California Goes Bankrupt Funding Racism

John Rocker, WND, December 17, 2012

Most people know that college campuses are the home-field turf of the radical left. What they don’t know is that their funds are going to support not just tomorrow’s version of Joe Biden, but radical activists who want to destroy this country.


Neil O’Brien is a conservative student activist at Fresno State University and is carved from the same mold I am. He doesn’t have time for pretenses and speaks the truth as he sees it without regard for whether or not it’s politically correct.

Neil became persona non grata among the far left-radicals at Fresno State after he exposed the student body president and outspoken Dream Act advocate Pedro Ramirez as an illegal alien.

Neil didn’t stop there.

Fresno State is home to an entire Chicano Studies Department that seems to be crawling with radical left-wing activists who think the American Southwest belongs to Mexico.

The department sponsors a newspaper called “La Voz de Aztlan,” which translates to the Voice of Atzlan. For those not in the know, Aztlan is a mythical homeland of the ancient Mayans. Radical Chicano nationalists use the name Aztlan to describe a future homeland that would be carved from parts of the American Southwest.

La Voz de Aztlan published a poem by a student named Luis Sanchez entitled “America.” The ironically titled poem is an anti-American diatribe that claims this country was “robbed by the white savage” and is the land of the “biggest genocide” and “glorified killers.”

Neil read the poem and, like any patriotic American, was upset. He tried to speak directly with two of the professors who are faculty advisers for La Voz de Aztlan, but they refused to comment to him about the poem. Obviously realizing there was no reasoning with people like this, Neil promptly left.

This is where it gets interesting.

A video Neil took captured the encounter. Neil is slightly more polite than I could have managed with individuals sanctioning hateful rhetoric like that.

The next thing Neil knew he was getting calls from the campus police who said the professors had filed harassment complaints against him.

Neil went to the police station and showed them the video. The authorities decided there was no basis for the harassment claims and cleared him of any wrongdoing.

This wasn’t good enough for the radicals at Fresno State, however. The professors filed a complaint with the school, and administrators summoned Neil to a disciplinary hearing to discuss the incident.

From what I’ve read, the hearing sounded like a dog-and-pony show to scold Neil and teach him a lesson. The administrators refused to allow him to bring in his lawyer and would not watch the video of the incident. {snip}

Neil was formally reprimanded with probation and restricted from going within 100 feet of the Chicano Studies Department or its professors. {snip}

Fortunately, Neil is filing a lawsuit against the professors and school administrators involved in this entire ordeal.

Think about it. These professors published a racially offensive poem, and when a student went to ask them about it, administrators charged him with harassment.

Remember, Fresno State is a public school, so the fine taxpayers of California are funding this drivel along with the individuals who advocate it. I guess the hardworking people of California can at least rest assured knowing that their state is going bankrupt to support racist anti-American activities on state college campuses.


At least when the history books are written about the former paradise known as California, Neil will know he wasn’t one of the sitters. And maybe, just maybe, his example will inspire others to stand up as well.

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  • I spent half of my childhood in that dump of a state. I have EARNED the right to badmouth California all I want. I was born in Texas, and nearly all of our bad neighborhoods are heavily dominated by the Democratic Party.
    To all of you californians who plan on leaving the formerly Golden State. leave the Democratic Party behind unless you plan on moving to New York.

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      Stats on the Democrats’ (and quisling Republican’s) success in transforming California into a “dump of a state”:

      California: 1960 percent non-Hispanic white: 92
      See 1960 Census data for California; scroll to Table 14:

      [Calculation: White population (14,455,230) divided by Total population (15,717,204) = 92 percent]

      California: 2011 percent non-Hispanic white: 39.7

      * * *

      Key victories in the federal government’s war on whites:

      1965 – Hart-Cellar Immigration Act opening U. S. to the globe as opposed to the previous policy which favored European nations as source countries.

      1982 – Plyler v. Doe, 5-4 decision ordering states to pay for K-12 schooling for illegals.

