White House Website Deluged with Secession Petitions from 20 States

David Martosko, Daily Caller, November 11, 2012

How would Old Glory look with 30 stars instead of 50? As far-fetched as it may sound, the White House might soon be forced by its own rules to examine the question.

On Nov.7, the day after President Barack Obama was re-elected, the White House’s website received a petition asking the administration to allow Louisiana to secede.

If 25,000 people sign the petition by Dec. 7, it will “require a response” from the Obama administration, according to published rules of the White House’s online “We the People” program.

The Louisiana petition has collected more than 12,300 signatures in four days. A separate effort from Texas has 15,400 supporters.

Similar petitions from 18 other states began arriving Nov. 9, bringing the total—for the moment—to 20.

The White House website publicly displays petitions that have attracted at least 150 signers.


Other than Louisiana and Texas, states with secession-related petitions pending on the White House website now include AlabamaArkansasColoradoFloridaGeorgiaIndianaKentuckyMichiganMississippiMissouri, MontanaNew JerseyNew YorkNorth CarolinaNorth DakotaOregonSouth Carolina and Tennessee.

Three states — GeorgiaMissouri and South Carolina are each represented by two competing petitions.


The petitions that followed those from Louisiana and Texas have attracted between 300 and 4,000. Their chances to land on a White House staffer’s desk, probably for a polite guffaw, will expire between Dec. 9 and Dec. 11.

The White House did not respond to emails seeking comment.

[Editor’s Note: Petitions for secession can be seen and signed here. You must register at the White House site in order to sign a petition, but it can be done quickly. You need not be a resident of a state to sign it’s petition.]

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  • JohnEngelman

    Would this be happening if Barack Obama, following the identical policies, was a white man? 

    • Tarczan

      If Obama was a white man, would he be doing what he is doing?

      • ed91

         if he were a white man, he would have been exposed as a fraud back in the community organizing days.

        • JohnEngelman

          How is he a fraud? Be specific. 

          • mauser98

            consider this partial list of fraud , lies & coverup
            1) Marriage license between Obama’s father (Barak Sr.) and mother (Stanley Ann Dunham)— not found, not released

            2) Obama’s baptism records — sealed

            3) Obama’s adoption records — sealed

            4) Records of Obama’s and his mother’s reptriation as US citizens on return from Indonesia — not found, not released

            5) Name change (Barry Sotero to Barack Hussein Obama) records — not found, not released

            6) Noelani Elementary School (Hawaii)— not released

            7) Punahou School financial aid or school records — not released

            8) Occidental College financial aid records — not released.(These
            records were, however, subpoenaed but Obama lawyers succeeded in
            quashing the subpoena in court. No other Occidental records have been

            9) Columbia College records — not released

            10) Columbia senior thesis — not released

            11) Harvard Law School records (not mentioned below, but not released)

            12) Obama’s law client list — sealed
            13) Obama’s files from career as an Illinois State Senator — sealed
            14) Obama’s record with Illinois State Bar Association — sealed
            15) Obama’s medical records — not released
            16) Obama’s passport records — not released

          • JohnEngelman

            There is no serious reason to doubt the President’s birth place. I agree that he has not released his academic records. I doubt many other presidential candidates have done that. 


            There is a lot of work to be done.  We need to call for a Second Continental Congress to debate the merits and ideas of a separate new Republic.  It will be done because it must be done.  Half of us have dreams, desires, and plans.  The other half has dreams, desires, and plans.  We cannot live together as one nation anymore because that would be a lie.  Doing so would result in one half killing off the other half.  Communists cannot tolerate opposition.  The USSR broke up into 15 separate Republics without blood shed.  Obama the fraud and his fraudulent election will be the last leader of the United States no matter what his color.

          • Alfred the Great

            The first step is for the Greatest State of Texas to elect a truly Liberty minded governor in 2014. Then this governor can petiton for the redress of grievances, go to the courts, and, if none of that works, prepare Founding Era based constitutional arguments for secession and present them to Washington. All the while, working with other like-minded States and their governors to join us.

          • Dr.James

            Real name Barry Soetoro,  the
            Marxist/ Moslem  agent from Kenya.
            An empty suit.
            A man with no birth certificate.
            A man who was deserted in childhood by his biological father.
            A man whose birth records, both in the United States and Kenya, are sealed by
            government order.
            A man whose childhood mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, spied on U.S. military
            installations in Hawaii for the Soviet Union, edited a communist newspaper,
            authored pornographic novels, and wrote poetry in praise of Joseph Stalin.
            A man mentored by and still supported by radical Muslims.
            A man who promised transparency in government, but has spent over a million
            dollars in legal fees hiding information that would determine his eligibility
            to be President.
            A former drug user.
            A man whose academic records are sealed from kindergarten through law school.
            A man who arrived in New York in June of 1981 without enough money to get a
            hotel room, but one month later flew to Indonesia and Pakistan.
            Why did he go?
            Who paid his expenses?
            A man who traveled to Pakistan when it was illegal for U.S. citizens to do so.
            So what country’s passport did he use?
            A man whose Law School Admission Test scores and grades at Columbia University
            are known to have been mediocre, but was admitted to Harvard Law School through
            the intervention of a Saudi named Khalid al-Mansour.
            A law review editor who never published an article in any law review.
            A lawyer with no significant accomplishments in the law and no reputation in
            the legal community.
            A former State and U.S. Senator, who never authored a piece of legislation.
            A disciple of the Marxist Saul Alinsky.

          • Indiana Guy

            There is every reason to doubt obsammas claim of being born in the US. There is every reason to believe this election was rigged.

          • There are many more records but one more is also very curious, the Selective Service records. If examimed properly, they too would indicate an additional fraud.

          • TheCogitator

            For one thing he is not a “natural born” citizen. To be a natural born citizen, a person must have two citizen parents. Obama’s father was born in Kenya. So it really makes no difference whether he was born in Kenya or Hawaii. Of course if he were born in Kenya, he would not even be a citizen.

          • Alexandra

            Thing is there’s evidence that his real father was Frank Marshall Davis. 

            Kind of muddies things up a bit, doesn’t it?

          • Anan7

             Without mentioning race, he is a bad president because:

            1) Shoving the Affordable Care Act down our throats very much against our will.
            2) $800 billion spent on a stimulus that did NOTHING but create more debt.
            3)  Sending military forces overseas without a declaration of war.  However, BHO is not special in this case.  If memory serves, every president since Truman has done so.
            4) Pushing through the UN Arms Trade Treaty.
            5) Leaving the borders wide open for Mexicans to invade.  No they didn’t use their military, they are colonizing us and he doesn’t do anything about it.
            6) Fast and Furious.  He should at least have gotten impeached for it.

            This list is not complete.

          • ed91

             that is the stupidest post I have ever seen..

            you da man engleman

      • IstvanIN

        He is just following the Bill Clinton/George Bush script.

      • JohnEngelman

        Of course. The most radical thing he has done is to introduce a health care plan virtually identical to the one Mitt Romney introduced in Massachusetts. 
        The Washington Post August 27, 2012 
        As of July, Obama deported 1.4 million illegal immigrants since the beginning of his administration — that’s 1.5 timesmore immigrants on average than Bushdeported every month, according to official numbers from the Department of Homeland Security*. But that’s only part of Obama’s deportation strategy: The administration’s stated goal is to prioritize the deportation of criminal, dangerous illegal immigrants. And it’s promised to make a new program called Secure Communities mandatory by 2013, which would force local law enforcement to share fingerprints of those arrested with the Department of Homeland Security, which has immigration records, through the FBI.

        • Would you quit posting that garbage from the Compost? I’ve debunked it many times, yet you keep on doing it.

          The fact is that Obongo’s numbers are trumped up and he has an administrative amnesty in place right now.

          • JohnEngelman

            When have you debunked anything printed in The Washington Post? It is one of the most prestiguous newspapers in the English language.
            By contrast, FOX News won a lawsuit protecting its right to lie. Rush Limbaugh has built a career telling his dittoheads lies they want to believe.

          • Pecosbill

             What lies did Rush tell?  Give examples.

          • JohnEngelman

             What lies did Rush tell?  Give examples.
             – Pecosbill       
            ———————— LIMBAUGH: “Don’t let the liberals deceive you into believing that a decade of sustained growth without inflation in America [in the ’80s] resulted in a bigger gap between the haves and the have-nots. Figures compiled by the Congressional Budget Office dispel that myth.” (Ought to Be, p. 70) 

            REALITY: CBO figures do nothing of the sort. Its numbers for after-tax incomes show that in 1980, the richest fifth of our country had eight times the income of the poorest fifth. By 1989, the ratio was more than 20 to one. 

            LIMBAUGH: Comparing the 1950s with the present: “And I might point out that poverty and economic disparities between the lower and upper classes were greater during the former period.” (Told You So, p. 84) 

            REALITY: Income inequality, as measured by the U.S. Census Bureau, fell from the 1940s to the late 1960s, and then began rising. Inequality surpassed the 1950 level in 1982 and rose steadily to all-time highs in 1992. (Census Bureau’s “Money Income of Households, Families and Persons in the United States”)  
            LIMBAUGH: “The poorest people in America are better off than the mainstream families of Europe.” (Radio show, quoted in FRQ, Spring/93) REALITY: Huh? The average cash income of the poorest 20 percent of Americans is $5,226; the average cash income of four major European nations–Germany, France, United Kingdom and Italy–is $19,708. LIMBAUGH: “It has not been proven that nicotine is addictive, the same with cigarettes causing emphysema [and other diseases].” (Radio show, 4/29/94) 

            REALITY: Nicotine’s addictiveness has been reported in medical literature since the turn of the century. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop’s 1988 report on nicotine addiction left no doubts on the subject; “Today the scientific base linking smoking to a number of chronic diseases is overwhelming, with a total of 50,000 studies from dozens of countries,” states Encyclopedia Britannica’s 1987 “Medical and Health Annual.”  LIMBAUGH: “Most Canadian physicians who are themselves in need of surgery, for example, scurry across the border to get it done right: the American way. They have found, through experience, that state medical care is too expensive, too slow and inefficient, and, most important, it doesn’t provide adequate care for most people.” (Told You So, p. 153) REALITY: “Mr. Limbaugh’s claim simply isn’t true,” says Dr. Hugh Scully, chair of the Canadian Medical Association’s Council on Healing and Finance. “The vast majority of Canadians, including physicians, receive their care here in Canada. Those few Canadians who receive health care in the U.S. most often do because they have winter homes in the States–like Arizona and Florida–and have emergent health problems there.” Medical care in Canada is hardly “too expensive”; it’s provided free and covered by taxes.           LIMBAUGH: “If you have any doubts about the status of American health care, just compare it with that in other industrialized nations.” (Told You So, p. 153) REALITY: The United States ranks 19th in life expectancy and 20th in infant mortality among 23 industrialized nations, according to the CIA’s 1993 World Fact Book. The U.S. also has the lowest health care satisfaction rate (11 percent) of the 10 largest industrialized nations (Health Affairs, vol. 9, no. 2). 

          • NYB

            The growth of the income gap corresponds to rising immigration.

            When my father was employed as an engineer in the 1970’s, our household income did not lift us very much higher than our less educated blue-collar neighbors.

            After 40 years of open borders, the gap today between the white collars and the shop floor is pronounced, because of cheap immigrant labour driving down wages.

          • amren-friend

            Thr Wasington Post has always been considered to be one of the most left-leaningest of any major “American” newspaper for a long time now.  How do you suppose that its rival, the Washington Times, owned by the “Reverend” Sun Young Moon, came to compete against it?  Mr. Engleman, I have read many of your posts, and I have a strong feeling that you are no friend of this website.  In fact, are you a sympathizer with Jared Taylor’s sworn enemies at the SPLC and the ADL?

          • WR_the_elder

             I am no fan of Faux News or Rush Limbaugh.  I don’t like war mongers.  That’s one of the reasons I don’t like Obama, as he is merely George W. Bush lite on foreign policy.  Of course Romney would not have been an improvement.  Some years back the Washington Post printed an article depicting Hannibal as a black man.  He was not.  He was part of the Carthaginian elite, who were of Phoenician origin, a Semitic people.  On any matter relating to race you can be certain that the Washington Post, along with the New York Times, will give you one long series of lies and misdirections.

          • JohnEngelman

            I have posted a number of criticisms of the Southern Poverty Law Center.
            I support the Anti-Defamation League. 
            The Washington Post makes a profit. The Washington Times never has, and has required subsidization. 

          • JohnEngelman


            A number of years ago I read an article in The New York Times that said that liberals do not like to read criticisms of blacks and homosexuals, even if they are true.
            The New York Times rarely prints such criticisms. Nevertheless, there is a difference between not saying something and lying about it.


            A system of government that would permit someone like Obama to  become the leader does not have any safeguards is broken and cannot be repaired.  

          • John Bonham

             LMAO .. Next you’ll be telling us that The New York Times is running second as most prestigious.. BTW why bring Fox or Rush into the conversation, who even listens to them ?

          • Indiana Guy

            Dude, it is easy to debunk everything you say, it is all pure dialectic, and the game in dialectic is to keep asserting nonsense even when it gets debunked, in order to cause the other person aggravation. You are just a marxist with nothing better to do with your life than to bother people. You are just a miserable person.

          • That is all Engleman has, time worn debunked leftist nonsense. BTW the WAPO is on the verge of bankruptcy, something you won’t read in the WAPO.

          • Tucker

             Remember, fellow White brothers and sisters.  Make a note of this.   John Engelman and every member of his family will NOT be granted residency in the new, exclusively White Ethnostate.

            In fact, a picture of him and his family will be tacked to the bulletin board down at the White Ethnostate border patrol and security office and at each shift change of border patrol guards, those photographs will be passed around in order to refresh the memories of each agent as to who to keep an eye out for.

