Detroit’s Homicide Rate Nears Highest in 2 Decades

Gina Damron, Detroit Free Press, December 28, 2012

With only a few days left in 2012, Detroit is poised to see its highest murder rate in nearly two decades.

As of Dec. 16, there were 375 homicides—more than the total each year since 2008, according to Detroit Police Department statistics.


With the current known number of homicides, which is sure to grow by year’s end, Detroit’s homicide rate is roughly 53 homicides per 100,000 residents. The city’s rate hasn’t been this high since 1994, when it was roughly 54 homicides per 100,000 residents. In 2006, the rate hit 52 per 100,000.

Meanwhile, New York City, with more than 8 million residents, recently reported a historic low of 414 homicides so far this year, putting the city’s rate at 5 homicides per 100,000 residents.


The majority of the homicides were the result of gunshots, and most of the victims were black men.

During an interview with the Free Press earlier this month, following a quadruple homicide on Detroit’s east side, Inspector Dwane Blackmon, head of the Detroit police homicide section, said there were an abundance of killings this year born from arguments and disputes and committed by people who know their victims.

“What I’ve seen this year is a good third or more of our cases fall into that category,” he said.

Carolyn Bradshaw, who said her 35-year-old son, Ernesto Bradshaw, was shot to death in April after his home was broken into, is distraught by the violence.

“It’s so sad that our young black men are killing each other like that,” she said. “I know there’s hard times, but just to take a life for a couple dollars, I’m very saddened by it.”


Many reasons are given for the violence: Drugs, too many illegal guns on the streets, lack of jobs, poor education opportunities.


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  • Puggg

    During an interview with the Free Press earlier this month, following a
    quadruple homicide on Detroit’s east side, Inspector Dwane Blackmon,
    head of the Detroit police homicide section, said there were an
    abundance of killings this year born from arguments and disputes and
    committed by people who know their victims.

    I hear this reasoning trotted out in a lot of places. And I don’t like it. It’s a fancy schmanzy pants way of saying that white people have no reason to fear black crime because most black crime is among gang/ghetto thugs. It’s a wrong argument, too, because even backing out the black crime they imply we’re not supposed to worry about, black-on-white violent crime is still way higher as a rate than white-on-white violent crime.

    • mendells-selection

      fights over things like -a bag of cheetos, and -sneakers and, He MY babbydaddy, Nuh uhn ho! he be mybabbydaddy, etc

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        Ah hell, I remember a story where some kid in some school tried to start a food fight. His sandwich hit the wrong (black) kid, and the first kid got shot for throwing a sandwich.

        When I was a cadet instructor one summer, some dunce tried to start a food fight, and hit an MP (base cop, militia) with a potato. All he got was alternating base duty (24 hr duty) alternating days, which gave the rest of us a break from it (everyone usully had to pull it twice; because of him, the rest of us only had to pull it once, ha).

        Quite a cultural difference there, wouldn’t you think?

    • C_C_Conrad

      It really does not matter if most of the crime is black on black. ALL black on white crime is to much.
      Jack’s War

    • Remember Joe Mokwa? Yeah, I know, he’s so easy to forget, though so insipid in his public life.

      He trotted out this kind of excuse. He said that 75% of murders in St. Louis City involve both suspects and victims that have similar life and criminal histories. IOW, he was essentially saying “thug black on thug black,” and also implying that white people shouldn’t worry about black crime.

      I did the math, and since Mokwa only considered 25% of city murders to be real worrisome murders, this STILL left a city murder rate that was 2.75 times higher than the ENTIRE murder rate of St. Louis County, and far many times higher than either St. Charles, Franklin or your dear Jefferson County. Also, keep in mind that most St. Louis County murders are the same kind of thug black on thug black that city murders are.

    • liberalsuck

      I would say, ‘So, by that logic, we shouldn’t get worked up the few times a white person kills a black person since the majority of violent crime is black on black, right?” Usually the liberals and anti-white crowd can’t be consistent when you back them into a corner.

      • Non Humans

        Exactly!! They try to talk in circles knowing that their arguments have no real substance. Someone who speaks from experience will have no trouble keeping facts straight or from easily expressing what they are knowledgeable about.
        Since the libtards are usually reaching, their arguments usually end-up being as flimsy and feeble as aluminum foil.

