3 Teachers, Union Sue CPS, Allege Racial Bias

Jennifer Delgado, Chicago Tribune, December 27, 2012

Three Chicago Public Schools teachers who lost their jobs this year said in a lawsuit that the district’s process for “turnaround” schools is racially discriminatory because it targets West and South side campuses with a higher percentage of African-American teachers and staff.

The teachers, Donald L. Garrett Jr., Robert Green and Vivonell Brown Jr., are joined in the federal lawsuit filed Wednesday by the Chicago Teachers Union. The lawsuit asks for class-action status, saying the district discriminates against African-American teachers and paraprofessionals when it selects schools for “turnaround” based on performance, “resulting in the termination of all employees of the schools.”

The lawsuit said the percentage of African-Americans teaching in the district has declined from about 41 percent in 2000 to about 29 percent in 2011. That corresponds with the district’s “intentional actions, policies and practices to phase out, close, combine or reconstitute purportedly poor-performing schools,” the lawsuit said.

In February, the district designated 10 schools as “turnaround” and later fired 347 tenured teachers from those schools, along with staff, the lawsuit said.


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  • The lawsuit said the percentage of African-Americans teaching in the
    district has declined from about 41 percent in 2000 to about 29 percent
    in 2011.

    That’s because there are plenty of Can’t Teach for America social justice dingbats who are willing to be the hero who finally turns around that achievement gap (for half of what a regular unionized teacher is paid).

    Then they flame out after a semester.

    • falsedawn

      Yep, there’s never any shortage of “digbats.”

    • The__Bobster

      Just like the freshmen EOP students flamed out at my engineering school.

    • True. The Teach for America group gets paid the rate for entry level teachers. In the era of recent college graduates, not being able to get jobs, the starting pay around 35k to 40k is considered attractive.

  • The__Bobster

    The lawsuit asks for class-action status, saying the district
    discriminates against African-American teachers and paraprofessionals
    when it selects schools for “turnaround” based on performance,
    “resulting in the termination of all employees of the schools.”

    Setting high standards beez razzzist, nome sane?

  • bigone4u

    I am reminded of the old saying: When given lemons, make lemonade. Well, the teachers are certainly presented with more than a few lemons, I am sure. Their failure to magically create successful students is akin to being given an impossible job to do. I am guessing that the plan involves mixing the lemons in with more successful white children to boost overall results for a school. Probably no evidence that the lemons are made any better off, but you have to think that the whites are made worse off by the sour smell and taste imparted by the lemons.

    • Greg Thomas

      “Educating” mexico’s illegally imported lemons does not make the job any easier.

  • I think that most of these teachers in the inner city are those than no other school district would want. If they were good teachers, why is their school considered low performing? I realize that parents must be involved with the schools to make sure that their children are learning but if the teacher is there simply to babysit and not to teach? What else can you expect from them?

    • There’s only so much that parental involvement can accomplish. At some point, either the students can learn or they can’t. My own mother was only superficially involved in my school after the first semester of my freshman year of high school.

  • Diamond_Lil

    If the school is being reconstituted, all of the teachers are fired – even the White, Asian and Hispanic ones whether they are good teachers or not. If the firings disproportionately affect Black teachers, it’s only because not many White, Asians and Hispanics want to teach in majority Black schools. In addition to the student demographic, the Black majority schools are most often run by Black administrators who are typically very discriminatory toward non-Black teachers and staff. This case doesn’t rest on racial discrimination at all. The student population performs at a predominately MR level without the sunny and eager-to-learn disposition of classified MR students. Without cheating, the school is bound to fail. The big taboo is speaking the truth: these kids have absolutely interest or motivation to learn. School is just a place to score drugs. meet sex partners, disrupt the class and give the teacher problems at every opportunity. It is unlikely that the liberal judge that hears this case will consider reality. Instead, it is more likely that the judge will award a hefty sum to the plaintiffs and their attorneys, placing the cash burden on the remaining white taxpayers who are not involved and have no say in this issue at all.

    • This is why many schools districts such as Baltimore city, have recruited Filipino teachers to teach in their schools. It must have been culture shock for these teachers to have to babysit a bunch of students instead of teaching them.

  • Maurice

    I have a theory as to why Chicago’s south side has poorly
    performing schools relative to the national average. It has something to do
    with blacks being dumb.

    Could be wrong.

  • SmithandSmith

    Let them sue. I know they’ll get obama to give them a “bail-out” and he’ll give it too but eventually, the money’s gonna stop coming from China and then “We” can finally have some fun!