          • Indiana Guy

            he is a marxist Jew, Everything he spews is dialectic. 

        • Smeagol2

          I highly doubt Romney’s health care plan in Massachussetts was even half as loaded with affirmative action provisions as Obamacare is.  Obamacare promises substantial monetary grants to institutions with a “proven record” of training minority healthcare professionals.   That includes doctors, podiatrists, dentists, etc.  Everything.  Even though most schools were already practicing affirmative action, now there are financial incentives to do so. Also, hospitals and healthcare providers will face big fines for recurring inequalities of outcome.   So if hospitals are unable to do away with inequalities, despite their best efforts, would it really be so inconceivable for them let a few white people die to even the outcomes, in order to save themselves from having to pay large fines?  I won’t speculate on whether it will actually happen, but the incentive is now there.  But if you don’t consider these kinds of things radical, then by all means continue to support the Bantu.

          • Indiana Guy

            Just ignore him. you don’t have to answer his dialectic. It is a game he is playing, you win when you ignore him.

        • HKwills

           Washington Post: Jewish owned and operated. Your tribe has been expelled or worse from at least 7 countries. Trying for number 8 ?

          • JohnEngelman

            Jews who fled Germany and Eastern Europe because of the Nazis helped the United States develop the atomic bomb.
            The average IQ for Azhkenazi Jews is 112. A country cannot have too many intelligent people. Countries that expel the Jews pay the price. 
            The reason the Jews are so prominent in the United States is because they are so intelligent. 

          • HKwills

             Intelligence and Veracity – not to mention loyalty – are independent variables. Being amoral, evolution only rewards success.

            Their prominence owes as much to ethnic networking – see Dr. McDonald – The Culture of Critique.

          • nathan wartooth

            This is why the Jews control everything and why the US is busy spending trillions fighting wars for Israel. 

            You can’t have a group that is a standard deviation above other groups because they will end up owning everything. 

            Jews already have a homeland, Israel. They are free of White people there. We need a White homeland for the Whites. 

          • Thepaulieboy

            Yeah, and then they gave atomic secrets to the Soviets, 11 of the 12 convicted were khazars. The Germans would have had the atomic bomb first if they could have exported enough heavy water from Norway.

          • Nice try, but you conveniently forget that Whites not only defeated the Nazis without the atomic bomb, but also helped and allowed the jews to flee to White America in the first place, ok ?

            Don’t come here bragging about ashkenazi jews when their existence, nationhood and freedom are all owed to Whites ever since the end of WW2.

            Moreover, your fellow jews did not found the US and the Western World . The language, culture and the overwhelming majority of today’s science and technology , you know like that computer and Internet, you’re using to project your inferiority complex here, are WHITE and not jewish.

            Like your beloved mongols, ashkenazi jews are as “intelligent” as the White man provides them the environment, resources, and rights to use their IQ.

            I know it, you know it and everybody else knows it no matter how much you keep trying…

          • Indiana Guy

            Germany did quite well after the war. Without Jews it had an economic miracle. Poland, which once had a third of it’s population as Jews, is better off now than it was before WWII. The rest can be said of much of Eastern Europe. Jews are not necessary at all for a country to do well. Israel’s future doesn’t look so good, and it is a Jewish state.

          • Indiana Guy

            The Jews were living at the top of Moorish Spanish society. Look what happened to them when the Christians reconquered Spain. Spain then went on to have a worldwide empire. It’s decline had nothing to do with hostility towards the Jews, the Jews were expelled before the empire grew to a great height.The Jews always seem to be treacherous to non jews, and prosper for awhile, but just for awhile. They never survive when the people have had enough of them. History will repeat itself. The holocaust, followed the HOLODOMOR, where 10 million Ukrainian Christians were murdered by a Jewish Bolshevik state and it’s agents. The jews have corrupted america and put this man in office. They wont survive when Americans rise up. You can play dialectic games all day, it will not save you from your fate.

          • Thepaulieboy

            just 8?LOL They have been run out of every country they have cursed with their presence. Why is it asked what is wrong with every culture that they hate jews rather than what is is about the jews that makes them hated everywhere in which they have existed?

          • Tucker

             Expulsion requires the existence of a nation from which the expulsion can occur.   

            The geographical territory that once comprised a nation called ‘America’ is no longer a nation, and it was John  Engelman’s tribe who destroyed it.   

            Along with assistance, of course, from a few generations of elitist White race traitor families – the Kennedy’s, the Bush’s, the Clintons, the McCains, Lindsay Graham (no family here; one must be heterosexual to reproduce) and the rest of the current treasonous white ‘leadership’ of the GOP and Democrat Parties. 

            Realistically, HKwills – a study of history will reveal that the nations which did not react soon enough and issue exit visas for
            these nation wreckers will find themselves on the list of nations which were destroyed by them.    Unfortunately, that is the list where our old America now sits.

            Thus, expulsion this time around will be have to be confined to our new White Ethnostate.   

        • Beloved Comrade

          yes I did – approve trillions in bankster bailoutsyes I did – put lobbyists in top jobs at the White Houseyes I did – allow airport xraying and groping of women, children and seniorsyes I did – allow  unemployment to surge sky highyes I did – allow massive bank foreclosures on people’s homesyes I did – keep  Guantamo open and allow torture to continueyes I did – support Israel’s Palestinian  holocaustyes I did – expand  a murderous international  drone war of  terroryes I did – continue bombing and  robbing  the  people of Iraqyes I did – continue bombing and  robbing  the people of Aghanistanyes I did – illegally bomb Libya without the consent of Congressyes I did – COVERTLY bomb Syriayes I did – impose crippling sanctions on  the people of Iran yes I did – accept the Nobel Peace Prizeyes I did – sign the NDAA and turn America into a police stateyes I did – create a  socialist healthcare/RFID programyes I did – fake the capture and killing of Bin Ladenyes I did – create a kill listYes I did – plunge the global financial marketsyes I did – fake green energy programs like Solyndra

          • snow white

            yes I did – illegally grant amnesty to hundreds of thousands of undocumented future democrats (surprised you didnt to mention this crown jewel)

        • John Bonham

          After mauser98 post I’m supposed to just believe anything you wrote here, eh?  I wouldn’t count on homeland security data for the life of me. Pppfft !! I wasn’t born yesterday …

        • Jaeger717

          It’s either of case of you being too stupid to see what’s happening or you like what’s happening.  Hard to tell with die hard obamabots like yourself.

        • “As of July, Obama deported 1.4 million illegal immigrants since the beginning of his administration — that’s 1.5 timesmore immigrants on average than Bushdeported every month…”

          This is not true and has as its basis false information provided by the obama administration. It has been exposed here several times as a poster has told you. You know that therefore you have lied. You are a liar but more than likely a troll. The Huff Post is more your speed. There you can discuss the latest crop of marijuana to available.

          • JohnEngelman

            Ran Kelvin,       
                         It is impossible to reason with you because you refuse to accept facts documented by credible sources. You believe whatever you choose to believe.  This is what PolitiFact.com has to say about the the deportation of illegal immigrants under President Obama: “According to current figures from Immigration and Customs Enforcement — the federal agency responsible for deportations — Obama has removed 1.4 million people during his 42 months in office so far. Technically, that’s fewer than under George W. Bush, whose cumulative total was 2 million. But Bush’s number covers eight full years, which doesn’t allow an apples-to-apples comparison.”If you instead compare the two presidents’ monthly averages, it works out to 32,886 for Obama and 20,964 for Bush, putting Obama clearly in the lead. Bill Clinton is far behind with 869,676 total and 9,059 per month. All previous occupants of the White House going back to 1892 fell well short of the level of the three most recent presidents.”We wondered whether there might have been a surge of undocumented immigrants that explained the increase, but there wasn’t. During the first two years of Obama’s tenure, the Pew Hispanic Center estimated the illegal immigrant population nationwide at 11.2 million, compared to an average during Bush’s eight-year tenure of 10.6 million. And illegal immigration actually peaked late in Bush’s second term, at which point the recession hit and the numbers declined under Obama. Such patterns do not explain the 57 percent bump in monthly deportations that we found under Obama.”http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2012/aug/10/american-principles-action/has-barack-obama-deported-more-people-any-other-pr/

          • Southron

            The “record deportation” figures of Obama are a fraud, as pointed out by Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX), head of the House  Judiciary Committee. The are obtained by padding the total of formal deportations with illegal aliens simply being turned around at the border and sent back.

            Even Obama himself admitted that the totals were “a little deceptive.”  Actually more than a little. The “record deportation claim” is simply to divert attention from Obama’s real agenda which is to cripple immigration law enforcement.        

      • Lorin

         Absolutely not!!! The Senate and Congress would never stand for a white President  doing all the things Obama does.
         The reason we have three supposedly equal branches of government is  to keep one branch from becoming the dominant  branch which ultimately leads to a dictatorship. For some reason the Legislative and Judicial Branches are scared out of  their minds of the current administration.
         If you watch members of Congress speak; the tone of their voice, body language and general demeanor  conveyed great fear and  even Romney showed a great deal of  fear when speaking.

        • TheCogitator

          They are all afraid of being labeled a racist. All criticism of him is met with that charge.

          Even if he were the whitest white man on the planet I would not support him because of his horrible policies.

        • John Bonham

           That’s because they are afraid to be labeled racists .. If it were me I would gladly stand up ( like Joe Wilson) and scream the truth and take that racist label as a badge of courage and honor .. Imagine John “cry baby” Boehner saying anything that needs to be said .. Not a chance..

          • Steel_Quake77

            That is a good point.

            We need more Joe Wilsons!  (Although, sadly the ‘Stupid Party’ in total is completely worthless)

      • Ditto

      • Guest

        Don’t be stupid. There are plenty of white men in the Democratic party.

    • Tom_in_Miami

      Where does that come from?  I don’t see that the race of the president has anything to do with the frustration we are experiencing.

      • JohnEngelman

        If you are frustrated over the slow pace of the economic recovery blame Republicans in Congress. They oppose policies which in the past reduced long term unemployment. 

        • The__Bobster

          You Dems have kept every Republican jobs bill bottled up for the last two years. Meanwhile I’ve seen nothing coming out from your side.

          BTW, how did your Porkulus Bill work out for you, Yuan?

        • Dph0606

          There was a Democrat supermajority in Congress during the last two years of Bush’s administration, and during the first two years of Obama’s.  Keep drinking the kool-ade and blaming Bush and the Republicans…

          • JohnEngelman

            The President’s biggest mistakes were in not raising the top tax rate immediately after his election when his approval rating was 65 percent, and initiating government work projects like Franklin Roosevelt did soon after his inauguration. Those policies would have made Republicans furious, but they would have reduced unemployment, and enabled Democrats to increase their majorities in both houses of Congress in 2010. 

          • Frank

            Reduced  unemployment?  Rich people do the bulk of investing in the U.S.  Why would they continue to invest if they have less money to do so?  Go back to your socialist books.

          • JohnEngelman

            Corporations are flush with cash.
            They are not hiring because people are not buying. 
            Rich people do not hire people when they have more money. They hire people when they have more customers, even if they have to borrow money to do it.  

          • Robert Binion

            John, what is the exact rate to make  housing markets in Detroit less sluggish?

          • toldev

             FDR’s government work programs did nothing to solve the countries economic problems of the time. The depression drug on until the second world war. In fact, many economists of the day would argue that FDR’s policies exacerbated and prolonged the depression.

        • Frank

          For his first two years in office Obama had Democrat majorities in both house of Congress.  Where were his plans then? 

        • shmo123

           Rubbish. Blame Harry Reid. That walking corpse refuses to let any Republican sponsored jobs bills come up for a vote.

        • John Bonham

           LMAO, wow !!  They’ve brainwashed you something good ,eh ? Must have went to college ..

        • Jaeger717

          You obviously have no racial integrity.  Why don’t you go troll somewhere else?

    • If he were White,  he would have been forced to show his college transcripts,  any law review article about race and his original, real, birth certificate.

      He would be asked about his excessive golf vacations and use of Air Force One.

      If he were White, there would be questions about his limited 2 years experience in politics and his total lack of any real world work.

      Also, he would be questioned about his All White Church and it’s attacks of “GOD DAMN AMERICA”.

      But, he is the darling of the race traitors because he is NOT White.

      • JohnEngelman

        You may have a point about his college transcripts. I do not know how common it is for presidential candidates to reveal that. I doubt that Ronald Reagan’s and Sarah Palin’s were very impressive.
        If he was white there would not have been any controversy about his birth place.
        Sarah Palin believes in Armageddon theology. So did Ronald Reagan. This associates the second coming of Christ with a nuclear war. 
        CBS Evening News   August 17, 2011
        So far, President Obama has taken 61 vacation days after 31 months in office. At this point in their presidencies, George W. Bush had spent 180 days at his ranch where his staff often joined him for meetings. And Ronald Reagan had taken 112 vacation days at his ranch.

        • Carocaput

           But Obama is taking very expensive vacations.  Especially  his family.  And if I have correct info he does not pay for his private functions at the White House.  Also his vacations are not working vacations.

          • TheCogitator

            Thank god he was not working on his vacations. He may have done more harm than he has.

        • Net_Drifter

          Do you sometimes lose track of the type of website you’re posting on?

          Why be consistently difficult and/or play devil’s advocate?

          Whites on a site like this should take careful consideration of nonwhites feelings and concerns?

          • JohnEngelman

            I enjoy investigating other points of view and stating my own. 
            I have accessed this website ever since reading Jared Taylor’s “The Color of Crime.”
            I frequently submit news stories that are included on this website. 