      1986 – Reagan-Democrat Congress amnesty of 3 million illegal aliens who promptly brought their families

      1995 – Proposition 187 (which would have curtailed benefits to illegal aliens) blocked by Jimmy Carter-appointed federal judge; incoming Democrat governor Gray Davis derailed the states’ appeal.

      1992, 2000, and 2008 – elections of increasingly open borders Clinton, Bush, Obama

      • Juri

        Before somebody starts claiming that everything is lost, I put one example from former Soviet Union. USSR runned also multiculti to create new human, called as “homo sovieticus”. After USSR collapsed , nationmixing was cancelled and reversed immidiately. Kasakhstan was 1989 only 39,7% kasakh, 20 years later already 63,1% and rising

        Similar process is going on in every former USSR Country.
        So it is possible to take your homeland back and reverse even serious ethnic changes.

        • Pelayo


          Finally a refreshing change. Thank you. I try to live by “If you think you’re going to be beaten, you already are.” The Russians are getting back their ethnic pride and there is no shortage of things of which to be proud, but unfortunately their birth rate is abysmally low as is ours.

          The Aztlán crowd are pathetic. They want to take back the SW and do what with it? Other than to make México a 100% larger Third World, impoverished, Country controlled by a shadow government of “Pandilleros” what’s their plan? Why don’t all these supposedly educated Chicanos return to México and use all their acquired talents to make IT a competitive country? (Rhetorical Question).

          They, with the help of the Mau Mau and self hating “progressive” Whites have destroyed one of the most beautiful states in the US.

          BTW that poem sucks. “Grandmothers burning their skirts to keep warm” . In which arm is this idiot shooting up? I wasn’t aware that women aren’t allowed to vote. Look up “cabrón” in the dictionary and you’ll find his picture there.

    • ageofknowledge

      I was born in Los Angeles and raised in right here in SoCal where I live today. Between 1985 and 2005 we gained 10 million poor immigrants and anchors. Only 150,000 ever filed a state income tax return but 7 million signed up for Medicaid. They took our public education from first in the nation to 3rd from the bottom despite more than twice as much spent per pupil in real dollars (that’s adjusting for inflation). At the same time 2.5 million middle-class and working-class citizen taxpayers left California (many for Texas) taking their taxes, socialization, value, etc… with them.

      Now the politicians who allowed it can’t figure out why there are problems. Many of them are still in public office. Those that replaced the ones that are not are no better unfortunately.

  • The__Bobster

    This is why Obongo keeps insisting that all our children need to go to college. He wants them all properly indoctrinated and in debt to the state.

    • dukem1

      California. It’s all over now but the shoutin’.

    • 5n4k33y35

      Good point. Sure glad I skipped college.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Not allowed within 100 feet of the “Chicano Studies Dept.” or it’s minions?

    Is that a punishment or a reward?

    • Chicano Studies? Sounds like an obvious oxymoron to me.

  • GB101

    A fine young man, and a brave one.

  • guest

    All these far-left policies just keep getting more and more expensive. And now the far-left in California are facing bankruptcy for funding their degenerate policies. Serves them right.
    It’s also a reason why it’s not worth going to college anymore. It’s no longer about getting a good education, it’s all about getting brainwashed by the radical leftists.

    • liberalsuck

      They shouldn’t be too surprised as more and more whites get tired of the BS in California and leave for whiter more conservative areas. let those areas who hate whites and who push liberalism go to the wayside. Take your money and resources with you and never look back.

  • So CAL Snowman

    Civil War 2 starts here!

  • F. Roger Devlin

    This story is by the same John Rocker who practically got drummed out of Major League Baseball when he asked about all the foreigners in New York: “How did they get in to this country?”

    • Greg Thomas

      He did get drummed out of Major League Baseball because he dared to speak the truth.