    • TeutonicKnight67

      “Dwane Blackmon” – Really? Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  • AutomaticSlim

    ‘Carolyn Bradshaw, who said her 35-year-old son, Ernesto Bradshaw, was
    shot to death in April after his home was broken into, is distraught by
    the violence. “It’s so sad that our young black men are killing each other like that,” she said.’

    Ummm…I beg to differ…

    • mendells-selection

      yeah, me too, gnomeasayin

    • Non Humans

      It’s coonmunity service. LOL

    • John

      I truly believe that if the government offered Blacks and Mestizos $1000 to undergo a voluntary sterilization process, it would become the most popular social program in U.S. history. I would even vote for tax increases on Whites alone just to fund such a program.
      Free abortions, morning after pills, and contraceptives should also be dispensed to Blacks and Mestizoz like free candy on all hallows eve.
      Of course, none of that will ever happen, not because it would be “unethical” or “immoral” or any of that nonsense, but because the central banks need warm bodies buying things. Lots and lots of warm bodies, spending and borrowing the fiat currency.

      • liberalsuck

        Right, we don’t want to be mean and make it harder for these animals and parasites to breed, but we will bitch and complain about having to pay for their children, about having to jail them, about having them terrorize us, about turning our cities into hellholes, about them taking our jobs, about them wanting to extract “revenge on whitey”, etc. We don’t want to prevent problems, but we will let them happen so we can complain about them.

      • AutomaticSlim

        $500 might even do the trick.
        I think they got women in Puerto Rico to do this for toasters and things like that back in the 50s…

        • John

          That outcome should resemble paradise for both Blacks and Browns; the ability to have as much sex as they desire without any consequences by way of offspring. No worries at all about family committments. I suggest we switch AIDS research funding to help facilitate this dream come true for them.

          • FourFooted_Messiah

            Well, ever get fixed a dog or cat who has had too many litters for her own good? They’re downright grateful.

            However, humans aren’t like other species. They will think you have some sort of agenda or something, grow suspicious, and have many litters just to spite your plans.

    • TeutonicKnight67

      Sorta brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it?

  • falsedawn

    Why is anyone even looking at these numbers from any place like Detroit???

    • The__Bobster

      Philly just shot past last year’s number, while NYC is seeing their lowest number in years. Thanks, Bloomboig, for shipping us your blacks.

      • TeutonicKnight67

        I wish that were true. I still see plenty of ’em around here! Just kidding, I would never wish that on a fellow white realist. Would you mind taking Gloomberg though?

  • Sloppo

    “Many reasons are given for the violence: Drugs, too many illegal guns on the streets, lack of jobs, poor education opportunities.”

    I wonder why they didn’t list “the presence of black people” as a reason for the violence. If you got rid of that cause, then the ones they did list probably wouldn’t be much of a problem.

    • mendells-selection

      because people who live by lies can’t stand any truths.

      • Sloppo

        I’ve noticed that many people who learned their “morality” from an Idiot Box often suffer strong allergic reactions when they’re exposed to the truth.

    • Xerxes22

      Small children, the mentally deranged and Black people are not responsible for their actions and therefore cannot be held accountable for anything that they do.

      • liberalsuck

        Oh, but they want special rights, yes? If they aren’t responsible, then they aren’t deserving of rights or freedoms. Then again, that thought doesn’t cross libearls’ minds. They want freedom and rights, but don’t want to be responsible for their actions. They want a party without having to pay for it or having to clean up afterwards.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        It’s often said that animals cannot be given rights because they can’t fulfill duties. If that’s so, then why do retarded humans have rights? Or kids or blacks (if blacks “aren’t responsible” enough to fulfill duties)?

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Let’s see. I have no job, and right this minute I am somewhat inebriated on homebrewed hard cider. My daughter is fast asleep, my wife has her sewing machine going, and our pet fox is laying next to my chair instead of on my lap, having been walked 30 minutes ago. The perfect time for me to go out and commit a home-invasion just as soon as I get rid of this nasty pale skin the Man gave me.

      Maybe I’ll play Neverwinter Nights instead.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        Aw, a fox, lucky you.

        And yeah, I could go do all kinds of nasty stuff, with people being mucked up over the holidays. But I think I’d rather play Skyrim, and keep my nasty tendencies to my Argonian thief.

    • shattered

      True Sloppo. Nor did they list the lack of the presence of law abiding citizens NOT carrying guns. Obviously, if only the criminals have guns the murder rate will be high.