          • He’s a troll.  He’s here to cause trouble.  If more people would simly hit that “flag” button on his posts he would eventually give up and find another site to bother.

        • mauser98

           “If he was white there would not have been any controversy about his birth place”      ??
          Obama Senior was never a US citizen.   Bath House Barry is ineligible to be  President.

        • Barrack Osama

           If Obama were white, Hillary would be president right now.

          • JohnEngelman

            And I believe we would be better off. 

          • Skincognito

            You asked earlier whether or not Whites would petition for seccesion if the Marxist-in-chief were White. I respond negatively, but consider it your intellectual charge to explain to me and my racial kinsmen when and where black leadership ever benefitted Whites. Really, why shouldn’t we react a bit emotionally/symbolically?
            Obama is clearly a product of Fanonist “liberation” rather than King’s ostensible egalitarianism, which so arouses you and your ilk.

        • TheCogitator

          “If he was white there would not have been any controversy about his birth place.”

          Not true. John McCain was born in Panama where his father, a naval officer, was stationed. He asked the Senate if that were a problem, and they agreed it was not. No one vetted Obama.

        • puffdaddy

          Sarah Palin’s college transcript is public.  Reagan – he did not release them but not sure how many people were clamoring to see them since he had executive and union experience before becoming president. Moreover, no one, including him, claimed he was the smartest guy in the room.  Obama has stated publicly he knows more than his advisors, and many on the left and in the press have said he is the smartest president in history.  Therefore, the interest in his grades – which I am sure were dismal or unimpressive.   That said, I am very excited to see both the regulation tsunami and the tax tsunami destroy many European American middle class families who voted for Obama – they should and will get the Utopia they so richly deserve; and I hope it is especially devastating for those who have young children. It’s called Revenge, and it is sweet as honey.

          • Steel_Quake77

            Leftists must drink alot of kool-aid.

            I find it hard to believe that Affirmative Action Obama is smarter then Woodrow Wilson (who, by the way, was quite Pro-White) or Herbert Hoover.  Hoover in his day was widely considered the smartest man in the whole country!  I doubt anyone would say that about Obama.

        • John Bonham

          “If he was white there would not have been any controversy about his birth place. ”  Like there wasn’t any for John McCain boy how fast you lib forget.

          “You may have a point about his college transcripts. I do not know how
          common it is for presidential candidates to reveal that. I doubt that
          Ronald Reagan’s and Sarah Palin’s were very impressive.”

          Fair enough, then stop saying he is the smartest man ever to hold the office and stop acting like he can walk on water.. Especially when you can’t prove it..
          God man, the dude can’t even speak to kindergarteners without a teleprompter .. If you don’t see anything wrong with that then I feel sorry for you..

          • JohnEngelman

            The only people I have ever seen call President Obama “the Messiah” are Republicans. 
            Most Democrats recognize that Mr. & Mrs. Clinton pack more IQ power. 

        • Jaeger717

          AT THEIR RANCHES!!!! Not at our expense to go see the world! Wouldn’t have had a problem if obama just went to his chicago home but he didn’t.  He went all over at our expense.

    • Net_Drifter

      It’s not about Obama but the direction the country is going overall.  He’s only a symptom.

      • JohnEngelman

        The symptom is that popular opinion is changing on important issues like interracial marriage. Also the economy is changing in ways that place more of a premium on superior intelligence. 
        These changes are not changing because of government policy. They have a momentum of their own. 

        • Net_Drifter

          That is your roundabout way of saying the less intelligent hicks created the petitions. Unless everyone gives in to the wonderful changes, like embracing all interracial marriage, etc, then they lack sophistication. 

          You’re as smug and dismissive as the Daily Caller columnist.

          • danlieb7

            Explain why the smartest people in the nation, most of them…be it scientists, researchers, wealthy urban elites in the east and west coasts, bankers, economists, academicians, and even intelligent minorities like Asians and Jews overwhelmingly vote Democrat? As for Republicans, all I see are low IQ/ or at best average intelligent white redneck under educated hicks and quasi-retarded angry over zealous/ hyper-religious folks who show up at idiotic rallies and listen to nonsensical clowns like Glenn Beck and the morbidly obese wing nut Limbaugh who talk utter lies and provide misinformation. One can see that patterns here. I will concede that the Democrat party has it’s own share of lesser intelligent voters esp. from the inner city ghettos and barrios.

    • Liberalssuck

       If Obama were a 100% white man, the conservatives would have had the balls to hold his feet to the fire long ago.

    • If Barack Obama had been a white man and had pals like Jeremiah Wright he would have never been elected in the first place. But no, as far as I am concerned this is not about Obamas skin color or about Obama at all. It’s about the Democrat Party’s attempt to legalize millions of lawbreaking, illegals in an attempt to achieve permanent majority rule. I don’t want to live in a country that they will turn into a Democrat Party dictatorship and I have no doubt that will happen when they know they don’t to worry about losing elections… ever again.

      • JohnEngelman

        ABC News Dec 28, 2011
        Since 2009, the annual average number of deportations has approached 400,000, according to the Department of Homeland Security. That’s double the annual average during President George W. Bush’s first term and 30 percent higher than the average when he left office.Meanwhile, the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States has hit a decade low because of the down economy and stepped-up enforcement efforts.http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2011/12/obamas-record-high-deportations-draw-hispanic-scorn/

        • Guest

          The real purpose of this guy’s propaganda is to lull people into thinking that immigration is not a big deal, when in fact it is. First, I’ve seen numerous stories more recent than his stating that immigration levels are  again increasing. Second, he is focusing only on illegal immigration – legal immigration is much higher. He should be removed from this site.

    • This is a known troll.  Flag on sight regardles of content and eventually it will go away.

      • Marcus A.

        JohnEngelman’s comments are certainly worth reading.  Why would you advocate flagging them?

        • Because he’s got a proven track record of being a leftist anti-White troll who is only here to rile up the regulars.  He needs to be show the door by this community.

          Your opinion that he is worth reading is very much in the minority.

          • JohnEngelman

            Your problem is that you do not like to be told facts that conflict with your misconceptions.

          • danlieb7

            John Engelman is the probably one of the smartest and most astute posters on Amren who refrains from infantile behavior and name calling, so typical on this site and instead chooses to argue with facts and logic. If that is too hard to handle than maybe you could stop shouting and listen to John, you good folks could actually learn something! Peace.

        • joe

          Agreed. I enjoy John’s comments. He’s not a “true believer” like many on this site. He certainly doesn’t strike me as a troll. Despite the beatings he receives on this site, he is always sober minded and reasoned.

          • JohnEngelman

            Thank you. 🙂

          • Marcus A.

            Thanks. I am glad John continues to post, even though many are against him. His comments are intelligent and thoughtful. I agree he is a voice of reason, much more interesting than a blind ideologue. AmRen would be would be diminished without him.

    • HKwills

       Yes it would Engelstein … I mean Engelblatt… Prove me wrong.  I have an American Bergen Belsen site chosen just for your tribe.

    • Thepaulieboy

      Yes, it would. I live in Houston but am a native of Eastern Oklahoma. The secessionist movement has been growing over the last decade, few Southern conservatives were fond of king bush 2 or his policies and are smart enough to recognize that both parties hate us and are actively seeking to displace us. This secession thing is real. I spoke with my sister who still lives in Eastern Oklahoma. She told me the Battle Flag is everywhere. This will be a peacable separation. The federal government’s military has been fought to a stalemate by stone age guerillas. They don’t want another war on there hands.

      • Liberalsuck

        Um…peaceful? Do you really think the government and their military are going to let lots of tax dollars and illegal alien voters (hey, you’re in the South) just walk away without bloodshed? Does our own military ask permission when they set up bases or invade other countries? Why would they give us permission?

    • John Bonham

       YES .. I want to so bad call you a name, moron comes to mind, but I digress .. Don’t you liberals get it ??  It’s big nanny state socialism, tyranny,dictatorship ect.ect. that no one wants .. For you to automatically bring race into this (as all liberals do) is suspect .. I have a question, why are you liberals obsessed with race ? The thought never crossed my mind while signing Florida’s petition, it only crossed my mind when I came to AmRen and read your post ..

    • Yes.

    • Extra Strenght

      Hmmm, seem to remember lots of libs threatening to move to Canada if Bush were re-elected. So the question really is, would the left be doing the same if Obama were a white guy with an R next to his name? (the answer is “yes” by the way)

    • Jaeger717


    • Alfred the Great

      We had a white man doing much the same as obama and his name was GW Bush. Prescription drug program (staggering growth of government), didn’t enforce our immigration laws and worked very hard to get a mass amnesty through Congress, nation building, thousands of Americans killed trying to fundamentally change Islamic countries (where’s the power to do that in the Constituion?), billions and billions of dollars to Africa for AIDS relief, etc., etc., etc. Actually, everything that Bush and obama have been doing is unconstitutional and, therefore, reason for secession.

  • Francis Galton

    I considered signing, but then I thought about the possibility of ending up on a DHS watchlist.  

    • ed91

       not to mention the re-education camps.

      • StillModerated

         I believe that they are referred as “FEMA Camps” in polite society. But fear not: few polite circles remain in this declining empire — where the only virtue is tolerance.  Let the balkanization begin!

        • Frank

          For the Obama bunch  tolerance is reserved only for those who agree with them.

        • The balkanization has already begun.

        • Libearlsuck

          Exactly. They won’t have the resources to feed the muscle to keep their empire afloat.

    • 1911ThePunisher45

      Amren should do an article on the coming U.N. gun ban Obama pledged to sign this March.

    • .

       Do you think you’re not already?

      • Liberalsuck

        I will simply tell them, “Yes, I post on Amren. Yes, I send money monthly to Amren. Yes, I think Jared Taylor is a good man. No, I do not care what you bleeding heart cowards think either.”

    • anew

      For their cause, our ancestors pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor; you’re too scared to even pledge your electronic signature.

    • Robert Binion

      Lucky amren bloggers need not fear any watchlist or computer virus, we have the FBI lookin’ out for us.

    • Net_Drifter

      They’re going to have tens of thousand or more to keep up with from those petitions alone. They can’t keep their hands on everybody efficiently. They have no right to anyway.

    • Sadly, just by visiting a site like AmRen, you are probanbly already on a watch list.  So what do you have to loose?

    • Thepaulieboy

      And as long as we continue to cower, to fear that renegade government in washington, nothing will change. You have enslaved yourself by allowing fear to determine your actions and by not taking action you ensure our descendants will lose their birthright.  Break the chain man.   May sound harsh but if you are even afraid to sign a petition what good are you to our movement?

    • toldev

       I am sure that I am probably already on some watch lists. I do not lose any sleep over it. You have to remember that the people who monitor those watch lists are the same people who deliver our mail, work at the DMV, and are in charge of security at US embassies.

      On the other hand, you do want to be careful with social networking sites. It is not the government you have to fear there, but your employer. Many employers have drank so much of the diversity Kool Aid that they will fire you over a politically incorrect Facebook post.

    • Steel_Quake77

      At some point we are going to have to stand up to the emergent tyrannical state.

      I plan on signing this thing.  

      I actually work at the state level of governance and could potentially get fired for doing this, but it is the right thing to do.  (The one thing that might save me is pointing out all the liberals in Vermont who wanted to secede when Bush was President, if thats ok, this is ok.)

      • Liberalsuck

        I love how they were threatening the signers with, “You will lose your 5th amendment rights and any other constitutional rights.” Duh! that’s the whole point of people wanting to break off and form their country in the first place. Furthermore, being that the government has been taking away our rights for the past, oh I don’t know, almost 100 years now, what kind of threat is that anyways?

    • HamletsGhost

      You’re already on it. No point in trying to lie low. What good will that do you? It might buy you a little time, but if all you do with the time is cower in your hiding place, you’ll just allow your natural allies to be rounded up first while you enjoy a temporary safety.

      When they come for you, who will be there to fight for you?

    • Liberalsuck

      If you were scared, you wouldn’t be posting on Amren in the first place, much less using your real name, right?

    • Dom

      Then you deserve all that is happening. If don’t fight for freedom you can’t complain for being a slave.

    • Tucker

      I finally have met a White man who I can admire. Brain-engaged White men are very rare these days. There are zero of these in the GOP leadership ranks.

      I would point to the stated objectives of the old Weathermen radical outfit that Obongo’s buddy and mentor Ayers was part of and which have been published rather widely around the web. Ayers and his gang estimated that they would have to exterminate a minimum of 25 million Americans because they felt that at least that number of Americans (and he was referring to White Americans, folks) were going to refuse to go along with the Communist indoctrination and their Communist agenda. Now, that 25 million figure was based on the total population of this country back in the 1960s, and thanks to the left’s third world invasion and race dispossession policies – our overall population has about tripled since then. So, the 25 million figure is now obsolete.

      Mr. Galton has a good point. Signing petitions like these could be a way to collect names and locations on people who will need to be exterminated. If my memory serves me correctly, following the Bolshevik Communist revolution in 1917 in Russia, the Bolshevik butchers used lists of names that they obtained from their opposition party, the Menshaviks, to round up and murder their perceived competition and to eliminate any possible opposition leaders from emerging who might challenge their grip on power.

      Communists seldom depart from their original playbook, folks.

  • IstvanIN

    The only secession petition that has any chance of being taken seriously is one that pressures state legislatures to allow state-wide referendums where the public actually gets to vote on whether or not to request Congress to lay down rules for peaceful withdraw from the union.

    • Carocaput

       Well the South wasn’t permitted to withdraw.  Why do you think Speilburg’s Lincoln movie is coming out just now?  The states are the parents in the union.  They should set the rules for withdrawal.

      • Thepaulieboy

        @Carocaput, that is an excellent point, It had occurred to that the Khazar’s release of that tripe was no accident.