  • Germanacus

    I don’t want one thin dime of my tax money going to “Chicano Studies.” They should be teaching the history of Western civilization. Teach Chicano Studies in Mexico and African Studies in Africa.

    • Joseph

      It’s hard to teach where people can’t read. They have to teach it to whites and Asians in America.

  • IKantunderstand

    The “Golden State” has morphed into the”Golden Shower State”.

  • RHG

    I know it’s become tiresome and redundant to point out the hypocrisy and double standards when it comes to this kind of stuff, but of course we all know things would have been different if a white student had written such a poem and it was published in some kind of white separatist campus newspaper ( If there were ever such a thing) and promoted by white college professors.

  • storibund

    How long before Mexicans start declaring their own little nation-state inside California? And will anyone resist it?

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      As long as the taxpayer money keeps coming, Mexicans aren’t gonna do a darn thing to upset the gravy train. Why are Latin Americans the happiest people on earth? Because they get to raid the white man’s coffers.

    • liberalsuck

      I won’t resist, just as long as they aren’t getting my money anymore. They hate the white man? Fine, then they can fund their own “Atzlan” on their own dime and with their own thug, machismo soldiers.

    • T

      They already HAVE declared their little nation states EVERYWHERE in California!

    • Greg Thomas

      Have you been to Santa Ana, Montebello, Norwalk, etc? They already have and continue to do so…

  • StillModerated

    I fail to understand why Luis “dirty” Sanchez did not compose his masterpiece (bate) in Spanish. Maybe “Chicano Studies” classes are taught in Spanglish and Ebonics. I wonder if the hyper-sensitive lecturer gave him an A++++++++++.

    • dukem1

      That’s Ebonic.
      Sincerely, the grammar police.

  • potato78

    Tomorrow is doom day = fiscal cliff day on wall street.

    Merry Christmas!

    • liberlausck

      Well, I think I’m still alive. Unless it did end and I died, which means I am a ghost writing this to you. Oh well. Those ‘smart Mayans!’ (Sarcasm)

      • If one wants to think that there was any validity to this “Mayan calendar” nonsense at all, and that the end of it meant the end of the world, the world should have ended a long time ago, because the Mayan calendar actually ended a long time ago. Because the “great mathematical genius” Mayans, who are said to have invented the zero as a numerical placeholder (Edward James Olmos playing Jaime Escalante in a movie told us so), couldn’t figure out that the year didn’t contain exactly 365 days, which means compared to the real world where there are leap years, their calendar ran out quite some time ago. Caucasian civilizations, going back to ancient times, figured that out, and developed various methods to compensate for it, the generally adopted one being the leap year (one every four years had 366 days, meaning a 365.25 day per year average over four-year cycles). But even by the time of early modern Europe, thanks to the way sunlight entered deliberate incisions in the Vatican and the centuries long date drift therein, the learned men of early modern Europe (remember, the Mayans were still kicking then, and Dinesh D’Souza implies that western Africa was superior to western Europe at about this time), knew that 365.25 days/year wasn’t even accurate. So, mulling over numbers, they decided on a new calendar, which we now know as Gregorian, starting in 1582. Ten days were skipped over in an instant, and Instead of every fourth year being a leap year, the years that both end in double zero and are not divisible by 400 would not be leap years, when they otherwise would be. This means a 365.2425 day per year average over a 400-year cycle. The modern figure is 365.24239878 days/year, which means the Gregorian calendar is good for about 3,300 years, so in about 2,900 years, we’ll have to make another adjustment, either a leap year won’t be or a non-leap year will be.

        My point is, the Mayans were still stuck on a whole number figure at the time when white Europe fine tuned it to only slightly more than 0.0001 days/year accuracy as it turned out. What Dinesh D’Souza’s “superior” western Africans were doing or thinking in 1582? Who knows.

  • John Doeman

    Does anyone else see the bright side of “Chicano Studies Departments”? Not only does it keep “chicanos” out of serious departments of study and hence out of the job market (what good is a degree in chicano studies going to do them?) but it has the double benefit of fostering their separatist mentality. If we’re honest, isn’t allowing them their own separate nation preferable to assimilation?

