gap. Politics should not be an issue, only practical solutions that will protect our children and fellow citizens. Liberals need to lose their irrational fear of guns and conservatives need to lose their irrational fear of liberals.

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  • Puggg

    America has its problems with respect to violent crime, although nowhere near the widespread scale of South Africa

    But to the extent we do, it’s mostly for the same reason.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Correct. SA is 80% black and therefore more dangerous than the (at least) 13% black USA.

      I was still pleasantly surprised to see the ANC correctly descibed as terrorists in the opening paragraph.

      • Liberalsuck

        I wish Russia’s army would swoop in there and topple the ANC and take in the white refugees from South Africa.

        • Laager

          Remember – the ANC was trained and financed by Russia and East Germany to topple the white regime in South Africa.
          With the political assistance of the west, lead by the liberals and Henry Kissinger – Secretary oF State for the USA – they achieved their goal.
          Today South Africa is governed by a triumvirate of the ANC, SACP [SA Communist Party] and COSATU [Confederation of SA Trade Unions] There are many cross party memberships between the senior officials of these organisations. It is generally accepted that the SACP provides the strategic brain power, constantly taking their guidance from existing communist parties.
          It is highly unlikely that the Russian [communist] Army will make your wish come true.

          • IstvanIN

            That was the USSR and the GDR, both of which are defunct.

          • EndTimesComing

            Don’t you believe it. Many in the KGB and Stasi merely remained in place under a new name. Those who lost their jobs formed the current russian and german mobs. Well trained in terror, extortion, and ruling a people through fear.

          • jackryanvb

            Nice to see a few clueless, Reagan era Conservatives still trying to fight the Cold War against….

            THE RUSSIANS.

            Hey EndTimesComing (weren’t you folks supposed to RAPTURED, last year or every year since about 1957?), come take a trip my way on the South Side of Chicago – after a week or so, you will lose your fear of…

            THE RUSSIANS….
            And the Germans, the Swedes, Danes – in short, lose your fear and hatred of our own White Indo European people.

            Go Russians!

          • Bob Wallace

            Some people are always stuck 25 years behind the times. Russian and GERMAN mobs? Hell, that’s 70 years behind the times!

          • Laager

            These folks are the descendants of immigrants who left their mother countries to find a better life in America.

            Part of the attraction of the USA was democracy and all the freedoms that go with it and unrestrained capitalism.

            No doubt they have assimilated perfectly into their new country in areas where they found these values flourishing.

            The issue here is not ethnicity but political ideology.

            So lets replace Russian with communism – which as I stated – “the Russian [communist] Army” – is alive and well if you know where to find your information.

            EndTimesComing explained it very succinctly

          • EndTimesComing

            Gee that sounded a LOT like the kind of clueless knee jerk response the LIBERALS would come back with! Ridicule the messenger, rather than counter the comment with facts. I did not slam Russians. I pointed out that much of the political and civil structure was still dominated by the SAME people who dominated it under the USSR. By the way, genius, what civil entity was Putin head of again?

          • Jackryanvb

            Again, I extend my warm welcome for you to come down to the South Side of Chicago, hang out in neighboring all Black neighborhoods like South Shore, Grand Crossing. If you can’t find a way to embrace racial realities of the 21st century and think it’s still the NKVD Bolshevik Russian world of the 1930s, well maybe some Black on White crime/murders aren’t really that bad. There seems to be nothing else that works for idiot Reagan era Conservatives still obsessed with fighting the Russians.

          • IstvanIN

            The “Russian” mob isn’t ethnically Russian.

          • Liberalsuck

            Are you sure those “germans and russians” were Russian and German and not from ‘The Tribe’ if you know what I’m saying, wink wink.

        • newscomments70

          Many here believe that the Russian government are heros for our pro-white beliefs. Such people need to visit today’s Russia. It is dirty, sleazy, corrupt, and extremely dangerous. A double digit percentage of Russians wish to emigrate. You and others need to research this. It is not a nice place.

  • bigone4u

    People do not trust school teachers to be armed. Part of the reason is that there is always the fear of the accidental shooting of a child. Another part is the lack of character among many of today’s teachers, who seem to seek out their students for sexual relationships. I am with Ron Paul in opposing a new federal program to place armed guards in the public schools, together with TSA type screening equipment. To carry the logic of armed guards to its logical end, there would need to be a guard or armed driver on each school bus. If a nut wants to make a point by killing children, he or she can always hit a summer camp, public swimming pool, or youth hangout spot. The sad fact is that no one can be 100 percent safe, not even the president.

