Posted on December 20, 2012

California Goes Bankrupt Funding Racism

John Rocker, WND, December 17, 2012

Most people know that college campuses are the home-field turf of the radical left. What they don’t know is that their funds are going to support not just tomorrow’s version of Joe Biden, but radical activists who want to destroy this country.


Neil O’Brien is a conservative student activist at Fresno State University and is carved from the same mold I am. He doesn’t have time for pretenses and speaks the truth as he sees it without regard for whether or not it’s politically correct.

Neil became persona non grata among the far left-radicals at Fresno State after he exposed the student body president and outspoken Dream Act advocate Pedro Ramirez as an illegal alien.

Neil didn’t stop there.

Fresno State is home to an entire Chicano Studies Department that seems to be crawling with radical left-wing activists who think the American Southwest belongs to Mexico.

The department sponsors a newspaper called “La Voz de Aztlan,” which translates to the Voice of Atzlan. For those not in the know, Aztlan is a mythical homeland of the ancient Mayans. Radical Chicano nationalists use the name Aztlan to describe a future homeland that would be carved from parts of the American Southwest.

La Voz de Aztlan published a poem by a student named Luis Sanchez entitled “America.” The ironically titled poem is an anti-American diatribe that claims this country was “robbed by the white savage” and is the land of the “biggest genocide” and “glorified killers.”

Neil read the poem and, like any patriotic American, was upset. He tried to speak directly with two of the professors who are faculty advisers for La Voz de Aztlan, but they refused to comment to him about the poem. Obviously realizing there was no reasoning with people like this, Neil promptly left.

This is where it gets interesting.

A video Neil took captured the encounter. Neil is slightly more polite than I could have managed with individuals sanctioning hateful rhetoric like that.

The next thing Neil knew he was getting calls from the campus police who said the professors had filed harassment complaints against him.

Neil went to the police station and showed them the video. The authorities decided there was no basis for the harassment claims and cleared him of any wrongdoing.

This wasn’t good enough for the radicals at Fresno State, however. The professors filed a complaint with the school, and administrators summoned Neil to a disciplinary hearing to discuss the incident.

From what I’ve read, the hearing sounded like a dog-and-pony show to scold Neil and teach him a lesson. The administrators refused to allow him to bring in his lawyer and would not watch the video of the incident. {snip}

Neil was formally reprimanded with probation and restricted from going within 100 feet of the Chicano Studies Department or its professors. {snip}

Fortunately, Neil is filing a lawsuit against the professors and school administrators involved in this entire ordeal.

Think about it. These professors published a racially offensive poem, and when a student went to ask them about it, administrators charged him with harassment.

Remember, Fresno State is a public school, so the fine taxpayers of California are funding this drivel along with the individuals who advocate it. I guess the hardworking people of California can at least rest assured knowing that their state is going bankrupt to support racist anti-American activities on state college campuses.


At least when the history books are written about the former paradise known as California, Neil will know he wasn’t one of the sitters. And maybe, just maybe, his example will inspire others to stand up as well.