    • Liberalsuck

       Who says the government will allow them peacefully to break away?  Did the British Empire just peacefully let us declare our independence?  Did the Union just nicely let the South secede without a fight?

      • Thepaulieboy

        @liberalsuck  As I stated before the empire’s legions can’t even defeat a few thousand stone age guerillas, as rome it’s military is overextended. Many of the federal government’s soldiers would mutiny/desert.

        • John Bonham

           My Man, The military is fighting those stone age guerrillas  with one arm and one leg tied behind their backs .. All they have to do is drop THE bomb on them and it’s over as fast as I write this …

          • Erheio

            That’s not the point. Those guerrillas don’t also have THE bomb. When was the last time the empire picked a fight with China?

        • danlieb7

          But lest you forget, the federals have the most advanced weaponry which can even outclass the sum total of all the assault weapons and guns owned by citizens, militia groups and pro-state/ pro-white folks. Add to the fact that most states will NOT participate in this mis-adventure of secession from the union. Also, even some may desert the US military, the vast majority of the empire’s prime fighters and personnel are all dedicated to the service of the federal govt’s interests. Add to this powerful foreign interests, manpower, money and technology that will aid the feds if need be, if that meant eliminating the threat from their common enemy – the white separatists! Adding all these factors in the possiblity of a civil war between state rights and federal power, I’d predict that the feds will win in the end!

          • Liberalsuck

            I would rather fight and die than stay alive and be their slave.

          • Not likely, even if they did win in the short term, in the long term the empire will blow apart. You forget what happened to Yugoslavia and the former Soviet Union. Are white service men and women going to kill their own families? I seriously doubt that, but the blacks, Hispanics and other non-whites in the military will, and so will foreign soldiers too. One way or the other, a civil war will fatally weaken the U.S., if not destroy it once and for all. If it comes to this, I’d sooner die on my feet as a pissed off middle aged white man than live on my knees as an old man.

          • danlieb7

            With all due respect, the balkanization of a slavic Eastern Europe nation is not the same as the current status quo of the United States. The variables here are far different to the conditions in Post communist, E. Europe.

            The Feds would not only win a short term but also sustain their agenda and victory for a very long time. And in case the US collapses, it will be bad for individual states. China, India and Russia are united as one nation and once the US gets “balkanized” without a federal body of resources, these individual recently separated nation states will be easily susceptible to a possible invasion from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th most powerful nations on Earth (China, Russia and India). The United States is the world’s most formidable economic, scientific and military superpower only and I mean only because it remains a United entity, once the union breaks, without Ny, CA, MS, PA, DC and WS.,..where the bulk of our intelligentsia and innovators come from, we would be finished. There’s no way a bunch of parochial bucolic WASP farm boys with guns from middle America are going to save the day when a foreign invasion is launched. Even Hollywood’s weirdest sci-fi would never be able to script such an absurd and impossible scenario. Good luck with the secession, but be careful what you wish for!

          • Maybe at one time that would have been a factor.

            But look at the caliber of people behind all that advanced weaponry.

            To wit: The continuously looping episode of Entertainment Tonight we’re stuck in with this Petraeus et al. sex scandal/diversion.

            With all our “advanced weaponry,” we can’t put down 7th century tribes in South Asia.

            That’s because “advanced weaponry” is no good without willpower and determination.

          • danlieb7

            The golden rule you seem to forget : In warfare, never, ever underestimate your opponent. It seems you under estimate your foes caliber. That would most certainly be your undoing!

          • That’s a two way street.

            And don’t forget, sometimes the pen is mightier than the sword. There are many forms of warfare that don’t involve spilling as much as a drop of blood.

          • danlieb7

            Pen is mightier than the sword! In which, the liberals have already won!

  • Matt

    Here in Canada, Quebec has had two referendums on separation, not to mention countless petitions for secession, but it never has come to pass. Of course, Quebec does receive a lot more in money from the federal government than it pays back in taxes – it’s a classic ‘have not province’, and I think Quebecers realize they’d suffer economically if they left Canada. And demographically, non-French speakers do not want Quebec to separate.

    Of those states that potentially want to secede from the rest of the United States, I’d bet that the best chance for success would be those states that a) have relatively prosperous economies and pay back more in taxes than they get in federal largesse, and b) have a higher proportion of whites to non-whites. I don’t suspect Louisiana, for example, would really get the votes it needed to secede from the Union.

    • NorthernWind

      Quebec has sealed its own fate in regards to independence for the next few decades.  It has allowed countless french North African, African, and Haitian immigrants to migrate to the province merely because they speak french. What fools! As if those immigrants will ever be able to associate with our heroes, our traditions, our history!

      When Quebec separates it will be because Canada as a whole is finished, but at that point Quebec and its people may already be too far gone.

      • All those Africans and Haitians were SENT to Quebec so that they can stop the White from being free. They are there to stop you. They are there to kill you.

    • Carocaput

       Is it a political entity that wants to leave or a demographic group within a geographical  area that wants to leave.

  • Bobby

    Hahahahahah……….., poor American citizens. But is it any wonder? Is it any wonder when they have allowed their nation to be hijacked by Mexican power groups and South of the border intransigents and fifth columnists? By OUTSOURCERS of their jobs, Republicans and Democrats?. Or multi-nationals that give them poisonous junk to drink and eat? Or politicians that routinely as they breath, sell them out? And on and on it goes.

  • Puggg

    Take the Hunter Wallace strategy here:  Convince left wingers that the South being in the union is a massive roadblock to their utopia.

  • Easyrhino1

    Do these states plan on becoming sovereign nations with their own constitutuion?

    If not, this entire exercise is really moot for any state succeeds in seceding would no doubt, in time, be deluged with affirmative action classes looking for a place to land and reproduce.

    • BannerRWB

      Excellent comment.  Any state or area that might sucede from the U.S. in the hope of creating a different, or what would be believed to be a better nation, would have to have a different form for the general government.  Those differences would need to be codified into the new nation’s constitution so as to have little chance for the perceived or real reasons for sucession to not reoccur.  One main difference may be to have a racial component, whereby only those within the racial/ethnic group would be allowed to gain citizenship or even residence. While there will always be issues to be reviewed by the law, at least in an ethno-state, the racial divide and it’s never-ending emnity should be generally non-existent.

      • Dph0606

        I think it was more a referendum…putting Obama on notice that we (I live in Kentucky) are not happy with the current state of affairs and the direction we are headed.  The Constitution was written to empower individual states, and keep a limited federal government.  Somehow we have lost that…

    • Alexandra

      That’s how it was supposed to be in the first place, until the 14th Amendment (which was never really ratified) made the States into states (mere provinces).  It’s supposed to be the united States of America (small u).

      See what I’m getting at?

  • guest

    Well this is it.  The beginning of the end of the USA.  Although I doubt that any states will secede from this country, it wasn’t that difficult to see it coming.  Those who voted for Obama were “hoping” for “change”.  Unfortunately it’s not a change for the better, as the rest of us knew four years ago.

  • OlderWoman

    I signed my states petition. It was fun.

    • Alexandra

      Too bad Ohio’s not on the list…but my home state of Michigan is.

      Maybe I should move back with my mom…but it’s waayyy too close to Detroit for my liking…a few blocks north of 8 Mile.

  • There is no way any Black Run US Government would EVER let any state withdraw.

    The Whites are the slaves and you NEVER let your slaves run away.

    We Whites produce the wealth that the Black US Government steals from us so as to enslave us. They will NEVER let us go.

    There is only one way, and sadly, that day will have to come or we all face extermination.  Let us not wait until our final Warsaw Ghetto stand-off before we attempt to fight back.

    Buy guns.  Buy ammo. The more armed we are, the more chance we  have. It is only through guns that we can stay White, not the vote.

    • The__Bobster

      Just like Obongo’s plan to grab White taxpayers who flee to the suburbs.

    • Liberalssuck

      Why do whites insist on asking for freaking permission all the time? Stop it! I’m sick of it. I’m sick of us asking for approval. I’m sick of us getting scared simply because we might “lose our job” or “be frowned upon” or “because we might be called racists”, etc.

  • Germanacus

    As if we couldn’t guess what Zero has in store for us in his free-reign second term, SBPDL has a sample of his plans:

    “Mr. Obama is embracing the ‘dilemma’ and unleashing the full powers of the executive branch to enact ‘revenge’ upon the historic majority population of the United States. His white supporters be damned! [Obama To Unleash Racial-Preferences Juggernaut, IBD, by Paul Sperry, 11-9-12]”

    A must read for any whose eyes aren’t fully open yet. Read it here…i


    Secession is sounding better all the time.

    • danlieb7

      Sounds better all the time, except that it is not realistically possible in the United States today! Nevertheless, we must at least give it a try, our best shot!

  • Why ask to secede? Why not wait until the nation is too weak to resist?
    Put all of that energy in making these hypnotized white people see the light.
    For starters, how about the real conservatives playing a TV ad showing white recent graduates worrying about growing college debt, while their 1.9 GPA black classmate got the job they wanted, with no debt due to her full ride scholarship?

    Next, show ads featuring the chinese commitment to diversity, then compare interracial crime rates.
    I don’t see neither whites, nor the GOP doing anything until they really do become a minority. Even then, looking at how South African whites just sit there and take it, I don’t have much hope.

    • IstvanIN

       The problem is the Feds are moving 100s of thousands of non-whites in majority white states so that we will not have any fall back positions.  They want us completely surrounded for the final pincer movement.  A country as large and as wealthy as the US will take a long time to completely fail, momentum as it where.  Look at how long South Africa has survived.  It is going down hill fast but still manages to function minimally.  We would last longer.  We need to get out long before we are SA.

      • Tucker

         Bingo, IstvanIN.   This was the reason why those very nosy questions were added to the Census that dealt with the race of the citizens who stupidly responded, as opposed to shoving their census paperwork into a shredder while extending their arm out the window with a big middle finger pointed in the direction of Washington, D.C.

        The white genocide criminals were trying to determine which areas of the country were still ‘too white’.   They were collecting data that showed them where Whites were fleeing to, in order to get away from minority crime and minority bloodsucking parasitism.   And, once they had compiled that data – whenever another one of these soon to be tried, convicted and hanged Catholic or Protestant Church genocide criminals would latch onto the latest non-white ‘refugee resettlement’ programs that haul in thousands of low IQ, unskilled, third world losers – the genocide conspirators in Washington DC would consult that race data and guess where these third world losers would be resettled?  

        You’ve got it.   In the whitest communities that our evil alien controlled government could find.

        So, with regards to the formation of our exclusively White Ethnostate?   Whites who support that objective had better come to grips with the fact that there will be a need for ethnic cleansing of some sort.     Just as the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians and just as they are dealing with their African invaders – so must Whites do when it is time to establish our new homeland.

        Remember:   We can achieve this objective humanely, if we get cooperation.   If not, we must be willing to be as ruthless as necessary.   The carrot or the stick.  Which will it be?

        Whites must prepare for both approaches and be willing to use either.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble


          And, according to refugeeresettlementwatch.com, Nashville,TN, Ft. Wayne, IN, Boise, ID and Manchester, NH, are the main reception centers for the refugee program.

          Ft. Wayne, IN:  73.62% White
          Boise, Idaho:  91.5% White
          Manchester NH:   86.1% White
          Nashville TN:  60.5% White.

          Many of the main refugee programs are run by former refugees.

          Main expulsion countries??   Iraq, Burma, Bhutan, Iran and Somalia.  Not one of these high-fertility creatures should be settled in White homelands.

          Obama is committed to increasing the number of refugees into the U.S., currently at 80,000/year — especially from Africa, but not South African Whites — the ONLY refugees who should be admitted at this time AFAIC.


        • I am afraid we will have to be more ruthless, brutal and merciless towards the Zionsists and other enemies of our race. We WILL have no other choice, it will be forced upon us. We will have to expell, or kill them IF we do sieze a new homeland, which will be accomplished by the use of force motivated by revenge for the force directed against US.

  • libertarian1234

    To the lefties who are ridiculing these petitions as meaningless,  I’d like to point out that just the simple process of requesting secession draws much attention to the concept, which in itself will attract serious advocates.  And the more the subject is discussed the more it will become a viable idea in the minds of many within the population.

    And even those who refuse to entertain the idea right now, when things aren’t too bad yet,  might well change their minds as conditions worsen.  By introducing the subject today,  it is a seed planted that could well grow into reality tomorrow,  if the government gets further out of hand, and economic disaster looks as if it is imminent, with all the attendant chaos and mayhem.

    Multicultural societies do not work and they have never been successful, and since this one is more pluralistic than any other, hard times and economic strife are pressures that are sure to bring it to its knees.  Such stress might not destroy  homogeneous ones, but they will surely bring down a society made up of a mutitude of contentious tribes tearing at each others throats, as we are seeing now in the initial stages.

    Just one of many scenarios could involve a civil war breaking out with the opposing sides agreeing to a cease fire that would allow them to secede and control a certain amount of territory as sovereign nations.  There are many other possibilities.

    • 1Forced_Registration

       The last thing I want is for America to end up like the Balkans did before the breakup or during…

      My only fears from a secessionist movement is of tyrants in Washington refusing to give up control, and opportunistic yahoos that think every problem requires a gun to solve. Many of the federal agencies have been gearing up for violence on a grand scale; none of this is needed.

      A block of states that is at least mostly contiguous could handle this by simple vote. I love guns as much as the next gun nut, but this is not a hammer and nail type problem if handled correctly any more than a municipality splitting off is a hammer & nail type problem if handled correctly. 

      Four years of congress not being able to pass a budget, 9000+ new federal regulations by decree every other month, spiraling debts, the complete erosion of the sovereign rights of states, and of the sovereign right of the individual are reason enough to give it more than a passing consideration. 