    • I don’t want it to be totally mandatory, and I don’t want it to be totally prohibited. I want each school to be able to make its own decision, to keep the element of surprise on the side of the school. If I ran an elementary school, it would get a new “assistant principal” or “facilities engineer” or “teacher’s aide” who always seems to be well dressed and has a strange bump along one side of his waste all the time.

      • Liberalsuck

        I want people to have choices, but it is just more evidence of bitching from liberals. They don’t want school shooting or crime, but when you offer profiling or keeping blacks out of their neighborhood or tougher punishments for violent criminals, then they always make some excuse of “oh, that’s racist” or “Oh, that’s too harsh.”

    • haroldcrews

      I don’t trust all teachers or administrators to be armed either but I do trust some of the school teachers or administrators to be armed. Those jurisdictions that have concealed carry do not require all competent adult non-felons to be armed but they don’t have to. Merely knowing that some will be armed and that they may very well be MOST anywhere is enough to deter crime. There is no such thing as 100% safety as you say. But let’s not make the perfect the enemy of the good.

  • Integration Anxiety

    There, the violence arises from terrorism and racial strife,

    I understand what the author is stating, but he’s probably not seeing the reasons as being the same, like many AmReners do. I suspect hat he doesn’t see the racial problems in America because he is in a 97% homogenous community. That being Provo, Utah. Now you can ask rhetorical questions like, how in the world can this guy NOT see the racial problems that handicap this country, with the Internet dripping with stories of mainly black on black and black on White crimes, but also occasional White on black crimes. Now of course the latter would be plastered on every paper and every major network outlet nationwide. You would be right to ask this question, but then again, if you don’t see it personally (black pathologies) then you really won’t be too concerned with it. I live in Cleveland, a city that is 68% black, so I know how the streets can swallow you up, white & black. Ultimately, though, the decisions people make are up to the individual. My personal experiences with blacks is that one on one they can be nice, decent people. But get them around the “homeboys” and they treat you like you don’t exist. Mainly the younger ones. This is ironic because they are the ones who’ve benefitted the most from multiculturalism.

    • Sloppo

      I’ve met a number of South African whites and it seems like every one of them has understood America’s racial situation as well as the average AmRener. You probably disagree, but I would rate them as possibly the most racially aware group of white people in the world.

      • Liberalsuck

        I would say South African whites followed by Russian whites/Ukrainian whites. I’ve met white SA folks who are prowhite/anti-black and have met Russian females who openly say the N word or have told me, “I don’t go in (an area of my city) because there are too many blacks and mexicans there.” A liberal next to us heard that and called her a racist and was pissed. I said, “Oh, then you will leave tonight, go home to (I said the name of the nicest and whitest part of our city) where you don’t have to live with these people you love so much, right?” They were not expecting that from me! They looked at me like they had just seen a ghost. I just can’t keep my mouth shut anymore with these white liberals and anti-white bigots.

        Recently, I went back to my hometown and went to run errands with my father. We went into a post office and someone was ripping into Obama. There was a black female behind us, so the white lady was starting to be quiet. I didn’t. I just kept the conversation going. I don’t care if she (the black lady) was offended. F—k em’, I say. These people hate us no matter what we do or say; they wouldn’t be nice to us in a predominately black setting. They wouldn’t show us respect. No white guilt from me.

        • Sloppo

          I agree about the Russian people being some of the most racially conscious also, and I admire them for that. I don’t believe racially conscious whites have to be “anti-black” however. As a white, I see racial awareness as simply an understanding of the fact that whites must seek to control their own destiny and that we will be seriously imperiled any time we allow ourselves to be ruled by others … especially blacks. To be racially aware as a white, I don’t have to be against blacks, but I DO have to understand with no uncertainty that we need geographic and political separation from them.