    • Greg Thomas

      All the anchor babies with degrees in chicano studies, end up going to work for the State of California, distributing our tax dollars to their illegal invading raza. I’ve seen plenty of them….

    • Pelayo

      No screw them. California is ours. As senator Hayakawa once said, ” We stole it fair and square” and it’s good that we did. Otherwise it would just be another dirt poor piece of dirt poor México.

      • jay11

        No, we didn’t steal it. We paid ten million dollars for the Southwest, which in those days would have been BILLIONS of dollars.

  • APaige

    I wrote a poem-‘Aztlan’
    Aztlan the never was land.
    The place of sacrificed humans.
    ohh the pain they would feel
    the place that never invented the wheel.
    Aztlan the truth will never hide
    There is no good reason for brown pride.

  • k8

    Good man! The world needs more young men who won’t back down from these underhanded intimidation tactics.

  • Joe Webb

    I just discovered that San Diego State College (?) has named its footgall team, the Aztecs.

    When victorious, they cut out the living heart of the losing team’s quarterback. Joe

    • mobilebay

      This is San Diego State University. My grandson graduated from this school a year ago at this time. We won’t see him this Christmas because he’ll be moving during the holidays. Sorry not to see him but glad he getting out of California.

    • Pelayo

      Did they build a pyramid for the ceremony?

  • Chicanos, or whatever they call themselves, may be the undoing of America. But long-term, they may be a blessing in disguise. If not for them, blacks would have a monopoly on being the “victim” (AKA the only powerful non-white minority). But, chicanos will force a recognition of plurality (AKA we do not all fit into one of two categories, oppressors and oppressed). In the end, their presence in large numbers may bring about a larger white racial awareness. Eventually, the Democrat Party will not be big enough for both blacks and chicanos. It will have to split along racial lines, and then people will ask, “where’s the party for whites?”


      I disagree.

      Blacks will follow who ever feeds them. If the Mexicans take over the Dem. party, the Blacks will follow as long as the Mexicans provide welfare and access to white women.

      Hispanics may try to take over the Republican Party. The lighter skin ones. The Darker ones will go to the Democrats.

      Whites will be marginalized since only about 50% will ever vote racists, as we should. There are just too many loving whites who will side with those who hate us.

      The Blacks don’t run their own political groups. They never have and never will. They, as a group, are too stupid and since the inception of the NAACP, others have funded them and led them. So, they will not mind being led by the Mexicans.

      Please, don’t ask who started, funded and guides the present Black organizations

      • josh

        I think we ALL know that one.But we must pretend thatw e dont.

      • libsuck

        The blacks will follow whites, but they are scared of Mexicans. They will terrorize and leech off the only race of people dumb enough to take care of them (whites), yet claim they want to unite with the other races (Asians, Hispanics, Middle Easterners) who hate blacks and want nothing to do with them. I am more mad at the majority of whites who allow these people onto our turf.

    • i am

      ” If not for them, blacks would have a monopoly on being the “victim””

      Blacks are amateurs in the victim business compared to your people.

    • Too simplistic. Many, too many Whites are irreparably dumbed into White guilt trip. If anything, Whites have to be pro-active, they have to affirm their Western (in the broadest sense, including Lebanese Christians, Jews, Armenians, Assyrian Christians,..) ethno-cultural identity. As Ben Franklin put it: If we don’t hang together, we’ll hang separately.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    President Welty’s Diversity Statement hypocritically rants:

    The University must be safe and inclusive, and we do not tolerate any form of harassment, discrimination, or intimidation, as prohibited by University policy and state and federal civil rights laws.

    Unless you’re White, conservative and your name is Neil O’Brien or John Rocker, right comrade?

    Why don’t YOU explain to us why FIRE has given your institution a speech code rating of Red and why you allow designated “Free Speech Zones” in defiance of the First Amendment?