      The two party system gives us the illusion of having a say in the republic, but I don’t think you’ll find many people overwhelmingly happy about its results. Maybe their guy got in (or didn’t) and they are momentarily appeased, or not, but we all know the writing is on the wall. The demise may be somewhat comfortable for the moment, but it will not remain so for long.

      Maybe we could do better with a system of proportional representation or some other form of government. However, the same parties that cannot even agree upon a budget are certainly unwilling to share power in anything that would be beneficial for us. Its clear to me that there is no magic candidate that will actually reign in the federal government & reduce it to a more proper role. Nor is there any realistic hope of electing a government that will actually defend the border from illegals, and unchecked immigration. 

      • Oh, if WE have guns we a “yahoos” but it is ok for the Federal Government to get ready for violence, with guns.

        I notice how WE are the yahoos but not the Federales? Thanks,



      • When the Zionists and darkies in control of the country come after whites whom dare to opt out of slavery and death at their hands, guns, bombs and bullets WILL be the only way to solve that problem. We can secede in more ways that one. We can secede culturally, and to a lesser extent economically. But if we begin a secessionist movement, we can expect a very bloody struggle for our very surivival as a race, as a people, as a culture.

    • Jguatto

      I agree with 1234- the mere threat of secession would prove
      to be very beneficial. By telling the left they have gone too far with their destructive
      policies and a breaking point has been reached.

      Look at Quebec threating Canada for decades and benefiting enormously.

      I agree with 1234- the mere threat of secession would prove
      to be very beneficial. By telling the left they have gone too far with their destructive
      policies and a breaking point has been reached.

      Look at Quebec threating Canada for decades and benefiting enormously.

  • Frank

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for WH replies.

  • The__Bobster

    The purpose of the petitions is to show the elites just how pissed off we are at what they’re doing to us.

    • JohnEngelman

      Your enemy is not “the elites.” It is the majority of Americans who voted to reelect the President.

  • NorthernWind

    These petitions are more symbolic than anything else. The signs of a decaying civilization are evident. In the U.K. Scotland will have a referendum on independence in 2014. Quebecois have been trying to get out of Canada for a while.

    If you were to listen to the MSM regularly you might believe that we are headed towards the end of history but an astute analysis of our culture from an evolutionary, pragmatic, and historical point of view suggests otherwise. The awakened can the see the rot which permeates all of our societies’ for what it is, rot, whilst the average drone sees the rot as evidence of progress. When it falls apart they’re going to be dumbstruck. 

    • There is a HUGE difference between us and the Scotish, Irish and Quebecois.

      We have GUNS. Millions of them. And we have a life or death need to separate: 40 Million Africans and 30 Million Mexicans who hate our guts.

      You don’t have that. We HAVE to fight and we have the means. If we don’t fight, our White Children will be killed.

  • Net_Drifter

    I signed two of three of them originating  from the South.

  • seek

    There are any number of reasons to oppose secession aside from the obvious forced military showdown.  One of them is that the “leaders” of these newly-created “nations” — in practice, it will be more like localities — may prove every bit as enthusiastic about pursuing open borders.  Suppose, for example, that Texas secedes.  How do you know that its head of state won’t be Rick Perry or some other open-borders enthusiast like him?

    Better to stay in the U.S. and fight like hell for our country.  Secession is a copout. 

    • NorthernWind

      Secession is the long-term goal but talk about secession now is purely symbolic. 

    •  With the amount of hate each side has for the other, it would be easy to reach an agreement to divide the country in half  without any violence at all

      • seek

        There was plenty of rancor within the Confederacy.  I doubt that even if the South had won the war, their country would have been sustainable.  The economy was a disaster and they would have been in a second war in short order anyway.  

      • Tucker

         You would think so, but there is the big nasty fly in the punchbowl, Mr. Deux.

        I used to debate with a liberal I knew at work about this idea all the time.   I used to like to try to see if I could rattle him by saying radical things – such as the time I told him that I would like nothing more than a full scale, armed and bloody civil war between Conservatives (meaning Whites) and Liberals.     I then pointed out that if his side won on the battlefield, they’d still lose – because liberals needed conservatives because liberals were blood sucking leeches and if they killed all of the conservatives, they’d have no host to feed off of – which meant they would die in the end from starvation.  Or, more likely, the minority parasites who White liberals love to pander to so much would turn on the White liberals and devour them, and then begin cannibalizing each other.

        So, it is my sense that the parasites are not going to be keen on the idea of allowing Whites to go their separate ways – which is why I believe it is so important for Whites to get busy and make this ethnostate happen before we are vastly outnumbered. 

        By the way, we must be firm on this issue – and make it perfectly clear to these minorities that we are not asking for their permission.  We are dictating to them.   We intend to leave and the only thing we want to discuss with you are the terms and conditions and geographic details of the separation.  

        We also need to make it clear to them that we are willing to fight with as much physical force as is necessary and for as long as necessary, if this separation can not be achieve by peaceful means.

    • KittyKat

      “Better to stay in the U.S. and fight like hell for our country.”

      We did…and we lost. 

  • Net_Drifter

    Whether they receive serious attention or not; I think it’s exciting. It shows there are people disgruntled and alienated enough to make the best gesture they can so far.

  • I would guess that a majority of these people who signed petitions are single issue voters who only seemed to care about the direction of the country when the wrong party gained power.

    The death knell of America(more aptly known by racialists as being nothing other than White America) is not when a party of social issues takes power from another party of social issues; the funeral bell comes when those people finally become enraged enough to speak up and demand something, but waste their time demanding things that could never even save them to begin with.

    It’s simply astonishing for me to watch some of these conservatives I know gripe and moan one second about how horrible this election is, and how we just need to secede and get things back on course…. then… THEN they turn around and talk endlessly about college football rankings and how this team lost to this team and how next years class of future felons will vault their team to number one.

    I don’t care if you get a million people to sign something. If that something isn’t demanding racial separation or at least broaching the topic, then you will still end up with a million people who are still being forced to walk right off a cliff.

    • ncpride

      Exactly. I was watching O’Reilly tonight running on about ‘traditional’ America being lost forever, without once mentioning… RACE. Yes, we are losing it fast, but these idiots still don’t get it, or if they do, they lack the courage to say so.

      • Net_Drifter

        This will sound way over the top, but even God is still awaiting a perfect response. Don’t meant to be melodramatic, but I think that people have to start somewhere.. 

        • Which GOD? Allah, ODIN, ISIS, ZEUS? Please, I don’t mind anybody discussing their GOD, but you need to let me know which one so I can understand your post better.

          Personally, my GOD is ODIN (the only True GOD of the Northmen = Norsemen = Normandy = ANGLO.) who sent his SON, THOR, to save mankind.

          That is the ONLY GOD any White person should worship and I worship HIM and his SON who was sent to Earth to save mankind.

          • Net_Drifter

            Don’t nitpick about the word “God”.

            You’re taking it a little too literally.

  • Net_Drifter

    This might attract the notice of a show like The Colbert Report or John Stewart’s Daily Show (I think that’s it’s name). They will crucify the people on the southern petitions. The deeper the south the better. Oy.

    • Dinosaur

      Perhaps, but we could just as easily retaliate. For example, John Stewart earlier in the year  was reported to own multiple homes under a trust fund named after his pets…so he wouldn’t have to pay taxes like the rest of us 99% ‘ers. I can’t find the name of the story right now, but it is devastating. When the enemy attacks, attack back.

  • It’s not about Obama as a black. It’s not about taxes or Obamacare. It’s about whites-most of them- refusing to be outvoted by a coalition of non-whites & liberal, temporarily race-unconscious whites. With a prospect of becoming a minority- from 85% to 65% to …- whites of the US refuse to go down in silence. So far, South Africa has been the only country in past 200 years where dominant population accepted defeat without struggle (although I expect war in near future & creation of an Afrikaner state).

    It always starts with petitions, continues with militias and ends with wars.

    • Skincognoto

      Very astute observation. Most of my fellow citizens hear “secession” and think CSA. But maybe what we are facing as a people on this continent is more akin to nationalist resistance to the decadent fin de siècle Austro-Hungarian Empire. Our minority status in the metropoli supports this analogy. This model may be one of the more optimistic talking points in the coming decades. I trust our Czech, Slovak, Magyar and Southern Slavic brethren are watching events here attentively.
      All the best, race over all.

    • HKwills

       Would you cite examples ?

      • Skincognito

        Mr. Kaldian suggested that White America is following the lead of South Africa, a proposition I have long asserted. How much evidence do you need? My working life is defined by footnotes, so expect none here, this is my “free-time.”
        I suggested that the dismal condition of South Africa (as well as Detroit, my hometown and other pet analogy) may be contrasted to the rather successful emergence of post-Habsburg nation-states.
        What examples do you need? South Africa is ruined, White people created sustainable ethnostates in the wake of the Dual Monarchy. Either discuss or move along please. I’m not trying to be anti-intellectual, but I refuse to engage in minutiae while off the clock.
        Southern Africa: wrecked. North America: next.

    • danlieb7

      While I may agree with the first part of your statement, I would digress with the remaining part. I have worked in Capetown, Durban and Johannesburg, RSA (Republic of South Africa) for almost 12 years, from 1997 to 2009. As a white American expat there I could draw parallels. However, white Boers in RSA are too weak and few to actually start any uprising. They have been successfully defeated by the ANC mafia and their black cronies. In fact even the leader of the famous resistance movement for Afrikaner whites: Eugene Terrablanche was tortured and killed in cold blood by the usual suspects. It comes down to one simple fact: whites have NO future in Africa, be it RSA or former Rhodesia. If they even dare to think about actually starting an uprising to carve out their own ethno-state, the ANC will eliminate them in the most horrifying manner. The best and only realistic option whites have in RSA is to somehow save up and emigrate to their ancestral homelands in Europe i.e. Holland, Norway, France, Germany, Denmark and the UK (non Boers). A war with the majority black coalition and their supporters in basically suicide for whites in South Africa!

  • negrolocaust

     baltimore- 27 year old white man at bus stop  beaten into coma broad
    daylight in city center inner harbor area 50 percent chance survival in
    knockout king game by 8 blacks one held his feet while the others kicked
    his head.

    north carolina- 20 yr old white boy random attack
    knockout king by 5 blacks with a bat teeth knocked out lost one eye
    skull fractures.

    • What are they Whites doing: Unarmed and anywhere near the Savages?

      I, and my family, NEVER go anywhere without our concealed guns AND we avoid any and all African areas.

      Please, White people, have NOTHING to do with any African at any time. They are toxic.

  • Anan7

    I’m the 91st comment so I doubt anyone will read this.  But if you do, I strongly encourage you to go on to that website and sign each and every one of these petitions!   I already have.

  • tickyul

    It would be better if the Federal Government and the so-called “Union Of States” was dissolved. That way each state(country) could truly decide its own destiny. 

    • Not a bad idea. Might not be feasible for all states; but thought provoking, nevertheless.

      • tickyul

        Just a fantasy of mine…..will never happen.

        This country is done for….what will happen is a decent into 3rd world chaos.

  • potato78


    “More right-wing Media fear-mongering non-sense:
    from “Euro Debt
    Crisis” and “Euro is going to crash” non-sense to this “Fiscal Cliff”
    Bull Sheeeeet now! Has US Media have NO Shame in its fear-mongering
    non-sense machine?

    For this “Fiscal Cliff” Bull Sheeeet means
    lowering the Deficits by by going back to Clinton era Taxes for the Top
    1%, given the fact that Obama Dems have offered to extend Bush Tax cuts
    for the Middle class. It also means a slight cut in our Gargantuan
    Military budget, which cuts can come at NO expense of Jobs here in US by
    cutting the US Military bases in Japan, South Korea, Germany, etc.

    Just think about this: for last few years TEApublican lunatics &
    right-wing Media were saying that if we do not lower the Deficits then
    “doom & gloom” BS and now that there is going to be a lowering of
    Deficits by Taxing the 1% at Clinton era, this is now the “Fiscal

    HOW Stupid does the right-wing lying Media think we are?”


    • Sorry potato head, Come over here to Europe and see what is really happening, the media isn’t reporting it, I see it and live it every day. 

      • JohnEngelman

        The Scandinavian countries have the closest approximation to democratic socialism. They have been least effected by the Great Recession.

    • libertarian1234

      “Just think about this: for last few years TEApublican lunatics & right-wing Media were saying that if we do not lower the Deficits then “doom & gloom” BS”

      The people warning about an economic collapse comprise a very large number of top notch economic forecasters and what they say is based on a close analysis if this ongoing economic implosion, not politics.  Several of them accurately forecast the 08 debacle and one in particular, Peter Schiff, was ridiculed openly on a business show for doing so from others on Wall Street who were predicting unparalled growth.

      Gerald Celente also accurately forecast the 08 plummet, and has been right on many other business trends.  He adamantly swears the system will go into the greatest depression ever.
      He refers to himself as a political atheist. He’s been right too many times to ignore.

      Noriel Roubini, Marc Faber, Niall Ferguson, Jim Rogers, etc.  on and on, all hold close views regarding the economic outlook of this country and the world.  In fact if there are any credible trends forecasters who think we will escape economic disaster I’ve never heard of him/her, and I follow the business picture pretty closely.

      If facing reality terrifies you,  your best bet is to turn your attention to other things, because it’s only going to get worse, and as it does you’re going to be in constant turmoil wringing your hands over a situation that will frighten you on a daily basis as it develops.

      Your uninformed/misinformed allegations will only appear more bizarre in the face of reality.

  • potato78

    “Boo Hoo Hoo. Poor little rich people.

    I know how to make them really cry. Pass capital gains and dividend tax increases retroactive to November 6, 2012.