          • Laager

            Correct. Which is why Amren has coined the perfect description for people like us – Race Realists. As Muhammed Ali said [back in the 70s on the British TV talk show – Parkinson] he is happier with his own kind. The Canary must stick with the Canary and the Buzzard must stick with the Buzzard and each must look after themselves.[paraphrase] This truth is apparent all around us in nature every day. It is just the liberals that can’t see it. Take a look at what happens at the waterhole in any African wildlife documentary. All the different species come to the same waterhole to drink. Some mingle with other similar species [i.e. antelope] but when they have had their fill they depart and stick to together. All the time they are wide awake to the danger of the Lion, Leopard, Cheetah and Crocodile. White and Black Race Realists travelling downtown to work and back to their own neighbourhoods are exactly the same. In Europe and North America this phenomenon is self regulatory. In South Africa the 1948 – 1990 government institutionalised it in law and called it Separate Development (English) / Apartheid (Afrikaans)

        • “These people hate us no matter what we do or say; they wouldn’t be nice to us in a predominately black setting. They wouldn’t show us respect.”

          The sheepish White people who don’t have experience with black groups or a black majority better get that through their thick heads. No amount of coddling or trying to blend in will absolve you from the guilt and handouts that black people think you owe them as a White person.

          • Non Humans

            That’s the real problem with the libtards. They run their mouths and affect the lives of everyone with their policies and such, without having any real first-hand experience with the animals.
            They make assumptions, or worse deny the realities, then refuse to own it when it is right in their faces. In the face of undisputable facts, the libtards don’t have anything to stand upon.
            That’s why they ignore them and resort to name-calling when the debates actually have substance.

          • Liberalsuck

            I will say for certain having a black person in office and seeing how blacks act when they think they are in full power has angered me enough that I lost any white guilt. I’m so heartless that even if a black person is homeless and wants money from me I look at them like they are a bug I wanna squash.

          • Johnny Clay

            A friend of mine said a “homeless” black man asked him for money one day, and my friend told him to go ask his President.

        • Good for you. Too many pro-white silence themselves out of fear. Silence is not the answer; we must speak up anywhere we can.

    • Laager

      “I suspect hat he doesn’t see the racial problems in America because he is in a 97% homogenous community.”

      Be in no doubt that he researched the USA very carefully and chose Utah because it delivered the best odds on the continent for what he was looking for.
      Can someone provide some crime statistics to endorse this point of view please.

      • Actually he went there because he is a Mormon, and because his family was there. The Jakinses are a large and close-knit clan in that part of the world. Which in no way contradicts what you said.

        At the same time, they still have relatives in South Africa, so you can be sure they are well up on the situation there. They know the facts of life. Unfortunately, knowing the truth is no guarantee of sanity, and I know some of them who voted for Obama. I don’t think Glenn was one of them.

  • Non Humans

    He’s only seeing part of the problem, and only just beginning to make the coonnections.
    I do like the statement, “Politics should not be an issue, only practical solutions that will protect our children and fellow citizens.”
    As we all know, though, practical solutions beez raaaaycist an sheeyit!


    Forget Africa!
    Just look at the highly regulated city of Chicago.
    500 murders this year already.
    I bet most prison inmates whould strongly agree that taking the guns away from lawful citizens is a great idea, it makes their work so much easier.

  • RHG

    Mexico also has strict gun ownership laws and we all know how “civilized” that country is with dopers running around shootin’ and killin’ anyone that gets in their way.

  • “Irrational fear of liberals”? I was with him until that statement.

    • haroldcrews

      Agreed, I don’t find such fear or trepidation to be irrational.

    • Luis

      He also said the violence problem in America is with “gangs and drugs”, unlike in South Africa.

      Heck, does he not know that most of the gangs in this country have the same pigmentation as Nelson Mandela?

      Of course it’s racial, here too, mister!

  • Fed Up

    With the percentage of homicides by Blacks, versus homicide by Whites being. . . .?

  • Fed Up

    The “joke” being that the Russian “assist” was simply based on politics and emphatically NOT on their proclaimed love of Blacks!

    What I cannot understand is WHY Whites stayed after their various African countries succumbed to Black rule. I’d have destroyed everything of value and moved out if unable to sell it for what it was worth.

    • Well, you can’t just leave, you know. You have go somewhere. Millions of White South Africans await your suggestions with bated breath.

      America has already said it doesn’t want White South Africans because they’re tainted with the dread contagion of Racism. The rest of the world feels much the same way. We’re the new lepers.

    • B J Deller, Spain

      As a Brit who emigrated to SA in the 1970s when offered a great engineering management job there during a visit, I have experience of Africa from within. Not the emotional arguments put up by Left Wing/Liberals who have never even been on the Continent. There are many black South Africans now who want the white Africans back so they can have work, and hope for the future. The current president of SA, Jacob Zuma, is currently building a new palace for his personal use and it belonged to him, not SA. In other words he is doing the African thing, stealing tax payers monet for personal use. The amount, a reported in the Press there of around US$ 27 billion.