  • mendells-selection

    Too bad there were some white victims in that number.

  • Francis Galton

    A bit OT, yet not really: at Christmas, the subject of Detroit and its completely shambolic state came up in conversation with my “borderline” SWPL cousins. They believed that Detroit could be turned around, and they cited NYC as an example of a city in complete shambles that turned itself around in a relatively short time.

    What they couldn’t realize is that Detroit’s overwhelming blackness and its concomitant social conditions makes that next to impossible; unlike NYC at the time, Detroit has little to recommend itself–almost no good restaurants, cultural attractions, safe neighborhoods, cultural history. In short, it’s a total wasteland with no potential.

    Detroit 2012 is really more like the 1970s South Bronx. But the South Bronx was a subset-of-a-subset of a highly important city, whereas Detroit IS the whole city.

    Detroit is burning….

  • mendells-selection

    “Many reasons are given for the violence: Drugs, too many illegal guns on the streets, lack of jobs, poor education opportunities.”

    but we all know the real reason is “gehhhhhnehhhhhtihhhkkkkksssss”

  • bigone4u

    Blacks were safer when whites held the reins of power, but that matters not to them. Unfortunately, the law in black areas is the law of the jungle.

    • Liberalsuck

      If whites don’t wake up and assert themselves, more and more of their cities, towns and states will look like Detroit or Atlanta or Inglewood. Whites need to drop their guilt and deal with reality and do what is best for us instead of being controlled by fear, guilt or greed. Those are the biggest things that are killing us. Fear of being called a racist, guilt for blacks and mexicans, and greed for what we can get for selling our people and our traditions out.

    • fenway23

      Over 40 million whites in the last election decided it was fine and dandy for a far-left community organizing black to occupy the highest office in the land for 4 more years. These slavish devotees to the pseudo-religion of multiculturalism essentially went on record as saying they don’t care if the misery of Detroit, Atlanta and Inglewood spreads far and wide. As someone said a while back, it is fully within the power of whites to put a stop their marginalization and displacement if they really wanted to. While trouble making minorities irritate me, it’s their white liberal enablers who deserve the bulk of fury for having created this calamity in the first place- and for allowing it to continue unabated despite all evidence to the contrary.

      • TeutonicKnight67

        Which is why “secession” talk is taking place again. What is needed is a total separation of realistic whites from the guilt-ridden, leftist apologists that drag our society down in ways just as damaging as the Bantu.

        • liberalsuck

          I am not hearing much about the secession talk anymore. Seems like that was just a reaction to being upset that ‘The Annointed One’ got back in. What are the white conservatives going to do when the government won’t grant secession and do they really think they could just peacefully secede without bloodshed? Are they prepared to literally fight to divorce themselves from a government they view as oppressive?

          • Kiwi

            It’s still going on. Occidental dissent is a good website to see it in action. You will hear it again when Obama amnesties millions of illegals, appoints a lib to the SC tipping the balance forever, bans guns, etc. The future of that movement will grow with each successive insult. In order to start a revolution, the foundations must first be laid – and that often takes time.

            WN is a dead end. Whites aren’t going to “wake up.” Only a secession can bring you what you want. All other options will end in failure, and the country will end up like South Africa.

            “What are the white conservatives going to do when the government won’t grant secession”

            You could say the same of this website. What’s the point of having this site if it can’t accomplish anything? Talk talk talk and more talk?

            Gregory Hood has a nice essay where he explains the necessity of having state power in order to make progress in this area.


            Furthermore, I’m not sure the government could resist. It’s spent decades promoting partitions around the planet. The hypocrisy would be too overwhelming, especially if it were put to an actual vote.

          • Kawasaki

            No. Conservatism is surrender by compromise.

      • Liberalsuck

        If liberals didn’t have their influence or money, most of our problems would be nonexistence. I even think blacks would be better off without white liberals influencing them. At least blacks would have to hold legal jobs, they would have to pay for their own kids, they would have to be responsible, they would have to plan ahead, they would have to live with the woman they had children with, and all of this means they wouldn’t have the time or energy to be criminals or sit around and blame whitey.

      • curri

        What do you expect when liberals/leftists control all the significant institutions of society.? The only visible opposition is a dull-witted part-liberalism/part-conservatism that can be found on FOX News, talk radio and a few churches.