    Then you’ll hear some real squealing.”


    • You need to get a job and work for a living, then prehaps you might understand.

  • Interesting that the mainstream media have reported on this — but then have immediately added caveats about this being “common after each presidential election,” “not standing a chance of being enacted,” et al. Interesting, but not surprising.

    But with all the multitude of problems staring us in the face, an imminent collapse of the federal system may make secession a possibility — and sooner than we think. Sometimes the ancien regime has to implode so that a new, alternative reality can be formed. A “thinning of the herd,” so to speak.

  • fenway23

    Texas in its petition for secession claims it can feasably withdraw because it has the 15th largest economy in the world and  a balanced budget.  Bear in mind Texas was an independant country for a short time before being admitted to the US;  it is also a very big state  in both territory and population. If Texas were to become a nation, it could offer other smaller US states wishing to leave the union the opportunity to allign themselves with it. A sovereignty-association type deal for them, maybe?  These other former US states could use Texan currency, share the same defence forces, etc..
     But most importantly, if a border state like Texas had the right to set its own immigration policies rather than clueless bureaucrats in Washington, it  could say unequivocally to the invaders: No  more welfare! no birthright citizenship! no free education! no jobs! …..  And there wouldn’t be a darn thing Washington could do to stop them.

    • Liberalsuck

      It doesn’t matter why a country wants to secede or not. Just as it doesn’t matter why you don’t want to stay in a relationship or marriage with someone or why your employer doesn’t want to keep you on anymore. Since both parties don’t agree on being with each other, the contract, in essence, is void.

    • Ted Jones

      At the time Texas, as a nation, joined the US, the right of secession was much in the air.
      Was there not, in writing or in negotiations/discussions, an explicit or at least a tacit
      understanding by both parties of the right of Texas to revert with cause to independent national status??? That is to say, does not history afford Texas a path to secession that
      is very real and practical and in positive distinction to the other 49 States??

  • MekongDelta69

    We’ve had three *major* periods of upheaval *of this type* in this country (and I’m not counting WWI, the Depression, WWII, Vietnam, etc.) and they were the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and for lack of a better term, the Obama War.

    No matter how much of an expert you are on the first two, none of us lived through the first two and didn’t know how it FELT. Unfortunately, all of us are living through this one and we know how it FEELS.

    A hundred years from now, kids are going to be reading about this period in time and what we did about it.

    Each and everyone has a duty to not let them down — or else nobody’s going to be reading about anything in the future — because there won’t be one….

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      comment removed

  • guest

    Boycott left wing anti-white traitors like Jon Bon Jovi.

    • Deef

      Do more than that. Use the power of the government (when you can) to make them practice what they preach. For example, Jon Bon Jovi owns a huge estate but pays little in tax due to his fake claim of being a bee farmer. His tax rate should go WAY up.

    • danlieb7

      Oh please Jon Bon Jovi is awesome. I grew up in the 1980s listening to white rock bands like Bon Jovi, Aersomith, Guns n Roses, Def Leppard, U2, Queen, Van Halen, Poison, etc. And each one of these bands were so good. Music today sucks!


    • jeffaral

      Who’s Bon Jovi???!!!

  • Net_Drifter

    The rate at which the number of signatures is increasing is pretty impressive. Texas has doubled it’s number in about an hour and is nearly at 50,000.

  • You Are Now Enriched

    This proves how absurd “patriots” are.

    Secession is a last resort, preceded by interposition and nullification.

    These Secesh should be pressuring their governors for relief, not the White House. A public reading of the Kentucky and Virgina Resolutions would be a good start.

    We have a long way to go before the White community proves it’s capable of learning lessons…

    • Skincognito

      All Hail Bobby Jindal! Brown governors to the rescue of the White race? You see your error right? Herrenvolk deomcracy and true federalism died with the 15th amendment. Let us shed a common tear and move on, but symbolic protests that may mobilize free-thinking, well-armed “Americans” (yes I still have one physical type in mind when I employ this word) should still receive our support. These secession petitions are desperate not absurd, our sunburned backs are against the wall.
      I tend toward nationalism, but the mythos of states’ rights is powerful among loyal Whites in this country. Once we have a recognizable Lebensraum, then we can quibble about ideology and poli-sci theory. Until then keep this tent big (and Nordic)!
      All the best, keep it White.

      • If I am going to have a Dictator, I want a White Dictator.

    • Uhoo

      The federal government would overrule the states, as they have done before. Face it, we lost – time to move to greener pastures.

      • You Are Now Enriched

        There are no greener pastures. Anywhere you want to go, you’ll find Diversity waiting there to rape your White daughters. Your last stand will be in your doorway…

    • Secession WILL be the “last” resort since until we do that there is absolutely NO hope for the White man, White woman and White Child.

      Our enemies want the extermination of the White Child.

      Just like the Jewish people, we are HATED. They want our extermination and don’t, for one second, think they will ever take their boot off our throats.

      Secession IS the end result of what we speak off. The ONLY alternative is the removal of all Non-Whites from what is presently America but THEY will NEVER leave. Would you? If you were Black would you want to live only around Black people?

      If you were Black, wouldn’t you fight and kill and wage war against the Whites so that you can win and thus live with them? Same if you are a Mexican. You would rather fight killing Whites, so that you can live with them, rather than live with Mexicans.

      Such is the flagrant stupidity of what we will have to go through.

      • You Are Now Enriched

        The big question in the mix are the White war veterans. They’ve been over there fighting non whites and not called racist for it. But here, if they don’t affirmatively put Diversity ahead of themselves, they are racist.

        What will they do when it gets hot enough for action?

        Will they embrace survival racism, or will they stand down so that transformation and “evolved thinking” can march foward along the path of social progress?

      • seek

        We need a Lincoln-Garvey-Bilbo coalition.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    I wish I had known there was a petition for Colorado.  I would have signed it.

    What are they going to do; put me on the Terrorist Watch List twice?

  • A taxpayer revolt would probably come before succession and it would set the stage for a succession

  • negrolocaust

    dont listen to savage tonight unless you like hearing him constantly read out of his books. and if you are in the mood to hear constant obama sound clips then listen to sean hannity!

  • jaded

     Oh please, as if Romney would be any better.

  • A little update to the story, as of Monday morning the Texas petition received 34,000 signatures.

    Really the only reason it hasn’t got hundreds of thousands of sig’s yet is because it hasn’t got allot of media attention yet.

  • thieudemir

    Does an Amren reader know if there is a process for a county to secede from a state?

    • 1Forced_Registration

       Officially, no; unofficially — when its clear that a compromise can’t be reached, and a majority of citizens want to go a different way there are two ways that can happen. One is a peaceful vote, and transition. The other is ugly, and I don’t wish to go there.

      Most likely it would take the form of a compact of contiguous states holding a referendum on a new republic, or lose alliance of sorts, and their demand to be freed from the union. The response is likely a mix of carrots & sticks.

  • Zapp Branigan

    We don’t need a federal government, the states should become individual entities.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Patrick Henry was right, of course.


  • Anonymous

    From Yahoo-
    Peter Morrison, treasurer of the Hardin County (Texas) Republican Party, wrote a post-election newsletter in which he urges the Lone Star State to leave the Union.”We must contest every single inch of ground and delay the baby-murdering, tax-raising socialists at every opportunity.”Enough said! The pro-life agenda is the last thing needed here! These idiots are too stupid to realize that easy access to abortion is the best bet to keep breeding rates of blacks and Hispanics down.

    • Pelayo

      I respectfully disagree.  The popular notion that Blacks and Hispanics are having lots of abortions, in my opinion, is a myth.  They are multiplying at a much greater rate and that’s why Whites are eschewing more than two kids, a rate that will NOT insure the perpetuation of the White race. Driving around any large city will treat you to multiple instances of seeing Black females pushing expensive prams containing a baby and accompanied by three and four other ambulatory kids. I rarely see that with White women and sadly, I see more and more cases of White women accompanied by mulatto kids. The stats claim that there are 30,000, 0000 Blacks in the US. Sometimes it looks as though there are at least 1/4 that many on an average day in Philadelphia. I’m using  hyperbole of course but don’t rely on “statistics”. If you watch news programs and read newspaper crime reports  you could be convinced that Blacks commit very few violent crimes.  Remember that figures don’t lie but liars indeed figure.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        You are correct.  We can’t believe one thing the media or government tell us, both have a long history of lying to the American people.  This is why it is imperative that the Internet remain free of government interference — also the reason the government is hell-bent in trying to control it.  

        Look for new legislation soon pushing censorship of Internet content — for our protection, of course.  My school district has extremely powerful filters on its lines that censor about 1/2 of Internet content, this site, of corse, VDARE.com, TOO and sites I consider banal (but the government schools don’t).  

        As for demographics, see here (these are NOT populations we wish to expand — the government dependent class, in California, the large, growing, Hispanic population is tanking the economy).


  • archer

    Obama was probably born in this country, it now seems that the Hawaii story may have been an attempt to hide the real truth, one that is worse than being foreign born.
    According to investigators who have spent serious time and resources determining his origins, it now seems almost certain that his real father is in fact Frank Marshall Davis the pornographer and communist agent. If you look at three pictures together of Obama, Davis and Obama senior the resemblance is striking, considering the fact that Obama has had surgery to his nose and lower lip and is much leaner than Davis, it is not hard with a little immagination to see the resemblance.
    Barak Obama senior stipulated that he did not want to be responsible for Barak junior and would soon leave this country to go home, he was probably never married to Stanley Dunham, he was used because Dunhams father was a fairly high CIA official and the union between his daughter and Davis would have been bad for his career.

  • archer

    If you’ve been watching “the men who built America” they are J.P.Morgan, Henry Ford, John D Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie,Thomas Edison, Nicoli Tessler, George Westinghouse etc. America seemed to do pretty good without the jews.
    Another thing worth mentioning is that while Jews and Asians have a higher median I.Q. the variation is much greater with whites, also there are more geniuses per 100,000 with whites than any other race.

    • But Jews prefer to live around Whites since they don’t like living around other Jews.

      Same with Africans and Mexicans.

      EVERYBODY wants to live around the White race since only we can create a happy, fun, safe and working civilization.

      Nobody has Christmas like we do.  Nobody has Valentines day,  Thanksgiving, etc and other FUN holidays.  The others all have “Holidays” based on slaughter of children, killing of entire tribes, beheadings.

      I love being White.

    • JohnEngelman

      The average IQ of an Ashkenazi Jew is an entire standard deviation above the average IQ of a white gentile. That places a higher percentage of them in the genius range.  

      • So? We intend to establish a White Homeland. You have yours.

        Move to it while you can.

        • JohnEngelman

          I am a Nordic Gentile. There will never be a white homeland, because every state that would want to secede has a large black population. You will not be able to deport them. You will not be able to exterminate them.

          • I’m not sure about deportation. I’ve seen that with my own eyes in ex-Yugoslavia wars. Simply- when troubles start & violence erupts, minorities in mostly hostile area flee from that area, even without forcible measures. On a massive scale, it’s not unlike partition of British India (India, Pakistan and later Bangladesh). People just go to their majority areas.

          • Persephone Grey

            Why not?

          • JohnEngelman

            Because they will fight back. They will have white allies.

          • Persephone Grey

            That doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

          • danlieb7

            Of course, statistically speaking nothing can’t be done….it’s just the probability of it being done. Thus, just because the chance of you wooing, dating and marrying the hollywood star, Scarlet Johannson in 3 days time from now would be 1 in a trillion trillion trillion chance, that does NOT mean, it can’t be done. Hey, you still have that 1 in a trillion trillion trillion chance, eh? Well, in case of state vs feds, the chance of the state winning is even higher, based on trends and stats, I’d say, the chance of actually seceding would be 1 in a decallion decallion decallion chance! But, cheer up, you still have that “1” as a chance. So, yes, of course it can be done, but what are the chances? Ahh the math!


          • Persephone Grey

            Here’s a mathematical certainty for you: there is a 0% chance of achieving something if no-one ever makes the attempt.

          • danlieb7

            Like I said, you have a chance, but than what are the mathematical probabilities for that chance? Nonetheless, you can make an attempt at that chance. And once the fun is over, don’t tell me I did not tell you so! Oh and good luck with the attempt for whatever it is actually worth!

          • Persephone Grey

            I’m not attempting anything at this point. You’re mistaking theory for personal intent.

            I find your attitude towards physical risk rather pathetic. Throughout history men have fought against overwhelming odds for the things they believe in, for their posterity and for the Good and the Right. These are the people who have made a difference in the world, and who have been the only ones standing against juggernauts of destruction and oppression. From your name, which seems to be Daniel Lieberman (?), I will assume you are at least part Jewish. Where would you be today if your ancestors hadn’t fought against their enemies, most of whom were more powerful than them, and hadn’t sought to protect and preserve their unique identity and way of life against the encroachment of alien ways? It’s not about “fun”. It’s about the conviction that there are some things in this world worth fighting and dying for, and the self-determination of your people is one of them.

          • danlieb7

            First of all my Jewish ancestors took a risk under favorable variables which became favorable after centuries of planning. That is very different to the present scenario of state secession. Jewish planning and influence helped them become wealthy and influential during the Hapsburg dynasty in Austria-Hungary and Germany, from where it went on to Zionism (Theodore Herzl) which was a form of Jewish nationalism. Wealthy Bankers, policy makers etc was the result of planning and NOT an unreasonable risk attempt. This planning ultimately lead to the formation of Israel along with the Rothschilds who influenced and muscled Churchill to enable the creation of Eretz Israel.
            Israel and the Jewish struggle is a very bad example to use when using the case of your racial kin. Stop equating us with white nationalism or state rights!
            In your case, you cite an unreasonable risk without a proper sense of planning. To cut the long story short, if some states separate, it would be their biggest loss.
            And this time, there won’t be a federal govt. to bail them out. It would be rather comical to watch the uber-conservative dolts drown in their own making 🙂



          • Persephone Grey

            I equate anyone’s struggle for self-determination with anyone else’s, and any nationalism with any other. I know you guys think you’re something exceptional, but I don’t share your opinion.