    As for the blacks, who would they blame if we were gone? The Jews because they look white? And then who? The asians ’cause they’re the lightest colored of the non-whites? I reckon it’ll be the light skinned blacks after that? And then who?

    • Non Humans

      They’ll “Invent” something to blame it on, like they always do. “Lawdy no deys can’t be held accountable! Dat would beez raycisd!!

      • SmithandSmith

        Hey now, they’re “Inventors” too!

        These “lawsuits” could all go away in one day. If they weren’t awarded anything, they’d never bother. I mean to say, the blacks know they weren’t discriminated against but they sue ’cause there is a very good chance they’ll win. What a shame it is that juries continue to allow them to profit.

    • Greg Thomas

      Yes…illegally invading mexicans do not suffer from White guilt the way many liberals do. The very invaders blacks have gleefully aligned with in order to displace
      Whites, will prove to be their nemesis. Most blacks are either too dense, or
      blinded by their hatred for Whites to see the light.

      • SmithandSmith

        You can say that again! And, the hispanics will absolutely slaughter the blacks. The blacks may be just as vicious but the hispanics are smarter so they’ll win.

        As for “guilt” part, I don’t understand why any White Person would take on the “sins” of another and especially, willfully ignore all the race based violence being committed against White People today.

        Blacks are dense. If they can’t see how the hispanics have driven them out of the very neighborhoods they drove us out of, they’re dense.

    • George

      If you want to see what it’ll look like, look at Haiti.

      • SmithandSmith

        Ah yes, the land of voodoo… And I just love the human sacrifices too!

        It just kills me that blacks actually believe they can run America or any other White Country, better than we can. Yup, just like those once, brand spankin’ new apartments buildings that we all now call “ghetto’s”, they sure know how to run things don’t they?

  • falsedawn

    I will say this. During the Jim Crow period, there were good black schools. Washington DC had Dunbar, H.S. which was considered a real good school. It was located in a black section of DC, but only a few of the students from close by went to Dunbar (there was an entrance exam). There were other blacks schools dotted across the south that did well also. But when integration came, these schools went by the wayside and everything came tumbling down. Another interesting thing people don’t know is down south, after integration, the vast majority of black teachers had to find other work. They couldn’t pass the state tests for teachng cirtificates. They’d been teachers because they were blacks teaching blacks. That’s one of the big things that brought on affirmative action. All standards in everything had to be lowered in order for them to enter the mainstream economy. At the time, we were told AA would only be a temporary measure until the oppressed blacks got up to speed. Here we are all these years later and no one is talking about nding it.

  • jay11

    C’mon guys! We know the drill. Black teachers sue a black district run by mostly black supervisors and leaders. Bring out the boogeyman of ‘racism.’ “There’s gotta be some evil white man behind the curtain somewheres!”
    Case goes to court. Lawyers get rich. Plaintiffs get millions and their jobs back – with back pay and promotions. Whites vilified. ‘Noble’ black plaintiffs elevated into civil rights ‘heroes.’ Mission accomplished.
    We have seen this pattern before in other venues also.
    Endgame: we lose.

    • The kids end up suffering in the end because they end up with bad teachers that cannot teach their way out of a paper bag.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    It wouldn’t matter if they had the best teachers in the world in those schools. The students are the problem. It’s just not possible to bring black students up to white educational achievement levels (at least, not as a group).

    Of course, those terrible teachers should still be fired. They’re just sucking money from the government to subsidize their own failure.

  • qwerty

    It’s not the fault of the teachers, actually. An entire legion of brilliant teachers, brought in from top-notch schools around the country, sill couldn’t make ghetto blacks do any better on tests. It really doesn’t matter who the teacher is when they have to deal with students who would rather jump around on desks and hip-hop dance in the hallways keepin’ it real, than sit still and learn for a change.

    • jay1

      “they have to deal with students who would rather jump around on desks and hip-hop dance in the hallways keepin’ it real.”
      * I have been a teacher for over ten years in urban areas, and this describes 99% of my black students to a “T”. About half my latino students are like this. I have only had one white student in all my years. He was the nicest, most intelligent young man. I have often wondered what it would be like to teach in an all-white school, like the one I went to as a kid. Now I got Shaquanda making outbursts EVERY FIVE SECONDS, DeQuan getting up and doing whatever the H*** he wants to AT WILL, Sharley throwing papers and Miranda catcalling all through the class – and those are the GOOD kids in the class! I ma not exxagerating on this folks.

  • prettycelticwarrior

    They should all have to pass a test and take an IQ test as well.

  • shattered

    Question #1: Can the teachers even pass a compentency test on the subjects they are supposed to be teaching?