        “It may be inferred again that the present movement for women’s rights will certainly prevail from the history of its only opponent: Northern conservatism. This is a party which never conserves anything. Its history has been that it demurs to each aggression of the progressive party, and aims to save its credit by a respectable amount of growling, but always acquiesces at last in the innovation. What was the resisted novelty of yesterday is today one of the accepted principles of conservatism; it is now conservative only in affecting to resist the next innovation, which will tomorrow be forced upon its timidity and will be succeeded by some third revolution; to be denounced and then adopted in its turn. American conservatism is merely the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward towards perdition. It remains behind it, but never retards it, and always advances near its leader. . . . Its impotency is not hard, indeed, to explain. It is worthless because it is the conservatism of expediency only, and not of sturdy principle. It intends to risk nothing serious for the sake of the truth, and has no idea of being guilty of the folly of martyrdom. It always when about to enter a protest very blandly informs the wild beast whose path it essays to stop, that its “bark is worse than its bite,” and that it only means to save its manners by enacting its decent role of resistance: The only practical purpose which it now serves in American politics is to give enough exercise to Radicalism to keep it “in wind,” and to prevent its becoming pursy and lazy, from having nothing to whip. No doubt, after a few years, when women’s suffrage shall have become an accomplished fact, conservatism will tacitly admit it into its creed, and thenceforward plume itself upon its wise firmness in opposing with similar weapons the extreme of baby suffrage; and when that too shall have been won, it will be heard declaring that the integrity of the American Constitution requires at least the refusal of suffrage to asses. There it will assume, with great dignity, its final position.”


      • George Orwell

        While there is no shortage of liberal white dingbats, we are continuously led astray by those who appear white, but have a different agenda. We’ve been trained not to question this. Until we start questioning it, we will be lost until we have been dysgenicized into farm animals.

      • saxonsun

        In ’08, here in NYC on the Upper East Side, the whites were lined up in droves to vote for Obama. I have lived here a long time–never have I seen anything like that on election day. We whites have only ourselves to blame for this.

  • C_C_Conrad
    ONLY 375.
    Here’s a video for you.

    Jack’s War

    • rightrightright

      I tried to watch that. I am English and have no difficulty in understanding American English. I did not understand any of the utterances in that film.

    • lily-white

      ahhhh … so THATS why Michael Moore says whites THINK they need guns…

    • shmo123

      That film could use subtitles. The only thing I could understand were several “nome sayin” and “mutha f****”, but I think those are the first phrases ghetto thugs learn to say.

    • OlderWoman

      I couldn’t make it past 2 minutes. They make my skin crawl. And this is what Eric Holder calls ‘my people’.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    The article states that most of the victims are Black men. It avoids the obvious and real problem; most of the perpetrators are Black men.

    • 48224

      Correction, I would be willing to bet ALL of the murders were by black me.

    • liberalsuck

      Why you be a raysis! Maybe dem’ murders wuz done by eldery Japanese people, perhaps by white well-dressed Mormon boys on their bikes, maybe even Orthodox Jews who did these murders. (sarcasm)

  • APaige

    Their reasons:Drugs, too many illegal guns on the street, lack of jobs, poor education opportunities.
    My reasons: blacks, too many blacks on the street, lack of white people, poor education attainment by blacks.
    p.s “poor education opportunities”?- free meals while attending free K-12 schooling-that is a very, very rich education opportunity-it is the ‘inability’ to take advantage of the opportunity.

  • puffdaddy

    Maybe they ill just wipe themselves out…and then the yuppies (or whatever they are called these days) will “discover” Detroit and fix it up.

    • Non Humans

      That’s a nice thought, but no. Though, it does tie in with a theory that I have about the welfare sows and the, usually, 500 fatherless welfare chirrens under one section 8 roof.
      Ever notice how in nature that prey species usually have large numbers of young at birth and that few of them are ever expected to survive into adulthood? The higher birthrates help to offset the ones who don’t make it. Perhaps the the non-human instincts are equivalent to this, in that most young non-humans are not expected to survive past adolescence due to tribal warfare, high-velocity lead poisonings, stupidity, raaaycist diseases, etc,
      Haven’t really done any research on it, but I’ve given it a fair amount of consideration.

      • Rushton already has. He took the pre-existing r-K life history spectrum theory, developed to explain species differences, and applied them to racial differences.