            I didn’t say anything about planning. That wasn’t the topic of conversation. Why do you assume I, or anyone else, would advocate action without planning?

          • danlieb7

            Simply because, the sudden separation of some states from the union is clearly idiotic and definitely unplanned. Lets face it: the REAL economic engines of the US are liberal blue states of the union in the east and west coasts. With the exception of Texas & Colorado, all the other states that want to break off, will not be able to survive. Period.

          • Persephone Grey

            Your comments are clearly based on a completely different premise than mine are. I am not positing a sudden separation, nor an unplanned one.

            As for economic survival, there are far too many variables, both known and unknown, to make any kind of prediction on that count. You may be right; then again, your view of economics is based on a particular model which is far from the only viable option, even though it has become the dominant system in the world today (largely thanks to your people, of course).

            The bottom line is, nothing lasts forever. The dissolution or collapse of the United States is an inevitability, and these things almost always seem “sudden” to the sleep-walking masses and take them by surprise, when the more perspicacious among us have seen it coming for a long time.

          • DanLieb7,

            Make the case for the assertion that the economic engines of this country are in blue coastal states. If by “economic engine” you mean ever more complex wealth transference schemes (New York), cruddy motion pictures that fewer and fewer people watch (Los Angeles), a bunch of webmasters (San Jose-San Francisco) and the next great release of Windows and Office (Seattle), then you’re right. But that’s really not much of an economy to write home about. Notice that two of those major economic engines are in one state, California, that’s now constantly teetering on the verge of bankruptcy.

            I prefer to think of economic engine in terms of agriculture, mining and manufacturing, the latter being the most important, not only to the society because it adds the most value to raw materials, but the keystone to the average person having a good and eventually generationally improving standard of living.

            And also…man cannot live on bread alone.

          • danlieb7

            The United States reigns as the world’s superpower primarily because of her technological prowess NOT agriculture and mining or manufacturing. The scientific and innovative technological talent and corporations/ labs and personnel are predominantly either high IQ leftist Jews, white liberals, Asian Indians and orientals and foreign exchange students or researchers most of whom come from Asia ( China, Korea, India, Israel, Japan etc) all of whom are based in liberal multicultural blue states in the east and west coasts with a few in other blue states in the mid west. The top universities like MIT, Harvard, UCLA, Stanford, University of Chicago etc, are good examples.

            China has overtaken the United States as the world’s #1 manufacturing base. China has some of the world’s biggest mining corporations which is set to overtake the United States soon, they already have their tentacles in Africa and Australia. As for agriculture, many nations have successfully developed their agricultural base, this does not give America any special edge.

            The American exceptionalism is found in her innovations in sci-tech which is found almost entirely in liberal blue states as opposed to the corn states of the south and mid west, where all those hicks know is how to accumulate guns, cling on to their bibles, make moonshine, act like bitter paranoid unsophisticated simpleton losers and at best contribute to the agrarian economy! Sorry, but those are the facts!

            To cut the long story short, if not for the liberal blue states in the coasts, the greatness of the American power structure would cease to exist!

          • While you’re right about that, it’s kind of a moot point.

            I have come up with a theory, perhaps some future doctoral dissertation will prove or demonstrate it, that ceteris paribus, the high IQ archons of scientific and technical innovation are more productive as the average IQ of the people of the underlying society in which they live rise, in spite of the fact that the average IQ of the sci/tech class will always be far higher than the average IQ of the underlying society.

            Let’s say you have a million people with IQs of 160, and exactly 160. And they live in a country of 300 million other people besides themselves. My theory is that if those other 300 million people have a median 115 sd 15 IQ distribution, then the million-strong intellectual class will be better off and more productive than if the other 300 million people had a mean IQ of 100, and in turn those million would be more productive if the underlying society has a mean IQ of 100 than if it had a mean IQ of 85.

            If my theory is right, then the petard of contempt you’re hoisting for the “bitter clingers” you hate will be used to foist the very people you say are solely responsible for American superpower status.

            My other problem with your worldview is that you’re reducing the United States of America to nothing more than the prime intellectual development province of the global economy.

          • danlieb7

            Read my post again….I said high IQ Jews, liberal whites, Asians ( Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans etc). So its not just white liberals.

      • There is no “genius range”. Simply put, Jews’ contribution to civilization is great, but it lags behind that of the English, Germans,..let alone ancient Greeks. This is a discussion that is, actually, repetitive. Jews did not invent universal civilization- unlike Greeks, and did globalize the entire world- unlike Italians, English, Germans and French.

        • danlieb7

          Strange, but the English were unable to produce a Scientist as smart as Einstein (Jew), a man who actually corrected Newton’s flaws and erroneous views of the Universe (curvelinear spatial view vs linear view with respect to gravity and time). And they consider Sir Newton as their greatest scientific mind! Nor have the English produced any musician as good as Mahler, Neil Diamond, Billy Joel, Paul Simon, Gene Simmons, etc. The best the English could come up with are the Beatles, Queen, Englebert Humpendrinck, Sir Cliff Richard and Elton John. Of which Queen’s star Freddie Mercury was an Asian Indian, Sir Cliff Richard and Englebert Humpendrinck are anglo-Indians (mixed race), so that leaves just the fab 4 from Liverpool and the homosexual in London.

          The English were unable to manage huge companies and enterprises like Jews did…from most media corporations which influence the world, movie making, music industry to industrial corporations like DuPont. Besides, the UK is pathetic….the richest man there is an Indian. The biggest steel and Iron corporations, their biggest automobile company (Jaguar-Range Rover) etc are all run by Indian nationals. In fact in the top 10 wealthiest Brits 2012….the wealthiest Brits are Asian Indians and Jews. There is even an Uzbek Muslim (Alisher Usmanov) and one Italian family but NO English/Scot/ Welsh or Irish in the top 5 list. The English are gone into the dustbin of civilization.


      • If they are a genius about anything, they are geniuses when it comes to EVIL.

        • JohnEngelman

          Genesis 12:1-3 Now the LORD had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father’s house, unto a land that I will shew thee: And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing: And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

        • JohnEngelman

          How are the Jews “geniuses when it comes to evil?”

          • Look no farther than the Holodomor, a famine they engineered that lead to the deaths of 12 million Ukrainians, which included one out of four children. Then draw your own conclusions as to why the Ukrainians returned the favor against the Jews in the Second World War.

        • danlieb7

          So does that also mean that the God whom most white gentiles worship devoutly i.e. Jesus Christ (a Mizrahi Jew) was one of those “geniuses when it comes to EVIL” type of Jewish men too?

  • potato78

    “The study, published today (Nov. 12) in the journal Trends in Genetics, argues that humans lost the evolutionary pressure to be smart once we started living in dense agricultural settlements several thousand years ago.”

    “The theory isn’t without critics, with one scientist contacted by LiveScience suggesting that rather than losing our smarts, humans have just diversified them with various types of intelligence today. ”


    The action of “How would Old Glory look with 30 stars instead of 50? As far-fetched as
    it may sound, the White House might soon be forced by its own rules to
    examine the question.” is smart or stupid?

    • JohnEngelman

      That study does not explain why races that have practiced agriculture the longest period of time, specifically the Caucasians and Orientals, have the highest average IQs. 
      In “The 10,000 Year Explosion: How Civilization Accelerated Human Evolution,” Utah professors Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending argue that by increasing the human population agriculture increased the speed of human evolution. Other things being equal, a large gene pool will evolve faster than a small gene pool because there are more possibilities of beneficial mutations, and those beneficial mutations have more room to spread in. 
      In addition, agriculture makes civilization possible. In an urban civilization men who are more intelligent are more prosperous, and consequently more prolific. 

      • Not quite a science, just a hypothesis. It’s well known that herders were some of the most important founders of civilization (ancient Greeks, Aryan Indians,..). Agriculture was most important for agricultural peoples (Egyptians, Iranians,..). For instance, the form of epic is found exclusively among pastoral nomads (Greeks, ancient Hindus, Turkish tribes, Germanic peoples, ..) and not in China.

        • JohnEngelman

          Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending do not distinguish between growing crops and tending farm animals. Both activities require different proclivities than hunting game animals and gathering wild plants. One must be able to plan for the future. One must be able to defer gratification.

          Even when blacks earn the same as whites, they save less money. This is because they have practiced agriculture for three thousand years rather than ten thousand years.

          • In that case, I don’t have objections. Pastoral nomads (Assyrians, Akkadians, Hebrews, Greeks, Aryan Indians, Celtic, Germanic and Slavic Ur-peoples, ..) were as creative- even more, just they came later- as established agricultural societies (Sumerians, Egyptians,…).

  • Fr. John+

    I think you all need to go over to http://www.occidentaldissent.com where this first broke, to keep abreast of the Rise of Dixie. Because, if you were to argue with unregenerates like “Angel Man” (who isn’t- [St. John 8:44]), you might get distracted from the real issue- Obummer’s utter failure (in that he’s splitting the country) even when elected by the Yankee Supremacists for a second term.

    • Speaking of failures, I don’t think I would put too much faith in the WWGBD(What Would Glenn Beck Do) crowd.

      • Net_Drifter

        Neither would I. Beck is a too much of a showman.

        But, I also don’t have much faith in a few eggheads that hang around this site. Know-it-alls and do nothings. Forever critical of most other whites.

        • Anyone claiming to be some revolutionary or inspired and driven by revolutionary ideas should be the last person affected by criticism.

          “In criticism I will be bold, and as sternly, absolutely just with friend and foe. From this purpose nothing shall turn me.” — Edgar Allan Poe

          “The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.” — Norman Vincent Peale

    • jeffaral

      With so many wetbacks comprising its population, Texas might as well become a new Mexican federal state.

      • Liberalsuck

        I can see Mexico fighting to make Texas a part of their country again.

  • Little Rock

    Capitalist 1st world modern RED STATE NATION with president Romney is the only solution with 25 states won while the socialist BLUE STATE NATION of comrade muslim Obama and his 3rd worlders can delight in their own non-restrictive nation. 

    Why would Blue States object in any shape fashion or form since they can have everything desired with homosexuality and even make lawful beastality since the relationship between liberals and their pets is much deeper than any human attachment plus he can legalize 50 million illegals to vote for him since the Red States will have zero immigration in their new land except from South African Boers or other disgruntled Europeans  or those of European ancestry.

    There is one little problem liberal scum know they cant avoid and this is of course the keps to the bank as Santa Claus Obama hero of the 47% retributionist has completely destroyed the old America with his incredulous waste and theft of 6 trillion in only 3.5 years and will do the same. 

    Isnt that why Marxist Lincoln comrade was such a staunch an abolitionist with his DC industrialist comrades collecting 65% taxation from the south for many decades and willing to invade 11 states to continue collecting this revenue that ended up in the hands of the freed slaves ultimately and for the past 150 yrs? 

    Would weak lame duck Obama have the guts to attack 25 RED STATES with 75% of the land mass like his hero comrade Lincoln did with 2 million troops?


    • Incredulous as an adjective describing waste is interesting, because I think the credulous voters are just as much to blame for the destruction of America than anything else. They are simply another wasted vote, voting on nothing but credulous superstitions and mantras that they probably never even stop to think about.

      I’m sure some would have us believe that bringing back the glory days of the early 2000s—a time when the GOP held majority control and had the power to shake things up—is going to be the salvation for [White]America. Unfortunately, their high self-opinions keep them from seeing that they pretty much have gotten what they’ve voted for, not what they’ve asked for.

  • Whirlwinder

    This is frought with peril. How strong will a divided nation be? I envision three nations. West coast full of lefties, East coast full of lefties and the Middle states full of reasonable Constitutional loving citizens. When the West and East coast nations start collapsing from their idiotic economic and social policies, they will call on China and Russia to help them. The Middle states will then have been flanked and America is destroyed.

    Have you heard of the tactic of divide and conquer?

    •  “Have you heard of the tactic of divide and conquer?”

      I have. It’s what we lateral thinking racists call Liberal and Conservative politics. It’s not a sickness afflicting black people, brown people, red people, or yellow people. They just wouldn’t understand, it’s a White thing.

    • razorrare

      Liberalism is a sickness that dosent afflict black people,brown people,red people,or yellow people…just White people…Some self -professed classical liberal racist here just dont understannd…We White people are a superior race, blessed by our God with such civilization building gifts such as Faith,Hope,Love,Charity,and Mercy.

      •  You can simply call me a Racist; not to be confused with a Conservative Supremacist like yourself. Just simply a Racist.

        Faith(in the Self), Hope(through Faith in the Self), Love, Charity and Mercy…… All foundational elements of Buddhism, practiced by millions of non-Whites, who are neither supremacists nor blessed by some mystical restrictions of the mind imposed by “God.” All done with a complete lack of self-interest and a true sense of dana paramita(the perfection of giving).

  • Louisville Slugger

    Obama is the self proclaimed revolutionary world president isn’t he?   Time to give Mr Revolution a taste of his own medicine with a deal he cant refuse. What does it matter since the economy is dead and bloated in the hole 16 trillion with 6 trillion his alone?.  Obama and his 25 state liberals should rejoice and help 25 Red states pack plus encourage a peaceful transition. Obama is a reasonable individual isnt he? How could he object since he will he get 100% of what he wants on his own nation.  Everyone retains their property and assets in the split just like any marriage divorce.