      Recently at the African national Congress annual political meeting, he preached that owning a dog is a white culture thing, not a black one and black people should not keep dogs as pets. If that is the way he feels, Like many other ex and current South Africans, white and non-white, he should stop living in Western luxury, stop driving around in German luxury cars, stop flying in the Boeing 737 bought as a presidential luxury jet aircraft at a cost several years ago of US$ 43 million.

      The USA should throw open its doors to all white South Africans who wish to leave as the country is now very dangerous to live in. Over 3 000 white farmers have attacked on their farms in recent years and murdered,horribly. My wife and I used to carry legal guns everywhere up until we left in 1999. We could because we have British passports but many others only have SA ones. We also fenced off our neighbourhood of 900 homes to keep out the violent criminals who would walk in, rape and rob and kill those who were not armed and ready.
      In my opinion, for what it bis wortyh, US citizens who are of sound and good characters must be allowed to own guns. As with the SA Govt. who have stopped ordinary citizens from thsi basic way of defending themselves, to be unarmed would be a big mistake especially when as we expect, Georhe Zimmerman is judged correctly. The ensuing riots by AAs will be similar to those after Rodney King’s police aquittals.

  • 549106

    This is an interesting perspective, but it’s also a bit flawed. The weaker party in a conflict always goes for soft targets because they don’t have the resources, not because they’re morally inferior. And in the case of American schools, in several instances there were armed security guards on duty, but they were outnumbered and outgunned by the shooters, who also had the obvious advantage of surprise. It’s strange that no one is talking about the Swiss model, which has mandatory militia training and mandatory gun ownership for men. These guns are issued by the swiss government and registered with them, as is the ammunition. Handguns are difficult to obtain and there harsh penalties for owning any unregistered weapon, and crimes committed with guns are easier to solve since the supply of guns and ammunition is so tightly controlled. But I never see anyone calling for more guns AND more regulation, which makes me think a lot of gun nuts are not as interested in the public good as they are in hoarding weapons.

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      I’m not sure what white Switzerland has to teach multi-racial America about guns and violence and soft targets. It do know that the best-known scholar on the relationship of gun ownership to violence in America is John Lott, whose research has shown that concealed carry laws reduce violent crime: From Wikipedia:

      “Referring to the research done on the topic, The Chronicle of Higher Education reported that while most researchers support Lott’s findings that right-to-carry laws reduce violent crime, some researchers doubt that concealed carry laws have any impact on violent crime, saying however that “Mr. Lott’s research has convinced his peers of at least one point: No scholars now claim that legalizing concealed weapons causes a major increase in crime.”

      • Liberalsuck

        Who do you think is committing the majority of gun crimes in the US? Hint: It’s not conservative white people.

    • Luis

      That’s because, in the ‘Swiss model” you cite, “permission” is mandated from the Swiss government on down to the Swiss kulaks. You MUST own a rifle, but you cannot own a handgun?

      No thanks, I’ll make my own choices myself. If I choose to own a Ruger handgun, or a Mossberg shotgun, then so be it. I shouldn’t have to have a government-registered M-16 rifle, if I choose not to.

      The Evolution of Gun Control:


  • obama666

    Isnt the idea to have Obama seize all white firearms and redistribute them to his bloods and crips after he legalizes the spics who are also armed? Fast and Furious deja vu?
    Obama has to find a way to steal all white wealth and then seize their guns. It will all be a piece of cake.

  • JohnEngelman

    Japan has stricter gun control laws than the United States and a lower murder rate. South Africa has stricter gun control laws than the United States and a higher murder rate.

    “The single best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percentage of the population that is black and Hispanic.”

    This is true for cities in the United States.

    It is also true for countries.

  • PesachPatriot

    It seems like the whole world is a soft target these days. Thats why I like rural areas so much…as far as the article I think the proper reaction to the sandy hook tragedy is to allow
    any teacher who is former military or law enforcement to legally conceal carry on school grounds. This approach preserves the non-militarized aspect of most schools and makes potential crazies think twice about who or what teachers might be packing. Its a lot more low key than putting TSA scanners and metal detectors in every last K through 12 school from coast to coast.

  • mike5586

    I find it hilarious that someone who left a rapidly crumbling black country to flee to one of the whitest areas in America is still trying to blame savagery and violence on guns.

    For shame.