      • mendells-selection

        prey species have eyes on the sides of their heads, just like so many blacks with the widely spaced, gollywog eyes, Jesse Jackson and oprah come immediately to mind

        • OlderWoman

          They come in all descriptions. I’m amazed looking at some of these ‘people’ thinking THESE can’t be human beings. Some look like animals on two legs. Then I think of the Curse of Ham.

  • David M

    Detroit is a zoo. “Do not feed the blacks.”

  • PesachPatriot

    homicide in detroit? I’m shocked, absolutely shocked I tell you. I thought that as soon as ebil rayciss whitey was driven out the bantus would be flying around building pyramids with their minds or something. What a hellhole…damascus syria is probably a nicer place to live. I don’t know how the cast of hardcore pawn puts up with it.

    • Non Humans

      I used to watch that show and The First 48 all the time. I’d like to see what the owner of HC Pawn calls them when the cameras are off. I couldn’t imagine putting up with that on a daily basis.
      I’m not sure, but I think that some of those shows were to explicitly showcase how bad the non-human problem actually is. IIRC, The First 48 stopped running in “Certain” cities because it was deemed to exploit the true nature of the savages.

  • While NYC murder rate is at the same level it was in 1963. Chicago, which only has a population of 2 million, has a higher rate than NYC which has 8 million. So far, Chicago just passed 500 while NYC murder victims are at 481.

    • TeutonicKnight67

      Great avatar Michael!

  • KenelmDigby

    “They are fighting like ferrets in a sack” – to quote an old English expression.

  • christopher mahoney

    “Poor education opportunities”. What, is the reporter insinuating that the Detroit public school system has a problem?

    • Non Humans

      You can lead a horse to water…

  • EndTimesComing

    Since it is blacks doing the reporting of these statistics, holding all the power as to city government, police, etc I question the numbers. I’d bet it’s at least twice that. They lie upward as to achievement scholastically, and lie downward as to crime stats. I’d bet on it.

  • odius liberal

    Keep up the good work Detriot.

  • Pelayo

    “Many reasons are given for the violence: Drugs, too many illegal guns on the streets, lack of jobs, poor education opportunities.”

    I taught for almost half a century. Nobody forced them into drugs, they don’t WANT jobs when they can suckle off the labors of others and there were PLENTY of opportunities for education that they eschewed in favor of “keepin’ it real” i.e. wandering the hallways when they were supposed to be in class, and when IN class made the teacher’s and the serious students’ ( Whites and Asians) lives miserable, skipping school entirely and getting arrested for theft, murder and rape. They’ve been milking the system at our expense for 60+ years.

    • Flossie

      Exactly. And frankly they seem to enjoy the mayhem. Have you ever seen the local news coverage of the latest ghetto outrage? Women shrieking and flinging themselves to the ground, hollering about “they babies” for the cameras. And don’t forget the “makeshift memorials” of sodden teddybears, tinfoil balloons and misspelled sentiments scrawled on cardboard. They enjoy it all. It adds interest and excitement to their lives.

      • Of course. They make huge public theatrics at the time of death. The memorial service itself might as well be a Broadway production. But after…it’s as if the dearly departed never existed. If the dearly departed is buried in a black O&O cemetery, there will never be any maintenance on the grounds, and hardly anyone will ever visit the grave site.

    • “Drugs”

      Easy as refusing to use the drugs. So easy that you’re required by law to do just that.

      “Illegal guns on the streets”

      Ditto. See an illegal gun, call 911. FGS, don’t want to put your fingerprints all over a gun that’s been used in God knows how many violent crimes.

      “Lack of jobs”

      Poverty doesn’t cause crime in as much as crime causes poverty. Even Barack Obama agrees with that.

      “Poor education opportunities”

      How good can education be when you’re working with a median 85 IQ at best standard deviation 15 population?

      I love the easy button.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    Detroit – an interesting study in civilizational collapse in microcosm. The shade of things to come.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Many reasons excuses are given for the violence: Drugs, too many illegal guns on the streets, lack of jobs, poor education opportunities.




    Every problem the African has is due to the existence of White people. If we did not exist, then they would have nothing to compare their lives with.

    Imagine African about 1400. No Whites. The Africans had no idea they were living like it was 50,000 BC. We came along and let them see a better way. From that day forward they have hated us and demanded to live with us.

    No Segregation No Peace.


    Remember folks, this is all because of UNIONS. If we didn’t have those damn unions insisting that American workers be paid more than Indonesian workers, Detroit would be a paradise.