    Is Russia and all other muslim or christian nations not a million times better off and happier after the 1989 USSR split who were also bankrupt and at a dead end road? 

    There is no other way out of this boondoggle from hell.  Other than extortionist shakedown descendants there no slavery issue to deal with like in 1861. 
    It will be peaceful legal and the end of a terrible marriage with an illegal Kenyan in the WH who has already told you point blank you are dead and irrelevant while he lives like a king spending trillions of printed or borrowed loot.
    How can he object and denouce a split as illegal when he is illegal and what does it matter if he did? 

    It is not a racial situation because any race can choose to forfeit their citizenship to their new Red State Nation while those who choose to leave the socialist 3rd world Blue State Nation will be allowed but there is no re-admittance. Each nation will have its own Constitution.  

    Both nations can both rejoice Free At Last Free At Last Thank G-d Almighty Free At Last.  

    • “It is not a racial situation because any race can choose to forfeit their citizenship to their new Red State Nation”

      You saved it with this line!

      I was worried there for a second that you might suggest this big revolutionary idea would not include another shot at a multiracial utopia.

    • Pelayo

       Sounds good except that I don’ think that all the potential seceding states are  contiguous. Oregon surprises me.  I would think that they are ultra- liberal as are their neighbors to the North and South.

      • Persephone Grey

        There is a big difference between urban populations and rural populations. Oregon has been defined by its liberal urban population in Portland, Seattle etc. The truth is that in real numbers, there are more red voters in Oregon than blue. They just get ignored in favor of the high-density concentration of blue voters in the urban centers.

  • jeffaral

    As absurd these secessionist ideas are, they bring more discontentement and anger to the surface.   Worse better!

    • Steel_Quake77

      How old are you?

      In my short 35 years on this rock I have seen the USSR, Yugoslavia, and Czechslovakia all fall apart through various secessionist movements.

      This secessionist brain-storming is not absurd at all!!

      I don’t see any reason why it couldn’t happen here (and in fact the Constitutional Convention would be a great place to put it into motion, so we may even know where to begin!)

      • There is a secessionist movement in Northern Spain. They have a VERY good chance.

        Furthermore, If a PEOPLE wish to form their own nation, why can’ they? Who always STOPS them?

  • JohnEngelman

    Obama Supporters Subsidize Romney Supporters With Their Taxes
    September 18, 2012      
    Studies show that states that elect Democrats contribute the most in federal taxes relative to what they consume in government services. Conversely, many states that elect Republicans contribute the least in taxes relative to the services they consume…
    The 10 “Tax Producing States” listed below, left, contribute the most in tax revenues relative to the services they consume. They usually vote Democratic. The ten “Tax Dependent States” listed below consume the most in government services relative to the taxes they pay. And they usually vote Republican…
    This situation would be funny if it weren’t so tragic. When a tax protester yelled “Keep your goddamn government hands off my Medicare” many scoffed at that one person’s ignorance. But most Americans who rail against taxes and the size of government are profoundly unaware that taxes they hate fund the programs they want and need. 

  • Johnny Reb

    Its laughable to think that the feds would give any state  permission to secede from the union. The parallels between this administration and the Lincoln administration are astounding. Lincoln proved that in a deeply divided nation  it was easy to rig elections, exploit controversial issues, and inflame citizens into irrational actions.

    The reality check is that the great emancipator only used slavery as a means of distracting people away from the real issues. The real reason he waged a ruthless unconstitutional war against the South was that the corrupt Federal bureaucracy could not survive without the tax revenues from the south.

    Much the same scenario exists today. If any one of these states was allowed to leave the union the US government would go bankrupt overnight because it would set a precedence that other states would soon follow, but not for the same reasons.

    I you want to petition I suggest single critical issues like second amendment rights and immigration policy and not stop at the white house. I would deluge Senators and Congressman with emails and phone calls and choose at least one special interest group like the NRA to support. I may be a bit too optimistic but for now I think the voice of the  people will be heard after all most of these Congressman really do fear losing those rich financial perks.

    It also might help if you familiarize yourself  with  Constitutional History, Philosophy, and Law from an origionalist perspective. It might help if someday we are actually able to organize a White Ethno State. After all you would want what ever Government was created to reflect the best ideals of liberty and freedom that this country was intended to provide for its White European citizens.

    • jack ryan

      Good points.

      I would add that we need to learn how to reach the local, state and national leaders’ staff, know them by name (purchase the Congressional Staff directory) and start to network, it takes time, hard work.

      We have to get away from acting like angry children, throwing temper tantrums. Regular White American citizens can not pick up a phone and speak directly 1 on 1 with US Senators, Congressmen or the Governor, regular, angry White citizens waste so much time “WRITING YOUR CONGRESSMEN” – these letters just get noted by some assisted at best there is a tally kept of positions for and against.

      But, with some hard work, you can get to know the appropriate Congressional Staff member who’s job it is to work with constituents.

  • ed91

    why does amren.com delete this website?


  • William Allingham

    you cannot have everything in life either you are a successful conservative criticized and misunderstood or an accepted, “in the zone” libertarian that ends F*** by blacks and with drug problems. The same concept repeats itself through history, even Christianity says “the doors to damnation are wide and easy but the road to salvation requires effort and is narrow” (or something like that) i would substitute as ” the road to liberalism is easy and well seen but leads to degradation; the road of responsibility requires commitment and study but is the only one fulfilling.

    Even our neurons compete with each others to make our brain work better its called neuronal Darwinism if there was affirmative action between our neurons we would all behave very irrationally. perhaps egalitarians do practice affirmative action in their brains and just extrapolate that in life, that would explain a lot!

  • I’d say that the chief weakness of US Whites are their lack of vision & cohesion.
    As for non-Whites (blacks, Hispanics (brown, but also some White Hispanic race hucksters), Asians- both Mongoloid & “tanned” Hindu Indians, their goals are simple: the get for their own group as much as possible. They don’t want the dissolution of USA. They belong to the American empire- but not to the American nation. Some are hard working, others are “takers”. But, one common denominator is: they are not Americans in the sense they belong to historic US, which is a specific continuation, expansion & revitalization of White European civilization.

    Smaller parts of these groups (white Hispanics, perhaps a few Asians and northern Indians) can be assimilated into the matrix of American nation (White phenotype, English language, Western culture & American national traditions). But- most will not. And don’t want. And even if they would like to- they could not be accepted, since that would annihilate White phenotype and identity.

    On the other hand, Whites are hopelessly divided: liberals and conservatives, religious people and social Darwinists, libertarians and “collectivists”, financial elite without national spine and working class with strong national identity,..

    What’s realist: Whites have to find minimal common ground and work fastidiously to ensure goals of national/racial survival & dominance. If it means severing ties with white liberals- so be it. Without well-thought White American national program, the only result will be further decline of both US Whites & USA as a country, which will end up as a bigger Brazil, not world power any more.

    • Vohauer

      Well said Bardon. I believe you have caught hold of some truth there.

    • razorrare

      Yes,it means severing ties with White liberals…There is no minimal common ground to be found with White liberals who prefer to sacrifice their own White childrens interest at the altar of affirmative action for other minority childrens interest.They have not only rejected their race but they have rejected their own children as well.

  • JohnEngelman

    Until the Civil War became a war to end slavery the South had the better side of the argument. The United States Constitution was (and is) silent on the matter of secession. When states joined the United States they did not promise not to leave.

    I doubt anything will come of this. However, one should make no mistake. The division of the United States will be the fall of the United States, equivalent to the fall of the Soviet Union. As the fall of the Soviet Union was seen in the United States as the failure of socialism, the fall of the United States will be seen in much of the world as the failure of capitalism, or at least of the American free enterprise system.

    The two or more countries to be created from what is the United States will experience a reduced standard of living, and little say as to what happens elsewhere in the world.

    The fall of the United States will accelerate the rise of China, and the time when China dominates the world.

    • BAW

      What would be interesting is to see how other countries would react. If those 20 states follow through with secession, one could expect that China and other holders of US debt would call in their debt and expect to be paid in full. One could also expect that mischief-makers in Iran and North Korea would be emboldened to make mischief. The failure of both communism and capitalism would bring rise to nationalist fascism as the only viable socioeconomic structure.

  • Vonhauer

    Just when I thought Disqus couldn’t get any worse…

  • I ask this as an average Joe who’s trying to understand how this
    secession idea would work, but what would happen to the Federal debt burden
    with it being at over $16.2 trillion ($51,653
    per citizen or $141,744 per tax payer……I didn’t
    realise that there was a difference between being a taxpayer and citizen aside
    from age maybe… ..representation without taxation).


    Whomever lent all that money (the Chinese I hear have 2
    trillion in US currency), would have lent it on some tangible collateral and
    surely it wasn’t all gold reserves, so what I’m getting at is even if the southern
    states were to succeed, wouldn’t they instantly be hobbled with a prorated deficit
    big tax bill for doing so? Hence we’d start out having our freedom usurped and being’
    owned’ by whoever the lenders are? And isn’t that the way that we’ve been kept under
    control for centuries anyway?

    This is more of a question than a statement.

  • pmdawn

    Let them all secede and form their own nasty banana republics. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123051100709638419.html

  • What’s a mystery to me: why has Obama acted so divisively re race matters ? I mean, there can be endless discussions on Obamacare, taxes etc., but had he publicly denounced black racism & attack on Whites (“flash mobs”) and ordered strong policing re these matters, he would have gotten grudging approval of many neutral, even conservative Whites – and, at the same time, wouldn’t alienate blacks who would have said that “youfs” needed to be punished.

    Also, his Hispandering was completely unnecessary- he would have won with white vote.

    And, maybe, all of this is pure speculation: in that case, Obama would be one in the long procession of US presidents who tried to keep US successful Western (post)industrial dynamic country, based primarily on Caucasian ethnic substratum & rugged individualism-at least as an ideal.

    Instead, his policy- I doubt he’s the author of it- is a simple one: turning a clearly defined nation-state into multiracial democracy-demagoguery (India, Brazil, Indonesia, …). Evidently, he’s no more than a tool.

    Multiracial & multi-ethnic empires collapse (Persia, Rome, Mongol empire, Ottomans, Russian czarist empire, Habsburg empire, Soviet Union, …).
    Nations (Mongols, Turks, Russians, Ukrainians, Germans, British, ..)- survive.

    What about US Whites ?

    • Net_Drifter

      He could also make a gesture to whites by pressuring Holder to resign.

  • razorrare

    Like & Dislike Buttons do not work on comments made after “LOAD MORE COMMENTS”…an ignore button would of been nice…

    • Net_Drifter

      An ignore button would be bliss.

    • It all works. Admittedly- this is not as visually attractive as before. Just, it has one significant advantage: you can reply ad infinitum.

      • razorrare

        Well on my computer it dosent all work…tried testing like & dislike button after “Load More Comments…after pressing refresh button to see if it counted them,it had not…Like & dislike button works for those very first comments before you have to reload to see more comments…

        • It worked completely for me. I don’t know what’s your problem. Disqus ?

  • MikeofAges

    Interesting that there is some group out there that is calling for those of sign the secession petition to be stripped of their citizenship. There has to be some legal way for states or regions within them to secede, even if that way is not specified in the original constitution or the “Civil War” amendments. To advocate legal secession is not an incendiary or illegal act. Time may come when division seems the best course. There is a case for it. Read Leopold Kohr.

  • PDK

    On November the 6th, America became the
    proverbial “dead man walking”. Although her colors never ran, Old Glory, as
    with the old grey mule, has gone past its prime and into the death throes of
    old age.

    Strange that back in the day of white, non-liberal America,
    the blacks chose not to leave, though they had the freedom to do so. Strange
    that back in day of white, non-liberal America, Hispanics from south of
    Americas border wanted out of their loser culture and into white, non-liberal
    America`s winning culture so very much they would illegally cross the American
    southern border.

    Not so strange that because both blacks and Hispanics have an
    inferior cerebrum, incapable of creating and or maintaining a higher culture,
    that they should choose to parasitize the white race of America that clearly
    displayed the capable cerebrum to create a higher culture and further the
    ability to maintain it. Until of course, some white Americans, having reaped so
    much from their white forebears, decided the work, and their personal
    responsibility to mature, beneath them.

    These three forces, immature white liberals, blacks and
    Hispanics, augmented now by Islamics, formed a coalition against the host,
    white, non-liberal America, and have sucked so much out; it is not so strange
    to find now that the host, white, non-liberal Americans wish to wash their
    hands of DWLs, blacks, Hispanics and Islamics, and very appropriately achieve
    their liberty from the parasite`s tyranny.

    Liberals have an ideology predicated on illusion. Among
    other illusions, a necessary illusion in bringing about the eventual new world,
    one world order of globalism, socialism and democracy, is the absolute
    destruction of nation-states, Republics and free enterprise capitalism.
    Therefore they must indoctrinate and protect, defend and support the illusion
    that all major wars are waged because of nation-states.

    In reality this is not true. The truth is that when a people
    of unity are denied their right to the self-rule of their own nation-state they
    will fight for their liberty over the tyranny of rule by those not of the
    unity. The first and second WWs bear this out. For example, WW1 was initiated
    by the Serbs seeking their freedom from the iron fisted rule of the
    Austro-Hungarian Empire.

    As liberal, white Americans, and their allies, the blacks,
    the Hispanics and the Islamics, all incapable of higher culture maintenance
    because of either an inferior intellect, or an immature psyche press their
    tyranny in its ever more progressively destructive nature of poverty and misery
    upon the non-liberal whites, the idea to forsake those of tyranny runs ever

    Hopefully, the current secession movement will snowball into a
    juggernaut, and liberty, not tyranny, shall one day return to the real Americans,
    the white, non-liberal, Founding Fathers Americans. Thank you.

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