    What do you care? You are a useful idiot, on a sinking ship, playing your role in New “DIEverse” Kalifornia. Enjoy the ride, it won’t last much longer!!


  • Guest

    Look on the bright side, that fault line can’t hold out forever.

    • shattered

      Actually it can because it’s not like Japan where you have faults sitting on each other but our faults just grind against each other… for millennial. The land isn’t going to break off and float away.

  • mobilebay

    My hat’s off to Neil O’Brien. If only our government had a few patriots like this young man.


    (I changed my name again from Observer, to White Dawn (from the movie Red Dawn) to White Horse (A White Leader based on a Mormon story), to White Racist Pig since that is what I am )

    Now to my post: So why is there absolutely NO White organization to come to his aid?

    Nothing bothers me more than the fact that we Whites have no organization. Not one. Who is stopping those of us who want one? Are there no White Men who are making an attempt? Are there no White Men with any money to fund it?

    What the f is wrong with us?

    • Which White organization ? With funding, lawyers, media clout,…? No such thing. So, the logical conclusion would be: it’s about time to found such an organization. Say, EAS (Euro-American Society).

    • TheTRUTH

      There are White organizations. Quite a few of them and they are very powerful. For example, the ACLU.

      Our own people were, is, and will be, our biggest downfall.

    • Tina

      Start a group with those you know are on your side. Even if it’s just two people. Then look for people on these sites, ask them if they live close to you, etc.

  • currahee1911

    They want to play but refuse to pay. They love their cushy ratnests.
    When the hot light of inquiry is cast upon them, they scurry and hide.
    They squeak at the cringing liberal admnistration.
    They have ruined the state of California.

    It is time to fight.
    We will win.

  • More Whites NEED to challenge the agenda, supported by the State and Federal governments, to demean, oppress and encourage hate and violence against Whites by illegals and minorities.

    Failure to challenge and fight against this attitude, behavior and agenda of ‘retribution, punishment and payback’ by minorities against Whites, it’s only a matter of time before targeted violence and death is endorsed–look at South Africa.

    I hope Neil’s suit teaches the California State Higher Education a very expensive lesson–but, then again, with liberal, White-hating judges, it might not happen.

    In the end, it’s NEVER about equality–but, payback, retribution and punishment….and ultimately elimination.

  • rockman

    When I went to Fresberg State the La Raza studies dept was going to get its funding cut. While registering for classes I noted mexicans standing around who were out of place. the next day the incoming freshmen were attacked by Mexicans with iron pipes. They put young girls in the hospital to force the money to be reinstated for La Raza studies. It was. the campus police a 5 min walk away did not come. the city police took half an hour to get there. the girls put in the hospital were white by the way

  • josh

    Why do these dumb ass mexicans want their own country?????? Wouldnt they just have to leave their stupid assed Aztlan and go to America again? “And who is going to PAY for this sewer Aztlan? The mexicans???

  • cynthia curran

    Copper I lived in many years in Orange County, Orange County and San Diego didn’t have many liberalas about 20 year ago.. Reagan’a amensty and Kennedy’s immirgation changed them to more liberal. La and the Bay area were liberal for a long time.. In fact, believe it or not Santa Clara a very libreal county voted for reagan over Carter in 1980. That’ shows that immirgation drove the conservative whites out and kept the liberal whites in California. Repubs and Tea Party should blame Reagan to George W Bush for the changes that happen in Riverside, Orange and San Diego.

  • Keen Observer

    The real problem is the moral rot in white society; in fact, other races distract whites from killing each other over the culture war.

  • jay11

    You would not believe how many white, liberal neo-communists I know who are pro-latino in all its formas and manifestations. The organization called Make the Road is a ‘latino advocacy group’ that has lots of white members who are mesmerized by the food, colorful clothes and music of the latinos, so much so that they want more of them and want to become one with them. Those kinds of whites do a lot of damage to America.