Chicago Reaches 500 Homicides

WGN TV, December 28, 2012

Chicago has hit a dismal milestone. A late night shooting has marked the city’s 500th homicide for the year.

40-year-old Nathaniel Jackson was shot on the city’s West Side around 9 p.m Thursday. {snip}

Chicago Police say Jackson was shot in the head while standing outside a convenience store at Augusta Boulevard and Lavergne Avenue in the Austin Neighborhood.


The Chicago Police Dept released a statement disputing the number saying, “The Department’s official year to date 2012 murder total for the city of Chicago currently stands at 499, with one death investigation still pending classification.”


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  • The__Bobster

    Philly just hit 330. Come on, Bantus, I have faith in you. Hit the big 3-5-0.

    • John

      Sadly, 350, 500, or 5000 is just a drop in the bucket and still tens of millions too few if civilization is to be spared.

  • Non Humans

    Do we even need to comment?
    Is anyone anywhere (libtarded or not) at all surprised? I doubt it, whether they say it or not, they’re all thinking the same thing: “TNB”.
    At least non-human on non-human crime is akin to a public service.

  • Oil Can Harry

    Shame on the NRA for imposing their “gun culture” on previously nonviolent blacks, making them turn away from pacifism.

    And three cheers for Chicago police chief Garry McCarthy for telling blacks that they only committed violent crimes because of Sarah Palin and “institutionalized racism”. What a brilliant insight.

    • christopher mahoney

      Maybe 500 homicides was a goal for McCarthy’s 2012 performance review. Clearly the CPD ranks with CPS for excellence in urbanism.

    • Liberalsuck

      I’m confused. In the old days blacks were “barred from owning guns” as we were told, yet that was considered racist. Now, blacks have the freedom to own guns, but since they are killing each other ith them, we are told that is because of racism. Can’t win, can we? If we don’t let blacks do something, it’s racism. If we let them do something and they can’t be responsible with their freeoms, well that’s hardcore racism right there, too, buddy.

      • Luis

        With Bantus, you’re screwed if you do, and cornholed if you don’t.

        • The Worlds Scapegoat

          you mean “and dead if you don’t”

  • The mayor is a Democrat. Just imagine the flack and blame he would get if he were a “racist” Republican.

  • christopher mahoney

    I like Rahm, but his police chief is a complete disaster. NYPD has shown that who is the police chief has a direct impact on the number of people killed each year.

    • Triarius

      Rahm is the worst kind of person for white interests. He should be hanged for treason, that Israeli national.

      • Joseph

        Rahm “Never let a good crisis go to waste” Emanuel should be imprisoned or deported to that utopia, Israel, just for being the abrasive, neo-con jackass he is. This guy said straight up that handguns should be banned throughout the US, years ago.

    • Like Rahm? Why? You just said it yourself: Garry McPilgrim is HIS hand-picked supernintendo. Apples generally don’t roll far from the trees which produced them.

  • Joseph

    It seems to be a poorly functioning, self-imposed population limiting mechanism among blacks like lemmings drowning themselves periodically.

  • StillModerated

    In the new James Bond movie, Skyfall, the villain explains how to rid an island from rats. You can train them to eat other rats. A parable.

  • Luis

    This just in:

    Chicago has surpassed 500 homicides, for 2012, with 501 and counting, with two days still to go, according to the free rag, RedEye.

    The breakdown is as follows:

    Of the 501 deaths, 389 are Bantus. That’s around 77.6%

    There are 77 Hispanic-surnamed homicides, for a percentage of 15.4%

    The total for non-Hispanic whites is 32, or 6.4%

    Three Orientals were killed, or .6%

    So, 93% of the homicide victims were Bantus or Hispanics. That tracks with other big cities.

    The true numbers are even higher for Bantus and Hispanics, because the above figures do NOT include criminals shot by law enforcement.

    I thought Obama’s election in 2008 and 2012 re-election were supposed to correct all the Bantu ills.

    • Johnny Clay

      Obama’s election only empowered the violent Bantus.

      • Luis

        But Johnny, didn’t the MSM keep telling us over and over, that the election of Obama would herald the beginning of a “post-racial” America (whatever that is)?

  • PesachPatriot

    Doesn’t this technically make Chicago almost as dangerous as Damascus, Baghdad or Kandahar? 500 homicides in a year is basically war zone conditions…I wonder how this murder rate can be blamed on dead slave masters from 200 years ago when Illinois was a free state from the day it entered the US and some republican guy with a top hat and an ax came from there and ended slavery in this country.

    Maybe its Al Capone who has come back from beyond the grave to cause this crime spree…I think Chicago might be worse than Atlanta and Miami put together now.

    • Sailer noted yesterday that Chicago city proper alone has has more homicides in 2012 than America as a whole has had the fatal victims of mass flash-incident shootings since 1982.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    B-B-But it’s illegal to own guns in Chicago! That means there can’t be any gun crime! Criminals wouldn’t dare own guns illegally, would they?

  • shmo123

    I don’t live in Chicago, and have no reason to support Rahm one way or another. However I still think, based upon his performance as Obama’s lackey in the white house, that he’s a slippery little s***. That being said, it’s not his fault that the blacks and Hispanics in Chicago are killing themselves in such numbers. Hell, in 1991 there were 927 homicides; in 92′ there were 943 murders and I don’t seem to recall anyone raising a stink about it then. Seems that Rahm only has a “bad press” problem. He’s smart and a weasel–he should be able to spin this into something good.

    • Joseph

      But- it IS his fault that he fully supports disarming whites and always has.

  • Epiminondas

    “The Chicago Police Dept released a statement disputing the number saying, “The Department’s official year to date 2012 murder total for the city of Chicago currently stands at 499, with one death investigation still pending classification.””

    Well, heck. I was about to phone in my congratulations. I may have to wait another year.

  • secession imminent

    So black Chicago and Detroit murders at all times highs? Shouldn’t this be a call for celebration or is this reverse psychology? Didn’t most of the gangsters kill each other off on the west coast and same for the Mexican drug dealers?
    When will Red States split off anyway? Forget the Lindsey Graham idiot who is a homosexual anyway and should be sent to San Francisco blue state nation. Time to end this bad marriage isn’t it?

    Obama pretends to be a president over funny money he prints and borrows? What a joke.
    Split now …

  • shattered

    The second toughest gun laws in the nation have created a lot more crime. Disarming the law abiding citizens of Chicago simply allows the criminals to run rampant.